By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 23

The Olsen’s reunion was the beginning of it all.  Other pieces of land were taken over the next several years.  Lazarus needed places to store those folks who were saved from the neo-fascist regime.  It was tricky because he had more to contend with than just the federal government becoming increasingly paranoid about vast areas of land that disappeared overnight.  It was a bit more difficult to explain away than crop circles.  Ben and Joe, the two old British sods who claimed credit for the early cereal symbols as elaborate hoaxes on their part, didn’t have a large enough board or nearly enough rope to pull off the theft of several hundred thousand acres of prime farm and ranch land.

Every time a piece of land disappeared it stirred up the black suited neo-Nazis like a hornet’s nest.  The area would be swarming with paramilitary and scientist who were still cooperating with the fascist.  Most of the more liberal, and it might be argued, brilliant scientists were either rotting away in detention camps or chained to a workbench in a piece-work factory as a common slave.  For all their interviews with the rural folks and tests, they found nothing.  Security around the Goodnight ranch and in the small town became tight and no one outside the family was ever confided in.

Like UFO’s, the government and military tried to hush up as much of the land and people disappearances as possible. They certainly didn’t want to admit there was something going on right under their noses they couldn’t control.  When the new theocratic regime took over, they were supported by and overwhelming majority of the military, because the neo-cons made sure the military was packed with right wing Christianist loonies who saw themselves as Holy Crusaders for God and country.  They were only too happy to subjugate their fellow Americans who didn’t believe the way they did.

Unfortunately, for them, they became aware they were duped too late to do anything about it and were ultimately replaced and imprisoned with the very folks they sent to detention camps.  The president and his cabinet contracted with private mercenaries composed of criminals and foreigners who wanted to come to the new theocratic republic and earn money frog marching American citizens around.  The paramilitary the neo-cons paid were the best they could get for the money.  Unfortunately, they didn’t have enough money to buy brains in the deal.  The military was just smart enough to know they were a part of an illegal coup and weren’t serving the needs of Washington from patriotism.  Naturally, the people they were responsible for keeping in check hated them and resistance was heavy.  After a while, the mercenaries began to develop their own ideas and agendas and were only kept in check by government paying them basic slave wages.

There was less and less cooperation or communication between the government G-men, local constabulary, and the paramilitary.  The local sheriffs and police chiefs soon learned they couldn’t tell either camp what they knew or risk having good citizens arrested and never returned from mere suspicion they may have been even remotely involved or had knowledge of a crime against the state.  The G-men and paramilitary often clashed with each other and the local police or sheriffs quickly learned to play one against the other.   Fortunately for Lazarus and Charlie they had a rock solid ally in Sheriff Don Lassiter.  He was smart, intelligent, and cunning.  He was always one step ahead of the other two factions.  

The Olsens, like so many of the rescued families, saw their rescue as their salvation, but along with it came a mixed bag of blessings.  While they could live free of fear and relate to their families, they were not free to go and do as they pleased.  Most families, like the Olsens, were so grateful for another chance to be together and away from the detention camps, they settled into steady routines.  New folks were helped greatly by their neighbors who were in the same situation.

It wasn’t like Lazarus made them feel captive.  The Olsens, in particular, could have their kids visit regularly, but they had to give them up to stay with Hoot and Cotton the rest of the time.  They were provided video feedback from the robo-cams which followed the kids everywhere.  Lee Ann could tune in several times a day to see how they were doing and where they were.  They could also tune into local television stations for news and programs.  Lazarus never tried to censor what or how much they watched.

Lazarus and Charlie had monthly meetings with the communities where everyone would be brought up to speed as to what was going on.  There would be a question and answer period; however, Lazarus made it clear from the beginning, until they could be relocated, which may be as long as ten years, they were not living in a democracy.  Lazarus made them understand, even though they were living a comfortable rural life, they were aboard his starship and as Captain, he made all the rules.  It might be difficult for a while, but it was necessary to maintain order to achieve their long term goals.  

He stressed he didn’t foresee having to correct anyone, but he wanted it understood he would if the situation arose.  He urged them to consider their blessings being out of the clutches of the theocracy.  He didn’t rescue them to only provide another form of slavery for them.  The fruits of their labor was not going to anyone but themselves for their upkeep, that of their families, and ultimately for trade, barter or share with others in their community.  He required nothing of them, but their loyalty and patience.

Anyone who even thought of dissenting against Lazarus’ policies was taken aside by the men of the community and reminded how their lives were outside the ship before Lazarus rescued them.  A stern lecture of reality therapy usually took care of the situation.  There was the added psychological cushion they would be inconvenienced only for a given period of time.  They all received the long-shot, and with the promise of an extended life, it would seem like a short time out of the totality of their lives.  The Olsens became two of Lazarus’ strongest and most vocal supporters.  While they longed to have their children with them, they had to be satisfied seeing them for quality time.  It was certainly better than never seeing them again and that’s what would’ve happen had they  not been rescued.

Families were not the only people on Lazarus’ list who were rescued over the years.  There were a great number of single folks including gay men and women who were rescued.  It was a time of new beginnings for many.  They had been chosen.  It was not theirs to reason why. They didn’t need to know why.  The reasons might never be available to them.  It was enough for them to know they were safe and considered worthy to be saved for the future.  Lazarus’ indoctrination was to set new standards of identification and self-awareness for them as individuals and as a community.

Once again, Lazarus let it be known that his rules were not created or intended to be democratic.  At best, he considered himself a benevolent monarch, and at worse a control freak.  Just as he did with the family communities, he reminded them he was the Captain, and as long as they were aboard his ship they would abide by his rules and laws.  There would be no arguments on that point.  As with the families, he emphasized they would only be confined to the ship for a short period in consideration to the extended lives they would enjoy.  When they left his ship, to form communities on another world, they could set their own rules.  If they found his ways not to their liking, he would be happy to return them to their previous life.  No one took him up on his offer.  It didn’t take them long to realize they had it a lot better in their communities on the Bandersnatch than with the theocratic regime.
One of Lazarus’ first rules within the context of a gay community was to abolish and forbid the use of a several terms such as ‘Lesbian,’ ‘queer,’ and the word ‘gay’ to define homosexuals.  He explained his reasons and whether they agreed with him on not, he insisted they must comply.  He stressed they had a chance to start anew and to reset the former values of another time and place to have them become more acceptable and capable of being understood, but it had to begin with them.  A new acceptance and way of thinking also had to begin with the straight community, but there had to be some give on both parts.  It had to have its germination within the homosexual community.

He would not allow homosexual women to use the term ‘Lesbian’ to define themselves.  Lazarus explained it was separating and elitist.  Within its use contained the connotation homosexual women were somehow either better, above, or removed from their homosexual brothers.  For years homosexual women insisted on their part of any bipartisan cooperation be know as “Lesbian and gay men.”  Lazarus was firm in his pronouncement, and he would not waver.  He stressed in his arguments they were no better or worse than homosexual men.  

The term ‘queer’ was an unacceptable term for a biological function rampant throughout the whole of nature. (No pun intended.)  Before the Christianist rewrote and “sanitized” the school books, it was an accepted scientific fact, animals exhibit the same sexual diversity as humans.  One should not even consider referring to a homosexual water fowl as a ‘queer duck.’

Last, but not least, the term ‘gay’ was a label stuck on homosexual men and women by straight elitist theater people before times of enlightenment who didn’t know what else to call them.  It was as incorrect as it was demeaning.  It suggested all homosexuals were bubble headed, hedonistic, carefree twits who had little other purpose in life than to flit from one sexual partner to another as a butterfly might garner nectar from a flower.  (Okay, so it might define a few, certainly not all.)

Surprisingly, to many, Lazarus didn’t have any problem with the inter-social catty appellation of ‘queen.’  He saw the term as innocuous and humorous, if somewhat accurate put down when a homosexual man was trying to be more than he was in a pompous, flamboyant manner.  The only problem came when they deluded themselves into actually believing they were  unrecognized royalty who, as an infant, was left in a basket on the doorstep of some poor, unsuspecting straight peasants.  If homosexuals absolutely had to have a term to define themselves, Lazarus stressed their creativeness was legend.  He would consider anything they brought before him.  He suggested they might consider starting by referring to each other as ‘brother’ or ‘sister’ for women.  He made it quite clear he was on a mission to improve their self-awareness as well as the image of their community.

In the beginning of the rescue program, Lazarus thought the brothers and sisters, as he referred to them, would probably be the most difficult to deal with, because they were forced to live in communes.  He was wrong.  Many had given up all hope, but when rescued, they were so damn happy to be out of the horror and squalor of the slave or detention camps, they saw life with other men in a rural setting as a new beginning.  Homosexual women lived separately from men.  As with everything else, both groups took the situation and made it their own.

