By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 2

The ride home from the auction house was uneventful.  Ox was almost too big to fit into the rear seat of Charlie Goodnight’s pickup truck, but he didn’t seem to want to ride in the enclosed space anyway.  He eagerly jumped in the back of the truck and sat down in the bed behind the cab.  It was a warm day and he told Waco not to worry, he wouldn’t get chilled from the ride.  He had enough fur to keep him warm on the ride back to the ranch.

He didn’t seem to be concerned he didn’t have any clothes to wear and only got stared at by a couple of folks coming into the auction house, but it was probably because of his size rather than him being nude.  Waco was more worried for him than Ox was for himself.

<< Are you sure you’ll be all right back there, my beast? >>

<< Don’t chu’ worry none, I’ll be find, little Master.  I’m just so glad to be out of that awful place and into the sunshine.  It will do me good to feel the sun on me.  I’ve been kept in that dark place for over two days. >>

<< Okay.  I’ll be right up front with dad in case you need me. >>

<< Be sure and thank your father for me, Master.  Tell him I will do my best to serve you and him.  I am in his debt. >>

<< I will, Ox.  I’m afraid he has some misgivings. >>

<< He does, but he has great love for you, and he trusts your abilities. >>

Waco took Ox’s huge hand and gently squeezed it as a sign of affection.  The big creature got a look in his eye like he was deeply moved by the boy’s unexpected action.  A tear formed in his eye.  The glint of moisture didn’t pass his young Master’s notice.

Waco climbed in the front seat and closed the door.  His dad already had his seat belt on and was waiting for him.  Waco climbed over in the seat to throw his arms around his dad to give him a hug and a big kiss on his scruffy cheek.  Waco’s cowboy hat got in the way of his dad’s and went sailing to the floor of the truck.  Waco didn’t care, he was a man on a mission.  Charlie Goodnight got a big smile on his face.

“Thanks, Dad, for ma’ birthday present.  I know I don’t tell you often enough, but I love you and appreciate all you do for me.”

“Well, you’re welcome, Son.  You sure you’re gonna’ be happy with that giant for yore’ slave?”

“I already am happy with him, Dad.  He was sent to me and you.  He ain’t no ordinary slave.  That dealer didn’t have no idea what he had.”

“I take it you can communicate with him like you do with our ponies.”

“Yes, Sir.  He heard me while we was looking at that last slave and called to me.  That’s how I know’d about him.”

“I done figured as much.”  Charlie said as he raised an eyebrow at Waco.

The big cowboy put the truck in drive and headed out of the parking lot of the auction house onto the main blacktop ranch road that would take them to their small community and the turn-off to the Goodnight Ranch.  From the turn-off to the gate of the ranch was another five miles on an unpaved gravel road.  From the gate to the main buildings of the ranch was another twenty miles of sandy dirt road.

“Just what is he, Son?”  Charlie asked his boy.

“I ain’t real sure, Dad.  We ain’t had us enough time for him to tell me, but I can tell you one thing.”

“What’s zat, Son?”

“He ain’t no man; leastwise, not like you’n me.”  

There was a silence in the cab of the truck you could cut with a knife.  Charlie chuckled and hit the palm of his hand against the steering wheel.

“Lord hep me, boy,— there ain’t never a dull day with you in my life.  I never know’d what to expect from you from one minute to the next.  Hell fire and damnation!  You’d think as remote as we are at the ranch we’d live a purdy quiet life, but somehow life jes’ seems to hunt chu’ down and seek you out.  I’m jes’ about used to it by now, but ever’ now and again you come up with some’um that rocks me on my boot heels.”  Charlie threw his big cowboy arm around his boy, pulled him close and laughed.  “So what do you think he is, Son?”

“Ain’t real sure, Dad.  He’s got a bone in his penis like my pony, but he also has a double row of teeth in his head like some ancient giant people found in prehistoric American burial mounds what predated the American Indians.”

“How do you know that, Waco?”

“Public Television and the Internet.  I saw a story on the “Discovery” channel about prehistoric giants and looked it up on the Net.  I can let you read all about ‘em when we git back to the ranch.  They’s a lot of information about ‘em.  Some of them had bones in their penis’ like the great apes.  I done discovered we’s the only species of mammals on our planet what don’t have one in our dicks.  Sometimes I wish’t I did.”  Waco smiled wickedly at his dad and winked.

“At chore’ age you shouldn’t be having no problem git’n that cowboy dick of your’n hard.”  the two men shared a laugh.  Charlie reached over and tickled his boy on his stomach which instantly got Waco’s dick hard and reduced him to gales of laughter.  Waco thought his cowboy dad was one of the sexiest men alive.  He worried sometimes about the thoughts he had about his dad when he would be laying alone in his room by himself.

“See,— hi ain’t got me no problem, Dad!”  Waco exclaimed, laughing, pointing to his sizable young dick shooting down the leg of his Wranglers.  “H’it’s jes’ the thought of it what makes me a bit jealous.”  Charlie nodded his head like he understood and they laughed again.  “He done told me afore I got into the truck to be shore’ and thank you for buy’n him for me.  He said to tell you he’d do his best to be a good slave for us and he was in yore’ debt.”

“Well, that’s good; however, I cain’t rightly see how he’s in my debt since we own him, but h’it’s a nice thought a slave feels he’s wanted and needed.  ‘At’s three-quarters of the battle of git’n one of ‘em to accept he’s a slave and to work hard for you.  We been purdy fortunate.  We got us a good group of slaves for cowhands and Ms. Wallace to take care of us. ‘Course, Ms. Wallace ain’t no slave.”

“Yeah, Dad, we’re lucky to have her.  She treats us like we’s family.  I think the world of her.  She’s a good lady.  She sure treats us good.”
“Where you planning on keeping ‘nat brute, Son?”

“Ain’t a personal slave suppose to stay in the main house with us, Dad?”

“Yeah, ‘at’s the idea, if’n he’s to be with you ‘round the clock.  He ain’t only a body slave he’s to be a companion, too.  He cain’t go to school with ya,’ but he can do things around the ranch while yore’ gone.  As big as he is, I can always find some’um for him to do to keep him busy while you’s away.  You plan on keep’n him in yore’ room with you?”

