By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 39

"If it were beneficial, their fathers would beget them already circumcised from their mother’s womb.  Rather, the circumcision of the spirit, the true circumcision, has become completely profitable." ~ The sayings of Christ from The Gospel Of Thomas

Waco turned into Ox’s huge arms, threw his smaller arms around as much as he could, stood on his tip-toes and gave his lummox a kiss on his cheek.  Lummox blush— not very often, but they do blush.  Ox’s cheeks and nose turned bright red.

“There was a time, not so long ago, I had to make you bend down to give you a kiss, my wonderful slave, my handsome friend and protector.”  Waco smiled at him. “You’re doing a great job looking out for me and protecting me from this rude sex-crazed warrior.  If I didn’t have you, I would’ve given in to him a long time ago.  I’m weak, but you’re my strength.”  Waco laughed.  Ox reached over with one big paw, grabbed Trey and pulled him into the hug.  The two men stood engulfed in a lummox embrace.  Trey and Waco kissed while their lummox held them close.  Every man standing there got an erection including the two old cowboys, Warren and Jack.

“Damn— gotta’ git me one a’ them giants one a’ these days.” swore Warren under his breath.  Jack overheard him.  They’d discussed the effects lummox had on them many times.  He slapped Warren on his back, laughing at him.

“You dirty old man.” Jack accused him.  The pups were laughing at them.

“E’aup.  I won’t deny it.  Hell, I’ll wear a sign around ma’ neck.” Warren laughed.

“I’m gonna’ make it my life’s goal to see my cowboy buddy git’s his ticket punched by the biggest damn lummox I can find, but if’n I find you one, you gotta’ lemme’ watch.”  insisted Jack.

“Ah, hell— you find him, clean him up real good, and you can build bleachers and sell tickets, cowboy.”  Warren laughed in typical cowboy bullshit one-upmanship.  “I’ll give you three evening performances to book and an afternoon matinee to boot.”  he added.  The old cowboys were laughing their butt’s off at their own nonsense.

* * * * * * *

It was decided to fly to Venus first, and stop by Mars on their way back to Earth.  Trey was anxious to see what progress was made on his ship.  He told Waco he didn’t expect miracles.  He left his best men in charge who would see to its repairs as well or better than he could.  It was a textbook flight and Captain Burt and his First Mate Phil Stamper did an excellent job.  Of course, they were under the watchful eye of more experienced pilots and most of the time Admiral Long himself.  Nonetheless, they performed flawlessly.  Burt was born to be a space jockey.  He had a basic seat-of-the pants feel for flying a shuttle; Phil, not so much.  Phil was a by-the-book pilot; however, the more he learned the more natural it became for him.  It was a leisurely flight.  There weren’t so many guest to see to.  Even though there was a compliment of over a hundred and fifty warriors and some Shushonni warriors, they were pretty much self-sufficient.  They assigned men to mess duty on a rotation basis and everything ran as smoothly as it would on a regular military ship.  The warriors were no strangers to galley work and other shipboard duties.  

They arrived at Venus and entered the soup-like upper atmosphere and descended through the thick clouds to a lighter more clear area.  There they found the bladder whales slowly moving along feeding on the never ending flow of silicone particles blown up from the surface of the planet.  They made deference to Chuchulack, his son, and his magnificent pod.  The whales were expecting them and made their arrival known to the Venusians.  Admiral Long thanked them, the Venusians locked on to their controls with help from Ms. Myra and gently guided the Buttercup down into the same docking bay they used the time before.  This time there were lights, video crews, and dignitaries of all sorts from all over the planet to welcome them.   Also there was the other half of the crew and the other Shushonni whom Captain Vinceeth left behind to supervise and see to the repairs of the Banshee.  There was a small welcoming ceremony for the Admiral and his Captain, and then for Captain Vinceeth and his men; but, the main attraction was their returning celebrity and video personality, Darryl and the pups.  Waco laughed and rolled his eyes at Trey.  Darryl was his usual, humble and unassuming self, but that seemed to be his strength.  He was like an intelligent Huell Howser without the Southern-fried, corn pone, golly-gosh, gee-whiz routine.

They briefly interviewed Captain Waco, his crew and the Admiral.  They interviewed Captain Vinceeth and asked how his leg was.  He told them he had to leave the cast on another couple of weeks, and then he would be free of it.  He stressed his gratefulness to the officials and people of Venus for their rescue and generous help.  Waco was going to leave Darryl and the pups with the video folks while the rest of the men went to inspect the Banshee, but Darryl told them he had to stick close to his host.  He would file another report for them later in the evening.  They seemed to be satisfied and reluctantly allowed everyone to proceed to the Banshee.

Lazarus had three robo-cams on Darryl at all times so he didn’t have to worry about a camera crew.  The robo-cams picked up everything in three dimensions and got better input than a team of cameramen might have.  Then too, he had Ms. Myra to act as editor, and by the time he sat down to review the final product Darryl was always wowed by the quality of the videos.  So was the rest of the Venerian world.

Trey seemed pleased with the progress of the Banshee.  It was obvious the warriors he left behind worked their butts off to try to please their Captain; not only for personal pride, but also because they saw the fun their brothers were having on their shore leave on Earth in Waco’s weekly videos he sent to them.  They didn’t want to jeopardize their chances for the same.  They also faithfully watched Darryl’s videos to the Venusian people.

Trey included everyone in a top level strategy meeting with all the men and critters from the Buttercup including Darryl.  He told Darryl, while he  didn't mind if Darryl commented on their meeting he’d rather he not include much video footage.  Darryl was sensitive enough to understand what he meant and readily agreed.  He told Captain Vinceeth he would show him his production for approval before release.  Trey agreed and thanked him for his understanding.

After going over all the repairs and improvements, Trey’s staff decided they would need another four to six weeks to accomplish what they needed to move the ship to Mars.  However, Trey had the final say.  He stressed he didn’t want a half-ass job done on the ship.  He wanted it back to a topnotch fighting machine as well as comfortable living quarters for his men and their newly adopted critters.  They were going to have some new technology at their disposal, and he was tired of everyone just having to get by.  

He had already spoken with Admiral Long, and he agreed to meet the Venusians’ estimated overall cost which the Visallian/Shushonni world would reimburse.  Lazarus never said a word about repayment, but he thought the sentiment was nice.  Trey wanted the crew’s quarters and the officer’s quarters  redone.  If the warriors needed help redesigning and/or redecorating to let him know.  He knew of a community of men on Earth who would love the challenge.  Trey instructed the men remaining on Venus to keep in constant contact with him and his staff on Earth to let them know of anything they discovered that needed repairing.  He wanted everything in working order.  He stressed, if they were to be receiving new engines and other technology new to them, he wanted the Banshee to become the finest warship in the Visallian fleet.  Everyone agreed with him and spirits were high.

The Banshee was designed and built similar to the Bandersnatch except it wasn’t quite as comfortable as the Mighty Bee.  Trey set out to change that.  He felt if he and his men were going to have to be on the ship for long protracted periods of time they deserved some creature comforts.  He and Lazarus got their heads together and the Admiral told him to go for it.  Lazarus told him to trick it out, and he would absorb the cost as a gift to him, his forefathers and his family.  This was his chance, and Captain Vinceeth took it.

Of great concern to Trey and some of his officers was the auditorium where they held most of the entertainment for the crew.  It suffered minimal damaged in battle with the ruthless snakes, but was still servicable; however, there were many advancements in entertainment possibilities and Trey wanted it remodled.
It was of utmost importance in keeping morale high.  Lazarus told Trey to gut it and start from scratch.  If he needed design help he knew where he could get it.  The Venusians had no problem meeting his needs and his warriors worked along with them to see to a speedy overall repair of the ship.
  The next projected trip back to Venus wouldn’t be for approximately eight Earth weeks when Waco and his crew could have a long period off from school.  At that time he wanted to be sure he could settle with the Venusians and fly the ship to Mars for the rest of the repairs.

They spent a full twenty-four hour period on Venus and then had to depart for Mars.  During that time they all gathered in an auditorium at the space port to watch Darryl’s special report.  He was wonderful with his presentation and interviews.  He cleared his portion with Trey and he was very pleased with his broadcast.  He ended by interviewing each of the pups.  That’s what the folks on Venus really tuned in to see, and they loved them.

