By Waddie Greywolf
Chapter 22

The next evening, after Sam returned to his brothers, there were many questions for Blake.  Somehow, to Blake’s surprise and encouragement, the primary question on their mind was, would Blake receive any kind of reprimand or be reassigned because of Sam’s accident.  Burt came to his boss’s rescue.

“Let me answer that, Boss.”  Blake nodded for Burt to continue, “I was there.  I heard all what went on between our owner, our masters and our boss-man here.  They told him he done the right thing, and they were proud of him.   They assured him he was doing a good job and would remain in his position.   I’d just like to add, I’m proud of him, too.”

The boys applauded for Blake.

“How long will you be our boss, Sir?” Zeke asked Blake.

“I have no idea.  It will depend on several things.  First, how well you do under my supervision; if your owner and masters are pleased with my work, and I ain’t needed for another job they might have in mind.  Other than that I don’t foresee leaving you men for at least three years.  That’s when my indenturement is up, and I become a free man again.  Even then, if they like me well enough I probably will be working for one or all your masters.  That wouldn’t be so bad,— being yore’ wrangler and git’n paid for it.”  Blake smiled at them.

“Is Captain Long a spaceman?” asked Jeb.

“That’s hard to say.  He was born on this planet and was raised right around this area, but he was taken into space as a young man and has lived away from Earth and roamed the galaxies for many years.”

“Them crystals what sang to us,— are they aliens.” Paul asked.

“They ain’t aliens!” Sam barked at him, “They be friends of Captain Long.  They jes’ happen to be a different life form.  They’re silicon based rather than carbon, like us.”

“You mean they’re made of sand?” asked Jeb.

“No more’n we’re made of coal or chimney soot, little brother.” spoke up Burt.

The questions went on and on until Blake called a halt to it.

“All right, that’s enough for one evening.  You don’t need to know everything right now.  More will be revealed to you as time goes by, but I promise, you won’t be disappointed.”

“One more question, Boss Blake?” asked Jeb.

“All right, but that’s the very last.” Blake agreed.

“What did you mean this was just a beginning for us, and we would become children of the stars?  Does that mean we might not be slaves all our lives.”

“I hope not, but I can’t say for sure.  I don’t wanna’ give you false hopes.  A lot will depend on you and your attitude.  There are other factors you know nothing about yet.  They will determine how far you can go and what you can accomplish.  All you have to remember right now is, you need to learn as much as you can, from me and from school if you’re allowed to go, and keep an open mind and a good heart about your circumstances.  Learn to surrender gracefully and accept the fact  you’re slaves now and your lives belong to someone else.  There’s nothing you can do about it; however, you never know what tomorrow might bring.  Your lives could change overnight.  A lot will depend on you.  Now, go in, take your showers, brush your teeth, and let’s git to bed.  Tomorrow is gonna’ be a long day.”

    * * * * * * *

Since Waco and Charlie had two new permanent house guest, Gavin and Jerry Trong-Fielding, aka Goodnight, and Lazarus and Lucas had three, Bron, Bronc, and Ts’gan, there was an adjustment period; however, by the time Arlen gave birth to the twins, and Strom settled down into his role as second-birth father, things were going along well.  Gavin and Jerry seemed to adjust better than Bronc and Ts’gan, but they were catching up.  

Lazarus wanted them to be ready for school in the fall, and that meant bringing Bronc and Ts’gan up to speed for their age group.  Gavin and Jerry, while home schooled by their fathers, were fine.  Waco, Travis, Little Bear and Lucas were more advanced in their knowledge, but never let on they were.  Learning was new to Bronc and Ts’gan, but they found it fascinating, and were soaking up knowledge on a daily basis.

Ping was put in charge of tutoring the boys and had them on the ship for several hours each day.  Lazarus was worried she might be overdoing as her pregnancy was beginning to show.  What he didn’t know was Pong was slowly taking over her job and began instructing the boys.  They were also laying before the Kryscells a couple of times a week and being pumped full of knowledge.  There was no doubt in Lazarus or Charlie’s mind, Bron’s sons would be ready for school in the fall.

Gavin and Jerry brought along their computer they shared, and Ping outfitted theirs the same as she did Waco’s.  She showed them how they could communicate point-to-point directly with their fathers on the Archimedes.  It was a communication system that couldn’t be intercepted or decoded.  They spent an hour or so a couple of evenings a week chatting with their dads.  The boys would catch them up on everything they were doing, and what was going on at the ranch.  They told them of several areas Pong was catching them up on in their schooling.

* * * * * * *

Waco expressed to his dad, with three slaves he didn’t know if there was enough of him to go around.  Charlie Goodnight laughed and assured his son he was quite certain Waco had more than enough to share.  He explained it would be a matter of understanding personalities, his slave’s needs, and scheduling.  Waco wanted to spend more time with his Lummox; however, his conscience wouldn’t allow him to neglect his responsibilities to Travis or Little Bear.  Besides, for the time being, his Lummox had his hands full assisting his other dad, Strom, with the twins.

As it turned out, Little Bear wasn’t that demanding of Waco.  He had his own ideas and strengths that made him more independent than Travis.  He was interested in more things and people than Travis, and soaked up everything he could as a learning experience.  Travis was more narrow in his direction of life.  He was trained to think and act like a personal slave.  His center of attention became his master, and Waco became his reason for being.  Waco knew it, but rather than become annoyed at Travis always being there, he came to understand it was what Travis saw as his purpose in life.  

Little Bear never forgot he was Waco’s slave, and as such, was duty bound to him, but it was more than that.  Charlie and Waco made it so easy for him he never really thought much about it.  Master Angus’ advice was right.  He was glad he listened to the big cowboy.  Little Bear felt more like family than a slave.  Above all, he bonded with Waco, but he didn’t know how much Waco wanted or needed him to participate in a relationship with him.  He sometimes found himself missing quality one-on-one time with his master.  As young as he was, he had been through a lot and was forced to grow up sooner than most young men. Therefore, it was understandable he didn’t take what bonds he made lightly.

Waco never forced sex on Little Bear.  Waco was a bit confused about how to handle him.  Little Bear’s inner strength and sense of self was strong.  His identity with his heritage was palpable and something Waco encouraged.  For the first year, things seemed to go along at a hit or miss pace, and with all that happened, Waco didn’t really have time to think deeply about their relationship.  In someways he hoped Little Bear would just fit in.  It didn’t quite work out that way.  Fortunately, Waco was a more sensitive man than most white men Little Bear was exposed to.  Waco was, indeed, his father’s son.

The boys  had a talk about their relationship one afternoon.  Waco was neither reticent nor embarrassed to talk about his intimate relations with his slaves if they wished.  He felt any communication they had would only improve or add to the pleasure of their time together.  Little Bear maneuvered the conversation into the area of his and Waco’s sex life.  After spending almost a year as the Tennent boy’s personal sex toy he was understandably confused by Waco’s laid back approach to relationships of any kind and particularly intimate relations.  Little Bear began to have self doubts about his worth to his master.

What would cause this?  Why would a young boy who found himself enslaved against his will be concerned about his self worth to his owner?  Because Little Bear had fallen deeply in love with the Goodnights.  He didn’t know who he loved more, Waco, Charlie, or Angus.  Angus wasn’t really in the running.  Little Bear set him so far above all other men, it was more a case of unbridled hero worship.  Of course, Angus wasn’t unaware of it and reveled in Little Bear’s attention.  When they were together, he would follow Angus around like a puppy dog.  It was amusing to everyone except Little Bear and Angus. They were deadly serious about their relationship.  Angus was never too busy, he always had time for the boy, and he never turned Little Bear away.

Little Bear was growing up with three strong male figures for surrogate dads.  Living directly under the influence of Master Long was another major contributor to Little Bear’s new found maturity, and given his grandfather’s approval of these men, solidified his confidence and affection for them.  Thus, it lead him to be more than a little pointed in his conversation with his young master.  

“I’m your slave, Master Waco.  You have the right to demand sex of me anytime you want it.”  Little Bear stated as a matter of fact.

“Oh, yeah,— right.  Thanks for reminding me, little brother, and by the way — I meant to ask you — how’s that working out for you?  Is it good for you, bubba?”  Waco joked and grinned real big.  He knew he hadn’t demanded much of Little Bear and only had sex with him when Little Bear requested it.

“It shouldn’t matter to you whether it’s good for me.  You’re my master, and I’m your slave.  As a matter of fact, it does work for me.  It works very well, thank you.” Little Bear grinned.

“What are you getting at?  What’s the problem?  What’s your point, little brother?”

“You don’t never demand sex of me.” Little Bear lamented.

“I don’t have to!  Why should I when you give it to me?” Waco said quietly.

“Not very often.”

“Often enough.  I ain’t complaining.  When ju’ ever hear me complain?  When you do git’s the hongries for some of yore’ cowboy master’s love’n you don’t never hold nothing back.  Damnation!  Makes me horny jes’ a’ think’n on it.  ‘At ain’t no problem, is it?”

“I jes’ feel like I ain’t being a good enough slave for you.  Like maybe you don’t need me as much as you do Travis or Ox.”

“Nonsense!  You know I don’t think on you, Travis or Ox that a’way!  You’re my bubba and brothers shouldn’t force themselves on one another.  Are you trying to say you want a little more action from yore’ Master?”