“I’d like to try.  I thought about taking that bigger room down to the end of the hall if’n it’s all right with you.  You know the one what has its own bath attached and windows on three sides?  We don’t never use it.  H’it’s got that huge old bed in ‘nere.  It think it’s big enough for bow’fus.”

“Bow’fus?”  Charlie Goodnight asked as he looked at his son and grinned real big.

“Yes, Sir,— you know,— Ox’n me.”  Waco laughed.  He knew his dad was making a joke at his expense about his “Texas speak.”

“You sure you want that big ugly cuss sleeping with you, Son?”

“Why not, Dad?  Think of the money you’ll save on heating bills with him to keep me warm during them bone chill’n blue northerns we git blow’n in through here come winter time.”  Waco grinned and he’s dad laughed at his nonsense.

“Ya’ got a point, Son!”  Charlie nodded, laughed again and shook his head.  “To say nothing of that huge, warm cavern of a mouth he’s got to stable yore’ young bull in at night.”  Charlie grinned at his boy.

“Won’t gainsay that, Dad.  Ain’t that part a’ why you done bought him for me?”

“Of course,— I’s jes’ fun’n witcha.’  Maybe a little jealous.”  He chuckled.  “I ain’t never had me no body-slave, but since yore’ momma passed away I ain’t really needed one.  I could go down to the bunkhouse and demand one of the hands to service me, but I ain’t never had to.  Curley, our slave foreman, keeps an empty cee-gar box on the shelf in his office.  If’n one of the hands wants to service me or give up his ass to me for an evening, he can write his name on a small pad of posits Curley keeps near by and drops the slip of paper into the box.  Twice a month Curley draws from the box and on a Friday evening two times a month, I have me a scrubbed, cleaned out and presentable naked cowboy, ‘cep’n for his boots, waiting for me in that small room off the kitchen.”

“I never knew that.”  said Waco pulling back to look at his dad in awe.

“There’s lots a’ things I ain’t never told ju’ before, but tomorrow yore’ gonna’ become a young man.  They’s things you should know about.  H’it’s time you started learn’n ‘em.  Like the ceremony our slaves have every year on my birthday a couple of weeks after yours.  I ain’t never allowed you to attend, because I didn’t think you’s old enough to understand what it was all about and what it represents, but this year I’m gonna’ let chu’ watch.  You need to know about that sort of thing if anything was to happen to me and you have to take over the ranch.  It’s part of being a master and slave owner they don’t teach you in 4H.”
“Wow,— you really mean it, Dad?  I finally git to attend the slave ceremony?”

“Yeah, I already done told Curley you’d be attending.  All them cowboys come to me one by one to tell me they’s looking forward to having you there.  They all think the world of you, boy.  Their ceremony is important to them and they’re proud to have you become a part of it.  A couple of the younger men asked Curley if they could volunteer to become your personal body slave, but I weren’t sure they might be what chu’ wanted.

I thought you’d pick yore’self out some young buck what was about yore’ size and age to be yore’ companion.  You could a’ taken him to school with you.  Course at school he wouldn’t be yore’ slave.  As you know, if’n a salve-owner wants one of his young born-slaves to receive an education it’s paid for by the state and on any public school grounds or facilities he’s as equal as any other student.  Ain’t suppose to be no discrimination; however, I know it goes on.”

“Yeah, it does, Dad, but I don’t like it one bit.  I try to step in where I can, but sometimes I’m outnumbered.  You know how much I like my buddy, Travis Jessup, from the Gibbon ranch.  He’s an intelligent, and thoughtful kid.  He works hard, makes good grades and he’s humble and considerate.  We do our homework together most times and if’n it weren’t for Travis, I wouldn’t be making the good grades I been git’n.  You’d be take’n me to the barn for shore’!  He done taught me a lot about how to study and get the most from the least amount of time invested.  I owe him a lot.
Travis is a good kid.  He knows he’s a slave and don’t need to be reminded of it ever’ damn hour of the day.  He ain’t no uppity slave neither, and he’s got a lot of friends.  I’m down right proud to count myself as one of ‘em, but he’s so damn small and sickly he gits’ picked on and bullied by Tommy Sparks and his three goons ever’ damn day.  I get so sick and tired of it, I have to step in sometimes.  I’m forever having to stand up for him and then I git called ‘slave lover’ and even worse git accused of having the hots for Travis.”

“Frank Sparks, Tommy’s daddy, was the same damn way when we’s kids.” allowed Charlie with some disgust in his voice he didn’t try to hide from Waco,  “I guess ‘at ole bastard passed his ways on to his boy.”  Charlie paused for a moment, then looked at Waco and grinned,  “And, do you have the hots for Travis, Son?”  He asked casually like it was a natural question in the course of their conversation, and he expected nothing less than a truthful answer.

“I’d be a damn liar if’n I’s to tell you I ain’t looked on his little butt with some dirty thoughts on my mind, Dad, but Travis is ma’friend and slave or no you done taught me a man jes’ don’t force his’self on another body.  Ah, hell, Dad, I guess to be honest, I love him like he was my little brother.  If’n it’s wrong to love a slave then that’s just tough shit as far as Tommy Sparks and his buddies are concerned.  I ain’t ashamed of my love for Travis, Dad.”

“Damn good to hear, Son!”  Charlied backed Waco up nodding his head in approval, “‘At’s ma’ boy,— glad you been listenin’ to yore’ old man.  Ain’t a damn thing wrong with you caring about Travis and stand’n up for ‘em!  Proud a’ you, boy!  Damn proud!  What I taught chu’ don’t mean you couldn’t ask him right-nice like, though.  I seen the way ‘at kid looks at chu.’  He worships the ground you walk on.  To tell you the truth I done me a couple of double-takes at his little ass ma’self.”  Charlie winked at Waco and they shared another laugh.

“Now that you done got chore’self a slave I can tell you about some’um.  I had me a talk with Ranger Gibbons a couple of months ago about selling Travis to me to give to you for yore’ birthday present.  I weren’t gonna’ do it before I talked with you, though.  You know I wouldn’t a’ done nothing lie‘kat  unless I had yore’ approval.

