By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 3

Dinner that evening was an unusual experience to say the least.  Ida Wallace and Hank complemented Waco and Ox on his new attire.  It wasn’t quite formal dinner dress, but they allowed it served the purpose of decency.  Ida let it be known she didn’t care if Ox wore clothes or not.  

“If’n I had my say,” she grinned, “Hank would be running around here butt naked most of the time.”  She laughed as she patted him on his ass.  Hank told her to be careful what she wished for.  Charlie jumped in the conversation.

“Jes’ say the word, Ida.” Charlie teased, “We wanna’ keep our fine cook happy.”

“Lord, Master, don’t encourage her.”  Hank pleaded.  They all laughed.

Waco had to get the piano bench for Ox to sit on and he towered over all the others sitting at the table including Hank who was, himself, a larger man than his Master; however, Hank seemed the least affected by Ox’s size or lack of social graces at the table.  Actually, Ox wasn’t that bad.  Waco did almost everything for him like a parent would a small child.  Rather than being put off by Waco’s actions, the giant man seemed to appreciate his young master’s consideration.

<< Is there anything on the table you don’t want to eat, Lummy? >>  Waco asked with concern.

<< I don’t eat meat of mammals, young master.  Any creature who suckles their young I will not knowingly eat.  I can drink their milk and eat products made from their milk.  I can eat fish and fowl. >>

<< Well good, ‘cause tonight we’re having chicken pot pie.  It has all kinds of vegetables and nothing but chicken in it. >>

Waco piled a plate full of food for the lummox and provided him with salad and several other side dishes.  Waco showed Ox how to use a fork.  It was awkward for him, but when he saw the way Hank held his fork with his fist, Ox imitated him and it worked fairly well.  He used it like a shovel, but it was too small.  Ida took pity on the big man, walked to the kitchen and returned with a huge plastic fork that was part of a salad bowl set.  Ox’s eyes lit up when he saw the size of the big fork.  He didn’t have any problem getting the food into his huge maw after that.   He told Waco several times to thank Ms. Ida.

Ox had never eaten cooked food before, but found it quite to his liking.  So much so he had seconds and thirds.  But when it came to dessert, he decided Ms. Wallace’s apple pie with a slice of cheese melted on top was about as close to heaven as he was going to get.  He had two slices and savored each as if it was the best thing he ever had in his mouth.

Ms. Wallace fell in love with him.  She loved any man who loved her cooking, and Ox radiated his joy in eating her food.  Charlie thought it was amusing and enjoyed sharing the new experience with his boy and his new slave.  There was just something about the big critter that easily captured everyone’s heart.  

After dinner Waco removed Ox’s leather breach.  He explained he didn’t see any need for him to be uncomfortable.  Besides they were going to have to get ready to bed down for the night.  Charlie overheard Waco’s words to his new slave and smiled to himself.   He knew in his heart there was one other reason Waco failed to mention.  He wanted to see his beast in the raw for the rest of the evening.  

Waco took his and his dad’s sleeping bags and threw them into the loft before getting ready for bedding down for the evening.  He lead Ox to the large bath at the end of the hall attached to the room Waco hoped to occupy after his birthday party.  It had a large shower stall and he and Ox could wedge in together, although there wasn’t a lot of extra room.  

It had a shower attachment on a hose you could remove from its fixture on the wall and move around.  Waco explained to Ox it would be part of his duties to bathe him and he, in turn, would take care of him.  It seemed reasonable to Ox; however, in his world he never bothered to bathe.  He body smells and accumulated odors were part of his defense mechanisms.  His kind would develop such powerfully unique and distinct odors, the largest predators would run away rather than be confronted by them.  At the auction house they scrubbed him within an inch of his life.  He figured, in his new life, at least for a while, he would have to adapt.  That’s what his species was best at,— adapting.  

Waco intuitively sensed that about Ox and decided they would bathe with some hard-milled oatmeal soap his grandmother made that contained no perfume, only the scent from real lilac blooms she mixed in with the soap.  It was in the attic for years.  Obviously his mother didn’t care for it and stored it.  Waco found it got him clean and left him with his own unique body fragrance he liked.  It left him with just a hint of lilac on his body.  He even got his dad to try a bar and could notice the difference in the way his dad smelled afterward.  It didn’t cover up his dad’s unique, signature male odor that sometimes drove Waco crazy with lust.

Ox was gentle bathing his young masters and Waco was equally gentle with his lummox.  Ox had no problem with Waco bathing any part of him and seemed to enjoy his attention.  Because he was so tall, Waco would have him sit on a small wooden milking stool so he could wash his enormous back and shoulders.  Waco really enjoyed taking care of Ox and it showed in his erect penis.  It must have felt pretty good to Ox as well.  He remained erect all through Waco’s scrubbing him down.  When they were through, it took four large towels to dry the big man.

The bathroom had belonged to his mother and he found her old hair dryer.  He plugged it in and showed it to Ox.  The noise upset him a little at first, but when he felt the warm air it produced and felt the fine brush Waco used on him to further dry his fur, he melted, relaxed under the warmth and leaned back against his young master to enjoy his attentions.  He had never been pampered or shown such care before.  His kind were usually solitary as young males and only formed families when necessary.  He wondered to himself if he was forming a family.  He didn’t realize his relaxed thoughts could be heard by his caretaker.

<< Of course you’re forming family.  You already done told me you came for me.  What other purpose could there be? >>   Waco smiled at him as he admired his handiwork.  Ox’s fur was taking on a sheen he didn’t notice before.  Of course it could’ve had something to do with the cream hair conditioner rinse he found under the sink.

<< I have to be careful what I think around you, Master, if I want some private thoughts. >>  

<< You can always lock me out.  I lock out my ponies when I don’t want ‘em to hear me.  I haven’t locked you out because I see no reason to.  I trust you, Lummy.  My daddy done taught me to give any man my trust until he does something to make me not want to trust him. >>

<< Your dad is a wise man, Master Waco.  How do you do it?  I ain’t never had to do it.  A couple of times I wish I could have. >>  Ox allowed.

Waco explained and quickly showed Ox how he could lock anyone out.  Ox was impressed.  His young master, whom he was sent to find, showed him a trick about his own abilities he never knew about in six hundred years.  How was that possible?  He felt ashamed of himself and his arrogance.  Because of his advanced years, he assumed he knew more than this young human who had only been on the planet twelve years.  Ah, but could it be the boy was unwittingly tapping into the wisdom of the ancients?  He mentioned a couple of times he loved the lummox.  Did he know?  Could he have any idea?  Ox pondered.

