By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 43

“Old Joe has gone fishing, and young Joe has gone fishing, and you know has gone fishing and found them a shoal.  Bring them in, in handfuls, and in canfuls, and in panfuls.  Bring them in sweetly, gut them completely, pack them up neatly, sell them discretely, oh, haul a-way.”  A sea chanty from Peter Grimes by Benjamin Britten.

Silicon Bones ~ (A popular space-chanty heard on the Winds Of Consciousness)

“Over hill, over dale, you can miss the raging swells if you feed from the depths with your pod.  Ride the crest smartly; pierce the arc neatly and body surf under the prow.  Leap right and then left, cross over and under, but stay ahead of the bow.  Feel the strength surging as the big ship flows, look before leaping and steady as she goes.

Thank the good ship Dorothy for the bow-waves we ride, and thank her for all them fish, tra-la!  And thanks for all of them fish.

Long-arms thrown forward to latch onto anchors, will pull us along; will pull us along.  Great maws will fill with life-giving sands; strained through baleens to become silicon bones.  Silicon bones carry us home to safe harbors and much larger goals.  Bellies bulge bigger grow strong grappling arms to pull us along to more prosperous shoals.  Silicone bones to pull us along and carry us home.

Thank the good ship Buttercup for the bow-waves we ride, and thank her for all them fish, tra-la!  And, thanks for all of them fish.

Praise the big dong of the great Fisher King, who sports a luminous nose, tra-la!  The dong with the luminous nose, you know, rows Austin so sweetly and takes him in tow.  How gracious, our Taycious, an afternoon drunk.  Taycious, our precious, fists young men ‘til blood is a must, he drinks all alone.  No man is just, who can’t deal with his lust, nor can he pour piss from a boot, ta-la; nor can he pour piss from a boot.

Thank the good ship Copernicus for the bow-waves we ride, and thank her for all them fish, tra-la!  And, thanks for all of them fish.

One ringy dingy, and grab me a phone.  Hi-ho central, a gracious good morning, singing silicon bones.  Row me two dinghies around a large hole.  Sing about heaven and a large golden throne; sing to me sweetly ‘bout a large tasty dong; a dong with a luminous nose.  Poor Missy Austin, sleeps all alone; all alone at home on his big golden throne, he sings, ‘Way-hey, plow my stern deeply with a silicon bone.'

Thank the good ship Banhsee for the bow-waves we ride, and thank her for all them fish, tra-la!  And, thanks for all of them fish.

A frank skinner knocking on heaven’s door.  He prays to the Fisher King to please haul his load.  He don’t give a shit about power, he says, he’d rather be loved by a good hearted man, one with a luminous nose.  He’ll suck and he’ll gulp ‘til he swallows him whole, but he won’t wear a prom dress to town, oh, no; but, he will while she sits at home all alone by the phone.

Thank the good ship Archimedes for the bow-waves we ride, and thank her for all them fish, tra-la!  And, thanks for all of them fish.

Alone, alone, all alone, yo, hoe!  He won’t dance at the prom alone.  He promises to wait by the phone for a call from an angel to come straighten his hole, tra-la.  He wants to be a woman to repair his soul, to dance like his sister, he’ll realign his hole.  Silicon bones phone home, phone home.  To dance like his sister, he’ll realign his hole.  Sing us a new song, my brothers, a song about silicon bones.

Here’s to the good ship Raven for the bow-waves we ride, and thank her for all them fish, tra-la!  And, thanks for all of them fish.

Floating and feasting, drinking bourbon while eating our dinner of white fish and whey.  When along comes an arachnid and sits on her small head and scares Missy Tomlin away.  Away!  And scares Ernestine Tomlin away.  Hey!  And scares Missy Tomlin away!  Singing silicon bones, phone home, phone home; a rapacious tome sung by a very small gnome; sing a new song of silicon bones.

Here’s to the good ship Bandersnatch for the bow-waves we ride, and thank her for all them fish, tra-la!  And, thank her for all of them fish.” sang the great bladder whales of Venus.  

It was a catchy tune.  It traveled all over the Universe.  It gave new meaning to the line: Be careful what you pray for.  Austin Taycious would’ve taken a gun to his head if he knew his prayer had not only been heard, but it was caught up by the Winds of Consciousness and broadcast throughout the galaxy in various forms.  It was now the number one song of the musical critters of several worlds.  By the time it reached the bladder whales of Venus it had become quite different from what the voices on Earth were singing; however, that didn’t make it any less of a great work of art.  On the contrary, it became a masterpiece.  From there it traveled back across the galaxy until every critter who could sing was now singing the great ballad of Missy Austin Taycious.  The Ancients hadn’t heard such singing in ages and decided it might be worth looking into.  They dispatched their agent on Earth to check it out.

* * * * * * *

Ranger Gibbons and his wife Mary were doing well.  A year passed since Mary’s therapy with the aqua vita and Cable could find no trace of the debilitating cancer.  She and Ranger were thrilled, but cautious.  Cable and Jesse told her she had to make it through three full years before they could feel certain she beat it; however, Jesse wanted her to repeat the water therapy once a year for those three years.  Mary hated the thought; however, to have a chance of living longer and getting to see her son grow up proved to be a great incentive.

The two boys, Cable and Ranger Gibbons, were like bookends.  They were inseparable.  They stayed where they pleased.  Cable, the Jessup’s son, had his own bedroom in their house and Ranger Jr. had his.  They stayed wherever they liked.  There was no restrictions placed on them about coming and going.  The time they were with Elsie and Bobby gave Mary a much needed break and time to rest.  She was slowly growing stronger.  Then, the times they were with the Gibbons, they reveled in the joy of the boys and their love of life.  They understood before they could speak they were brothers in name only; however, that didn’t seem to bother them.  They were in constant communication with the Long-Jones twins from the end of their first trimester while still in their mothers’ wombs.  The ancient voices of Castor and Pollux (aka Jubal and Bo) told them about the finer points of brothers, and how, many times, the closest of brothers never shared the same womb.

Since Jubal and Bo had the one percent lummox in their makeup, they developed much quicker and were out of diapers and housebroken before they were two years old.  They took care of cleaning each other after taking care of their toilet necessities.  They had the memories of two warriors and found it an anathema having to depend on someone else to wipe their butts, so they did it themselves; however, at the end of the day, when it came time for clean up, they were expected to join the cowboys and their lummox critters for their end of the day showers and cleaning.  They were treated with respect and not talked down to unless one needed a little comfort.  Then there was any number of strong, open arms to accommodate them.  Their favorites became their big brothers Lucas, Waco, Blue, Ox and Strom.  They also were partial to Kuluke and T’gan, but they couldn’t steal any milk from them.

Jubal and Bo quickly learned to use the gates and it became difficult keeping up with them.  Every time Lucas turned his back for just a moment they were gone through a gate, off on another adventure.  Most of the time they went to their brothers, Cable and Ranger Jr.  The boys spent a great deal of time together.  Where you found one the other three were close behind.  Everyone fell in love with them and the cowboys dubbed them the junior wranglers.  Because they could be so sneaky about disappearing, they also became known as the ‘Coyotes’ or ‘Coyote kids’k and later the 'Coyote cowboys.'    

Cable and Ranger Jr. were slower to develop physically than Jubal and Bo, but once they started visiting back and forth, they started to catch up.  They had the benefit of lummox milk from the time of their conception.  They were out of diapers and wearing cowboy clothes about two months after Jubal and Bo.  Mary and Elsie caught Jubal and Bo changing Ranger’s diaper one day and laughed with each other.

“Ooowee, you stink, little brother!” claimed Jubal.  “Good Lord!  What chore’ folks been feed’n you, bubba?  Look,— you two gotta’ start learning to use yore’ potties.  When you feel the urge,— you know, what Bo and me call potty-pangs— let us know and we’ll git you there before you have to go.  Then we’ll help you get cleaned up.  How can you live like this?  A cowboy needs his dignity.” Jubal raved on as he was cleaning his little brother.
Peer pressure will do it every time.  Elsie and Mary didn’t have to potty train their own sons.  The neighbor kids did it for them.  Within two months Cable and Ranger Jr. were flying solo.  They learned to take care of themselves from their brothers.  Usually they were all together.  They were either at the Gibbons’ ranch or the Goodnight’s.  Naturally, the boys wanted to be where the action was and that was the Goodnight ranch, on the Bandersnatch or the Buttercup.

