By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 46

On the planet Tentagel, the home world of the Visallians and the Shushonni, there is no government as such.  Because they evolved into a bi-species world, they had to come to some conclusions about living together.  As time passed and strong bonds of friendships were made, they slowly became interdependent upon each other, so hostility or distrust toward one another faded in memory.  In fact, they had no recorded history of any major uprising or disputes between them.  They became so socially and intellectually interdependent, no one could remember when it was finally decided neither should have more power over the other.

They developed classes, but because of being a bi-species world, no class was considered better than another.  Not even the so called noble classes were above the law and there were checks and balances ensconced in their agreements called the “Documents of Understanding” to insure a secure and stable state at all times.  It was considered dishonorable and counterproductive for any one family, including the nobles, to attempt to acquire more wealth or power for themselves than was necessary for their comfort.  It just wasn’t done and the nobility socialized freely with the other classes.

Everyone was respected for their individual talents and abilities within their particular class and could elect and send representatives from their class to the Guiding Council.  The council made the laws of the land, settled disputes and worked with the two warrior classes to enforce their laws.  There was one higher council made up of representatives from the nobility class which acted as a check and balance between the Guiding Council, the courts, the warrior class, and the common classes.  The children of the nobility attended all-class schools until secondary school when a portion of their school year was spent in special classes devoted to the humanities, social philosophy, history and decision making.  A certain portion of every student’s time was required to be devoted to public service, serving all classes.

Visallian warriors devote their lives learning to perfect their minds and bodies.  They are taught from a very early age to use their minds as well as their bodies to the best of their abilities.  Most came from military families with a long line of highly decorated and honored warriors.  While some might look upon it as an extreme form of nepotism those who benefitted from the services and protection provided by the warrior class did not.  It was a rare honor and privilege for someone who was not of a military family to be considered for an entry position into the ranks.

For various reasons, there were always a few extra slots, and they were usually filled with boys who showed exceptional promise, came from families who were community leaders for generations, or were recommended by an elder dragoon-icon from a high-ranking military family.  Warriors were looked upon as the guardians of their world and protectors of their way of life.  There is no police force on their world, only the warrior class.  Other than to become a representative of his class to the Guiding Council, a warrior can not hold public office even when he retires from active service.  They are the ultimate public servants and whereas on many worlds the military can sometimes deteriorate into a strong arm of a right-wing political party, it never happened in the history of their planet.

The warrior class evolved into an extension of the people, rather than a tool of any one class.  Children were taught from their earliest years, if they got lost from their family, were frightened or needed help, the first person they were to go to was either a Visallian or Shushonni warrior.  If an older person needed help the first to be notified were the warrior corps.  It didn’t matter how high a warrior was in rank or how many off planet battles he fought valiantly, they were still required to spend some time serving the needs of the common folk.  A cynical person might make the observation they were nothing more than huge, highly trained, fierce looking, but lovable boy scouts.  In many ways they would be correct, but they were so much more.  While the nobility and the Guiding Council were the final word on disputes, the warrior class very quietly and subtly guided all classes to harmonious resolutions to almost every social problem.

At age five, the chosen boys begin to attend a pre-military school for their primary education.  From the beginning they are schooled separately from the general public because the focus of their education, as might be expected, is considerably different.  They spend the first three years in school five days a week from six in the morning to six in the evening with an hour nap after lunch.  They are allowed to return to their homes after classes and spend weekends with their families.  

At eight years old they are sent away to a military prep-school for ten months out of the year and spend the five summer months with their families.  They are required to spend one additional year as prefects working in elementary schools as big brothers and teacher’s aids.  They may be assigned to work in a regular (all-class) public school as well as a military prep-school.  This period of four years in class and one in service is considered their secondary education.

If all goes well and they meet the requirements, at the age of thirteen there is an elaborate ceremony and they receive their first family tribal tattoo.  They are elevated to a new class and are respectfully referred to as ‘cadets.’  They are recognized socially as junior warriors who have come of age, and are accepted into the state military academy.  They spend six years in their local academy as students plus an additional year as prefects, tutors, mentors for the younger men, and class aids for the instructors.  Again, most are assigned to public ‘all-class’ schools for their service year.

They are usually twenty years old when they finally complete all their pre-adult education and graduate.  They spend their twentieth year traveling their world and meeting the people they will be serving as warriors and military men.  It is a time of great honor and learning about life for them.  They are wined and dined everywhere as their world’s finest.  They are expected to conduct themselves accordingly.  At the end of that year they are ranked as to their conduct and deportment.

At the magic age of twenty-one there is another great celebration of their passage in to adulthood and they receive their second tribal tattoo.  It is the symbol that joins them to their brothers.  Each platoon has its own distinctive tattoo.  Then they are eligible to enter the National Military Academy for another five years of intensive schooling and training.  By the time they graduate, they are the finest fighting men and warriors that can be produced in any galaxy.  They are not just trained to become unthinking killing machines; rather, they have been taught to become gentlemen of quality and high personal morals.  They are taught to respect life as well as take it.  Their training is as heavy on learning the better qualities of a balanced humanistic society and life, over one of continued strife through political posturing, hostility and warfare.

Nothing is left out or not considered within their educations and training, including sexuality.  From their very beginnings, they are taught about the biology of sex, what their sexual organs are for, and how to use them.  As warriors and gentlemen they are taught personal body hygiene and the absolute necessity for cleanliness with their sexual hygiene.  From the first days of their education it is drilled into them the importance and necessity of cleanliness rituals.  There is never any snickering when young boys take their classes in sexual functions and content.  They are taught their bodies are part of their sacred trust as Visallian warriors and as such should never be disrespected by embarrassment, mockery or profanity.

From the age of five until their final graduation from the National Military Academy they never wear clothes in school.  No one thinks anything about it.  It’s just accepted, young warriors will be naked.  They are taught to be proud of themselves and their bodies.  Their instructors teach in the nude and all of their trainers and prefects are naked.  They become so used to seeing each other and their teachers in the male buff they become desensitized.  In training there are graphic diagrams, books, holo-vids and live instructors; sometimes prefects, other times famous guest warriors, who demonstrate sex before a platoon of boys who generally stay together throughout their formative years.

They are carefully instructed how to pleasure their fellow warriors and are even more carefully taught how to pleasure a female of their species.  Since they are taught to respect and enjoy sex with both, there is no distinction between homosexuality and heterosexuality.  Because there is no distinction between the two, there are no corresponding words in their language for either.  Sexuality for them encompasses both.  Their approach is simple.  A warrior has sex with a female to insure family heritage, inter-family respect and bonding, courtesy, pleasure and procreation.  One has sex with his warrior-mate for tribal bonding, respect, pleasure, relaxation and recreation.

From the time they are young boys, they are carefully taught the fine art of making love as well as raw sexuality, and how to give and get the very most from a sexual experience.  It’s considered part of their overall completeness as a Visallian warrior and is as important to their training as any other area including hand to hand combat.  They are taught, they can not become a complete warrior until they have been certified in all areas.  One final test, which must be passed by every man in a platoon— he must be individually rated by his fellow warriors, instructors and prefects, as being a competent, generous, thoughtful lover and sex partner.  Above all, they must be capable of satisfying their partner.  Their logic is, the warrior you invite to share your bunk tonight, may be asked to place his life on the line to save yours in battle tomorrow.    

* * * * * * *

Trey gently placed his beloved young cowboy on the soft bed and sat beside him.  There was enough ambient light coming into the room from the balcony from the artificial moonlight, he could see clearly.  He placed his big hand on Waco’s thigh and slowly ran it up to his crotch and firmly held it as he gazed into the young man’s eyes.

“You are no longer the bold young boy I encountered four years ago.  You have become so much more.  Your dad was right to recognize you as an adult.  You’ve grown into a strong, masculine, talented, handsome young human— one I’m proud to be with this evening.”  Trey leaned over and kissed Waco in a deeply passionate kiss.  Waco threw his arms around his warrior’s thick neck and pulled him down on top of him.  Waco reveled in the massive, muscular weight that defined his Captain’s magnificent body.  

“Enough talk.” he breathed heavily into Trey’s ear as he bussed a kiss behind his ear.  “I’ve been having sex with my slaves since I was twelve, but never had a man take me.  I’ve linked with my brothers when I fucked them to see how they felt with me inside them, but I’ve never been penetrated.  I saved my first time, as I promised, for a brash, lusty, incredibly handsome Visallian warrior who was bold enough to ask my father’s permission to become my suitor.  I saved it for the very best, but I don’t want to wait any longer.  Take me, Captain.”