<< There’s more to you I must discover, Master Waco.  I’m afraid I’ve been looking at you from a wrong point of view.  I won’t make that mistake again. >>

Waco wasn’t sure he understood what Ox was talking about, but he figured he’d understand it as time went by.

* * * * * * *

Charlie had second thoughts about staying the night in the loft with Waco and his lummox; however, Waco wasn’t taking ‘no’ for an answer.  He insisted he already took his dad’s sleeping bag along with his and had Ox toss them up into the loft.  The three men finally made the walk to the barn.   

Waco found some older, extra quilts in an old trunk in the attic he had Ox carry for him.  They were to make a pallet for Ox to lay on and have something to cover him should he want it.  Waco had an idea, in the open , Ox rarely had anything to cover him while he slept.

The men arrived at the barn and climbed into the loft.  They got busy arranging the straw to make the most comfortable cushions for their beds they could.  Straw can be comfortable to sleep on.  It molds itself to your body and the ambient heat from the slow decomposition of the hay gives extra warmth.

Charlie had no unnecessary modesty in stripping in front of his son and the lummox.  Waco even ordered Ox to help his dad off with his boots like he’d taught him to do for him.  After they finished and lay down Waco was between Ox and his dad.  Waco curled up next to Ox his head was laying on one of his beast’s massive arms.  Ox smiled at him.

<< If you would like me to, I would enjoy pleasuring your dad this evening.  I know I’m expected to be your body slave, but I could also take care of him for you.  I think he would like for me to. >>

<< I get that feeling too, Lummy.  I’ll ask him. >>

“Dad, Lummy and I want to know if he could offer you some pleasure this evening?”

“I bought Ox for you.  I only came out to be with you this evening.”

“I think it would make Lummy feel like he was becoming a part of us.”

“Well, I certainly wouldn’t mind a little relief.  It’s been a full day and tomorrow is even gonna’ be more full.  We’ll be going from the break of day.”

Waco gave Ox the go ahead and he was on Charlie’s dick in an instant.  Charlie opened his arms for Waco to come to him and he held his boy and made love to him as Ox worked away on his big, cowboy dick.  Like he had done earlier to Waco, Ox took all of Charlie’s genitals into his huge mouth and it was unlike any experience Charlie ever had before.  It wasn’t long before Charlie was gasping for breath and holding Waco even tighter as his hips rose from his bedroll to meet Ox’s attentions.  Charlie climaxed long and hard.  He was so relaxed afterward as he lay there gently kissing Waco.

“Dayamn!  I think you done picked a winner, Son.  Thank’s, Ox.  That was wonderful.”

Ox smiled.

“He said you tasted as good as I did, Dad.  He enjoyed the taste of your seed.”

 Ox moved over to his young master and proceeded to take him into his mouth.  Charlie held Waco and continued to make love to him as the giant lummox gave his boy pleasure.  Waco had an even greater reaction laying in his dad’s big, cowboy arms than he did earlier in the day at the slave auction house when Ox took him there.  It all seemed to come together at that moment.  In a perverse way Waco saw having his dad hold him, making love to him and his beast pleasuring him was sort of like holding on to your cake and having it eat you, too.  What more could a young cowboy want?

After a while the men settled down and began to fall asleep.  Waco felt somewhat guilty he couldn’t take care of his beast; however, he knew he would work that out in time.  Ox didn’t seem to be the least frustrated.  On the contrary, he seemed pleased and happy with himself he brought comfort to the two men who rescued him from what fate he could only imagine.    

* * * * * * *

The men were up early the next morning when the first rooster crowed before the light of dawn.  It was going to be a long day.  Waco got Ox fed his morning ration and slave chow, biscuits and water.   While Ox enjoyed eating with the family the night before he confided in Waco he was more comfortable eating his slave chow and he loved the biscuits.  Waco left him to have his breakfast and went in for breakfast with his dad.

To his surprised, siting at the table was Ms. Wallace’s boy, J.R.  When he saw Waco he jumped up from his chair and ran to him.  He hugged him tight.

“Happy Birthday, Waco.”

“Thanks, little brother.  When’d ju’ git home?”

“Last night late.  Aunt Lou was gonna’ bring me home this morning, but she forgot she had a doctors appointment today.  I told her I jes’ had to be here for yore’ birthday.  She dropped me off and went on back.”

JR was Ida and Hank’s son.  He was named Hank Jr., but everyone just called him JR.  As far as JR was concerned, that was his name.  He didn’t even know he had another name.  He was two years younger than Waco and thought of Waco as his big brother; after all, his last name was ‘Goodnight.’  While Waco knew better, it was easy for him to think of JR as his little brother.  They had grown close over the last ten years.  Everyone knew JR was Hank’s boy except JR.  He was never told, and he never asked.  Hank was just always around and even though JR knew Hank was a slave, he looked up to him as an adult role model.  Hank was the one who always administered punishment to JR when his mother told him JR misbehaved.

Ida got pregnant by accident while Waco’s mom was still alive.  Charlie told Ida Wallace he didn’t mind her and Hank cohabiting as long as they took precautions because, he didn’t want the complications involved if she were to get pregnant.  When it happened, Ida didn’t want to lose her job as housekeeper and cook for the Goodnights, nor did she wish to get Hank into trouble, so she made arrangements for an abortion without telling anyone.

However, since she was a free woman she couldn’t get an abortion in a medical facility.  It was against the new rigid laws crammed down every liberal thinking person’s throat by the theo-cons.  They were quick to force their warped values on others about saving the lives of unborn children, yet they were still waging their bloody wars killing hundreds of thousand of innocent men, women and children all over the world,— wiping out entire families, all in the name of their religion.

Ida was forced to secretly go to a slave veterinarian.  The slave vet recognized her right away and refused her as well.  In fact, he called Charlie Goodnight and told him what was going on.  Charlie drove to the vet’s clinic and found a distraught Ida.  She was so afraid of losing her good job and comfortable home.  She was even more afraid for Hank.  She didn’t know Charlie Goodnight well enough to know he was a considerate, compassionate and good man.  He could easily see she and Hank hadn’t conspired against him to have a child.  It was a simple mistake, an accident she got pregnant.

“Look, Ida,— there’s no cause for such a fuss.  Do you wanna’ have this baby?”