They came to love Cable, David and Jonathan and they spent a great deal of time with them.  They loved the critters and were constantly playing with them.  They had the kind of childhood one could only dream of.  The cowboys treated them like young buckaroos and so did their parents.  Mary and Elsie had their reservations; however, Ranger and Bobby sat them down and talked with them.

“Me and Bobby had a long talk with Mr. Watkins about the boys a couple of Sundays ago over to the Goodnight’s ranch.  We expressed our concerns about the boys being gone too much from their own homes.  He just laughed and told us not worry.  He said our boys and the Long-Jones boys are the first children of a new evolutionary change, a large paradigm shift in child rearing and development.  He said we had to shift our way of thinking about bringing up a child from what we learned from our parents and even how Bobby and Elsie raised Travis.  It’s a departure from the old thinking of keeping kids close-to-the-breast or nest until they’re almost school age.  Jesse said there’s a lot that can go wrong with a child during that period and it can be a period when a child can most benefit from social interaction.  Jesse said we had to start thinking of the junior wranglers, or as the cowboys are calling them, the Coyote kids, as not totally ours, but children of a larger community.  They will be the first to be raised by a community.  As stark as that might sound at first, consider the benefits.  The Long-Jones boys become ours.  Hell, they’s over to our place as much as theirs.  We have the added benefit of their influence and the overall influence on our kids of a greater community.  Have you watched them when they get away from us?”  Ranger asked.

“I know what you're saying.” said Mary, “I see it happening, but I don’t know if I like it.  It’s like the Long-Jones boys and our boys have bonded as brothers.  We can’t keep them apart.  I don’t know’s I’d want to anyway.  Jubal and Bo taught Ranger and Cable to use their potty.  They’re welcome everywhere they go as a foursome and everyone watches out for them.  Even the critters look out for them.  Elsie and I caught Patty and Moe herding the boys away from a big snake the other day.  Waco’s pony, Ranger, came along and killed it.  He picked it up, and with a toss of his head, threw it into a cactus patch.”  

“All I can say is, it makes child rearing a lot easier for me and Mistress Mary, and we need all the help we can get.” Added Elsie, “How many mothers can claim to have their babies fully potty trained at two years old?  We looked for them the other afternoon.  Cable knew exactly where they were.  They were with the critters taking their afternoon naps at Jack Hall’s place on the Buttercup.  We went through the gate to check on them and there they were lying in the middle of all the other critters sound asleep.  We turned around and came home.  They were home for supper with their brothers.”

“Yeah, and Elsie and I used to be up every damn night of the world taking care of Travis until he was old enough to sleep all night.  These boys never wake up during the night.  They’re always on the go from the minute they get up until their afternoon naps and then they go until bedtime.  They’re exhausted by the time they hit the bed.  Unless there’s a storm or some’um, they sleep all night, and we get our rest.  I ain’t got me no complaints about that.” Bobby chuckled.

“I ain’t never seen nothing like ‘em in my life.  You’d think with them being that close in age there would be a lot of infighting and one or the other trying to be leader.  Maybe Jubal has a little more say than the others, but they don’t never argue about nothing.  They decide on something and it’s what the four of ‘em are gonna’ do come hell or highwater.” commented Ranger.

So it was, the Coyote kids became the fearsome foursome of the Goodnight-Gibbons’ ranches.  They didn’t get into a lot of trouble because they were constantly being monitored and supervised by an adult or with critters who were looking out for them.  They weren’t shy about telling them when one of their plans wasn’t a good idea and getting them motivated in a different direction.  Someone was forever checking on them to make sure they were where they were suppose to be, and they were all right.  The artificial intelligence on the ships and the robo-cams placed on them gave them constant supervision.  If they stepped out of line or looked like they were headed for trouble, Cable would be notified in a nanosecond.

* * * * * * *

Jack Hall kept his promise and adopted Ernie; however, he wanted more.  He heard of the bonding ceremonies the lummox held and thought that would be a good idea for him and his new son.  It was to be a grand day and celebrated in their new valley ranch Jack name the Lazy Buttercup Ranch.  Its brand was the lazy B.  It certainly had enough buttercups which grew wild in the pastures.  Jesse and Utah met privately with Ernie several weeks before the big day.

“Are you looking forward to bonding with Mr. Hall, Son?”

“Yes, Sir, very much, Mr. Watkins.  I ain’t never felt so sure about anything in my life.”

“You know Jack Hall has some strong ideas about relationships.  You will essentially become his slave under the guise of becoming his son and bonded mate.”

“I’m aware of that.  He wants something more like a straight marriage.  Sometimes relationships like that can appear to be like consensual slavery.  Folks already done talk about me like I’s his slave.   I don’t mind.  If he wanted me for his slave and asked me, I’d sign my life over to him as his slave in a minute.”

“You love him that much?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“I can understand that.” added Utah looking up at Jesse with adoration.  Jesse reached down and patted him lovingly.

“You know you ain’t my slave no more.” Jesse reminded him.

“I’ll always be your slave, Master Jesse.” Utah replied.

Jesse turned his attention to Ernie. “As a bonding gift I would like to offer you a present.”

“You don’t need to, Sir.  We don’t really need nothing.  We’re just honored to have you and Utah share our day with us.” Ernie insisted.

“We wouldn’t miss it.  Our gift, me and Utah’s, ain’t totally my idea, Son.” he looked down at Utah and smiled, “It comes from several sources, you may have imagined, but we’ve never spoken about.  My companion was a major contributor to the idea, but mainly it’s because of your dedication to your mate and your trust in him I make the offer.  I can return your manhood to you,— or if you prefer I can give you a woman’s plumbing to bring more pleasure to Mr. Hall, and I can promise you, it will be such that it will bring him a great deal of pleasure.” Jesse smiled.

Ernie was nonplused.  He didn’t quite know what to think.  This was so sudden and unexpected.  He felt a thrill about becoming whole again, but he immediately thought what that might do to his and Jack’s relationship.  Maybe Jack couldn’t handle him being a full man again; however, the thought of a woman’s plumbing never crossed his mind.

“Do I have to decide right away, Sir?” Ernie asked.

“No, of course not, Son.  We wouldn’t expect that.  Knowing you, I know you’ll want to discuss is with your dad, your master or your husband, as you prefer.”

“I’m working on think’n on him as my dad.  I even had me some fantasies of asking about becoming his slave and calling him master.  I ain’t never thought of the idea of Mr. Hall being my husband, but I ain’t turned off by the idea.  Come to think on it,— I have to admit, it has a certain appeal, Sir.”

“Take your time.  We have several weeks for you to decide.  Even if you choose not to decide right now, we can leave it an open-ended offer.” Jesse reassured him.

“I’m grateful for your offer of such a generous and unexpected gift, Sir.  I will take it up with my husband.” Ernie used the word for the first time to see how it felt and sounded to him.  It sounded just fine and felt even more right.  It seemed to fit him perfectly.  Ernie looked Jesse in the eyes and smiled at Utah who wagged his tail.  Jesse smiled at him.

Ernie did think about Jesse’s offer.  He thought about it a lot even before he brought it to Jack's attention.  The only folks he confided in was Warren and Brick Armstrong.  Warren told him he talked with Jack many times, but he felt having Ernie’s manhood replaced would be too much for Jack to adjust to.  Warren didn’t know about the female plumbing.  He would have to feel Jack out, but he felt Ernie could do a better job than he could.  He admonished Ernie to be honest with Jack.  Brick was a little more blunt.

“Do you love that cowboy, Ernie?”

“You know I do, Brick,--- with all my heart.  I’d do anything for him.”

