By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 15

The cowboys sat in rapt attention in front of the huge holographic platform/screen in the media center of the Bandersnatch viewing a detailed holographic three dimensional video of the many possibilities of sexual reproduction with the Volgoron race.  It was the most amazing video they ever saw.  It sure beat the hell out of those old, dry, boring 4-H videos of animal reproduction they were forced to watch in highschool.  This video didn’t just tell you about it, it had vivid, play by play, blow by blow, three dimensionally holographic, color, moving pictures of the entire process.  It was like you could reach out and touch the participants.  They looked real.

The human male receiving the proto-embryo was a handsome, well built, square jawed, obvious military man with eight pack abs and the pecs of death.  He looked like a Marine drill Sargent and sported a large penis himself.  His Volgoron partner was much bigger than Ox.  He stood almost ten feet in height and weighed well over three hundred pounds.  He was enormous and so was his tackle.  Even though the man was a big human male at six feet six, he seemed dwarfed by the Volgoron and his mighty shaft, but the man didn’t seem to be the least intimidated by him.  He did everything he could to make it as easy as possible for his bigger partner.  One did not need the announcer to tell his audience the two were a bonded pair.

“The human male subject and our Volgoron in these videos are close friends,  partners, and a bonded mates.  The human is Lieutenant Commander Kyle Fielding, and his mate is Captain Trong.  This will be their fifth coupling for reproductive purposes.” the voice on the video announced.  That comment made it even hotter for the cowboys watching the video.  It implied, when they weren’t fucking to make babies, they were fucking for recreational purposes.  Suddenly, there wasn’t a limp dick in the room.

The speaker went on to explain, once the man was penetrated anally, a section slightly above the true base of the Volgoron’s penis would expand like a balloon, similar to a male dog’s penis growing inside a bitch to hook them together until the sexual act was complete.  So it was with the Volgoron, but it served a dual purpose.  Once the Volgoron was in place, and the base of his penis expanded, there was no removing it until his partner conceived; however, it also acted like a dam to hold the water he would release inside his mate to enable the proto-embryo to swim to its place and anchor itself to the wall of the human’s lower tract.  Absolutely nothing was left to the imagination.  The video showed everything in three dimensional, colorfully lurid detail.

They must have had a couple of miniature cameras inside the human male because it showed internal shots of the Lieutenant Commander being fully penetrated by his Captain.  There were cameras outside at every angle as well.  The screen, or holographic platform, split into four sections and you could see all the images at the same time.  It was breathtakingly real and highly erotic, to say nothing of being incredibly stimulating.  It beat any porno film the cowboys ever saw.  It showed the Volgoron’s gentle but persistent penetration of his mate, the expanding portion of his penis about an inch above its true base until it grew to an enormous size while allowing his mate’s anus to close tightly around the unexpanded portion at the base of his shaft.  The video showed the Volgoron releasing his seminal-amniotic fluid until he filled his mate’s lower anal cavity.

It showed the tiny embryo shooting out of the Volgoron’s big penis like a cannon from the Napoleonic wars, swimming for all it was worth up and up into the man’s lower anal tract and finally attaching itself to the wall of its host’s intestine.  There was an electric, stunned silence as the men watched the tiny critter attach itself.  There wasn’t a dry pair of Wrangler’s in the room.

“That’s fuck’n incredible.” whispered Angus.

“God,— it sort a’ makes you wanna’ git in line to be next,— don’it?”  asked Master Bill adjusting his penis at the crotch of his Wranglers.

“I’m gonna’ be next, if’n my master will let me have yore’ baby, Master Bill.” Shane smiled at him.  “Hell, you been trying to git me pregnant for over five years now.” Shane laughed.  Bill put his arm around Shane, pulled him close and stole a kiss.  Angus looked at Shane and smiled.

“We can talk about it.” he told them.

“And jes’ think, I got me one a’ them Volgorons for ma’ very own.” said Waco quietly but proudly to his uncles.  They all laughed with him.  Waco recalled the voice he heard at his dad’s slave ceremony.  It told him he would give birth to two sons with his beloved lummox.  Now he was beginning to see how it might be possible.  He wasn’t the least afraid.  In fact, it only made his dick harder.

“The seminal-amniotic fluid released by the Volgoron into the lower anal cavity of the subject human male contains a mild, natural sedative which makes the experience for the human most pleasant and sensual.” Spoke the voice on the video in an academic tone.  “Observe the smile on the human’s face.  He’s about to reach orgasm due to the pressure from the expansion of the Volgoron’s penis against his prostate and his lower track being expanded by a couple of quarts of liquid.  Please note, this fluid is not the same as Volgoron urine.  It is produced by a separate gland and stored separately until it’s needed.”

The camera shot cut to the man’s big dick beginning its build up to climax.  An enormous fur covered paw came into the picture, wrapped itself tightly around the man’s roaring hard penis and finished him off.  The Lieutenant Commander’s climax was felt by every man in the room.  Captain Trong expertly caught his partner’s sperm and gently fed it to him.  The Lieutenant Commander eagerly ate his own come from his mate’s huge paw.

To his chagrin, Charlie ejaculated in his Wranglers.  Several other cowboys did the same.  The video was relentless in its visual description of the experience.  It showed the man’s mouth gaping open in orgasm and his Volgoron partner gently covering the man’s mouth with his own in an erotic kiss.  The man responded in kind to the giant’s affections, and it showed a shot of his rock hard penis again convulsing and erupting like a fountain at Versailles.

“For their enormous size, the Volgorons are gentle, considerate and loving partners.” The voice again commented academically.

“Nooo shit!”  Little Bear commented irreverently.  All the men broke up laughing.  It was a much needed moment of comic relief.  There was nothing academic about what the men just witnessed.  As far as they were concerned, it was strictly hard core.  It certainly would not pass a right wing Christainist Film Review board.  Pinched faced, tight ass conservative reviewers would surely bite their knuckles, and wet their pants, much to the delight of any self-respecting secular humanist.

The most interesting portion of the video came with a frank explanation of how, to conceive a son in his image, the Lieutenant Commander must first butt fuck his lummox husband to deposit his seed within his mate’s thoroughly cleansed lower anal tract, to give the proto-embryo the genetic information it needed to become a human zygote.  This was accomplished about an hour before Captain Trong was to release the proto-embryo into his mate.  Of course, the video was replete with graphic shots of the Lieutenant Commander fucking his giant husband.  The announcer further explained by consuming his own sperm, the Lieutenant Commander doubly insured the tiny embryo would get all the information it needed to produce another little Trong-Fielding.   

“Once this is accomplished,” the announcer continued, “and if the embryo attaches itself successfully, the human male’s anus will start to turn a bright cherry red color.” droned the announcer on the video.

The holographic camera zoomed in on the man’s anus with his Volgoron mate’s penis still deeply implanted within him, blown up to an eight by twelve foot holographic observation platform,— the Lieutenant Commander’s sphincter slowly began to turn a brilliant cherry red color.
  (The physical response was thought to be a genetic throwback response to an earlier evolutionary time when the great apes and humans branched off from baboons who still had the response after sexual impregnation.  However, taking into consideration the current political administration, it was thought the split might not be as far in the distant past as previously thought.)
“Thus we can see the human male has successfully been impregnated and has conceived.” said the clinical voice on the video.

“Cowabunga!” said Waco.

“Awesome!” said Travis.

“Wicked!” said Little Bear.

Lucas smiled and squeezed Bryce’s hand.

“What would we do without the three Muskeeters?” laughed Angus.

“The makers of this instructional documentary wish to congratulate Lieutenant Commander Fielding and his Volgoron mate, Captain Trong, on the conception of their fifth bairn together; a human baby girl.” commented the announcer. “And here is the happy Trong-Fielding family in the final two weeks of the Lieutenant Commander’s pregnancy.”  There was a video of Feilding standing to the right of his huge Volgoron mate.  On Trong’s left was a good size young man looking up at his Volgoron dad with adoration.  In between Trong and Feilding was a younger human boy with his small hand in Trong’s huge one.  He’s looking up at Trong and the giant is smiling down at him.

In front of Feilding stands a young Volgoron male and in his arms Feilding is holding and smiling at a young Volgoron female.  Fielding himself is wearing a soft cotton maternity smock of some kind that clearly showed his advanced pregnancy.  They looked like a healthy, well adjusted inter-species family.  The men suspected they were going for six kids in all and had one more to go; another Volgoron male perhaps.

For a man who had undergone four previous pregnancies, Commander Fielding was in great shape,— so was Captain Trong for that matter.  Several commented he was a fine specimen of a Volgoron.  A couple made a few dirty but funny comments about their possible mating with Trong.