 “Yes, Sir,— I guess so.  No.  Oh, God, I don’t know.  All I know is sometimes I can’t think of nothing else but pleasing you, and I damn near go crazy?”

“When does it happen most?” Waco asked.

“Right after we play a really hard game of football.  All I can think about is how great it would be to come back here to the ranch without showering and have sex with you like we’s two animals in rut.”

“Football makes me horny, too,— seeing all them tight asses, all the smells of male funk when we git all lathered up with sweat and our pores are dripping male hormones.  And you, my fine native bro, have the most wonderful smell about you,— God!  H’it’s all I can do to keep from taking a big bite out of yore’ butt on the playing field.  Woah, dogies!  Don’t talk no more like that!  You git’n me all hot’n bothered!”  Waco had Little Bear rolling on the bed in laughter, “T’ain’t funny, little brother!  You shouldn’t be mean to yore’ master like ‘at!”  Waco chastised him and then laughed.

“Oh, fuck!” Little Bear finally got out through his laughter at his master’s exaggerated response, “Does it effect Travis that way?”

“Naw, he’s more laid back and thoughtful about such things.  Well, you know,— he jes’ wants to sit around and talk about the game.  I think he plays football jes’ ‘cause you and I love it, and he wants to be a part of everything.  That’s understandable, but I don’t think he understands our love of the physical aspects of the game.  He was never able to play sports before because of his asthmatic condition, but after Ox’s milk and the Kryscells corrected his condition, he’s become a fine team member; one of the best.  We can’t fault him none about his play.  He’s too damn good.”

“No complaints here.  He’s saved our bacon several times.  It wouldn’t be the same without Travis, anyways.  I love Travis.”

“I know you do.  He knows it, too.  I jes’ don’t think he appreciates the down and dirty part of the game as much as you and me.”  Waco chuckled.

“Remember that last game we played?  I made you promise you’d take me to your bed that night, but I didn’t want you to shower.”  Little Bear asked his master.

“Do I?  Lord,— I thought I was gonna’ blow yore’ damn head off when I shot my load.”

“Yeah,— I knoooow,— me, too, Master.”  Little Bear was laughing.

“Uh-oh!  When you call me Master I know I’m in big trouble.”  Waco kidded him.

“No you ain’t!  It’s jes’— ”

“Spit it out, brother!  Tell yore’ master what’s on yore’ mind.”

“Remember that time I asked you to get a little rough and fuck me harder and faster?” Little Bear recounted timidly.

“Yeah, you’re the only one I can be a little rough with, but only because you asked me for it.  You was the one what urged me on.  I jes’ took up the ball and ran with it.  Seemed like the thing to do at the time.  Ain’t sorry I done it, neither.”  Waco chuckled, “You might say we scored one for the home team on that one!” he fell over laughing.  “Damned if we didn’t score the extra points, too!”  he added laughing even harder at his analogy.

“I know!  I know!  You’re so right!  I’ll admit I was the one what spurred ju’ on to greater glory.”  Little Bear winked at him, “You would never knowingly hurt a partner,— jes’ ain’t in yore’ nature to do nothing like ‘at, but damn,— that was a night to remember.  The point I wanna’ make is, it really turned me on.  I wanna’ explore that some more with you.”

“Hop on board, pod’na,’ that train’s about to leave the station.  I’ll haul yore’ caboose until you blow yore’ whistle or pull the emergency cord.  I’ll take you as far as you wanna’ go, cowboy.  I think you know I enjoy a rough ride.  Is that what this is all about?”
“Yes, Sir. I guess it is.  I jes’ don’t know how to ask for it without sounding like a complete and total perv.”

“I think the train’s already done left the station for that one, bubba!”  Waco started them laughing again.  Little Bear got himself together.

“Ah, hell, Master Waco!  You cain’t be serious about nothing!  I know you enjoyed it as much as I did.  I could feel it down to my toes when we finished.  We shared something I ain’t never shared with nobody.  I don’t wanna’ blow yore’ head up or nothing, but I guess you’re jes’ too damn good.  You made me hungry for more.  Our teammates think you’re some kind of sexual athlete.  I don’t wanna’ lie to ‘em, but when we have sex like that, I don’t have to.  They’re right,— you are a sexual athlete.  I want them lousy buzzards to know I’m git’n some’um they can only dream about.”

“You really believe some of em’ think that a’way?”

“Half the damn team!  Travis and I giggle about ‘em.  We catch ‘em checking you out when they don’t know we’re looking.  The other half is checking me and Travis out.”

“Humm.  So you need me to be yore’ sexual athlete?” Waco smiled at him.

“Ah, hell, Master Waco, you know what I’m git’n at.”

“You want me to reserve evenings after games for you?” Waco inquired.

“Is that asking too much?” Little Bear responded.

“Fuck, no!  Sounds like a plan to me.  After a good hard game, I can’t think of another teammate I’d rather have ride’n my old cayuse than you, little brother.  Works for me.  Hell, I’d rather fuck my brains out with you than sit around talking football all evening.  Does that apply to Sunday games, too?  Funky smells and all?  If’n I’m gonna’ be ride’n you down hard and a little rough, can I roar like a Tiger when I come?” Waco threw back his head and laughed at his own crudeness.

Little Bear looked him in the eyes and grinned real big.

“If there’s a God, and I have anything to say about it,— you will, hoss!” Little Bear fell out laughing.

“Grrrrrr-ate!”  roared Waco a la Tony the Tiger.

“I won’t be cut’n in on Travis’ turf?” Little Bear asked concerned.

 “Like you said, pod’na,’ I’s the master here.  Travis matters, but I can handle Travis.  He git’s what he needs.  I see to that, but I know him so well by now.  Travis don’t like no funky smells.  He’s a great lover.  You,— not so much.  You’re more interested in doing it than a lot of building up to it.  When you’re hungry you don’t want a lot a warm up time.  You wanna’ go straight for the main course.” Waco elbowed Little Bear and he nodded his head affirmative and laughed.  Waco continued, “Travis and me,— we have us some wonderful times, but he don’t like it rough or down and dirty.  I have to be a gentleman with him.  No,— that ain’t quite right, neither!  Not because I ‘have’ to, but because I love him, and I wanna’ be the best master or partner for him I can.  I want him to love me, so I give him what he wants and needs, but I shore’ as hell git what I need in return.” Waco grinned then continued.

“A man should never compare sex partners.  One brings to the bed things the other don’t.  H’it’s like apples and oranges.  A steady diet of either one might become tiresome; howsomever, thank God I got me an orange in you, bubba.  So, from now on, we got us a date after our games.  I’ll jes’ tell Travis and Ox not to count on me spending time with them after a football game.  That time belongs to my other brother.”

It became a regular thing between Waco and Little Bear.  It suited them  perfectly,— like peas and carrots.  They knew they could count on those times together, and they looked forward to them.  They found themselves playing harder in the games just to get as funky as they could for each other.  It wasn’t long before their teammates began to get wise to them and knew Waco and Little Bear would disappear for a while after a game.  Even their school team picked up on the sexual tension that passed between them in the locker room after a game.  They began to slip out of the locker room to get back to the ranch without showering.  They would spend hours enjoying each other.  They would be sated for another week or until the next game on the weekend.

The rest of the time Waco was free to devote to Travis and Ox.  Little Bear didn’t feel so guilty about spending time with Master Charlie.  He was up-front with his young master.  He made no bones about his affection and devotion to Charlie.  Charlie enjoyed Little Bear’s company and they spent a great deal of time together.

* * * * * * *
Charlie and Lazarus decided to wait on getting computers for the other boys until the fall.  The summer was upon them, and they didn’t want the boys spending their time in front of a computer monitor.  It just so happened the four boy’s birthdays were in June.  Rather than celebrate each one separately they decided to have one big blowout on the fifteenth of the month.  It wasn’t anyone’s actual day, but it was on a Saturday and Lazarus and Charlie thought it would do.  On the actual day of each boy’s birthday there were small tokens of appreciation, cards exchanged and well wishes.

The boys officially reached their teens.  They were fully fledged teenagers without the pimples.  While their classmates at school were beginning to be ravaged by the onslaught of raging hormonal changes and most looked like undercooked pizzas, the boy’s skin was kept flawless by the Kryscellians.  This was not missed nor did it go unnoticed by their peers and teachers.  When asked about it, they responded it was due to a good diet and little or no sweets.  They also had perfect teeth to back up their assertions.

Angus wanted to throw the party which was fine with the boys, but they got their heads together and wanted to know if they could invite all their friends.  They didn’t hedge with Angus.  They told him exactly who they wanted to invite.  Angus had no problem with their choices.  Waco didn’t want presents to be a big thing at the party.  Since it wasn’t socially acceptable for slaves to receive gifts, Waco didn’t want a lot of hoop-la about any gifts he might receive.
Everyone understood and promised they would abide by his wishes.  Most of the larger presents were reserved for his actual birthday.  That was fine with Waco.  Everyone, including slaves, were invited from Charlie’s ranch, except for a skeleton crew left to take care of any emergencies.  They were sent food, and birthday goodies through the gate in the barn.

Hoot, Cotton, Blake and several of the cowboy-slave trustees who were dating the Stamper boys were invited along with the boys.  Douglas Tin Penny passed the civil service exam and was now a rookie deputy.  The other native American man from the Apache tribe failed the exam so Don Lassiter offered the job to Doug’s younger brother, Brody.  Brody took the exam, passed and was hired by Don.  The old Chief couldn’t have been prouder of his sons.  They and their families were invited along with the Chief and his wives.