“Is he worth not having a dick and balls for?  If you was normal, he came to you and said, ‘I like you, I’ll bond with you and love you if you’ll have your dick and balls removed,’ would you?”

“I already done it for someone who offered me a lot less than Jack Hall!  Of course I would!  You know I would!  There ain’t no question in my mind!” Ernie almost hollered back at his buddy.

“Then that’s your answer, Officer Shields.” Brick smiled at him. “Now, how about asking him if he’d like to have a little pussy as your bonding-night gift to him?” Brick laughed at his double metaphor.

“I could do that.  I jes’ won’t say nothing about the other.  Hell, there’s only room in our family for one stud.  His dick’s the only one I want to worry about satisfying.  Besides, Mr. Hall takes good care of me and my sexual needs.  I ain’t never pushed away from his table hungry.” Ernie grinned at Brick.

“That good, huh?” Brick grinned.

“E’aup, pert-damn good, Officer Armstrong.” grinned Ernie.

“Do I get to try your new pussy first to make sure it works properly?” Brick laughed.

“Not on your life; however, I’ll speak with my husband about sloppy seconds for you if you like.” Ernie shot back.  He knew Brick would never cheat on Tim.

Brick grabbed Ernie and gently kissed him on his forehead.  “We’ve been through a lot together.  I jes’ want my little brother to be happy and comfortable.  I see how much you love that old cowboy, and I’m happy for you.  You don’t need no dick to be happy, but I’ve seen Master Watkins in action, and I can tell you, he can do what he says.  I personally guaran-damn-tee ya’ you will have the finest pussy to make that cowboy happy.  You never would’ve known this happiness had we stayed in the Holy City.  I don’t know who to thank for our good fortune, but if the Ancients can hear me, I’m grateful, and praise their names.”

The Ancients did hear Brick Armstrong’s praise and his words went out on the Winds of Consciousness and traveled throughout the galaxy.  Ernie talked with Jack that night after his cowboy husband finished fucking him for the second time and insisted Ernie get his as well.  Jack fucked him until Ernie thought his ass was going to fall off, when he finally felt his ejaculation building up within him, and he boiled over onto Jack’s raging fuck stick.  Once again the extra added lubrication gave Jack what he needed to finish his job, and he was a cowboy who always finished a job.  They lay, still hooked together for a long while, enjoying the afterglow of their coupling.  Ernie was breathlessly complementing his husband and Jack was stealing kisses.

“Dad, I need to talk with you about something.” Ernie spoke quietly.

“Must be serious.  You don’t call me dad unless you got some’um heavy on yore’ mind.”

“I guess it is.  Master Jesse offered us a bonding gift.  You know he’s capable of some pretty miraculous things.”

“Yes, I’ve heard.  Brick Armstrong told me what he done for the Holy Prophet.  What did he offer you?”

“He said he could give me a woman’s plumbing if I wanted it in order to please you more.”

Jack was quiet for a good while.  He took another long, slow stroke into Ernie’s ass.  Ernie shuddered and sighed in ecstasy.

“Ain’t that good enough for you, Son?”  Jack stole another kiss behind his ear.

“Oh, God!  You know it is, Mr. Hall.  It’s all I really need.” Ernie assured him.

“One of the reasons I love you is you ain’t high maintenance.  The word 'cunt' means maintenance to me.  You’ve spoiled me.  Yore’ ass is tighter than any pussy I ever done had and as you can feel, I ain’t no small man.  Don’t I take good care of you?  What do we need with a cunt?”

“We don’t need one if you don’t want it, Sir, and believe me, I count my blessings ever’ day.”

“You love me enough you’d do that for me?” Jack’s macho cowboy pride got the better of him.

“Yes, Sir.  I’d do anything or be anything in this damn world you wanted me to be, Dad.  I’d sign on to be your slave, if that’s what you wanted.  I never thought about it before he offered, but it made sense to me.  If’n it’ud please you, I’d be willing.”

Jack was silent for a while longer like he was thinking and took another long stroke into Ernie’s butt.

“You ain’t telling me everything, are you, Son?”  he took one more stroke.

Ernie was quiet like he didn’t want to answer.

“He offered to replace your dick and balls, didn’t he?” Jack placed another kiss behind Ernie’s ear.

“Yes, Sir.” Ernie dared to answer just above a whisper. “But, I told him there was only room for one stud in our family; then, I told my buddy Brick, I made a choice to give up my manhood for much less than what you offer me ever’ night, and as far as I’s concerned, it was good riddance; I don’t need ‘em no more.  They ain’t never done nothing for me but bring me trouble.”

“Do you really think you want a cunt?” Jack used the word harshly to test Ernie’s response.

“I don’t know, Dad.  I ain’t never thought about it.  I been happy being with you like we are.  It would never occur to me, because it weren’t possible,— until now.”

“You think he’d let you test drive one,— take it out for a spin?” Jack laughed as he drove in another base hit. “Then if it didn’t work out for us, you could always return it?”

“I could ask him, Sir.  If not, I don’t think I want it.  I want it to be something what would please you.  Remember what I said about try’n on a new pair of boots?” Ernie reminded him.

“Good point.  We know my dick fits in yore’ ass like it was made for it.  I don’t know how flexible things like that can be, but h’it won’t do no harm to ask.  You tell him I don’t want him fuck’n with your piss hole.  That stays just like it is.  It turns me on.  I’ve gotten used to you shoot’n your load on my dick while I’m fuck’n you.  It gives me that extra added little shot of lubricant I need to finish ma’ job.  The rest I’ll leave up to you, Son.  If you think better of it and decide not to, I’ll understand.  I won’t love you no less.  You done got me broke to yore’ saddle.” Jack assured him.
“That jes’ makes me want to try it all the more, Sir.”

“There is a God!” laughed Jack as he tickled Ernie and got him squirming around on his dick.  It felt so good he fucked him again, but this time he didn’t insist Ernie get his.

* * * * * * *

Jesse agreed but told Ernie he wouldn’t receive his new vagina until the end of their bonding ceremony.  Then Ernie and Jack could spend their honeymoon test driving his new cunt.

“I hope he’ll like it.” Ernie said.

“I’m sure he will.” Jesse reassured Ernie, “He’ll be the only man in the universe to receive a tailor-made sex organ especially designed to fit his own as a bonding gift.  You tell your husband I promise it will fit like the finest glove.”

“Meaning no disrespect, Sir, but I hope so.  I’d shore’ hate to have to return a bonding gift.” pondered Ernie.  Utah laughed.

“I don’t think you need to worry, Son.” Jesse smiled knowingly.  

 * * * * * * *

The great day arrived.  Ernie, Jack and Warren planned for only a couple of hundred folks; however, they were new to planning parties and they over did on everything.  It was a good thing.  There was over a thousand folks showed up for what some called the bonding of the decade.  Jack foot the bill for the whole thing.  Jack and Ernie asked Chief Tin Penny to officiate and conduct their ceremony.  The old Chief was humbled and honored.  Jack and Ernie asked him, his family and Little Bear to wear their ceremonial dress for the day.  Jack asked Warren to be his best man and the Goodnight cowboys to stand up for him.  Ernie asked Brick to give him away to his new dad and husband and for Timmy to stand up for him as well.  Ernie made close friends with a number of the critters and asked them to stand up for him.  It was not your usual bonding ceremony.

The Indians came in full tribal regalia. They brought their drums and musical instruments to offer prayers and ceremonial dances of goodness, happiness and light for the day.  Little Bear came in his new tribal skins and feathers designed and made for him by his aunts, grandmother and great grandmother.  They were the feathers of a prince of their tribe and he wore them with great pride.  He grandfather wept when he first saw him wearing them.  He was the most handsome of all the young men, and it didn’t go unnoticed and commented on by everyone who attended.  Angus Goodnight was blown away by the transformation from the dirty, skinny kid who suffered rickets so badly four years before he could barely walk, changed into a tall, stalwart, fully defined body of a, strikingly handsome young Indian brave.  Angus wasn’t going to let him perform the slave ritual with him in respect for his costume and position as a prince of his tribe, but Little Bear begged the big cowboy until Angus finally consented.  After the ceremony they shared a kiss that was noticed by all.  The old Chief smiled and winked at Waco.  Waco shook his head and grinned.