Trey didn’t need another invitation.  He knew they were both clean, inside and out.  Trey talked with Waco earlier about his warrior race’s custom of body preparation and explained in detail the near holy rituals of internal and external cleansing before taking anyone to bed.  Even though Waco assured his Captain he would come to his bed completely clean, Trey insisted on teaching Waco these rituals himself.  The Captain was very serious about it and carefully explained it was only because of his concern for his partner and for Waco’s protection he made such a demand.  Waco went along with the Captain’s insistence at his lummox salve’s urging.  While Waco was used to his privacy, he was a bit uneasy and embarrassed at first, but his faithful lummox came to his rescue, chimed in and gently admonished him to relax and enjoy his mate’s attentions.

Trey approached it like an older, wiser brother who felt duty bound to instruct his younger, less experienced brother the proper ways in the art of love.  He lit incense from the bark of a special tree found only on his planet.  It was remarkable stuff.  It had a strong, sweet, but spicy fragrance and surrounded them in their bath.  It made Waco relax and his mind float free.  He immediately gave in to the romantic notion what was happening was a prelude to a much larger body of work; a smaller opus before a larger one.  He began to feel like a faun on a warm, mid-summer’s afternoon who was being prepared for a great feast by a fortunate hunter, but that’s not all the incense did for him.

On a more mundane level, it suddenly caused him to have a deep gnawing hunger in his gut.  At one point he thought he just might kill for a chocolate-chip cookie or one of Ida Mae’s fresh baked brownies; you know, the kind with lots of chopped walnuts with a big juicy one right on top, and the fragrance— oh, my God, the fragrance of fresh baked brownies or cookies.  The incense began to smell like either or both at the same time.  Everything became more colorful.  Was it possible to taste colors?  Would this magnificent specimen of a male warrior taste as good as he looked?  He smelled wonderful— certainly good enough to eat.

Waco’s thoughts were coming so fast they began to pile up like water behind a well crafted beaver’s dam and they became as jumbled as the logs they used.  He couldn’t separate one from the other.  He had the metaphorical equivalent of a mental logjam.  He found it easier to give in to the sensation and for the first time in his life he thought he just might understand the hackneyed phrase: go with the flow.  As soon as he accepted the sensation, his thoughts began to flow smoothly again, and he could see everything more clearly.  He was beginning to enjoy the experience.

There were chants and prayers for each step.  Trey produced a small, metal gong from his kit which he would strike with a soft mallet at the end of each ritual ablution.  It gave a Buddhist temple ceremony feeling to everything.  It shed a new light on the concept of sharing one’s body with another.  It was like they were building a Taj Mahal around the more basic idea of what Waco considered a good, hot, cowboy fuck.  Waco began to think about it as a learning and bonding experience.  Trey never required anything of him he wasn’t prepared to do or have done to himself.  Waco arrived at a self-satisfied conclusion: what the fuck?  This man is so incredibly good looking and sexy, anything Trey required of him was worth it; and, so it went.  Now, here they were together with his beloved warrior getting ready to mount him.  Waco couldn’t have been more ready.
Trey was an experienced lover and saw it as a challenge to make his young cowboy’s first time something he might recall for years and remember with great love and fondness.  Physically, Visallian’s were anatomically almost completely like humans except they enjoyed longer lives, almost double a human's life span, and their bodies tended to be considerably larger and much more mesomorphic in structure.  Their sexual organs were a bit different from humans.  While humans evolved a massive growth of pubic hair to protect the penis and testicles, Visallians didn’t.  There was no body hair around their pubes or armpits, which was surprising from a anthropological point of view because they had light hair on their arms and legs and were capable of growing thick beards and mustaches.

Their penis was contained in a carapace or external covering which was the consistency of heavy leather and their testicles were covered in the same heavily protective shielding.  Their penis, when fully covered by the carapace, looked more like a horse’s cock than human; however, the carapace could be pulled all the way back to the base of the penis and locked away beneath a sphincter muscle which would keep it in place while the warrior’s fine sword was fully exposed for sexual purposes.  When finished, he could simply relax the muscle and it would literally shoot down the length of his exposed penis to instantly cover it for protection.  It produced its own lubrication and was very effective to aid in penetration of even the most tight orifices.

Waco was almost in a dream-like state as he opened himself to his warrior and the mind of his lummox.  He smiled to himself as he received the image Ox sent him of holding Waco up against his huge hairy chest to comfort him and make a furry bed for him, on which to be fucked his first time.  Ox sent to him his big paws reaching down to grab his legs and pull them up to expose his anus for his lover’s convenience.  Waco could hear Ox’s heavy breathing and feel the slightly higher heat content from his hairy body lying beneath him.  How real it all seemed to him.  It was like he was being given away by his big hairy monster slave to his handsome warrior as his prize in battle.

Trey placed his leathery carapace over Waco’s anus and began to move slowly into him.  The carapace acted like a container of lubricant and produced more upon the will of the warrior.  Trey began a slow rocking rhythm with the big head of his phallus, slowly working it into Waco with short pulsating strokes along with copious amounts of lubricant he was producing.  Waco hardly felt any pain when Trey finally popped the huge head of his warrior cock into his cowboy's hot and waiting anus.  Waco was preoccupied, almost too busy listening to the deep moaning sound from the soft, seductive love song his beloved lummox was singing to relax him.  He would sometimes hear soft words from Ox in his deep growling voice drifting into his mind.

<< Give yourself to him, young Master.  He chose you and you agreed to one day become his.  The time is here.  The time is now.  He is our Master.  He is ours to please.  You are his to pleasure.  You are a most fortunate young human to have such a fine specimen of a warrior for your chosen mate.>>

Waco breathed deeply and pushed down with his hips to take more of Trey within him.  It caused Trey to smile knowingly and acted as an impetus, an invitation to feed more of himself to his cowboy.  Once Trey hit Waco’s prostate there was no turning back.  By tapping into his brother-slave’s minds Waco learned how they felt with him inside, but he couldn’t experience the effect of having his own prostate massaged over and over again by a big warrior penis.  He never experienced anything so wonderful in his life.  Trey stopped, but Waco was so taken with the feeling he was unaware for a moment.    

“Oh, Captain!  Trey!  You feel so wonderful.  Why have you stopped?  More— I want more of you.  Please, give me more.”  Waco begged.  He heard Trey laugh.

“You have all of me, Captain Goodnight.  I think my sword has found a new sheath.  It feels like my old horse is at home in his new barn.  I stopped for a minute for you to acclimate and to lock my carapace into place.”

Waco felt Trey’s huge hand feeling around his anus and suddenly he felt the leathery covering that was previously pressed tightly around his anal sphincter disappear.

“Take a deep breath, cowboy.”  Trey whispered.  Waco responded and felt Trey slip another inch and a half into him until Waco felt Trey’s rough, leathery ball sack slap against the bottom of his ass.  He didn’t have to ask for more.  He was completely filled with the goodness of his warrior’s love.  Waco never knew it could be this good.  He thought about his slaves and how his brother Travis liked to be fucked.  He thought about the hot, sweaty, rough, hard, down and dirty, get it all over each other sex he and Little Bear liked to share that would leave them huffing, puffing and gasping for breath upon ejaculation.  They would lie hooked together until one or the other laughed.  Then they would burst out with raucous laughter together from the joy and exuberance of another successful coupling.  Waco wondered how he would most like it with Trey.

<< Captain Trey is a master of sex as well as warfare, young one.  Trust him.  He will plumb your depths until he finds your bliss.  You don’t know how lucky you are.  It is rare for a Visallian warrior to choose another male for a mate with which to bond outside his own specie and class. >> Waco heard whispered to him. << He feels good, doesn’t he, little one? >> Ox chuckled.

<< I never imagined it could be this good, Lummy.  Will you let me share your climax. >>

<< Of course— we are as one.  You are my Master and I am your slave.  We have history.  We are family.  Your pleasure is my pleasure.  My pleasure is yours. >>   

Those simple words made Waco’s dick double in strength.  It didn’t go unnoticed by his partner.

“Are you sharing communion with your slave?” Trey smiled.

“A little.  Just enough to send me into orbit.  He knows my soft spots and knows how to push my buttons.  He’s like a cheerleading squad rolled into one, urging me to be my best for you.  Do you wish me not to commune with him, Captain?”

“No, not at all.  I think it’s highly sensual.  The idea of pleasuring two for the price of one is other-worldly.  Would you be more comfortable with him present?”  Trey asked.