The boys invited the Trong-Fieldings, since Gavin and Jerry were living with the Goodnights, and of course, they invited Strom, Bron, Bronc and Ts’gan.  Arlen Jones and Bryce came from the Raven for the weekend.  Arlen hadn’t seen the twins in a while and was anxious to see them again.  They were doing just fine with Strom.  They couldn’t have had a better second-birth father.  The twins were regular as clockwork with their feedings and made the trip up and back twice a day.  By the middle of June, Strom was beginning to show a bit more.  

Angus invited Ping and Pong, but they graciously declined.  Ping was due to deliver soon and they wanted to stay close to the ranch and the ship.  He invited Cable, David and Jonathan, but they declined as well in case they were needed in an emergency.  They wanted to be around in case Ping needed assistance.  Angus even invited Scraps and Happy, and they were more than willing to attend, but Waco drew the line with his pony Ranger.  He didn’t think Ranger should be going to human parties unless they were at his dad’s ranch.  They just decided not to tell Ranger.  Waco should’ve known better.  Lazarus warned him, it’s difficult to keep secrets from horses.
The day of the party arrived and everyone was arriving and busy getting ready to make the trip to the other Goodnight ranch.  Ranger could see all the activity and asked several times what was going on.  Waco told him they were going to a gathering of folks and would be back before he knew it.

<< Can I go?” >>  he asked.

<< Not this time, big fellow.  We play football in the stadium at school, but we don’t take you to those games.  We couldn’t.  It jes’ wouldn’t be allowed.  We’d have to hook up dad’s big trailer, because it’s too far for me to ride you over. >>

<< Oh. >>  was all Ranger replied, << But Scraps and Happy are going.  I heard them talking about it, and there’s gonna’ be a football game.  You know how much I love to watch you men play football.  The players always pat me for good luck.  I’m a part of the team.  You even pat me for good luck. >>
<< I know, but not this time, friend.  We can’t take you everywhere with us.  I know it’s hard to understand, but sometimes what we humans do jes’ ain’t for ponies. >>

<< I never bother anyone.  I ride the kids around without dropping them.  I thought you loved me, Waco.  You told me you did. >>

<< I do love you, Ranger, with all my heart.  I jes’ think it would be better if you stayed here this time. >>

<< All right. >>  Ranger turned and slowly walked away like he’d been crushed.  He was rejected and Waco felt terrible.  He felt like a major asshole.  He wasn’t being totally truthful with Ranger.  He could’ve taken him through the portal to Angus’ barn.  Was he being selfish?

The party got underway and folks kept arriving.  The football coaches and their families were invited.  They wouldn’t miss if for the world.  They could smell a potential football game for a radius of a hundred miles.  Little Bear was beside himself to welcome his uncles, aunts, granddad and his other relatives to the party.  Lucas wasn’t clinging to Lazarus anymore.  He was busy helping Angus, Shane and several other of Angus’ slave-cowboys set up tables and chairs for the day.

When Angus greeted his nephew and his posse, the first thing he asked was, “Where’s Ranger?  Didn’t you bring him?”

“I thought it would be too much, Uncle Angus.” Waco said.

“I told you to bring him if you wanted to along with Scraps and Happy.  He’s become a part of the family.” Angus said.

“I know, but I jes’ thought better of it.”

“Does he know?”

“Yes, Sir, he heard Scraps and Happy discussing the party.”

“Did he ask you about it?”

“Yes, Sir, but I told him he couldn’t come with us.”

“Humm.”  Angus said and raised an eyebrow at Waco.  “I’ll bet he was crushed.”

“He was.  I felt like a jerk.”

“You could always bring him through the gate, you know?” Angus said quietly.

“I know.  I jes’ didn’t feel right about it.” Waco replied.

“Okay, h’it’s yore’ party.”  was all he said and walked away.  Once again Waco felt like an asshole.

he day progressed and more and more folks asked Waco if Ranger was coming.  The Stamper boys wanted to know who they were going to rub for good luck?  More and more people wanted to know if the big pony was going to be there for the kids to ride.  Waco was feeling pretty bad by the time it came to playing football.  His dad sat beside him to eat his picnic lunch.

“Why so glum, Son?” asked Charlie, “Today should be a happy day.  You look like you jes’ lost yore’ best friend.”

“I may have, Dad.”  Waco proceeded to tell him what he did and how everyone was asking for Ranger.  “I don’t know what to do?”

“J’ever hear the word ‘precedent,’ Son?”

“Yes, Sir, h’it means doing something of significance for the first time you intend to keep doing.  It sets a standard for what’s to follow.”

“Good, that’s right.  Do you think you set a precedent for Ranger by letting him wander around free at all our parties and be a part of everything what was going on?”

“That’s different, Dad.  That’s at home where Ranger belongs.  He can’t come to our football games in town.”

“Yeah, but yore’ uncle’s ranch ain’t exactly in town.” Charlie smiled then continued.  “A quick trip through the gate and he’d be here.”

“All right, I’ll send Little Bear and Travis after him.”

“No, if you want him here, you go yourself.  You need to tell him you made a mistake.  Tell him how you feel and invite him yourself.”

Waco started walking down to Angus’ barn.  Angus and Scraps fell in step and walked with him.

“Where ya’ going, Master Waco?” Scraps asked.

“To see a horse about a man, Scraps.”  Waco turned and winked at Angus.

“Can we go along, Master Waco?” Scraps asked.

“Don’t see why not.  If I have to eat humble pie I might as well share it.”  he chuckled and Angus patted him on the back.

“Your dad talk with you, Son?”

“Yes, Sir, Uncle Angus.”

“You’re doing the right thing.”

They went to the back of the old barn, opened the gate and walked through.  Scraps ran ahead calling to his friend.

“Ranger!  Ranger!  Come!  Master Waco and Master Angus have something to tell you.” he spoke.

<< I don’t care.  Master Waco hurt my feelings. >>

<< Now, don’t be that way.  He didn’t mean to, Ranger.  He thought he was doing the right thing at the time, but he’s thought about it some more, and he’s changed his mind.  He loves you, that’s why he came back for you. >>

<< The truth is, dear pony, everyone is asking for you.  They all said h’it don’t seem like a party without you.  When my dad told me I done wrong by you I knew I had to come and ask yore’ forgiveness. >> Waco told him.

<< Well, it’s too late now.  You don’t have no trailer. >>

<< Don’t need one, big fellow.  Come, follow me, my uncle and Mister Scraps, and we’ll take you through a magic door to my uncle’s ranch.  All you have to do is step through.  Think you can do that? >>

<< Sure, I can go anywhere you can,— if I’m allowed. >>  Waco picked up on the double meaning of his statement, and the barb on the end.  He laughed to himself.

<< I guess I deserved that, friend. >>  Ranger didn’t reply.

Ranger was shaken by the gate at first, but when he saw Scraps go through, he wasn’t afraid.  He followed Waco right through.  Angus and Waco walked up to the crowd followed by Ranger and Scraps.  Everyone dropped what they were doing to walk up to greet and pet the big horse.  Ranger was in his element.  He adopted a stance of a show horse in an arena.  He was magnificent.  All the little kids were running around yelling and screaming to be put on his back.  Little Bear walked up with a huge dish of vanilla ice cream and held it up for Ranger.  He slowly lapped up the entire contents of the bowl and licked it clean.  He was in heaven.

* * * * * * *

The football game began.  The coaches got their heads together and wanted to change things up a bit.  They wanted to play Waco and Lucas on the same team and Travis and Little Bear on the other.  Little Bear was to quarterback for the other team and Waco was to quarterback for his team with Lucas playing running back/receiver.  Bronc and Travis were to be Little Bear’s running backs and receivers.  The Stamper boys were divided up between the teams.  J.R. was on his brother’s team and Ts’gan, Gavin and Jerry were on the other.  The coaches wanted only the younger men to start the game.  They wanted to see what potential they had for their own personal ambitions.

Chief Tin Penny couldn’t have been prouder of his grandson starting as quarterback for the other team.  Little Bear played his heart out.  His team made the first touchdown and scored the extra points.  There was a new boy in the game who hadn’t played with the boys before because he never attended any of their parties.  His name was Leon Olsen.  His family was dirt poor.  Leon came to school in old clothes and most of the time wore no shoes.  He wasn’t wearing shoes or boots to the party.  He told Waco he couldn’t come to the boy’s birthday party because he couldn’t leave his little brother and sister home by themselves.  Waco told him to bring them and arranged for one of the sheriff’s deputies to pick them up on their way.  Leon was playing for Little Bear’s team and made the first touchdown.  Something in the boy came alive.  He suddenly rose from a poor nobody to someone who got a glimpse of his own self worth and a ray of light into a possible future.  He became a star athlete that afternoon.  

Leon was all over the field and everywhere the other team wasn’t.  All Little Bear had to do was look for Leon, and he had a clear shot to the boy.  Leon ended up making three of the touchdowns in a hard fought game, and for all their talent, Waco and Lucas couldn’t seem to get it together until the last few minutes of the game.  It was a close game.  Waco and Lucas won by one point, but they had to fight like never before.  The coaches were boggled.  Here they had another natural athlete, and he wasn’t on any team at school.