The video went on to the final stages of the Lieutenant Commander’s pregnancy and final delivery.  He and Captain Trong lay together on a huge delivery bed specifically designed for Volgoron-human births.  The announcer commented that the Lieutenant Commander’s lower tract was thoroughly cleansed before his water broke, but it didn’t matter much because once the water was released it would clean him anyway.  Fielding lay back on the huge Vologron’s chest, locked in his furry arms.  You could hear Captain Trong’s deep rumbling voice singing comfort to his mate.  Fielding spread his legs  and it was obvious his water broke as it came rushing out.

The cowboys sat and watch silently with their mouths open.  They had no idea they would actually see the man give birth.  The announcer spoke to his audience and informed them the Lieutenant Commander was given a local anesthetic to relax his sphincter for delivery.  He further explained the human anus would expand up to ten inches in diameter without tearing.  That wasn’t much comfort to the men watching the video.  Several winced and felt their own sphincter spasm in sympathy.  They were looking at and almost sharing with the Lieutenant Commander an unnatural function of the human male body that closely resembled a goatse situation.

Finally, after much encouragement and coaching you could see the head of the baby peaking out from Fielding’s ass.  All the cowboys squirmed in their seats when their own sphincters began to feel empathetic stress as more and more of the baby’s head stretched the Lieutenant Commander’s ass.  All of a sudden, the Lieutenant Commander threw back his head, ground his teeth together, gave out a deep, gut-level moan,  gave one big push and the bairn rushed out into the world followed by its placenta attached to her umbilical cord.  The placenta was a bloody and awful looking thing.  It looked like some monster tried to consume her but died of starvation.  The baby’s cord was tied off, cut and the bloody discharge whisked away by an attendant.  The announcer told how it would later be prepared and eaten by the giant Volgoron in order to pass its primary partent’s biological immunities on to his new daughter though his milk.  It was a bit more information than the cowboys needed to hear at that moment.  

The baby was still wet and slimy; however, it was quickly checked out, cleaned and dried by another attendant and placed on Lieutenant Commander Fielding’s chest so she could hear her primary parent’s heartbeat.  The big Volgoron Captain was laying close to his mate, and the infant slowly began to crawl towards him.  It finally felt his fur in its tiny hands and seemed to know instinctively what it was for.  It was like watching rubber hit the road as she enthusiastically climbed aboard her giant secondary parent hand over fist.  When she arrived about mid-section of her Volgoron daddy, she paused to rest for a moment.  She raised her little head as if to sniff the breeze, found the smell she was looking for, dinner, and made a beeline to the lummox’s full teats for her first meal.  She lost no time hooking up to one and began gulping down her father’s milk.  You could almost see her little belly expanding as she drank.  There was several “Awwws” from the assembled cowboys.

“I know jes’ how she feels.” commented Waco wickedly.

“Amen to that, brother.” added Travis.  “Wouldn’t mind being hooked up to Captain Trong’s other tit.”  Little Bear giggled.

The cowboys could hear the big Volgoron singing to her what best could be described as a deep rumbling song of welcome to his new daughter.  There was no doubt in their minds it was a lullaby.  It was so moving it brought tears to their eyes.  It was such a dichotomy to see a helpless tiny baby being so loved and cared for by such an enormous monster as her giant Volgoron daddy.  On the other hand, it made perfect sense.  At that moment, she was quite probably the safest bairn in the universe.

When the newborn had enough she turned and headed South on the huge mound of soft fur on which she was laying.  She quickly crawled to the mid-section of Trong’s body again, found what she was looking for, placed both arms over her head, raised a section of the lummox’s fur and disappeared.  She entered her new home like a swimmer diving into a pool.  It was like she was there one minute and gone the next.  Another camera angle captured the bulge in Captain Trong’s pouch as the baby settled to the bottom for her stay in the warmth and protection of her other progenitor’s body.

The announcer made another comment that once the bairn released from the human’s lower track it left no imprint or hole in the wall of the man’s intestine, but the Lieutenant Commander would be checked to make sure.  The men were happy for that bit of comforting news.

* * * * * * *

Present that evening on board the ship was Charlie, Waco, Travis, Little Bear,  Bryce, Lucas, Angus, Bill Birdsall, Shane, Sheriff Lassiter, Hank Morgan, Cotton, Hoot, Ranger Gibbons and Bobby Jessup.  Ranger couldn’t thank Lazarus enough for including him.  He was so excited about Lazarus having a son with his mate.  He was mesmerized by the video he watched with the other men.

Lazarus made a little speech and told the men it was customary when Volgorons create new life between them or for another specie, it became a family affair.  Both families were invited to attend and witness the conception of a new life in order to wish it well and imbue it with the strength of family and the unconditional love it will need to develop properly.  All the men got the message that Lazarus and Arlen considered them family.  They were deeply moved.

Ox was not just ordered, as a slave, to impregnate Arlen with Lazarus’ son.  He was graciously asked if he would mind doing them the honor of being their intermediary sexual partner.  Of course he was thrilled to be a part of giving Lazarus and Arlen a son.  He was thrilled Lazarus was making new inroads in other relationships.  He was pleased with Lazarus relationship with his boys and Lucas.  He thought Lucas was the best thing to happen to Lazarus in a long while.

Ox got to the ship at his designated time and was taken care of by the androids.  Waco and his boys showered and bathed him to the inth degree.  They lovingly and carefully blew dry and brushed out his heavy winter coat.  They lightly powered him.  He looked and smelled wonderful.  He wore his favorite outfit the boys gave him, but he let the androids remove it to prepare him.  He was cleaned out from top to bottom.  His Godfather, Arlen, soon joined him and the androids started to prepare him.

Lazarus didn’t feel like the men needed to watch such an intimate thing as him depositing his sperm within his Godson.  They already saw the process on the video.  So as the androids prepared Arlen, Lazarus and Ox went off to Ox’s stateroom to fuck.  It had a much larger bed than any of the other staterooms made especially for him.  Ox wanted to sample his dad’s new, improved cock for sometime and this was his chance.  He teased Lazarus he had to give him a son to get it, but that was all right with him.

“It’s a pleasure and privilege to have you be a part of giving Arlen and me a new son, Garron.  I have to tell you how wonderful you look and how great you smell.  I’ve never seen you so well taken care of.  I don’t think Arlen and I took such good care of you.”

<< Yes, you did. >> Ox responded. << You two were constantly after me to take a sonic shower and keep myself clean.  It took me a while to adjust to living with Strom and Pangle because they were so powerfully strong.  Once I got used to their odor and began to smell like them, I was okay.  It took me a while to adjust to my life on the ranch, but the boys keep me looking pretty good.  I love the way Master Waco keeps my fur summer and winter.  For a young human he’s caring and considerate.  It’s funny, this is the only planet our species developed the need for such strong odors.  You think the others can be taught differently, Dad? >>  Ox asked.

“You didn’t have much problem adapting.  I don’t think they will either.  We’ll all have to live in close proximity for a number of months, so some concessions have to be made.  Considering the seriousness of our journey, they shouldn’t have any problem.”

The androids had done their jobs well, and Ox was completely clean and properly lubricated.  It didn’t take Lazarus anytime to fuck him and deposit his sperm into his anal cavity.  He and Garron shared his bed several times in the past, but not often.  It was a treat for both of them to have a few moments to be intimate with each other.  
By the time Lazarus and Ox finished their coupling, the cowboys had seen the entire video and the accompanying lecture by a fine looking man who was also recognizably a military type; although, obviously not any military on Earth.  He further explained on a chart how the proto-embryo created its own chamber and placenta separate from the host’s digestive tract and once it exited through the wall of the lower intestine of its primary host parent and out the anus, the host’s interior automatically resealed itself.

There was little chance of contamination due to pre-cleansing and the amount of amniotic fluid washed though the host’s system just before birth; however, with every interspecies birth the primary host parent was fully checked for any aberrations.  If any were found, they were surgically corrected immediately; however, the speaker stressed, in the recorded history of interspecies births they never found the necessity for such a correction.  He added the primary host parent would be kept on a liquid diet for a twenty-four hour period after delivery.

When the system was shut down, Cable and his two android assistants, David and Jonathan brought in a tray of refreshments to serve to the men and announced their brother Ox and their father would be joining the men soon to take them into the chamber where their father Arlen was prepared and waiting to conceive.  If any of the cowboys needed to use the facilities, now was the time to do it.  Several took Cable up on his offer.  

* * * * * * *

After a while, Lazarus entered the room followed by his Godson, Ox.  They were completely nude.  The men were quiet but the boys were enthusiastic.  They didn’t care their two heros were naked.  They ran to Lazarus and Ox and hugged them.  Even Lucas and Bryce joined in their joyous outburst at seeing them.  When the other cowboys saw Lazarus and Ox were responding in the same manner they thought, ‘What the hell!’ and found themselves wanting to wish them well.