“Lord, I don’t know how.  I’m perfectly comfortable alone with you.  How often do you and I get to be alone with each other?  This night is special, but I allow Ox to commune with me because we’re family.  He knows his time to share with us will come.  I know you won’t leave him out.  That just ain’t your way.  I do miss sucking his teats, though.”  Waco added as a tease.

“Are mine not to your liking, Captain?” Trey asked feigning hurt and a bit of indignation.

“Oh, yes, they’re fine, Sir.  I just didn’t know if it was proper to suck a warrior’s teats.”

“I can’t remember another warrior ever sucking my teats, but it sounds like something I might enjoy,— especially with you.”  Trey allowed.  “Enough.  Let’s do what we came here for this evening, cowboy.  Let’s get you fucked.”

“Aye, aye, Cap’n.”  Waco said in his best pirate imitation.

Trey kissed him one more time and set in to do that which many considered to be Captain Treygor Vinceeth’s second best talent— fucking.  His first talent was being a splendid warrior, captain and leader, but everything Trey did, he did with class and style.  Waco couldn’t have been in better hands for his first time than Captain Hogarth Treygor Vinceeth, commander of the seventh Visallian fleet.

Captain Vinceeth fucked his young companion like he might conduct a military campaign.  After he established a beachhead his attacks on his intended target were strong, forceful and powerful.  They were designed to subject and subdue with the unbridled passion of his intent.  As young warriors in training there were metaphorical comparisons passed back and forth about male/male sex becoming an exercise comparable with a military exercise, depending, of course, on the personality of your partner.  They even played a board game similar to Chess in which partner bondings and sexual liaisons were an integral part of the overall strategy.

Most warriors enjoyed their sex like everything else in life they experienced,— hot, lusty and lots of it.  Captain Vinceeth knew the minute he saw his young captain several years before he would be one to be reckoned with; one to be conquered, but he was also wise enough to understand, if he was successful in his campaign he would have the greatest prize a man could win from any skirmish, real or metaphorical.  Trey Vinceeth’s love making reinvented the term: an iron fist in a velvet glove.

His relentless pounding of Captain Waco’s defenses were overpowering.  Our young cowboy never experienced such a display of unrelenting sexual aggression combined with an almost overwhelming, gung-ho military enthusiasm.  Several times, he considered waving the white flag of surrender, but saw the gesture as a coward’s way out.  Waco wanted his captain to subdue him with every inch of his magnificent weaponry.  He wanted it all.  Waco decided even though he might not win the battle, by god, with cunning maneuvers he could win the war and bravely gambled everything by hoisting his already overextended defenses into the fray.

Captain Vinceeth made a grand frontal assault on Waco’s rear with his big gun, for what seemed to Waco like a small eternity, destroying any and all resistance while making Waco feel like his warrior was a fucking-demon knocking on his door to heaven.  Trey was like a mighty bull of war from a well armed nation convinced its purpose was noble and sacred, invading the small banana republic of ‘Waco’ as Trey raised and lowered his massively superior firepower like the well oiled military machine he was, to parry and thrust his red-hot cannon, stroke after stroke, struggling to gain and win more ground, inch by loving inch if necessary, with the fullest intent of capturing his intended target— by conquering the heart, mind, and soul of his young captain.  When Trey felt almost certain all was given up and victory was within his reach, sure of himself, he boldly stopped for a while to rest, regroup, reconnoiter and evaluate his options.  
There wasn’t much left of Captain Waco’s defenses after Captain Vinceeth’s initial onslaught.  He felt like his ass had been skillfully attacked and ravaged as unrelentingly as Sherman’s march through Georgia, yet with the greatest consideration only a gentlemanly superior military officer could provide and sustain; Waco's heart was beating a hypertensive tattoo like a rusty water pump on an old abandoned West Texas windmill in a dust storm; his soul felt as empty, dry and unforgiving as a haunted Louisiana swamp, drained of its mysterious life-waters only to await the ultimate crapulance of neo-con excess, another bloodsucking Sprawlmart.  Our hero felt like he was little more than a pile of freshly nuked emotional rubble.  Waco heard himself trying desperately to establish contact with his rear echelon,  << Sphincter control!  Sphincter control— come in, sphincter control! >>  There was no reply— only a small growl from his lummox, who was trying to keep a low profile.  Waco thought his ass must be either dead or comatose.  Such are the casualties of conquest.  There was only a peaceful stillness on the other end,— all was quiet on his Western front, but there was also a fulfilling Zen-like quality about it all— a peace filled understanding deep within his gut he’d never known before.  His body was aglow from the stimulation of the experience.  He thought he just might understand what ‘yin’ and ‘yang’ were all about.  Just when Waco opened his mouth, about to holler ‘calf-rope’ in total surrender, there came a wee small voice deep within the recesses of his mind.  It didn’t come from his lummox.  He knew his lummy’s mental-voice.  It came from another source, from far, far away.

<< Don’t give up, brave captain, the best is yet to come— and come it will.  Now is your chance to snatch victory from defeat.  His teats!  Go for his teats, young warrior!  They are his samsonian weakness, of which, even he is unaware.  He’ll melt inside you like butter on a hot bun.  He’s too damn cocksure of himself.  He needs humbling from an unsuspected source.  A sneak attack, for which, he’s totally unprepared.  He’s smug and complacent right now.  He’s open and vulnerable.  Earn his respect.  Show him he wasn’t wrong about his first impression of you.  There’s more to you than most can see.  Show him no mercy, but remember to be gracious and generous in victory. >>  

“Are you all right, cowboy?” Trey whispered as he stole a kiss.

“Am I all right?” Waco chuckled, “If God himself were standing here holding my hand, I couldn’t be better, Captain.  You’re all I dreamed you might be and more, but even though you’ve taken me places I’ve never been before, you’re very, very good,— and while I certainly mean no disrespect,— is that all you got, Sir?”  Waco teased with a pleading passivity.  There followed a deafening silence.  Everything was so quiet Waco could hear a ringing in his ears.  He heard a booming laughter in his head that bounced from synapse to bone and back again like an echo chamber.  It sent a chill up his spine, and he shuddered.  Waco couldn’t hold it any longer, and he giggled.  He heard Trey laugh.

“Is that all I got?” Trey managed to get out through his laughter. “Is that all I got?” he laughed some more.  “You impertinent pup, I’ll show you what I got.  Fasten your seat belt, buckaroo.  I’ll show you how a warrior breaks a pony to the saddle.” Trey switched to a pirate vernacular, “Arrr!  Me hardy bucko, I ain’t a’ gonna’ stop fuck’n ye’ ‘til  ye’ blows like a narwhale or yer’ eyes pop out a’ yore’ head, matey.  H’arrr!”  Trey growled.

“Ah, you’re such a hopeless romantic, Captain.  It’s only a small part of why I fell in love with you.  A very small part.”  Waco teased.  “I’ve always wanted my own butt-pirate for me mate. H’arr.” he added.  They laughed together.

“Sweet-talk is cheap, pardner.  Butt-pirate, indeed.  I can live with that, but true romance don’t come cheap.  It ain’t all pretty words.  It takes work.  It’s making damn sure you satisfy your mate, and demand from him all he has to offer,— so he doesn’t walk away from your bed hungry for more, and he can feel proud he’s given you his very best.  Sex is like a banquet and far too many poor souls out there are starving to death.  I’m gonna’ make damn sure it don’t happen to us, cowboy.  I plan to keep you well fed.”  To Waco’s surprise, Trey kissed him again even more passionately than before.  It was a kiss that singed the hairs on his cowboy balls.  Waco loved it, but thought it was taking unfair advantage.

<< Oh, he’s good!  He’s very good! >> he heard whispered in his head followed by another booming laugh.

Trey began to fuck Waco again like he was doing a remake of Viggo Mortensen’s ride in “Hidalgo.”  'What a lucky horse.'  Waco thought to himself.

Waco zeroed in on his intended target and flicked out his tongue to taste the large, well-defined, brown areola of his warrior’s big teat.  Trey froze for only a second, then continued his onslaught.  It was just enough to let Waco know his unrecognized voice was correct.  He had a powerful new weapon in his arsenal; his own personal petard was ready for detonation.  All he had to do was arm it.  Waco began to make repeated threats and attacks on both targets.  Each time it would interrupt Trey’s concentration, but his momentary lapse in his anal assault on Waco’s rear translated into a noticeable size increase in his weaponry.  Waco thought surely he must be imagining Trey growing larger inside him.

<< I don’t think it’s you’re imagination, young Master.  He is definitely getting bigger. >> Ox confirmed.