“I’d love to have Hank’s boy, Mr. Goodnight, but not at the expense of my job or getting Hank into a lot of trouble.  I love Hank too much.  He’s seen enough sorrow in his life.  I don’t wanna’ cause him no more pain.  I like my life at your ranch getting to be with Hank every now and then, and the only way we can be together is on your ranch.  Maybe it was a mistake on my part when I asked if Hank and I could see each other, but sometimes we can’t help the people we fall in love with.”

“That true enough, I guess, but you know the legal ramifications to having Hank’s child.  The way the laws are today, even though you’re a free woman, Hank is my slave and any children he produces belongs to his master.”

“I know, Mr. Goodnight, and I thought about that.  With everything considered, that’s why I’m here trying to get an abortion.  I don’t wanna’ raise a child with three strikes against him before he even grows up.  I’d jes’ rather not have a baby under those circumstances.  So, you see, I didn’t mean for this to happen,— honest, Mr. Goodnight.”

“I believe you, Ida,— now calm down.  We’ll work this thing out.  In the meantime, come on back to the ranch with me and let me talk with my wife.”

Charlie told Waco’s mom, Anne, what he’d found at the vet clinic.  She wasn’t surprised and told Charlie she had a suspicion that’s what it was all about.  To Charlie’s surprise she suggested they put Charlie’s name on the child’s birth certificate as born out of wedlock.  It would basically mean JR would be a bastard.  He would have no inheritance rights, but he would carry the Goodnight name.  The way the four adults considered it, it would be better for the boy to carry the stigma of ‘bastard’ than to be a born-slave.  So JR’s official name on his birth certificate was Henry Haymaker Goodnight.  Only Ida and Hank knew the significance of the name “Haymaker” and they weren’t telling.

There was only one other part to the agreement among the four adults involved.  Ida had to agree to have her tubes tied if she wished to continue to see Hank.  Ida Wallace had no problem with it.  She had Hank’s boy and wouldn’t have to worry about contraceptives or condoms.  It only doubled her resolved to be a faithful and good employee for the Goodnights and Hank became one of Charlie’s best hands.  He never wanted to jeopardize being separated from his family.

“You ain’t seen my new personal slave dad bought me yesterday at the slave auction house.”  Waco said to JR.

“No, but ma told me about him.  Is he really as big as she says?”

“Probably bigger.  He stands eight feet if’n he’s an inch.  You’ll see after breakfast, little brother.  He’s out eat’n his breakfast right now.  He’ll be wait’n for us when we finish.  You can hep me git ‘em dressed for ma’ party.”

“I can’t wait!”  exclaimed JR.

“You sit right there and eat chore’ breakfast, young man!”  came a stern admonition from JR’s mom. “What would you like for your birthday breakfast, Waco?  Name it and Ida Mae will be happy to whip it up fer ya.’”

“I’d love a couple of scrambled eggs, bacon and a small stack of yore’ flapjacks, Ms. Wallace.  We got any a’ that boysenberry syrup left, Ms. Dubya?”

“I think we got one jar left in the pantry.  I’ll get it, Waco.  I been saving it for a special occasion.  Guess today’s about as special as we’re gonna’ git around here.”  she laughed and headed for the pantry off the big kitchen.

The phone rang and Waco walked over to pick it up.

“Goodnight ranch, Waco speaking.”  he answered like his dad taught him.

“Happy Birthday, buckaroo!  Good morning, young’un!  How ya’ doing?”

Waco broke up laughing.  He recognized the voice of their neighbor, Ranger Gibbons.  Ranger Gibbons was a retired Texas Ranger.  His great granddad, his granddad and his daddy were all Texas Rangers.  His dad named him “Ranger” just in case he decided not to be a ranger he would still be a “Ranger.”  You’d have to live in Texas to understand.

“I’s jes’ fine, Mr. Gibbons.  Thanks for calling to wish me a happy birthday, Sir.  You’re coming today, ain’t cha’?”

“What?  Are you kidding?  Try’n stop me.  ‘At’s what I’s call’n about.  I need to speak with yore’ pa a minute.”

“He jes’ walked in, Sir.  Here,— I’ll let you speak with him.  Look forward to seeing ya.’”

“Count on it, cowboy!”

Waco sat back down to his breakfast, but he could overhear his dad’s side of the conversation.

“No,— that’s fine.  Of course you can come over early.  You’re welcome any time.  You might git put to work, but you ain’t no stranger to that.”  Charlie laughed.  “See you in a little while then.”  Charlie chuckled as he hung up the phone.

“Ranger wants to come over a bit early to give us a hand.  Say’s the rest of his crew won’t be over ‘til a little later, but they’s all coming.”

“Great!” exclaimed Waco.  “I can’t wait for Travis to see Ox.”

* * * * * * *

After breakfast JR tagged along behind Waco to the big barn.  Waco told Ox to meet him there and he would help him with his leather breach he made for him.  Ox was waiting for him just inside the barn sitting on a hay bail.  Waco proceeded into the barn, but JR stood at the door like he was afraid to follow.  Waco turned around and smiled at him.

“C’mon, little brother, Ox won’t hurt you.  Will you, big man?”  Ox shook his head ‘no’ but JR still wasn’t convinced.

“Daymn, he’s big.”  JR managed to get out.

“Come over here, squirt, and welcome Ox.  He ain’t a’ gonna’ bite chu.’”

JR approached cautiously and stood before the lummox.  Ox tried to smile at him.

“Daymn, he’s big.”  breathed out JR in awe.

“You already done said that, little brother.”  Waco laughed, “Give Ox a hug.”

JR figured if his big brother said it was all right, maybe it would be okay.  He stepped forward and tentatively hugged the giant.  Ox gently enfolded the boy in his huge arms and held him. Then he sang to him in his deep rumbling voice.  Like anyone else who experienced it, there was no holding back from the raw sentiment it conveyed.   That’s all it took.  JR was in love.

“Gosh, Waco,— you’re a lucky man.  He’s awesome.”

The next thing Waco knew, JR was sitting in Ox’s lap talking a mile a minute asking him all sorts of question and not waiting long enough for him to answer.  He didn’t even know Ox didn’t talk.

“Wait!  Slow down, JR.  Ox don’t talk.  He can’t answer your question.  I’ll have to tell you what he says.”

“You talk to him like you talk with the ponies, Waco?”

“Yeah, he don’t speak like we do.”

“Wicked.”  said JR, then added, “I can tell him anything and he won’t never repeat it?”  he giggled.

“Pretty much.”  agreed Waco.  “Now, get down and let Ox follow us to the tack room, I need to get him dressed for today.  Him being naked might be frowned on by some of our guest.”