They said their goodbyes to the Venusians the next morning and departed with the rest of the warriors and Shushonni who were due for some R and R.  There were some sad goodbyes for Lucas as his Commander was one of the officers who had to rotate duty.  Travis was also sad he had to let his Sergeant Major go to make room for another officer for R and R.  Each man came to Waco and Lazarus and the crew of the Buttercup and personally thanked them for a wonderful, relaxed time.  They were looking forward to visiting again in the future and invited everyone to their home world.

After paying homage to the omnipresent whales they flew directly to Mars.  They docked in the same manner as before.  They were greeted by the new staff of androids, the warriors and the few Shushonni they left there.  They were amazed from the very beginning.  It was obvious there were many changes and improvements.  The androids managed to get everything up and running properly.  They activated almost all the other caverns and they were operating at  near full capacity; however, there wasn’t that much in the caverns.

Arlen Jones asked if there was one that could handle tropical plant species and animals.  They assured him there were several.  He said his ship, even with miniaturization was becoming packed, and they had much yet to gather.  The two androids that seemed to be in charge, Nonno and Leiset were very gracious and wanted to show them around.  Waco showed them where the supplies they brought were and a team of androids were set to work with Myra to unload.  They seemed thrilled to get them.  The herbivores seemed to be doing all right, but the others were getting tired of the manna.  They were not ungrateful, but a steady diet of one food can become tiresome.  Forty years would be unimaginable.

The new personnel they brought along were as dumbfounded as everyone else when they first caught sight of the panorama of animals on the savanna.  The exchange warriors and Shushonni who were going back to Earth with them were equally wowed.  They couldn’t wait to get their clothes off to be up close and personal with the animals and the Evanescent children.  The new personnel from Earth were told about having to approach them naked, but they thought Waco and Admiral Long were just being cowboys and blowing smoke up their butts; however, when they saw Jack Hall and Warren Steele shucking their clothes and putting them away in the lockers they knew they weren't kidding.  Once they saw no one was paying a bit of attention to them, they began to follow suit.  After about an hour they didn’t pay attention to the fact they were naked as the day they were born.  A couple even commented they found it refreshingly novel.

Of great interest to several of the scientist were the Unicorns.  Lazarus had Waco and Lucas gather some hair and take some blood samples from a couple of willing volunteers.  The boys could communicate with them with their minds and thoroughly explained they wanted a small amount of blood for research purposes to find out where the Unicorns evolved.  After much analysis and DNA comparison with other species it was found their closest living relatives on Earth were the Narwhal (Monodon Monoceres) and the Rhinoceros.  There was actually a Siberian Rhino that didn’t become extinct until historical times known as the Giant Unicorn (Elasmotherium sibiricum) which stood two meters high and six meters (20 feet) long, with a single two-meter-long (7 feet) horn in its forehead.  The animal may have weighed up to 5 tones.  Its legs were longer than those of other rhinos and were designed for galloping, giving it a horse-like gait.  It was probably a fast runner, in spite of its size.  Its teeth were similar to those of horses, and it probably grazed low herbs.  E. sibiricum lived in Southern Russia, Ukraine and Moldova during the Early Pleistocene.  It appeared during the Late Pliocene in Central Asia.

Most of the herds of Elasmotherium probably died out in prehistoric times.  However, according to the Nordisk familjebok and to space scientist Willy Ley, the animal may have survived long enough to be remembered in the legends of the Evenk people of Russia as a huge black bull with a single horn in the forehead.  There is also a testimony by the medieval traveler Ibn Fadlan, who was considered a reliable source, which indicates that Elasmotherium may have survived into historical times.  Ibn Fadlan's account states:

There is nearby a wide steppe, and there dwells, an animal smaller than a camel, but taller than a bull.  Its head is similar to the head of a ram, and its tail is like a bull’s tail.  Its body is that of a mule, but its hooves are like those of a bull.  In the middle of its head it has a horn, thick and round, and as the horn goes higher, it narrows to an end, until it is like a spearhead.  Some of these horns grow to three or five ells, depending on the size of the animal.  It thrives on the leaves of trees, which are excellent greenery.  Whenever it sees a rider, it approaches and if the rider has a fast horse, the horse tries to escape by running fast; however, if the beast overtakes them, it picks the rider out of the saddle with its horn, and tosses him in the air.  It meets him with the point of its horn, and continues doing so until the rider dies.  But it will not harm or hurt the horse in any way or manner.

* * * * * * *

Others found the Kentaurans to be the most unusual and magnificent animals they ever saw.  They knew there were legends that went back thousands of years of a beast which was half man and half horse, but no fossil remains were ever found.  The Centaurs of old were thought to be a part of mythology; however, in the Twentieth Century man learned there was a basis in truth to many legends.  Certainly these animals were living examples.  The researchers were enthralled with them and their lifestyles.  They were very human-like in their families and living.  They had taken on most of the Evanescent children to look after, and they were all over their adopted family’s back playing with them.    

The Mammoths and Mastodons seemed to be thriving in their new temporary home.  They seemed so loving and docile, the humans could approach them with little fear.  They were so grateful to have been saved from sure destruction by the Greys and Reptiles.  The aliens shared some responsibility for their extinction on Earth in prehistoric times.  However, like the Unicorn Rhino, a few survived in remote areas well into the historical age.  Small herds were lifted and started on other worlds, but this was the last of their kind anywhere in the universe and they were, as Trey described to Lazarus, precious cargo.

In Lazarus’ opinion, some of the most precious of the critter cargo saved by Trey Vinceeth and his men were the several Volgoron families.  There were about fifty of them, and they, too, were instrumental in accepting many of the Evanescent children into their families.  It was a huge burden for the Lummox and the Kentauran families, but none were turned away.  The children did their best to adapt and did so quite readily.  Jack Hall took a personal interest and inventory of the huge lummox, particularly the single males.  There was a handful he considered might be suitable candidates for a partner for his cowboy buddy.

* * * * * * * *

Nonno and Leiset took their guests on a tour.  All the caverns were joined by two anti-grav transportation systems.  One was for passengers and the second, a much larger tube was designed for freight between caverns for carrying food, equipment and even transporting large beasts if necessary.  They visited most of the larger caverns and were wowed by the grandeur and scope of them.  Many were larger than the one where they kept the Mammoths and other creatures.  The most impressive to everyone was the salt sea in the cavern of Olympus Mons.  It was unfathomable to them such a large underground sea could exist.  There were beaches and the waves rolled into shore just like the oceans on Earth.  Nonno told his guests the Krell even managed to create tides.  

They returned and Nonno and Leiset took their guests to a large living area for the evening.  They planned to complete the unloading of supplies during their guests' rest period.  The Buttercup would start back to Earth the following morning.  The room assigned to Captain Waco, Ox and Captain Vinceeth had a balcony which overlooked the mountains and savanna where all the animals lived and roamed.  It was a magnificent view.  They didn’t know the living quarters were there on their trip before.  Leiset explained it wasn't possible to see them before, and they were only opened since they left.  They opened it for their visit, and it would temporarily house the medical teams and scientist they brought along.

The accommodations were sumptuous.  They seemed to have a large variety of food available.  When asked about it by Admiral Long they said they managed to get their food replicators working shortly after they left three weeks ago but really hadn’t had a chance to use them much except for the small crew Captain Vinceeth left behind.  His warriors claimed the food was excellent.  The androids told them if they could bring one more load of food and supplies with them the next time they returned, they should have the rest of their food replicators on-line and further shipments wouldn’t be necessary.  They prepared a supper for everyone.  It was modest but tasty and everyone had enough to eat and drink.

They also had a huge auditorium where they encouraged the men to gather after supper to show them a video of their progress and some of the things of interest.  There were several new births of Mammoth and Mastodon calves and several Unicorns and Kentauran births.  They were keeping accurate records and genealogical charts of every creature.  What they managed to accomplish in such a short period of time was nothing short of miraculous.

“How did you get all this accomplished in such a short time?”  Waco asked.

“We don’t need sleep, Sir.  All we have to do is change battery packs, and we’re good for another twenty-four hour period.  There are fresh battery packs for all androids maintained around the clock.”