<< My God! >> exclaimed Waco, << He’s large enough as it is.  I don’t know how much more I can take. >>

<< You can take him.  You’re doing fine. You’ve met your match, and I’m proud to say, he’s met his.  Follow your voice.  He’s trying his best to impress you.  He’s doing a pretty damn good job of it, too. >> coach Ox chuckled, << Now it’s your turn.  Lock and load him into your heart.  Go for it, Master.  I have faith in you.  Together, we will one day celebrate your victory when we have many strong, healthy, beautiful children to love and protect. >>

Waco moved in for the kill and hooked onto his Captain’s right teat like a lamprey on an unsuspecting shark.  A jolt of electricity went through Trey’s body and his nipple began to swell and elongate.  His teat was getting an erection.  Waco continued to suck like a new born calf who had been denied his heifer’s milk for several days as Trey acclimated and began to fuck him even more furiously.

<< Ah, if I should let yon ancient voice marshal me to knavery then let it be so. >> Waco free associated in his mind, << There is great pleasure and fancy within the sport of sex to have the engineer of my love hoisted by his own petard.  It shall blow hard for him, but equally so for me; our battle won, peacefully we shall surrender to the small death when we blow hard together onto the face of the new moon; the sum of the parts being greater than the whole, I will delve one yard below his mind.  Is it not sweet, when in one line two crafts directly meet?  The light from impact far outshines the two.  Confused, the cockerel crows at midnight. >>  Waco communed his badly channeled bard from Lyle Chamber’s class to his lummox.  After all, he rationalized, it was a classic moment.

The Voices of the universe grabbed enough to tease him with a verse; as an echo from a bigger bang, he could hear a great chorus forming amid the background noise of dark matter from the depths of some forgotten void.  He could hear lines being tossed back and forth and a melody forming from somewhere within the town of Parsons.  It was coming from Johauk, and he was linked with Dumbo Jones.  Jones found his voice again, but this time it was more sweet, the essence of purity, more sharply defined, and much more clearly focused than before.  Waco marveled at Jones’ strength and vibrancy in helping Johauk compose a masterpiece with a slight country and Western suggestion about it.  It was building to a climax as surely as Waco and his captain, and being sent out to all critters in the universe.

It was Waco’s love song for his beloved captain to the Voices of the Ancients.  It was his gift to them for loving him, having faith in him and his warrior who surpassed the threshold of mere sexuality and was taking them both to a realm mortals rarely traverse.  Waco gave it to them as his bonding gift; a gift of song for the birth of a new love.  He and Ox made it theirs to send forth.  Just as there are multiple forms of birth, so there are many forms of rebirth.  New birth of any kind should be celebrated, from the first buds of spring to the conjoining of two souls.  It is the greatest reward of cognizance.  It is the promise of love.  It is the promise of life.  It is the catalyst which changes the water of our physical brains into the wine of consciousness.  To have love you must have life, but to live life to the measure, you must not be afraid to love.  All is a part of the universal godhead.  It is life at its fullest.  It is life at its very best.  Just as a piece on Earth will assure goodwill between men, it will also make the angel’s sing,--- and sing they did.         

“I don’t think I can hold back much longer, Captain.  My own petard is about to blow.”  Waco groaned.

“Don’t stop, young warrior, suck on your Captain’s tits.” Trey huffed and puffed, “In the name of some unknown god, it feels so good.  Open to me, my love.  Give it up to the warrior who loves you so.  Give me all you got, cowboy.  I will never make you sorry to pay my price, and you shall gather all of me into you for your effort.  Now, is the time.  I’m there!  Take your unholy pirate, cowboy!  Arrr!” Trey growled like a pirate again.  

Waco was meeting Trey’s assaults stroke for stroke.  His cowboy heritage flooded into his soul as he recalled Sonny Steele boasting, ‘there weren’t nothing he couldn’t ride.’  Waco adopted Sonny’s words to become his own personal mantra.  He assured the Voices of the Ancients, he could ride his warrior, but he also swore he would never try to tame him.  He wanted him to run wild and free.  He wanted to continue having unbridled sex with him in the same manner.  He thanked them for their gracious encouragement and metaphorically tightened his belly cinch to make sure his captain didn’t fall out of his saddle.  He suddenly felt himself arching his back higher, raising from the bed to greet his warrior’s every sure, strong thrust.  For one brief moment Waco imagined he was being lanced by a fierce, sweet angel impaling him with the shaft of a golden sword.  A perfect, bright, shining creature,— one, who, at another time might be mistaken for an avenging angel,— perhaps the Devil himself.  Either image was enough to push Waco over the edge.

“Aaaaaaa!  Oh, shit!”  Waco shouted breathlessly, “I’m coming, Captain.  Fuck me harder, Captain.  Good God!  Holy fuck, that’s so good!  Ouuu,— oh,— aaaaarrrg!”  Waco’s sphincter suddenly came back to life.  It issued no complaint, but tried to strangle its intruder to death, which only caused Trey to become more excited.  He began to shoot his warrior’s load deep within his well fucked cowboy.  Warrior ejaculations are similar to that of a Lummox.  They seem to go on and on in wave after wave.  Waco could feel Trey’s first strong volley, his warrior's gasp for breath; the first volley was soon followed by a second and a third until the Captain shot six full rounds of hot, molten warrior’s cream into his young cowboy's gut with his big, smoking gun.  It might have been a scene straight out of Street's of Larado except our cowboy wasn't mortally wounded, but there was a brief moment he wondered if he would recover from the little death of sexual gradification.        

Who conquered whom is open for debate and is still sung about to this day throughout the known universe— and several unknown ones.  Of course, in all truly successful sexual encounters, there is only one winner— love conquers all.  The young cowboy and his mature warrior collapsed into each others’ arms and lay quietly, still joined together, sharing their moment of post ejaculation bliss with its peaceful countenance, floating on the ecstasy and comfort afforded by the small death to which all men pay witness.  Trey was stealing kiss after kiss, but Waco wasn’t complaining.  He was pirating his fair share.  Finally, they stopped for a while and just looked at each other when suddenly, Waco’s body went rigid.  He writhed on Trey’s massive organ, he arched his back again as his eyes rolled back into his head, and he gasped for breath several times.

Trey was concerned.  He never experienced a reaction like this in a partner before.  He wondered if Waco was having a seizure.  Waco rose up— almost off Trey’s big cock— then slammed his ass back down hard to the base and moved it around in a grinding motion only to experience another, even larger ejaculation which continued wave after wave for several minutes until he was thoroughly and completely drained.  Waco’s mouth lolled open, and he lost all control of his salivary glands.  Spittle was drooling out the corner’s of his mouth.  His actions exceeded la petite mort by a country mile; he was almost in a post-sexual ecstatic trance.  It startled Trey.  He never saw anything like it.  He was a little amused, but more bemused by his young mate.

“Are you all right, cowboy?  What the hell was that all about?” Trey demanded quietly as his held Waco tightly so his cock wouldn’t slip out.

“My slave reached his climax, Sir.”

“My God, does he share yours?”

“Yes, Sir,— everything.”

“What am I missing here?” Trey questioned rhetorically. “Can you do that with other species?  Can you share your pony’s ejaculation?” he asked.

“Of course, us cowboys do it all the time, but we try not to intrude.  We politely ask permission.  It’s just good manners.  They never say no.  They listen to us all the time.”  Waco laughed at Trey’s amazement.

“You mean they heard us?” Trey asked incredulously.

“Everything.  Every word, Sir.  Every nuance of feeling. They experience it all.  They’re part of the Voices of the universe.  They sing along with the Ancients.  Ox and I gave them their song for the evening, and it is spreading out across the universe as we speak.  It is only now reaching our friends the bladder whales of Venus.  Soon all the critters on Mars will be singing of our coupling.”

“Did they ask your permission?” he asked.

“They don’t have to.  Until recently we couldn’t communicate with them like we can today.  I would’ve given them permission anyway.  It’s the brotherly thing to do.  You and I, we have no secrets.  Everyone knows we’ve been wanting each other for several years now.  The truth is deeper than that though.  The reality of it all is our coming together has been planned and sung about for eons.  The voices have no beginning or no end, and all of time is cyclical.  Just as they knew we came together tonight they also knew we would be coming.  They’re only sharing in our joy.  Our joy is their joy.  Does it bother you, Captain?”

“Yes,— no,— well, maybe a little, but not because they can share our experience.  That part doesn’t bother me at all.  As a matter of fact, it sort of turns me on.  All warriors are taught to be proud of their accomplishments.  I guess it’s because I feel left out.  I can’t be a bigger part of it all.”