I already knew how much you like Travis, so I didn’t think it ‘ud hurt none to feel Ranger out about it.  You two has always been thicker’n thieves ever’ since you’s old enough to play together.  I thought it might be a good idea for everyone since he wouldn’t be that far from his parents and would remain in the same community.  You could sort of have yore’self a little slave brother and companion, yet Travis, being a born-slave, would fit right in knowing me and you expected certain things from him.

Ranger told me some time ago, Travis’ sire, Bobby Jessup, broke him in to servicing a man and taught him how to be used by a master as a slave.  You know it’s any owner’s right to take a born-slave for its first time, but I gotta’ hand it to ole Ranger, he’s a good and considerate man.  He’s taught me more’n a few things about slave owning and jes’ being a man I won’t never forgit.  I owe him a lot.  He took a like’n to little Travis and thought it would be best if’n his old man took his cherry in a more loving and humane way.

He didn’t push Bobby to do it, neither.  Ranger jes’ told Bobby it would be all right with him.  It was all Bobby’s idea to go ahead and break Travis in since his twelfth birthday was coming up in July.  He done figured Travis needed to know that sort of thing and prepare himself for it.  I reckon old Bobby got broken in the hard way and didn’t cotton to his boy have’n to go through that.

Ranger told me after his sire got Travis all broken to the saddle real good he give him to Ranger for an evening.  You know Ranger’s wife has been sickly for a while now, and I’m sure he ain’t git’n none from her no more.  He said little Travis performed as good or better than some of his more experienced slaves.

Ranger told me Travis come to him one afternoon later, shook his hand and thanked him.  Told Ranger how much he enjoyed their time together and how much he loved and admired him.  Thought he was one of the best men he’d ever know’d and wanted to thank Ranger for being such a thoughtful and considerate master.  Travis told Ranger he was proud to be one of his slaves. Travis said he hoped Ranger would use him again sometime soon as he enjoyed being with him so much.  Ranger said he was dumbfounded.  Said he ain’t never had no slave do that before.

Ranger said he asked Bobby Jessup if’n he put Travis up to it, and Bobby swore and b’damned he didn’t.  Ranger said Bobby was pleased and proud of his boy, but was just as surprised as Ranger.  Bobby told Ranger, Travis come home after his evening with Ranger, pulled his dad aside into his bedroom and cried his heart out in his arms.  Bobby told Ranger he thought the boy was really upset and wondered what he done to the kid.

Bobby said when he finally got Travis settled down he started telling his dad how much he loved and appreciated Master Gibbons.  I got me the feel’n Ranger Gibbons weren’t real sure he wanted to let go of Travis; however,  Gibbons said he’d talk it over with Travis’ dad.  He’d have Bobby talk with  Travis’s mother and Ranger would git back to me.  He never did.  I guess he had second thoughts about it or maybe Ranger thought it would stress out Bobby and Elsie too much to let go of Travis so soon.  Ranger ain’t yore’ typical slave owner.  He treats his slaves like they’s family.  I admire Ranger for that.  

I learned that lesson from Ranger and a few other good men in our community that you git a hell of a lot more work and respect from your slaves when you give ‘em a little consideration.  I’ve tried to teach you that, and I’m proud to say I’ve seen you practice it.”  Charlie was quiet for a while.  He waited to see what kind of reaction Waco might have.

“You know, Dad,”  Waco mused, “you can do some of the most thoughtful damn things sometimes.  I really appreciate you think’n enough of me to go to that trouble and the trouble you went though today.  I would a’ said ‘yes’ in a heartbeat to us owning Travis.  I would a’ loved to have him as my body slave and little slave brother companion.  Then I really would a’ had a rock solid reason for standing up for him at school.  If’n he was my personal slave and companion,— you fuck with my property, you fuck with me!”

Charlie smiled at his boy, slipped his arm around his shoulder again and pulled him up close to him.  Waco didn’t resist his dad.  He was proud to sit close to his old man for the rest of the trip to the ranch.

 “You know they’s coming to yore’ birthday party tomorrow, don’t you?” Charlie asked Waco.

“Yes, Sir.  I sent Mr. Gibbons and his wife an invitation and asked him if he would bring the Jessup family.”

“Good, that’s the correct way of inviting masters and slaves, Son.  ‘Er ain’t no doubt in my mind Ranger will bring the Jessups, but it’s proper manners to let it be his decision to make if’n he wants to let ‘em come or not.  Chances are he won’t bring his wife ‘cause she’s so sick, but I know ole Ranger will be there.  He thinks the world of you.  He jokingly told me one day if’n I’s ever to considered sell’n you, he’d gimme’ any amount of money I wanted.  Jes’ name my price.”

“Would you ever consider selling me, Dad?”  Waco asked shyly.

“What do you think, honcho?  You think I’d go out and spend thirty-five thousand dollars on a slave for you that dealer would have a hard time moving at half that price.  I wouldn’t a’ bought Ox for myself.  I ain’t got the talent you got.  You’re the one what’s gonna’ have to handle him.  You know Ranger.  You know how much he loves you.  ‘At was just a joke on Ranger’s part.  H’it was jes’ his way of complementing you.”  Charlie hugged Waco closer to reassure him.  “He knows damn well I wouldn’t never consider such a thing.  Hell, if’n it weren’t for you, boy, I wouldn’t be alive today.  After yore’ momma died I damn near went crazy.  I was forced to set aside my grief and go on with my life for both of us.  Don’t chu’ worry none about me ever think’n on such a thing,— ya’ hear?”

“Yes, Sir.  I love you, Dad.  You been s’damn good to me.”

“But I’ve told you and told you,— if anything was to happen to me, the only man you listen to or trust is Ranger Gibbons.  You don’t do nothing or make no decision until you’ve talked it over with ole Ranger.  He won’t never steer you wrong, boy.  If’n you ever, for any reason, find yore’self looking at having to be enslaved, you go to ole Ranger and ask him to be his slave,— you understand, Son?”

“Yes, Sir, Dad, I remember what chu’ told me.  What if I wanted to give myself to you as yore’ slave one day?”

“Why do you ask?  You given some thought to it, boy?”

“A little.  The idea sort of turns me on, but I ain’t sure why.  Ah, hell, that ain’t true, Dad.  I know why,— I’s jes’ kinda embarrassed to say.”