“When’s yore’ sixteen birthday, Son?” Angus asked in a whisper as he held Little Bear in his arms.

“This coming summer, Master.  Remember your promise to me?”

“Oh, hell, yeah!  I remember it well.  Forget the damn promise.  It’s a date the first chance we get after you men celebrate your birthday.  I’m looking forward to it, Son.”

“Not as much as I am, Master.”

“Don’t bet the ranch on it, buckaroo.  You’re look’n pert-damn good to this dirty old man.”

“Don’t say that, Master!  You ain’t dirty and you ain’t no old man.  You look younger today than you did four years ago.  That shot done wonders for you.  Look what it’s done for my granddaddy?”

“My little brother done told me that, too.  Tells me I got longer staying power and fuck him better.  I don’t notice it so much, but maybe you men are right.  Anyway, young one, I never wanted to keep a promise more than I do today.  You look so damn fine in your skins.  You’re right about the Chief.  He’s a fine looking man.  He’s looking better ever’ day.  I know he’s proud of you.  He can’t talk about nothing else.”

Everyone, from the two singles communities, was invited and most came.  Everyone in Parson was invited.  The Captain and crew of the Raven and Archimedes were invited and they attended.  Most of both Goodnight ranches, including slaves were invited.  Everyone from Hoot and Cotton’s ranch were invited, especially the Stamper boys.  They were included in the Goodnight cowboys who were to stand up for Jack Hall.  They felt a great kinship with Jack and were grateful to him for buying their dad and knowing he would be all right on his brother’s ranch.

Of course most of the regulars of the Grange were invited.  There were still some who weren’t privy to everything that was going on in and around the ranches; however, they were few.  The sheriff and most of his men and their families were invited.  The Mayor and a couple of the liberal judges attended.  The football coaches and their families came, including Chet Baker, his wife and family.  

Everyone from the Steele ranch was invited; however, the Pentecostal preacher and his congregation were not invited.  Vivian Steele allowed it was just as well, they wouldn’t understand anyway.  The concept of a cowboy bonding with a eunuch Holy Temple Guard from the court of the Holy Prophet would be a bit beyond their tolerance levels.  Besides, Ernie was a refugee from Scudder’s oppressive regime and would be arrested in a minute if word got back.  As far as they were concerned he was raptured to be seen no more by mortal eyes.  In a way they were right.  The ‘longshot’ changed all that.  For all practical purposes, the folks of the Grange had become close to immortal.  There was no one invited who didn’t already know about the thriving communities on board the spaceships.

Captain Trong and Commander Fielding brought their children along and several of the Captain’s lummox brothers who were being acclimated to living on properties on the Archimedes like those on the Mighty Bee.  They were learning hygiene and the necessity to associate in public they must be clean.  There were seven of them; three couples, and one unusually tall, huge lummox male who was shy and reserved, who went by the name of Horse.  He got the name because he could outrun a horse, and he was bigger than one.  He also happened to be a very fine looking lummox male in his prime.  He was quite young as lummox go.  Strom allowed he didn’t look a day over a hundred and fifty.

Since it was in the valley on the Buttercup the bio-mechanical men were not required to dress and anyone who felt the least temptation was encouraged to follow suit.  There were any number of men women and children who chose to spend the day au natural.  It was important to Jack and Ernie for their guest to be comfortable and enjoy the day; if that included nudity, so be it.  Everyone knew the rules before they accepted their invitation.  By that time, most of the Grange knew most folks were pretty liberal.  It seemed the more liberal and accepting everyone became the more love, trust and understanding began to thrive among them.  They were fed up with the rabidly aggressive and hostile fundamentalists within their community and began to shun them.  It was almost a concerted backlash against a controlling, stifling society they lived in, similar to the hippy movement in the sixties.  Only this was different.  There were limits of acceptability, and they were adhered to.  Freedom of expression was encouraged; social anarchy was frowned upon.  Furthermore, they were only free to express themselves in the safety of the Goodnight ranches or on board the ships.

* * * * * * *

Carol Baker and her husband Chet spent most of the day with Lyle Chambers and his husband Strom.  Carol had done exactly as she promised Chet.  When Lyle got pregnant, she was the first by his side helping him through his morning sickness and helping him through it all.  Her faithful attention and ministering to Lyle caused a great change in the male only witnessing barrier of the primary birth of a new bairn.  Strom suggested it would be unforgivable to invite Chet to the birthing and not Carol.  It grew from there and Vivian Steele was invited along with her husband and father-in-law.  When Ida Mae found out two women were to be included she hit the ceiling wanting to know why she couldn’t attend.  She wanted to witness a man giving birth to a bairn since she heard about it.  To keep the peace, Lazarus and Charlie appealed to Lyle and Strom to kindly invite her.  They knew and loved Ida Mae by that time and readily agreed.

As it turned out, the women were as deeply moved by it all as were the men.  They were in tears and couldn’t do enough for either Lyle or Strom.  When the tiny bairn appeared they were sure it was too small and fragile to find its way to its second birth parent’s teat, but Lazarus assured them it needed no assistance.  When it got its bearings, it raised its little head and acted like it was sniffing the air.  As soon as it got the scent of his father’s teat it went into action like an Olympic swimmer and hand over hand it made a bee line through his daddy’s fur to Strom’s big tit.  They watched in amusement as his little belly ballooned up from sucking and drinking the rich milk from his daddy’s teat.  When he had enough, he made another quick trip to Strom’s pouch and disappeared.  

* * * * * * *

The groundwork for the new two hundred room hotel in the next valley over from the Lazy B ranch was just about complete.  Blake Tindell and his assistants, the two oldest Stamper boys, formed a workforce of cowboy-slaves who had some building experience and were eager to get away from cowboying for a while.  The bonding ceremony served more than one purpose.  It also was a chance for the members of the Grange to see the ranch and get to inspect the progress of the new hotel.   Any number of folks took the trip over the mountain.  They hiked or went on horseback.  Waco’s big Shire ponies were in good health and were spending the spring grazing in the pasture.  They were happy to pull a big hay wagon up the road and over the hill to the new building site.

You can’t keep secrets in a close-knit society.  It was common knowledge Ernie was a eunuch.  He never felt any shame about his body and thought nothing of being nude with the rest of the men or folks when they went to Mars.  Likewise, before the ceremony there were very few who didn’t know about Jesse’s gift to Ernie and Jack Hall.  Everyone was pleased for them if that’s what they wanted and weirdly enough to most, it made sense. The women were particularly fascinated about how it might be and made Ernie promise he’d let them have a private viewing.  Ernie was shy by nature and was adamant about his privacy until Jack talked with him.  Jack told him it would go a long way toward good public relations and greater acceptance for those who had unusual relationships.  It wouldn’t be just for him, but for folks like Lyle and Strom and any number of the same sex communities who were looking forward to getting married or to engage in bonding ceremonies like him and Ernie.  That’s all it took to change Ernie’s mind.  Whatever Jack wanted, Ernie would do without question.  He agreed, immediately after the ceremony he would go off with the ladies and show them his new equipment.  His only condition was an age limit.  No woman under the age of eighteen would be allowed.  They agreed.

Carol Baker, Vivian Steele, Mary Gibbons, Elsie Jessup, Ida Mae Wallace, Angus’ wife Jean Goodnight, Lee Ann Olsen, Hattie Bloom, Coach Davis’ wife, Sheriff Lassiter’s wife, the Steele boy’s wives, Twilla Kodaly and several other of the Grange women all wanted to be a part of Ernie’s viewing.  They couldn’t talk about anything else.  It was just all too wonderful.  They were all a’ twitter.  They were looking forward to it.  They just couldn’t imagine such a big hunk of a man with the muscle mass of Ernie having a vagina.  They were very solicitous and encouraging all morning; almost bordering on smothering.  Ernie would look at Jack, roll his eyes and grimace.  Jack laughed at his discomfort over their attentions and told him they were only trying to be supportive and understanding.  He admonished Ernie not to be rejecting, and reminded him he might need their sage advice in the future.  Ernie hadn’t thought about that, but it made sense to him, so he relaxed and welcomed their attentions.