No matter how strident or politically incorrect they might have thought Lazarus’ “thy shalt not” commandments, he won them over to his ideas by announcing as Captain of the ship he was fully authorized to perform legal wedding ceremonies, and he would if a couple felt they wanted it for themselves; however, he wouldn’t do it until they lived together for three years in a monogamous relationship.  He would not marry two people who had an ‘open’ relationship, because he thought the sanctity of marriage, if there was such a thing, should not be looked at from a religious point of view, but rather from an aspect of commitment.  Lazarus told them, while it was true certain animals and birds mate for life, it was scientifically questionable whether mankind, as animals and a part of nature, were specifically designed for monogamy.  Either way, a three year ‘holding pattern’ was one of his criterion for performing the ceremony.

Lazarus announcement struck a cord of acceptance and liberalism that was appreciated by all, but there were some who failed to see the need to buy into a ritual which, at best, seemed archaic, and for the most part, unsuccessful.  They reasoned if straight people couldn’t make such unions work after thousands of years, what made homosexuals think they would have a greater success ratio.  Some argued, if the slaves from Africa could consider a man and woman married after jumping over a broom, as Lazarus pointed out, they had enough inventiveness to create their own bonding ceremony; however, to the mainstream, it came down to freedom of choice to make the decision for themselves if they wanted.  For them, it had to do with family,— it had to do with belonging.

There was a wide and varied assortment of talents and skills found among those who were taken.  New abductees were assigned a brother to care for them, explain things, see to their needs and find out what skills or talents they might have.  Somehow they managed to find a place and a job for everyone and their communities began to thrive.

* * * * * * *

Lucas and Travis were quiet at breakfast the morning after the birthday party.  They spent the night together in Lucas’ room.  Waco and Little Bear were going on about the party, the football game and looking forward to a good week.  Charlie and Lazarus were pretty quiet.  Arlen had an emergency and had to get back to the Raven.  Bryce spent the night with Blake Tindell in his room at the other ranch.  

From Waco and Little Bear’s chatter there was no question who had the best night of the three pair at the table.  Hank Morgan and JR winked at each other.  There were few secrets in the Goodnight house.  Gavin was aware, but his little brother wasn’t mature enough to pickup on things.  Bron understood and smiled.  Bronc and Ts’gan were too busy eating to pay much attention.  They loved Ms. Ida’s cooking.  They never missed a meal, and they were really filling out.  They were going to make immovable defensive ends.  Lazarus walked back to his house with Lucas after breakfast.

“Well, . . .?” Lazarus asked.

“Well, what, Dad?” Lucas grinned.

“How was it?” Lazarus asked like a proud but concerned papa.

“Pert-damn good, Master.  It was everything I thought it would be and more.  Thank you for your wonderful gift.  It worked very well.  I think my partner was satisfied, and I took what I needed.”

“Fine!  Fine!  That’s what I like to hear.”  Lazarus dropped his big arm around Lucas’ shoulders and pulled him close.  “The way Travis was look’n at you at breakfast, I dare say he got what he needed.”

“He said he did, Dad.  Asked me for some more early this morning.”

“Damn, Son!  Don’t wear the thing out.”  Lazarus joked.  Lucas laughed.

“I don’t think that’s gonna’ be a problem, Sir.” he said. “I peeked into Travis’ mind while I’s fuck’n him.  I asked him first,. . . he said I could.”    

“I been teaching Charlie how to share with me.  I have to be careful ‘cause ever’ time I do he shoots right away, and I don’t get my nickel’s worth.” Lazarus laughed.

“I thought that was gonna’ happen with Travis, but he’s learned great control.  He worked with me as long as I needed.  You were right, Dad, he’s a great partner.  I’m glad he was my first.”

“Good!  Glad to hear it. How did you feel inside him?”

“I never thought it could feel so good, Master.  I don’t wanna’ wait.  I will though, because it’s important to me.  It’s something worth waiting for.”  Lucas stated.

“It will be here before you know it, Son.  Don’t try to rush it. You only grow up once.  You done good for your first time.  Let that be enough for now.” Lazarus consoled him.

“Yes, Sir.” Lucas said quietly.   

“I’m proud of the way you’re handling Caleb’s brothers.  I’ve watched you respond to them at social gatherings and when Sam got hurt.  You connect with them just enough to keep them coming back for more, but you don’t give them too much.  They can’t seem to get enough of you, especially since they found out I’m their owner and they have some closer connection with you.  How do you feel about them?”

“I don’t really know, Master.  I don’t think about ‘em much.  I was worried about ‘em up until the time you bought ‘em.  After that, I knew they’d be taken care of and looked after.  I sort of lost interest in them.  I feel like my prayers and whatever small influence I may have had with you saw them into a more stable and better life for themselves.  They have their lives to live, and thanks to you, I have mine.”

“Do you love them, Lucas?”

“I guess, but I don’t know.  I don’t know if I know what love is. I think I’m learning.  You’re a good teacher.  You don’t preach, you lead and live your love as an example to others.  I wonder sometimes if there’s such a thing as genetic love because someone’s DNA is close to yours.  Some think there is.  I’m not so sure.”

“The Kryscells been talking with you about that?”

“Yes, Sir.  I don’t think I would a’ thought of it on my own.  I’m beginning to think they might have something.  I won’t never love them the way I’ve come to love you, Master Charlie, Master Jones, Waco, Travis, Little Bear, JR, and even Gavin, Jerry, Bron, Bronc, Ts’gan and Bryce; but, one of Caleb’s brothers I can’t help love more than the rest.”


“Yes, Sir.  He’s the most honest and innocent of the five.  With Sam there’s no pretense or hidden agendas.  What you sees is what chu’ gets.  Sam was born with the soul of an old cowboy.  I see him growing apart from them and becoming his own man.  Sam’s hard not to love.”

“He is at that.  Damn.  I couldn’t a’ put it better myself.  I don’t know if you realize it, but next Friday, a year ago, was the day we brought you home, here, to the ranch.  You’ve come a long way in just a year, Son.  Your insights and attitudes are growing more mature and sophisticated by the day.  I’m gonna’ turn around twice, and you’re gonna’ be sixteen.  Stay like you are, Son, as long as you can — if not for you, for me.  Don’t try to grow up too fast, boy.  You’re one of the best investments I ever made.  I’m proud of you, Lucas, and I love you.”

“Thanks, Dad. I love you, too.  Of that, I’m certain.  Don’t say no more— please — or I’m gonna’ start bawling like a new born calf, and h’it won’t be purtty.”  

Lazarus pulled the boy closer, stole a kiss and laughed.  

* * * * * * *

Little Irene Olsen was only five years old.  She didn’t want to live with her brothers, she wanted to live with her parents.  Lazarus talked with Charlie and they decided they’d let her.  They explained she would have to grow up living on the farm with her parents and be either home schooled or attend a school within one of the micro-communities.  She agreed and was allowed to move in with them.  The boys were carefully coached to tell anyone who asked, she was sent back to Michigan to live with an old maid aunt of theirs.  Since Leon and Willie had the Stamper boys to back them up, no one bothered to check.  Most people were too worried about their own lives to be overly concerned for the little girl.  The boys would visit their family a couple of weekends a month, but were always in touch with them through their computers.

Time began to move fast.  Ping gave birth to a male and a female of their species.  Ping and Pong gave them names no one could pronounce so Ping asked Lazarus to get suggestions and for him to decide names for them.  It was Ida Mae Wallace who came up with the winning names.  She suggested Jack and Jill.  It was simple and seemed to fit the youngsters.  Ping and Pong seemed pleased with the names.

After their eyes opened and they gained the facility to move about and play, they went everywhere with Ping and Pong.  They were either riding on her back or Pong’s.  They were active and curious about everything.  The boys loved them.  They spent a great deal of time with the boys, because they could communicate with them.  Until they got too big they would ride around on the boy’s shoulder and swing from their arms.  They were fascinated by Ranger and loved riding on his back with one or more of the boys.

The world was their oyster and they were gathering information at a rapid rate.  Ping started them on computers when they were a little over six months old and in a short period of time they became more proficient than the boys.  They grew very fast and were fully grown in about a year.  Ping and Pong were very proud of them and they were becoming great additions to the family.
* * * * * * *

The fall came and the boys were getting ready for school.  Lazarus decided he wanted Lucas to have a computer of his own.  Charlie thought it was a good time to get computers for Travis and Little Bear.  On one of his weekly meetings with Lazarus and Charlie, Blake Tindell urged Lazarus to let him give the two older boys access to their old computers Cotton and Hoot  packed up and stored.  They gave the boys computers to Lazarus to have Ping go through them to see what the boys were up to.  She didn’t find much except both boys were interested in nude pictures of men as well as women.