Waco noticed Nonno and Leiset were clothed as well as some of the other anatomically perfect androids.  He asked about it, because he and the warriors ran around nude the whole evening except for dining.  They dressed for supper.  Even the Visallians kept some standards of dress.

“We are dressing for you, Sir.  We don’t yet know about your habits or modesty.  When not around bios (their name for living creatures) we’re mostly unclothed.  As you know, the animals relate better to us in the nude.”  Nonno answered.

“How is it you’ve come to accept us so readily, Nonno?” Lucas asked.

“If you were not the ones the Ancients built these caverns for, you would never have been able to activate everything.  Others may have been able to get inside, but they couldn’t have activated the first caverns even on a temporary basis.  We are programed to help in anyway we can to make these caverns a temporary home for the treasures of your world and for your people to survive the coming holocaust.” he explained.

“You know about that?” Little Bear asked.

“We don’t know everything, but we know the beautiful planet you call Earth will soon cease to have life on it for close to a thousand years.”

Everyone was silent.  Even the warriors and their brothers hung their heads in sympathy for their Earth brothers.  They had come to think upon the Earth and its beauty as their second home.  

“What will be, will be.” said Lazarus quietly. “We must be ready.”

* * * * * * *

That evening, or what would be evening by Earth time, Waco stood on the balcony of the huge suite he was staying in with Ox and Captain Vinceeth.  Behind him, with his arms around his smaller cowboy, was the Captain and their omnipresent, ubiquitous Lummox chaperon.  They finished their clean up period and were relaxing together naked.  They looked out upon the magnificent vista of the animals and friends roaming across the veldt.  It was an idyllic moment.  It looked like something out of Disney’s Fantasia without Beethoven’s Sixth Symphony, the Pastorale.  Waco missed Beethoven and inquired of Myra if she could patch in the Sixth Symphony to their quarters.  

“What performance would my handsome young Captain prefer?” she cooed.

“I’m not familiar with orchestras or conductors.  Any suggestions, Ms. M?”  Waco asked.

“May I suggest one of the lesser known symphony orchestras with a less egotistical personal imprint which, in my humble opinion, brings more of a bucolic resonance to the performance than the machine-like perturbations and green-apple quickstep of Stokowski’s rendition.  With him, everything’s a horse race to the finish only to disappoint anyone who just happened to bet on the bobtailed nag.”

Waco laughed at Myra’s review.

“Never one to mince words,— your opinions are always appreciated, Ms. Myra.  Your recommendation would be— ?”

“Schwarz and the Seattle Symphony, circa 2000, Captain.  A sensitive, yet youthfully teasing performance— smart, sophisticated, yet never forgetting to be kind or gentle; never brash nor rude.  Perhaps, it asks a few more questions than it answers, but there in lies its beauty.  One should always be left with a lingering need— a longing to know more when a fine performance of Beethoven is finished, but never rushing to check your para-mutual tickets to see if you have a winner.” she added dryly.  

Waco fell out laughing again.

“Excellent.  Please, make it so, lovely lady.” Waco smiled.

The faint strains of Beethoven’s Sixth began to fill the air.  It was the perfect music for a perfect moment.  It made them feel all was right within the caverns of Mars.

“Ever the gracious gentleman.” Trey whispered in Waco’s ear as he rubbed his big, rough hand over his cowboy’s washboard abs and moved to grab himself a handful of buckaroo dick. “Does the beautiful music complete you?” he added.

“No, you, my slave and my family complete me, Captain.  The scene before me and Beethoven’s music only reinforce my desire and understanding for the value I have in those who love me and my life as a whole.”

“For such a young human, but for a man of considerable talents, beauty and action, you know how to play me like a Dromellchime.”* Trey stole a kiss.

“It’s easy when it’s written in the stars, Trey.” Waco dropped his official voice for his suitor.
“Did you know about me before we met?” Trey asked.

“Yes, Sir, I was warned about you.” Waco said with a wicked grin.  Trey tickled him and made him jump.

“Did they warn you I could eat you in a single bite?” Trey licked Waco’s naked shoulder with his rough tongue.

“No, they swore it would take you at least two and a half bites to consume me, but you proved them wrong.” Waco sparred.

“How’s that?” Trey responded curiously.

“You reminded me of a poem we studied last year in Mr. Chamber’s class, La Belle Dame Sans Merci— which means, in the French language, the beautiful woman without mercy.  You became my handsome warrior without mercy.  You devoured me the first time you looked at me.  I didn’t stand a chance.  I was consumed by your spirit.  There was no doubt in my mind what you were thinking, and I watched as my soul jumped out of my body and ran to embrace yours.  You knew it, too.  You knew we were there for a greater purpose than just to exchange a shipment from the Daleks.”

Trey was silent for a moment.  He didn’t have a smart comeback.  Waco could say the damnedest things sometime and shift him off guard like a fine warrior might in combat with a weaker enemy.  Trey wasn’t trained in matters of the heart.  He thought his physical beauty and brawn could win him anyone he set out to conquer,  but it’s hard to declare victory when it’s laid at your feet.  Trey didn’t mind admitting defeat to his younger Captain.  He knew he could love Waco forever just like he was, but in the back of his mind he wondered if he could make the young man into a warrior.

“I will become anything you want me to be, Captain.” Waco said softly as his lips brushed against Trey’s strong jaw.  “If you want a warrior for a mate, so be it.  I will become as great as any Visallian warrior, other than yourself, of course.  If you’re happy with a cowboy space-jockey pilot and Captain, I will be that for you, too.”

“Were you tapping my mind?” he asked.

“No, you know better.  I would never unless you gave me permission.  It just ain’t done.  Some things don’t need a mind reader.  I can tell what you’re thinking by the way you hold me— by the way to touch me— by the way you make love to me.  You wonder about things sometimes, and I’m receptive to you.  You look at me like you’re trying to envision me as a warrior, but not just any warrior--- your warrior,  a warrior of your creation.”  Waco smiled and Trey chuckled.

“You’re right, I do.  You’ve grown so much since I first met you, cowboy.  What of this plan to become Admiral Long’s slave?  Are you seriously considering it?”

“I think my father is considering it— not so much for his financial gain, but for what he thinks is my happiness.  It would bring us together sooner.”

“Would you lose your slaves?”

“No, they’re my father’s slaves as well.  I don’t think on them as my slaves anyway.  They’re my brothers.  Ox knows he’s my brother, don’t you big fellow?”  Ox smiled and nodded to them.  “Ox would continue to be my brother slave.  You have some thoughts about it?”

“I know it is neither in my power of influence to interfere, nor object to such an action, but I don’t know if I want you to become a slave.  Personal gain for your father is one thing, but certainly not for purposes of us having sex.  What does that say about me?  I’m weak?  I’m unable to control myself?  First and foremost I am a warrior.  I’m used to waiting and fighting for what I want.  One year— three years— what difference does it make?  The Admiral has given me and my men the Longshot.  We will live extended lives.  What’s three years when we’re talking about three thousand years?  I want you on my terms.  I want you on terms we agree upon.  I don’t want someone else negotiating the time of our bonding.”

“You feel that strongly about it, Captain?”

“I do.”

“Won’t you feel deprived?”

“How can I feel deprived when I gain your complete package.  Depraved maybe, but not deprived.” he laughed, “To have you is to have your slaves as well.  Ox takes good care of me and you.  Tell me you haven’t shared the taste of my body with your lummox slave?” Trey looked deep into Waco’s eyes and grinned wickedly.  You and Ox are in constant communication.  He feels my hands on your body.  He shares with you everything about pleasuring me.  I can see it in your face when he does.  I’ve watched you ejaculate the same time I spill my seed into his handsome maw.  You two don’t fool me for a minute.”  Trey chuckled, “If you feel so compelled you could give me one of your other slaves for an evening, with your supervision.  You can get inside his head and experience our coupling along with him.  No one could fault you for eavesdropping.  If the physical act of male coupling is so damnable to the society on your world, think outside the framework.  With your creativity and talents, you can beat the system.  For one thing, I’m not human.  While we have many things in common, I’m a different specie.  How would your world deal with that little anomaly?  If you’re worried I might become bored or lose interest, you don’t understand what it means to be a warrior.  We don’t commit to anything without making damn sure it’s what we want— and, you’re right, my eyes did consume you upon first sight.  You never stood a chance.”  Trey threw back his head and laughed.  He even got a laugh out of Ox.