“I understand.  I felt that way until I learned how to listen and how to speak to them.  I could only hear my slave for a while until he offered me his milk, and it cleared my neural pathways.  It took my Uncle Shane a couple of years.  It wasn’t until our first trip to Venus when he heard the bladder whales singing before everyone else.  He’s gotten better and stronger over the years until he can hear things we can’t.  He’s more in contact with the voices than I am.  Young Johauk Kodaly sings with them and is teaching Officer Jones. ”

They continued to lay hooked together for sometime.  It was like neither wanted to quit the other.  Waco put his hand to Trey’s big square jaw and lightly traced the outline with his fingers.

“How was your first time, cowboy?” Trey asked quietly.

“You were all I imagined you might be and more.  Honestly, I didn’t think I could imagine more, but you proved me wrong.  I don’t know what words to say.  I’ve thought about it a lot, if this moment came for us, but I still ain’t come up with nothing what don’t seem over-thunk or immature.  Everything I think of sounds downright silly after I think on it for a while, so I discard it and start again.  All I can tell you is what’s in my heart, and that’s all there is to truth.  I love you, Trey.  I knew I had no choice but to love you from the first time I met you and you undressed me with your eyes, but more than that, there was no doubt in my mind you felt the same.  I ain’t never had me no doubts about your love.  I was warned about you and your brother warriors before we met.  From descriptions I imagined you to be a band of merry, lusty space pirates who thought nothing of inviting someone they looked upon as worthy to their beds, and if they resisted you’d take them away, kicking and screaming to have your way with them anyway.  I took one look at you standing in that cargo bay and prayed to anything holy you would carry me away and force yourself on me.”  Waco laughed, then continued.  “I was told I would fall in love with their leader, but I wasn’t told he would ask my father’s permission to become my suitor.  I’m proud and honored you chose me for your mate.  I’m jes’ sorry you had to wait.  I’ll try to make you proud of me.”

“I don’t think I could be prouder of you than I am at this moment, cowboy.  My love for you has grown exponentially from our first meeting.  You don’t know how close I came to breaking all protocol and my teachings as a warrior to carry you to my cabin and make love to you the way I knew we both needed.  Thank the name of some unknown god I didn’t.  You were well worth the wait.  I worried myself half to death before I asked your pa if I could be your suitor  until you came of age.  I was afraid he might say ‘no.’  I worried so much I couldn’t eat for several days.  Tonight has been a revelation for me.  I never met anyone who ever came close to exciting me the way you have.  You were everything I thought you might be.  When you attacked my teats I thought I’d lost it all.  It was the most sensual thing I ever experience while fucking someone.”

“Ain’t nobody never sucked your tits before, Captain?”  Waco asked incredulously.  “I can’t understand it.  They’s so succulent.  They get all nice’n hard and they plump right up.  I thought for a minute they was gonna’ give me some’um to drink.”

“No, no one has ever tried.  It’s just not included in our sexual training.  I don’t know why.  It certainly put you in the driver’s seat.  I thought you were gonna’ drive me crazy.  I wondered the same thing about them coming.  I thought for a minute they were gonna’ shoot just like my cock.”

“Maybe we can train ‘em to do it.”  Waco smiled wickedly.   

“I never thought you would be the one to be teaching me new things about sex.  I fancied myself as competent as any warrior in the art of pleasuring a mate, but my faith in my abilities has been shaken.”

“I don’t know why, you’ve certainly earned my faith.  If you was a religion, I’d join yore’ church.  What we just done was nothing short of miraculous.  We learn from each other.  I learned a lot from you this evening.  I can see where I’ve only been going through the motions with my slaves.  I have so much more to bring them now.  It seems all sorts of new and wonderful erotic things have been set before us.  Who knew riding on the back of a winged horse in the nude could be so sensual?  I kept an erection the whole time even when we were flying over the other valley.”

“I did, too.” admitted Trey quietly.

“I know.” said Waco.

“How did you know?” Trey looked surprised.

“Xenophene told me, when I shared with him my embarrassment.”  Waco smiled.

“Damn, I wish I could hear animals.  I wish I could hear you and Ox.”

“I think you can.  Have you ever drank lummox milk?”

“No, Visallians are not carnivores.  We would have no reason to drink the milk of another animal.  Besides, we don’t have any bovine-like critters on our planet.”

“Do your females breast feed you?”

“Yes, but that’s different.  We don’t drink their milk past being weaned on solid food.”

“I could be wrong, but I’m almost certain a couple of good drinks of lummox milk would open your neural pathways which may have been closed off to your race like it was ours after we developed speech.  It’s done it for my brothers and even given them the advantage of learning a few lummox tricks.  My little brother JR can make himself invisible, clothes and all.”

“I’ll have to think about it.”

“I can’t describe to you the extra heightened advantage sexually the ability to tap your lover’s mind while having sex can provide you.  I’m sure Ox, Strom and Horse would be more than willing to share with you.  My little brothers, the coyotes, are always hitting them up for a fix.” Trey laughed with Waco.

“Is it addictive?” Trey asked.

“Not really.  We joke about it being addictive because it’s so good.  It’s like drinking warm ice cream.  I still drink from my slave when he offers, which is most of the time.  All the new critters we keep adding to our collections always have a young one or two who need help.  Any time there’s young ones around it will keep a Lummox male producing milk.  I’ll bet there are several of the flying colts or fillies what could use some lummox milk.”

“As a matter of fact there is.  I was hoping you could come back with me for a day or two and see the other wonders we found.”

“You mean there’s more?” Waco asked in amazement.

“A couple, but a little at a time.” Trey teased. “Wouldn’t it be nice to get away for a couple of days?  We could take the Banshee to Venus.  They love all the videos we send, but they’re clamoring to see us in person.”

“Darryl tells us the same.  I’m sure the whales will tell them about our coupling.” Waco laughed.

“Even more reason to go.  The Venusians have been very good and supportive of us in our efforts to collect and preserve life forms of all kinds.  They have helped us in our struggle against the Grays and the Reptiles.  They know we never did this sort of thing until I met you.  They think our getting together is a highly romantic thing.  That’s one of the main reasons they rescued us and opened their world to us.  Our coming together has brought us many wondrous things.  I’m trying to be careful not to ask for more.” Trey smiled remembering Waco’s admonition from an earlier conversation.

“I feel that way, too, Captain, because we can’t always know what the voices see for the future.  Nevertheless, life is to be lived for the moment and so far I think we’re doing a pretty damn good job.”

“Are you happy in my arms, cowboy.” Trey asked as he stole one last kiss.

“Happy, contented, and very much in love, Captain.”

“I love you, too, Waco, more than you will ever know.”

* * * * * * *

Many things changed in the five years since Lazarus walked into the Goodnight ranch with his companions, Ping and Pong.  Several new communities were started on the Bandersnatch.  Parson quadrupled in size.  Lazarus, along with Charlie and his raiders made a land grab one dark and stormy night and a large corner of an unsettled portion of Northern Alaska disappeared.  The Parson’s land area quadrupled in size.  The business district in the town doubled its size, but it still retained the same early nineteenth century pace and charm.  Most everyone adopted the fashions of an old time Western town.  You didn’t see a lot of business suits even in the larger businesses.  Western clothes were in fashion for everyday wear and better Western wear for Sundays and social functions.  Horse power was the principal form of transportation.

There were no internal combustion engines.  The only mechanical vehicles allowed were for emergency purposes only.  Emergency vehicles were converted to run on Sterling engines with a small zero point module for the production of the heat required for instant operation.  They were silent and efficient with more horsepower and torque potential than gasoline engines.  Everything was recycled and very little plastics were used.  Trash was taken to the small, matter-energy conversion plant Lazarus had constructed for the production of power for the town.
The male/male community grew as more and more gay men were rescued from the Cheney Camps, but as they became adjusted and began to weigh their options; many branched out to live in the other communities.  Since they were no longer shunned or persecuted they didn’t see any sense in forming ghettos and began to bloom in the other communities.  Their talents were as many and varied as the straight folks and they contributed greatly to their communities.  On the other hand, there were many who saw it as their calling to establish a viable same sex community on their allotted section on the Bandersnatch to be available to help process new arrivals and slot them into temporary jobs so they wouldn’t become depressed or lonely.  Depression and inactivity were the two greatest problems in the male/male communities.  The women’s community didn’t seem to grow as fast and retained about the same status quo as the men.  They were far more likely to pair-off and move to one of the straight communities.  Both communities came together to support any function held by one of the small towns and traffic between communities was brisk.