“Why?  He looks so natural that way and he’s got such a nice big, . . . and his, . . . are so big and hand so low.  Wow!  He’s bigger’n cowboy Hank.”  JR was almost as impressed as Waco when he first saw the lummox.

“Clam yore’self, little brother.  I agree, but there’s folks who might be offended.   They’s gonna’ be some younger kids here, too.  They might ask a lot of embarrassing questions.  I made him a leather breach last evening.  You can help me put it on him.”

The two boys quickly got Ox dressed with his breach.  JR allowed it was perfect and didn’t cover up too much.  Waco had to agree, Ox looked pretty good in it and it didn’t seem to interfere too much with his freedom of movement.  

“C’mon you two,” Waco said to Ox and JR, “we got chores to do.  Jes’ cause it’s ma’ birthday don’t mean squat to them hungry critters.  If’n we help each other we can git ‘em done quicker and have more time to help dad, Hank and Mr. Wallace get set up for the party.”   

Doing the chores was a revelation to Ox.  He wouldn’t have guessed the amount of work Waco and his little brother had to put in at the start of their day, and there was plenty for him to do to help.  He asked Waco a couple of questions about JR as they worked and Waco explained to him about JR’s parents and how he came to have the same last name as him.

<< That was a wonderful thing yore’ dad did for the boy, Master Waco. >>

<< Yeah, I think so, too, Lummy.  ‘At’s why I love my old man so much.  He’s a good, kind and loving man.  I only hope I grow up to be half the man he is.  If’n I do, I’ll consider myself a success in life. >>

<< You will, Master Waco.  Look at JR, he worships you.  He thinks on you as his big brother. >>

<< I know and I think on him as my little brother.  I try to look out for him, but he’s a pert-damn independent little cuss.  He ain’t like ma’ little slave brother, Travis.  Travis is one of Ranger Gibbon’s born-slaves.  He’s coming to ma’ party today.  You’re gonna’ like him, Ox.  He’s one of the most handsome, intelligent kids I ever done met.  Even though he’s kind of a weak and sickly kid, he’s ma’ good buddy.  I love him like he was ma’ brother.  He’s got all kinds a’ allergies and asthma.  That’s a breathing disorder where he can’t seem to get enough oxygen into his body through his lungs.  He has to use some kind of chemical inhaler to help him breath better.  I feel so bad for him sometimes, I wish’t he was mine to take care of.  I know his momma, his daddy and Ranger Gibbons do all they can for him, but I jes’ got me a feel’n down deep in ma’gut if’n he was mine I could pull him out of his illness.  I know that’s stupid of me to think that a’ way.  What could I do for him them folks can’t? >>

<< Don’t never sell yore’self short, Master Waco.  You might have powers you don’t know about.  Maybe between us we can figure out something to help him.  I have some limited healing powers, and I got me a feel’n if’n I’s to teach ‘em to you, you’d be stronger than me.>>

<< Oh, Lord, I would pray for the good Lord to make it so, Ox.  I’d do anything for my little brother to make his life a little easier.  He ain’t got such a bad life as a slave, but it’s rough on him cause he’s got all them health problems. >>

<< You don’t make much difference in yore’ mind between free men and slaves, Master Waco.  Neither does yore’ daddy.  I can see you learned it from him. >>

<< I guess I do, and I don’t, Ox.  I know some men are slaves, but my daddy done taught me to treat all men with respect.  I didn’t have to tell you when I walked in that cell they had you in, you was now a slave.  After what them men put you through, I had a pert-damn good idea you knew you was a slave.  I don’t need to remind you ever’ morning you’s a slave.  I figure it’s hard enough giving up yore’ freedom you don’t need no extra burden from me. >>

<< I don’t mind being you and yore’ daddy’s slave for a while, Master Waco.  I’ll never leave you unless you don’t want me no more. >>

<< I guess by ‘a while’ you mean you know you’re gonna’ outlive ma’ dad and me, but at least, for that while I don’t foresee me not want’n you no more, Lummy.  I’m kinda get’n used to you being around. >>  

The big lummox smiled as he pick up another couple of bails of hay in each huge paw to follow his young master.  They were just about through with the chores when Waco saw Ranger Gibbons big truck pull up into the compound.  He turned to JR and Ox.

“JR would you mind showing Ox what else we gotta’ do and I’ll be back in a minute?  I wanna’ run say ‘howdy’ to Ranger Gibbons, and I’ll be right back.”

“Shore’ brother, go on ahead.  Ain’t much left to do.  Ox and me can handle it.”  

“Thanks, little bro, I owe you one.”

“You don’t owe me nothing, brother.  Glad to help.”
Waco ran across the compound to the arms of Ranger Gibbons.  Ranger was all cowboy.  He was bigger than Waco’s dad by about a foot.  He outweighed Charlie by a good fifty pounds of solid muscles.  He was forty-two years old and in fine shape.  He was dressed in his finest cowboy clothes and looked like he stepped out of the pages of a Western catalog.  Waco couldn’t remember Ranger looking better.  He was in Ranger’s arms in a flash.  Ranger grabbed him up in a big bear hug, spun Waco around a couple of times and bussed a kiss behind his ear.

“Happy birthday, young man.  It’s s’damn good to see you again, especially today on yore’ birthday.”

“I’m so glad you could make it, Mr. Gibbons.  How’s Mrs. Gibbons, Sir?”

“She’s doing better, Son.  ‘Preciate you asking.  Mrs. Leonard is with her.  Mary sends her best for a happy day for you.  You’ll have to get over soon and visit with her a spell.  She asks about you all the time.”

“I promise, I will, Sir.  As soon as I get settled down after today.”

Charlie heard the commotion from the house and came out to greet his old friend.  

“Damn, Ranger, you look better ever’ time I see you.  You’re one of them fortunate cowboys what git’s better look’n the older you git.”

“You always did know the right thing to say, you old smooth-talk’er.  How are you, brother.”

“I’m jes’ fine, neighbor.  Good to see you again.  How’s Mary?”

“I’s jes’ telling yore’ boy here, she’s a lot better and sends her love.  You gotta’ git over with Waco and visit for a spell.  She’s all the time asking ‘bout the two of you.”

“We promise, we will.”

“Mr. Gibbons, I’ll leave you to talk with my dad, and I’ll get back to you later.  I need to finish up my chores.  We got us a new slave I’m showing how to help with the chores.  Glad you’re here, Sir.”