“You’re so damn cock-sure of yourself!” Waco grinned.

“That’s only a small part of why you love me?” Trey grinned real big.

“It’s true!  I love you, Captain Vinceeth— for that and many other reasons.  To be honest, when I saw you for the first time— I never wanted to be given a chance.  However, there’s another factor we ain’t talked about.”

“The Voices?”

“E’aup.  The Voices of the Ancients— the Winds of Consciousness.  They seem to think I should be humbled as a slave— to rise from a position of humility to one of power and respectability.  I don’t know how high or what they have in mind for me, but I know it’s going to be special.”

“Blazes!  You’re already special enough.  I knew the first time I took your hand and you stood up to me with no fear in your heart.  I knew you were a man to be reckoned with, no matter your young age.  You haven’t proved me wrong yet.  Will they listen to a plea?”  

“They do all the time.  Whether they respond or not is another thing.”  Waco said seriously.  “I asked about it myself, but I was told if I didn’t accept this period of humility, I would have to accept another, and it would probably be more painful than the first.  They explained it’s just the way the universe works.  Whatever lesson or task you set aside until tomorrow will be harder to accomplish than it was the day before.  It’s the Universal Law of procrastination.  Anything you postpone becomes logarithmically more difficult the longer you put it off.  Larry the Cable Guy was right.  Just, git’er done!”  Waco smiled.

“What if someone like me, who is older and more experienced, who has your best interest at heart asks them to reconsider?”

“Your idea of ‘best interest’ and what they have in mind for the progression of the universe might be different.  It’s never a good thing to go up against them, Captain, no matter how sure you are of your good intentions— believe me.  They just might go along with you, but there may also be serious consequences.  They won’t tell you about those if they agree to grant your plea.  They may not even know about them, but remember the old saying, ‘Be careful what you wish for— you just may get it.’” Waco admonished him.

“Then you’re saying you wouldn’t mind becoming a slave?”

“To become Admiral Long’s slave would be an honor, Trey.”

“I understand, he’s a wonderful man, but— .”

“There’s still the stigma of being a slave— it bothers you.  Would being a slave make you love me less?  Maybe that’s the lesson the Voices have in mind— not for me, but for you.” suggested Waco.

“No, you becoming a slave wouldn’t bother me.  In fact, I would buy you from your father or Admiral Long, but our people don’t believe in slavery.  It wouldn’t be allowed.  It’s just— ”

“A slave can never become a warrior?” Waco asked.

“That’s right, but how did you know?  You can’t know all the fine points of our society.”

“Is that what’s bothering you?”

“Yes, I guess it is.” Trey replied.

“Do you consider Admiral Long a warrior?” Waco asked.

“Absolutely.  He’s one of the greatest warriors our people have ever known.  Were you to visit our world, which I hope you will one day, you will see numerous statues, monuments, and buildings dedicated to him.  Every continent has a Long city named after him; every city a Long street.  He’s a great hero to our people.”

“I see.” said Waco without elaborating.  “Then I guess I shouldn’t consider becoming a slave.” he said quietly like he was suddenly resigned to the idea and there was no longer any need for further discussion.  Trey felt like he’d just been cut off or caught in a crossfire and knew from instinct when to duck.

“Why do I feel very uncomfortable right now?” he smiled at Waco.

“I’m not sure what you mean, Captain.  I don’t know why you would feel uncomfortable.  I just agreed with my older and wiser suitor.” Waco humbled himself, but turned into Trey’s arms to fully embrace him.  Trey surrendered, they shared a kiss, but he wasn’t quite sure he knew where he stood.  They spent the rest of the warm evening, or until the music finished, sitting quietly together holding hands.  When the final strains of the symphony faded, Waco spoke.

“Thank you, Myra.  It was a fine performance.  We enjoyed it very much.”

“You’re welcome, Captain Waco.  Glad to be of service.” she spoke sincerely.

Ox excused himself and went in to their huge bed.  Trey wasn’t sure, but he wondered if he said the wrong thing or if, he should press for a greater explanation.  Maybe he needed to talk with Admiral Long.  He knew he could trust Lazarus like his own dad.  He couldn’t leave Waco’s side.  He was so drawn to the young man and everything Waco represented.  Trey’s considerations or deliberations were lost in a sea of strong feelings in Waco’s presence.  He loved every minute he spent with him, and he knew his cowboy felt the same.  Waco couldn’t hide his affections for his warrior Captain.  He never tried.  Trey smiled.  He wasn’t the only one sure of himself.  If Waco wanted you to love him, you didn’t stand a chance.  A heaping handful of loving cowboy brothers, an equal amount of adoring critters, and a devoted giant lummox was living proof.

* * * * * * *

The next morning they took more tours, and had the mechanics of the huge atmospheric producing engines explained to them by their guides.  They were truly miracles of engineering.  The androids carefully explained their functions, how they were still in wonderful condition and could probably last, with proper maintenance and care, for several thousand years.  Lazarus was primarily interested in housing or lands where refugee settlers could farm, ranch or start businesses that could contribute to the growth and well being of the new planet.  It was his intention Mars would become a project in maintenance, conservation and cooperation for the good of the many rather than to provide riches for the few.  Under his and Trey's administration, they would see to it, there would be no such thing as poverty.  They also pledged themselves to find ways to curb excessive greed.

They stayed through the noon meal and then decided to depart.  The cowboys had to get home to start school.  They planned to make another trip during the first extended long weekend in which they had an extra holiday.  They would keep in touch with the Mars base and at that time Captain Vinceeth would probably be moving his ship to the Martian dock.  He and Waco and a few of their men made an inspection of the dry-dock for spaceships.  They were impressed by the facilities.  It seemed much better organized that the Venusian docks, but Trey never complained.  The Venusians had been very generous and kind to him and his men.

They said their goodbyes and left Mars for their journey home.  While on the planet the androids told them the Reptilian race and the Grays checked out the cavern entrances numerous times, but they never noticed or realized there was more to the caverns than what they could see.  The landing docks were carefully disguised as part of the walls of the caverns.  The door Captain Vinceeth and his men found by accident was carefully re-disguised in case one of the ships landed and decided to do some scouting.  It would now be almost impossible for them to find an entrance.

The Buttercup's flight back to Earth was as uneventful at its flight to Venus.  It was another textbook trip and Captain Burt and his first mate Phil got a round of applause for a job well done.  They beamed with pride and knew they were closer to being able to solo in their own ships.   They asked if they could start training their next youngest brothers as their first mates.  Lazarus agreed.

* * * * * * *

Stan and his mate J.B., as he started calling Jimmy-Bob from time to time, spent a couple of days and nights in Brick’s apartment to lay low after their return.  Then, they returned to their rooms and resumed their lives.  They continued going to class and trying to convince their captors they were beginning to take to the hard-core religious crap they were trying to shove down their throats.  Jimmy-Bob was more laid back and comfortable.  Nothing seemed to bother him.  He just did what he wanted but cut out his obstinance.  Stan was more apprehensive than Jimmy-Bob.  He told Jimmy-Bob he felt like something was in the air.  Their getting away with being gone went too smoothly.  Stan was raised in an atmosphere of suspicion and to fear the worst.  The only happiness he’d known in life was when Olie and Hattie Bloom bought him for their slave-son.  In school he met and fell in with the Goodnight cowboys and became a part of their extended family.

The men had been back to their training classes for over three weeks.  They were forming close bonds with Tim and Brick.  They were invited to their apartment several times a week for supper and prayers.  There was actually very little praying went on other than Brick saying ‘grace’ over supper.  The rest of the time they enjoyed videos, TV programs, and games.  Brick loved to get new games and try them.  The other three men humored him.  He was too damn big not to.  Once in a while Brick would mention the fantastic tale Jimmy-Bob told him and Tim about where they were on their brief absence.  He would ask pointed questions and Jimmy-Bob would answer him honestly and directly.  He never lied to them.

“You say they got Wooly Mammoths and Mastodons in the caverns on Mars?”

