By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 41

Jack Hall was aboard the Buttercup when the men were brought onto the ship from the Holy City.  Being a cowboy, he never heard of the Temple Guards and the strange things expected of them.  He certainly never heard of the Holy Order where men were asked to literally ‘give their all’ to become a part of a secret, sacred society.  Parts of it were more secret than others; however, its sacredness was open for debate.  Many believed, just because the Holy Prophet declared it sacred didn’t make it so.  There were many skeptics and critics of such practices.  It smacked of cultism and echoed the severity of the Roman Catholic church insisting on celibacy from their clergy, which everyone knows, only the very ugly actually practiced.*  Jack never heard of the ‘final act’ of submission to the dictates of the Holy Prophet as a prerequisite to be included as a member of the Holy Order.  He was stunned and somewhat repulsed when he saw Ernie Shields had no penis or testicles.  Repulsion turned to curiosity, wonder, sympathy, empathy and finally fascination.

His cowboy buddy Warren knew about it, but never met anyone who was a member of this small sect of right-wing religious zealots.  There were almost none of them outside the Holy City.  They were used almost exclusively for guarding the safety of the Holy Father.  Those Temple Guards sent on missions by the Holy Prophet were usually intact like Brick Armstrong.  However, those of the Holy Order reported to an officer who was still complete and only complete officers could hold higher ranks.  It was a cause for obvious questioning among the elite corps as to discriminatory practices by the Holy Prophet; however, Scudder created the guidelines and to become a part of his Sacred Cows or Holy Whores, as Austin Taycious irreverently referred to them, they had to abide by his rules.  Many referred to the Holy Order as a cult within the fundamentalist church. (Many felt fundamentalism itself qualified as a cult)  Warren heard all about the Holy Order from his granddaughter’s husband, David W. Yates.  He watched Jack’s reaction and smiled.  While Warren found Ernie’s condition strikingly different, he was more prepared for it than poor Jack.  He grinned as Jack turned to look at his friend with his mouth open.

“He’s one of them Temple Guards what took the final step to join the Holy Order.  As you saw a minute ago, Officer Brick decided not to join or maybe he just wasn’t selected to be a member.”

“But to give up your cock and balls.” Jack shook his head in wonder. “Most cowboys cringe at circumcision.” he added.

“Ain’t that the truth?” confirmed Warren, “Makes a body wonder how some folks get so screwed up with religion they would go to such lengths.  I don’t think that’s what Christ had in mind.” Warren shrugged and shook his head.  He noticed Jack couldn’t take his eyes off of Ernie.  “What a shame.  A beautiful slab of meat with no carrot or potatoes.”  Warren spoke quietly so only Jack could hear.  They shared a laugh.

“You remember your fascination for big furry men?” asked Jack quietly.

“E’aup.  It ain’t gone away none.  It’s still lurking in the dark recesses of my mind and sometimes travels to my other little brain down South.”  Warren grinned.  “Don’t tell me that sexless body strums yore’ magic twanger, froggy.”  Warren looked at Jack in exasperation.

“‘Feard so, buckaroo.  I don’t rightly know what it is, but I can’t seem to take my eyes off’n him,— it,— whatever.”

Someone brought Ernie and Brick bathrobes and they put them on because they would soon be ‘rapturing’ Sarah Ann Dodge, her mother and father.  

“He don’t really need a robe.” Jack allowed, “He ain’t got nothing to hide.”

“He don’t look uncomfortable without his clothes.” Warren commented.

“Why should he?  He has a magnificent body with no private parts to be private about.  Makes me wonder, if he was in the Garden of Eden and the snake talked him into eating an apple, how would God have know’d?  He wouldn’t run to cover himself because he wouldn’t have nothing to be ashamed of.” Jack mused.  They shared a laugh.

“That does present somewhat of a religious conundrum.” Warren agreed.

“Why would he need a rubber?” Jack asked with a blank look on his face.  Warren just let it pass.

“I ain’t never noticed you being ashamed of being naked.” Warren challenged him.

“I ain’t ashamed of what God gimme.’ He blessed me more’n most men.  It’s brought me a lot of pleasure over the years.” Jack smiled at Warren, “I ain’t no lummox, but then again, they don’t intimidate me none neither.”

“I should hope not.  I sort a’ think on you as ma’ mule skinner buddy.” Warren chuckled.

“What are you talk’n about old man?  You’re damn near big as I am.  You ain’t got no need for shame.”

“Aww, you noticed.” Warren said to his cowboy buddy like he was touched.

“Every man notices, you asshole, and you know it!” Jack shot back.  Warren slapped his knee and laughed.

Later, during the Master/slave ceremony held at Strom and Lyle’s ranch on the Mighty Bee, Warren observed Jack watching Ernie every chance he got trying his best not to be obvious.  The only problem was, every time Jack tried to sneak a look at Ernie, the big muscled man was looking back at him.  Warren moved within earshot of Jack.

“For cries sake, cowboy, if you’re that curious about the man why don’t you just go over there and talk with him.”

“I don’t want him git’n no wrong ideas.” Jack said.   

“Wrong ideas about what?  He ain’t got no dick or balls.  What reason would the man think you were curious about him other than the fact he don’t have none?  I’d be more worried about you if he had a dick and you were curious.” Warren grinned.  “Have you asked yourself why you’re fascinated by him?”

“Yes, of course I have,— a hunner’t times or more, but I still ain’t got no answer.  Maybe it’s them cowboy boots he’s wear’n.  Even naked he looks like a man what should be wear’n Western boots.”

“Maybe it’s his body.” Warren suggested, “I ain’t got me no problem admitting he’s got hisself one fine body for a man.  He’s damn near as perfect as you can get.  He looks like a Mack truck without a crank.” Warren giggled, then continued, “By the way, I think I finally done figured out why them big lummox turn me on so much.  It’s cause of their size.  I never met anyone much bigger’n me who made me feel like a little boy again, but when I’m standing next to a big one, I feel like I’s about ten years old again, and it’s fantastic feeling.”

“Yeah, but you told me it’s sexual with you.” Jack replied.  

“I ain’t denying it, but I ain’t got that part worked out yet.  Can’t tell you why that part turns me on so much, but they do.  I notice you’re old horse is piss’n in yore’ barn, cowboy.” Warren grinned at him.

“What chu’ doing look’n at my crotch, old man?  If you want it, all you gotta’ do is ask.” Jack joked and grinned at him.

“While ‘at’s a real comfort to know, cowboy, I wouldn’t wanna’ tread on our friendship none.” Warren laughed, “Sex has a way of changing things between folks.”

“Lord, don’t I know it.” Jack agreed. “I don’t know why he turns me on, but he does, and I ain’t never been attracted to a man in my life.  Swear to God, Warren!” Jack held up his hand as an oath.

“I believe you, cowboy.  Y’ain’t never lied to me.  Same with me and them lummox.  Sometimes, curiosity about folks is mistaken for attraction.  Maybe if you go over there, talk with him and git to know him, it’ll go away.”

“Ya’ think?  Hell, it’s worth a try.  At least I’d find out for shore’ one way or t’other.” Jack allowed.

“‘Air you go, sport.  'At’s the way to think on it.  Go talk with the man.  You’ll either git it out of yore’ system or end up bust’n his butt for him.” Warren laughed.  Jack shot him a look that was meant to choke off his air supply.  He grinned, pointed his finger and fanned his thumb with his other hand like a gun slinger shooting his buddy.  He held his finger up to his mouth as if to blow the gun smoke away, then holstered his imaginary weapon.  The men shared a laugh as Jack walked away to talk with Ernie.  Jack reintroduced himself to the man with the perfect body, and they shook hands.

“I apologize for looking at you like I’s a school kid at a freak show.” Jack blurted out.  Then he cringed when he realized what he said.  “I didn’t mean that the way it came out, Ernie.” he grinned.  Ernie laughed and dropped his big arm around Jack’s shoulder.

“I know.  I guess I do look like a freak, but I don’t feel like one.  I made a decision, and at the time, I thought it was the right thing to do.  Now, I ain’t so sure.” Ernie lamented.

“You feel bad about it?” Jack asked.