The reason was, he had to be the man of his house.  His dad mysteriously disappeared, and he had to help his mom take care of his little brother and sister.  He also had a part time job after school to earn what money he could for his family.  All the players surrounded him after the game to shake his hand and tell him what a great player they thought he was.  They all thought he should be on the school team.  He thanked them, but didn’t say much.  The coaches weren’t going to take no for an answer.  Angus stepped in and told the coaches they should pull back.  They needed to talk with the other men.  They didn’t know everything.

* * * * * * *

Waco and Little Bear was hornier than two steers in a pasture of fresh heifers.  

“You think’n what I’m think’n, little brother?” Waco asked Little Bear.

“Loud and clear, brother.”

“The old barn, in the loft in ten minutes.”

“I’ll be there, Master.”

They hugged everyone who congratulated them on a great game, became lost in the crowd and found their way to each others’ arms in the far corner of the loft in the old barn.  They hugged and kissed briefly and ran their hands over each others’ sweaty bodies.  Little Bear dropped to his knees and without permission attacked his Master’s cowboy belt buckle and the zipper on his Wranglers.  He pulled them down to his Master’s boot tops and saw a full jockstrap before him, stained with sweat and yellow cowboy piss where Waco didn’t shake the last few drops off his dick before returning it to his strap after he pissed.

“Oh, my, God!  You wore your jock, Master.”

“I know you did.  I didn’t wanna’ disappoint you.” they laughed together.

“You know me too well, Master Waco.  Of course I did.  May I, Master?”

“Help yore’self, little bro.”

Little Bear took a deep breath of Waco’s crotch and let it out with a pleased sigh.  

“That good, huh, slave?” Waco laughed as he asked.

“Great, Master,— jes’ fuck’n wonderful.”

Little Bear began sucking Waco’s balls through his jockstrap getting the taste of the material, sweat mixed with a bit of piss.  It was like ambrosia to him and excited him for more.  After he made several rounds he could feel his master hard as a rock underneath.  Little Bear moved Waco’s jock to the side to let his master hang out in all his glory.  Again, he didn’t wait for permission.  He dove into cleaning and sucking everything in the surrounding area.  Waco’s sweaty balls and crotch excited him no end.  Finally he got down to the main course and took several long hits on Waco’s big cowboy dick.  About the fourth stroke he could feel his master’s back arching and knew to withdraw a little.  Waco shot such a big load Little Bear almost lost some of it.  If he hadn’t gulped the hot, creamy cowboy come down he would have.  It tasted like honey to him, mixed with all the healthy smells of a prime young athlete.  Little Bear cleaned his master and returned his cock to his jockstrap.  He helped him up with his Wranglers.

Waco didn’t say anything but reached down and grabbed Little Bear’s belt buckle and quickly undid it.  He shoved his pants down to his boot tops then fell to his knees to do the same for his slave-brother.

“Master?” Little Bear asked questioning his master’s action.

“Hesh up, slave!  I’m yore’ master.  Do you think only slaves should enjoy such things?”

“Naw, Sir, Master Waco.  I didn’t mean no disrespect, Sir.”

“I know you didn’t.  Now, hesh up and enjoy the ride.”  

Waco took Little Bear like a three dollar whore late for Sunday school.  Little Bear was panting like a rabbit who had been chased by a coyote into its lair.  He shot the hardest load he could remember.  Waco cleaned him and returned his pants to their original position.  Waco threw his big arms around his smaller slave.  He gently kissed Little Bear about the face and finally on his lips.  They parted.  Waco reached down and grabbed a big old handful of Little Bear’s ass and hung on tight.

“That little ass is mine tonight, slave!  I’m gonna’ fuck you ‘til I run yore’ damn train off the tracks.” He growled and kissed Little Bear deep and hard.

“Oh, God, Master!  Don’t talk like that!  I’m gonna’ drop my load again if’n you don’t take yore’ hand away from my ass.  You know what you said about being mean to you?”  

“I feel like being mean to you, little brother.” he growled.  Waco didn’t let go, but grabbed a bigger handful and kissed him harder.  He felt Little Bear’s body collapse in his more powerful arms.  The young man shuddered once, twice and then a third time.  Waco held him without letting go of anything.  Finally he gently withdrew his tongue and mouth from his slave.

“Ju’ fill yore’ strap, Son?” Waco said with mirth in his voice.

“You know I did, Master?”

“Was it as good for you as it was for me?” he asked with a wicked grin.

“Better,— much better, Master.  I don’t think I can wait for this evening.” he groaned.

“Yeah, you can.  H’it makes it all the more better if’n you anticipate something.  Jes’ remember,— I’m gonna’ fuck the snot out a’ you, little brother.  When you clean yourself, don’t you shower no other part of your body, you understand?” Waco growled.

“Yes, Sir.” Little Bear said meekly.

“You don’t clean yourself, ya’ hear?  You wear that load in your jockstrap the rest of the afternoon.  Take it off when you clean yourself then you put it right back on before you come to my bed,--- understand, slave?”

“Yes, Sir, Master Waco.”

“That’s an order, Son!” Waco growled again just before he deeply kissed Little Bear.

“I will obey my master, Sir.” Little Bear said with all the love in his heart.

Waco was playing the game and Little Bear was pleased with his big brother.  He hadn’t counted on wearing his come in his strap the rest of the afternoon.  It was Waco’s invention, but Little Bear thought it was so fucking hot.  He knew Waco was his master, but he also knew Waco was his bonded brother and would do anything for him.  Waco was giving his slave what he wanted and needed.  Little Bear couldn’t have been happier.

* * * * * * *

Travis was lamenting he probably was going to be alone that night because Little Bear and Waco slept together after every football game.  Lucas overheard him.

“My brother Bryce usually bunks it in with me, but he and Blake Tindell are gonna’ bunk it in together tonight.  If’n you’s a mind to, you might ask yore’ master if you could bunk it in with me; however, don’t accept my invite if'n you ain't ready for me to make love to you.  Be up-front with your master.  Tell him the truth.”

“I think I would enjoy that, Lucas.  I’ll ask him.”

Travis asked Waco and didn’t beat around the bush.

“He wants to fuck me, Master Waco.”

“How do you feel about him, little bro?”

“I think I would like it, Master Waco.”

“Then go for it.  You got my blessing.  I don’t know’s Lucas has ever done anything with anybody.  You may be his first.  Give him your best, slave.  Your performance reflects on your owner.  Make me proud of you.”

“I will, Master Waco,— I promise.”  Travis threw his arms around Waco and kissed him.  Waco laughed at Travis’ joy.

 Lucas cleared it with his master before he asked Travis to bunk it in with him.

“I know you don’t plan on have’n him fuck you.” Lazarus said as a matter of fact.

“Naw, Sir.  That’s reserved for one man.”

“Have you decided yet who it will be, Son?”

“Pretty much, Sir.”

“You wanna’ tell me?”

“Not unless you order me to, Sir.”

“Damn, you’re git’n good.  I knew you’d be a fast study.”

“Thank you, Sir.  I’m  learning from the best.”

Lazarus howled with laughter.

“You shore’ you ain’t never fucked nobody before, Son?”

“Naw, Sir.  I wouldn’t lie to you.”

“I hear tell Travis is one of the best fucks around.  You couldn’t a’ picked no better for your first time.  Jes’ take it slow and be a thoughtful lover, and you’ll do fine.  Give him what he needs, but make damn sure you take what you need.  He won’t feel satisfied less’n you do,— understand?”

“Yes, Sir, Master.  Thank you, Sir.”      

“Remember you’re a ‘Long’ boy.  You’n me,— we may not have the same DNA, but my blood flows through yore’ veins.  You got several pints of my blood after we got you back to the Bandersnatch from the jail.  I made damn shore’ you got the same dick hang’n off yore’ body I got hang’n off mine.  Use it well, Son.  That’s why I gave it to you.  Make yore’ daddy proud of you.”

“I’ll do my best, Master.”

“‘At’s ma’ boy.” Lazarus grabbed Lucas, hugged him and planted a big kiss on his forehead.

 * * * * * * *

The coaches were invited to the rancher’s regular pow-wow that always took place at one of the family functions,— usually late in the afternoon after football and everyone was settling down.  Lazarus spoke to them.

“The reason we asked you men to back off from talking with Leon Olsen is, we ain’t real sure of his circumstances.  You men remember during George the first’s presidency, before he took over the republic, he and his cronies contracted with Brown, Root and Kellogg which was part of Halliburton corporation to build over eight hundred detention camps around the U.S. with yore’ tax dollars.  It was never approved by congress, and there was no vote for appropriation of funds for the project.  Most people knew nothing about it.  It stayed out of the conservative controlled main stream media.  The president and his men were so secretive about everything, they would only say they were for terrorist detainees in case of national emergency.  

Shortly before his regime lost some of its power to the Democrats in the midterm elections of ‘06 the neo-con regime contracted with Brown, Root and Kellogg for another two hundred and fifty detainment camps to be built with more tax dollars.  As you know, ‘W’ gutted the constitution, and like any cornered rat, saw the Democrats win of that year as a direct threat to his power.  He and his cadre were also fearful the new Democratic congress would investigate, find out all the criminal things his administration did in their six years in office and prosecute them.  They vowed not to let that happen.  They allowed the Democrats to take office, but the Democratically controlled congress refused to go along with any more of their insanity.  When they stood up to him and his band of criminals, he made his move to grab complete control of the government.  Everything he needed was in place.  The previous Republican controlled congress, who was suppose to be representing the people and swore to defend the Constitution, handed it to him without so much as a debate.  He contracted with mercenaries, who illegally marched through the streets of New Orleans after hurricane Katrina.  He brought in Mexican troops, and Canadian troops his administration contracted with several years before under the guise of merging the three countries, Mexico, the U.S. and Canada into one country.