“Yes, Sir, and they’re huge.”

“Are they like elephants?”

“They look somewhat like elephants, but they’s much bigger— enormous.  They’re also more intelligent and gentle than elephants.  They would never hurt someone they trusted.  They’re living in close proximity with the other animals, Evanescent children and Lummox families.”

“How many different kinds of animals are there?”

“What, Stan?  About six or eight— maybe more.” Jimmy-Bob deferred to his friend.

“About that many.” agreed Stan.

“What is a Lummox?”  Brick asked.

“What we call Sasquatch or Bigfoot.” answered Jimmy-Bob.

“They got Bigfoot on Mars?”  Brick asked incredulously.

“Yes, Sir, but they come from another galaxy and a planet what don’t exist no more called Volgoron.  That’s where our Bigfoot came from originally.  They were brought here many years ago to establish a new colony when their world was threatened.  They will be taken in the rapture with us.”

“You mean to tell me Bigfoot monsters will be raptured before the Holy Father?”

“Yes, Sir, Officer Brick.” Jimmy-Bob told him quietly expecting the worst.

Brick didn’t seem upset.  He kept his cool.  It was like he was more curious than confrontational.

“I’ve always wondered what one would look like.”

“We could show you a video of them if you like, Officer Brick.”


“Magic.” smiled Stan.


“On your T.V.  Turn it to channel three.”

Brick reached for his remote and clicked the TV on channel three.

“Kyron?” spoke Stan.

“Yes, Stan, how can I be of service?” a voice came out of the TV speaker.

“Using a UHF feed could you show the video of us walking in the redwoods with Strom, Ox, Mr. Chambers, Kuluke, T’kan and Moe.”

“Right away, Stan.  How are you Jimmy-Bob?” Kyron inquired.

“We're fine.  Thanks for asking, Kyron.” Jimmy-Bob responded.

“You’re welcome.” replied Kyron and the video started.

Tim almost jumped into Brick’s lap when they caught sight of how big Strom and Ox were.  They saw the younger lummox and were equally taken with them, especially the youngest who was wearing a cast on his leg and on crutches.  Moe was running all around from Stan to Ox and Lyle.  He was having a great time.  Strom had his huge arm draped over Stan’s shoulder on his left side and over Jimmy-Bob’s on the other.  They were walking along, talking and laughing like they were old companions.  It was obvious to anyone they were good friends.

“Hoe-lee shit!  How are you doing this?  Where is this broadcast coming from?” Brick demanded.

“It’s a regular T.V. signal feed from a source we can't explain to you.  It took us sometime to get used to it, but once you’re introduced to it, it ain’t so magical no more.  It’s just a little more advanced technology than we’re used to, Officer Brick.” soothed Jimmy-Bob.

They watched as the young men strolled slowly up and over the hill as the cameras followed them and recorded their conversations.

“What happened to the little one?” Tim asked.

“He slipped and fell off a ledge in a dark cave he and his brother were playing in and broke his leg.  The medics set it and cast it.  He’s out of the cast now.  He’s completely healed.  He’s one of our little brothers.” said Jimmy-Bob.

“I’d like to have a little brother like him.” said Tim wistfully.

“Then— they really do exist.” said Brick, “Or is this just special effects?  And where is that forest?”

“The forest is on Mars.” Jimmy-Bob didn’t lie.  He and Stan knew the Buttercup was probably sitting on Mars that evening and the forest was onboard.  Jimmy-Bob didn’t want to explain any more technology than necessary.  That’s enough, Kyron.  Thank you very much.”

“You’re welcome, Jimmy-Bob.  Glad to be of service.”  Kyron said through the T.V. speakers.

The men sat there in silence for a while.  Jimmy-Bob looked at Stan and smiled.

“Do you believe us now, Officer Brick?” Stan asked quietly.

“I don’t know.”

“I believe you guys.” said Tim, “I want to walk and talk with one of those creatures.  Are they nice?  Are they gentle?”

“They are wonderful, Tim, and they have the sweetest milk you ever tasted.” Jimmy-Bob told him.

“The females?” asked Tim.

“No, the males.” Jimmy-Bob smiled at him.

“Hogwash!  I don’t believe a word of it!” Brick exclaimed.

“You’re afraid to believe, Brick!” Tim spoke sharply to him. “I know you too well, Brick Armstrong.  You wanna’ believe, but you just won’t let yourself.  You believe in a religion that can’t be factually proved, and a God you can’t see or talk with— yet, these men show you videos of what they’re telling you, but you won’t believe them.  Shame on you, Brick Armstrong!  That's not the man I know and love!  You’re a bigger man than that!” Tim said indignantly.  He got up from beside Brick and left the room.

“We’re sorry, Officer Brick.” apologized Stan.  “We didn’t mean to cause no trouble.”

“It’s all right.  Not to worry, guys.  He’s right.  He always is.  I want to believe, but it’s just such a shock for me.  I grew up accepting religion and God, so it seems more natural than seeing a video of Bigfoot.  Excuse me, I’ll go to him.  He’ll be all right in a few minutes.”

Brick left.  Stan and Jimmy-Bob could hear soft talking and a few sobs, then all was quiet for a few minutes.  Brick and Tim returned to the living room and everything seemed to be better.

“Okay, I apologize.  I believe you men.” Brick addressed them, “I don’t know how you did it, but then, I don’t know how your dog came to visit and swim in our pool.  I ain’t questioned you about it, and I won’t about this.  Truth is, I don’t wanna’ know.  If I’m ever asked about it, I won’t have to tell a lie, because I just won't know.  All I can say is, it was amazing, and I’m like Tim, I’d love to know a creature like that.  If it’s true there are living creatures like them, then it means not all intelligent people were created in the same image we were.  Are there others?”

“Hundreds of thousands, Officer Brick.” Jimmy-Bob said softly.  “I wouldn’t have believed it either unless I’d seen it with my own eyes.  One day you will, too.” he added.

Stan and Jimmy-Bob excused themselves and returned to their rooms in the men’s dormitory.  They decided to leave Brick and Tim alone for a while, besides they knew Tim was scheduled to spend the evening in the Holy Prophet’s quarters.  He had to prepare himself.  Tim never knew if he would be called upon for Scudder’s pleasure or not.  Sometime he spent all evening waiting only to be told to return to his dorm, he would not be needed that evening.  Tim considered those evenings his good fortune.  He couldn’t stand Scudder or his advisor Austin Taycious.

Brick walked into the bedroom of his apartment.  He stripped to get into the shower.  He found his young mate toweling himself dry.  Tim was in the shower for sometime cleaning his body inside and out for an evening in the Holy Prophet's chambers.  Brick was sad.  He didn’t want Tim to go, but he knew there was nothing he could do about it.  He took Tim in his huge arms and gently kissed him.  He held his lover’s smaller body close to his large nude body.

“Do you want me to fill you with my love to take along with you?” Brick asked as he stole another kiss.

“You can be so damn loving and romantic when you want to be.  That’s the Brick Armstrong I’ve come to know and love.” Tim told him and kissed him back.  “I think we have time.  He hasn’t called for me the last four times I’ve spent the evening in his apartments, but it would be nice to know your love is inside me.  The other semi-vestal virgins are complaining he and his political advisor get so drunk they pass out most of the time before they ever get around to seeking pleasure from them.  Maybe I’ll be lucky this time, but at least I’ll know I have your love inside me.”  

They didn’t say more.  Brick picked Tim up in his massive arms like he weighed less than a feather and carried him into his bedroom.  There he proceeded to carefully lube Tim’s anus and his own roaring hard dick.  He couldn’t remember when he had such a stiff hard-on.  Brick felt like a young stallion about to go into rut with his mate.  He couldn’t wait to feel himself inside Timmy’s warm, inviting ass.  Brick mounted the young man with sure strength and gentleness.  Tim welcomed him and swooned at the fullness of Brick’s penis within him.  Brick allowed Tim to grow accustomed to his large size before he started to take the goodness his mate offered him.