“Naw, I’m a pragmatist.  What’s the use of feel’n bad,— ain’t nothing I can do about it no how.  What’s done is done, so I jes’ gotta’ make the best of it with the life I have.  I guess I owe you an apology, too.”

“Why’s that?” Jack asked, sort of surprised.

“I was doing my fair share of look’n back at you.  I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable.”

“You didn’t.  I’m used to other men look’n at me.  I ain’t never thought about it ‘til now, but I guess I’m a bit of a freak myself.”

“I’ve seen small ponies what weren’t so blessed, Sir.” allowed Ernie.

Jack was impressed with the man.  He seemed like he was honest and straight forward.  He was already beginning to relax with him.  Ernie removed his arm from around Jack’s shoulder and the cowboy suddenly wished he hadn’t.  ‘What was going on with him?’ he wondered.  He just happened to see Warren caught his look of disappointment when Ernie removed his arm and looked away, but not before grinning a knowing grin. ‘Damn that old man!’ he thought to himself, and then he smiled at the comfort of having a good friend.

“Cowboys don’t delve into other men’s business much unless they’re told something in confidence or encouraged to know more about a person.” Jack said.  He wondered if that came out right.  He didn’t really know what he was trying to say.

“I’ll tell you anything you wanna’ know, Mr. Hall.  I ain’t got no secrets, especially now.  I feel like I’ve been betrayed by my beliefs, my religion and my leader.  With Brick, Timmy, Jimmy-Bob, Stan and Mr. Watkins’ help I’ve come to realize I was following a false prophet and quite possibly the wrong God.  Look what it cost me.  I lost my manhood.  My world’s come crashing down around me, and I don’t really fit in with the rest of these men; however, on the upside, there’s so many different creatures and folks I feel like there’s a place for me among them.  Does that make sense to you?”

“Sure, Son.  It makes a hell of a lot of sense to me.  I come upon these folks by accident.  I was sort of dropped into the middle of ‘em without know’n who or what they was.  I was shot in the back by one of my best drink’n buddies, the father of them Stamper boys over there.  I was dying and the local hospital refused to treat me because my injuries was so bad my insurance carrier refused authorization.  These good folks took me in, operated on me, saved my worthless hide, healed me and never asked nothing from me in return.  All my life I felt like an outsider and suddenly found myself surrounded by big furry critters, a little female fairy what can fly, beautiful, highly-intelligent, ring-tailed creatures who I fell in love with, beautiful sentient crystals what sing to you and heal you, and cow dogs what can talk.  I thought I done died and woke up in the Twilight Zone.  I found me a home with these folks, and I’ll have a home with them as long as I want.  You will, too.  You’re welcome here among us.”

“Thank you, Mr. Hall.  Coming from you makes me feel better.  I notice you’re well thought of by everyone, especially the critters.  They speak of you with reverence.”

“Oh, Lord, I hope not.” laughed Jack, “I don’t want nobody, human or critter, worship’n me.  Yore’ look’n at the poster boy for original sin.  I’m the biggest sinner on God’s green Earth, Son.  The very worst of the lot.  Most of the time, I try’n do what’s right, but sometimes I fail miserably.  When I fail, I do it up big time.  Since I been around these folks though, they seem to bring out the best in me.  I give up smoking and drink’n, and I don’t cuss near so much as I used to.  I ain’t turned into no choirboy, though.  I still got me a low threshold on God and religion, but nobody pushes it on anybody around here.  You’re welcome to join them if’n you want, but you ain’t looked down on if’n you don’t.  I’ve been a boozer and a cunt hound most of my life, but since I recovered I ain’t been with nobody.  Was my size the only reason you was ogling me, Son?”

“Naw, Sir.  I think you’s one of the most attractive cowboys I ever run across.”

“Thanks, but I look in the mirror ever’ morning and what I see look’n back wouldn’t win no beauty prizes, I guaran-damn-tee-ya.’” Jack smiled at Ernie.

“You shore’ as hell would if’n I’s judging the contest, Sir.” he grinned back at Jack.

Did Jack notice a definite cowboy lingo turn of phrase from Ernie?

“You come from stock like these folks, don’t chu,’ boy?” Jack asked.

“They could be my relatives, Sir.  I’s born and raised on a working ranch in Montana.  We lived so far from town, I was home schooled.  I never went to a public school.  I didn’t get me too much education as a result.  My mother mostly taught me, but she didn’t have no more’n a fifth grade education herself.  She died when I’s eight.  I don’t think my dad ever really wanted me, he looked on me like I’s another ranch critter.”

“You know about critters?” Jack asked.

“‘At’s about all I do know about, Mr. Hall.  I can barely read or write, but I can heal me a lame pony from prairie weeds and roots.  I can tame a wild one, saddle him, and ride him in an afternoon.  I can train roping ponies and had me a prize winning cut’n horse I trained myself before my daddy done sold me to the Holy Prophet to become one of his Semi-Vestal Virgin boys.  I hated ma’ dad for doing that to me.  He sold me with no more emotion than if’n I’s a prize pig.  I was beaten and forced to do things I didn’t wanna’ do, but to survive I learned, done what I’s suppose to, and like a good cowboy, kept my mouth shut.”

“Why did you volunteer to become one of the Holy Order?”

“When ma’ dad sold me I was just a confused pre-teenage kid.  He caught me jack’n off one night and beat me up some’um fierce.  I apologized and told him I wouldn’t never do it again, but he claimed I was tainted and would always be perverted by the sin of onanism, whatever the hell that meant.  The Holy Prophet sent out his officers looking for young men for a new program they was start’n up and parents were encouraged to sell their young sons.  My daddy sold me and got good money for me.

“You ever seen him again?”

“Naw, Sir.  I heard he was killed in a rodeo accident in Missoula.  I didn’t even cry when they told me.  I was one of the original Semi-Vestal Virgin boys what satisfied the perverted desires of the Holy Prophet and his crew of corrupt religious politicians.  Each one was more sick than the last.  I still have nightmares about things I was made to do with them men.  Anyway, while I was one of Dr. Scudder’s Temple boys, I saw the men what was get’n ahead was the Temple Guards.  They was all bodybuilders and took enhancement drugs and other shit the Holy Prophet’s doctors gave them.  I come to find out later it was a cocktail of chemical castration drugs that kept them men big, but impotent.  Their dick’s shriveled up so small you could hardly see ‘em.  I started hanging around them.  They began to teach me how to work out and take care of my body.  One thing led to another, I got too old for the Holy Father and his friends to be interested in me no more, so he offered me a job as a Temple Guard.  I thought I’d arrived at the gates of heaven.

Time went on and all them big men were joining this secret order.  One of the initiation rites was having an operation to remove everything.  I learned they didn’t remove the testicles.  They just sewed ‘em up in the cavity they came from.  They removed the penis and routed our piss holes a little above our assholes.  I thought a lot about it and figured I couldn’t do nothing else in life.  I didn’t have me no education.  I didn’t know about women.  I never wanted to be a homo, but I was forced to be one.  What was the big deal?  If I lost everything, I wouldn’t have to worry one way or t’other.  I’d be free of sexual urges.  Well, that was fine as long as I was taking them drugs they was giving me; however, I been off them for several weeks now and something’s going on inside me what’s like a monster waking up.  I can’t think of nothing else but git’n my itch scratched down deep in ma’ gut.  When I look at your big saddle horn, I think to ma’self what a handsome and handy itch scratcher it might be.”

“I ain’t never been with a man, Son.  I let a man suck me off in the bed of my pickemup truck out behind the bar when I’s drunk a couple of times, but I ain’t never butt fucked no man.  I don’t know’s I could satisfy you.”

“H’it ain’t me you gotta’ satisfy, Mr. Hall.” Ernie assured him.

“I don’t understand, Son.  What’da ya’ mean?”

“It’s me what’s gotta’ satisfy you, Sir.  I ain’t got me no dick to satisfy.  Just think on my ass a the tightest cunt you’ll ever stick yore’ dick into and ride it like you would a two-bit whore.  You can’t fuck my hole too hard, Mr. Hall.” Ernie said like a challenge to Jack’s cowboy pride.