“Ain’t no need to be embarrassed with yore’ pa, Waco.  If’n you cain’t tell me, who can you tell?  I don’t never want you feel’n embarrassed about anything you wanna’ tell me.  I’m yore’ dad, Son.  Is it the idea of becoming my slave what turns you on or me using you as my slave what excites you.”

“Both, Dad.  Look!”  Waco pointed to the crotch of his Wranglers where a wet spot the size of a quarter was forming.  Charlie laughed and hugged him again.

“You don’t have to become my slave for me to use you like one, Son.”

“You mean you’d consider it?”

“I’d shore’ ‘nuff think on it, but not until you’s eighteen.  Otherwise, we could git our cowboy butts in a peck a’ trouble.  You know how tight assed  some a’ them folks in our community is.  One whiff of scandal and they’d be down on us like chickens on a June bug.  I don’t think h’it’s gonna’ be no problem with yore’ body slave.  That’s just an accepted part of what a male slave does for his master.  It’s like Ranger take’n Travis to his bed.  Even though Travis is under the age of consent for a free man, Ranger owns him so h’it don’t apply.  H’it may be frowned on, but the laws are such,  there ain’t nobody what can do nothing ‘bout it.  Them religious wackos can’t point a finger at him neither.

I don’t have no problem with Ranger using Travis.  You and Travis hit puberty a couple of years ago.  I knew when I’s yore’ age what it was all about and knew what I wanted.  Ranger’s a good man and would never hurt a young slave.  He knows it could scar him for life.  If’n Ranger came back to me and told me he’d sell Travis to us, I wouldn’t require Travis to have sex with me.  I would expect him to service you and for you to use him. ‘At’s jes’ part and parcel of having a good body slave, but I’d expect you to be loving and genteel with him.

If’n I ever caught chu’ being meanspirited or cruel to him, I’d take him away from you in a heartbeat; that includes making him service your buddies or letting them use him.  If’n he’s yore’ slave, he’s exclusive to you.  If you expect him to serve, love and respect you, you have to treat him with consideration and respect; just like you would yore’ pony.  Hell, you know I’d take yore’ pony away if’n you mistreated him.  Ain’t no different with slaves.  I expect you to show the same consideration for Ox.”

“I will, Dad, you know I will.  Who else is coming tomorrow?  I left most of the invites up to you except for the school chums I wanted to invite.”

“Yore’ aunts, uncles and cousins will be there.  I invited a couple of old buddies of mine I ain’t seen in a while.  One I know you know is ‘zat rodeo cowboy you like so much, Cotton Daniels, his partner and slave trainer, Hoot Austin.  Them two men can keep you entertained for hours with their stories.  Then, the sheriff and a couple of his deputies and their families will be there.  Oh, yes, and Mayor Turner and his family.  Of course all our slaves and several of Ranger’s will be there.”

“Sounds like a good time, Dad.”

“What do you plan to do for some’um to cover Ox with for the party tomorrow?”

“For tomorrow, I don’t see no need in dressing him up much.  This evening I thought I’d take them old pair of suede shotgun chaps cousin Darnell gimme’ as hand-me-downs last year.  I ain’t real fond of ‘em and I could cut ‘em up and make a nice breach cloth for him like the Indians used to wear to be held up by some strong cotton rope or rawhide I can tie around his waist.  It’s gonna’ be hot tomorrow anyway and maybe it’ll help keep him cool.  I can’t wait to show him off to Travis.  I ain’t gonna’ play Mister big-shot or nothing, but I know Travis will love him.”

“Sounds like ‘at jes’ might work, Son.  I don’t think he needs a lot of clothes right away, especially if’n you’re serious about keeping him naked most of the time.”

“Would it bother you if Ox was naked when it’s just us around the place?”

“No,— wouldn’t bother me a bit.  If fact I think I could git real used to seeing the big man in the buff.  Lordy, what a body he’s got on ‘em, but it would be respectful to ask Ms. Wallace if she minded.”

“I’ll certainly ask her.  Somehow, I jes’ think he’d be more comfortable with no clothes.  He’s so damn big he looks like clothes would be a waste on him.  I have to say, I kinda like looking at his big body.  Ain’t never seen me no man muscled out like him before.  If I get him any clothes for going to town with us for some reason, I wanna’ get him a Scottish kilt to wear.  I think it would look good on him and give him the freedom he needs not to feel bound up.”

“Good idea.  I like that idea, Waco.  I can picture him in my mind and I agree he just might be able to pull it off.”  Charlie realized how his last sentence sounded and caught the grin that spread across Waco’s face like a possum eat’n shit.  He reached over and tickled Waco on his stomach again and set off another round of uncontrolled laugher from his boy.

“That was really bad, Dad.”  Waco managed to get out over their laughter.

“I didn’t mean it the way it sounded and you know’d it!”  Charlie protested, “But it was pert-damn funny.”  he allowed.  Waco agreed with him as he wiped away his tears of laugher.

Living as far away from a major town and having to grow up on a ranch, Waco had come to depend on his dad as a best friend and companion.  Charlie was a good father to his boy and was never too busy or couldn’t find the time to spend some quality time with him.  The older Waco got, the more Charlie trusted his boy and the more he allowed the father/son barriers to melt away until now they were almost able to be buddies.

Waco still respected Charlie as his ultimate authority figure but he had no fear of his dad and felt like he could tell him the secrets of his heart.  Charlie only had to punish Waco a couple of times for something he did he knew better than to do, but it wasn’t anything major.  Waco came to him later and admitted he deserved his punishment.

The fact that his dad, Charlie Goodnight, was also one of the best looking cowboys in their community didn’t go unnoticed by his son.  Waco considered his dad to be a walking sex machine; prime, aged, grade A cowboy beef on the hoof even though he never knew his dad had any sex drive at all.  He never caught him so much as masturbating.  Now, he knew why.  He was having, at least, some of his needs taken care of by his male cowboy-slaves and Waco never knew.

He knew Ms. Wallace and his dad weren’t sleeping together.  She was a fine woman, but considerably older than his dad.  Waco knew she had a favorite cowboy slave, Hank Morgan, she would have visit her small cottage a couple of Saturday evenings a month.  She would fix him dinner and he would stay the night.  Charlie didn’t care and it worked out fine.  Hank was a huge brute of a man but could be very loving and gentle in bed with Ida Wallace.  He kept Ida’s itch scratched and she gave him back his masculinity.