Brick started to fuck Tim with long deep strokes that sent Tim into orbit.  He was moving around in the bed trying to get away from the shear ecstasy of Brick’s hard shaft moving relentlessly in and out of his gut.  It seemed, the harder Tim tried to clamp his ass muscle down around Brick’s plow, the harder he began to fuck him like he was about to plant a row of corn in Tim’s red Earth.  Brick grabbed Tim around the waist with his massive arm and locked him in a vice-like grip to take the rest from his lover by force.  Tim told him many times, to take it from him that way.  That’s the way he wanted it.  That’s the way he liked it.  He wanted Brick to be forceful with him.  Brick was the only man who had the right to take it from him the way he needed and wanted, and that included Brick taking from him what Brick needed, and for which, his hugely muscled body yearned.

Brick built up quickly to a climax and yelled for Tim to come with him.  He was not a quiet lover, and Tim knew exactly when his man would be exploding within him.  He shoved his ass up to meet Brick’s strong strokes, to feed him his ass to make his lovers ejaculation the best he could for him.  Brick yelled and Tim erupted at the same time.  Brick spilled his seed deep within Tim, and he received Tim’s seed all over his well developed abs and chest.  He collapsed on top of Tim, and they gasp for air as they begin to come down from their sexual high.  Brick gently kissed Tim while still rooting around in his ass.

“I love you, Timmy.”

“I know you do, Officer Brick, and I love you, too.” he paused for a moment. “You think it’s true what Jimmy-Bob said about my love saving you?”

“The way I feel right now and every time you give yourself to me, I have to believe him, sweet heart.  I know what we’re doing may not be right in God’s eyes or our faith’s eyes, but it feels so good.  When we do it, it feels so natural.  How can anything that feels so good be wrong?  Jes’ ‘cause we ain’ t make’n babies?  I guess I shouldn’t have doubts like that, but Lord help me, I can’t help it.”

“Maybe that’s what Jimmy-Bob was talking about, Brick.  Maybe it is right for us.  Maybe it ain’t wrong.  If the Holy Father fucks me, why ain’t it right for you?”

“It ain’t right for me to question what our savior does.  It can be right for him, but not right for us.  I know that don’t make sense, but a lot of Christianity don’t make sense, yet we believe it anyway.  The Holy Father’s closer to God than we are.”  Brick sighed like it was difficult for him to hear his own words.  Tim could tell his mate was almost to the breaking point.  He wondered how they were going to work this out.  He could feel the pain inside Brick having to let Tim go to the Holy Prophet’s apartments for the night.  The way Brick fucked him spoke volumes to Tim.  It was one of the sweetest fucks his mate ever threw into him, and yet, it was one of the most heartfelt, filled with a deep longing for Tim to belong to him and only him.  Tim knew, without him saying, Brick didn’t want to share him with Scudder and Taycious.  Brick slowly removed himself from Tim, like he didn’t want to leave his body, and held him in his arms for a while.  They made tender love to each other.

“Do you want to pray before you go?” Brick asked him.

“Don’t you think after that fuck God knows what’s in our hearts, Officer Brick?”

Brick smiled at him.  “I suppose he does.  You know what’s in my heart, don’t you?”

“Of course.  I feel the same, but until we’re raptured or taken away in a flying saucer we have to survive.  To survive we have to play by someone else’s rules.  I love you enough I’ll play by those rules until I can have you to myself, Brick.  I love you that much.”

“I love you, too, Timmy.  I won’t be here this evening when you get back, but don’t go back to the dorm.  You come back here and sleep in our bed for the rest of the night.  I don’t know when I’ll be in.  I have some things to do for the Holy Father, and I’m in charge of the men guarding him tonight.  I’m the officer on duty all evening.  I might not be in until morning.  I think he does that just to get me out of the way when you go to spend an evening in his apartments.  At least I’m busy, and it keeps my mind occupied so I won’t have to think of you lying with him or worse, lying with Taycious.”

“I’ve only been with him once, and it was awful.  He’s like being with a misshapen fat woman.  I almost threw up.  God I hope I don’t have to perform for him.”  Tim lamented.

Tim got dressed, they said their ‘goodbye’ and he left for the Holy Temple where he would be picked up and taken to Scudder’s apartments.  The Theocratic administration didn’t actually use the White House to live in anymore.  It was more for guests and show.  Scudder stayed in the White House only when he had guests or foreign dignitaries visited.  He insisted on keeping his own apartments separate from the White House.  He was also a bit paranoid and felt if he alternated between the two, if terrorist tried to take out one or the other, they couldn’t be sure where he was.  It didn’t make a lot to sense to other folks, but to Scudder it seemed plausible.

* * * * * * *

Later that evening Stan got a phone call in his dorm room.  Jimmy-Bob was with him.  They’d  come back from a late snack in the cafeteria before it closed for the evening and just finished talking with Moe.  They found out Waco and the Buttercup had just returned from Mars that afternoon and exchanged greetings with him and Captain Vinceeth.  They were glad to hear about all the new and wonderful things going on.  Jimmy-Bob overheard Stan’s conversation on the phone.

“What?  Calm down, Tim.  We’re here for you, buddy.  Now, tell me what happened?”  Stan paused to listen for a moment.  “Okay, take a towel and put pressure on it, and we’ll be right there.”  Stan hung up the phone and turned to Jimmy-Bob.  Stan was white as a sheet.

“What’s a matter, cowboy?” Jimmy-Bob asked.

“It’s started, JB.” Stan said, “From what I understand Scudder and Taycious ganged up on Timmy and mistreated him.  He’s bleeding out his ass and he's scared to death.”

“Let’s went!” said Jimmy-Bob as they grabbed their backpacks and hurried out of the room.  They showed the guards at the dorm their after hours passes and the guards at Brick’s apartment complex waved them through as regulars.  They were on a first name basis by that time.  They rushed into the guest bedroom and found Timmy unconscious lying in a pool of his own blood.

“My, God!  See if he has a pulse, Stan!” Jimmy-Bob barked at his mate.  Stan knew how to take a person’s pulse and put his fingers of one hand on Tim’s wrist and two fingers of his other hand to the artery on his neck.

“It’s faint, but he’s still alive.  What’ll we do?”

“We can’t call the Holy City emergency.  If Scudder and Taycious done this no telling what else they might do to keep it quiet.  Tim could mysteriously die and disappear.  I wouldn’t put it past them bastards.”

“You’re right!  Kyron are you monitoring?” asked Jimmy-Bob.

“I am, Sir.  I’ve alerted Captain Waco and Admiral Long.  They’re on their way to the Buttercup with Master Charlie, Captain Jones, Cable, Captain Vinceeth, Ox, Moe, Jesse Watkins, Utah and several other folks who are concerned friends of yours.  They should be there in a few minutes.  Do you think he can hold on?”

“I don’t know.  Stan is putting pressure on the wound at his rectum, but the bleeding is very slow.  I ain’t sure he has much blood left in him.  There’s a lot of blood around and we don’t know how much he lost before he got here.  His Wranglers are filled with blood.  Please tell them to hurry.  We don’t want to take him to emergency here, because of the circumstances.  They just might make him disappear to save themselves from political embarrassment.”

“I understand, J.B.” said Kyron, using the familiar. “Message relayed, Son.” he added.

It didn’t take Waco and the Buttercup more that fifteen minutes, and they were over the Holy City.  Myra locked onto the three men’s DNA, and in the twinkling of an eye, they were in sickbay on board the Buttercup.  Jimmy-Bob was giving Tim mouth to mouth resuscitation.  

“I think his heart stopped a couple of minutes ago.” was the first thing Stan said.  He and Jimmy-Bob were covered in Timmy’s blood.

“Who has ‘O’ negative blood?” Cable asked.  Several hands went up.  Stan was closest.  Cable motioned for him to get on the table next to the one where they laid Tim.  They hooked him up with a line to Tim’s arm and Cable used the paddles to shock Tim to revive his heart.  It started beating again and started pumping blood from Stan into Tim.  Soon the color in Tim’s cheeks started to return.  Jesse stepped up and put his hand on Tim’s chest.

“I’ll keep his heart beating regularly.  Set up the others who can give him blood, and get the bleeding stopped.”  Cable knew that was the best option and took blood from Jimmy-Bob next.  As he was lying on the table he spoke to Stan.

“We’ve got to get back, cowboy.  If Officer Armstrong comes home and finds all that blood he’s gonna’ go bananas and probably call security.  We gotta’ explain to him what happened so’s he don’t think we done nothing to Tim.”