The ceremony was more well thought out than most folks considered.  Jack and Ernie decided it was foolish to make empty promises to love, honor and obey until death do us part.  A new paradigm for bonding had to be found because of one major factor— the longshot.  They had to take into consideration people would live far longer than the average sixty-five to eighty years.  When people had only fifty years or so together, it was a different proposition than looking at the possibility of a couple of thousand years.  To promise to love and remain together that long might have unforeseen difficulties; however, few modern Crypto-christianists ever made it the full lifetime they originally pledged to stay together.  Divorce or separation in their ranks was fifty percent or better.  Certainly not a great track record, but instead of working to clean up their act they insisted it was the ‘gays’ who threatened the sanctity of marriage, because they insisted on equal rights.

In discussions with Warren and several others, Jack and Ernie decided it should start with them.  They talked many hours about what their relationship meant to them and the possibilities for the future.  Their goals were united in wanting to become a family; however, how far that went and for how long became an open-ended thing.  They talked about the idea of setting goals within their bonding ceremony and then discarded them.  They finally decided to state their purpose without goals; however, if, in the future, they decided to renew their bond, they would do so as a mutual need.  

Jack and Ernie talked with Chief Tin Penny for hours about it.  They were a little discouraged the old man didn’t take notes of any kind and they wondered among themselves how he could remember to cover the points they discussed.  Warren told them not to worry.  The Chief was exactly the man for the job.  His people had thousands of years of oral history to draw upon and he would remember ever major point Ernie and Jack held dear.  Several other men reassured them they would not be disappointed.  They insisted they made the right choice.

The ceremony began with Ernie and Jack standing in front of Chief Tin Penny in his ceremonial headdress flanked by his two sons in their tribal costumes as elders of the tribe.  Little Bear was standing next to his Uncle Doug.  Jack and Ernie were dressed in their traditional Western cowboy clothes.  They weren’t about to don suits and ties to bond a relationship that was not known or marked by fancy dress.  They decided that was fine for those who wished that for themselves, but it wasn’t for them.

“Members of the Grange, friends and beloved critters, all who are gathered here in our presence who can hear my voice, we have come together to join these two men William Jackson Hall and Ernest Claude Shields as family.  It is no secret this bonding might be thought of as unusual, but to those of us who have come to know them, it doesn’t seem unusual anymore.  Who among us has the right or authority to deny anyone their need to become family if they are sincere and we are convinced of their love for one another.”  The Chief raised his arm, spread his hand, and moved it from one side of the audience to the other in a slow sweeping gesture to encompass everyone.

“So, it is with the most honest of intentions I hereby ask this question of you all: Is there anyone among you, no matter your specie, who is not convinced of the love these men have for each other or know of any reason whatsoever, why they should not be bound together in bond, one to the other, as family?  Come forward, speak now, or forever hold your peace!” Chief Tin Penny said in a loud demanding voice.  Then he waited in silence.  Everyone looked around, but no one saw anyone respond, and they all laughed.

“No one?” he asked rather rhetorically then smiled.  He lowered his arm. “Good!  Then it is agreed that these two men should be bound together as family.  Jack if you will give me your right hand.”

Jack stuck out his right hand and the Chief extracted a large knife from a scabbard on his hip and quickly made a couple of nicks on Jack’s wrist,— just enough to draw blood.

“Ernie,— your right hand, please.”  Ernie gave the Chief his right hand, and he did the same to Ernie’s wrist.  The Chief clasped their hands together around their forearms so their blood would commingle.  Douglas Tin Penny stepped forward and wrapped their two arms together in a beautiful ceremonial cloth so their blood would stain it together.

“Jack Hall do you take this man Ernie Shields to be your lawful son; to love him as your own child; to give him your name and to rename him according to your wishes; to accept him as your family; provide for him and protect him against all manner of evil?”

“I will.” answered Jack smiling at Ernie.

“Ernie Shields, will you accept this man and acknowledge him to be your lawful father; to love, honor and obey him as would be expected of any good son; to accept and honor his family name as your own and to accept new given names for yourself according to his wishes; to be ever vigil, work hard to please him and make him proud of you as his son?”

“I will, with all my heart, Sir.”

“Then from this moment on you will no longer be known as Ernest Claude Shields; you will now be known as Warren Buckley Hall.” Ernie left his names up to Jack.  He wanted Jack to chose new names for him.  He wanted to have no discussion about what Jack might name him.  He told Jack he trusted him to give him the right names.  He was thrilled with the names Jack chose for him.  Ernie almost laughed when he heard Warren Steele slap his knee and exclaim, “Son of a bitch!” followed by laughter.  There was a few gasps from the audience and then some approval applause.  The Chief continued.  “Your new first name needs no explanation.  Your second name is the name of your dad’s close buddy who died in Vietnam.”  Now the audience went crazy applauding.  They approved.  They were in agreement it was a wonderful sentiment.

“I’m honored and will wear my new names with pride, Sir.”  Warren Buckley Hall confirmed.  

“Will you gentlemen please kneel?”  The Chief asked.  Jack and his new son Buck knelt facing each other.  They removed their cowboy hats and handed them to their standing-men to either side.  The Chief placed his hand on each of their heads.

“Let us pray.”  he spoke to the audience, “Great Spirit and loving father of us all, Spirits of the Ancients, and all Voices of the Winds of Consciousness, we appeal to you today to grace the hearts and minds of these two men with love, honor and strength to grow together as family.  We pray you bring them great love and peace of mind together.  Let their paths in life be free of obstacles and what troubles come their way be small.  Make your light to shine upon them and bless them as you bless us all.  Amen.”  The Chief paused for a moment then added, “Jack and Buckley, what your fellow men have joined together this day in the sight of the Ancients and the Great Spirit let no man dare to break asunder without fear of eternal damnation of his spirit.  This ends our ceremony.  Father, you may kiss your son.  Son, you may kiss your father.”

A lot of money changed hands in that moment.  Many wagered the old, straight cowboy Jack Hall would never be seen kissing another man in public.  They lost.  Jack planted one on Buck that left the women swooning.  It was at that very moment of their embrace a great light settled upon the two men and everyone knew Jesse Watkins was bestowing his gift upon Jack’s new son.  They broke off their kiss and stood.  Douglas withdrew the blood soaked cloth to present to them later, but their arms were completely healed.  They looked at them and smiled then turned to the audience to raise their wrist to show them.  Everyone marveled and applauded to see their arms healed.  Jack grabbed Buck and kissed him again.  Everyone laughed.

Jack and Buck turned and thanked Chief Tin Penny and his sons.  They hugged them and thanked them profusely.  Then the folks came forward with their congratulations and offers of love.  Every critter had to have several hugs and kisses.  One just wasn’t enough for them.  After all, Jack and his mate were their surrogate parents.  They had a right to be happier than most.  Now they had to get used to thinking about Ernie as Buck.  They already discussed it.  They could do that.  Jesse and Utah came forward to congratulate them and told Jack to be gentle with his new toy the first time because Buck was very much a virgin.

“Great!” exclaimed Jack, “It’ll be a first for both of us.  Ain’t never had me one a’ them.” he laughed and slapped Jesse on his back.  Utah laughed.

Before the reception was over, with Jack’s approval, the ladies whisked Ernie— Buck, they reminded each other— off to the ranch house were about thirty women gathered.  Buck decided since it was what his dad wanted he would just hurry up and get it over with.  He sat down, removed his boots, stood and slowly removed all his clothing.  The women who hadn’t seen him without clothes were in awe of his physical development, but when Buck shoved his pants down he was turned away from them.  He slowly stood and turned around to face them.  You could’ve heard a mouse fart,— in fact someone did.  Everyone laughed at the fart but not Buck’s new plumbing.