Jack stood there not believing the honesty of this fine looking man.  But did Jack really think about Ernie as a man?  He couldn’t be sure.  He didn’t think about him as a woman, but here he was telling Jack to think on his ass as a cunt.  Could Jack do that?  Why not?  He thought he just might be able to.  Hell, he fucked B.B.’s lifeless cunt.  How much of a stretch would it be for him to think about Ernie’s ass as a male cunt?  Something clicked in Jack’s brain and it all came flooding to the forefront.  That’s it!  That’s what he was trying to define about Ernie.  Without a penis and testicles, he wasn’t threatened by Ernie as a man; he thought of Ernie as a male cunt.  How cool was that?  His dick started getting hard, but as Charlie and Blake Tindell were going at it hot and heavy, every man there was erect as a goalpost; however, Jack’s erection had nothing to do with Charlie and Blake.  Jack moved in behind Ernie to hide himself, but wouldn’t you know, that damn Warren just happened to glance over and grin at him again.  This time Jack didn’t try to hide it.  He waggled his old cayuse at him and Warren doubled over with laughter.  Jack was standing behind Ernie.

“Why are you hiding, Mr. Hall?” Ernie said over his shoulder, “Every man here has an erection.  Look over there.  Several are paired off.”

“I just ain’t used to being erect with a bunch of other men.  I’ll be all right in a minute.  I’ll be fine.”

“Don’t waste it, Mr. Hall.  Lemme’ keep it warm for you.”

“What’da you mean, Ernie?”

Ernie backed up and Jack’s big cowboy dick fit perfectly in the crack of Ernie’s ass.  He squeezed his muscular ass cheeks around it like a hot dog bun without the mustard.

“Will you trust me, Mr. Hall?”

“Of course, Son.  What— ?”  before Jack could get it out Ernie went up on his toes, reached back with his hand, positioned the head of Jack’s hard penis at his hole and shoved back hard with his ass.  About half of Jack’s big cowboy dick disappeared up Ernie’s butt.

“Arrrrggg.” gasped Jack Hall at the sensation.  He immediately grabbed Ernie around his waist and hung on.

“I’m clean, Mr. Hall.  You don’t have to worry about git’n yore’ dick dirty.  I’ll let you sink the rest into me.”

“Damn, Ernie.  That’s just about the best feel’n I ever had.  You sure you can take all of me?”

Ernie laughed and assured Jack he could take all he had to give him.

“Just make me a promise, Mr. Hall.”

“What’s ‘zat, Son?”

“Don’t cheat me none!  Make sure you feed me every inch of yore’ fine cowboy dick.  Just think on my hole as yore’ cunt for the taking.  Take as much of it as you like, and then, take some more.” Ernie emphasized by pushing back to ease a little more of Jack inside him.

“I give you ma’ word as a cowboy, Son.  I’ll make damn sure you git it all.” Jack smiled.

Jack kept his word.  By the time he worked his big dick all the way into Ernie’s butt, they stood as one person together.  Jack put his arms around Ernie’s front and ran his rough cowboy hands over his perfect body.  He had no problem feeling around his muscularly knotted abdomen and his negated area.  It was smooth and expertly repaired so it was highly sensual for him to feel and Ernie urged him on.  Warren couldn’t believe what he was seeing, but it made him incredibly hot.  His buddy found something,— someone, and Warren knew it was a beginning.  He was happy for his buddy.  There always seemed to be something deep inside Jack that never quite found complete satisfaction.  It wasn’t like he was beating the bushes searching for happiness.  He was just as stoic and accepting of life as any typical cowboy, and seemed to find bits and pieces of contentment for himself here and there, but Warren could sense a deeper yearning for something not even Jack could define.  Warren prayed with the essence of his spirit Ernie might be what Jack was missing.     

Jack stood with all of him being sheathed by Ernie’s ass and gut.  He dare not move.  He felt with any movement he was going to explode.  Ernie would gently move himself around to let Jack know how welcome he was inside him.  Jack’s head was resting on Ernie’s shoulder and he found himself gently kissing the younger man on his shoulder and behind his ear.  

“You are so handsome, my Son,— so beautiful.” Jack whispered to him.

“I wish’t I was yore’ son, Mr. Hall.  I would gladly give my body and my love to a man like you.”

“As perverted as it might sound, I wish’t you was my son, too.”

“To be honest, Sir, I ain’t never given myself to no man; not even the Holy Prophet.  He only used me, but for some reason I’ve always held a part of me back I never gave away.  I’d like to think I could give that part to a man like you, Mr. Hall, if’n you decided you want it; however, a cowboy should never buy a pair of boots until he pulls them on, walks around in them to make sure they’s a comfortable fit,— right?”

“You’re so right, young man, but I don’t know how much more comfortable you could get.  You certainly are a good fit.  I’m about to explode.  The least movement and I’ll shoot inside you.”

“Believe me, I can make it a lot more comfortable for you, Mr. Hall.  You’ll see, but it would be the greatest honor for me to receive your load inside me.  Let me take it from you the first time and then you can fuck my cunt like it needs to be fucked to get your second load.”

“It’s yours, Son.  Take it!”  Jack spoke barely above a whisper.  Ernie started using his ass to fuck Jack.  Jack spread his cowboy boots a bit to get a good firm stance so his wouldn’t be moved backward from Ernie’s strong  thrusts.  It only took him about five good, long lunges on Jack’s cock when he grabbed Ernie tight and plowed his hard shaft as deep into his gut as a he could.

“Woahhhhh, damn!  Oh, fuck!” Jack shot his load deep in Ernie’s gut; and, as promised, he didn’t cheat Ernie.  Jack brushed his lips on Ernie’s neck and breathed his hot breath onto his skin.  It made Ernie shudder as a chill ran up his back.  “That was sooo good!  It was the best I ever had, Son.”  Jack whispered.

“It was pert-damn good for me, too, Mr. Hall.  Thank you, Sir. Thank you for using my hole like a cowboy should.”

“You want me to withdraw, Son?”  he asked softly.

“Not unless you want to, Sir.  I’ll keep you warm as long as you like.  I’d be proud and honored for you to fuck the snot out of me in front of all these other men if you’re up to it.”

“Let’s stay together for right now.  Let me have more time to learn to please us both before I take to the high trapeze without a net.” Jack chuckled.

“Whatever you say, Mr. Hall.”

Jack motioned for Warren to come over and join them.  Jack was amazed at his buddy.  Warren was looking younger every day and sported a stiff penis that would’ve made an eighteen year old proud.  Jack laughed at him.

“Look at you.  Master/slave ceremonies will do it every time.” Jack laughed.

“This ain’t from the Master/slave ceremony, cowboy.  It’s from watching you men.  Do I get to watch this evening?”

“Ask my partner.” Jack smiled and hugged Ernie back into him.  Jack was still firmly planted up Ernie’s butt.

“I would be honored for you to watch, Mr. Steele.  The father of the famous cowboy Sonny Steele?  You bet.”

“You know about cowboys, Son?”  Warren asked.

“He is a cowboy.” Jack answered for Ernie.

 * * * * * * *

That evening Jack took Ernie again in the hayloft of Strom and Lyle’s barn.  He fucked Ernie like he’d never been fucked before.  Ernie thought it was just what he needed, an insatiable buckaroo to ride him like a good pony and take from him what he needed; to take them both where they needed to go.  The more he gave to Jack the more excited Ernie got until the unexpected happened.  Jack was trying to prove to Ernie he could fuck him hard enough to make him cry ‘calf-rope’ when Ernie lost all sense of himself, pitched his hips up to Jack’s thrust, arched his back beneath Jack’s relentless onslaughts and shot his load out his little piss hole.  He called to Jack he was coming.  Jack didn’t understand how until he fell Ernie’s hot seed land on his dick.  It added a much need lubrication to Jack’s penis and caused him to increase the power and intensity of his stroke.  It was too much for Jack.  He threw back his head and moaned deeply as he shot his fourth load into Ernie’s gut.  Their buddy Warren was there to watch.  Warren got so hot he masturbated for the third time while Jack fucked Ernie for the fourth.