“You’re right.  Captain Waco can ya’ll drop us back into the same place you took us from.  We got things to do, but please monitor us.  We may need to be pulled out of there immediately.”

“You got it, brother— and may I say, Stan, I’m damn proud of you and Jimmy-Bob.  You done the right thing by having Kyron send us.  You must be listening to them Voices.  I agree with you, Tim probably would have just disappeared with no trace.  We’ll keep constant watch over you.”  Waco encouraged him.

By the time Jimmy-Bob finished his blood donation, they had the flow stopped on Tim’s ass, but they had major surgery to perform on him when they took him back to the Mighty Bee.  He was torn internally.  It was necessary for them to clean his lower tract or peritonitis would set in, and he would die.  They returned Jimmy-Bob and Stan to the guest bedroom in Brick’s apartment.

“Oh, my God!  It’s beginning to smell.  What should we do?  Do you think we should clean it up?” Stan asked.

“No!  Absolutely not!” said Jimmy-Bob forcefully.  “Officer Brick should see what his heroes done to the man he loves.  We may see a reborn Brick we never planned on.”  

“Look!  I’m gonna’ let you do all the talking, cowboy.  I don’t think I’m strong enough right now.  I’m sure this is why the Voices sent you to me.  I couldn’t have done this by myself, J.B.  All that blood.  It was just too much.” Stan broke into tears and Jimmy-Bob took him into his arms.

“You’re stronger than you think, Stan.  I know you.  Don’t never underestimate yourself, cowboy.  I have faith in you, but I ain’t a bit afraid of explaining to Brick Armstrong what we found here.”

About that time they heard a key in the door.  It was early morning about two A.M.  Brick was returning to the apartment.

“We’re in here, Officer Brick.” Jimmy-Bob called to him.

Brick Armstrong walked into a horrible scene with the two young cowboys covered in blood.  The room stank of stale blood.  It looked like a murder took place.  Jimmy-Bob and Stan were sitting on the edge of the bed with their heads hung down.

“My God in heaven!  What happened here?  Where’s Timmy?” he exclaimed.

Jimmy-Bob carefully told him about getting a phone call from Tim and what they found when they got there; what Tim told them happened and what they did for him and why.  They pointed out Tim’s bloody pants in the adjoining bathroom.  They explained their paranoia about calling emergency at the Holy City since Scudder and Taycious had done this to him, they might make arrangements for him to disappear.  Besides, they weren’t sure their emergency team could get to him as fast as their people.  They assured Brick, Tim was fine now and would probably recover.

“He’s in good hands— the best medical care he could get.  They’re operating on him to wash his lower tract to keep peritonitis from setting in and killing him.” Jimmy-Bob explained.  Somehow, Brick knew these men were not lying to him, but it was such a shock to him.

“You mean Tim is with your people?”

“Yes, Officer Brick.  He damn near died.  His heart stopped, and if it wasn’t for Jimmy-Bob giving him mouth to mouth until they could start his heart again he would’ve died.  We gave him our blood since we’re both ‘O’ negative.”  Stan said.  The men showed Brick the wounds in their arms where the transfusion needle went in.

“How do I know you men didn’t do away with him and are making this up to confuse me?  The Devil can do things like that.”

“You believed the video we showed you of the lummox, right?” asked Stan.

“Yeah, it was either believe it or lose my mate.” Brick stammered.

Jimmy-Bob picked up the remote to the T.V. in the guest bedroom and clicked it on.  He clicked to Channel three.

“Kyron, could you feed the video of us on the Buttercup with Tim Kelly?”

“Happy too, Jimmy-Bob.” a man’s deep voice came over the T.V. speaker.

Brick’s mouth dropped open as his saw his lover’s body covered in blood being lowered onto a table by Stan and Jimmy-Bob.  He heard Stan say he thought Timmy’s heart stopped.  He watched in awe as everything unfolded to save Tim’s life.  The men worked together like a well oiled machine.  It was obvious they were no novices to emergency care or conditions.  Around Tim were several men fussing over him.  He watched as Stan lay on a table next to Tim with a transfusion needle in his arm pumping blood into his friend.  One very handsome naked man was inspecting Tim’s rectum and seemed to be applying pads to it.  Another tall, good looking man held his hand over Tim’s chest.  He heard him say,

“I’ll keep his heart beating regularly.  Set up the others who can give him blood and get the bleeding stopped.”

“I’ve seen enough!” Brick turned away from the gore.  Jimmy-Bob thanked Kyron and clicked off the TV.

A sudden fire flashed in Brick’s eyes.  His head rolled back and caused Stan great fear he was going to lash out at them.  Jimmy-Bob stood to protect Stan.

“You men stay here.  Get yourselves cleaned up.  Leave the room like it is, but close the door.  I’ll be back in a little while.  If you’re tired and need to lie down, use my bed.”

“What are you gonna’ do, Brick?” asked Jimmy-Bob dropping the formality.  “Don’t do anything rash, Sir.  Listen to me, Officer Armstrong— Tim is going to be okay.  For all practical purposes, he’s been raptured.  We know you’re angry, Brick, but remember your teachings, you can’t take an eye for an eye.  Jesus didn’t teach that.  You’ll be together again.  Trust us, Brick!”

“I do trust you, but there’s something I gotta’ do, and you men can’t help me.  So stay here, and I’ll be back in a while.”

“All right, Sir.  We told you we’d be here for you and we will.  Just don’t go hurt’n no one, Brick.  We can get you out of some major jams, but don’t overdo.”

“You men have to trust me.”  

“Okay, Sir.  We’ll be here.”

Brick stormed out of the apartment.  Jimmy-Bob hadn’t been around Stan and the Voices long, but his sensitivity was building every day.  He saw a dark cloud surrounding Brick, and he was afraid for him.

“Kyron, can you put robo-cams on Officer Brick so we can monitor his progress?” Stan asked.  Kyron asked the Admiral’s approval and he gave it.

“Done!” answered Kyron. “I’ll give you a feed into the T.V. in Officer Brick’s apartment.

“Thanks, Kyron, you’re the greatest.”

“You’re welcome.” he replied modestly.

* * * * * * *

Officer Brick had taken off a little early.  He didn’t bother to leave anyone else in charge as everything seemed to be okay.  They often overlapped each others’ duty and he just assumed the next officer would already be on duty.  He wasn’t.  Brick got to Scudder’s apartments and found the same guards on duty.  He dismissed them telling them he would be around and had some paperwork to catch up on, they could go early.  They didn’t argue with him.  He called his replacement and told him to take his time he was going to be around for a while, and he would take some of his duty.  Brick jokingly added he owed him a couple hours anyway.  His replacement was happy for that and said he’d be in around nine A. M.

Brick was alone guarding Scudder and Taycious.  He knew they were both still there because of the sign-in roster.  He went into the apartment and found a mess.  There was blood everywhere.  Obviously Tim had bled a lot before he managed to beg his way out or left after they passed out from booze. Brick’s heart leapt to his throat.  If there was any doubt in his mind about Jimmy-Bob and Stan’s story, it was dispelled by the copious amounts of blood around the apartment.  Brick instinctively knew it wasn’t Scudder or Taycious’ blood.  The thought struck him it was the same smell as the blood in his guest bedroom.  It was Timmy’s smell.  It was his young lover’s blood.  Brick’s heart broke at that realization.  Everything he held dear in his life and any thread of hope or decency he had because of his strong faith left him.  He became as empty as a conch shell washed up on a tropical beach.  He didn’t care to think about God, Jesus, or the very idea of a Holy Father who could do something like this to one of his trusting flock, let alone indirectly to Brick himself.  The words ‘blind faith’ kept repeating over and over in his mind.  He once was blind, but now could see.  What was that from?  Where had he heard that before?  He was a lost child in a man’s body, no more, no less— trusting and gullible.  Look what he found.  There was no grace to be amazed by any more.  Nothing but evil intent and evil by portent.  To hell with forgiveness.  It was payback time.  Gimme' dat old time religion.  An eye for an eye and a tooth for tooth— an asshole for an asshole!  It was downright biblical.  He would show Scudder and Taycious their way to hades.
Sure enough, he found Scudder and Taycious passed out naked as the day they were born.  They hadn’t even bothered to clean themselves.  Scudder had blood on his abdomen and all over his shriveled dick.  Taycious had blood all up and down his right arm and all over his hand.  It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out he fist-fucked Tim and was the one who probably tore him open, but the most awful thought was Scudder fucked the boy after he was torn and bleeding.  The evidence was right there before him.  It was also obvious to Brick they were so drunk they finally passed out thereby giving Tim a chance to escape and probably saving his life.