“Are you gentlemen ready to go in and observe the conception of our new son?”

No man hesitated in his response.  They were ready.

“Fine.  One final thing, I know this crowd won’t have any problem with.  It is customary that all observers be nude out of respect for the primary and secondary parents.  As you learned from the video and lecture the primary parent is the first to give birth to the new bairn.”

Again, no man hesitated removing his clothes.  Cable, David and Jonathan were busy assisting the men, carefully folding their clothes and placing them neatly on a table that appeared from nowhere out of a solid wall. Angus wanted to know if he could wear his boots?

“If’n I’m wearing mine, I don’t see why you men cain’t wear yours.”  Lazarus smiled at them.  There was much rushing to put their boots back on.

When everyone was ready they followed Cable and his men through another portal into another chamber that was a little different from the other rooms in sickbay.  It looked more like a bedroom and had a huge platform bed upon which was laying Lazarus’ cowboy mate, Arlen Jones, covered by what looked like a silver metal sheet of some kind; however, it didn’t look like any material any of the cowboy ever saw before.  Instead of folding or hanging from the body like a normal linen sheet it flowed and covered everything like a liquid.  It was completely form fitting and left nothing to the imagination as to Arlen’s big, fit body or his fine looking set of cowboy tackle between his legs.

Arlen greeted the men and welcomed them.  He thanked them for coming to witness the conception of a new son for him and Captain Long.  The cowboys were polite but kept their distance as Cable removed the liquid sheet covering Arlen and made the platform ready for Ox.  When they signaled, Ox climbed upon the platform next to his Godparent, took Arlen into his arms and kissed him deeply.  There was a sigh went out from several of the cowboys.

Lazarus was standing next to Arlen’s head and put his big hands on both to add his blessing to their coupling.  He motioned for some of the men to surround the platform on the other side as well so everyone could have a good view of the proceedings.  Arlen turned on his side away from Ox and the big lummox positioned himself behind this Godfather with his huge prick teasing the entrance of his hole.  Arlen was ready for him.

Ox lost no time beginning to work himself into Arlen.  He slowly but surely began to penetrate the big man.  Lazarus offered himself to his mate and Arlen gladly took his big dick into his mouth to suck as a distraction.  It was beginning to feel very good for Arlen and the more Ox worked into his ass the more enthusiastic Arlen became sucking Lazarus’ penis.  Just about the time Ox had all of himself within Arlen, Lazarus let out a small moan and climaxed.  Arlen greedily sucked all of Lazarus’ come down.  It was sort of a double insurance the coupling would prove successful.

Lazarus leaned over and the two men shared a gentle kiss.  Lazarus could still taste his come in his mate’s mouth.

Ox began to fuck Arlen with a few well placed strokes of his massive shaft to loosen and open him up before he allowed the knob on his penis to begin its expansion.

“I’m comfortable, Son.”  Arlen said quietly to Ox to let him know he was ready.

Ox relaxed and everyone watched as Arlen’s ass began to fill with the giant lummox’s expanding knob on his penis.  They could see it drawing Arlen’s hole down tight on Ox’s shaft like a bathtub stopper.  The men could see the faint outline of Ox’s expanded knob, and it looked huge to them.  Waco couldn’t help wonder how his beloved lummox would feel up his ass.  He found himself experiencing just a bit of jealousy; however, he quickly supplanted the feeling with one of joy for Arlen and Lazarus.  The boys popped boners first, but eventually every man got roaring hard.  They were primed from the video, but to see it happening right before their eyes was too erotic.  The sexual pheromones in the room were rampant.  There was no escaping their powerful influence.  No one tried to hide their erections.

Ox started filling Arlen’s lower tract with his amniotic fluid.  Arlen felt the warm liquid filling his bowels and moaned.  He moved slightly to reposition himself to better accept his filling anal cavity.  The men could see his stomach area begin to expand.  It only made their dicks harder.  Even the androids were affected, and it was the first time the cowboys saw them sexually aroused.  There were several comments made.  Cable spoke for the three of them.

“We would be blushing about now if we could.”  he grinned at the men.

“Not to worry, Son.” consoled Angus, “We’ll blush for you men.”  Everyone laughed including Arlen.  

Arlen was beginning to enter another world.  Ox’s fluid contained a sedative that was wonderful.  It was like a cross between a great marijuana high and shot of Demerol.  He suddenly forgot about the others in the room.  It was as if he was in a world with only his Godson, his beloved cowboy mate and himself.  Suddenly, he was incredibly hungry for more of Lazarus’ semen.

The men watched in wonder as Arlen, once again, went after Lazarus’ cowboy cock like his need to consume his mate’s come became a holy Eucharist for his last supper.  The cowboys couldn’t believe the fury and commitment Arlen was expending on accomplishing his goal.  Lazarus had seen this before and leaned in to whisper encouragement to his spouse.

“It’s there for you, buckaroo.  Take all you want.  All you need.  It’s all for you and the young one waiting to be released inside you,— our son, cowboy.  You know what you have to do.  Take it!  You can have it.  Work for it, cowboy.  Make yore’ husband give it up to you.  It’s yore’ right to have his seed.  Take it from me, partner.  There,— you’re almost there, cowboy,— you almost got chore’ prize,— ‘at’s it,— a little more,— take it all,— ah, now you’re on target,— here it comes,— jes’ for you, darlin’!  Take it all, buckaroo,— you earned it.  Aaahrrrrggg!”  Lazarus shot the biggest load he could remember and Arlen gulped down volley after volley of Lazarus’ hot cowboy cream.

Several of the men were shamelessly playing with each other.  Master Bill had his dick up Shane’s butt gently fucking him.  Shane was bent over sucking his Master, his big brother’s penis, while Master Bill was fucking him.  Travis was being played with by Waco as Little Bear was on his knees sucking his Master off.  Hoot was gently fucking Cotton and Hank Morgan was on his knees sucking his Master’s dick.  Bryce caught the sheriff’s eye earlier and saw him motion slightly to him from behind the crowd.  Bryce was on his knees before Sheriff Lassiter in an instant and was sucking his penis for all he was worth.  It didn’t take him long before he was rewarded with several large shots of lawman spunk as Bryce played with himself and shot halfway across the room.  Bobby Jessup couldn’t let all this go on without taking care of his Master.  He dropped to his knees and began to give Ranger Gibbons the best blow job he ever had.  Ranger was so hot by the time Bobby’s lips wrapped around his big cowboy dick it didn’t take him anytime to fill Bobby’s mouth.  It was the first time Travis watched his dad pleasure his Master.  It wouldn’t be his last.  When the men finished Angus apologized to Lazarus for the men’s lack of control.

“No apology necessary, Angus, from any of you men.  It was to be expected.  You done what was natural and normal.  You responded to the sexual pheromones in the room and took care of each other.  It’s actually an accepted part of sharing a conception.  My Godson has informed me he’s ready to release the proto-embryo within his Godfather to complete the conception.  Now, if you will each approach the two men and place your right hand upon them some place,— it doesn’t matter where.”

The men cleaned themselves with damp towels Cable and his men passed out.  They approached the table and did as Lazarus invited them.

“Now, if you will all close your eyes and think about the small one Ox is about to release and wish it well on its journey into this life it will be greatly appreciated.”

“May we have a name to think on, Captain?”  Charlie asked Lazarus.

“Good point, Boss.  I’ve though on it and now is the time to announce what our new son will be known as in this life.  I’ve asked permission to use the name of a fine and respected man in our community I’ve grown to love and admire in our short period of time.  He graciously granted me permission, and I’m honored and grateful.  This boy, our son, will become not only our child, but a child of our greater community.  We are growing closer every day as family, and I’m proud to give our son the first name of one of the cornerstones of our new family.  Our boy’s name will be Angus Jubilation Long.  He will be called Jubal after a couple of relatives of mine.  The first was my great great grandfather, a fine general who died during the Civil War.  The second was Jubal E. Harshaw, LL.B., M.D., Sc.D., bon vivant, gourmet, sybarite, author extraordinaire, neopessimist philosopher, devout agnostic, professional rodeo clown, amateur subversive, and parasite by choice.  For one so varied, Uncle Jubal was occassionally keenly balanced.

The men cheered and patted Angus on his back, then returned their hands to Ox and Arlen.  They became more reverent and serious.  They closed their eyes and began to think about the proto-embryo as Ox released it and it began its trip to its resting place for the next eighteen weeks.  It swam and swam as it was now full of its father’s genetic information and was ready to begin life as the son of Arlen Jones and Lazarus Long.  It was urged on and directed by a strong force of masculine identity which seemed to surround it and give it even greater strength to reach its goal.  It found its ultimate position and received a blessing from its progenitor that it had found its anchor,— its new home for four and a half months, and it attached itself.  Ox notified his Godparents and his boys, it was accomplished.