* * * * * * *

It didn’t take long for Jack Hall and Ernie Shields to become known as an ‘item.’  Of course, Warren Steele had something to do with it.  He didn’t have to gossip too much.  The critters took care of that.  It soon became evident to everyone the two men formed a deep bond and became almost inseparable.  It wasn’t something they planned, it just happened.  Ernie was enough of a true cowboy he didn’t push himself on Jack; however, wherever Jack went he invited Ernie along.  Everyone, especially the critters who loved Jack, were happy for them.  Ernie quickly became accepted by all the critters as Master Jack’s mate and that was that.  Their new buddy was easy to be around and always had something good to say to everyone.

Ernie became more than just Master Jack’s mate.  He was a personality unto himself who never had a chance to fully develop.  From the time he was a ten year old boy he lived his life under someone else’s agenda and never had time to think about what he would like to do or become in life.  His early life was so structured and regimented he was almost lost without it.  Since he found himself away from that influence or regime, he would sometimes become overwhelmed with the many choices he had.  He would become confused and depressed.  He had a tendency to just shut down; however, Jack Hall could always bring him out of it.  

Jack found himself becoming a dad for the young man, but he didn’t mind a bit; after all, he was getting back far more than most dad’s get from their sons.  Ernie had many natural talents, but he lacked direction.  He needed someone to tell him what to do and to teach him how to focus his abilities.  Jack was the right man for the job.  He sort of accepted Ernie as another one of his critters; however, there was a decided difference.  While he loved and cherished all the critters who were under his care and supervision from time to time, he was not physically or emotionally involved with them like he became with Ernie.  He finally had to admit to his cowboy buddy, he had fallen deeply in love with Ernie.

Ernie’s first trip to Venus and Mars over the Thanksgiving holidays was more than just a trip to carry Captain Vinceeth back to Mars Port to pick up his newly completed ship.  It was almost a symbolic celebration of the first Thanksgiving off planet, or away from the Earth.  The Buttercup was loaded with all kinds of good food and goodies to make the trip comfortable and an enjoyable holiday for those who were traveling with them.  While on the one hand, it was a sad occasion for Waco and Trey because it was their last trip together before Trey Vinceeth had to leave to resume his life as Captain of one of the finest ships in the Visallian fleet, on the other, it was also to introduce some of their new folks to Venus and Mars.  It was a great chance for Darryl to get to visit his home world again.  His video shows were now the rage of Venus and Mars.  He had become a very wealthy Venusian man.  

Ernie and Jack shared a double cabin on the Buttercup with their friend Warren.  As always, Warren had his own room separated by a hatch.  Most of the time the men left it open except for retiring purposes and privacy.  They were once again in charge of the critters, and along with Ernie, became known as the ‘critter wranglers.’  They were in charge of seeing all critters were fed, watered and walked in the redwood forest on board the ship.  

Ernie’s first experience in the redwood forest on the Buttercup was one of awe and awakening.  He couldn’t believe an entire forest was stored on the ship just for the purpose of exercising and taking care of the biological needs of the favored critters who flew with them.  He was more than a little impressed.  He was stunned.  He couldn’t understand how Jack, Warren and the others on board the ship seemed so nonchalant to accept it all without being overwhelmed by its beauty and grandeur.   

He and Jack talked about living together, but Ernie thought it might be too soon to consider something like that.  By that time they’d been together for only three months.  Jack was so laid back he couldn’t see what difference it would make.  They spent all their time together anyway.  After a couple of months, Jack was so used to Ernie sleeping next to him, he couldn’t get to sleep if Ernie was away for any reason.  Jack decided he wouldn’t push.  He had Ernie next to him ninety-nine percent of the time anyway.  No use to get greedy.

Warren said he thought Jack scared Ernie away when he tried to talk with him about the ‘Long-shot.’  Ernie got the shot along with everyone else, but didn’t quite understand the ramifications of it at the time.  Jack carefully explained how it altered something inside them on a molecular basis, their DNA to make it an open-ended double helix.  That meant the information that told their bodies to repair itself, like renewing tissue and healing after a cut or breaking a bone, would never stop.  Without the shot, the process of renewal would slow and eventually breakdown causing the body to start to wither and decay as it got progressively older until the process stopped altogether resulting in death.  Ernie had no idea what Jack was talking about.  In other words, Jack explained further, since he got the shot, Ernie would never age or grow older and die.  With the Long-shot, a man could, potentially, live forever.  Ernie was stunned but accepted it with as much stoicism as usual for a cowboy, but the thought of living forever as a eunuch was something Jack hadn’t thought out before he explained it to him.  Warren thought maybe Ernie hadn’t worked through that in his mind.     

“Considering the added age possibility, cowboy, I don’t think it’s such a far fetched idea the boy needs a dad to help him understand.” Warren advised Jack.

“I realized that when I told him about the shot.” Jack agreed, “He told me the first night I talked with him he wish’t I was his dad.  Hell, I don’t have no problem being his daddy.  To be honest, the idea turns me on.  Lord knows, all them ugly, skankey whores I used sniff around after used to call me their daddy.  Ernie’s a lot tighter, cleaner, and way less maintenance than them bitches ever was.  There’s just something about him what’s so innocent and needs to trust, he needs a strong man to love him; one what won’t let him down.”

“You’ve changed, Jack.  I know you mean what you say, and I know you’re the man for the job.  You’re right about the kid need’n someone to trust.  You’re just the man what can teach him about trust and help him grow up.  He’s still an adolescent kid in that big body, but I think he could become a fine man one day.  What brought you to this decision?” Warren asked.

“Them critters!  The way they look up to you’n me and discovering Kuluke and T’kan on our last flight; how natural it seemed for Strom and Lyle to take them in as their own.  I saw how it affected you.  You’s almost jealous of them boys.  Them big lummox men are the ultimate daddy figures. You can’t say it didn’t shake you up a bit.  I wondered why you never saw no connection with your attraction to them.  It shore’ ‘nuff shook me up.  It jes’ struck me how ever’ one needs a strong parent figure.  I never had me one, and I come to realize how much I missed in life.  I been looking for me a momma in them loose women with broad butts and big tits all these years, but I ain’t never found me one.  I can understand how some men could go the other way and become gay look’n for a daddy for themselves.  In a way, maybe that’s what happened to Ernie, but he just happened to run across’t a cowboy what’s willing to be his daddy.  If’n I got me a lot more time than the average man, if I can provide that for somebody I care about, so be it.  It’s the least I can do to try’n repay the goodness these folks done for me, but not only that, but because I’ve fallen in love with him.  It’s funny how life works out sometimes.”

“Fuck!  Why ain’t I seen that?” exclaimed Warren, “You’re right.  It did shake me up when Strom and Lyle stepped up to take in Kuluke and T’gan like it was just the right thing to do.  Weren’t no question in either one of them’s minds.  I told you earlier them big lummox make me feel like a kid.  I need to think on that; maybe that’s it.  You’re right, they are the ultimate daddy symbols.  Look at Ox!  He may be that young cowboy’s slave, but there ain’t no question in my mind he’s become an extension of Mr. Goodnight.  Charlie don’t never have to worry about Waco ‘cause he knows he’s being watched over.  Ox would step in a minute if Waco tried to do something his daddy didn’t approve.”

“Don’t worry none,— you don’t have to thank me, cowboy!  You’ll git my bill.” Jack laughed and patted his buddy on the back.

“Bill for what?” Warren asked.

“My services as yore’ shrink.” Jack laughed.

“Drop yore’ Wranglers and bend over, I’ll pay yore’ bill!” Warren laughed.

“You ain’t got enough for a down payment, old man.” Jack shot back.

“Will you wait ‘til I git me a lummox husband?” Warren asked seriously.

“We’ll talk.” laughed Jack.

* * * * * * *

On the flight back to Earth, at Ernie’s urging, Jack arranged for an exploration of the redwood forest.  Anyone who wanted was welcome to come along.  Many folks did.  They packed light backpacks and divided necessary things between them so no one would have to carry a heavy pack.  Of course all the critters wanted to go along.  Jesse Watkins and Utah were always ready to go on walks in the forest.  They enjoyed the walks.  They didn’t plan to be gone more than a couple of hours and carried along an extra gate button Lazarus provided them so if there were those too tired to walk back or they just didn’t care to could easily get back to the main part of the ship.  