“See you in a bit, Son.  I need to talk with yore’ old man about some’um any how.”

Waco ran off to rejoin Ox and JR on the other side of the barn.

“New slave, huh?  Good for you, Charlie.”

Ranger walked to the passenger side of his pickup and opened the door.  He reached in and took a manilla folder from the seat and handed it to Charlie.

“What’s this?”  Charlie asks.

“Open it.”  Ranger urged him.  Charlie opened the folder and quickly glanced at slave papers on Travis Eugene Jessup, signed over to Charles Earl Goodnight and son Waco Lariat Goodnight.  He looked up at Ranger with his mouth open.

“I don’t understand.”  Charlie said quietly.  He looked puzzled.

“Sorry I didn’t git back to you sooner about Travis, Charlie.  My wife took a turn for the worse right after I talked with you, and I didn’t git a chance to follow though right away with what you asked; however, I did talk with Bobby about a month ago.  He weren’t too keen on the idea at first, but I think after he and Elsie sat down and talked it over they come to the conclusion it just might be a fine opportunity for their boy he may never git again.  It weren’t until the end of last week when Bobby, Elsie and Travis come to me and told me they thought it would be a good idea for Travis to become Waco’s slave.

I told them I wanted to talk with Travis alone, and I took him to my bed.  We made a little love and afterward while we were laying there, I told him to be honest with me, was his parents pushing him to do this or did he really want to.  I was honest with him and told him how much he means to me, but master and slave shit aside, I wanted the best for him.  He assured me he loves you and Waco with all his heart and would feel as much at home with you as at our ranch.  

So, he’s Waco’s birthday gift from me and his parents.  I told Bobby not to drive over for an hour after I left to gimme’ time to talk with you.  We wanted it to be a nice surprise for you and Waco.  Damn, I love yore’ kid almost as much as you do, Charlie.  Hell, I ain’t never had me no kids.  Wanted ‘em but my wife couldn’t have none.  Since you and I grow’d up together and was always so close, I sort a’ horned in on yore’ boy and sometimes think on him as ma’ own.  I guess I done the same with Travis.  Even though he’s a born-slave, I think on him as much mine as Bobby’s and Elsie’s.  I ain’t never said nothing in a good while, Charlie, but I hope you know I love you as much as I did when we’s young cowboys together.”

“Hell fire, Ranger, you know I feel the same about you.  You always was the big brother I never had.  I told Waco yesterday coming back from town how much I love you and I owe you a lot.”

“You don’t owe me nothing, little brother.  I’m content jes’ know’n you still love me; however, there’s one small consideration I would ask as a gentleman’s agreement between cowboys.  A handshake will do.  I’d like to be able to see Travis for an evening ever’ now and then, and of course we’d like to have Waco and him over to the ranch to visit as much as they want.  ‘Em boys got a second home over there as far as we’re concerned.  All my salve-hands love them boys as much as I do.”

Charlie grinned real big and stuck out his hand to shake Ranger’s.  

“Can’t thank you enough, Ranger.  You don’t know what this means to me and Waco.  You didn’t have to do this.  I was perfectly willing to buy Travis from you, and with this handshake I promise me and Waco will abide by our agreement.  I’m sure Waco won’t have no problem with it.  He thinks on you the same way Travis does.”

“Some’um’s bother’n you about it, though?  I know’d ju’ too well, brother.” Ranger took off his big cowboy hat and wiped the sweat from his brow with the sleeve or his handsome Western shirt and cocked his head to one side to look into Charlie’s eyes.

“Can’t gainsay that, Ranger.  You know me pert-damn well.  We went to the auction house yesterday, and I done bought Waco a slave.  See that huge ape-like man over there by the barn with Waco?”

“Hoe-lee sheeeit!  He’s a big mother!  You already done got Waco a slave?  Damn!  I knew I should a’ called.  I’m so sorry.”

“No need.  You can just take Travis’ papers back, and we won’t say nothing to Waco.”

“Oh, no!  Oh, fuck, no!  What?  Are you kidding?  ‘At boy’s been driving me and his folks nuts for the last several days about whether Waco knows anything or not.  Travis told me Waco thought he was mad at him the last couple of days of school ‘cause he avoided him like the plague.  He stayed away from yore’ place all last week so’s he wouldn’t be tempted to spill the beans to you or Waco about the surprise.  His daddy’s bringing him over here with collar and leash.  Travis insisted he be given to Waco proper-like completely naked, ‘cept’n his boots, and he’s wearing a big red sash and bow.  It ‘ud break that damn kid’s heart if’n he thinks you and Waco don’t want him.  You know I love you, brother, but I won’t let that happen.

Travis is me and Mary, Bobby, and Elsie’s birthday gift to yore’ boy!  I’m a cowboy, Charlie, jes’ like you.  You know a cowboy don’t never renege on a gift or a promise.  He’s Waco’s.  I think you better think long and hard about accepting Travis.  Hell, you’re gonna’ need both ‘em boys to take care a’ that giant.”  

Ranger laughed and slapped Charlie on the back good naturedly.  He got Charlie laughing.  Ranger could be infectiously funny when he wanted to be.  Charlie never could say ‘no’ to Ranger in all the years they’d known each other.  They were closer than brothers.

“You jes’ might be right, pod’na.  Well, come on,— walk with me.  Let’s us go tell Waco.  He’s gonna’ shit his pants.”  Charlie laughed.  “I told him on the way back yesterday I done talked with you about buying Travis from you for his birthday, but since I didn’t hear nothing I assumed you didn’t wanna’ let go of him.”

“To be honest, I didn’t.  I left it completely up to the Jessups and Travis, but after they wanted to do it, I got to think’n on it,— with Travis so close, me and his parents could see him from time to time.  Hell, they’s all the time over to my place or your place anyway.  I don’t see things change’n much.  I never would a’ used Travis more’n once a month even if I kept him.  He’s still too damn young to have to satisfy a grown man as big as me more often than that.  I had to agree with Bobby and Elsie it jes’ might be a great opportunity for Travis.  I got me a good feel’n about them boys, Charlie.”

“You know, Ranger,— after yesterday and today, I gotta’ agree with you.  You’re the only man outside of our slaves what knows about Waco’s gift.  That big giant don’t talk none.  I’ll tell you the story later of how we came to buy him.  It’ll knock yore’ sock off.  Might jes’ blow yore’ damn boots off, too.” Charlie chuckled.

“Nothing would surprise me about either one a’ them damn kids.”  Ranger allowed.