“You may remove your hands, gentlemen.  My mate has conceived.”  announced Lazarus.  There was a brief cheer went up from the men.  “Now, gentlemen, if you will focus your attention on my mate’s rear, we have a brief wait to see if our efforts have been successful.”

“What happens if’n it weren’t successful, Master Long?” asked Bobby Jessup.

“The proto-embryo will die after twenty-four hours.  It will automatically release from its position and be passed as waste.”

“How sad.” commented Lucas.

“Yes, the thought is sad, Son; however, I’ve never heard of one not taking and being successful.  They’re far more strong and resilient than the average human embryo.  They are also imbued with certain genetic information the average fetus doesn’t have like how to crawl to its secondary parent after birth and find food and lodging.”  The cowboys chuckled at Lazarus explanation.

Time passed, and Little Bear was the first to exclaim.

“It took!” he pointed to Arlen’s sphincter.  

Sure enough, Arlen’s anus was beginning to glow a bright cherry red color.  The men cheered and started congratulating Lazarus, Arlen and Ox.  Cable appeared and began to pass out fine Cuban cigars to the men.  He asked they not light up until after they left sickbay.  They stuffed them in their pockets.  Waco wanted to know if he and his men could try one.  Charlie winked at Lazarus.

“Of course you men can try one!  S’time you men learned the pleasure of a fine, quality cigar,— right, Bobby?” Charlie asked with a big shit eating grin on his face.

“Couldn’t agree with you more, Master Charlie.  Them boys need to experience some of the better things of life.” Then Bobby broke up laughing.

All the cowboys patted each other on the back and encouraged the boys as they laughed their ass’s off knowing what would happen.

Ox and Arlen lay hooked together for a good while afterward.  Cable brought back the liquid metal blanket and placed it over them.  It was only a matter of time before Arlen’s system absorbed enough of Ox’s fluid for him to relax his inflated knob and withdraw.

Cable and his men brought in another cart of refreshments for the men and told them they may put their clothes back on.  No one seemed to be in any hurry to comply, and since Lazarus didn’t seem to respond immediately, they didn’t see any need to either.  They seemed to be comfortable with each other in the raw.  Bobby Jessup had a drink in one hand and his other arm around his boy holding him close to his body so his hard dick was pressed into the small of Travis’ back.  Travis looked like he was in heaven being so close and intimate with his dad in such a public way; however, he began to think of these men as his extended family.  He knew and loved every one of them.  It didn’t seem wrong or perverted, it seemed right,— like he was a small part of a greater whole of acceptance.  All the men shared his feelings.   

They relaxed and talked until finally Ox released his Godfather from his swollen knob and gently removed his huge shaft from Arlen.  Arlen immediately felt empty, but could feel he still retained a lot of fluid.  Ox left the table to be cleaned up by David and Jonathan, as Arlen slowly sat up on the edge of the table.  The men cheered and applauded for the two of them.  Arlen smiled faintly.  Lazarus went to him and held him in his arms.

“Through all of this, have I bothered to tell you I love you?” he asked Arlen.

“No, but I don’t expect it much from you no more.  After three hundred years with you, if’n I don’t know by now, I guess I never will, but you know what?”

“It’s always good to hear?” asked Lazarus.

“Bingo, cowboy!” Arlen smiled at him.

“Well, before God and all these cowboys, two sons, one Volgoron Godson, and three bio-mechanoid sons, let it be known, Lazarus Long loves his pard and mate, Arlen Jones.  No man has ever had a finer mate.”  Lazarus kissed Arlen and held him tightly.  Arlen responded in kind.  All the men went crazy applauding and stomped their boots.

“How do you feel?” Lazarus asked Arlen with concern.

“Pregnant.” he grinned real big, leaned back, spread his legs to show his audience his bright, cherry-red asshole.  It was much brighter now and got comparisons to Rudolph’s nose.  They all cheered and applauded again.  They were being silly and loving the comradery of the seeming improbability of the situation.
“You gentlemen are all invited back for the birth of our son approximately eighteen weeks from now.  That should be around the last week in April; however, we’ll have the med-bots and Kryscellians confirm a date.”

Slowly the men got dressed and continued their conversations and good time with each other.  Waco marveled at the genuineness and comradery of the men, both freemen and slaves.  They all seemed to get along and admire one another for the talents and strengths each brought to the group.  While there was a definite acceptance of protocol there was no division of admiration or love for one another.

“I don’t envy you this evening, Hank.” grinned Charlie to his slave.

“Ah, Master, don’t I know it; however, I’m leaving Mistress Ida to talk with you.” Hank roared with laughter. “I think I can handle ma’ boy, but I ain’t so sure I can explain this one to her, Sir.”

“So, you’re gonna’ drop it in my lap,— huh, slave?”  Charlie laughed with Hank.

“Master, you know I don’t beg often; however, this is one time I’m a’ hit’n my knees, Sir.  Don’t my good blow job amount for nothing between us, Master?” Hank laughed.

“What?  H’it’s only what a good and considerate slave should do for his Master.” Charlie had Hank going, and all the men were laughing at their exchange.

“Of course you’re right, Master Charlie.  I have no right to ask other than when it comes to that woman,— as much as I love her,— I fear her a durn site more’n I do you, Sir.” The cowboys went crazy laughing at Hank.

“All right, I’ll make you a deal.  Beginning tomorrow,— for two full weeks,— when you finish work in the evenings you clean up, but you stay buck ass naked, ‘cept’n for yore’ boots, until you go to bed.  Days off like tomorrow, less’n you go to church with us, you spend the whole day naked as a jay bird.  You gotta’ be naked in her house as well as ours when you come for supper.  You agree to that, and I’ll agree to talk with her about what you witnessed here tonight.”

The men were laughing their ass’s off at Charlie and Hank.

“Is that all, Master?” Hank asked surprised, “You’re damn good with slaves, Master Charlie, but chu’ ain’t no horse trader.  ‘At’s fer damn sure! You should a’ asked for a lot more’n ‘nat, Sir.  You got chore’self a deal, Master Charlie.” Hank stuck out his hand, and they shook on it.

“Cain’t say’s I blame you none, Hank.  She’s a handful.  Besides, that,— ‘at was a pert-damn good blow job you gimme.’  It was much appreciated.  H’it’s the only reason I’m making you this offer.”

“Thanks, Master Charlie, glad to be of service even if I am git’n the better end of the deal.”  

Most of the cowboys agreed with Hank.  They all knew and had a healthy respect for Ida Mae Wallace.  The boys looked forward to looking at the fine body of Hank Morgan for two weeks.  They knew their little brother, JR, had a permanent hard-on for the big slave.  After seeing Hank nude that evening, Lucas didn’t think he’d find it too difficult seeing Hank naked for two weeks.  

So for two weeks afterward, Hank Morgan was buck naked from the time he got off work until the sun rose the next morning.  When his fellow slaves asked what was going on, he just told them Master Charlie was punishing him for something and thought it would teach him a lesson to be naked for two weeks.  His days off he was naked all day and for every meal he took at his Master’s table he was nude.  He would go to Ida’s house naked and to the big house to have supper with Charlie, the boys, Lazarus and Lucas.

He was invited almost every evening.  The boys loved to see Hank in the raw.  JR couldn’t be happier and didn’t leave Hank’s side the whole time.  He even talked his mother into letting him be naked with Hank.  They would come in for supper holding hands, buck naked.  Everyone would fall out at the two of them, but they didn’t care.  They were having a good time.  JR couldn’t seem to get enough of his big naked hero.  It seemed funny to JR,— his dick and Hank’s looked almost alike.  The last evening of Hank's agreement, he and JR met Ida Mae leaving the big house to go to her house.  They were both naked.  She told her men Master Charlie gave her the rest of the evening off, and she would be waiting for them after they had their supper.  They  walked into the common dinning room hand in hand and were surprised to see all the men around Master Charlie's table buck naked.  Even Hank's ramrod and Master Charlie were naked.  They all whooped and laughed with each other.  They joined hands, Charlie said a blessing and they all sat down to supper and ate in the raw,--- except for their boots.  As long as he has his boots on, a cowboy ain't totally naked.

* * * * * * *

Before they left the ship, Charlie told Lazarus Hank wanted to know when he might get a shot of the longevity serum?

“Did you explain to him there will be some time adjustments to his lifetime slavery conviction?” asked Lazarus.

“I did, but I didn’t give him any specific details because, I didn’t have any to give him.  I assume this will be something that evolves from meetings between slave owners and your administration,— however many that might be.”

“You’re looking at my administration, Boss.”  Lazarus smiled, “But you were right to tell him nothing has been fully decided.  I think he trusts you, Angus, and me to do the right thing by him.”