After coming on board the Bandersnatch it was thought many might want to leave and try their luck in the outside world again, but it rarely happened.  There was less than one percent who wanted to leave.  They were monitored closely and usually had to be rescued before they were sent back to a camp.  They never asked to leave again.  Most were detained, identified as a missing inmate and treated badly.  A couple lost their lives to over zealous mercenary bounty hunters before Waco and his crew could rescue them.

Most people came to understand their forced living arrangements in the on-board communities were temporary and eventually they would be relocated.  Certainly the living arrangements were much better than the camps, work was more fulfilling and gave them a greater sense of purpose than most ever had in their lives.  They enjoyed almost as much freedom of choice and movement as they would on the outside, but their choices were limited; however, even in the worst of times, if people are given some small vestige of hope they will work hard together to create as many diversions for themselves as possible.  Many became fiercely pro-active in the cause of the communities and worked tirelessly for the betterment of all men and women.  They came to see Lazarus and Charlie Goodnight’s family as almost gods.

* * * * * * *

Early the next morning, Waco opened one eye to see his lummox standing by the bed looking down at him.  He had a puzzled look on his face.

<< Sorry to wake you, young master, but you and the Captain have to be up and dressed soon to get over to Lyle and Strom’s place for breakfast.  You and your brothers are riding in the parade this morning.  I imagine they’ll want the Captain to be in it, too. >>

Waco nudged Trey and he growled.

“Go away!” he mouthed.

“Wake up, Captain.  We have social obligations.  We have to clean up, eat breakfast and get going.  We got a lot to do before the parade this morning.”

“Come back and get me around noon.”  Trey moaned.

“You know that won’t work.  Come on, I’ll scrub your old back for you.  Ox says you can have an eye-opener.  He’s got some fresh lummox milk for you.”

“No offense to Ox, but I haven’t made up my mind about that yet.” Trey swung his feet off the bed.  He stood and stretched.  He and Waco were completely nude.  Trey saw Ox sitting on a rug on the floor at the end of the bed.  He smiled and walked over to him.  He placed a hand on his shoulder. “Nice orgasm last night, brother.” he teased Ox.  A big grin spread across Ox’s face and he shook from silent laughter.  “He don’t say much, does he?”  Trey observed.

“Are you kidding?  He has an opinion about everything.  He talks to me all day long, and sometimes, I hear him talking in his dreams at night.  He’s my alter ego and conscience.  He keeps me on the straight and narrow in my life.  He told me he’s ready anytime you want to try some lummox milk.”

“Thanks, old man, I’m thinking about it.  Give me a little time.  I guess I’m going to have to try it to keep up with my mate, here.  I’m tired of feeling left out.  Do you really think it could make me communicate with you, Ox?” Ox grunted and shook his head in the affirmative.  

Waco noticed Ox already cleaned himself.  He figured Waco was going to have all he could handle for the day so he would save him some time and effort by taking care of his own needs.  Ox knew some things would change when the Captain became a greater presence in their lives, but he knew his young master wouldn’t abandon him.  The men cleaned themselves and dressed.  Trey retrieved his Western clothes the night before and left them in the hotel suite.     

The three were headed for the nearest gate and were joined by Jack Hall, Buck, Warren Steele, Horse and several of the critters all going to Lyle and Strom’s for breakfast.  They invited everyone who was going to ride in the parade to meet at their farm.  Everyone on the place was busy getting ready to feed the crowd.  Waco and Warren walked the lummox and other various critters down to the barn for their morning chow and water.  Ping and Pong and their kits Jack and Jill were along.  They all spent the evening with Warren Steele and Horse.  Warren was really beginning to show.  For those who didn't know he was pregnant it looked like he developed a beer gut to hang over his Wranglers.  The cowboys laughed at his vain concerns and told him they thought it was sexy.

Officer Jones stayed the night with his commanding officer and his other officer buddies and their friends.  Brick Armstrong and Tim were living on a small farm in the male/male community on the Bandersnatch and put everyone up for the evening.  They were all invited for breakfast.  All Jones could talk about was his miraculous musical experience from the evening before; about how some young cowboy came to him in his sleep and they composed the most wonderful song about the coupling of Waco and Captain Vinceeth.  It was his first time to sing with the Voices of the universe and he was trying to tell anyone who would listen about it.  

The coyotes kids stayed the night with Jack Hall, Buck, Warren and Horse.  They were bright eyed and bushy tailed.  They were dressed in their buckaroo outfits and checking each other out for last minute details in case they forgot something.  They were full of piss and vinegar and having a great time.  Lazarus and Charlie arrived with their group of Captain Jones, Bryce, and his steady Blake Tindell; along with Waco’s slave brothers and his little brother JR.  Also Chief Tin Penny and his two sons in full Indian costumes.  Little Bear was in his costume and looked hot.  They all wanted to go down to the barn to help take care of the livestock.  They wanted to see and talk with the winged horses again.   The winged ponies wouldn’t be in the parade but agreed to be in the rodeo in the afternoon.  A large contingency of cowboys arrived from Hoot and Cotton's ranch along with the Stamper men.  They were all riding in the parade and rodeo.  They hadn't yet seen the winged-ponies and were blown away by them.

Breakfast was served buffet style.  A cowboy took a plate and got in line, then looked for a place to sit and eat.  Lyle and Strom had long heavy-duty tables and benches set under some shade trees that provided plenty of room for their guest.  Several in the male only community volunteered to help Lyle and Strom to get the food out, and it was wonderful.  Everyone stood and applauded the help.  They all knew Waco and Trey spent their first night together and there were many low-keyed congratulations and knowing smiles.  Waco and Trey took it in good humor and thanked them graciously.

They were about halfway though breakfast when Angus Goodnight and his two sons arrived accompanied by Bill Birdsall and his slave, Shane.  They already ate breakfast but had coffee and sat and talked with everyone.  There was much anticipation in the air.  Many things were going on with different folks and the community was alive with interpersonal issues.  Little Bear got up from his meal to pay homage to his favorite master.  Angus took him into his arms and kissed him gently in front of everyone including his two boys.

“The time has come, Master.” Little Bear whispered.

“I promise you, my handsome slave, I have not forgotten.  I will make time for us, trust me.  I’ve made reservations for us at the hotel on the Buttercup for this evening.” Angus spoke quietly.

“Thank you, Master Angus.  I will think of nothing else ‘til then.”

“Ya’ won’t be alone, Son.” Angus looked down at his own crotch and Little Bear could see he was hard as a rock.  He smiled and licked his lips.

* * * * * * *

There was much talk around the group.  Everyone was anticipating Shane’s upcoming court appearance at the end of summer.  His time as a slave was coming to an end, but it was not talked about too much because everyone could see it caused him and his big brother a great deal of discomfort.  Bill Birdsall was as stoic as a cowboy could be, but you could tell he was not at all comfortable with the possibility of losing his slave.  Everyone wanted to wish Shane well but were gracious enough not to push the matter.

More and more folks arrived.  Sonny Steele and Vivian with Adam and Eve appeared followed closely by the Steele’s three older sons and their families.  Chet and Carol Baker arrived with their kids, followed by a couple of the football coaches and their families.  It was going to be a big day.  The sheriff and a couple of his deputies arrived with their families.  Sheriff Lassiter seemed to be talking quietly and seriously to Angus a lot but never shared what they were talking about.  Then they talked with the Chief and his sons.  Lyle welcomed his buddy Chet and his wife Carol.  Carol loved to come to Parson and bring the kids.  She said she never felt more at ease and knew wherever the kids were they would be safe and looked after.  Chet was all smiles, but he didn’t have much to say.  He had grown more introspective over the last couple of years and somehow seeing his brother happy with a new bairn and two adopted lummox young ones gave him a sense of well-being.

“Is it difficult to talk the kids into coming out here?” Lyle asked them.

“Are you kidding?  It’s all they can talk about.  They’ve had it on their calenders for weeks and check off the days as they pass.”  Chet laughed. “I don’t keep a calender, but I check theirs every night.” he laughed.  “It’s good to see you again, buddy, and it’s good to see you happy and in love.”  Chet slapped Lyle on his back.

“It’s good to have you here, brother.  You’re always welcome.”  

* * * * * * *

Waco was talking with Officer Jones and his commander after breakfast when he saw a lone, tall, lanky cowboy walk from the barn.  He had just come through the gate.  Waco called Jones attention to the young man.  Brett Jones turned to see a tall, handsome young man walking toward them with the typical rolling gate of a cowboy.  He was struck by the aura that surrounded the man.  Waco winked at the cowboy and motioned his head toward Officer Jones.  The cowboy smiled the sweetest smile, walked up to Jones, stood for a moment looking into his eyes, threw he arms around him and kissed him gently.