He had anyone who dissented against him rounded up and arrested as traitors.  That included any opposing congressmen or women.
  They were held without trial.  Many remained for years and died in them camps.  When his own party realized too late the monster they created had grown too big for them to handle, a few dared to rebel against him.  He claimed marital law, rounded them up, had them arrested, then disbanded congress.  He had full support of the extreme right wing, lunatic fringe, who were only too pleased to have their man in total power.  They clapped their hands and foamed at the mouth as he methodically did away with anyone who dissented against his actions.  They shouted with glee as they watched the left wing perverted liberals frog marched off to detention camps all across the new republic.  They were drunk with their new found power, and no one did anything to help those who were taken away.  Like most conservatives, they were too stupid to see the other side of the coin.  They were only feeding a raging fire of infamy that would, one day,  come back to cause them a great deal of grief.

He played to his limited power base and granted them all their wildest wishes.  Gay people were rounded up, imprisoned and sold into slavery.  Since the media was owned by the conservative corporations who backed his rise to power, only propaganda praising his actions reached the mainstream media.  The only real news source what told the truth without right wing spin was the Internet.  He quickly made new laws which allowed Microsoft to buy all rights to the U.S. Internet.  Since the U.S. controlled the greater share of the Internet market, the sale made repercussions throughout the world. 

Still, the underground freedom movement found ways around the government imposed censorship Microsoft placed on the net.  Slowly but surely, one by one, most of the more outspoken of these patriot freedom fighters were rounded up and sent to detention camps as traitors, terrorist, enemy combatants, when their only weapon was words.  It began to cost the government huge amounts of money to contain, house and feed all them folks.  The new Theocracy had to have a steady income base, but one of the government’s major cash cows came from revenues made by the blue state liberals.  They financially supported most of the red states who voted against them to create the nation’s downfall.  The blue states kept the republic afloat.  Most of them were hauled off to detention camps.  Where did the new theocracy turn for money?  The neo-cons ordered the tax cuts Bush gave to the rich rescinded.  When that wasn’t enough to satisfy him and keep his several wars going, he began to tax them heavily.  Then he passed laws that religions of any flavor operating within the boundries of the United States would pay taxes on their income and property holdings,--- including the Catholics.  The monster they created had come full circle to bite them in the butt.  Something had to be done.

That’s when modern slavery began again in the U.S.  Many of the able bodied detainees were sold to large corporations to work for nothing, only to meet their meager needs to keep them alive.  The old and infirm were left in the detention camps to rot and die of neglect and disease.  Hundreds of thousands of good Americans met their untimely deaths at the hands of the Bush regime.  The main stream media covered it up and showed pictures of older folks smiling, getting treated well and with kindness.  That wasn’t the way it was.

Since then, the NSA has unlimited powers to arrest anyone they please without a warrant and hold them indefinitely without charge.  People began to disappear.  They wouldn’t even be give a chance to contact a friend or loved one to tell what happened to them.  Once they were taken away by the men in black suits they were never seen or heard from again.  You men in rural areas have been pretty much sheltered against that sort of thing, because your existence and work product is needed by the Theocracy.  If they shut you down they wouldn’t have food.  You’re still somewhat free and allowed to sell your products but on a controlled basis.

However, the long arm of the theocracy and the NSA is slowly creeping into rural areas.  People are once again disappearing, one by one.  Leon Olsen’s dad, Luke Olsen, was mysteriously taken about two years ago.  His wife was left on their farm to take care of three kids.  It was rough on her.   We’ve helped her when we can, or when she would allow us to.  She barely managed to keep her head above water.  Leon doesn’t know we know, but a couple of months ago, while the kids were away at school, they came and took her away.  She ain't been seen or heard from since.  We’ve tried to find out where she is, but no one seems to know.

Leon’s got it rough right now.  He been left alone to take care of his little brother and sister by himself.  A thirteen year old kid shouldn’t be shouldered with such responsibility.  Of course, he’s trying to do his best, and God love him, he’s been keeping them together.  They need help.  Today is probably the first good meal they’ve had in months.  The poor boy don’t even have a decent pair of boots to wear to school.  He ain’t in a position to spend his afternoons playing football.  He works odd jobs after school for small amounts of money to put food on the table.  I’m sure he’d love to play football if the circumstances were different, but he’s got his little brother and sister to think of.  Now, the question comes down to, what are we going to do about it?”
The coaches looked downtrodden; however, they didn’t live in a glass bubble.  They knew outside their small community things weren’t like they used to be.  They went about their lives from day to day thinking if they complied and kept their noses clean they would survive.  Like the children of Israel who smeared lamb’s blood on the entrance to their home, if they did the right things, when the men in black suits came in the night, they would be passed over.  They were very uncomfortable even talking about what was going on, but they listened to Lazarus intently.  Lazarus didn’t tell the coaches everything.   They were told just enough to test them yet protect Leon.

Most of the ranchers, including the Chief and the sheriff knew Lazarus had a bag of tricks up his sleeve which would make any magician green with envy, to say nothing of the thriving industrial military complex.  Luke Olsen, his wife Lee Ann and their three children were on his list of folks to be saved, and he fully intended to do his job.  He talked with the boys of the Goodnight ranches earlier.  They apprised him of Leon’s plight.  Lazarus, Charlie and Angus had a meeting and decided it was time the boys got involved in their community and reached out to those less fortunate than themselves.  In the meantime, the men decided the kids couldn’t stay by themselves.  They needed a home and someone to look after them.  Lazarus asked for suggestions, or if anyone was willing to take them in.  All the men looked at each other.  Hoot looked at Cotton.  Cotton smiled and nodded to his mate.  That’s all Hoot needed.

“We do pert-damn good with slaves, ramrod Long, but we’re talk’n freeman family here.  We got us that huge house with nobody in it but Cotton’n me, but before we go off half-cocked and volunteer to take these kids in, we want it understood by everyone here, we ain’t got us no ulterior motives.  We ain’t that kind a’ men.”

“Is there any man here what would think such a thing?” Lazarus ask of the assembled men.  No one said a word.  “There,— you got chore’ answer.  Besides, you already done got a family living under yore’ supervision.  So far, with the help of Blake Tindell, you men have done an excellent job; far better than I even hoped for.  I don’t think you got chore’self no worries from these men.  Sooner or later, everyman here is gonna’ have to help pull the wagon.  A man reaps what he sows.”

Lazarus let Hoot and Cotton know he wouldn’t let them foot the bill alone.  He would contribute regularly to the Olsen children’s support and upkeep.  The fate of the Olsen children was settled that afternoon among some  fine men who weren’t afraid to come to grips with the situation and offer a workable solution.  Lazarus and his men allowed the boys to sit in on the conversation, because it indirectly involved them.  Lazarus, Charlie and Angus knew before hand Hoot and Cotton would be the first to offer help.  They cleverly planned it.  The boys were important because the men knew they would have to depend on them to sell the idea to Leon.  His little brother and sister would do what Leon told them.

It wasn’t the boys or the men who convinced Leon it might be a good idea.  It was the Stamper boys.  Leon was totally against leaving the farm because he was sure one day soon his dad and mom would come walking up the road to the house and everything would be okay; they’d be together again.  He was so adamant, Lazarus motioned for the men to back off.  They asked him to think about it.  No one was going to force him to do anything.  If they did, he wouldn’t be happy, and they didn’t want that.

After they broke up Angus served more ice cream and birthday cake.  The Olsen kids got theirs and went to sit under a huge oak tree where the Stamper boys were sitting with a couple of the older cowboy slaves who were Burt, Phil and Sam’s buddies.  They were laughing, talking and having a good time.  Leon knew they were sold into slavery by their dad.  He felt bad for them, but they didn’t seem to be doing too badly.  They were well dressed, looked well fed, content and seemed happy enough.  He sat at a table with them.  They welcomed him.  They were talking about the game and how well Leon played.  They were all impressed.  Leon blushed at their praise.

“I ain’t seen you men in sometime now.  H’it’s good to see you again and git a chance to play some ball with you.” Leon said.

“Yeah, we be living as slaves over to Master Hoot and Cotton’s ranch.  Our daddy done sold us into slavery and Master Long bought us.  We may git to go to school next year if’n we work hard enough this year.”  Phil spoke up.

“How’s it work’n out for you men?” Leon asked sincerely.

There was a long silence.  Every brother was about to speak when Burt spoke first with strong conviction.

“Best damn thing ever happened to this family.” Burt said.

“Amen to that, brother!” agreed Sam.

“Couldn’t a’ said it better myself!” said Jeb.

“Beats the hell out a’ how we was livin’ before.” allowed Zeke.

“I don’t wanna’ admit it, but my bother’s are right.”  said Phil.

“You look well fed and happy.” complimented Leon.