Lazarus decided not to let them have their old computers.  He wanted them to all start off on the same basis.  They worked their asses’ off building the new slave quarters for them and any other new slaves Lazarus might want trained by Hoot and Cotton.  They moved into their new facilities two weeks before the end of summer and were wondering if they were going to get to go to school in the fall.  Blake asked, but Lazarus didn’t give him a direct answer.  He told him he would tell the boys the day of their open house to celebrate and dedicate their new quarters.  They were rightfully very proud of it.

Lazarus confided in Charlie he planned to buy all five of the Stamper boys computers and thought if they contracted with a company for a large order they should be able to get a sizable discount.  Ida Mae got wind of what they were doing and decided she didn’t want JR left out.  Lazarus had already contracted with Bron to get computers for Bronc and Ts’gan.  While they were at it, Lazarus decided he and Charlie should have new computers as well.

Charlie knew Lazarus put out considerable money for the upkeep and care of the Stamper boys as well as footing the bill for construction of the new slave facility.  He was also meeting Hoot and Cotton’s charges for training.  He paid Charlie a rental fee for the use of his slave, Blake.  Charlie would never ask Lazarus his financial status, but he couldn’t help but wonder where he was getting his money.  

Lazarus let the boys do the shopping for the computers with the most bells and whistles they could find.  Lazarus stressed he didn’t want junk.  He wanted machines that wouldn’t become obsolete for at least five years.  The boys laughed at him.  Lazarus knew why.  Technology was still moving as fast as ever and every year new models with faster computing times were coming out.  After three years a computer was almost obsolete.

One afternoon, after his work day, Lazarus asked Charlie to take a walk with him.  Lazarus took him onto the Bandersnatch and lead him down a dark corridor which seemed to have multiple storage bays on each side. Lazarus finally stopped at one and waved his hand in front of an identification lock.  The huge metal door slid back into the wall to allow access to the room.  The lights came on and Charlie couldn’t believe what he saw.  The bay measured twenty feet wide and approximately forty feet deep.  Inside, lined up on either side of a narrow metal walk ramp was treasures of all kinds.  There were huge crates of diamonds, rubies, emeralds, and all sorts of precious and semiprecious stones.  Along the other side, stacked almost to the ceiling was gold bullion bars.  They were stacked about ten feet deep by twelve feet in length.  Charlie could only guestimate the fortune which lay inside the vault.

Lazarus lead him to a stack of steamer trunks.  They had no locks on them and Charlie raised the lids on several.  Each was packed with different denomination of large currency bills of money from the old republic which was worth twice what the current Amero dollars were worth.  There were stacks of hundred thousand dollar bills, ten thousand, fives, ones and then another had hundred dollar bills in thousand dollar bundles.

“How much is here?”  asked a stunned Charlie.

“Believe it or not, I have no idea.  Ping did a rough estimation before we got here and came up with a figure close to a thirty trillion Amero dollars.  And that guess was from being able to consider the gold and the paper money only.  I have no idea what the precious stones are worth.  There are a couple in those boxes that are the size of a watermelon.  There’s one blood diamond the size of a cantaloupe in that box there.  They’re worthless on most other worlds.  We simply walked through fields and filled our pockets with them.”

“Unbelievable.”  whispered Charlie in awe.

“Do you need any money, Charlie?”  Lazarus asked sincerely.

“No, we’ve lost a lot of cattle this year to the space critters, but we’re better off than most.  There’s a couple of ranchers who might go under this year.  We might consider buying extra stock to be neighborly and keep them afloat.  It would shore’ go a long way to cementing loyalty bonds with ‘em.”

“I like the way you think, Sir.”  Lazarus smiled.  “We’ll do just that.  Here!”

He handed Charlie a stack of fifty-thousand dollar bills.

“How many are in this bundle?”  Charlie asked in awe.

“I think a hunnert.’  If’n you need more, let me know.”  Lazarus said.

“No, no, I think this’ll do nicely.”  Charlie smiled.  “Banking money with bills this large might raise suspicion.”

“Don’t bank it.  Do what I do.  Only cash transactions.  It’s harder to track, and it somewhat launders the money.  Also, remember those bills are worth double the Amero.  I have some Ameros, but I don’t wanna’ use ‘em less’n we have to.  I don’t foresee that happening.”  Lazarus said as they turned to walk out of the storage bay.

“Dare I ask what’s in these other bays?”  Charlie smiled at Lazarus.

“More of the same.” sighed Lazarus

Lazarus didn’t bother to say anything to Charlie about confidentiality.  He knew Charlie wouldn’t tell a soul, not even his beloved brother.  The men put their money in a pair of leather saddle bags they carried on the ship slung over their shoulders.  As they walked off the ship and out of the old barn, no one would suspect the two fine looking cowboys had close to a million dollars between them in their old saddle bags.

* * * * * * *
The Stamper boys were given their computers the day of the open house for the new slave quarters they built.  Lazarus told them he was proud of them, and they could go to school starting the fall semester.  They were thrilled and promised they would work after school and do their chores.  Lazarus told them he expected nothing less than a ‘B’ average from each of the boys or they wouldn’t be allowed to continue.  They promised they would do their best.  Lazarus planned to make sure they did.  He intended to keep Blake on as their trainer/house mother to make sure all homework was done and done right.

Ping placed her adjusted operating system into all the boys computers and had Lazarus explain to them the significance of the system.  The wouldn’t be able to transfer it to another machine so don’t even get the idea of trying to share such an advanced system with an online buddy.  It was provided for their protection as well as edification.  Waco, Lucas and the boys explained the ins and outs of the new system and the advantages it had over a standard MS system.  The Stamper boys were wowed.  The more they came to know Lazarus, the more mysterious he became to them.  They also liked and trusted him more.

Burt asked Lazarus if they would ever get to take a ride in one of his spaceships.  Lazarus told him he would give them all a ride if they made straight ‘A’s in school and won the football championship that year.  Then during the summer he would take them out one night.  They agreed they would try to meet his requirements.

* * * * * * *
The principal and guidance counselor called Lazarus to come to the school to talk with them about his boy.  They wanted to know Lucas’ history and what schools he attended before.  Lazarus explained he was a cowboy most of his life and worked as a ranch foreman for several large ranches in different states.  He was widowed and Lucas was the only child from his marriage to his wife.  Lazarus couldn’t take care of him alone so he left him with his mother, Lucas’ grandmother, until she recently passed away.  Lucas got into some trouble and was indentured into slavery until he was sixteen with two years probation after that.  Lazarus learned of it and bought his son to become his own personal slave.  Lazarus could see the school people were sympathetic to his story and seemed not to be concerned that Lucas was his dad’s slave.

“Is there something wrong?”  Lazarus asked.

“What kind of education did your boy have before he became a slave, Mr. Long?”  the counselor asked.

“Normal schooling, I suppose.  We ain’t talked much about it.  Since he’s been my slave I’ve tried to teach him a few things, but I ain’t much on book learn’n.”  Lazarus played the dumb cowboy until Lucas thought he would burst inside.  “Howsomever, the boy goes through books like they was candy, and he’s got a sweet tooth.  He’s got his head stuck in a book ever’ damn time I turn around.  If’n he ain’t working or doing his chores, he’s read’n.”

“Humm.” mused the principal.

“We gave him all the standard placement tests for a boy his age to determine his current knowledge level and I.Q. and quite frankly, Mr. Long, we don’t have a test to determine how much Lucas knows or his I.Q. for that matter.”

“‘Damnation!  ‘At’s what I’s afeard of, . . . the boy’s same as his daddy, . . . . dumb as a box a’ rocks?”  Lazarus poured on the West Texas cowboy dialect, turning his hat in his hand, shaking his head in disgust.  Lucas had to bite his tongue and turn his head away to keep from laughing.

“Oh, no, Mr. Long.  You misunderstand, Sir.  Lucas made perfect scores on all the tests.  We even gave him several advanced tests.  He scored perfect on those.  We have no way of judging just how intelligent your boy is.  According to our test— right now— he knows enough to graduate high school.  He made a perfect score on a highschool GED test.  He made a perfect score on the SAT test and college entrance exams.”

“Ya’ll mean to tell me, he’s smart?”  Lazarus asked in mock awe.

“Not only smart, Mr. Long, brilliant.  We don’t know if Lucas could learn anything in our school.  At the very least, he should be in highschool.  We worry about him becoming bored and losing interest.” said the counselor.