“His words exactly, ramrod.” Charlie stated.

“Cable,— would you please prepare a longevity serum shot for Master Charlie’s slave, Hank Morgan, please?”

“Right away, Father.”

“Hank, don’t pull yore’ pants up right away.  As a matter of fact, don’t put ‘em on at all.  Can I see a show of hands?  How many men, slave and free, wanna’ see Hank Morgan buck naked for the rest of the evening?” Lazarus asked everyone.  Every hand on the ship went up including the three androids.  Charlie laughed and Hank looked pained.  He looked even more pained when Cable walked up behind him and hit him in his left butt cheek with the longevity shot.  Cable wiped it good with alcohol and a piece of cotton.

“Does this include you talk’n Ida Mae into git’n the shot, Master Charlie?”

“Yeah,— I suppose it does.  I been work’n on her already.  Believe it or not, she done asked me about it a couple of times.  I told her we all got one, and I allowed JR to make up his own mind.  She didn’t seem to have too much problem with it; however, convincing her is another story.  I’ll do my best, but that don’t mean you can roll over on me.  You gotta’ back me up.”

“I promise, Master.  We’ll all work on her.  I know JR is talk’n with her about it.  I think maybe she’ll listen to Captain Long.  Maybe we can enlist his help.  I think she plans to ask him if he'll take a look at her old pup, Scraps, for her.  As you know, he's been her constant companion for many years.  That dog practically raised Waco and JR.  Well, you know how she feels about him.  He's git'n kinda unstable.  She thinks he might be in a lot of pain.  I think she's hoping for a miracle.  Ida don't wanna' give him up."

"I know.  It's gonna' be hard on all of us when Scraps goes.  He's come to mean as much to the rest of us as Ida Mae."

"I plan to tell her I done went and got the shot tonight.”  said Hank.

“You also gonna’ tell her you can’t put chore’ pants on for two weeks because of it?” Charlie broke up laughing.

“Didn’t think a’ that, Master Charlie, but what the hell,— sounds good good to me.”  Hank brightened up.  

Hank and Charlie had all the men laughing.

* * * * * * *

Arlen was up and around and feeling better.  It wasn’t a tiring experience so much as it was an emotional and physically erotic experience to the max.  It left Arlen drained, but he leaned on his tall partner for support and they made a fine looking couple.  Charlie commented to Angus, if any two men should have children it should be Lazarus and Arlen.  Several of the other cowboys agreed with him.

Lazarus asked Charlie and Angus if they would be Godfathers to his and Arlen’s new son.  They were surprised and deeply touched Lazarus would ask them.  Of course they accepted.  

Bryce and Lucas were feeling more like brothers as they shared more experiences with each other.  Bryce told Lucas he had seen the video they watched many times, but he had never seen an actual impregnation between a Volgoron and a human male.  He was as impressed as Lucas was.

Angus, Bill and Shane said their goodbyes and stepped through the portal into their barn.  Lazarus made a quick adjustment, and after Bobby and Travis hugged and kissed, Ranger Gibbons and Bobby Jessup stepped though into Ranger’s barn.  Ranger thought in the old days, he and Bobby might be arrested and accused of witchcraft for traveling from place to place so quickly.  He wasn’t real sure modern day church folks wouldn’t do the same thing.

The evening was coming to and end and Hank was going to do as Captain Long told him and leave the ship naked as the day he was born; however, it was getting pretty cold outside.  Lazarus and Charlie decided he should wear his clothes between houses, but he must undress once he got there.  Hank put his clothes on and said his goodbyes to everyone.  The boys left with him, escorted him back to Ida Mae’s house and bid him goodnight and good luck.  As the boys walked away they could hear Ida Mae’s laughter as they imagined Hank was undressing before her and telling her his punishment for two weeks.

The rest of the men left after the boys and returned to their vehicles to return to their ranches.  Lazarus hadn’t installed a portal at the sheriff’s ranch yet; nor had he installed one at Cotton and Hoot’s ranch.  It was only a matter of time.  They already agreed to it and thought it would be a good idea.

Lazarus told Bryce and Lucas to see Arlen back to the house and see to his comfort.  He would be along in a minute.  Lazarus was going to walk the  sheriff, Hoot and Cotton back to their trucks with Charlie to say goodbye.

They said ‘goodbye’ to the sheriff first and he left; then, Lazarus and Charlie walked Cotton and Hoot to their truck.

“You men hear any more rumblings from old man Stamper about selling any of his boys?” Lazarus asked Cotton and Hoot.  He saw Charlie look at him from the corner of his eye, grin and raise an eyebrow.

“Naw, Sir, he’s been pretty quiet since he sold Caleb, Master Long; howsomever, ‘at don’t mean we won’t and h’it don’t mean we can’t contact him to feel him out.  We run into him all the time.  He’s used to us dropping by the honky-tonk where he drinks.  We’s all the time buy’n him drinks to oil him up a bit.  He tells us we’s his buddies then makes fun of us behind our backs.  We don’t give a shit.  We live our lives like we want to and fuck the rest of them bastards.  He tells ever’ one we’s trying to git him into bed.  What a laugh.  He smells so bad most of the time, if’n we ain’t had a few drinks ourselves we cain’t git near him.  We jes’ buy him drinks for PR and to prime the pump.  After he’s had a few stiff drinks, he gits all dramatic and yells and screams he ought a’ sell the lot of them boys.  They’s no damn good to him no ways.  We’s in there,— what, Cotton,— a week ago?”

“Yeah, it was last Friday night we stopped by for a couple, and he was really down.  Said he should a’ never sold his youngest for dog food.” Cotton said smiling. “Kept say’n what he done weren’t right.”

“‘Course, we sympathized with him, but we asked him why he didn’t call us to deal with the boy?  We could a’ probably got him more money and we’d a trained the boy to be a first class cocksucker.  He wouldn’t a’ had to die a horrible death like he done.  We kept talking about the poor kid’s last few moments of life and the horror he must have experienced before they flung him off into the grinding machine.  We had the old man wailing from a guilty conscience.”  Hoot grinned wickedly.

“I think he was more in pain over the fact we might a’ been able to git him a little more money than he was concerned about the boy.  Anyway, we keep on prime’n the pump ever’ time we see him.  Hoot thinks he’s ripe for making a move.  He didn’t git that much from the sale of Caleb, and he’s about run through it already.  He’s been on a bender since he heard the kid was ground up for dog food.” Cotton told them.  “Must a’ really got to him.”

“Good, I hope it eats his black heart out.”  allowed Lazarus as Charlie chuckled.  “Tell you what, gentlemen,— I want you to do something for me.”

“Anything, Master Long, you know that.” Hoot responded.

Lazarus reached for his billfold, pulled out five one hundred dollar bills and handed them to Hoot.

“This is a retainer and pump primer.  It’s to buy you gentlemen a couple of drinks at that honkey-tonk where old man Stamper hangs out.  This ought a’ be enough to oil his pump handle.  Tell him you got an interested buyer what’s hot to buy five brothers as slaves, but he has to sell all five boys at once to get the best price for ‘em.  If he asked who wants to buy ‘em, you tell him the buyer must remain anonymous, ‘cause if’n he’s gonna’ sell ‘em, better he not know where they’re going anyway.  Assure him they’ll be in a better place than he’s providing for them, but use tact.  I know you men know how to present a deal.  Ask him to set a price for all five, and let’s see what he comes up with.  Don’t give him no idea how high I’m willing to go, but my bottom line is fifty thou for each boy; however, tell him I’m willing to pay your commission.  I know you told me ten percent, but if’n you pull this off for me, I’ll guarantee you twenty percent.  Master Charlie’s our witness.”

“Ah, hell, a handshake with you will do, Master Long.  Master Charlie, too.” Cotton allowed.

“No, no,— now this is business.  That would git old man Stamper a quarter of a million old U.S. dollars for ‘em.  They’s worth half again as much as the new ‘Amero’ dollars.  I’ll pay you men the same currency.  ‘At’s one hell of a lot of money for a brown dirt irrigation farmer what ain’t brought in a profit crop in a several years.  Tell him that’s the only deal your buyer is interested in.  That’s his bottom line.  Take it or leave it.  Even if he turns you down,— don’t try to sell him.  Thank him kindly for listening and walk away.  Greed will sell them boys to me.  You jes’ wait’n see.  He’ll come around.”

“Damn, Master Long.  You play hardball, but that’s more’n a fair price for them five boys.  He ain’t never home to watch ‘em and take care of ‘em no ways.  They’s get’n into all sorts of trouble around town.  It’s too bad.  They’s basically good boys and would be if’n they had someone to show a little interest in ‘em; somebody what would hank ‘em up by the short hairs.  They need control and discipline.  I’d love to git my hands on ‘em.  They cleaned up their act for a while after they seen what their daddy done to their youngest brother.  Now, they’s back to raising hell again.  It may be our chance to git in with Sheriff Lassiter.”