He was an ex-con lifer sold on the slave market when the neo-cons closed down the prisons.  He was in heaven working as a cowboy and getting to have a little with Ida on the side.  He had it better than if he remained in prison for the rest of his life.  He was one of Charlie’s most devoted cowboys and was a crew leader under his slave-foreman Curly.

There was a lull in their conversation.

“You think we ought a’ check on our passenger, Son?”  Charlie asked.

“Just a minute, Dad, and I’ll see if’n he’s okay.”

<< You all right back there, Lummy? >>

<< I’m fine, young master.  I hope you don’t mind, I been eavesdropping on your conversation with your dad.  He’s a fine man, Master Waco. >>

<< I agree with you,— he’s damn good to me, and he’ll be good to you. >>

 << I have no worries.  Things are going to work out fine,— you’ll see. >>

<< We’ve got a good ways to go yet before we git to the ranch.  Do you need us to stop so you can relieve yore’self, Lummy? >>

<< No, I’m fine, but thanks for thinking about me.  I appreciate you coming to my rescue, young master. >>

<< I couldn’t let them discovery what I found out.  Besides you were sent to me. >>

<< How do you know that, Sir? >>

<< I can sometimes hear echos of older, deeper voices that tell me things. >>

<< If that’s true, you have a remarkable gift, master.  One much stronger than mine.  You might be a healer or even a seer.  We will find out together.  I knew my instincts weren’t wrong about you. >>

<< Can you speak like us, Lummy? >>

<< I can but I don’t choose to very often.  Sometimes in an emergency.  Why speak when we can be with each other. >>

Waco thought for a moment and was stunned by the profundity of Ox’s simple statement.  To visit another inside his head was a very personal experience.  You instantly knew whether the person was good or not.  Waco could tell with the horses the same way.  To hear and communicate within someone’s mind is to be with them in the most intimate way.  It can be limited to words or visual pictures or extend all the way to powerfully sensual, sexual experiences which might be shared vicariously with another.

<< Will you share with me who and what you are? >>

<< I can have no secrets from you, Waco.  You’re my master. >>

<< That’s good enough for me, my beast.  Holler if you need me. >>

<< Thank you for checking on me.  I’ll be fine.  Be with your fine father as much as you can.  You won’t have him all your life, and he loves you like no other. >>

Charlie looked down at Waco and saw him turning bright red.  He was blushing at something Ox said to him.

“Is he all right, Son?  Why are you blushing so?”

“He’s fine dad.  He told me you love me like no other.”   Waco blushed even more.  He started Charlie laughing.  He hugged Waco again.

<< He ain’t no dumb beast, boy.  He’s right, I do love you that much. >>

* * * * * * *

Waco and his dad talked some more and shared some quality time he knew would come to an end the minute they got to the ranch.  There was much to do to get things ready for Waco’s birthday party the next day.  He knew his dad would be issuing orders and coordinating every detail to make it a great day.  

Waco had his own jobs to do and his chores to get done.  He had to get his new slave fed and watered.  He had to create some kind of covering for him for the party and he had to figure out whether to move to the end bedroom today or put it off until after the party.  If need be, he could sleep in the loft of the barn with his new slave.

All ranch and country boys are used to sleeping in their dad’s barns during the warm summer months where they can let it all hang out.  Waco figured since Ox had so much hanging, it probably would be the best option for that evening.  Beside, the thought of rolling around naked in the hay with his huge beast-man was too sensual a temptation to dismiss.  Once again his dick shot down the leg of his Wranglers and his dad laughed at him.

“You gonna’ share that one with me?”  Charlie teased Waco.

“I didn’t know what I was gonna’ do with him tonight.  If’n we help you, and I get all the things done I need to get done, I won’t have time to change bedrooms.  So, the picture of me rolling around naked in the hay with my beast up in the barn-loft made Waco junior jump for joy.”  Waco giggled.  Charlie laughed his ass off.

“Can I bring my bedroll and watch?”  Charlie teased.

“NO!  Absolutely not!”  Waco barely got out though his embarrassed laughter.  “Some things are just sacred, Dad.  You know that.”   Waco grinned.

“Glad to hear you understand that, Son.  Then there won’t be no disrespectful laughter from you at the slave ceremony, will there?”

“No, no!  Of course not!  I would never think such a thing.”

“I suppose it’s selfish of me to ask.  You should have some alone time to git to know yore’ new slave up close and personal.  I guess I just wanna’ be a part of everything you do lately.”

That made Waco feel about as low as he’d felt in a long time.  How could he deny his dad something as simple as a night with him and Ox.  He had plenty of time to get to know the lummox one on one.

“On second thought, Dad, because of something Lummy told me a minute ago, I would be honored and proud for you to bring yore’ bedroll and join us in the loft this evening.  Let’s make it an evening of camping out for the three of us.”

“Can I ask what Ox told you?”

“He admonished me to spend as much time with you as I can while I’m  growing up, because I won’t always have you and one day I’ll be glad in my heart I did.”

“I think I like that beast the more I hear about what he tells you.  He ain’t wrong, Son; however, I’d be the one honored and proud to spend the evening with my boy and his new body salve this evening, and you don’t have to be shy around me.  Anything you ever thought about doing with him, me and Ranger Gibbons already done done to one another.”

“You mean it, Dad?  You and Mr. Gibbons?  Damn, you’re one hell of a lucky man!”  Waco exclaimed, “When you told me about Travis and him I liked ta’ shit my pants.  I knew I was gonna’ git Travis off by hisself tomorrow and tell him how jealous I was.”  Waco laughed.

“Maybe you should so’s Travis won’t think you think less of him because he had to perform like a salve.”

“Oh, hell no!  I’d never think that a way.  All I can say is being a slave ain’t got many perks, but that shore’ as hell would be one of ‘em in my book.  ‘At’s some’um else I ain’t never know’d about chu.’  You and Mr. Gibbons.  Daymn!”  Waco looked at his dad, shook his head and grinned real big. “Now ‘at’s a big ten-four, good buddy!”  Waco spat out laughing his ass off and Charlie joined him.  He had no idea what Waco’s reaction to his news might be, but he was thrilled Waco saw it as a good thing.