“Them two old cowboy masters and our slave-bossman look after us day and night.  None of us like the idea of being slaves, but h’it’s more like being a part of a larger family living there.  The five of us have become more like family than we ever were before, and we’ve gained some family, too.”  Burt nodded to his companion.  The older cowboy grinned at him.  Burt continued, “Sure, we work hard almost every day, but we can relax in the evenings.  If’n we work hard and are good, we git to be included in days like today.  We’ve had a great day today.  They tell us what to do and when to do it, but we’re becoming used to it.  H’it kinda nice to know somebody cares about you enough to see you do the right thing.  It makes us feel like we’s a part of something bigger than ourselves.  We hear tell you was offered a place to stay with Master Hoot and Cotton in their big house.  You gonna’ come live with us?”

“Naw, I thanked them, but I turned ‘em down.  We ain’t git’n along so good, but I expect ma and pa home any day now.”  Leon heard himself, and his words sounded empty.  He thought to himself he was saying it more for his little brother and sister than himself.  

 There was more silence.  Burt’s buddy slowly shook his head.

“Were they taken by the black suits, Son?” the cowboy asked.

“Yes, Sir,— they were.” he replied.

There was a pregnant silence.  The old bull rider sighed deeply and slowly shook his head.

“I ain’t never hear’d of any man, woman, or child taken by the black suits what ever returned.  Ya’ better start think’n about chore’ little brother and sister.  If, by some miracle, yore’ parents do return, the good men in this community will be the first to let you know.  Now, if’n Master Hoot and Cotton offered you kids a home, I’d shore’ as hell seriously consider taken ‘em up on their offer.  They be two of the finest men I ever did know.  We’re just ordinary slaves, but they take care of us and treat us like family.  You’ll be freemen living with other freemen.”

“I’d listen to ma’ pardner there, Mr. Olsen.” said Burt.

“You don’t have to call me Mr. Olsen, Burt.” Leon told him.

“Yes, he does, Sir.” said Burt’s partner, “He’s a slave and you’re a freeman.  He’s required to show you respect.  I’m a much older man than you; however, I’m still a slave, and as such, I must show you the same respect my partner does.”

“But Mr. Daniels and Mr. Austin,. . . ain’t they,. . .?”  Leon asked about Hoot and Cotton.

“Partners?” asked Burt, knowing what Leon was getting at.

“Yeah, you know, . . .”  replied Leon.

“Sure.  That’s exactly what they are,— partners,— bonded mates.  I don’t think you could drive them two old cowboys apart with a log splitter.  I never understood bonding like that until recently.” Burt smiled at his partner, “Master Hoot and Cotton are devoted to each other, and that’s the end of it.  I guarantee ya,’ they won’t never bother you,— less’n you ask ‘em to.”  Burt winked at his mate and everyone laughed.

* * * * * * *

The party came to an end.  Everyone was saying their ‘goodbyes’ and hugging each other.  The Stamper boys went to each of the Goodnight men and the boys to thank them individually for inviting them to their party and to tell them what a good time they had.  Everyone left and the boys helped Shane clean up the area and then went home.  Waco and Little Bear took Ranger, Scraps and Happy through the portal.

They didn’t waste any time getting to bed.  Little Bear went in, cleaned himself inside for his master and came to his bed wearing his soiled jockstrap as his master instructed.  Waco was laying on top of a big black leather cowhide they threw across the bed.  He was wearing his jockstrap.  Little Bear marveled at how handsome and attractive his master looked laying there in the moonlight.  Waco grabbed his slave around the waist, shoved his face into Little Bear’s crotch and took a deep breath.

“I’m gonna’ have to whip yore’ ass, slave.” Waco grinned.

“There is a God!” exclaimed Little Bear.  They rolled together on the bed laughing.

“You deserved to be punished for not coming to me sooner with your request for something a little different.”

“Well, if you have to whip me, make damn sure you give me a couple extra for my own stupidity.”  Little Bear said like he was disgusted with himself.  He grinned as he kissed down his master’s front to inhale his masculine smells.  When he finally got to Waco’s full jockstrap he began to suck on it and caused his master’s dick to strain to get out.  Little Bear’s hot breath and tongue made Waco feel like a man on a fuzzy tree.  They were no longer children.  They crossed the barrier and were now teenagers.  They were young men fully capable of producing the same odors and funky masculine smells as grown men, and they were reveling in it.  They couldn’t get enough of each other.  Yet, these young men still had one foot trailing in childhood.  Each had a well developed sense of inventive play and a boundless curiosity about the possibilities of sex.  They shared a common idea that sex, especially between two healthy young men, should be enjoyed to the maximum and developed to its fullest.  After several minutes of erotic play, Waco ordered his slave to remove his jockstrap.  Little Bear complied, and held it to his face to inhale his master’s strong male odors.  It was like an aphrodisiac to the young man

“You wanna’ wear it, slave?” Waco joked.  Little Bear looked at him and grinned a grin what Waco could only describe as the most dirty grin he ever saw on a man.

“I’ve jacked off think’n on doing jes’ that, Master.” admitted Little Bear shyly.

“Y’ain’t alone, little brother.  I doubt there’s much you’ve fantasized about I ain’t thunk on one time or t’other.  I sometimes pull my daddy’s dirty Wranglers over my head after he’s been in the saddle all day.” Waco confessed.  Little Bear’s eyes lit up like a pinball machine that just went ‘tilt.’  Waco saw it flash in his eyes,— that bit of erotica was something Little Bear hadn’t thought of.  Waco knew how attracted Little Bear was to Charlie.  He laughed to himself, he knew Little Bear would lay in wait until he had a chance to sniff Charlie’s dirty Wranglers.

“Would ju’ like yore’ master to help you with that?” Waco graciously volunteered.

“I’d be honored, Master.” Little Bear giggled.

Waco strapped his dirty jockstrap on Little Bear’s head so it looked similar to an oxygen cannula.  Waco smiled at the results.  Little Bear took several deep breaths to please his master; however, the smell was so intoxicating for Little Bear his dick jumped and stood at rapt attention.

“Damnation, little brother, you never looked better.” Waco laughed. “You shore’ as hell look sexy to me.  Look!”

Waco shoved his roaring hard cock up for his slave to see and admire.

“Can’t wait to feel that big thing in my butt, Master.  I ain’t thought a’ nothing else since the hayloft this afternoon.  Wearing my come in my jockstrap all afternoon didn’t help none.  Damn, that was hot.  You want me to take mine off, Master?”

“Naw, h’it ain’t in my way.  I wanna’ fuck you wear’n it.  I want chu’ to fill it one more time for your master.”

“Oh, damn, Master Waco, that is so hot!  My ass is so hungry for your dick it’s going crazy.”
“I always wanted my very own hungry, hungry hippo.” he laughed, “‘Cept’n you ain’t no hippo.  A Native American  Homer perhaps.”

“I always thought Homer Simpson was sort of sexy in a dumb way.” allowed Little Bear.

“Yeah, me, too, little brother.” agreed Waco as he reached for the tube of lubricant on the night stand and got a small towel from underneath.  

Waco lubed himself good and began to mount his slave-brother.  Little Bear was ready for him.  He cleaned himself well and lubed himself good before he came to his master’s bed.  Waco smiled as he gently but easily worked his formidable penis into his slave-brother’s ass.  His little brother was hungry.  He couldn’t remember a time before when Little Bear was so relaxed and receptive.  Maybe there was something to this uninhibited sexual play.  It was like his little brother dropped any reticence or preconceived notions of guilt for male sex he might have entertained.  It was like they were both learning to ride a bicycle for the first time and experiencing the ultimate joy of making their first successful ride down a steep hill without training wheels.  The feeling for Waco was unsurpassed.  In one short year he went from an unsure novice with Travis his first time to what he was becoming, an experienced and considerate lover with a young, creative, and fertile mind ripe for experimenting and exploration.

Waco wasted no time on additional foreplay and set about to take what was his as a master and an alpha-male.  Little Bear was engulfed by Waco’s passion and could only work to perform in as aggressive manner as his master.  For all his work, he found himself becoming like wet clay under the hands of an experienced master potter.  Waco was fucking him like he was molding Little Bear into the vessel he wanted to spill himself into.  Yea, a fine, strong vessel to claim his master’s seed.  Little Bear tried to meet each strong, stroke of his master’s raging cock with his tight little ass.  He was working hard to make it as good a fuck for his master as his master was working to give him that strength he so desperately needed.  Waco picked up his pace when he felt sure Little Bear was open enough to take a harder and swifter fucking.  Little Bear began to moan and groan in pleasure.  Waco kept a steady pace waiting for the words from his slave.  He reached up and took his jockstrap from Little Bear's face so he could gaze on all of the young man's dark beauty.  Little Bear took it as a sign of his master's love.

“Oh, God, Master Waco!  I’m yours in every way!  Now is the time to claim my soul as well as my ass for your own!  Open it up, cowboy!  Ride me down hard, Master.”

Waco didn’t reply but slowly started to respond.  He deftly shifted gears until he was riding Little Bear in a fully sustaining, easy, rhythmic gallop.  Little Bear could feel his own rock hard dick rubbing inside his jockstrap, rubbing in turn against Waco’s hard ab muscles.  It was becoming too sensual for him.  He felt himself building to climax.  He didn’t know what to do.  Without a word, Waco collapsed on top of him and allowed his built up sexual tension to roll back down the hill.

“I don’t want chu’ come’n jes' yet, hoss.” Waco breathed heavily, “We got us some more fuck’n to do.  I ain’t taken all I need yet, and I know damn well you need some more.  I kin tell by the way yore’ fine body resonates to my strokes.  I like the way you shudder all over on them deep, long-dick-dippin’ strokes.”