Brick went into action.  He tied Scudder up with some drapery cords he knew were kept as extras in the closet.  He duct taped his mouth shut and tied him to a chair.  He simply tied Austin’s hands behind his back and duct taped his mouth to keep him quiet.  He took his own clothes off and proceeded to fuck the shit out of Austin.  Taycious woke up getting fucked hard by Brick and his eyes got very wide.  He tried to scream, but his mouth was taped shut.  Brick smiled at the horror in his eyes as he continued to fuck him like a pony express rider late with the mail.

He noticed Scudder was coming around and was jolted wide away when he saw his political advisor being fucked by a man like he was a raging stallion.  Brick smiled at Scudder and told him he was next.  Brick shot his load into Austin but didn’t stop there.  He found a jar of lubrication called ‘elbow grease’ popular with gay men for fist fucking and proceeded to lube up his hand and forearm.  The jar didn’t look like it had been used.  He wondered if Austin fist fucked his mate without any lubrication.  Brick decided he wouldn’t be that ruthless whether Taycious was or not.  

Taycious’ eyes got real big and he kept shaking his head ‘no’ for Brick not to fist him.  Brick paid him no attention and was not gentle.  He finally popped his huge hand inside Austin and fucked him hard until he was sure he tore him internally.  When he pulled his fist out in one giant balled knot, it was covered in blood.  Austin Taycious was whimpering like a puppy.  

Brick hog tied him and went after Scudder.  Scudder was wide awake by that time and was far more animated that Taycious had been.  He was actually a pretty good fuck, Brick thought to himself.  It took him longer to come inside the Holy Father but he finally blew and knew he couldn’t walk away without one final present for his so called ‘savior.’
 * * * * * * *

Jimmy-Bob and Stan sat in Brick’s apartment watching what he was doing to Austin Taycious and then to the Holy Prophet and were stunned.

“Should we do anything?” Stan asked Jimmy-Bob.

“What can we do?  Who’s gonna’ believe us if we try to contact anyone?  Furthermore, we could be thought of as part of a conspiracy.  Brick’s doing what he has to do.  I’m not sure I agree with it, but if I put you in Timmy’s place and me in Officer Brick’s I wouldn’t be that nice to them.  I would’ve just taken my service revolver and blown their damn head’s off.”

“You feel that much for me, cowboy?”

“Bet chore’ sweet ass, babe.” Jimmy-Bob smiled at Stan then winced at another heroic lunged Brick took into Scudder’s ass.  They had a conflict of mixed emotions.  They didn’t know whether to feel really bad for Scudder and Taycious or make popcorn and enjoy the rest of the show.

“Do you think we should contact him and tell him to cool it by way of the robo-cams?  He might think we was the voice of God tell’n him not to do harm to them.” Stan suggested.

“No, he’d recognize our voices.  I’m getting from the Voices we gotta’ stay out of this, little brother.  It has to unfold the way they got in mind for it to happen.  Anything we do to the contrary might fuck it up.”

“Oh, God, J. B., I don’t mind tell’n you, I’m afraid.” said Stan quietly.

“What, cowboy?  And you think I ain’t?  This whole thing’s got me scared shitless, but I see the bigger picture.  What if it was you I walked in and found bleeding to death out chore’ little ass?  What if it was me?  We can’t stay here that long to find out.  I’m appealing to the Admiral and our friends to get us out of here ASAP.  I’m willing to stick around until we help Officer Brick.  We done already got Timmy out.  Surely they won’t make him come back.  Scudder and Taycious would do away with for damn sure.  Being scared is the better part of heroism, cowboy, knowing you’re afraid and not letting it stop you from doing what’s right or what you need to do.”

* * * * * * *

Brick was through fucking Scudder.  He sat him back in the chair and ripped the duct tape from his mouth.

“You sorry son of a bitch.  I’ll have you shot for this.  How dare you do something like this to your savior.  I took you in as an adolescent.  You had no parents and no home.  I became your parent.”

“Yeah, you took me in, fucked me and made me suck your dick until I grew up.  Then, I wasn’t young enough for you no more, so you made me a member of your guard and castrated me with chemicals to serve you without question.  Just like you done with all them other guards who are like robots.  Well, I ain’t castrated no more.  I grew my balls back and you ain’t no savior.  You’re a stupid little man who has risen to a position of power far greater than you ever deserved.  You’re a false prophet who was sent by the demons of hell by way of the stupidity and blind faith of people who no longer have claim to their own souls.  They have become unintelligent zombies, the lower middle class and poor who have been brainwashed by endless lies and mendacity.  I am more of a holy man than you will ever be.  At least I know the difference between right and wrong.  You and your life are wrong.”

“What are you talking about?  What are you planning to do, Armstrong?  I’ll have you castrated and burned at the stake as a heretic and terrorist.”

“Well, if I’m gonna’ be killed for what I just done, I might as well take you with me.”

“What?  What are you doing?

Brick took his service revolver out of his shoulder holster he put back on when he dressed.  He aimed it at Scudder’s head.

“Don’t shoot me, Brick!  I didn’t mean to hurt Timmy.  I was drunk.  It was Austin who hurt him.  I wasn’t paying any attention and fucked him afterward.  We didn’t realize he was hurt.”

“There’s blood all over the damn apartment, and it ain’t yours or Austin’s.  You ain’t only stupid, you’re blind!  I don’t care.  He’s gone to a better place.  I know he’s gonna’ be all right.  He’s been raptured, something I plan to make sure never happens for you.”

Brick took careful aim and pulled the trigger.  He watched as the bullet slammed into the side Scudder’s head, ripped through the tissue, bone, sinew, grey matter and blew a huge chunk out of his skull.  Blood and brains spewed out the other side.  It splatted against the wall and ran in bloody chunks down the wainscoting to the floor as Scudder’s eye rolled back into his skull, he kicked back with his feet and flew over backward.  His body shuddered a couple of times, his head flopped loosely over to one side and his tongue snaked out of his mouth as one huge spit bubble appeared, grew larger, then burst.  His body let out one final sigh, and he was dead.  

Brick Armstrong felt no remorse.  He felt no emotion whatsoever.  If he felt anything at all, he felt relief, like a long nightmare was over.  He simply ran out of road.  There was no horizon for him see.  He thought about eating a bullet himself.  Something spoke to him in the back of his mind and told him not to.  It was all out of his hands now.  He did what he was meant to do.  He was neither guilty nor to blame.  He was a pawn, a player on a stage, a character in a novel who asked for only one more crust of bread, another bowl of food, who spoke his lines and did his assigned task in the minute history to make all the pieces fit together.  Out of blood and chaos it was all coming together.  He was only a bit player in the bigger picture; a pawn in a universal game of chess.  All he had to do now was relax and let it be.  Everything was out of his hands.  He worked so hard all his life to find love and be loved— to just belong to something larger than himself.  How had it come to this?  How strange.  He suddenly had a full heart.  He knew that he was becoming a part of something larger than himself;  something he didn’t fear; something that brought him great calm.  He knew someone would hear the shot, but he didn’t care.  He took out his cell phone and punched the number for the Holy City police.  The desk Sergeant answered.

“Sergeant Abrams.  Holy City Police.”

“Sergeant Abrams.”  Brick said in a calm voice, “This is Officer Brick Armstrong calling from the apartments of the Holy Prophet.  I think you better send some men over, I’ve just shot and killed Dr. Scudder.  I’ll be waiting for you— unarmed.”

Brick emptied the chamber of his gun and threw it on the floor next to Scudder’s body.  He looked over at Austin who was lying as still as possible to keep from drawing attention to himself.  Brick slowly walked into the other room and sat down to await the police.

End Of Chapter 39 ~ Waco’s Lummox
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