“Do you and Mr. Gibbons still,— ?”  Waco paused for a minute then answered his own question.  “Well, of course you do!  My daddy ain’t no damn fool!”  Waco roared with laugher.  Charlie started tickling him again and they were off on another round of laughter.

“We ain’t in a long time, Son.  We’ve both been busy with our lives.  Ranger’s had a lot on his plate to handle lately, but he was there for me when yore’ ma passed away, and I’ll be there for him when his wife passes.  Now that you’ve got Ox to look after, and him to look after you, things are gonna’ be a little more easy for me.  I plan on spending a little more quality time with ma’brother.”

“I think you should, Dad.  I certainly won’t have me no problem with it.  You know I think Ranger Gibbons is one of the best looking cowboys around these here parts,— other than you.”

“You think yore’ old man’s good look’n, honcho?”

“Of course I do.  That’s one thing I ain’t embarrassed to tell ya.’”

“Well, I think yore’ pert-damn fine look’n, too, boy.”

They drove along in silence for a while when suddenly it seemed like the sun went behind a big dark cloud and things around the truck were shrouded in a dark shade.  Waco looked out the passenger window and saw the enormous shadow on the ground of a huge wing traveling at the same speed as the truck.

“Thunderbird, Dad!”  Waco exclaimed.  Waco checked his dad’s gun rack to make sure the thirty-ought-six, the four-ten and the twelve gage were in their usual places.  To his relief, they were.

Charlie looked at the same shadow on the ground from his side of the truck.  It must have been a huge bird, the shadow proceeded out from the truck some twenty feet.  That would mean the overall wingspan of the giant bird  had to be thirty feet or better, big enough to carry off a sheep, a young calf, or even a small child.

“I’ll be damned.  We ain’t seen one a’ them bastards in these parts for a while.  You think they’re after Ox in the back?”

“I’ll check with him.”  Waco looked into the back but could only see Ox sitting where he had been the whole trip with his hair whipping up around his slightly crested head.  Waco smiled to himself to see the beauty of the hair dancing on his beast’s massive shoulder and what part of his strong muscular back he could see through the small rear window and sent the urge to Ox to caress them and smooth out his ruffled fur.  As he touched Ox’s mind he heard a decided sigh of contentment in response to his gentle touch.

<< You think that giant bird is after you, Lummy? >>  Waco sent to Ox.

<< Naw, he’s just curious, little master.  He’s check’n me out.  I’m too big for him to mess with; besides, I done told him to move along.  He said he was gonna’ drop me his calling card right in my lap.  I told him if’n he did I’d hunt him down, rip his damn head off and shit down his neck.  I shot that picture to him in his head.  Guess he didn’t like it too much and flew off. >>

It was the first time Waco heard Ox laugh in his head.  It was a big booming, jolly sound.  It was infectious and Waco started laughing.  When he told his dad what Ox said, Charlie damn near wrecked the truck he was laughing so hard.

“I think you made a pert-damn good pick, boy.  Yore’ beast might jes’ turn out to be worth ever’ damn penny we spent for him.”

* * * * * * *

The men arrived at the ranch and out of the barns and surrounding buildings came the twenty slave ranch hands and Ms. Wallace accompanied by Hank Morgan, one of the twenty hands.  He was in the house visiting with her when the men arrived.  They all wanted meet and greet Waco’s new personal slave; however, when Ox stood up in the back of the pickup everyone withdrew a couple of steps.   

Charlie had to cover his mouth with the back of his hand to keep from guffawing at the amazed looks on all their faces.  Waco sauntered to the back and opened the cattle gate for Ox, let the tailgate down, offered him his hand to jump down from the bed.   Ox gingerly sprang from the bed like the poised and graceful animal he was to everyone’s gasp.   Waco looked up at Ox, smiled, winked at him and surrounded as much of him as he could with his small arms to hug his giant.  Ox looked down with the most love in his heart he could muster and gently hugged his young master back.

The giant lummox began to sing to his little master in a low, rumbling tone that was more than a song, it was a communication on a deeper level Waco experienced before while laying in his bed alone some nights.  It came from the ethos of the universe and surrounded his bright but growing spirit to tell him secret things.   Ox was singing his love to his new young master.  The crowd watched silently in awe.

“Welcome to the Goodnight Ranch, my faithful beast.  You are welcome here.  You will be loved here.  You will be protected here.  Here is where you belong, Lummy.  Here and in my heart.  Come,— take my hand,— I want to introduce you to our other slaves and our housekeeper, Ms. Wallace.  Don’t be afraid.   They all love my dad and me, and they will come to love you.”

Ox looked shyly at Waco but took his hand and dutifully followed him.  Waco noticed his dad already said a few words to the gathered family, for slaves or not, this group of men and one woman were Charlie and Waco Goodnight’s family.

“You all know my boy’s talent for communicating with critters.  He found one more at the slave auction house.  He claims the dealer didn’t know what he had and we got him for a little more than a song.”  Charlie chuckled. “I’ll let Waco tell you about him.”

Some of the smaller men moved to the back of the larger men as Waco led Ox up behind his dad.  Waco noticed a big grin cross Hank Morgan’s face and he glanced at his mate Ms. Wallace who knew Waco so well.  She had a big smile as she looked the lummox up and down.  She didn’t seem the least disturbed by his enormous penis or balls being exposed.  She’d been around slaves and ranch animals enough she wasn’t bothered by that sort of thing.

“Dad, Lummy asked me if he might pay homage to you to thank you for rescuing him?”

“Of course, Son.  Ox, you have my permission.”

The giant creature fell to his knees in the dirt in front of all gathered and paid homage by kissing each of Charlie Goodnight’s big buckaroo boots.  He finally took his right boot, put his head into the dust, and placed Charlie’s boot on his neck.  Charlie was a bit taken aback.  He’d never had a slave do that before, but he was impressed by the sincerity and humility of Ox’s action. Charlie allowed his boot to remain there for a minute.

“Rise good slave and give your new owner a hug.”