“Magnificent!” said Vivian Steele.

“Unbelievable!” added Mary Gibbons.

“Quite nice.” allowed Elsie Jessup.

“You should be proud, Buck.” stated Lee Ann Olsen.
“Well, if that don’t make that old cowboy wanna’ do the Cotton-eyed Joe, nothing will!” exclaimed Ida Mae Wallace.  Then she roared with laughter.  Everyone broke up.  Buck even thought that was funny, and he giggled like a school girl.  That even made the women laugh harder.  “How does it feel, Son?” Ida inquired.

“Strange.  It feels good but like there’s something missing; but, h’it ain’t like I’m missing my male organs.  It’s a different kind of missing feeling.”

“Oh, you’ll find out what you’re missing soon enough.” laughed Vivian raucously.

“Yeah, that old cowboy may not be good for much, but I hear tell he’s awful damn good at providing that missing part for you.” laughed Ida Mae. “I know my old man shore’ ‘nuff is.” she roared with laughter.
“You hear’d right, Ms. Ida, my dad’s awful damn good at that.” shot back Buck to the women’s amusement.  It broke the ice and they wanted to know all about what Jesse told him.  When he told them he was a virgin their attitude changed to protectiveness and empathy.  They told him what to expect, how it might feel for him and what to do.  They kept him away from his mate and the crowd for a good two hours telling him about the care and feeding of his new pet beaver.  They really just wanted to see and ogle Buck’s perfect male body, but to see a man with a cunt between his legs was the delight of their day,— no, month,— make that year and decade, allowed Twilla Kodaly.  Before they decided they detained him long enough, each woman had to embrace him and give him a big kiss as if they were welcoming him into their sorority.  Far from feeling disdain for their acceptance, Buck felt humbled and grateful.  Once again, Jack Hall was right.  He had to admit he learned a lot from them and knew he could go to any of them if he had a problem he didn’t want to discuss with his husband.  His husband?  Suddenly, the term seemed even more apropos.

It was a wonderful afternoon.  The cowboys got up an impromptu football game and everyone had a great time.  The androids and ladies brought out a huge cake which had figures of two cowboys on horseback with lassos chasing a big steer about to rope him.  It made a big impression and Jack and Buck served all their guest cake and ice cream.  The critters went nuts until they got theirs.  Even Ranger and his folks got some.  They were all sitting around talking and Ida Mae asked if they thought about expanding their family.  Buck looked at his new husband and nodded for him to answer for them.

“We’ve talked about it.  Jesse was kind enough to offer Buck the full package if we decided we wanted to have kids, but that ain’t why I fell in love with Buck.  Meaning no disrespect ladies, but I didn’t fall in love with no woman.  Much to my surprise, I fell in love with a man without male plumbing who I wanted to make my son.  I want Buck to be my family.  I have that now and more.  There is such a thing as too much of a good thing.  We have other options open to us.  We’ve discussed taking on a third mate if we run across a lummox male who would be willing to become part of our family or we know of any number of male lummox who would be willing to be second birth father should Buck decided he wants to have my kids or even a lummox bairn.  I could go for that.  I wouldn’t mind having a little Kuluke, T’kan, T’sgan, or Storm running around.  I ain’t trying to be sexist neither.  We’d just as readily accept and love a little female bairn.” Jack was holding the little female bairn ‘Kreena’ of Captain Trong and Commander Fielding and stole a kiss from her.  She giggled.  “As low as their population is, we would be doing something for the good of the universe.  We’ve also talked about adopting several of the Evanescent children.  We’ve already made plans to adopt a couple of young Kentaurans.  Since our family is unusual, we thought why not continue with the trend.  The more diverse family we have the better.  So you see, we have all sorts of options for family.”

Ida Mae and the other women seemed happy with his answer.  It was also a politically correct answer for Lyle and Strom, Waco and Ox, and the Trong-Fieldings.  The women never thought they’d get an answer that wide-ranging from a cowboy like Jack Hall.  They couldn’t know how Jack’s death and resurrection into the Grange profoundly changed him.  He only talked with Warren and his new son about it.  Only they knew the depths of his rebirth.  Jack stated many times, “If only evangelical crypto-christianists could know the real meaning of the term born again.”

* * * * * * *

Toward the end of the evening Lazarus stood and asked for everyone’s attention.

“I would like to thank Jack and Buck for letting me say a few words.  I’d like to thank them for a wonderful day.”  everyone applauded.  “What I’m about to say has nothing to do with the bonding ceremony today.  My words are for everyone and every critter present.  I hate to tell you this, but I think you all realize we’re heading into some troubling times.  We have spies in the Holy City and throughout the pseudo-christianist population and what we’re hearing ain’t good.  Things are getting worse.

The Grays have been known to the government since 1947 and they had communication with them through the 1960's; however, around the late sixties there was a falling out and all communication ceased.  As our scientific knowledge grew, our scientists were able to understand and back engineer their technology, and they became less of a threat to our government, but they never shared what they knew with the public.  As time went on, around the turn of the century, because of our government's technological advances we became more of threat to the Grays.  The government was able to offer some resistance to them.  As you know, we’ve been able to almost completely stop them from stealing our cattle.  That’s because we have much better technology than they do.  I’m not trying to brag when I tell you ours is even better than their masters, the Reptilians.  

The Grays are no longer being effective with either us or our government.  Also, because of Jesse and Utah’s intervention between Scudder and Brick Armstrong the Holy Prophet unwittingly gained some powers he wouldn’t ordinarily have.  The government has a chip, they’ve had for a while that keeps tabs on a person's whereabouts at all times, but now it can go one step further.  It can actually tell a person what to believe and what not to believe.  It’s a very subtle form of mind control.  This isn’t a bad thing for us, but it is for all the folks who will have to receive it.  It will make them unwitting slaves to Jeremiah Scudder and his criminals in power.

This had to come about, because soon the Reptilians will make themselves known to our government and start demanding people be offered to them on a monthly basis for their use.  I don’t think I need to elaborate about what these folks will be used for.” Lazarus paused.  There was a lot of murmuring went through the crowd.  “I don’t want to scare you folks, but that’s just the way things will be.  Soon, I will know a little more I can share with you, but for right now, keep your eyes and ears open.  The least thing you hear from the right-wing, see on the net or hear on your TV, if you think it might be important, please report it to the head of the Grange immediately.  He will clear it and get back to you.

I don’t want to spoil such a happy occasion and beautiful day filled with such love and good times.  I will set a date, we can all gather and I’ll be able to tell you more at that time.  Please leave your young ones at home.  Whatever I have to tell you probably should only be heard by those eighteen and older.  I’ll leave that judgement up to you; however, what I might have to tell you could be frightening to the younger folks.  Thank you for listening and have a great day.”  Everyone stood and cheered for Admiral Long.

It was late evening before folks started to leave.  Ms. Myra could keep the artificial sunlight on for extended periods once in a while, but it wasn’t good to do it often due to the life cycle of plants; however, she consented to extend the light for a couple of extra hours.  No one wanted to leave.  Everyone was having a good time.  Jack commented to Warren if they didn’t start to leave soon, he and Buck were going to disappear and they could fend for themselves.  Warren laughed but assured him the folks would be leaving soon.  Sure enough they did leave, but not before more hugs, kisses, tears, congratulations, best wishes, and promises to keep in touch.

“You be gentle with him, cowboy!” Vivian Steele admonished him, and she was serious.

“For God’s sake, man, be gentle with him!” Sonny Steele mocked his wife and roared with laughter.  Jack laughed with him.  Buck thought that was pretty funny, too.

“If’n you don’t want a bunch of hens peck’n yore’ eyes out, you’ll do well to heed Vivian’s suggestion, cowboy!”  Ida Mae gigged him.  Hank was standing behind her and rolled his eyes.  Jack thanked her and assured her he would be gentle.