“I’m just a little concerned about how Waco’s gonna’ handle two personal slaves.”

“If’n I’s to put my money on any kid being able to handle two slaves with no problem, it would be Waco.  You’d be the next one I’d put my money on, brother.  It’ll work out fine, jes’ you wait and see.  You couldn’t be git’n a more devoted and well trained young slave.  Aside from a few health problems, we’s all hoping he’s gonna’ outgrow, Travis is a good kid.  I know he’ll make a good slave for you and Waco.

Travis looks up to Waco and thinks on him like a brother, but he knows his place.  He done told me he realizes he’s a slave, and he’ll do ever’ thing in his power to be a good slave for his brother.  He loves Waco that much.  He tells me Waco stands up for him at school all the time when them other boys wanna’ treat him mean and abuse him.  I’m proud of Waco for that, Charlie.  You won’t find many kids sticking up for a slave.  I know’d he learned that from you, and I’m proud of the both of you.”

“Well, I’ve tried to teach him right from wrong and the cowboy way.  Do you think we should tell Waco or wait and surprise him when Bobby brings the rest of your crew over.”

“You might git chore’ other slave aside and tell him what’s happening so’s he won’t feel bad or left out.  Wouldn’t want the big fella’ mad at you.”  Ranger laughed.

“Ain’t likely to happen.  As big as he is, Ox is one of the most gentle creatures you’re likely to find.”

“Creatures?  What is he, Charlie?”

“We don’t rightly know, yet, brother.  Waco’s still work’n on that.  All I can tell ya’ is he gives one hell of a blow job.”  Charlie chuckled.  Ranger roared with laughter.

The men walked toward the boys and Ox.  Ranger couldn’t believe how much bigger Ox was up close and personal.  JR came up to Ranger and offered his hand.  They shook and exchanged greetings.  JR and Waco went about their business as Charlie took Ox aside.

“Ox, this here gentleman is our neighbor from the next ranch over, Mr. Ranger Gibbons.”

Ranger stuck out his hand.  Ox took it and pulled Ranger into a big bear hug.  Ranger was totally unprepared but went along with it not knowing if this was to be his last breath on the planet.  Charlie smiled and winked at Ox as he held him tight.  Then, like he’d done with everyone else he met, Ox began to sing to Ranger and the big man melted into the giant creature’s arms holding him.  All fears and anxiety vanished and Ranger felt the goodness of the universe surrounding his soul.  His heart was at peace.  Ox finally, gently released Ranger.  The big cowboy looked up into Ox’s deep set eyes and blinked back a tear.

“Thank you for that, Ox.  I needed that, but somehow I think you knew.”   Ox grinned shyly and nodded his head ‘yes.’  “It’s a pleasure to meet you, Ox, and you’re welcome to come visit with the boys when they come to our ranch, anytime.”   Ox just smiled and nodded.

“He don’t talk, Ranger.  At least he ain’t yet.   Waco says he can, but he don’t much.  Waco can talk with him and he understands anything we tell him or ask him to do.  Ox, I need to tell you about Ranger’s surprise present for Waco, but you must not tell him, or it won’t be a surprise.  The reason I’m telling you is for you not to feel threatened or unwanted.  You’re very much wanted and needed, maybe even more so now.”  Charlie went on to tell Ox about Ranger’s gift of Travis to Waco.  Charlie could see Ox was excited and pleased for Waco, Travis would soon be his.

“It will be fine, Ox.  Ranger told me he has faith in our boy he can handle two slaves like you and Travis without any jealousy or division.  I share his faith in my son.  I don’t think either you or Travis will go lacking for attention or his love.  There’s plenty of room in Waco’s heart for all of us.”

Ox nodded his head in agreement and hugged Ranger again.  This time Ranger wasn’t so apprehensive and laughed at the big creatures exuberance.  He patted Ox on his back to reassure him.
“I’ll bet Waco made that leather breachcloth for you.  It looks like his handiwork.”  Ox grinned and nodded to Ranger.  “It’s very handsome and looks good on you, Ox.  I can tell a great deal of love went into making it for you.”   Ox beamed with pride and stood just a bit taller.

The boys were through with their chores and were standing talking with Charlie, Ranger and Hank, before walking back to the house to clean up and change clothes for the party.

“Ox told me to tell you he thinks you’re a fine looking man, Mr. Gibbons.”  
Ranger smiled, put his hand on Ox.

“Thank you, Ox, I think you’re a fine looking man, too.  I was a bit taken aback by your size at first, but now, it don’t seem so unusual.  I like my friends big.  It means they have big hearts.”  Everyone laughed at Rangers sentiment.

As the men were walking back to the house, the ranch van from Ranger’s ranch slowly pulled into the compound with Bobby Jessup behind the wheel.   Next to him was Travis with a big smile on his face and a big red ribbon sash over his bare front with a big bow perched on his shoulder were the sash came together front and back.  Sitting next to him was his mother Elsie.

It flashed in Waco’s mind the minute his eyes met Travis’ and he watched one small tear fall from his buddy’s cheek, Travis was his birthday present from Ranger Gibbons.  Waco grabbed Ranger and looked him in his eye and Ranger couldn’t hold back.

“Happy Birthday, Son.  Travis is your gift from me and his parents.”

“Oh, God, Ranger Gibbons, I’m so grateful.  I know I done got me a slave and I won’t never let Ox go, but you don’t know how I’ve dreamed of one day owning my buddy.  Thank you, Sir.”  With that, Waco planted a kiss directly on Ranger’s mouth that was a little more than a ‘thank you’ kiss; however, Ranger didn’t hold back and returned Waco’s kiss with equal passion.

“If’n I’d known it was gonna’ git me a kiss like ‘at, I’d a brought you a dozen more, Son.”  Ranger laughed as he patted Waco on the back.   

Travis couldn’t get out of the van fast enough.  He was wearing a standard leather slave collar and attached to it was a small but sturdy chain leash.  He was butt naked except for his cowboy boots.  His dad proudly walked him to Ranger Gibbons and handed him the leash.

“Kneel before you new master, salve.”  Ranger ordered Travis with obvious emotion.  His voice was breaking.  Big strong Ranger was about to lose it.  Travis slowly dropped to his knees in the dust of the compound and proceeded to lovingly kiss each of Waco’s dusty cowboy boots.  Ranger handed Waco Travis’ leash.

“Happy birthday, Son.  This slave is a gift from me and Mrs. Gibbons and Travis’ parents Bobby and Elsie Jessup.  May he serve you long and well.”