“Oh, shit, Master!  Them steady deep strokes damn near made me come.  Could you feel me building up?”

“E’aup, little brother, but I got plans for us,— how we gonna’ come.  We gonna’ come together enjoying all the sensations of our bodies coupling.  When I git to fuck’n you again real good, we’ll link minds and you can feel how it feels to be fuck’n you, and I can feel how it feels to be lay’n under me git’n fucked by my own dick.  That way I won’t have to ask, I’ll just know how much more you need, and I’ll give it to you and take it away from you at the same time.  What's mine, I will make yours, and what's yours I will make mine.”

“Oh, fuck,— that sounds so hot.  Why ain’t I never thought a’ that?”

“I have no doubt, you would eventually, little bro.” Waco took a big long stroke out and back into Little Bear’s ass to make his point.  Little Bear groaned with pleasure.

“Let’s do it, Master!”

Waco got into position and began his build up to the pace they were before.

“Now, little brother,— link with me!  Link with yore’ Master!”

Little Bear closed his eyes, and let his mind reach out to Waco’s.  He could feel Waco trying to probe his.  He opened and found his master waiting to let him in.  He entered and immediately felt what Waco’s cock felt like fucking his ass.  He could feel every stroke with his own body as well as how it felt to his master.  Waco could feel the same.  He knew how it was feeling inside Little Bear, sliding in and out,  the deep, steady strokes, and it felt glorious; however, there was a deep seated yearning, a gut wrenching gnawing inside Little Bear that Waco immediately recognized.

“I ain't give us what chu' need.  We need that ass fucked a lot harder, deeper and faster,— don’t we, little brother?  That big old cowboy dick in your butt needs to take from you all it can git, don’t it?  Otherwise, you ain’t gonna’ be satisfied.  You want me to fuck you like a bull in rut.  You weren't kidding about fuck'n like animals.  Let's us see if'n you can ride my bull, bubba."
Waco didn’t wait for a reply, but set in to give Little Bear the severe fucking he wanted and needed.  Waco knew once he reached the point Little Bear needed, he could trip his ejaculation switch and ride his cowboy-slave-pony to the barn.  He was fucking Little Bear hard and furious.  It was as much as Little Bear needed and no more.  Waco could feel every stroke into Little Bear's ass from his mind.  It was where they both needed to be at that moment in time.  It was a plateau for their needs that would double as a pad and Waco was coming in for a landing.

“Fill that gotdamn jockstrap again for your master, Slave!" he roughly ordered Little Bear in a growl,  "I ain’t gonna’ let up on this hard fuck’n ‘till you do!  Don’t you touch yore’self.  I’m gonna’ fuck you ‘till you come!”   

Waco fucked him even harder, and he felt Little Bear’s body begin to vibrate.  He felt it do that before and knew his smaller cowboy-slave-brother was starting to issue forth his seed,— not from his gonads, but from the very bottom of his soul.

“Ahhhhrrrggg, Master!  I can’t hold on no more, Sir!  You're fuck'n me too good!  Too, good!"

“Get it slave!  Come with your master fuck’n you!  Bite down hard on my ole dick with yore’ ass!  There!  There!  ‘At’s it!  ‘At’s it!!  I feel you coming, bro!  Now take yore’ master!  Put it up there for me, slave!  Ah, yes!  Shit!  Oh, God, little bro, I’m coming in yore’ ass!”  Waco made several more hard pumps into his slave, then collapsed once more on top of Little Bear breathing hard.  He chuckled as he began to kiss around on Little Bear and tell him what a great fuck he was.  Little Bear was out of it, babbling away thanks and compliments to his master for the finest fuck’n he’d ever had.

“I felt that yearning in your gut finally go away.” Waco said softly as he kissed Little Bear gently on his lips.

“That was a deep itch you scratched.  Well, you know.  You were inside my head.  You knew we needed some more.  Oh, fuck!  That’s so hot to be able to have my master crawl inside my head and ass to know how much more I need to satisfy me completely.  Do you think we’ve found a new way to have sex, Master?”

“I don’t know, but it shore' 'nuff works for me.  To be able to feel what my dick feels like inside yore’ tight little ass was wonderful.  God, I love you, little brother.”

“No more’n I love you, Master Waco.  I never thought I’d tell the man what owned me I loved him, but I do.  I love you, Master Charlie and Master Angus.  I can’t wait for the day to come when I can offer myself to them.”

“I don’t know’s you have to wait that long, little brother.”

“What da’ ya’ mean?”

“Hell, ma' uncle fucks Shane several times a week.  Just ask Shane if’n you could link with him once.  I’m sure he’d let you.”

“Naw, I couldn’t do that.”

“Why not?”

“H’it wouldn’t be fair to Master Angus, and I’d never do nothing behind that big man’s back.  I love him too much.  Beside, if’n he’s as good as I think he is, it would make it all the harder to wait ‘til I’s sixteen.”

“Well, from what I hear from Shane, his big brother is one hell of a fuck’n machine.” Waco laughed, “When you ride that Goodnight dick, you be riding the Cadillac of cowboy fucks.”  Waco teased him.

“Guess it runs in the family, Master.” Little Bear kissed his master and shoved his ass down hard on Waco's still hard dick.

“That good, huh, slave?” Waco chuckled and took another long, deep stroke into his slave’s ass.

“The best, so far.”

“So far?”

“I jes’ know you’re gonna’ git better, Master.  I know I’m gonna’ work harder to be better, and you ain’t never let me down.  I promise, I won't never let you down, neither.”

Waco reached down and squeezed Little Bear’s come filled jockstrap and rubbed it around on his dick and stomach.

“That’s so hot, Master.  ‘At’s the first time I come jes’ git’n fucked.”

“You’ll git better at it.  We’ll work on it, so by the time you git ready for my uncle, you’ll be able to shoot yore’ load the same time he does.  Ain’t nothing better’n feel’n your partner shoot the same time you do.  It’s like icing on the cake.”

The men got out of bed and headed for the showers.  Waco was more loving with Little Bear than he could ever remember.  Little Bear was more receptive to some genuine affection than Waco could ever remember.  They stood under the shower locked together in embrace after embrace.  Little Bear cleaned his master, and his master cleaned him thoroughly.  They didn’t want the moment to end, and stood in the water until it ran cold.  The took their time drying each other without saying a word.  All the words were already said.  Now was the time for just enjoying each others’ company.

They climbed in Waco’s big bed and listened to the silence in the house.  He knew his dad and the ramrod were bunking it in, in the lower bedroom next to the kitchen.  Charlie had this thing about the boys hearing him and thought it was just more discrete.  In a way it was.  Lazarus offered his cabin on the ship,  and they used is a couple of times, but Charlie felt more comfortable in the house.  Waco held Little Bear in his arms and gently kissed him on his forehead.

“You glad you give us a chance, cowboy?”

“I didn’t have no choice.  I didn’t know I was gonna’ fall in love with you and Master Charlie, but I knew I could never be far from Master Angus.  Promise me, if you ever have to sell me, you’ll sell me to him.”

“‘Afear’d you’s stuck with me, little bro.” Waco smiled.  “I’d rather set you free than sell you, but if'n you really wanted to be his slave,  if'n I was convinced it really was yore' wish,--- who am I to say ‘no.’” Little Bear didn’t say any more.  They drifted off to a peaceful sleep in each others’ arms.

* * * * * * *

Hoot and Cotton talked Leon into coming back to their ranch with them, staying the night, and they would take him and his little brother Willie and sister Irene home the next morning.  They were surprised when he took them up on their offer.  That night he had his own room and comfortable bed to sleep in and his little brother and sister shared a room next door.  He was impressed by the size of the house and how comfortable it was.  It wasn’t foo-foo or anything.  It looked like a ranch house where cowboys lived.  He liked that.  He felt comfortable with all old time wagon wheels, spittoons, and kerosene lamps set around for effect.

Mr. Cotton and Mr. Daniels were good to him and his siblings.  They offered them some pie to eat with a big glass of milk when they got to their ranch.   Mr. Hoot had to go out and check on their slaves and stock to make sure everything was okay for the evening.  Mr. Daniels sat with them and talked.  Leon was impressed both men seemed down to Earth and easy to talk with.  He spent a comfortable night and they fixed a big ranch breakfast the next morning.  Leon hadn’t eaten so good in a long time.  He urged his little brother and sister to eat all they could.  He wasn’t sure when they would eat again.  Hoot and Cotton drove the kids home that morning, but as they approached the Olsen farm they could see two large black sedans parked in front of the house.  The kids were in the back seat of their truck.

“You expecting company today, Leon?” Cotton asked quickly.

“Naw, Sir.  Maybe they brought our ma and pa home.”

“I wouldn’t bet on it, Son.” said Hoot, “They look more like county or state cars to me,— you, Cotton?”  

“E’aup, looks like a social worker and a deputy come to get you kids to take you away.”

The two youngest started crying.

“You kids keep down back there.” Hoot ordered.  Leon responded immediately and got his little brother and sister hunkered down behind the seat.  “We ain’t a gonna’ pull in there, Son.  We’ll drive into town to check with the sheriff.  He ought a’ know something.  If not, he can take you kids into protective custody until something can be done, rather than let them state or county folks take you away.”