The necessary walks for the critters were never very long.  They had a standard path or trail they walked up and over the hill into the forest and into a small clearing where they would rest, take a drink from the small creek, turn around and walk back; however, they planned to go much further onto the next mountain and beyond.  It took them about a good hour and a half of solid hiking to crest the mountain, but when they did the vista of the valley and the mountain beyond was breathtaking.  In the distance was a small waterfall that had a height of several hundred feet and broke up on its way down into frothy foam and seemed to rejoin again before it crashed into the rocks below.  The valley was incredibly beautiful and was in bloom with thousands of wild flowers.  It seemed to be the fall in the mountains and the ship regulated the seasons in the microclimate like it would be in its natural state.  There was a decided nip in the air, but everyone wore light jackets.  Ernie was following Jack who was the unofficial leader, and Warren was following him.  When they crested the ridge, Ernie let out a small gasp like it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen.  Everyone agreed.  Even the critters who were a closer part of nature than their human brothers and sisters were wowed.

“This is it.” spoke Ernie softly to no one in particular.

Jack looked at Warren and smiled.  Warren shrugged.  He didn’t know what Ernie was talking about.  Neither did Jack, but he made a mental note to ask Ernie later.  After they returned, bedded down the critters for a rest period, said ‘goodbye’ to Warren and closed their hatch for privacy, Jack and Ernie cleaned themselves and Jack went off to sit in their spa until Ernie finished his internal ablutions in case Jack was feeling frisky.  Jack always felt frisky.  He couldn’t seem to get enough of Ernie’s ass.  Ernie joined him after a while.  He got into the hot swirling water next to Jack.  Jack placed his arm around his shoulder and pulled him close.  He grabbed Ernie’s hand and placed it on his hard dick.

“We’re happy to see you, Son.” Jack stole a kiss.

“Umm, I’m glad.  I shore’ could use me some of that, Sir.” Ernie sighed.

“Well, we’ll jes’ have to make sure you get a’ little when we git in bed.” Jack paused for a moment, “Tell me, Son, does ‘Sir’ mean the same thing as ‘Dad’ to you?” Jack asked with a grin.

Ernie wondered if it was a trap or if there was a correct answer.  He hesitated for a second then answered quietly, “I’d be a damn liar if’n I’s to say ‘no,’ Mr. Hall.  I suppose it's my code for myself to think on you as ma’ dad.  I enjoy you calling me ‘Son,’ Sir.”

“Why ain’t we never talked about it?” Jack said.

“‘Cause, I’s afraid to.  I didn’t wanna’ push or scare you none.  You’re new to all this.  I’m happy the way things are between us, and I didn’t wanna’ upset nothing.”

“Kiss me, Son.” Jack urged Ernie softly.  They kissed a gentle kiss.  Jack let Ernie take or give as much as he wanted without overpowering him.  They broke it off and Ernie sighed.

“We don’t do much kissing except in the height of passion.” Jack said.

“That’s okay.  Cowboys don’t kiss their buddies much.” Ernie smiled.

“The hell you say!  No cowboy ever had a son or a buddy like you.  I  think we’ve found ourselves in a new world where we can make up our rules as we go along, and as long as we don’t hurt nobody else, there ain’t no one what’s gonna’ object or tell us we ain’t live’n our lives like other folks think we should.  That’s the worst damn part of religion.  Ever’ one's trying to tell ever’body else how to live their lives when they can’t git it right themselves.”

“I never would’ve thought in a million years I’d be on a spaceship to Venus or Mars with a man I like to spend time with, especially a man I’m falling in love with.” Ernie sighed.

“Aww, you falling in love with this old cowboy, Son?” Jack cooed, “How’s ‘bout you gimme’ another one a’ them sweet cowboy buddy kisses, buckaroo.”  Jake laughed and they embraced.  Ernie lay back as Jack took the lead.  As he kissed Ernie he ran his rough hand down Ernie’s front over his smooth crotch and grabbed himself a handful right where his crotch folded under.  He felt with his index finger and found Ernie’s hole.  He started playing with it, massaging it, and rubbing his finger all around it.  Ernie moaned deeply, relaxed and spread his legs as an invitation for Jack’s further exploration.  Finally, Jack gently penetrated Ernie and Ernie kissed him with more passion.  They broke off their kiss, but Jack was still gently fucking Ernie with his finger.

“Have you given any more thought about us living together?” Jack asked.

“Yes, Sir, I have.” Ernie didn’t elaborate.

“Okay, were you serious about want’n me to be your dad?” Jack asked.

“With all my heart,— I was dead serious, Mr. Hall,— Sir.  I feel lost.  I ain’t got me no family, Mr. Hall,— Sir.”  Ernie added as a code to Jack.  Jack didn’t miss it.

“I didn’t realize how serious I was when I told you I wish’t you was my son, Ernie,”  Jack said, “but I do now.  I really want you to be my boy, my son.” Jack let it ride for a few moments for Ernie to think about.

“I’d be honored to be your son, Mr. Hall.  I’d do my damnedest to make you proud of me.”

“Well then, as I see it, a dad takes the lead and makes decisions for him and his boy.  You got a problem with that?”

“Naw, Sir.  I would expect it.”

“Then tell me what your objections are for us living together.”

“When I became a member of the Holy Order of the Temple Guards, part of the ritual was similar to Catholic Priests or Nuns taking holy orders.  We swore to give up our other lives and in effect become married to the church, Jesus and the Holy Father.  That trinity (not ‘the’ trinity) became our family.  I never considered I’d need any more or anyone, but I never counted on being betrayed by my church, or the Holy Father.  Suddenly, here I am, like a fish out of water, and this is all new to me.  I need someone and a sense of belonging to something greater than myself, but I don’t want it to be religion or a false prophets no more.  I think a lot about you and me, but I see us forming a sexual relationship as well as one of trust and family.  I worry I might be just a novelty for you and after I invest time and love in a relationship with you, a woman will come along and offer you something I can’t.  Then I’d be left to fend for myself again.  I don’t know’s I could survive another disappointment like that no matter how long that shot gimme.’  When you explained to me about the longevity shot it even scared me more.  One lifetime is a lot to ask of a person, but several lifetimes of pain or disappointment, one after another,— ? ”

“Warren told me he thought you might be feeling something like that.  Do you think I don’t have me some thoughts about a relationship with you?  What if you meet some other cowboy or even a lummox you like better’n me?  There’s always that chance with either of us.  The question is, do we love each other enough right now to share something with each other?  We can’t foretell the future, but then again, nobody can.  With extended lives, hopefully we’ll continue to learn and grow wiser with age.  Even in one lifetime, I’ve watched folks settle down and grow together.  They’re always the happiest.  On the other hand, I’ve watched good folks grow apart.  They end up going their own ways, sometimes happily, sometimes not.

If you’re gonna’ play the game, you takes your chances.  It’s as much chance for one as it is for the other.  You thought you had a guarantee with the Holy Order and the Temple Guards.  Look how that worked out.  My point is, there ain’t no guarantees about anything we do in life.  What you gotta’ do is make up yore’ mind whether you wanna’ play the game or decide you’re gonna’ stick your head in the sand while life goes on all around you because you got kicked in the teeth your last try?  That’s nonsense!  No man can make himself an island.  Maybe it’s why I wanna’ think on you as ma’ son.  That makes you part of me as my family and no matter what happens with our relationship in the future we will always have that to bond us together.  We’ll always be family to one another; however, if you agree to become my son, h’it don’t mean I intend to stop fuck’n you; that is, as long as you need me.”

“I think I understand, Mr. Hall.  I shore’ have needed you since I was raptured and you’ve been a wonderful companion.  I couldn’t have wished for better, Mr. Hall.  I don’t think I would’ve made it without you, Sir.”

“Sure you would have!  What did you mean today when you saw the valley of wild flowers and said, ‘This is it.’ ?”

“It’s where I want to live with you,— in a cabin, in that valley.”

“Hum, that ain't a bad idea.  It ain’t spoken for that I know of.  I have a feeling you, me and Warren are going to be involved in a lot of travel on this ship.  It would be a great place for the critters.  They wouldn’t have to be scheduled for walks, they would be out in the open most of the time.  They could stay with us in the cabin and come and go.  It could even be big enough to house extra passengers if necessary.  When we carried Captain Vinceeth’s men back we had to double up ‘cause there were so many folks.  Let’s discuss it with our buddy, Warren, tomorrow.  He usually has some ideas we might not have thought of.  I certainly have the money to invest in such a project and we have the manpower.  We’ll talk with Captain Waco, since the Buttercup is his ship, and Admiral Long and Master Charlie.  I don’t foresee any problems.  I would be happy to live there with you.  Then I suppose that means we will become family.  If you will have me for your dad then I will officially adopt you.  You will take my last name as your own.”