“I think you men are already in pert-damn tight with him.  The sheriff is a man what believes in family, and I think he’s accepted ever’ one associated with my ramrod and this ranch as his extended family.” allowed Charlie.

“I agree with my boss man, gentlemen.  Don’t think you’ll have no problems with the sheriff from here on.  I’ll put a bug in his ear if he hears of them boys git’n into trouble to let you know immediately.”

“Thanks, Master Long, we appreciate that.” said Hoot.

“No problem, gentlemen.  Now, I’ll pay you men twenty percent in old U.S. dollars which is fifty thou plus; however, I want you to train all five of them for me.  What will it cost me for you to train all five?”

“We usually get ten thou per slave; however, for you and five at once we can do it for thirty-five.”

“No,— I’ll pay you your usual rate of ten thou per man because, you see, there’s a catch to my offer.”

The men were quiet waiting for the other boot to drop.

“I may need you to keep them for me for a while after you train ‘em; however, I’m willing to pay for their slave chow and any extra things you have to buy to accommodate them.”  

“Hell, that won’t be no problem, Master Long.  We though it was gonna’ be some’um hard.”  Hoot responded.

“Well, it may be in a way, because I want ‘em to continue with their schooling.  They’re gonna’ need school clothes, books and other things the average slave don’t need.  I don’t want ‘em having more than they absolutely need, but I want them looked after.  If you ain’t got a place to keep ‘em separate from your other slaves, let’s us build ‘em a bunkhouse, and I’ll pay for it.  Let’s git together and draw up some plans.  We’ll build it bigger than you need for them, so you can have another nice addition.  Then, when I need ‘em, you got chore’self another slave bunkhouse.  You see, gentlemen, this is only the first of several transactions I may want you to take care of for me.  Work with me, and I promise you will be amply rewarded for your hard work, your dedication and your willingness to keep our dealings as private as possible.”

Cotton and Hoot looked at each other and broke out into broad smiles.

“We’ll be happy to work with you, Master Long.  Call on us anytime.  We’ll git back to you the minute we find out anything.”

“Good, glad you gentlemen could be with us this evening, and we’ll look forward to hearing from you soon.  The holidays are upon us, and I know we’ll spend some time together then.”

Cotton and Hoot said their ‘goodbyes,’ shook both men’s hands and left.  Charlie and Lazarus walked back toward the houses together.

“You really gonna’ buy them boys, ramrod?”

“Yes, Sir, Boss,— ‘at’s my plan.  Just ‘cause their daddy is a lost soul ain’t no reason them boys have to be.  If we can git ‘em and make slaves out of ‘em for a number of years, we jes’ might have a chance of turning ‘em into good, decent members of our community.  Besides, I ain’t shared this with no one else,— their names are on my list.  I don’t want Lucas knowing yet.  I won’t hide it from him forever.  He’s much too clever a young man.  He can pull a lot of information out of folks just by observation and listening carefully.  I’ll tell him soon enough, but I don’t want him overly concerned right now.  He’s got enough on his plate to adjust to his new world and taking care of me.  I’m convinced he’s serious about being my slave, and I want to see how far he’ll go without a lot of training or supervision.”

“I take it you already have that kind of money to make these purchases?” Charlie asked.

“More than you know, Boss.  Sometime I’ll show you the gathered wealth on my ship.  Every ship has as much or more than my ship.  I had the money to buy Lucas, but you came though for me in an emergency when I needed you.  It was easier to finance him through you, and I realized it would raise less eyebrows than if I suddenly came up with a large sum of money.  With Cotton and Hoot, I can pay them in cash and have them act as dealers and buyers for me without a lot of paper trail.”

“Where did all this ‘old’ money come from?” inquired Charlie.

“Treasure from sunken ships of all kinds and ages.  Money from drug bust that went bad.  Billions in Federal money from the new Theocratic regime that was illegally transferred to off shore accounts during the early years that suddenly disappeared in route.  No trace of it has ever been found.  The sale from untold wealth of precious stones and metals.  There’s more gold bullion on my ship than backs up the new Theocratic Republic.  So, if you need the rest of your money sooner, I’m perfectly willing to repay you.”

“No, no, this is working out fine for me.  You earn ever’ damn penny I’m paying you so it’s just as easy for me to deduct it and keep tabs.  What will you do with the Stamper boys?”

“Don’t know yet.  I’m open for suggestions.  There’s all sorts of things we can do with ‘em to make them into useful and productive slaves.  If you wanted to expand yore’ operations we might use them here.  If we can’t use ‘em, maybe Angus can.  We’ll find something for them, but I have some other thoughts in the back of my mind I’ll share with you as we go along.  If what I think might happen, them boys will be the first of a bunch of young men and maybe women we can save in this community and other communities as well.  If we set goals for them, they work with a good attitudes and learn from their enslavement,  we can contract with them to give them their freedom after a while.

“I think I’m beginning to understand how you think, ramrod.  You’re looking on slaves living and interrelating with one another like you’d like to see a community of folks living,--- working together and taking care of each other; teaching them the value of cooperation and hard work without the trauma and segregation organized religion creates in a community.”

“You are beginning to understand me; however, where do you think I got the idea?”  Lazarus paused for a moment at looked at Charlie.

“From me and my brother?” Charlie asked.

“Exactly, Boss.  I don’t only call you ‘boss’ jes’‘cause I work for you.  I call you ‘boss’ because of the respect I have for you and your way of dealing with folks, freemen and slaves.  You give your brother a lot of credit, but I’ve watched the two of you.  You play off’n each other.  You learn and grow together.  You leapfrog over one another in your development.  Angus learns as much or more from you than you do from him.  He knows his little brother is smarter than him in certain areas; just like you realize he’s more mature and knowledgeable in certain areas.  You depend on each other for support.  It’s as it should be between brothers.”

“I suppose you're right; however, I’m beginning to learn from you.  We ain’t never had the slave-hands run more smoothly since you took over.  They would lay down their lives for you,--- to a man.  Curley and Hank think you’re the best thing to happen to the ranch.  I think Curley might have had some mixed feelings at first, but now he sees his job much easier with you being in charge.  Him and Hank don’t have to keep running to me for ever’ damn thing what comes up.  It jes’ makes things more efficient all way ‘round.”

“I enjoy working with the men.  At the end of a day I feel like we accomplished something.  That’s what life’s all about when you think about it, Boss.”

“I have to laugh sometimes.  If anyone came around looking for the ramrod of the ranch they couldn’t tell you from one of the men.  You’re usually the dirtiest one out there.  I think that’s why the men admire you so much.  You ain’t afraid to git in and git dirty.  You work right along side them.  You don’t ask them to do nothing you won’t do yourself.”

“That’s the way I’ve always been.  If I ask a man to do something and he don’t want to, I do it.  Most times it makes him ashamed of himself and the next thing ya’ know he’s work’n right along side me.  Git’s it done quicker, too.”  Lazarus cuckled.

“You looking forward to have another son, ramrod?”  Charlie asked.

“Scared to death, Boss.  I was a complete and total failure with the two boys I raised before.  They’re both dead.  Been dead for hundreds of years and, I never built up the courage to try again.  Along come Lucas, and my heart went out to him.  After he saved the sheriff’s life I knew I’d done the right thing, and I see in him qualities I want in a son.  Arlen’s been nipping at my heels to have another son, but this time with him.  I may lean on you, Boss, for advice.”  Lazarus said sincerely.  Charlie laughed.

“The way you’re handling Lucas and the boys, you ain’t gonna’ have no problems, ramrod.”

The men came to the front door of the big house.  Charlie shook Lazarus’ hand and congratulated him on becoming a dad.  They hugged and Lazarus walked toward the foreman’s house.  Lucas was sitting in the swing on the front porch.  He bounded down the steps and ran toward Lazarus.  Lazarus opened his arms and Lucas jumped into them, hugged and kissed him.  Lazarus laughed, hugged and kissed him back.

“Wow,— what’s this all about?”

“I jes’ wanted to tell you how proud of you I am and how happy Bryce and I are to have a little brother on the way.”

“That’s nice.  You ain’t gonna’ feel jealous or threatened are you?”

“Gosh, no, Dad.  You picked me out to be your son.  With him, you gotta’ take what chu’ gits.”

Lazarus roared with laugher and thought, ‘Out of the mouth's of babes.’

“Got a point there, Son, but I have a feeling you’ll show him the ropes.  You’ll be loving but firm with him.”

“I’ll teach him by showing him how much I love and respect you, Sir.”

“Then he can’t fail to be a good man, can he?”  Lazarus put his arm around Lucas’ shoulder, pulled him close, and stole a kiss.