Ox jumped up an threw his huge arms around Charlie and held him snugly.  To Charlie’s amazement Ox started singing to him.  Everyone there not only heard the deep rumbling tones of his song, but they could feel it in their souls as well.  There were no words, but words weren’t necessary.   They all knew it was a song of peace, gratitude, and honor for the man the giant beast was holding in his big arms.  It shook Charlie Goodnight to his core, and he felt slightly embarrassed as a couple of tears escaped his eyes.  He looked up to see tears running down the rest of his men’s faces and didn’t feel so bad.  Waco came to the rescue.

“Gentlemen, and Ms. Wallace, ma’am,” Waco addressed them.  This here magnificent beast is my lummox.  He is my new personal body slave, companion and protector.  You may call him “Ox,” but to me alone, he is my “Lummy.”  It was no accident my dad took me to the slave auction house today.  It was meant for us to rescue and bring home with us this big man.   He doesn’t speak much; however, he’s not dumb.  Far from it.  He’s highly intelligent and sensitive.  He has captured my heart and probably has no plans to return it.  I know you will give him a chance to find his place among us.  Come, each of you, tell him who you are and take his hand to welcome him.”

The first to step up was the Ranch slave-foreman, Curly Knight.  He took Ox’s big paw in both his shook it and looked him in the eye.

“My name is Curly Knight.  I’m Mr. Goodnight’s salve-foreman of the ranch.  Welcome to your new home, Ox.”   Ox smiled and bowed slightly to acknowledge Curly.

And so it went until every hand greeted him.  Last was Hank Morgan and Ms. Wallace.  Hang gave the big man a hug to welcome him and Ox hugged him back.  Ms. Wallace was bit more reserved but took Ox’s huge paw, never once looking below his waist, and welcomed him to the ranch.  Finally, Charlie Goodnight came around and had to have one more hug from the giant man.  It just seemed right somehow.

“Welcome to our ranch and your new home, Ox.  Aside from being me and ma’boy’s slave, we hope you find happiness here with us.”   

Waco was sure he saw the giant man blush at the sincerity of his dad’s remark, as Ox glanced sideways to him.  He reached down to Waco and easily picked him up, made a seat for him on his one arm and held him.  Waco threw his arm around Ox’s neck and hung on for dear life.  Everyone smiled.

“Thank you all for your generous wishes for our new slave.  On the way back from town my dad dropped a bomb in my lap.  He told me I would be allowed to attend this years slave ceremony.”  There were a few pleased mummers ran through the men, “I want you all to know it is with great pride and humility I am looking forward to it.  My dad told me it was by unanimous vote you men thought I might be ready to witness your ceremony and with all my heart, I would like to thank you for the honor.”  The men applauded Waco’s short speech.  

Everyone was satisfied and started walking back to the buildings from whence they came.  They were all talking about the size of the new slave.  Ox continued to carry Waco following Mr. Goodnight.

“When were you last fed, Lummy?”  Waco asked his slave aloud.

<< Early this morning, young master. >>

“Are you hungry?”

<< Ox always hungry, master Waco. >>

<< What did they feed you, my beast? >>

<< Slave chow and slave biscuits. >>

<< Is that sufficient for you, Ox? >>

<< It meets my dietary requirements quite well, master Waco; however, once in a while I need green vegetables and fruits.  If the thorns are removed from the prickly pear cactus it’s a good source of nourishment for me. >>

“We call it “nopales.”  Ms. Wallace fixes great Mexican food and we have it often.  I collect it and clean it for her.  Please, put me down, and follow me.  I’ll see to it you’re fed and have some clean, fresh water to drink.”  Ox did as ordered and followed his new master.
 After his lunch and Waco showed him where he could relieve himself, Ox was ready to begin his new life by his young master’s side, and it was a busy day.

<< Lummy, I have to make something for you to wear tomorrow.  I would rather you be without clothing most of the time we’re here on the ranch with no outsiders around.   Are you used to wearing clothing like we do? >>

<< No, Sir, young master.  Ox never wear clothes before.  Didn’t have to.  Have hair and fur to cover modest parts.  Men cut it all off when they enslave me.  It was so much they got frustrated and didn’t bother getting it all off.  If they asked me, I can  make it go away or I can grow it all back.”

<< You mean you can control your appearance at will? >>

<< Yes, Sir. >>

<< Then, within reason, I can have you appear any way I want you? >>

<< I would be pleased to appear anyway you want me, but it will take about two weeks to make the adjustment. >>

<< All right, let’s do it, Lummy.  Here’s what I want.  It gets really hot here in this part of Texas during the summer.  I want you to drop all the hair from your neck to just to about here on your waist.  You have a magnificent body and I want to be able to see all of it during the warmer months.  I want you to grow back what hair they removed from around your waist so your private parts are covered and hidden.  I want you to have a skirt of hair or fur around you down to about here.”  Waco indicated a position a couple of inches below Ox’s dick.  “Below there drop the hair so your legs are cooler.  Can you drop the hair around your hole in the rear? >>

<< Yes, Master Waco.  I’ve already started that on the ride from town.  It will take a couple of days to start falling out. >>

<< Gees, I love you, Lummy. >>  Waco giggled like a school boy and hugged his giant again.   Ox smiled and hugged him back. << I want all the fur left on yore’ head.  I’ll trim that up and shape it from time to time, but I like your facial hair.  I never want you without it unless it just gets fierce-some hot and you’d like to drop a little. >>  Ox was pleased with his young master’s choices.  They made sense to him.