“If I become your son and my last name becomes ‘Hall’ like yours, does that mean, as my dad, you get to choose a new name for me?”

“You don’t like ‘Ernest?’”

“I like Ernest, but that ain’t what folks call me.  I’ve never been called Ernest in my life.  I’ve always been known as ‘Ernie.’  I never liked the name Ernie.  If I’m gonna’ have a new last name, I wanna’ leave my past behind.  Even if what happened to me ain’t the real rapture, with all the talk about living a much longer life, I don’t wanna’ go though the rest of my life with a name my biological father gimme.’  I want me a new name.”

“That don’t sound unreasonable.  You got any ideas.?”

“I don’t know.  I ain’t never really thought about it.  Do you have a name you’d like to name a son?” Ernie asked.

“I ain’t really thought about it ether, but let’s both think about it.  It ain’t something we have to come up with tonight.  I think it’s a fine idea if it would really make a difference to you and make you happy.  I understand Waco’s slave, Little Bear, used to be known as ‘Rabbit’ until he done some important things and his Granddad, who’s chief of his family’s tribe, renamed him ‘Little Bear.’  I never thought much about it, but I guess the name you give a man is important.  It should define him as an individual.  It should announce who he is.” Jack waxed philosophic.  “By the way, Son, I never asked you how old you are.”

“I just turned twenty-one the week before I was thrown in prison.”

“Woah!  I thought you were older than that.”

“It’s my size and development, Sir.  Everyone thinks I’m older than I really am.  I think the hormones they gimme’ had a lot to do with it.  Officer Brick is only six years older than me.”

* * * * * * *

That night Jack Hall experience something he’d never found between himself and any woman.  He always had some trepidation when fucking a woman he was hurting her or she might be uncomfortable with his size.  He never allowed himself to fully let go of his inner man and take what was being offered to him.  There seemed to be strings attached to every coupling.  He always managed to get his and tried his best to satisfy the woman he was with, but he wondered many times if women didn’t fake orgasm more times than not.  Ernie never faked an orgasm.  He couldn’t.  Jack learned just how to fuck Ernie to make him ejaculate whenever Jack wanted him to.  He was in control of the fuck from beginning to end.

For Ernie to find out he could come while being fucked, was a new and wonderful revelation, and Jack was the only man who ever got him off that way.  Ernie became dependant on Jack’s big cowboy dick for his gratification, and that’s just the way Jack wanted it.  He was in complete control.  He held the key.  He had the power.  He became Ernie’s cowboy daddy, and Ernie gratefully acquiesced to Jack’s control.  Once they became family, Ernie never questioned Jack about anything.  Jack’s word was the gold standard for Ernie.  Ernie’s main goal, above all others, was to take care of Jack Hall, to see to his dad’s wants and needs, and he became very good at it.  It was commented in more than one circle, Ernie became a willing slave for Jack.  That concept wasn’t such an anathema to Jack or Ernie.  While there was never any doubt who was in charge, it worked for them.
Jack thought about Ernie holding part of himself back from the Holy Prophet and his cronies with whom he was required to have sex.  With Ernie, Jack didn’t have to hold back anything.  Ernie challenged him to be the cowboy he knew he could be, and a complete sexual partner who didn’t have to worry about giving or taking his fill.  He could be as rough or as gentle with Ernie as he wanted and the young man only begged him for more.  Afterward, he would compliment Jack and tell him how great the cowboy rode him and how satisfied he was.  Jack wasn’t stingy with his love for Ernie.  He poured his parental love into the young man; the love Ernie longed for all his life and never got.  Living his life with and for Jack Hall was like finding his own personal ideal of heaven on Earth.  An ideal Ernie gave up on so long ago just to survive.  Sex became so comfortable and fulfilling with Ernie, Jack wondered why he never tried a man before.  His buddy Warren suggested thoughtful explanations and gave his considered opinions.  Some answers came easily,— others were decidedly more complicated.

 * * * * * * *

When they moved the Banshee to Mars, for retrofitting the new propulsion units, Lazarus planned to settle up with the Venusians and make good his financial backing of the repairs and upgrades on the Visallian ship.  The Venusian were fine craftsmen and did an excellent job.  However, as previously mentioned, to everyone’s amazement, Darryl picked up the tab and paid for everything.  He had become so wealthy in such a short period of time from his weekly reports, he was one of the wealthiest Venusians on the planet.  He felt like he owed Captain Vinceeth and his warriors a debt of gratitude for helping to put him in his current position.  His generosity only made him more of a hero to his own people and a man of great honor among the Visallians and the Shushonni.  Lazarus, Charlie, and the men of Earth were pretty damn impressed with him, as well.

Upon arrival at Venus, Captain Waco flew into the atmosphere and once again paid homage to their gigantic friends, the bladder whales.  Brick Armstrong and Timmy were speechless.  Chuchulack welcomed them all and especially the new travelers among them, Officer Brick Armstrong and his mate Timmy Kelly.  Brick had a very strange look on his face.

“I told you so.” whispered Tim.

“I see them, but I don’t believe it.  God help me, they are the most beautiful creatures I’ve ever seen.” said Brick.

“Thank you, Officer Armstrong.  We think your people are quite handsome, too.” spoke Chuchulack.  

Brick smiled and squeezed Tim’s smaller hand.

“I’m sorry, Stan.  I’m sorry, Jimmy-Bob.” Brick said to the men almost in tears.

“Forget about it, brother.  We’re just glad you got to see them with us.” said Stan.

* * * * * * *

Waco and Trey spent a great deal of time together during the first three months of the school year, but alas Trey had to be returned to his ship on Mars over the Thanksgiving holidays.  The new propulsion engines were installed and his technical staff were instructed in their features and speed capabilities.  If they performed nearly as well as the Krell androids indicated, there was nothing with which to compare them.  The snakes and grays would be helpless against them.  Lazarus gave his young warrior friend several technological upgrades for his ship which would give the Visallians a decided advantage over their adversaries.  As a final gesture of thanks the Buttercup followed the Banshee back to Venus.  The warriors prepared some of their best folk dances and planned to give one performance only in the capital of the largest province on the planet, Venus Port City.

Tickets for the event was sold out within an hour of going on sale and those who couldn’t get tickets for the live performance bought tickets to various sites that could receive full size holo-video productions.  There were hundreds of them around the planet, but they were also sold out within hours.  It was the happening of the season.  They had seen bits and pieces of the warriors dancing folk dances.  There were some videos included from Earth when several of the men got together to perform for the locals in the colonies on board the Mighty Bee.  All of this was done through the entrepreneurial skills of Darryl.  He had become his planet’s equivalent of an honest P. T. Barnum.

The dances were unabashedly about the nude male warrior’s body and tribal dancing of the most athletic and acrobatic type anyone had ever seen.  The men did not perform their dances until they were practiced to perfection.  The men were driven for hours to get it exactly right by their drill instructors.  The dances worked as body building and agility exercises as well as evolving from centuries of ritual dance steps containing subtle meanings for each gesture.  As haunting and ethereal as Keekepata and other Shushonni dances could be, the warrior’s tribal dances were the exact opposite.  They celebrated the raw, bold, strong physicality of the Visallian warrior.  It was their signature art of their male dominated culture.  It was also extremely sexual and highly sensual,— to the max.  Absolutely nothing was left to the imagination.  Part of a warrior’s lust for life was his pride in his sexual powers and there was nothing subtle about their expression of it in their dances.  Everyone was warned before hand this was not a performance for the immature or those who held beliefs in modesty.  