“Hail!” exclaimed Lazarus, softly, “He must a’ done got it from his momma.  She was a smart woman, . . . purtty, too.  Smarter’n this old cowboy.  Don’t know what she ever saw in me.”  Lazarus said in self-deprecation. “I wouldn’t worry none about them things if’n I’s you good folks.  I ain’t send’n him to school for what he can learn from no books or no teacher no how.  I’m send’n him ‘cause he needs to learn how to get along with others his age.  He’s been pretty much a loner most of his life, and I want him integrated into polite society.  I don’t plan on keep’n the boy as a slave all his life.  When his indenturment is up, if he does well and stays out of trouble, I’ll see to it he’s legally freed.  I’m more interested in him becoming a good citizen than a misfit genius who don’t fit in no wheres and cain’t earn a decent live’n for his-self.”
The school board reluctantly agreed to take Lucas on a trial basis.  If he behaved himself and did the work like every other students, he could continue.  Lucas was quiet on the drive back to the ranch.  Finally, he broke out into hysterical laughter.  He got Lazarus laughing so hard he had to pull the truck over to the side of the road to get himself together.  He gabbed Lucas and held him.  They were still laughing.

“You must really love me to have gone through that, Dad.”  Lucas said through his laughter.

“Ah, shucks, I held back from ‘em folks.  Y’ain’t never seen me spread it on really thick.  Believe me, h’it’s a wonder to behold.”

“Oh, Lord, . . . I can’t wait to see that.”  Lucas allowed.  They shared another laugh.
* * * * * * *

Lucas started school in the eighth grade with Waco, Travis and Little Bear.  Joining them were Gavin, Bronc, and Ts’gan.  Gavin’s little brother started in the sixth grade along with JR.  The Goodnight ranch boys, as they became known, had only one year left of secondary school and the next year they would be freshmen in highschool.  Also among their ranks was Zeke from the Stamper boys.  His association during the year bonded him with Waco’s posse and he was considered one of their gang.  They did everything together, including going out for football.

Of the Stamper boys, the four oldest boys were in highschool and went out for the highschool team, but they were allowed to go to the junior high games and support their little brother and friends.  Burt, Paul, Sam and Jeb all made first string on the highschool team, and their little brother and Waco’s men made first string on the junior high team.  The fall was filled with football.  When Waco and his men weren’t playing they were attending the highschool games.  Every small town in Texas revolves around football.  

Little Bear’s tribe always attend his games and cheered the boys on.  Once in a while, Little Bear would see his dad, John Tin Penny, sitting in the stands away from the rest of the tribe.  Little Bear would ignore him.  John Tin Penny knew better than to try to see Little Bear after a game.  John knew his dad, the Chief, would cause a scene and berate him in public.  He didn’t want to be embarrassed any more than he already was.  Once in a great while, Elam Stamper would attend one of the highschool games to see his boys play.  He thought he was clever disguising himself so no one would recognize him.  Someone always did and called him on it several times.  He would just turn and walk away.    

The boys kept in contact with each other through e-mails.  The Stamper boys would send Waco and his men e-mails several times a week.  They became good friends and encouraged each other.  For some unknown reason, Lucas would receive e-mails from all of them several times a week.  He was convinced they didn’t discuss their e-mails with each other.  The ones that always got to him were from Sam.  Sam shared with Lucas what was going on in his life and how he felt about things.  He was slowly becoming the big brother Lucas always imagined Sam could be; however, Lucas was more aloof with him.  Lucas wouldn’t let his emotions get him into a situation which might prove uncomfortable for him as well as Lazarus.  He was warm, understanding, cordial and giving with Sam, but he maintained his distance.
Lucas did fine in school.  He adopted Little Bear’s attitude of being quiet, paying attention, but not volunteering too much.  The teachers soon learned they could call on Lucas as well as Little Bear and always get a correct answer.  It became standard practice of the school administration to place all the boys associated with the Goodnight ranch in the same classes;  however, by the eighth grade, Waco and his crew became the dominant social alpha-males of the small school and there was little worry on Waco’s part his mates were going to be bothered by bullies.  They were all football players and idolized by the rest of the school.  Most of their freeman teammates were jealous of Waco and his men.

There was only one other boy who was the slave of a small rancher.  He was quiet and shy, and at first, was picked on quite a bit by the other boys.  His name was Stan Edmunds.   Waco put an end to that pretty damn quick.  Since Stan couldn’t fight back to protect himself he got beat up a couple of times by a couple of the boys who wanted him to give them a blowjob.  He knew his rights on school property and tried to refuse.  After hearing the other boys brag about it, Waco hit the roof and told them if he ever heard of them doing that again he would personally kick them off the team.  At school, Stan was as much a member of their team as they were and as such would be treated like a valued member.  Stan later thanked Waco for standing up for him.

“You’re welcome, Stan, but I don’t need no thanks for doing what’s right.  If’n you wanna’ take care of them men as a slave, then that’s your business.  Jes’ let me know so’s I won’t be butt’n in where I ain’t wanted.”  Waco smiled at him.

“I don’t want nothing to do with ‘em, Master Waco, but I shore’ wouldn’t mind take’n care of you some evening, Sir, if’n you’d let me.”

Waco smiled at the handsome boy.

“Jes’ might take you up on it, Stan, but you don’t have to service me jes’ ‘cause I stood up for you.  I ain’t that kinda man.”

“I know you ain’t, Sir, that’s why I would like to take care of you sometime.”

“I’ll keep it in mind, Stan.”  Waco smiled at him and slapped him on the back.

* * * * * * *

One day, in English class, Lucas forgot to bring his book and the class was reading Shakespear’s “Midsummer’s Night’s Dream.”  The day before the teacher assigned Lucas to read the part of ‘Bottom.’  The teacher started the class, and the students started reading.  Their assignment for homework the previous night was to be able to read their lines as if they were performing the play.  The other students were good but Lucas was perfect and rattled off his lines like a true Elizabethan thespian.   The teacher, Mr. Chambers, became more and more impressed by Lucas’ reading.  

Unnoticed by Lucas, his teacher walked to the back of the room to listen and observe.  He saw the book Lucas was suppose to be reading from wasn’t his textbook for the class.  He stopped the reading and walked over for a closer look.  He didn’t want to embarrass Lucas.  He just looked at it and saw it was Lucas’ algebra book.  He smiled to himself and instructed the reading to go on.  Lucas never missed a cue and was perfect in his delivery.  The other readers would get lost in Lucas’ recitation, forget they were next to read and Mr. Chambers would have to prompt them.

At the end of class, Mr. Chambers asked Lucas if he would remain behind for a minute.  Lucas thought he was in trouble.  Waco looked at him as if to ask if he wanted him to stay with him.  Lucas smiled and shook his head.  Waco went on with Little Bear and Travis.

“Mr. Long,” his teacher started, “how is it you can read Shakespear from an algebra textbook?”

“I’m sorry, Mr. Chambers, I inadvertently left my English textbook at home.  I didn’t want to disrupt class or get into trouble.  Was my participation in class poor?”

“On the contrary, the rest of the class had difficulty keeping up with you.  They became entranced with your reading.  I have to admit my mind strayed a bit as well.  How did you do it?”

“I did as you told us and read the complete act.  I guess I cheated a bit because I read the whole play last night.”

“And you recalled the part of ‘Bottom’ from memory, Son?”

“Yes, Sir.  I like Bottom.”

“And why is that?”

“He’s turned into an ass, has a wonderful, dreamlike adventure, falls in love with a fairy queen, returned to being a normal man, but he’s never quite the same again.  He’s learned a great lesson about love and life.”

“Astute, Mr. Long.  And how much of the play have you memorized?”

“All of it, Sir.”

“No!  That’s not possible!” exclaimed Lyle Chambers.

“Yes, Sir, Mr. Chambers, if you say so.” Lucas conceded quietly.

Mr. Chambers open his book to the next act and told him to play the part of Puck in a scene.  Chambers started in to read and Lucas followed faster than Chambers could.  He was flawless in his delivery.  When it came to other parts, Lucas recited them as well for several pages until the bell rang for the next period.  Mr. Chambers was flabbergasted.  He closed his book and got a crooked smile on his face.

“I’m sorry I doubted you, Lucas.  I believe you.  You’ll need a note from me for being late to your next class, Son.”  

He quickly wrote a note to Lucas’ algebra teacher and sent him on his way.  That afternoon, as Mr. Chambers was leaving he walked by the athletic field and stopped to watch the boys practicing football.  He saw Lucas performing as a topnotch athlete and marveled at the young man’s talent and physical beauty.  Coach Baker, the main secondary school coach, walked over to him and greeted him.

“Howdy, teach.”  he seemed more than a little friendly with Mr. Chambers.  “Are we on for tonight, sport?”  he smiled.

“It’s Thursday night ain’t it, cowboy?” Mr. Chambers smiled back.

“It is at that.  Been look’n forward to it all week.” said the Coach.

“Y’ain’t alone.” replied the English teacher in his best West Texas speak.
“Good.  Be at chore’ place a little after seven.  I’ll bring the beer.”