“Thank you, Ranger Gibbons and I will personally thank Mrs. Gibbons later.  Thank you Mr. Jessup and Mrs. Jessup.  I will do my best to be a good owner for Travis, to love and care for him in a manner that will make you proud.  The greatest gift is one you’ve dreamed of but always thought was just beyond your reach.  As for you my good friend, my slave, rise and show your new master your love.”

Travis was in Waco’s arms in an instant and they exchanged a kiss that had everyone there swooning.  Ranger started applauding and the rest of them picked it up as well.  When they broke Travis was a bit embarrassed because his dick was roaring hard.  Waco turned him around to show everyone his erection and held him close to him with his arms around him.  Everyone laughed.   

Waco handed Travis’ leash to his dad and ordered his new slave to kneel and pay homage to his other master’s boots.  Travis eagerly did the same with Charlie Goodnight’s boots and soon found himself in another lip lock with his other handsome new owner.  There was more applause and congratulations.  Charlie held Travis’ leash as they watched Waco take Elsie Jessup in his arms and gently kiss her on her cheek.

“I’m so grateful, Mrs. Jessup, that you and Mr. Jessup would find me worthy to own your wonderful son.  I don’t have any words to tell you what’s in my heart at this moment but to say ‘thank you’ for one of the greatest gifts I’ve ever received.”  Waco stuck out his hand to shake Bobby Jessup’s hand only to be pulled into a hug.  He hugged Bobby back and stole a kiss from the good looking cowboy.  Waco always admired Travis’ dad.  

“I know you and yore’ dad will take good care of our boy, Son.”  Bobby whispered to him in their embrace.

“You can count on it, Mr. Jessup.  Thank you.”

Charlie returned Travis’ leash to Waco.

“Now, my good slave, I want you to meet your new salve brother, my other new slave whom my dad bought me yesterday, also for my birthday.  He had no name and the slave dealer told me he was a lummox.  Therefore, I named him Ox.  Ox, this is your new slave brother, Travis, whom I told you about earlier this morning.  This is the young man, my slave brother, I’ve secretly longed to own for sometime now.  You will love him as much as I do, and he will learn to love you in return.”

Travis was in awe of the Giant as Waco knew he would be.  Ox didn’t bother with formalities and simply picked Travis up into his huge arms, kissed him on his cheek and sang to him as he had the other men he met in this manner.  Travis wasn’t immune to Ox’s song nor his charms.  He fell in love as hard as the rest of the men.  In fact, his penis was roaring hard.  It didn’t go unnoticed by Ox either and he smiled at Travis as he blushed.  Ox gently returned him to the ground.

“Come, slave, we’ve got to go into the house to change for the party.  We’ll get you dressed as well.”  One of Ranger’s slaves handed Waco a small suitcase filled with Travis’ cloths.  Waco handed it to Ox and asked him to carry it to the house for him.  He lead Travis away followed by Ox and JR.  He held Travis’ leash in his left hand and placed his right arm around Travis’ shoulder to talk as they walked to the house.  The adults watched as they walked away.  There wasn’t a dry eye among them.  Everyone felt they witnessed something wonderful happen.  Ranger knew in his heart it was the right thing to do.  Even the Jessups were pleased with their decision.

Travis and Waco had much to talk about, but they managed to get dressed for the party.  Ox sat on the edge of Waco’s bed and watched the two friends as they talked and dressed.

“How would you like me to dress, Master?”  Travis asked Waco.

“Your cowboy clothes and let’s git that collar and leash off’n you; unless, you might want to wear the collar.”

“I would appreciate it, Master Waco.  I know several of our school friends will be here, and I want them to know you’re my new owner.  I’m proud to be your slave, Sir.”

Travis had never called Waco ‘Master’ or ‘Sir’ before, but he knew it was the proper thing.  It just seemed strange to Waco for his buddy to be calling him by such honorifics.  He was going to say something about it when Ox chimed into his head.

<< Think about it before you make a decision, young Master.  Travis may need to show you that honor.  His love and respect for you is deep.  Don’t take that away from him if it’s something he needs.  Consider, he wants to wear his slave collar so everyone will know he’s your new slave.  It’s all part of belonging. >>

<< Thanks, big man.  You’re right.  I won’t make a hasty decision.  I’ll wait.  I think I can get used to his respect.  You certainly show me respect while I’ve never demanded it from you.  Perhaps it’s only right I should expect it from him. >>

<< Sound reasoning, Master Waco.  I will always show you proper respect, Sir.  Not only because I’m in your debt, but because of my admiration and affection for you as well. >>

<< Why, Lummy,— are you telling me you’re falling in love with me? >>

<< I think it’s well past ‘falling,’ young Master. >>  Waco heard Ox laugh in his mind.

<< I knew the minute I walked into that cell, I would always love you my beast.  There is none other like you.  I don’t want you to feel threatened because of Travis.  I love him, too, but each love is different.  No one will ever take your place in my heart.  >>

<< I have no worries, Master Waco.  I will love, young Travis, too. >>

After reviewing his troops, Waco was satisfied everyone looked comfortable and happy for the afternoon.  He chose a beautiful white Western shirt with small blue pinstripes, his best, newest pair of Wranglers, his big Western belt with his large junior rodeo belt buckle, his finest pair of buckaroo boots and his favorite Silver belly wide brimmed cowboy hat.  He insisted Travis wear his hat as well.  He always thought Travis looked good in Western clothes.

By the time the boys and Ox returned to the yard the compound was a flurry of activity.  In one of the far corrals by the largest barn some of their slave cowboy’s had several older, very docile ponies saddled and waiting for any young kid who might want a pony ride.  It was not for Waco, Travis or JR.  They had their own ponies.  Pony riding was an everyday occurrence for them.  There were quite a few more folks arrived while Waco and his slaves were in the house getting ready.  They all came up to greet him and meet his new slaves.  Most knew Travis, but they all were wowed and in awe of Ox.

Most were afraid to let their kids come near him, which Waco could tell had a decided negative effect on his lummox; however, he attracted little kids like a magnet.  When they saw Waco, Travis and JR climbing all over Ox with gleeful impunity, they thought it looked like fun and wanted to join in.  More than one mother held on to their child’s hand tightly.

Perhaps, it was just as well.  Overhead the sky was filled with ominous shadows of a pair of high flying Thunderbirds.  Probably the same pair that chased Charlie Goodnight’s truck on the way back from town the previous day.  Waco got a his binoculars out to get a good look at them.  Even though they were sailing on the higher thermal currents and were high in the sky, their size was imposing.  They were huge and the male’s wing span had to be forty feet or more.  When he brought them to Ranger’s attention, he took a look through Waco’s glasses and whistled.   