Since the performance had the air of a State Cultural Affair between worlds, Lazarus dressed to the nines in his Admiral’s uniform and provided Waco and his crew with Captain’s uniforms and suitable uniforms for those of his staff.  When the cowboys saw their Visallian warrior officers in their uniforms they were speechless.  Trey Vinceeth looked like a God in his red tunic uniform with gold braid on the shoulder epaulets.  He wore ivory colored, skin tight pants, that were more like hose or leotards with a prominent cod-piece.  The hose were shoved down into high, shiny military boots polished to perfection, and a Captain’s hat he carried under his arm.  He was wearing all his service medals pinned to the left side of his broad chest.  He was truly an impressively handsome military man and Waco’s heart leapt to his throat.  Lucas was equally proud of his Commander and Travis could have jumped the Sergeant-Major’s bones right in front of everyone.  The cowboys agreed, there’s just something about a military man.  There were many photos taken of the men together that night.  One of Trey and Waco in their respective uniforms standing  together looking at each other became one of Waco's favorites he kept in a small silver frame on his desk next to his computer.

Jimmy-Bob and Stan wouldn’t have missed it for the world; however, after explaining to his dad what it was all about he decided he, his wife and daughter would stay on the ship and watch a movie instead.  Jimmy-Bob’s little sister was terribly disappointed and expressed her frustration to her father.   She felt she should be exposed to other cultures and values.  Jimmy-Bob was disappointed with his dad, but respected his wishes.  He told Stan he shouldn’t have been surprised when they opted not to visit the critters in the nude on Mars.  When his little sister saw Vivian Steele strip to accompany her husband and father-in-law, she wanted to go along, but her father told her she couldn’t.  Jimmy-Bob wondered if they would ever get over their prudishness.  Stan was supportive and told him he thought they would come around.  They did, eventually, but it took some time.

The musicians for the warrior’s performance were taken from the ship’s crew and the leader was one of the officers.  They were all nude.  The curtain went up and the stage was filled with drums of all shapes and sizes.  There were two banks of musicians on either side of the stage standing holding various string and wind instruments, but the drums were the most important part of the performance.  The stage was dimly lit.  One of the wind players started a haunting melody and in rhythm to the nasal reed sound of the instrument the drummers stomped on stage in a counter rhythm to the melody.  They were completely nude with their bodies covered in tribal tattoos and war paint.  Half of a body would be painted a bright red and the other half would not be painted but have intricate tribal tattoos.  One’s upper half would be painted a bright yellow with no paint on his lower half, but massive tribal tattoos on his butt, thighs and legs.   Another could be painted from his waist down and nothing on his upper body but his tribal tattoos.  They made a magnificent entrance and took their places at their various drums.  They picked up their beaters and the house lights went dark.  So did the stage lights.

The announcer told the audience the first dance would be composed of four opposing villages who would gather together and dance to impress and woo the young virgins from the villages.  While it was a competitive dance the purpose was to show off the abilities and powers of each individual dancer in the most attractive light to make him the most attractive for a possible mate.  Then all hell broke loose with the drums announcing the entrance of the warriors.  With whoops and shouts and acrobatic flips and much stomping of feet the warriors from the four teams danced to the front of the stage under spotlights to emphasize their brightly colored and tattooed bodies.  Their genitalia were bouncing up and down, being wagged around and around in rhythm to the drums.  The four teams from the different villages formed and danced around in four separate circles.  This was not Swan Lake.  It was rawboned, primitive and guttural with much hand clapping, feet stomping, grunts, moans, yells, flailing of arms and elbows and slapping each others’ bodies.  There was no individuals, only four equal teams.  Each man grabbed his corresponding dancer, held him when the move called for it and danced with him.  They would slap each others’ asses, beat on their chests and backs.  The number of places they found to make a slapping noise or sound was too numerous to list, but they were inventive.  

Each dance was specifically designed to be like a sexual experience complete with foreplay to the eventual climax and metaphorical ejaculation.  The audience was not politely asked to go along for the ride, it was almost rudely demanded of them.  It was like getting on a wooden roller coaster from an old amusement park.  Once the cogs started pulling the car up the incline, to be dropped off the other side, there was no turning back.  It was the same with the warriors and their dances.  The rhythm of the drums and instruments, plus the activity of the men and their bodies built to such a climax the audience would rise from their seats to watch the unbelievable happen within the dance.  It was the most amazing thing anyone from the three inhabited planets of our solar system ever witnessed.

The first dance consisted of twelve men in each village group.  They finally formed a closer knit group and would put their arms over each others’ shoulders to dance around in a circle.  They would turn with their bodies out toward the audience and waggle their cocks at everyone in their dance.  Then they would turn inward to face each other around the circle, then turn back again.  The dances around the four circles were becoming faster and more frantic until they were dancing in a frenzy facing each other around and gaining speed as they flew around in intricate dance steps.  Suddenly four in each group became airborne and their feet went out from them.  They were supported with their arms around their fellow dancers but they were flying free from the centrifugal force of the united bodies in motion.  There would be two stable dancers, then the one whose legs were flying out from him and two more stable dancers and so on around the circle.  As their speed increased the men flying were at a perpendicular to the men in the circle and you could see their cocks hanging straight down from their bodies.  It was an awesome sight.  Then they spread their legs in a “V” to expose their asses to the audience so they could get a better shot at their cocks hanging from their bodies.  They spread their legs even further until the four men in flight were touching each others’ feet.  It was an amazing feat.

The most amazing touch was each flying man’s asshole was painted a different color so it produced a kaleidoscopic color pattern that seemed like they all merged into one color.  It must have been some special paint because the faster they went the brighter the color became until their holes were glowing a brilliant golden color.  Then, in mid-flight the four men did the most remarkable thing.  They flipped over on their backs.   Their dancing brothers caught them but no one missed a step or stumbled.  They were floating upside down around the circle.  They spread their legs again and touched their feet together.  It was amazing.  Everyone was on their feet, stomping and applauding for the men.  Finally, the drums slowed and the flyers were gently lowered to their feet.  They immediately continued their steps and the entire thing was repeated with another set of four flyers until all the men were airborne at least once.

There were several other dances that displayed each individual dancer from each group.  The final dance and the most spectacular they saved for last.  It was the folk dance of the twenty-four legged Ganymede Swamp Beast that lived only in legend on their world.  It consisted of one group of twelve men who performed the dance of the beast and another group of twelve were the hunters who danced the tracking and ultimate killing of the beast.  To create the beast with many backs, as it was affectionately known by tradition, the men had to be hooked together as one with their cock up the man’s butt in front of him.  They had to perform the complete dance hooked together or it was consider great shame and bad karma to break the beast apart.  It was also considered an insult to the warriors who were dancing the hunter’s parts.  At the head was a chosen warrior who danced the part many times and acted as the front or head for the beast.  He wore a large frightful mask with two enormous twisted horns, large bulging eyes, big pointed ears, and a huge mouth filled with sharp teeth.  It was hairy and had a great beard that hung down almost to the floor and covered the warrior’s penis.

The warriors could move their cocks in and out of the man in front of them to make the beast look like he was expanding and contracting like an accordion; however, they could never break their connection to the man in front of them.  Because of this, only the warriors with the very longest dicks were allowed to make up the beast with many backs.  The warrior bringing up the rear wore a great tail shoved up his ass, that looked very much like a cross between a feather boa from a two-bit drag show woven into a heavy rawhide whip.  It was strapped in tightly into the rear dancer’s ass which he would waggle as the beast moved from side to side, and he would kick it around with his feet within the dance.  His part was as important as the head dancer’s.  He made the beast’s tail look ominous and somewhat comical at the same time.  It was a demanding role.  Several of the cowboys were later heard to irreverently comment, “He shore’ could shake his tail feathers.”

* * * * * * *

Waco and Trey had to part company after a rest period on Venus.  Waco had to return to Earth with the Buttercup and Trey Vinceeth had to return to his home world.  They had grown very close during their time together.  Waco didn’t want to let go of his handsome Captain.  Trey wanted to take Waco with him, but he knew it was only a wishful dream.  Waco promised one day to come to Trey’s home world and meet his family.