<< The first week in September it starts to get cold here.  It can become very cold at night and I want a big, furry beast to keep me warm at night.  I’ll be the only boy in the state of Texas to have his very own live teddy bear.”  Waco chuckled,  “I’ll remind you the last couple of weeks in August to let your hair start to regrow all over your body.  Will four weeks be enough? >>

<< It will be plenty, master Waco.  I appreciate you wanting me like I would be in my natural habitat.  I grow my hair very thick in the winter where I come from. >>

<< Where do you come from, Lummy? >>

<< A long way North from here.  It took me six months to walk here, mostly at night through unpopulated areas. >>

<< What brought you here? >>

<< You, Master Waco.  Word is passed on the winds of consciousness.  It was time for us to come together. >>

<< How old are you, my giant. >>

<< In your years, about the same age as you, but like cats, dogs and horses have different life spans than yours, so it is with me.  Fifty of my years is like one of yours. >>

<< You mean you’re six hundred years old? >>

<< Yes, in your years; however, in my years, I’m just a youngster like you. >>

<< You were around when our county was founded? >>

<< Yes, but I was very young then. >>

<< Will you get bigger? >>

<< Some,— perhaps ten to twelve feet and another hundred pounds.  It depends on available food sources and several other conditions like planet oxygen levels, the altitude I live in and the climate.  We tend to grow larger in colder, higher oxygen areas. >>

<< Are you immortal? >>

<< No, I can be killed by a natural disaster or a major accident.  Some of my kind have died because they willed themselves to.  They became tired of living, or lost interest and wanted to retire for a while.  Of course they can always be born again into another body of our kind or one like yours.  Your body and mine are only containers for our beings, or as you call it, our souls. >>

<< Am I like you, Lummy? >>

<< Yes, master Waco, but you’ve taken on human form.  You are far older than you know; however, I have a feeling you guessed that from the voices you hear at night when you’re all alone. >>

<< I know’d something was different.  I used to get my dad upset when I would run to his room at night telling him there were monsters in my room and they were all trying to talk to me at the same time.  Was that your people? >>

<< No, little master, they are ‘our’ people.  You and me. >>

<< Uhhh, I know what you’re saying is true, Lummy, but it’s a bit too much too soon.  H’it’s like when I first started hearing the voices, I knew I had to stop running to my dad.  He didn’t understand what was going on and the worst part was he didn’t believe me; however, this year, over supper one evening, he asked me if I still heard the voices at night.  I told him I did, but it weren’t so bad no more as I’ve become used to them.  I talk with some of them sometimes.  Since he knows I talk to the ponies, he now believes me about the other voices.  He apologized to me for not believing me when I was a toddler.  It ain’t been easy for him having a boy what was a little different from other kids.  He said I got it from my mother’s dad.  Dad said he could speak with animals,— all kinds of animals, and he could hear other men as well.  It took dad a while to accept me like I am.  It’s gonna’ take me a while to accept what you’re telling me.  Let me think on what we’ve talked about.  I need time. >>

<< I’m sorry, Master Waco.  I didn’t mean to frighten you.  We have lots of time. >>

<< You didn’t frighten me, Lummy.  If anything you’re making a lot of sense.  You’re filling in the gaps I never understood, but don’t give it to me all at one time.  Let me learn from you slowly, and I will be your willing student. Right now, I have to center my attention on making you something to wear.  Let’s go to the tack room.  There’s a leather working table there and I have an older pair of suede chaps my cousin gave me.  Perhaps I can make something to cover you with them. >>

Ox followed Waco to the tack room off the newer of three big barns on the ranch.  It was a huge structure and took the slaves with Charlie’s help a year to complete it, working in the off seasons.  Sometimes they had to knock off working on it to take care of the ranch.  It was a community investment.  All the hands were proud of it as was Charlie and Waco.

Waco spent a couple of hours measuring and fitting a leather breach cloth for Ox to wear.  When he was finished he was pleased with it and even Ox complimented him on his handiwork.  The last thing he did to decorate it was take the smaller Goodnight branding iron and burn the ranch’s brand on the front flap and the rear flap.  The Goodnight brand was a crescent moon with a small lone star inside the crescent.  It was just the touch it needed to look authentic and Western.
Waco tied it onto Ox with a platted braid of rawhide strips he cut from a large piece of rawhide his dad had for just such projects.  He tied it in a neat bowknot for easy removal should Ox need to answer nature’s call.  Just as they were about to finish up and walk to the house, Charlie came to the barn to see what they were up to.  He walked into the tack room and caught sight of Ox wearing his new leather breach cloth.  He smiled real big.

“Nice, Ox.  You look very handsome.  It ain’t enough to try to disguise you, yet it’s enough to satisfy our puritanical attitudes of modesty.  I particularly like the Goodnight brand for accent.  Nice touch.  Makes it look very professionally done.  Waco, you done good, Son.  I’m proud of you.  Hell, I’m proud of both you men.”

Charlie threw his arm over Waco’s shoulder, pulled him close and bussed a kiss behind his ear.

“Thanks, Dad.  I needed that right now.  I weren’t too sure I was gonna’ pull it off.”  he giggled recalling his dad’s earlier faux pas.  Charlie laughed and tickled him again for his impertinence.  Ox grinned real big to see the happy exchange between the two men.

“Looks fine to me, gentlemen.  Are you comfortable with it, Ox?”

Ox smiled and nodded his head he was happy.  If he had to wear something, this was the least he could get by with and for that he was grateful to his young master.

“I just come out to tell you men Ms. Wallace has dinner about ready.  Come to the house and clean up.  You too, Ox.  I know Waco fed you some slave chow for lunch.  Tonight you eat with us.  Ms. Wallace asked if she could invite Hank, and I didn’t see no problem so he’ll be sharing our table with us tonight.”

<< Master Waco, I ain’t never eat at a table before.  I don’t know how. >>

“Dad, Lummy’s never eaten at a table before.  He’s afraid he might do something wrong.”

“Tell you what, Ox, ole Hank ain’t got the greatest table manners for a man, but we don’t care.  We love him anyway.  He’s Ms. Wallace’s regular boyfriend and he joins us once in a while.  Let Waco help you.  I’ll explain to Ms. Wallace and Hank.  They’re good folks.  They won’t say nothing.  Just let Waco know what you can eat and what you can’t if there’s something you don’t like.  You need to learn a little so’s you won’t look so out of place at Waco’s birthday party tomorrow.  If we’re gonna’ protect you it’s gonna’ be necessary for you to start blending in as much as an eight foot tall lummox can.”  Charlie laughed, “Ya’ gotta’ start sometime, Ox.  Just lean on Waco.  He’s yore’ master and he’ll teach you what you need to know.”

Ox looked wide eyed with apprehension, but he nodded to Charlie he understood.  The men walked to the house together as the sun was setting.  It was a beautiful sunset and Waco felt more alive than he could ever remember.  His dad walked with his arm draped lightly over his shoulder and Waco held his monster’s big paw with his other hand.  He was at peace in his heart.  Tomorrow he would become a young man.

End Chapter 2 ~ Waco’s Lummox
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