“Johauk?”  asked Jones.

“Yes, Sir, it be me.” he answered.  Jones broke down in his arms.  Johauk comforted him.

“There, there!  You were magnificent last night.  I never could’ve gotten that song out so fast if it weren’t for you, and it was quite an accomplishment.  We must have done good.  The voices are going nuts.  You’ll be happy to know we’re getting rave reviews.  It’s already the number one song in the galaxy.  Sorry to break in on your dream, but I thought you might enjoy the experience.”

“No, no, it’s all right.  It was the most wonderful thing to happen to me since I started levitating.  I can’t thank you enough.  I’m so glad to meet you in person.”

“It’s good to meet you.  I don’t mean to take you from your friends, but we’ll have time to talk today.  I’ll look forward to it.”

“So will I, my friend, so will I.” Jones confirmed.  

* * * * * * *

The parade got underway on time.  Parades are uniquely American.  Few other countries have as many parades.  In other countries they are usually for political purposes rather than for the sheer joy of getting out, sitting on a curb and watching people make asses of themselves.  The Parson parade wasn’t large, but what it lacked in size or grandeur it made up for in enthusiasm straight from the heart.  Everyone loved it.

Some critters were added at the last minute.  Jack and Jill wanted to ride with Jack and Warren and Lazarus talked Ping and Pong into riding with him and Charlie.  They were having a great time.  Waco was riding Ranger and they put Trey on one of Ranger’s little sisters.  The horses were so big they were more like riding on a float than horseback, but Waco and Trey enjoyed it.  The coyote kids decorated the dogs with colorful bandanas and the pups walked proudly along side their ponies.  Waco looked over at Trey who had a glow about him and a smile on his face that looked like a possum who discovered an uneaten bowl of cat food someone left out.

“What’s that smile on your face for, Captain?” Waco inquired with a grin.

“Contentment mostly, but thinking about another surprise waiting on Mars.”

“Can you give me a hint?” Waco asked.

“No, because it would destroy the surprise for those for whom it’s intended.  You folks can’t keep secrets from one another.” Trey accused.

“Yes we can.  I can lock out anyone I don’t want tapping my brain.  I can tell the minute someone is trying to read me; so can my brothers and most of the critters.  I just don’t choose to with my slave and most of the critters.  I’ve come to the conclusion to live openly is better than having a lot of secrets, but it ain’t impossible for us to keep one.”

“Well, in that case, it has to do with some more endangered critters.  We found more of their kind in deep space on a derelict freighter in another galaxy which fell into orbit around a failing class M star.  We were going to use it for target practice.  We scanned for life signs and discovered a number of smaller life forms which barely registered on our scanners.  We decided to send a robot aboard, but we couldn’t see anything except some bio-containers with plants growing in them on several observation decks.  The plants didn’t look like they were growing wild.  They looked like they were carefully and lovingly tended.  I made a decision, which was probably pretty stupid now that I think about it, but I asked for four volunteers to go on board with me.  We took a shuttle over, docked and managed to force the airlock.  We wore breather-masks because we didn’t know how stable the atmosphere might be inside.  One of my officers suggested if there were animal life forms they might be creatures who require less oxygen than us.  We got inside but still couldn’t see anything.  They were hiding really well.  Finally I got a glimpse of one, and I immediately recognized what they were.”

“What?  What were they, Trey?”  Waco was standing, almost jumping up and down in his stirrups.

 << Yes, for God’s sake, tell us, man, before he breaks my back! >> Waco heard Ranger shout in his mind.  Waco laughed.

“The ponies want to know as bad as I do, Captain.”

“Can you guys keep a secret?”  Trey spoke directly to them.  They both shook their big heads up and down and made a snuffling sound like they were insulted he asked.  Trey laughed.

“I only got a good look at one as it disappeared into a small hole in the side of a hollow wall casing.  It had a long, bushy tail with many brightly colored rings.”

“Oh, my God!  Admiral Long thinks Ping and Pong are the last two!” exclaimed Waco.

“You see why I want to keep it secret?”

“Sure, Trey.  It’s a wonderful secret.  That’s why you want to make a trip to Mars and take them with us.”

“It might make my job easier with you knowing.  They’ll follow you anywhere.”  Trey conceded.    

“Tell us the rest of the story.”

“It took us a while to gain their trust, but we did.  I told my boarding party we had to handle this like the critters on Mars.  If we wanted them to accept us we had to leave our clothing in a pile and approach them without our weapons, but I told them not to take off their breathers.  I reminded them they were like Ping and Pong and capable of producing mind altering pheromones which could make any animal do anything they wanted.  I sent two of the men back to the ship for a variety of food including some of the slave chow we feed our spacer-dogs and some pure water.  They returned and we placed the food in bowls at the entrances to their burrows and moved back several yards.  We sat on the ground in the Indian position and waited.

It became too much for the young ones who were practically starving.  They came out to grab a chunk or two, but you could tell their parents weren’t real happy with them.  It took us several hours to win their trust enough to try to communicate.  By that time, even the adults were taking advantage of our gifts of food.  Since none of us could speak to them directly or mentally we had to resort to drawing pictures.  They caught on real fast we meant them no harm.   Commander Maddragon reminded me we have all those holo-vids of you and me with Ping and Pong on Mars with Jack and Jill climbing all over Jack and Warren.  I had him return to the ship to fetch a portable projector and we showed them the vids.  We showed them the complete video of Mars and all the animals.  They sat mesmerized and watched silently, but they were astounded when they saw Ping, Pong, Jack and Jill.  They started chittering with each other in a high pitched voice.  They’d run up to the video to get a closer look and shake their heads.  When they saw you and me walking nude through the meadow with you holding Pong’s hand and Ping riding on my shoulder it really broke the ice.  They were all over us then.  It was like we became family.  We offered to take them to the world in the video where they would be safe and could flourish with plenty of room, lots of good food and pure water.  They would have to share the world with other critters, but they seemed to understand.  They felt more secure when we got back to the Banshee and met the winged-ponies.  They fell in love with each other.”

“How many are there?”  Waco asked with excitement.

“As best we can count there’s a little over fifty.  They tell us they don’t know how long they were marooned on the derelict ship, but they’d been adrift in space for three, maybe four generations.  The best we can make out they live about sixty to seventy of our years.  Their story was pretty gruesome.  They actually used the bodies of their dead ancestors to produce soil to grow food for themselves.  They were stolen from their home world many years ago during what they called the ‘hunting’ by the Grays.  They couldn’t speak to us, but they drew elaborate pictures of a hunt.  I still have several on the walls in my command office.  They ain’t just crudely drawn stick figures neither, they're works of fine art.

After they came on board the Banshee they took a great interest in our personal computers.  I gave them one to play with thinking it would keep them occupied for several days until the new wore off.  I had no idea they would figure out how to use it.  In forty-eight hours they completely reprogrammed the damn thing to be faster than ours and work more efficiently.  They used the computer to teach themselves our language and were able to speak to us through the keyboard with a vocal reproduction program.  They weren’t happy with the artificial sound of the computer voice so they souped it up to sound just like me.  They are very clever creatures.

They told us they had become a favorite food of the Grays and Reptiles.  They were among a group of several thousand aboard the Gray’s ship when it was attacked by another race who hated the Grays and Snakes.  Only a couple of hundred survived and their numbers quickly began to dwindled.  For their small size they seemed to be pretty technically proficient.  They managed to piece together enough of the wreck to survive and created these magnificently efficient plant farms on the observation decks that gave them oxygen and limited food supplies.  They figured out just how many their limited resources would provide for and new births were carefully managed.  Their population remained the same for several generations until they could provide more soil for more food.  It was a very clever plan and it worked.

They were once down to twelve souls and fought their way back to a little over fifty.  I’d say that’s pretty damn remarkable and shows just how stubbornly a species will fight to survive.  They seemed grateful for the offer of a ride to another world.  I made them a deal.  We would transport them, offer them shelter and protection, but they must agree not to use their pheromones on my crew or interfere with our daily operations.

They smiled and promised they wouldn’t.  We didn’t have any problems with them, except as a parting gift they gave us a shot of some kind of sexual aphrodisiac that had us fucking our brains out for several days.  Except for last night, I’ve never been so horny in my life.  Nothing got done on the ship, but on the other hand, morale was at an all time high.  It was like musical beds for damn near a week.  I finally drew the line when I woke up one morning and there were three other warriors in bed with me.  I couldn’t be angry with them.  They thought they were doing us a favor.”  Trey said with some disgust.  The ponies snorted, stumbled and horse laughed.  Waco almost fell out of his saddle he laughed so hard.