There was some question about Kekepata.  Waco and Charlie were certainly willing to give her back to her people, but to everyone’s amazement Captain Vinceeth announced the high council of his world decided, under the circumstances of the war, she was to remain with the Earth people until their exodus from the planet.  Keekepata didn’t seem too surprised or discouraged.  She had fallen in love with the people of Earth, Venus and Mars.  She would not be as alone as she found herself after her reckless decision.  There were five other Shushonni who were given permission to join her, but they were made to understand they would be under the same controls and direction as Keekepata.  They would be under the supervision and protection of the young Captain Waco Goodnight.  His care and support of Keekepata impressed the elders of their world and they felt for the time being, they were more safe on Earth than on their own home world.  The five Shushonni were of noble birth.

The only men not surprised were Lazarus and Charlie.  Trey Vinceeth consulted with them long before he told Keekepata she would have to remain on Earth.  It was hard for him to tell her because they were very close; however, he reminded her he was leaving her with someone he considered as close to him as she was.  Someone she had come to love as much as Trey.

“Our fathers have sat at counsel and discussed your actions many times, my lady.  Part of their decision for you to remain is of your own making.  They have seen your dances and observed you relating with the folks of Earth.  They have seen you grow and mature at a more rapid rate than you might have under my care.  I spoiled you, because we grew up together and we were friends before I became your Lord Protector.  After our drubbing at the hands of the snakes, and even with our wonderful upgrades, it is just too dangerous for you to live aboard the Banshee with us.  Under the protection of Master Waco, his father, Admiral Long and Captain Jones, you sealed your own fate, at least temporarily, by becoming an icon of several worlds.  You have gained a status far greater than any royal person on our world can claim.  Our people love and respect you.”

“I understand, my Lord.  I will abide by the Lord High Council’s wishes.  Give them my love and my best wishes for long and happy lives.  I will work hard to continue my education and experiences under Captain Waco.  Although my actions were those of an immature child, and I have learned from my folly, I’m not sorry I took the chance of being with my Master.  I have grown and learned much from him and his people.  I love them very much and hope one day to see our people together.”  

“There is no question, after their generosity to us we will one day be close allies.  If I have anything to say about it we will become very close.” Trey raised an eyebrow at Keke and they shared a laugh.

“I would humbly request you consider bestowing the honor on such an unworthy subject to dance at your bonding, Sire.” she smiled at him.

“I wouldn’t have it any other way, little sister.” Trey gently kissed her.

They held each other for a long while in a fond embrace to say their goodbyes.

“And now, I must rip my heart out to say goodbye to your Master, young lady.”

“I will have to be extra loving with him.  I think he’s about to lose his brother.”

“Is Blue in trouble, little one?”

“He couldn’t come along on this trip.”

“I will offer prayers for him, Keke.  I know how much you love him.”

“We all love him, but I know he must do what’s best for him and Master Waco’s clone.”

* * * * * * *

Waco and Trey said their farewell.  There were many stolen kisses and promises of keeping in contact with videos and personal messages with each other.  Waco was determined he wouldn’t shed tears.  He didn’t have to worry.  It was his strong, demanding hyper-masculine warrior Captain who betrayed his innermost emotions and allowed one tear to escape from his eyes.  

“God, I love you, Trey!” Waco exclaimed as he hugged his big warrior and kissed his tear away.

“I love you, too, my young Captain, but I’m leaving with a full heart.  I’m happy and grateful to the Ancients we had this time together.  It has made me more sure our love is right for us.  I’ve given much thought to you becoming Admiral Long’s slave and while I’m uncomfortable with it, I will support you and your father’s decision.  I’ve come to be a pretty good judge of men and after being around your dad these last few months, I know he would never do anything to place you in jeopardy.  What I ask of the Ancients will be a private matter between me and them.” he smiled at Waco.

“Just be careful, Trey.  We can’t know all their workings nor understand the mystery of their unfolding.”

“You have grown wise beyond your years.  Save yourself for me, cowboy.” Trey pleaded.

“I promise, Treygor, you shall claim me as your own for my first time.”

They kissed a long and deep kiss, a kiss filled with the love of companionship, a kiss of farewell, and a kiss of deeper longing until the time they share the joy of being reunited in each others’ loving arms again.

* * * * * * *

Waco didn’t spend much time on the bridge on the way back from Venus.  He felt like a major portion of his soul was on a spaceship on its way to another galaxy to its home world of Tentagle at faster than light speeds.  In fact, its new propulsion system had a device to open a wormhole which would propel a spacecraft to another galaxy in a matter of hours rather than months or even years.  The Banshee had antique stasis chambers to keep passengers and crew at a low maintenance life support for the long periods between galaxies.  With the new drives, they were no longer necessary and with Trey’s permission they were ripped out and used for fuel for the ship’s reactors.  It provided a considerable amount of new space for the men of the ship and they were able to have larger, more comforable private quarters.

Waco sat on a rock in the redwood forest by himself contemplating his loss and how empty his heart felt.  One of the pups did a scan for him and found he was in the forest by himself.  They couldn’t have that.  They knew their Master was feeling down.  They ran to Jack Hall and got his permission to go through the gate.  He told them to go ahead, he and Ernie would be right behind them.  Warren joined them.  The men followed and walked their usual walk.  They waved to Waco, but didn’t bother him.  Sitting around him was Jack and Jill, Moe, Patty, Utah and Kekepata.  Larry and Shep were on their new home traveling through space with their new friends the Visallian warriors and the Shushonni.  Waco sitting on the rock surrounded by the critters looked like something from a Maxfield Parish painting.

“We don’t want you to feel sad, Master Waco.” said Patty brushing up against him for a pat.  Waco smiled and scratched her behind her ear.  She responded appropriately.  

“Thanks, friends.  It ain’t like I lost him for good.  I guess I’m feeling a little sorry for myself.  Look at you, my beautiful slave,— you love him as much as I do, but you're stuck here with me.”  Waco smiled, put his arm around Keke and pulled her close.

“I’m not ‘stuck’ here with you, my good Master.  I’m here because of choice; a choice I came to regret, but only for a while.  Then after getting to know everyone and living among all these wonderful creatures, I know I did the right thing.  I told my Lord Protector to tell the high council on our home world I felt I did the right thing, and I accept their decision for me to stay as your slave on Earth until your exodus.  Even then, I might have a decision to make whether to go with you or return to my people.  It won’t be an easy decision.”

“We’re glad to have you and your new companions with us, Keke.  They should be good company and help with any feelings of homesickness.”

“Yes and no.” she replied and then paused.  “Yes, it will be nice to have my own kind with me, but selfishly, I will no longer be the center of attention.” she giggled.

“Nonsense, dear heart!” Waco insisted.  “A Shushonni lady of your talents will always demand attention.” he laughed with her. “I know someone else who will be thrilled to know you’ve returned with us.  I think that’s really why he didn’t wish to come along on this trip.  He didn’t want to have to say goodbye to his little sister.”

“Alas, I wish it were so, my good Master.  While that was a concern of his, we said our goodbyes before we left,— just in case.  He didn’t tell you everything that’s been going on with him.  He didn’t want you worrying about him.  He felt you had enough on your agenda having to say goodbye to Captain Vinceeth and his men.  I was sworn to secrecy, but I suppose you should be prepared when we get back.”

“Prepared for what, Kekepata?” Waco asked ominously.

“Blue planned to have Cable remove him from your clone while we were away.”

Waco sat there looking at Kekepata like she’d just driven a stake through his heart.  Keke felt awful.  All the gathered critters moved just a little closer to their Captain in an effort to comfort him.

“It’ll be all right, Master Waco.  You’ll see.” soothed Patty. “Don’t be mad at Kekepata.  We all knew.  Master Blue said his goodbyes to us before we left.  He knew he wouldn’t be a part of your clone when we returned.”

“Oh, God!  I’ve lost my mate and now I’ve lost my brother.” Waco wailed as he broke into sobs.

End Of Chapter 41 ~ Waco’s Lummox
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*Such bizarre religious practices are not uncommon among many religions.  Certainly mutilation of the male penis through circumcision is one of the most barbaric of all the questionable practices of the bible and thus the various Abrahamic religions.  The practice of clitoral circumcision in young women, a grossly cruel and unnecessary ritual of some Muslim sects, is still practiced today.  Castration was practiced by the Roman Catholic church for centuries.  It was neither condemned nor discontinued until the turn of the twentieth century. (1870)  The last castrato, Allesandro Moreschi, died in 1922.  There are recordings of his singing voice still to be found on the Internet.