Leon didn’t say anything but kept Willie and Irene quiet.  They drove on by the farm and acted like they were just passing by.  At the next intersection they headed toward town.  Don Lassiter was just getting in to the station when Hoot and Cotton walked in accompanied by the Olsen kids.  They told him what happened, and he got on the phone to the local judge in the small town.  The judge told him he had an order from the state, if the town couldn’t take care of the Olsen children, they would take them and put them into a state run home.  Everyone knew the state homes were launching grounds for more slave labor.  They would take care of a kid until he was eighteen then he’d be indentured to the state for the number of years they took care of him to pay them back for his care.

“Look, it’s no problem.” said the old Judge, “If Mr. Austin and Daniels want to give ‘em a home, take them into your custody, and I’ll notify the state we found a home for ‘em.”

“Will that git them off the kid’s back?” Sheriff Lassiter asked.

“Shore', they wouldn’t dare go against my judgement.  You just log it in you took them into custody and send me the paperwork.  I’ll transfer everything to Mr. Austin and Daniels.”

Leon was sad but relieved he and his little brother and sister were saved from the meat market of the state run homes.  Don Lassiter explained to them he was suppose to take the kids out to Hoot and Cotton’s ranch to place them; however, since they were already there, he would just transfer them to their care.

“What about our stuff, Sheriff?” Leon asked.

“Don’t chu’ worry none about that, Son.  I’ll send a couple of deputies out to get chore’ things.  I don’t want you kids back around there.  I don’t want them folks to know where you are.  They don’t need to know nothing.  We’ve taken care of the situation, and h’it ain’t in their jurisdiction no more.”

Leon, Willie and Irene Olsen went home again with Hoot Austin and Cotton Daniels.  They stayed the night and were surprised the next morning when the sheriff showed up accompanied by the old Indian Chief.  They had coffee and cinnamon rolls Cotton whipped up.

“We’re gonna’ take Leon back over to his place to gather up what he wants and needs for him, his little brother and sister.  We’re actually on a mission from ramrod Long.  Don’t chu’ men worry none.  Leon will be safe with us, and we’ll have him back here around noon.”

They waved ‘goodbye’ to the sheriff, Chief Tin Penny and Leon.  Hoot and Cotton kept the younger Olsen kids with them.  Willie and Irene gave specific instructions what they wanted and Leon wrote it down.  After Leon gathered everything, which wasn’t much, they were ready to depart.

“I need a couple of things what belonged to your mother and dad, Son.” the old chief told him.

“What sort of things, Sir?”

“Something from their bodies.  We make fetishes which we use when we pray to the Great Spirit Father for people who we’ve lost and we want returned to us.  If I had those things, our tribe could pray for your parents and pass around the fetish containing their personal articles.”

Leon thought it was strange, but he was aware the Indians had some unusual customs.  They went into his parent’s room to look.  The Chief spied an old hair brush.

“Was this your mother’s, Son?”

“Yes, Sir, it was.”

“May I have some of the hair from it?”

“Sure.  Take what you think you need, Sir.”  

The Chief took a few loose strands and placed them in a plastic bag he had in his pocket.

“Now, for your dad.”

“I can’t think of nothing for dad.  He kept his hair real short so he never had to brush it.”

“What about an old safety razor, or a dirty old pair of his underwear.”

“I think we got both of them things.  I kept a pair of his dirty underwear, because it smelled like him.  Is that bad, Chief?”

“No!  Not at all, Son.  It jes’ shows how much you love and miss yore’ dad.  I wish one of my sons thought that much of me.”

They found a safety razor with whisker hairs still under the blade and Leon surrendered his prize pair of his dad’s underwear.  The Chief promised Leon he would personally see he got them back in the same condition.  Leon trusted the old man.  The men left and drove back over to Hoot and Cotton’s ranch.  They stayed for lunch, then set off back to town.  The sheriff and the Chief’s jobs were done for the day.  Leon, Willie and Irene settled down and quickly became acclimated to life on the ranch.  They weren’t as much work as Hoot and Cotton thought they might be.  They hired a single, older woman as a housekeeper and cook who came highly recommended by several folks in the small town, and she was a marvel with the kids.

That evening, Lazarus, Charlie, the old Chief and Sheriff Lassiter took a ride.  The next morning everyone in the small town was talking about the old Olsen place.  It was gone.  It was like someone came during the night, dug it up and took it away.  There was nothing left but a gaping hole.  Fifty-three acres of land starting at an eight feet depth and growing deeper toward the center to thirty feet like someone took a knife and carved it out like fresh baked brownies from a baking pan.  There was no explanation and the closest neighbors neither heard nor saw anything.  It was just gone.

Word soon got around the state, and the men in black suits came to investigate with all their instruments and high powered electronics.  They found nothing.  The other strange thing, which hadn’t come to their attention yet, both adult Olsens, Luke and Lee Ann, mysteriously disappeared from their cells in two separate detention centers.  Lee Ann was still in a camp in Texas waiting to be transferred to another in Oregon, and Luke was in one in West Virginia.

“What da’ ya’ mean he jes’ disappeared?” the camp director quizzed Luke’s roommate.

“He done knelt down next to his bunk here to say his prayers.  I looked away to give him his privacy.  When I didn’t hear nothing, I looked back and he was gone.  Gone, I tell ya’!  I don’t know where he went.  Scared the crap out a’ me.”

Lee Ann’s roommate had a similar story.  She just disappeared.  It was strange.  Lee Ann was laying on her cot when a tingling sensation came over her like she never felt before, but similar to the chill that runs up a person’s back when a rabbit runs over their intended grave site.  She closed her eyes.  When she opened them again, she was looking at five good looking men she recognized.  Chief Ten Penny, Sheriff Lassiter, Charlie Goodnight, Angus Goodnight and ramrod Long from Mr. Goodnight’s ranch.

“What, . . .?”  She sat up suddenly.

“Shuuu, don’t be afraid, daughter.  You’ve been rescued.  We’re taking you back to your farm to be with your husband, but first we have to go get him.  You’re on board a spacecraft.  Don’t worry it’s all good and everything will be explained to you.  The Chief and Charlie took Lee Ann into the small scout-ship’s mess hall and got her some coffee and something to eat.  They caught her up on everything, where their kids were and how they were doing.

It took no time to locate Luke in West Virginia.  Lee Ann watched as ramrod Long locked onto her husband’s DNA they got from the whiskers on his safety razor and transported him onto the ship.  He was startled by the transition, but he recognized all the men.  When he saw his wife his knees went weak, and he started to collapse.  Two strong Goodnight cowboys, Charlie and Angus, were on either side to catch him.  There wasn’t a dry eye on the ship as the men watched a husband and wife, who were separated for well over two years, reunited.  They got Luke something to drink and eat as they flew back to the Goodnight ranch.  

“Would you like to see where your farm was, Mr. and Mrs. Olsen?” asked the old Chief.

“You mean it’s no longer there?”

“No, we’ll show you.”  

Lazarus flew over the area where their farm was, and they gasped.  It was gone, and there was nothing left but a huge, gaping hole.  

“What happened to it?” asked Lee Ann.

“Nothing.  It’s just been moved.  It’s here on the ship with us.” said the Chief.

“What?  How?” asked Luke.

“See that box over there with the dome over it.  Go look inside.” urged Angus.

Luke and Lee Ann walked to the box and looked inside.  There was their house with the huge oak trees all around and all the land, but in miniature.  There was no doubt it was their place.

“Take them and show them, Chief.  They ain’t gonna’ understand until you do.” said Charlie.

“Chief Tin Penny took a small control from his shirt pocket and pressed a button.  A portal sprang up.  The Olsens jumped back.

“Come with me.”  the Chief told them.

“You mean through there?”

“Yes, it won’t hurt you.  It will tickle a little.”

The Chief turned and walked through.  It took a minute, but Luke and Lee Ann soon followed.  They were stunned.  There, at the right size, was their parcel of land with their house and everything.  They looked up and could see giant men looking down at them through the dome of the box.

“Now do you understand, Son?” the Chief asked.

“How is this possible?” asked Luke.  “Is ramrod Long a God?”

“No, he ain’t, but that’s the way religions git started.” the Chief laughed, “There ain’t no magic to it, Son, it’s advanced technology we have little concept of.  I understand what it does, but not how it does it.” he reassured them.

Chief Tin Penny led them back through the portal to the scout-ship.  Lazarus already returned the smaller ship to the Bandersnatch and the men  moved the Olsen’s farm into another storage area on the huge ship were all the other ranches and properties were stored.

“How many pieces of land are stored here, Captain Long.”  Luke asked.

“Don’t know an exact count, Son.  Rough guess is over two thousand.”

“You realize you’re gonna’ have to stay on your farm for the time being.  We’ll see how things go.  The kids can come and visit, but they have to be returned to Hoot and Cotton’s ranch for the rest of the time.  We can’t raise any suspicions.”

Lazarus went on to explain all the ins and outs of what was coming and told them some adjustments had to be made.  He consoled them when he told them they had neighbors they could visit who were in the same situation they were.  The men would bring their kids in the morning to visit.

That night Luke and Lee Ann Olsen spent the night in each others’ arms on their own farm, in their own bed, and the next morning, early, they were awakened by three excited, rambunctious children bounding up the stairs, into their bedroom and jumping in bed with them.  They cried tears of joy as they embraced their beloved children again.  Luke had given up hope.  Lee Ann admitted she had, too.  They were given another chance, but this time, it would be for a lot longer.

End Of Chapter 22 ~ Waco’s Lummox
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