Lazarus, Arlen and Charlie were last to leave and wished them well.  Then they followed the rest through the portal, and the three of them were left alone.  Warren was staying in his apartment with several of the critters.  Warren didn’t say anything, but he had one more very large, handsome critter waiting for him in the loft of Jack’s barn.  After wishing them well with hugs and kisses, Warren left for his set of rooms.  Jack and Buck did a few things,  then decided to call it a night.

“Did you remember seeing that huge, good looking lummox with the strange blue eyes leave with Captain Trong, Commander Fielding and their family?”

“No, Sir.  I didn’t.  You think,— ?”

“He’s down to the barn?” Jack grinned. “Always remember, Son, it pays to slip a friendly critter an extra piece of cake.  They’ll tell you everything.”  They shared a laugh.

“You think we should check it out, Dad?”

“Naw, let ‘em have their secret.” he winked at Buck and they shared a laugh. “Who are we to stand in the way of a new romance?  If only we could be flies on the wall.”

“Don’t need to be, Dad.  Ms. Myra will record everything for us.”

“Shit!  I keep forgit’n about them damn robo-cams.  You’re right, Son.”  Jack laughed.

They started walking toward the ranch house.

“Like your new names I give you?”

“I shore’ do.  Don’t miss being called ‘Ernie’ a bit.  I don’t feel like a muppet no more.  I like it I’m named after a man we both love and a man you loved enough in Vietnam to name me after.  ‘Buck’ is a real cowboy’s name.  It’s a name I’ll be honored to answer to, Dad.”

“I’m glad.  That makes me feel good.  You was with them women for a long time.  Did they give you some good tips?”

“They were really nice.  You were right, I learned a lot from them.  I never knew much about that sort of thing.  I feel like I can go to them if I have something I need to talk about.  Something you might not know about.”

“Son, that’s just about everything connected with that area.  I’m like most men.  I don’t know shit about women’s plumbing.  I’m glad you made yore’self some friends today, and the way they warned me, I have no doubt they care about you.” Jack laughed. “Now, tell me, how is it?”

“It’s weird, Dad.  I told Ms. Ida it felt like I’s missing something, but it weren’t like I’s missing my manhood.  They all told me you would provide the missing part for me.” Buck laughed.

“I’ll do my best, Son.” Jack said.

“You always do, Dad.” Buck allowed.

* * * * * * *

Jack made sure when the plans were being drawn up for the new ranch house in the redwood valley he and Buck would have a pool and a spa.  Jack had the finest one he could find installed, and it worked great.  He and Buck loved to relax in it and entertain guest.  He even had one installed for Warren on the private patio off his master bedroom in case he wanted to entertain someone.  Jack could only hope he wouldn’t try it with his lummox friend.  The pump and filters wouldn’t stand up under the fine hair they shed.

Jack waited for Buck to return from the bathroom.  He undressed in front of Jack and show him his new plumbing.  Jack was impressed.  He was also impressed it was hairless.  Jack double checked to make sure Buck’s piss hole wasn’t moved.  

“That was my idea for it to be hairless like that.”  he told Buck.  “Sometimes I like to chow down before I fuck, but I don’t like hair pie.”  he laughed.

“I wondered about that, but I like it bald.” Buck said.

He went off to the shower to clean himself in case his partner might like other things.  He returned after a while and found Jack in the spa with an old wooden bucket filled with ice.  In it was a bottle of a moderately priced Champagne.  Buck eased himself into the hot, bubbling water.  Jack took the bottle, wrapped it in a towel and popped the cork.  He poured two glasses and handed one to Buck.

“I ain’t never tasted Champagne before, Sir.” said Buck.

“Neither have I, so it will be a new experience for both of us.  If we hate it we don’t have to drink it.” Jack reassured him.

The clinked glasses and Jack made a toast.  “Here’s to a big leap of faith between us, Son.  Here’s to many years of enjoying life together, and here’s to Master Jesse and Utah for their kind and thoughtful bonding gift.”  They clinked glasses and tasted the Champagne.  They both made a face and Jack tossed the rest of his over his shoulder onto the tiled deck.  Buck followed suit and they laughed together.  Jack reached into the bucket and pulled out two frosty long-necked Lone Star beers.

“Cowboy Champagne.” grinned Jack as he held the labels for Buck to see.  Buck smiled and nodded.  They sat close together in the warm water as they clinked bottles.

“Here’s to us cowboys.” Jack grinned.

“To us cowboys.” agreed Buck.

* * * * * * *

The hot water and a couple of beers relaxed the men and made them become amorous.  Jack held Buck in his arms and made love to him while feeling his new cunt with his fingers.  He noticed it was really small and tight.  He was about to drive Buck crazy playing around with his new plumbing.

“Have you felt around down there?”  Jack asked.

“A little while I was in the shower.  When I directed the handheld spray in there I thought I was going to reach a climax.  It’s very sensitive.”

“Does it feel different than me playing with your ass?”  Jack asked naively.

“They both feel good, but my new plumbing is much more sensitive, Dad.”

“Hum, as tight as you are, I think we’ll need some lubricant.  You ready to take it for a test drive, Son?”

“I couldn’t be more ready.  I been on fire since talking with them women this afternoon.  Several of them weren’t just satisfied to look, they wanted to touch it and feel it.”

“. . . and you let them?” Jack asked sort of incredulous.

“I thought that’s what you wanted, Dad.  Sure I let them.  They were curious.  They didn’t hurt me none.  They told me I was as tight as a young girl, and make sure you lubricate yore’self before penetration.”

“Makes me wonder how much was curiosity and how much was them old broads getting their jollies.” Jack laughed.

Jack and Buck moved to their bed.  Jack took a tube of lubricant and applied it generously to his big cowboy dick.  He didn’t need further foreplay.  He was solid as a rock.  Buck was lying on his side facing Jack.  Jack positioned his cock at the entrance of Buck promising new vagina.  He remember Vivian and Ida Mae’s admonishments to be gently with his mate’s virgin hole and began a gentle rocking motion.  He had ample lubricant on his penis and soon felt the tightness as he slipped inside, but he didn’t go all the way.

Jesse wasn’t kidding.  His mate was a virgin and the hymen made him very tight, indeed.   Jack made a decision.  He knew it wasn’t necessary to be rough to create a greater opening to accommodate his size.  He knew enough from conversations with the many women he’d been with there didn’t necessarily have to be tearing and bleeding.  He was going to opt for a less aggressive position with Buck and try to keep his hymen in tact.  It would only mean a tighter more comfortable fuck for the both of them.  Being the considerate lover Jack liked to imagine himself, he worked slowly and methodically to get all of himself into his cowboy mate.

Buck was going crazy with desire, but Jack kept talking softly to him telling him to leave the fucking to him.  He would take good care of Buck’s new pussy and treat it right.  It took Jack the better part of an hour to slowly but surely work all of his big cowboy dick into Buck.   Once he was sure he couldn’t get any more of himself inside, Jack rested and began to make love to Buck.

“Sweet Jesus, Son.  It is, without a doubt, the finest pussy I ever had my old dick inside.”  Jack moved himself around inside just a little to emphasize his comfort and the strength of his erection.  “How does it feel to you, cowboy?”

“Like I found the missing link, Sir.  Them ladies was right.  You’re the part I was missing.  Ain’t never felt nothing what feels so good, Dad.  I was worried you was gonna’ hurt me some, but you took your time and had me begging for you to take me.  I’m ready for you to fuck me really good, Sir.”

“I think we’re both just about ready for that.”  Jack said as he started sucking on one of Buck’s huge male tits.

“Damn, that turns me on, Dad.  Do you miss women’s tits?”

“Naw, not really.  I never really like them big floppy jugs.  They just got in my way.  The majority of women I ever found attractive and went with had small, perky little breast.  You got bigger tits than most women I ever been with.  I love yore’ tits.”

“I love you suck’n on ‘em, Dad.  Can you fuck me a little while you do that?”

“Like this?”  Jack slowly began his undulating motion with his hips and moving his fully engorged penis out and back into Buck’s hole.