“I’m on my way to pickup the pizza.”  Mr. Chambers allowed.  “By the way, Wayne, . . . that Long boy.  Does he have a difficult time memorizing plays?”

“Are you kidding?  I can show that kid a play once, and he’s got it.  Ain’t never seen another like him, less’n it be the Goodnight boy.  He’s damn near as good.  They’re both well above average.”

“I have to agree with you.  You ain’t gonna’ believe what I got to tell you.  I’ll tell you over dinner.” smiled Mr. Chambers to his part-time mate.

“I’d believe anything you told me about them boys, pod’na.”  Baker smiled, winked at his friend and turned to blow his whistle at the end of the play.

* * * * * * *

Later that evening, as the two men enjoyed the afterglow of their lovemaking, Baker turned to his buddy.

“What was you gonna’ tell me about Lucas Long?”

“I heard rumors from the admin staff he’s some kind of gifted child, but he’s always been so quiet and polite it was difficult to tell.  Then today, something unusual happened.”

Mr. Chambers went on to tell his partner what happened that shook him to his core.  His cowboy-coach buddy listened intently, nodding his head from time to time.

“What makes you think I wouldn’t believe you?  I believe every word.” commented Coach Baker.  “There’s something different about all them men from the Goodnight ranch.  We watched Little Bear and Travis Jessup grow up in grade school.  They weren’t never much special until they went to live on the Goodnight ranch.  Remember we thought Little Bear was gonna’ be lost in the slave system staying as long as he did with the Tennents?  I think he missed— what— a whole year of school?  Then after them boys went to live with the Goodnights, suddenly they began to grow and develop almost overnight.  The first time Coach Grant invited me to one of their Sunday afternoon football games I damn near shit ma’ pants.  You was there.  You remember how I couldn’t believe them two, to say nothing of Lucas Long?  

Then them two boys, Bronc and Saigon, (Coach Baker was lazy, he didn’t want to bother with saying Ts’gan), there’s something about ‘em don’t seem quite human sometimes.  They run faster and got quicker response times than any of them boys.  They got the smarts to go with it, too.  Look at Waco’s cousin, Gavin Goodnight.  He’s right in there with ‘em.  To say nothing of Waco’s little brother.  He’s coming along as well as their other cousin, Jerry.  Remember when JR couldn’t even participate in PE because of them headaches he used to get.  He don’t git ‘em no more.  We got us an unbeatable team this year.  It’s ever’ coaches’ dream.

Each time I’ve been out to the Goodnight ranch, there’s strange critters what be roaming around the place.  Several of them big furry men who look like Bigfoots is all the time playing with the boys.  J’ever see that one young furry man play football with ‘em.  He’s sensational.  As good players as them other boys are, they couldn’t stop him.  Then how ‘bout them beautiful racoon like critters what’s all the time playing with the boys and on the back of that big horse.  J’ever notice how them boys talk to that horse like he can understand ‘em?  Have you ever heard that dog talk?  He can, you know.  He can talk jes’ as good as you and me.  Probably better’n me.  I don’t know what’s going on out there, but I got me a feeling it’s something we should look into.  I want to know about it.  I wanna’ be a part of it.”

“Yeah, me too, buddy.  I’ve heard talk around town from them Jesus freaks, they think something’s not right out there.  God, why can’t them folks mind their own business.  Why do they have to poke their damn unwanted noses in everybody’s private lives.  Look at us, we been in love with each other for so many years it ain’t even funny.  We sneak around and see each other when we can.  I ain’t complaining, mind you.  We’re lucky we got a good situation.  You couldn’t a’ found a better woman than Carol to understand us and give us some time together.  You got a fine family,. . . two great little girls and a fine, strapping little cowboy.  He looks jes’ like his daddy.”

“I know it’s been hard on you, Lyle, but you could a’ married Leta Jo Mc Bride.”

“Naw, I don’t want you to feel that a’ way.  I’m fine.  I get what I need from you.  Carol lets me share everything.  She treats me like I’s one of your family.  I love her almost as much as you do.  Jes’ don’t do nothing to fuck it up, brother, or we’re both dead men.  I don’t fancy being a slave to no man.  Well, maybe one of the Goodnight men or their ramrod.”  Lyle Chambers grinned and winked at his mate.

“Me neither, but if’n I had to be a slave, I’d wanna’ to be owned by one of them cowboys.  Why we talk’n like this?  H’it ain’t gonna’ come to that.  We been friends too long for anybody to suspect a thing.  We don’t never flaunt our relationship and anything we have between us is behind closed doors.  Ain’t nobody’s business but our own.  I remember that old underground movie you and I went to see when we’s in college ‘Brokeback Mountian.’ Remember? ”
“Yeah, it was tragic, but I never could understand the way Ennis handled his wife.  He could’ve made a greater effort to be the husband she needed.  He certainly didn’t try to be what Jack needed.  With a little bit of understanding and effort on his part he could a’ had it all.  He jes’ ended up being an all ‘round loser.  You ain’t nothing like him, Chet, and Carol ain’t nothing like her.  She would never betray us.  She loves you too much, and I think she loves me.”  said Lyle Chambers.

“She does love you, brother.  She thinks on you as one of our family.  She jes’ ain’t like that.  We don’t never talk about it, but I give her more than she wants most of the time.  She seems satisfied.  She ain’t never said a bad word about what little time we spend together.”

“That’s my point.  You try to make her happy.  Not because our relationship depends on it, but because that’s the kind of man you are, Chet.  You’ve always been that way, long’s I know’d ju.  I don’t know’s I’d be as attracted to you if’n you were a man like Ennis.  You and me, . . . we grew up together, Chet.  Played ball together all through school and went to the same college on football scholarships.  We knew the day would come when we had to make other commitments in our lives, and we faced it like mature men.  When you decided to marry Carol, I couldn’t a’ been happier for you.  I never counted on us continuing our relationship after you got married.  If’n it weren’t for Carol, I don’t think we would have.”  
“Remember that night she sat us down and talked to us like a Dutch Uncle?  She told us she knew we was in love with one another and she knew what men do with each other.  Her daddy was an old cowboy and owned his own slaves.  Her momma told her all about it.  Told her it was okay for her daddy to have sex with his cowboy-slaves.  He never looked at another woman, never refused her sex and was always willing when she needed it.  She told Carol she’d be lucky to find a man like her daddy.”

“Yeah, I remember that night.  Like to have shit ma’ Wranglers.  You know I love you, don’t chu’?” Chet asked his mate.

“Of course.  You always have, I know you always will.” Lyle answered.

The men embraced and shared a deep kiss.  They didn’t hear the slight popping noise made by the micro-video transmitter placed in Lyle’s apartment earlier in the day by the Jesus Patrol.

* * * * * * *

The next day was Friday and class was the same as usual except Lyle Chambers found his other students must have really taken Lucas’ reading to heart the day before, because they were all greatly improved in their reading and they finished reading the act in record time.  Lyle had seen it happen before when one student excelled in something they often motivated the others to do better.  He complimented them all and asked if they would be interested in doing the play in the spring.  They looked at each other and agreed.  After the bell rang, Lucas stopped by Mr. Chamber’s desk accompanied by Waco.  Waco waved Little Bear and Travis on to their next class.

“Mr. Chambers, Coach Baker and his family are coming to Sunday dinner at the Goodnight ranch.  My dad and Master Waco’s dad told us to invite you to Sunday dinner.  We’d be honored and proud if’n you could join us, Sir.”

Lyle Chamber was a bit taken aback.  He was out to the Goodnight ranch only a couple of times before but always as a guest of someone else.  He was touched and flattered to be invited himself.

“I would be the one honored, young men.  Thank you for your kind invitation and thank your fathers for me.  I think I would enjoy it.  I’ve enjoyed every time I’ve been to one of the Goodnight ranches.”

“It’s important to us that you come, Mr. Chambers.”  Waco added with all sincerity.

“Thank you, Mr. Goodnight.  I will be there.  What time?”

“Eleven or whatever time you get out of church if you go.”  Waco said.

It sounded kinda funny the way he said it.

“I go sometimes, but I think I might not this Sunday.  I’ll be there about eleven.”

“Good.  If you arrive a little early we can show you around.  Maybe answer some questions you might have.”  Lucas said quietly.

It was another strange statement, but Lyle took it in stride.

“I’ll look forward to it, men.”

Then the boys did something totally unexpected.  They each shook his hand like two mature gentlemen.  He was touched and impressed by their decorum.  On the way out he stopped by the field and Chet Baker came running up to him.

“Heard you were invited to the Goodnight ranch Sunday, Coach.”  Lyle said.

“More like a command performance, buddy.  I got the feeling it was important for some reason.”