“Please, Trey, you must tell Admiral Long and my dad your story.”  Waco begged him.  Ranger snorted and shook his head ‘no.’

<< As close as they are, them two little space-pirates can get anything out of him.  One shot of a truth pheromone, and he’ll tell them everything. >> Ranger sent to Waco.  

“Ranger thinks otherwise.  He’s convinced they can get anything out of the Admiral.”  Waco told Trey.

“He’s probably right, cowboy, but in this case I’ll do whatever you think is best.”

“I think you’re doing a find job, and I should butt-out and respect my Captain’s wishes.”  Both ponies shook their heads in the affirmative and whinnied.  Trey and Waco laughed.

* * * * * * *

 The Parson’s fair and rodeo became a ‘must do’ activity for everyone associated with the Grange.  It was just too damn much fun not to participate.  It had the feeling of an old time country fair and everyone loved it.  It was very popular and the town overflowed with guests.  Officer Jones, dressed in his cowboy clothes, stood on a grassy area with his commanding officer, Johauk Kodaly, Brick Armstrong, Timmy, Stan and Jimmy-Bob.  They were having a great time in the fresh air and watching the riders and homemade floats go by.  

“You all right, little brother?” Del Hawkins asked Jones.

“Better’n all right, Sir.  I’m jes’ fine.  I ain’t been this happy and content in a long time.  I feel like I belong here with these folks.  I want to be here with them.  I don’t wanna’ go back to the Holy City.” Brett Jones said sadly.

“Neither do I, Son.”  Hawkins agreed.

“I know we have to, but is this all just a wonderful dream, Sir?  Will I wake up tomorrow and be back in that world where I ain’t never sure about nothing from day to day?”

“The day will come when they will come for us.  We have to do what we can to help others understand.  We have work to do— important work.  You have people who need you and it’s not just the sick.  Your brother officers need you.  We have to prepare a video this evening to send back to the Holy Father, so he can share it with the news medium.  The public is about to break his doors down for information about you.  I’ve already sent one message you pulled through and are going to be fine.  Now we need to show them you’re up and around, but still not a hundred percent.  Maybe we’ll video you in one of them hospital gowns in a wheel chair.  That way, maybe it will buy us a little more time here.  Wouldn’t you like to stay a couple a’ more days?  I think we deserve it.”

“Of course I would love to stay a while, and you’re right, we do deserve it.  I love these people, Sir.  I feel like I’m becoming a part of them.”

“Good, I’m glad you feel that way, Son, so do I.  There are more wonders for you to discover.  I won’t tell you, I’ll just let you experience them like I done,— a few at a time.  Trust me, you will never forget what you witness here.”  Hawkins smiled at his younger officer and shook his head.  He had a far away look in his eye like he was recalling his own amazement from his first visit.

* * * * * * *

The parade started at nine o’clock and only took about an hour for everyone to get through.  The livestock were taken directly to the fairgrounds fed, watered and placed in stalls in a large barn.  Most of the ponies would be ridden in the rodeo.  The coyotes had their favorite ponies and this was their first year to ride and participate in the rodeo.  They would ride in the grand entry, and they entered a couple of the junior rodeo events.  Even Adam and Eve were going to ride in the grand entry parade with their Uncle Warren and Uncle Jack.

Everyone took advantage of the free food provided by the Grange and the Parson’s Chamber of Commerce.  It was a spread of food that astounded everyone.  There was everything you could think of to eat and Captain Vinceeth’s warriors on leave were really impressed.  Brett Jones couldn’t believe the amount of good food he had to choose from.  Everyone was stuffed afterwards.  

The rodeo started at two o’clock and went off like clockwork.  In the very middle of the rodeo they had an intermission.  After everyone was called back to their seats the announcer announced to the crowd that the next part of the rodeo would be something different.  He commented about Captain Vinceeth and his warriors being honored guest who brought some very special guest with them.

“They are six special white horses from another world which are currently residing in the gigantic caves on Mars, but came with him to Earth especially for our rodeo today.  Don’t look to the entrances for them ladies and gentlemen.  Look to the Northern sky above the arena.  See them big clouds up there.  Keep you eyes on them.”

Everyone looked up and in about ten seconds six magnificent flying white horses flew out of the clouds one by one.  On their backs were Waco, Trey, Lucas, Travis, Little Bear, and Indigo Blue.  They all had their hats in their hands waving them about as they flew over the arena and formed a circle to fly around above the arena.  The crowd went bananas.  They’d never seen such a wonderful thing.  They stood, applauded, whistled, stomped their boots, and some even yelled at the top of their voices.  Many were in tears at the beauty of the unusual ponies.  The horses landed in the arena one by one, folded their enormous wings, and slowly walked around the arena so the folks could get a closer look at them.  The crowd got quiet out of wonder and respect as they watched in awe.  The horses lined up, the cowboys dismounted, and another cowboy handed Waco a microphone.     

“Thank you for that fine reception, Ladies and Gentlemen.  We told our honored guest they would probably receive a warm welcome, but we didn’t expect anything like this.  We told them not to be nervous or frightened, there might be a lot of noise what with applause, whistling and such.  I’ll let Captain Vinceeth tell you their story.  Trey.”  Waco said as he handed the microphone to his Captain.  There was more applause.  Trey told the story of finding the winged-horses and how endangered they were.  He didn’t go on for long, but he hit all the salient points and told how they would be living on Mars until the exodus from Earth began and a greater location for everyone could be found.  He hoped many would take a vacation to Mars in the near future and enjoy all the wonderful creatures placed there for conservation.  He got a standing ovation.  He gave the microphone back to Waco.  

“I’d like to offer my personal thanks to Captain Vinceeth for this wonderful birthday surprise for me and my brothers.  We certainly weren’t expecting something as remarkable as these animals.  Anytime we are blessed with new family as beautiful as these creatures, it truly is a great day.”  Waco stuck out his hand to shake Trey’s.  Trey winked at him, pulled Waco to him in an embrace and planted a big one on his cowboy in front of everyone.  There was much hooting, hollering and oohs from the crowd.  Xenophene placed his muzzle squarely in Trey’s back and pushed the two men.  He almost knocked them over.  There was much laughter from the crowd.  Waco and Trey laughed, turned and petted the big horse.

“In winged-pony language that gesture means, ‘Would you two please get a room.’” said Waco into the microphone and laughed.  The crowd went crazy applauding and laughing.  The cowboys gave hugs to the ponies and sent them on their way back to Strom and Lyle’s farm.  Before they left the area they flew in more circles, figure eights and performed several other acrobatic stunts.  The crowd was stunned at some of the things they could do in the air and after another standing ovation the horses departed.  The cowboys stayed to complete the rodeo.

The day was a great success and everyone had a good time.  Waco and his dad won the team roping event.  Lucas and Lazarus took second.  One of the warriors who had really gotten into rodeo won the bull dogging event and another won the bull riding competition.  No bull on Earth ever met as determined a cowboy as Commander Maddragon.  Lucas was very proud of his partner.

* * * * * * *

The fair went on well into the evening hours after the rodeo.  There was more food for everyone and lots of games for the kids and adults alike.  Everyone mingled and many folks came up to Waco and Trey to wished them well.  They weren’t crude about it, but everyone knew they were officially together.   Many inquired about vacationing on Mars and Waco and Trey patiently told them they would soon be able to spend a week or more exploring the caves and visiting with the animals.  Arrangements were being made to accommodate visitors.

Trey and Waco rode Ranger and his little sister back to the farm, got them fed, watered, rubbed down and settled for the night.  Waco lamented he never  had to go to all this trouble with a pickup truck.  Trey admonished him he couldn't hug or kiss a pickup truck goodnight nor call it his friend.  Neither could he get it to run on oats and hay.  Waco smiled and nodded his agreement.  Ranger had the last word.

<< Keep this one, Master Waco.  He’s a good man. >> Ranger drawled.

<< He don’t know it, but I done got him locked away in my heart, big brother. >> Waco replied.

<< Trust me, he knows, little brother. >> spoke Ranger, then laughed.  

“What’d he say?”  Trey demanded, “I know he said something, you’re blushing.”

“If you wanna’ know you gotta’ drink lummox milk so’s you can hear, Captain.”  Waco grinned and winked at his handsome warrior.

End of Chapter 46 ~ Waco’s Lummox
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