“Ooooh, yes, Sir.  Ohhhh, that’s so damn good.”  moaned Buck and pushed his hips back to Jack’s thrusts.

“I’m gonna’ roll over on top of you, Son.  H’it’s time for your dad to go to work and do us some real fucking.  You ready for that?”

“Do it, Dad!  I been ready.  I was ready a while ago.  My body is on fire.”  

Jack proceeded to do what he did best,— fuck.  When he was satisfied he stretched Buck’s new hymen enough it would respond to this big dick without tearing, he took advantage of the physical feast the young cowboy was offering him.  Jesse was right.  Buck’s new sexual organ was designed for only one purpose, to fit Jack Hall’s penis.  It was like a fine glove wrapped around his male organ and felt like it was being massaged by a thousand tiny fingers.  It seemed like the more he fucked the tighter and better Buck’s hole felt.

Jack could only judge from the response from his partner Buck was enjoying his fuck as much as he was.  It was one of the few times Jack Hall ever felt completely in sync with a partner regardless of how you wanted to look upon his newly adopted son.  Was he male or female?  He certainly had the major qualities of both with few drawbacks.  Women had always played him like a cat and mouse no matter how hard he tried to please them.  They were completely with him one minute then totally withdrawn the next.  

You could fuck them ‘til their brains began to ooze out their ears, and after you completed the job of satisfying both, they suddenly chose to reside on another planet.  They became sullen, withdrawn and distant.  Not so with Buck!  Buck stayed with his new dad the whole time and was warm and complementary afterward.  He clung to Jack like the only time he was completely fulfilled was when he was conjoined with Jack’s penis.  Dare Jack think upon Buck as his,— his possession,— his for the taking?  If not, why had he gone through a bonding ceremony with him?  Of course Buck was his.  He now carried his name and two given names he gave him.  When that realization clicked in his brain, Jack shifted gears and began to fuck Buck like he never had before front or back.  Buck felt it and responded in kind.  It was like he was reborn beneath the cowboy who was riding him and giving him such pleasure.  All he could think about was, ‘Please, God, let him love this new sensation as much as I am.  I don’t think I can return this gift.  I don’t want to return this gift.’

Buck knew his partner and could tell when Jack was building to climax, but this time was different.  Jack was sucking on his tit like he was hoping it would reveal the secrets of the universe to him.  Buck arched his back and as unsure of himself as he was when Jack first started fucking him, he suddenly found the urge to meet his partner’s thrust with equal passion.  He would not allow Jack to consider him a lazy lover.  It was too much for Jack Hall.  All this and heaven, too.  He lost himself in the moment and his soul drifted free as he was carried to the pearly gates only to feel his penis begin to explode inside his mate.

“Oh, God, Son!  Take all of me!  Take your dad, boy!  Put that little cunt up there for your old man to fuck!  Arrrrrg!  Oh, shit!  Fuck!”  he raged on and on.  Buck stayed with him the whole time.  He never once backed off, until Jack breathed a deep sigh and collapsed on top off him, spittle drooling uncontrollably from his mouth onto Buck’s massive chest.  The surest sign of a man’s completeness from the sex act is loss of control of his salivary glands.  They lay together with Jack’s drool running down from Buck’s tanned chest.  He was so out of it, he didn’t even notice.  Buck wasn’t about to spoil the moment and allowed it to happen, like the last chord of a great musical composition sounding completion.  Jack’s breathing slowed, then slowed some more.  Buck began to massage his mate’s neck and back.  He wasn’t interested in parting.  Jack felt too good inside him.  He ran his hands over Jack’s head and down his back.  He cupped his ass in his hands and adjusted his position to get a bit more inside him.

Then he heard it.  Jack began to snore.  He was so completely fulfilled and comfortable, he fell asleep.  Buck wondered how many women would consider that the worst thing a man could do?  He heard many complain about their husbands getting the rocks off, then rolling over and going to sleep.  Buck didn’t feel that way.  It was a great compliment to him, his husband felt satisfied and comfortable enough with him to drift off.  Could he think of Jack as his husband?  Why not?  The old cowboy met all the qualifications for being his dad as well as a husband.  He was comfortable with either.
Buck lay beneath Jack for sometime until he, too, began to drift off to sleep.  He locked his arms around Jack and rolled him to his side making sure Jack didn’t slip out of him.  Jack never moved.  He just sighed again and took another stroke into Buck’s cunt.  Buck reached behind him and pulled him all the way into him to keep him warm and pulled the covers over them.  They slept the whole night conjoined.  Jack woke up before the dawn feeling himself grow strong inside Buck.  He couldn’t believe he slept all night inside his son.  It was a first for Jack.  He didn’t even remember falling asleep.  ‘What kind of lover was he that fucked his mate he loved and fell asleep?  What must Buck think of him?’ he chastised himself.  Buck woke up and felt him inside him.  He stole a kiss from Jack.

“Should we take our new pussy back and asked for a toaster, Dad?”  Buck asked quietly.

“I think we should try it a few more times, Son, don’t you?”

“I won’t gainsay that.  How many times, Dad?” Buck grinned.

“Oh, I don’t know.  Somewhere between fifty and a hunner’t, I’d say.”

“We couldn’t take if back then.  It’ud be used.”

“Well, then I guess we better talk about keeping it.”

“I was hope’n you might.”

“Is it what you want, Son?”

“Do you wanna’ keep it, Dad?”

“After last night?  What do you think?  I’m jes’ sorry I fell asleep on you.”

“Why?  I loved it, and I loved the way you fucked me.  You can fall asleep every damn time if you fuck me that good.  I got me a feeling my asshole’s gonna’ grow shut.”

“Don’t bet the ranch on it, cowboy.  You broke me to yore’ rear saddle first.  Just keep it clean and well greased.”

“Always, Dad.” Buck smiled.

“You think we should try it again this morning?”

“I was a’ hope’n you might.  You feel like you’re ready.”

“Since I had me that longshot, I’m always ready.” Jack assured him.

Jack began to fuck Buck again.  He rolled over on top of him and began to take what he needed.  This time Jack was more controlled and not so frenetic as the night before.  He took it slow and gentle like he was enjoying each and every stroke.  Buck soon became overwhelmed and tears started to form in his eyes. Jack noticed.

“Am I hurting you, Son?” he asked concerned.

“No, no!  It’s just so good, Sir, and you’re fucking me like it’s really important to you how it feels for me.  You’re fucking me like you love me.  I know cowboy’s ain’t suppose to cry, but I ain’t never had nobody show me much caring in my life.  This is all new to me, and I guess I jes’ want you to know, I love you, Dad.”

“Of course I love you.  Don’t never doubt it.  Git used to it, pilgrim.  I’m a cowboy what loves to fuck, but not all of it has to be with the strength and passion of last night; although, you know I do enjoy a good hard ride in the saddle.  I also like long slow fucks that are lazy and ain’t in a hurry to git nowheres.  Them’s the best kind of fucks for me.  I do care about you, Buck.  I know this may be confusing to you, but I don’t think on you as a woman.  I still think on you as a man; ma’ buddy; ma’ son,— who just happens to have a cunt.  As far as I’m concerned, I got the best of all possible worlds, and I’m just selfish enough to think on you as mine,— all mine.”  Jack said like Buck was the most wonderful thing in the world to happen to him.

“It is all yours, Dad, for as long as you want it.”  Buck confirmed.

They fucked and tried new things with each other until the sun rose.  Then they had to get up, shower and take care of the critters.  They woke Warren and his new lummox friend in the loft of the barn when they went out to feed.  Warren was all red faced and full of excuses.  Jack and Buck just laughed at him.  Horse became a regular at the Lazy B.  He and Warren slowly became inseparable.  No one ever questioned their relationship,— least of all his son, Sonny.  Vivian fell in love with the huge lummox and the adoration he formed for her father-in-law.  It wasn’t a year before Warren was pregnant.

End Of Chapter 43 ~ Waco’s Lummox
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