“They invited me, too, Chet, and I got the same damn feeling.  While they were perfect gentlemen, Lucas and Waco stressed it was important.  It’s my first invite out there.  I been out twice, once with you and once as a guest of the Dawkins family.  Had a good time, both times.”

“Yeah, it seemed strange to me, but I ain’t got a clue.  Does it seem funny to you they invited both of us?”  asked Chet.

“Naw, I don’t think so.  We’re their teachers.  I know they like us.  I think they know we’re friends.  They see us talking.  Anyway, I gotta’ run.  Look forward to seeing you, Carol and the kids Sunday.”

“Same here, buddy.” Coach Baker ran back to the field yelling instructions to his team.  Lyle watched him run away from him and felt his dick move in his dockers.

    * * * * * * *

Sunday came and Lyle was up early to get ready for his day.  He almost talked himself into attending church.  He was a member of the Episcopal church in the small town and attended regularly.  People were watched closely to see who was going to church and who wasn’t.  If you wanted to stay out of trouble with the extreme right fundamentalist, you had to be a member of another church and attend often.  Lyle had been to church the week before.  He thought he could get by not going that day without the sky falling.  He was in a good mood as he drove his small hybrid car to the ranch.

He was greeted by the boys who showed him where to park.  They were excited to see him and each shook his hand like mature gentlemen.  Lazarus and Charlie moseyed out to greet him and shake his hand.  They made him feel at home.

“Welcome, Mr. Chambers, we’re glad you could join us for the day.”  said Charlie.

“Our boys is always talking about you and Coach Baker, how they admire both of you and learn a lot from you.”  added Lazarus, “Welcome to the Goodnight ranch, Son.”  

“Thank you, gentlemen.  I’m honored by you and the boys invitation.  I’m sure I’ll have a good time.  The boys promised to show me around.”

“We’ll let them do that.  Mr. Goodnight and I have some last minute things to attend to and then we can join you.  So, go with the boys and have a good time.  They have a lot to show you.  Some of the things you see today may surprise you, but the boys have full permission to explain everything to you.”

“Thank you, Mr. Long.  I’m looking forward to it.”  Lyle Chambers said sincerely.

The boys took him to show him around the ranch.  Scraps and Happy were here and there and everywhere.  Once in a while he heard another voice than the boys and saw them talking with Scraps and Happy; however, the other voice was coming from the male dog.  Lyle was stunned even though Chet told him about the dog speaking.

“Does the female, Happy, speak, too?”

“Naw, Sir.”  answered Lucas, “she carries the active gene which she can pass on to her offspring, but only Scraps can speak right now.  Most of their pups should be able to speak.  We’re hoping so, but my dad says it might be a mixed blessing, having four to six pups around all talking at the same time.  It might get confusing.”  Lucas laughed, “We’re hoping to teach Happy to speak.  She’s been trying and Scraps has been encouraging her.  She don’t really need to speak.  We can hear her jes’ fine anyway.”

Lyle didn’t know what that meant, but accepted it.  Lucas tossed it off like it was just an accepted thing among the boys.  They took him to visit with Ranger and he petted the big horse.  Waco let Ranger out of his area to follow them around and roam free.  Lyle had never seen that before.  It was so unusual but the horse acted like he was one of the boys and they were all over him.  Lyle looked up and two beautiful, small creatures came running up to the boys and jumped on their shoulders, then up on Ranger’s back.  The big horse turned and actually looked like he smiled at them.  They looked down from the horse at Lyle.

“Mr. Chambers, this is Jack and Jill.  They’re Ping and Pong’s son and daughter.”

“Hello, Jack.  Hello, Jill.”  Lyle greeted them politely.

They each offered their small hand and Lyle gently shook them.  They looked like they were highly intelligent.  The boys laughed.  Lucas smiled at his teacher.

“They just told us, you look highly intelligent to them, too, Mr. Chambers.”  the boys laughed.

“Is that what you mean by ‘hearing’ Happy, Son?” Lyle asked.

“Yes, Sir.  We all can.  We don’t know why it happened, but all us boys here at the ranch can hear them and each other if we have to.”

“Can you hear me?”

“Naw, Sir.  We could if’n we wanted to, but our dads taught us h’it ain’t mannerly or polite to intrude on another’s thoughts less’n they give you permission.  We would never break that rule.  H’it just ain’t done.  Maybe if’n you’s in trouble and we needed to find you in a hurry, we would, but it would depend on the situation.  Then we still wouldn’t do it without adult permission.”

“There’s one other time we would try’n read a persons mind.  If’n he had a gun as was threatening people, we’d tune in to see what he was thinking.  If we could do anything to keep him from killing somebody, we would.  We wouldn’t hurt him, but jes’ try to immobilize him until we could determine his intent.”  added Waco.

“I see.”  said Lyle, “What other wonders do you men have to show me?”

About that time Ox and Strom came from the newer barn.  Lyle was always a little taken aback by their size.  The bigger one they called Strom they ran to and gently patted the lump in his lower abdomen.  The boys were chattering away.

“You’ve met Waco’s slave, Ox, before, Mr. Chambers.  Ox extended his giant paw and Lyle took it to shake.  Ox’s paw felt soft and warm like it was welcoming him.

“Ox said his hand is welcoming you, Mr. Chambers.” confirmed Lucas.
Lyle laughed and thanked him.  Strom did the same, except he looked deeply into Lyle’s eyes and almost shook him to his foundation.  It seemed like the most natural thing in the world for Strom to gently pull Lyle into an embrace and hold him.  He placed one big paw behind Lyle’s head, pulled him to his breast, and began to sing to him.

Lyle was stunned.  He wasn’t the least afraid, but something about the gesture and the song Strom was singing struck a chord in Lyle’s soul and he started shedding tears.  He never was so moved by any man or creatures actions before.  It was also very sexually arousing to him.  His dick began to stir in his Wranglers, and he was sure he could feel Strom’s huge genitalia growing strong.  Strom kissed Lyle on the top of his head and released him.  Lyle stood looking into the big creature’s eyes.

“Thank you, Strom.  That was very kind of you.”  Lyle spoke as he wiped away a couple of tears.

“Don’t feel bad, Mr. Chambers, Strom affects everyone that way.  He is so loving and good natured he captures everyone’s heart.”

Lyle wondered why Strom’s lower abdomen seemed extended.  Lucas gently patted it and smiled at Lyle.

“Our newest brothers are in his pouch, Mr. Chambers.  They’re twins, and my father is their dad.”  Lucas said proudly.  Lyle looked dumbfounded.

“Ox and Strom are Volgorons.  On our planet they are known as Lummox, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, Yeti, and several other names.  They are another species from us; however, their DNA and ours is compatible in several remarkable ways.  In fact, instead of a double helix, their DNA is made up of a triple helix, which makes them sort of like a chamaeleon when it comes to reproduction.  In their world, males impregnate the female and she becomes pregnant; however, after about six months she gives birth to the bairn and the father takes over.  The bairn crawls into his pouch and lives there for another six months until it’s fully formed.  The male lactates and feeds the bairn.  Volgorons or Lummox, as we sometimes call them, milk is delicious and extremely nutritious.  We drink it all the time.  It has the extra added value it is capable of correcting our DNA and can cause miraculous cures of mammalian diseases and physical malfunctions.”

The men came to the old barn and Strom sat on a couple of bales of hay and lay back against a post.

“It’s time for our brothers’ morning feeding, Mr. Chambers.  You’ll get to see them.”

Lyle watched in awe as two small, human looking infants crawled out from a pouch in the big furry man’s lower abdomen and started climbing hand over fist, over the thick fur, up his front toward his teats.  Lyle looked at Lucas and smiled and then returned his attention to the two babes.  They hooked up to Strom’s tits and began to feed.  Lyle laughed.

“Hungry little beggars, ain’t they?”  

“Yes, Sir.  They feed twice a day.  They’re late this morning.  Strom told them to wait until you got here.  We wanted to show you so you might better understand us.”

“Can you communicate with them, Lucas?”

“Yes, Sir.  When they’re awake we talk with them all the time, but  they sleep a lot.  They’re still growing.  My other dad only gave birth to them about two months ago.  They got a lot of growing to do before they can leave Strom’s pouch.”

“Your other dad gave birth to them?  How?  Who is your other dad, Lucas?”

“Captain Arlen Jones.  He’s my dad’s mate.  You’ll meet him.  Him and my brother will be here today.  They’re currently in the Amazon jungle collecting endangered species and plants to be preserved for the future.”

“Who’s future?” Lyle asked.

“Why, yours and mine, Mr. Chambers, and my baby brothers.”

“He’s visiting from the Amazon?”

“Yes, Sir.  They’ll be here in a while.  We’ll take you to meet him when he comes in.”