“I ain’t never seen me one that big before.  We best warn all the folks to keep their kids near and not let ‘em be wandering off.”  Ranger allowed.

Waco, Travis and JR agreed to help and went about warning people with small children to keep them close, but more and more folks began to arrive, and they couldn’t be sure they told everyone; however, the big birds hadn’t been seen in the area in sometime and were the topic of everyone’s conversation at one time or another.

The party was going along great.  There was a drink table manned by one of Charlie’s cowboy slaves.  There were soft drinks for the kids and beer for the adults.  No one was getting drunk because there were several sheriff deputies and the sheriff himself with his family.  All the school friends Waco invited were there.  The only kids Waco didn’t invite was Tommy Sparks and his three buddies who made life miserable for Travis.  Waco made up his mind that would not continue now that Travis was his slave.

The kids who came to Waco’s birthday party were mostly from liberal families and a few had slaves of their own.   They were a good group of kids and were pleased to find out Travis was now Waco’s slave.  They were even more impressed by his huge new giant slave, Ox.

After a while, Ms. Wallace and several slave hands who were assigned kitchen duty for the day began to bring out chicken and beef to put on the open barbecue pit Charlie had a couple of his salves build several years previous.  The smell of the cooking meat rose skyward and the giant birds began to drop to lower heights to sail on the thermals.

One small, five year old boy, the youngest son of the local sheriff, Sheriff Lassiter, decided he wanted to run from his mother’s arms to his daddy who was standing by the pony ride corral watching some of the kids be lead around on horse back by several of Charlie’s slave cowboys.  It was a huge open space in between of about two hundred feet.

The boy was trying to run as fast as he could, but he tripped, lost his balance and fell.  No one was around him for fifty feet or more.  That’s all it took for the giant male Thunderbird.   Suddenly the sky grew dark from the wingspread of the giant bird as it dived screeching from the sky.  It had the young boy in its talons in seconds and was away in a flash trying to gain altitude as quickly as possible.

Waco, Travis, JR and Ox were all standing together.  Waco caught Ox’s eye and without thinking, reached to pull the bowknot on his breachcloth.  Ox knew immediately why Waco unhindered him and was away like a gunshot.  All anyone could see was a blur of a giant, naked man running at full speed across the compound toward the largest, new barn.  He reached the opposite side from where the kids on the ponies were, and there was one of Charlie’s old ranch pickups the slaves loaded with hay bails the previous afternoon to take into the pasture for the cattle.  

Ox made one giant leap and sailed gracefully through the air landing on one giant foot on the hay in the bed of the truck and propelling himself up higher and onto the roof of the barn.  From there he ran back toward the end of the barn closest to the angle of ascent for the giant bird trying to gain height.  As he reached the very apex of the barn, he threw up his massive arms and launched himself into the air.

There were audible gasps from all the people standing witnessing his graceful but immensely power leap of fifteen to twenty feet into the air.  He managed to grab hold of one of the legs of the bird and then the other.  When he did the young boy slammed into his chest.  The thunderbird started screaming, but this time it wasn’t a scream of conquest, it was one of anger and alarm it was caught and trapped by a much larger creature than itself.  It immediately started losing altitude.

Waco looked at his companions on either side of him and ordered them to join hands with him,— JR on his left side and Travis on his right.  

“Close your eyes and link with me!”  he ordered his little brother and slave.

They had no idea what he was talking about, or why, but they trusted Waco.  They didn’t have to ask why, they just did it.  Suddenly, they were seeing through the fear filled eyes of the five year old boy being held by the giant bird.  Waco manipulated the small boy’s arms with his mind and had him grab hold of Ox’s fur and cling to him for all he was worth.  The more JR and Travis understood the more they channeled their strength into Waco and the greater power he had to control the boy.

When Waco was sure the boy was firmly attached to the lummox he sent a picture to the Thunderbird to release its grasp of the boy and Ox would let it go free, but not until it lost more altitude so the fall for Ox wouldn’t be so great.  Instantly the giant bird released its talons and the boy was free.  Waco sent a picture for Ox to grab the child with one hand but to still hold on to the bird with his other.  He did it without thinking and had the boy securely in his arm.  The kid was so traumatized he wasn’t even crying.  He was just so grateful to be in the arms of Waco’s giant man.

The Thunderbird lost more and more altitude until it was about ten feet above the ground.  There was a big haystack on the opposite side of the barn near the pony corral and as the bird flew over Ox released his death grip on the critter’s leg and dropped with him and the boy into the stack.  Ox landed on his back with the boy on top of him to protect him from the fall.  The hay compressed and acted like a cushion for their fall.  Everyone was running toward them.  The sheriff and Ranger were the first to get there.

They tried too get the boy to release his grip from Ox, but he refused.  Ox  began to sing to the boy to calm him.  He was still clinging to Ox for dear life and wasn’t about to let go.  Ox was his hero and hero’s don’t come along too often.  He wanted to make sure the giant bird wouldn’t come back for him, and he knew his hero would protect him.  When the sheriff and Ranger saw the boy was all right they let him be in the protective arms of the giant lummox.

Waco came running over, his face filled with horror and concern.  He was followed closely by JR and Travis.  When he saw the big grin on Ranger’s face he breathed a sigh of relief.  He figured Ox and the boy was all right.  He used his mind to help calm the boy.  He now knew how to touch other human minds and gently allowed himself into the boy’s mind.

<< It’s all right now, little brother.  That big, bad old bird is gone and he ain’t gonna’ hurt chu’ no more.  Come to my arms and let my slave get down from the haystack. >>

The kid immediately released from Ox and went to Waco’s arms.  Waco, in turn, handed him to his dad who was in tears.  His mother came running up to check on him and when she saw he was sound and not harmed she climbed onto the haystack and threw herself on Ox to hug and kiss him for rescuing her baby from the bird.  Ox was embarrassed and didn’t know what to do so he just sang to her, too.  He held and petted her as she cried her heart out in his giant arms.  

The sheriff passed his baby boy to Ranger and helped Ox and his wife down from the haystack.  He embraced Ox and thanked him over and over again.  Ox was the hero of the day.  He damn well deserved all the attention, adulation and praise he was getting.  The little boy was right, hero’s don’t come along too often.

End of Chapter 3 ~ Waco’s Lummox
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