“We got Master Arlen cleaned up, and I got him something to eat.  He was hungry.  He let me clean him up in the shower and told me I done a good job.  I was tuckered when I got through.  They’s a lot more of him to warsh than you, Dad.”  Lucas laughed.

“Yeah, he’s a big ole cowboy.  ‘At’s why I picked him for a partner.  They’s a lot more to love.  When I picked him I picked me a giant, economy size, industrial strength buckaroo.  Ain’t never regretted my decision neither.”

“He’s awful damn big,— all over.  Can I ask you a question, Dad?”

“The answer is ‘yes’!  I ride that big thing ever’ damn chance I git.”  Lazarus chuckled and Lucas broke up laughing.  “Yore’ old man needs his itch scratched from time to time jes’ like any other man.  It would be a shame to have a partner with a ‘scratcher’ like Captain Jones’ and not take advantage of it,— now wouldn’t it?”

Lazarus had Lucas laughing all the way back to the house.  They went inside and found Bryce and Arlen sitting at the kitchen table having coffee and a piece of pie Lucas got them.  Arlen got up and embraced Lazarus.  Lazarus kissed the big man gently.

“I love you, cowboy.”  he said quietly.

“Careful, partner.  Telling me you love me twice in one evening is setting precedents.  You know what happens when you set precedents; however, I think I could live with it without too much problem.”  Arlen gently chided him.  He took Lazarus’ hand and moved it down to his belly.  “I got chore’ love growing inside me, right there, partner.  Our first bairn together.  You know how long I’ve waited to make this dream come true?  You gotta’ know I love you, Lazarus.  I’m jes’ s’damn glad you finally decided to do it.  You know how long I been sniff’n ‘round your flanks like a mare in estrus.  I can’t wait to have him, but I know each day is gonna’ be a journey.  I should start getting sick in the mornings in a couple of days.  I already feel different.”

Bryce and Lucas high-fived each other.  He threw his arms around his little brother and stole a kiss as they watched their parents act like two newly weds.  Lazarus sat down and had a cup of coffee and a piece of pie with his small family.  Somehow, the pie and coffee tasted extra good that evening, and he couldn’t seem to make his friend down South behave.  All it could think about was getting into his mates hot ass a couple more times before they had to depart for their ship tomorrow afternoon.  He knew with all the extra blood engorging Arlen’s anus, he would be a hot fuck that evening.

Lazarus and Arlen announced to the young men they were retiring early.  This time they didn’t try to make excuses.  They simply told Bryce and Lucas they wanted to spend some quality time together.  They bid their family ‘goodnight’ and left them to themselves.  Lucas fixed Bryce another cup of coffee and got himself a glass of milk from the fridge.  He asked Lazarus before he left if he could have a piece of pie, and he told Lucas to help himself.

It felt so strange to the boy helping himself to a treat he was never able to experience before.  He mentioned it to Bryce, even though he never forgot he was Master Lazarus’ slave he felt so much more free than he had before in his life.  Bryce couldn’t imagine what the boy went through.  Lazarus sent before and after pictures of the boy’s surgery, but neither he nor Arlen could believe how badly messed up Lucas’ face was.  They couldn’t imagine a father could be responsible for beating his child so viciously.  Worse yet, he got away with it.  He claimed, and his boys backed him up, he caught the boy begging his brothers to let him suck their dicks.

Of course, nothing could’ve been further from the truth, but after his brothers ganged up on him, old man Stamper took their word for it.  It was easier to beat up and cast away a deformed child for his sin than to possibly admit the other five were complicit.  No court in the current Theocratic Republic would convict the old man for almost killing his son because he found out he was a cocksucker.  Stamper immediately took the boy to the sheriff’s station and had him thrown in a cell as a slave.  That act alone was enough to absolve the old man.   

Bryce asked gentle questions of his little brother, and Lucas responded quietly.  He never really talked with anyone about what he went through at home with his brothers.  He told Lazarus bits and pieces when he was asked, but this was the first time he ever told the whole story.  Bryce was amazed and couldn’t believe some of the things Lucas was telling him, but he dare not indicate he didn’t trust his word.  As incredible as Lucas’ story was, Bryce felt in his gut every word was true.  It brought him close to the boy.  It made him want, all the more, to be his big brother and offer him what advice and protection he could.  It was a new beginning for both men.  

* * * * * * *

Lazarus managed to sink his big, cowboy dick into his mate.  Arlen was really tight.  They discussed whether Arlen fully absorbed most of the liquid from Garron’s amniotic fluid.   

“I may have a little left, but not much.  We can put several towels under me to protect the bed.  There shouldn’t be any problem.  Besides, if there’s any question the embryo was fertilized, your come up my butt will do the trick.  To have a little fluid left for it to swim in couldn’t be a bad thing.”

Lazarus groaned and Arlen sighed deeply as he sunk the last few inches of his big cock into his ass.  He was home.  He was surrounded by the big body of the man he’d loved for several hundred years.  They had their ups and downs, but they’d weathered the storms any strong relationship might go through.  They knew each other so well they knew each button to push to get the greatest pleasure reaction from the other.  Arlen once joked and told Lazarus what they did in bed together couldn’t be qualified as sex.  He thought it was far too obscene and nasty to classify as a simple sexual act.

He equated it more to a lusty act in a Roman Circus Maximus,  where a rider standing on the back of four horses with two sets of reins in each hand raced other similarly mounted riders to reach their final goal;  or, an act one might find in an old Roman arena.  The biggest, strongest, most fearsome gladiators would be released on a group of young Christian boys to deflower them before throngs of cheering lusty, common folks.  After sampling them, each gladiator would pick his choice, throw him over his shoulder and take him back to his barracks as his sex-toy slave-boy.  The younger boys would all be in tears; however, several of the older one’s would have big smiles on their faces as they were carried away.

Arlen and Lazarus were raised as cowboys and were used to doing everything balls-out.  They lived hard, rodeoed hard, fought hard, played hard and took their pleasure in each other with the same gusto.  Their was some gentleness, but damn little.  It was a need they shared.  The one doing the taking, took what he needed with as much enthusiasm as they brought to rodeoing.  The one giving it up worked just as hard to make damn sure his partner had a good ride.  There was rarely a call for a re-ride.

Lazarus quickly built them both to a climax.  Arlen’s ass was burning up and was slightly swollen from being engorged with blood.  Lazarus let out a whoop he was sure the boys would hear, but he couldn’t help himself as he emptied his balls deep within his mate’s ass.  Arlen bucked and pitched his hips to give Lazarus the best ride he could and wouldn’t settle for anything else than draining his mate into him.  He finally erupted himself and shot all over the place.  Lazarus collapsed on top of Arlen and began to make love to him.  This was the part Arlen secretly loved between them.  He drank in Lazarus’ love like an empty vessel.  

They lay hooked together for quite a while saying outrageous things to each other only lovers should hear; complementing one another on their coupling as being one of their best ever.  Lazarus commented if he had a service medal for best fuck in the fleet, he would surely have to award it to Captain Jones for his meritorious service above and beyond the call of duty to his Admiral’s dick.  Arlen told him he would gratefully accept it, but he wouldn’t know what to tell people when they ask him about his medal of a phallus with wings spread behind the balls.  Lazarus made a few glib suggestions that had the two of them rolling on the bed from laughter.

“I want you on the Bandersnatch once a week to be checked out and to lay before the Kryscellians for an hour.  They’re more than willing to help.  If there’s any problems they’ll correct it and tell us.  Also, I want you to take back with you a gallon of milk the boys will prepare for you.  You know the drill.  You drank it when you were carrying Bryce.  Garron is full of milk.  He’s keeping Ranger’s wife and Travis’ mom supplied with lummox milk, and he has plenty for you.  Them boys get what’s left, but he don’t never seem to run out.  You know how he is, if’n there’s any young’uns about, he starts producing milk.  I get to see you more often this way.  Count on staying over and returning the next morning.”

“What day of the week do you want me?”

“Every day,” smiled Lazarus, “but, I’ll settle for Sundays.  Come up and have Sunday dinner with us.  Watch the game the boys always have.  Stay the night with me on the ship and return the next morning.  The last two weeks, I want you on the Bandersnatch in case there’s any complications.  Bryce can handle things on the Raven.”

The men had gentle sex once more in the early morning hours.  They spent a relaxed day together with Bryce, Lucas, Ox, the boys and Charlie.

The boys didn’t try to keep Arlen’s pregnancy secret from JR.  They explained as best they could what took place.  He was a bit disappointed he couldn’t be there with Hank to watch, but he understood there was a certain age a boy became a man and could be included in ‘man’ things.  Waco had to wait until he was twelve to be included.  He didn’t really see much difference in watching the animals on the ranch breed.  The boys agreed with him.  That seemed to help him some.