“You mean he’s flying in today.”

“In a way, but not quite, Sir.  We’ll explain as we go along.  We’ll show you a film a little later about how Lummox and human males can have bairns together.  It will explain everything in detail.”

“Perhaps a little too much detail.”  added Little Bear.  The rest of the boys laughed and giggled at his statement.

The men watched as the babies feed and their small stomachs ballooned up from the nutritious Lummox milk.

“Makes me hungry just watching them.” Lyle said.

The boys laughed at Lyle’s observation.

“Strom said you can have some of his milk after they finish.  He’s got lots more.”  Lucas told him.

Lyle laughed.  He thought the boys were pulling his leg.

“We drink it all the time, Mr. Chambers.  How do you think we’ve developed so quickly and overcame several physical problems?  Travis used to be asthmatic.  He ain’t no more.  JR used to have massive migraine headaches.  He don’t no more.  Little Bear had rickets so bad when he first came to the ranch he could barely walk.  He don’t have rickets no more.  They helped me, too.  You can’t imagine what they done for me, but we’ll share that with you as well.”

Lyle had to admit the prospect of sucking on the huge creature’s tit for some of his milk stirred something deep inside him of a deeply sexual urge.  No, it was more than that,. . . it was a need.  If offered he knew, beyond a doubt, he wanted to be held and feel the giant’s arms enfold him one more time.  He saw Strom’s beautiful golden eyes looking at him.  He knew the monster had heard his thoughts, and he blushed a deep red color.  He continued to watch a genuine, loving smile cross Strom’s face as one big tear formed in the corner of Strom’s eye and ran down the fur of his cheek.  Lyle didn’t need the boys to tell him what that tear meant.

The men watched as the young bairns disconnected from their dad’s teats, blew bubbles of milk from their mouths and noses, sputtered and made faces as Travis wiped their little faces with a warm, damp cloth.  They turned and raced each other back to the comfort and protection of their father’s pouch.  Travis gently cleaned Strom’s teats and gave him a kiss.

“You’re the best daddy, Strom.”  Travis told him softly and gave Strom and peck on his cheek.  Strom smiled and stole a kiss from Travis.  He reached up and took Lyle’s hand and gently pulled him into his arms.  Once again he put his hand behind Lyle Chamber’s head and directed his mouth to his left teat, with his other strong arm around his back.  Lyle didn’t know what to do, but when he heard Strom singing to him again in his deep rumbling voice he knew he had to sample Lummox milk.  He thought it would be rude of him not to.  

Lyle hooked up to Strom’s big teat and gently began to suck.  He wasn’t prepared for the amount of flow produced and quickly had to swallow.  The taste was phenomenal.  It was unbelievably good.  It was like a thick custard or sweetened condensed milk.  It was so rich it was almost sickeningly so, but the more he sucked and drank, the better it tasted until he was afraid of making a pig of himself.  He had to fight with himself to withdraw.  He was about to pull away when he thought he heard a voice in his head.

<< Just a little more, my handsome young human.  Drink until I release you. >>

Lyle didn’t know if he really heard a voice or if his imagination was making it up to convince him to drink more of the wonderful milk.  He drank more and more, until he felt Strom relax his grip on his head and begin to stroke and pat him like he was a beloved pet.  He pulled away from the big creature’s teat and lay his head on Strom’s huge chest.

“My, God, in heaven!”  he exclaimed softly. “That was incredible!”

Lyle looked up into Strom’s handsome face and eyes.

“Thank you, Strom.  That was, indeed, an unexpected and unusual treat.  I’m honored and most grateful.”

Strom petted him several times.  Lyle could feel the love that passed between them.  He was shaken to his core.  He felt himself tremble several times.  He never experienced anything like that in his life.  He wondered if male Lummox ever bonded with human males.  All of a sudden, he heard a deep, booming, masculine voice in his head.

<< It happens a lot, my son.  It is said, bondings between a Lummox male and a human male are the strongest in the universe.  You will meet Captain Trong and Commander Fielding today.  They are a bonded pair and have several bairns together.  Three humans and three Volgorons.  Gavin and Jerry Goodnight are their boys.  They just took Master Goodnight’s last name for school.  Their real last names are Trong-Fielding.  Bronc and Ts’gan are my bairn Ox’s grand-bairns.  Their daddy, Bron, is my great grand-bairn.  >>

<< How can I hear you, Strom? >>  Lyle thought in his head.

<< My milk triggered your latent genetic power to do the same as the boys.  You will be able to hear them and the animals from now on. >>

<< My, God!  That’s amazing.  Thank you again, my friend.  I hope I’ll see more of you, Strom. >>

<< You will, Mr. Chambers.  The boys tell me about you all the time.  They love you very much and wanted to answer some of the questions you’ve had about them and their lives.  They want you to become a part of them.  They want to protect you from harm.  Now that I’ve met you and shared my milk with you, I have to admit, so do I. >>  Strom smiled at Lyle.  Lyle blushed a deep red color.

“We don’t have to interpret for you any more, do we, Mr. Chambers?” Lucas watched the exchange between Lyle and Strom.

“No, Son, I don’t think so.  I can hear all of you now.  This is frick’n unbelievable.  It’s a whole new world for me.  Thank you, gentlemen for inviting me today.  I don’t know what to say.”

“There’s more, Mr. Chambers.”

“I don’t know how?  What you’ve shown me so far is pretty damn remarkable.”

“Trust us, Mr. Chambers, there’s a lot more.” confirmed Waco.

The boys thought Lyle Chambers was going to shit his Wranglers when Lucas opened the portal to the Bandersnatch.  His eyes got really big.  Jack and Jill scrambled down from Ranger to stand on either side and take his hand.  He looked down at them in amazement and smiled.

<<  Not be afraid, Lyle Chambers.  Is but a door to another place.  It is door to Lucas’ father’s starship.  Walk with us through the blue water, follow the boys and you will be aboard a great ship. >>

Waco, Ox, Little Bear, Travis, Gavin, JR, Jerry, Bronc, and Ts’gan disappeared, one by one, through the blue, shimmering water-like door.  Lucas and Strom  stayed behind to help Lyle.  Jack and Jill were gently urging him through.

“Come, Mr. Chambers, it tickles a little but once your through it will quickly go away.  We go through these gates all the time.  If it won’t hurt Strom or the bairns, it won’t hurt you.  Close you eyes, take a deep breath and go.” Lucas urged.  

Lyle took his advice and with Jack and Jill he walked through.  There was applause for him on the other side and three of the most handsome, beautiful naked men he’d ever seen in his life greeted him.  Lucas and Strom followed right behind.

“Mr. Chamber, I’d like to introduce my brothers to you.”  Lucas said, “This fine looking gentleman is Cable.  He’s in charge of my dad’s ship when he’s away and these handsome men are his assistants David and Jonathan.”

They shook Lyle’s hand.  Lyle was in awe of these perfect men.

“You men are Lucas’ brothers?  Are you sons of Mr. Long?”

“Yes, Sir, we are; however, we were not born unto him.  He had us created.”

“I don’t understand.”  Lyle looked confused.

“Cable, David and Jonathan are sentient bio-mechanically engineered men.  They ain’t robots, Mr. Chambers.  They are free thinking, feeling, reasoning, highly intelligent and good looking men, as you can see.”

“I certainly can.  All this technology, . . . it can’t be from our planet.”

“You’re right, Sir.  It’s from a number of civilizations.”  Cable said.

“This is all too much.  No wonder you men are more intelligent than my average students.  You’re much further advanced than them.”

“No we ain’t, Mr. Chambers.”  spoke up Little Bear, “We jes’ have good men who love us and are seeing to our well being.  We have a few more options available to us than most students, but please don’t discount our own hard work.  We may be able to retain information at a greater speed and rate than most, but we’ve learned how to do it.  We’ve been taught by the best.  Not all is as it seems to be at first glance.”

“My, God.”  was all Lyle Chambers could say.  Then he added, “Why, me, men?”

“Why not you, Mr. Chambers?”  Lucas answered, “You’re one of our favorite teachers, and we don’t wanna’ lose you.  You don’t only teach, you inspire your students to go beyond learning and help them understand.  We want to protect you.  You’re here, because you and Mr. Baker are about to get into a lot of trouble, but we’re doing everything in our power to see it doesn’t happen.  My dad and Master Charlie will talk with you men later today, but before that we wanted to tell you everything so you wouldn’t be troubled.”

<< Oh, my God, what have they discovered?  Do they know about me and Chet? >>  the moment he thought it Lyle knew he projected it out to everyone in the room, and he almost died of embarrassment.

“We also plan to teach you how to control your thoughts and block anyone from hearing you who you don’t want knowing your private thoughts.  Of course we know.  If we had the least doubt of your goodness or Coach Baker’s, you wouldn’t be here.  You’ve trusted us this far, Mr. Chambers, trust us to do the right thing by you.”

“Amazing.” said Lyle quietly.  Then he asked, “Why are these men nude?”

“They rarely leave the ship.  They don’t like wearing clothing and my dad likes to look at them in the raw.  I think every man here would agree, it would be a damn shame to put clothes on such beauty.”

“I can’t gainsay that.  Now that I think about it, it was a pretty stupid question on my part.  Forgive me, gentlemen.”  Lyle spoke directly to Cable, David and Jonathan.

“No offence taken, Mr. Chambers.  It’s perfectly understandable.” Cable spoke for them.

“And in case you’re curious, Mr. Chambers, my bio-mechanoid brothers are fully functional sexually and have no hangups or preferences.  They are capable of strong emotions.  They know what fear, anger and love is and are capable of as many variations as we are.  Us men love them very much.  They are very good to us and an important part of our lives.”  Lucas smiled at Lyle.  

About that time a small alarm went off and Cable responded.

“Captain Jones and our brother Bryce are arriving in the large portal bay, gentlemen.”  Cable told the assembled men and Lummox.

“Come with us, Mr. Chambers, and you can see how they arrive from the Amazon.  We have to go through another portal.”   

The boys were excited and already going through the new portal which sprang up from Cable pushing a button.  Lyle didn’t have any problem this time and followed Scraps and Happy through.  Everyone was there waiting for the two men’s arrival.  The large portal was activated and two fine looking cowboys came through the gate.  Lyle was impressed by the older one’s size and the younger man’s beauty.  Introductions were made all around and the men began to talk when another alarm went off.

“Captain Trong and Commander Fielding are about to arrive with their family.”  Lucas told Lyle.

He no sooner got the words out when the entire family walked through the gate.  There were two Lummox males and a younger female clinging to their human father and one human female obviously too large to be carried by her Volgoron father, but there she was with her head and shoulders peeking out from Captain Trong’s bulging pouch.  Gavin and Jerry ran to their huge Volgoron dad and hugged him.  Gavin took his little sister from his dad and chided her for still needing the protection of her dad’s pouch.  She was happy to see her older brother again.

Introductions were made and Lyle Chambers was in awe of what he was witnessing.  He learned the Trong-Fieldings were from a ship near the arctic circle called the Archimedes.  The big handsome Vologoron male was Captain and his mate held the rank of Commander, in what military Lyle could only guess, but he bet it wasn’t a military that was part of any country on Earth.  Lyle was really impressed and taken with Captain Trong and the Commander.  The big lummox actually spoke to him.  It was the first time he ever heard one speak.  Captain Trong had a booming, deep, bass voice that resonated throughout the transporter bay.

They all returned to the sickbay area and from there went through another portal to the barn on the ranch.   Other guest were arriving and the boys had responsibilities.  They promised Lyle they would have more information for him and Coach Baker later in the day.  Until then, feel free to tell Coach Baker anything he felt like and be as open with him as he wanted to be.  They would reveal all to him in time anyway.

“Why are you doing this, Lucas?”

“Because you are part of our family, Mr. Chambers.  You and Coach Baker and his family.  You are separate from most of the community in which you live.  You don’t believe the same way those folks do.  You are a secular humanist.  You are important to us and to our community.  Trust me, you will understand more after today.  Right now, it should be enough for you to know you are loved, appreciated and needed.”

Lucas stuck out his hand and Lyle took it.  They shook hands.

“Thank you, Lucas, for trusting me.”

“You’re worth it, Mr. Chambers.  Don’t ever forget that, Sir.”

Lucas excused himself and ran off to find his brothers and get last minute instructions from Lazarus and Charlie.  He ended up helping Ida Mae in the kitchen.  Lucas had become her right hand man when it came to organization.  Ida Mae trained Lucas like she wanted him, and he got things done.

Lyle Chambers turned and saw Chet Baker and his family coming up over the rise and heading down into the main compound of the ranch.  Travis and Little Bear were out directing traffic.  They were followed by a van full of American Indians who were obviously Little Bear’s tribe.  Little Bear jumped up and down and waved to see them.  He directed them to park over behind the old barn.  More and more cars and trucks were coming over the rise.  Lyle was beside himself to speak with his buddy.  Lyle met Chet’s ranch wagon when he parked and helped Carol out of the front seat.  They hugged and kissed.

“Lyle, I swear you get better looking ever’ time I see you.”  Carol flirted with him.

“I knew there was a reason I love you, Carol.  You’re so full of it.”  Lyle joked back.  Carol Baker giggled like a school girl.  

Chet came around the front of the wagon and extended his hand.  He was all decked out in his cowboy duds and looked as handsome as ever.  The men shook hands and then Chet pulled Lyle into a hug and patted him on the back.

“Glad you could join us today, brother.  Carol ain’t talked about nothing else but git’n to see you again.  I keep tell’n her you ain’t nothing special, but she don’t believe me.”

“That’s fine, I always did love her more’n you anyways.”  Lyle laid on him.  Carol broke up laughing.

“Did ju’ git here early, bro?”  Chet asked as they walked toward the main house.

“I was told to arrive a little early.  The boys wanted to show me around the ranch and show me some things the average person don’t get to see.  Remember our talk about something being different with them boys, Chet?”  Lyle asked quietly.

“Yeah.” replied Chet in a low voice.

“They ain’t only different, brother, they’re amazing.  I can’t tell you everything, but I know they will later.  You’re gonna’ shit chore’ pants, bubba.  I damn near did mine.”

“Gimme’ a hint, Son!”  Chet begged.

“I can’t, bro.  You gotta’ see it for yourself.  You wouldn’t believe me if’n I’s to tell you.”

“You know I would, Lyle.”

“Just have a good time, and I’ll point out a couple of things to you.  Remember what you told me about them communicating with that big horse and the dogs?”


“Well, they can, but the craziest thing is, . . . I can do it now.”

“No!”  said Chet Baker quietly.

“See, I done told ju’ you wouldn’t believe me.  I drank some lummox milk straight from the monster’s teat.  See that big ‘un over there talk’n with the boys?  After he got through feed’n Mr. Long’s twin sons he’s carrying in a pouch in front like a Kangaroo, he let me have some.  It must have flipped a switch in my brain, ‘cause now I can hear ‘em and talk to ‘em.  Remember us saying we want to know more and be a part of them?”

“Yeah, I still do.”

“Don’t worry, brother, I have a feeling after today we will be a part of them.  They’ve already let me know too much to back out now.  You have no idea what I’ve seen and experienced in the brief time I been here.  Amazing shit, Chet.”

“Jes’ tell me one thing, bro, what did the milk taste like, and was his tit as sweet as mine?”  Chet grinned wickedly.

“The milk was unbelievably good.  I didn’t think I was gonna’ be able to stop, but you got the sweetest tits I ever did suck on, cowboy, you know that.”

Chet broke up, pushed his hat back on his head, and threw his arm over his friend’s shoulder.

The day got underway and Sunday dinner was served.  It was country style buffet fried chicken with all the fixings.  The freemen guest went though the line first, and then, the slaves could go through.  Travis didn’t care, he went through with his parents and new little brother.  They were right behind Ranger Gibbons, his wife and new son.  The boys were already communicating with the young ones and Lyle couldn’t help overhear some conversations.  Chet introduced Lyle to Angus and his family and they all ate dinner at a table together.  The boys sat as close to their teachers as they could.  They idolized both men.

“We hear great things about you and Coach Baker, Mr. Chambers.”  Angus drawled good-naturedly, “Them boys of ours can’t say enough good things about ya’ll.”

“Wish all our students were like the men from the Goodnight ranches, Sir.  They’re a joy to teach.  They’re quite, attentive, polite and intelligent.  They always do their homework.  What more could a teacher want from a student?”  Lyle responded.

“I never have to tell them boy something twice.”  agreed Coach Baker.

While they were eating, a van from Hoot and Cotton’s ranch came over the rise and the Stamper boys, their trainer and several cowboy-slaves got out and headed for the food line.  They waved and acknowledged everyone.  Two of the highschool coaches and their families arrived followed by Sheriff Lassiter and his family.  Charlie and Lazarus got up from eating and went to welcome them.  The sheriff sent his family on to get their dinner and remained behind with Charlie and Lazarus to talk for a minute.  Lyle thought he saw the sheriff looking over at him and Chet several times.  His heart leapt to his throat.  He didn’t know whether to mention to his buddy what he heard from Lucas.  He thought better of it.  No sense upsetting his partner and ruining both their day.  They would find out soon enough.  Better they learned what and how bad together.

End of Chapter 23 ~ Waco’s Lummox
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