 * * * * * * *

The next morning Lucas and Bryce were up early.  They made breakfast for the four of them.  The men could’ve gone to the big house for breakfast, but Lucas was going to go up later to help Ida Mae with Sunday dinner.  Waco and his men usually pitched in to make Ida’s job a little easier for her.  Of course, JR and Hank were helping.  Lucas had a difficult time keeping his mind on his business with Hank in his birthday suit.  He had to admit the big man was a fine looking piece of masculine flesh.  He could tell JR was going to look just like him.

After dinner there was another football game, but this time Bryce played on Lucas, Little Bear and JR’s team and they walked all over Waco and Travis and the slave-hands who played on their team.  Waco and Travis were good sports and were still talking about getting Lucas to play with them on the school team.  Lazarus was walking on air.  He was proud of Lucas and Bryce.  He let them know it, too.

The afternoon came to an end and it was time for Arlen and Bryce to return to the Raven.  Lazarus and Lucas walked them back to the Bandersnatch to say ‘goodbye’ and see them off.  After the football game Lucas and Bryce really seemed to bond.  They walked behind Arlen and Lazarus arm in arm, talking about different plays.  Bryce was all the more taken with his new little brother and didn’t try to hold back his affection.  Neither did Lucas.

Lucas shed a few tears as he said ‘goodbye’ to Arlen and Bryce.  He had come to love them in a short period of time and couldn’t wait to see them again.   Captain Jones invited him to come visit with his dad sometime soon and spend an evening in the jungle.  They would introduce him to some wonderful new things.  He would have much more to tell the Kryscellians.  Lucas loaded up Bryce and Captain Jones with a couple of boxes of food Ida Wallace prepared for them of leftover fried chicken and all the fixings to go along with it.  They appreciated another chance to have some more good home cooking.

They walked though the portal and were gone.  Lazarus shut down the portal.   Lucas threw his arms around Lazarus and hugged him.  

“I know,— I miss them already, too.”  Lazarus said quietly.

“I feel almost selfish, Dad.”


“‘Cause I got you all to myself.  I know how much they love you.  H’it ain’t right for you to be apart.”

“You’re right.  H’it ain’t right, but it has to be for a while; however, when you’re talking ten years when you got hundreds more to look forward to, to be together,— why, it’s just a drop in the bucket.  The older you get, yore’ concept of time and investments in people will change.  For instance,--- you’ll be my son for many years to come.  Six years being my slave will pass before you know it.  Then, less’n you wanna’ stay on as my slave for a while longer, we’ve got many years to be father and son.”

“I’ve thought of that, Dad.  I ain’t gonna’ dwell on it until it’s looking me in the face.  Right now, I jes’ wanna’ be what you need and what I need to be.  What I need to be is your slave and to take care of you.”

“Good.  Then let’s say ‘goodnight’ to your android brothers and head on back to our house.”

Lazarus and Lucas left the ship and the barn.  They walked slowly back to the foreman’s house.  Lazarus had his arm around Lucas and they were still talking.

“You gonna’ bunk it in with your old man, tonight, Son?”

“If’n you need me.  Yes, Sir, I’d be happy to.”

“Hell, I’ll always need you.  You done told me that,”  Lazarus laughed, “ and you were right.  I think I might need ju’ jes’ a little more this evening.  I’m gonna’ be missing my partner pert-damn bad, especially after knocking him up this weekend.  It would be nice to have the winning quarterback sleep’n next to me, honcho.” Lazarus chuckled.

“We’s jes’ lucky, Dad.” Lucas said quietly.

“So you say.  I was watching the game.  What I saw weren’t luck.  You get better ever’ game you play, Son.  Bryce weren’t no slouch, and the two of you inspired Little Bear and JR to play their best.  H’it takes a good quarterback to get his men to play like that.  I’m looking forward to you playing on the school team.  We’ll see how you progress with your reading and your time spent with the Kryscellians.  I ain’t gonna’ push ya’ none.”

“Thanks, Dad.  I don’t wanna’ go to school and be an idiot.  I want to know some things so’s I don’t stand out.  I don’t want Caleb’s brothers git’n no ideas about who I might be.  I know Master Waco, Travis, Little Bear, or JR would never say nothing.  They’d be the first ones to hide my identity or stand up for me.”

“I think you’re gonna’ do fine, Lucas.  Just keep on like you’re doing and you’ll be caught up and ready in no time.”

The men got back to the house and it was still early evening; however, Monday was a work day for Lazarus and he got up before dawn to have breakfast, saddle up and be out with his men ready for another hard day.

Lucas took care of his master in the shower and toweled him dry afterward.  He cleaned and dried himself and crawled into bed next to Lazarus.  Lucas didn’t wait for an invitation and moved over into Lazarus’ arm.  They didn’t talk much more but held each other for a while.  Lazarus went to give Lucas a kiss goodnight, and found him sound asleep.  Being a good quarterback and playing his hardest also made for a tired little man.  Lazarus kissed him on his forehead and pulled the covers up around him, rolled over and drifted off to sleep.

* * * * * * *   

Ox slept with his young master that evening.  Waco sent his two slaves to his other room and closed the door between them for privacy.  He didn’t care if Travis and Little Bear wanted to share a little love with each other.  He felt he needed to be alone and private with his lummox.  They spoke to each other in their heads.

<<  Lummy, have you ever seen the video Master Lazarus showed us last evening of the big Volgoron Captain and his mate the Lieutenant Commander? >>

<< Yes, young Master.  I watched it several times.  I know Captain Trong and Lieutenant Commander Fielding well.  The Lieutenant Commander is now a full Commander, and they had one more bairn since that holograph was made. >>

<< You remember me telling you about voices I hear?  >> Waco asked.

<< I remember you saying something about it, but you never told me what they said.  I heard them myself the night of the slave ceremony. >>

<< Will it come to pass, do you think? >>

<< Do you want it to, Master Waco? >>

<< I think so, Lummy.  I think I’m falling in love with you.  I never thought such a thing was possible until I saw Captain Trong and Commander Fielding.  They seemed so happy together. >>

<<  They are very happy together,  and their children are wonderful.  They’re intelligent, loving, care about each other and are respectful to their parents.  I think you’re a little too young to be think’n about things like that.  If it comes to pass it will because we have no other choice.  You will know, and I will know.  I’ve heard tell there’s no stronger bond in the universe than that between a male Volgoron and a male human.  >>

<< I ain’t think’n on it a lot.  It’s jes’ something I wanted to talk with you about.  You told me you would own me and be a good slave for me.  You told me the truth.  I think you do own my heart, Lummy, and you’ve been the best slave to me and my brothers.  You’re as good to them, JR, and Lucas as you are to me, and I love you for that. >>

<< You gotta’ know how much I care for you, Master Waco.  I ain’t real good at hide’n my feelings.  I fell in love with you the minute I saw you.  You ran to me and threw your arms around me without hesitation.  You weren’t the least bit afraid of me because of my size.  You captured my heart.  I knew you would take me home with you and take good care of me.  Now, would my young Master like me to take care of him?  >>

<< No, I want something else tonight.  I’ve thought about it since yesterday when I watched Captain Trong kiss the Commander and it occurred to me,— y’ain’t never kissed me, Lummy.  Would you kiss me? >>

<< I ain’t never kissed you ‘cause I didn’t wanna’ do something you might not wanna’ do, Master Waco.  It’s been in my heart ever’ day since becoming your slave that one day I would like to take you in my arms and kiss you like you should be kissed; however, do you think you’re ready for it?  I’m so much older and bigger than you right now.  I won’t always be, once you grow into manhood. >>

<< Cain’t hurt none to try, Lummy.  I think I’m ready. >>

<< Very well,— relax and close your eyes. >>

Waco did as his lummox suggested and relaxed.  Ox scooped the boy up into his huge hairy arms, cradled him and gently covered his smaller mouth with his huge one.  He let Waco take over from there, but he began to sing to the man-child he held in his arms.  The deep bass tones rumbled into Waco’s soul.  Like all lummox songs there were no words, but there was no doubt in Waco’s mind he was hearing and feeling a love song.  A lilting rumbling sound that bespoke joy and sensuality in the connecting of two loving bodies.  Waco got more into kissing his lummox, until it was no longer a strange or alien thing.  They merged as one and became lost in each other.  The more Waco kissed his huge slave the harder his penis became until he was almost hyperventilating.  Ox gently broke off their kiss, and Waco managed to gasp out.

“Please,  take me, Lummy,— I’m yours.  You own me.  Take me, my love.”

Ox didn’t need another invitation.  He took care of his young master, sang to him of his love for him, held him close in his massive furry arms, and kept him warm all through the dark winter’s night.

End Chapter 15 ~ Waco’s Lummox
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