By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 5

“I take it you ain’t from around here, Mr. Long.”  Charlie Goodnight asked smiling at Lazarus.

“Naw, Sir, I’m a drifter, but once I find a place I’m welcome and I feel comfortable, I been known to stay for a good while.”

“What can I do for you, Mr. Long?”

“Well, Sir, me and my two buddies need a place to stay for a while until I can git me some transportation.  What I need is a good horse, but I’m willing to work for it and my keep.  My partners ain’t slaves, but they’s comfortable with slave chow.  They don’t eat much.  We don’t expect no salary.”

“Where are your companions, Sir?”

“They’s jes’ over the hill a ways.  They’s waiting for me to signal to ‘em if'n it’ll be all right for ‘em to come meet you.”

“My daddy taught me to be kind to strangers and hospitable to travelers, so I think it would be all right for you and yore’ companions to stay for a while.  Why didn’t they come with you?”

“Well, you see, Mr. Goodnight, they’s kind a’ different.  J'ever seen a Coatimundi, or a Gibbon ape, Sir?”

“Humm, I could make a bad joke right now, but I won't."  Charlie chuckled and winked at his cowboy brother.  Ranger Gibbons roared with laughter.  "Yeah, we see Coatimundies ever’ now and then.  They’s harmless and good vermin catchers.  We leave ‘em alone on the ranch.”

“My buddies is first cousins to them, but much larger.  Sort of like the big furry man over there next to yore’ boy is first cousin to us.  They’s about the same size as a mountain lion only they ain’t the least bit dangerous.  They’re the last of their species, Mr. Goodnight.  Their land was invaded and their natural habitat was completely destroyed overnight.  They only narrowly escaped because, by chance, I offered them a lift in my old jalopy.  They been with me ever since.  They’s highly evolved, sensitive, intelligent, and lovable creatures.  As a matter of fact, they’s sometimes awful damn handy to have around, Sir.”

“How’d ju’ know Waco was my boy, Mr. Long?”

“Why, he’s the spit’n image of his fine look’n daddy, Mr. Goodnight.  Was I wrong, Sir?”

That got a couple of chuckles from the men in the crowd.

“Naw, Sir, he be my son.  When do we git to meet chore’ friends, Sir?”

“I can whistle to ‘em if’n you like, Mr. Goodnight.”

“That’ll be fine, Mr. Long,— go ahead on.”  Charlie said shaking his head and rolling his eyes like, ‘I know it’s strange, but this hasn’t been a normal day from the start.’  Ranger was laughing his ass off at his cowboy brother.

Lazarus stuck two fingers to his mouth and made a loud whistle.  Everyone’s eyes were focused on the same hill Lazarus came over and soon two small expressive heads popped up followed by the bodies of two of the most beautiful animals Charlie Goodnight ever saw.  He sucked in a quick gulp of air into his lungs he was so taken by their beauty.  Lazarus was right.  They looked similar to the Coatimundi but they were considerably larger.  They looked like they could have been also kin to the Racoon or the Red Ringtail Panda.  They had more of a simian face than simply an expressionless animal snout.  They walked on all fours for a while then stood and walked upright like any human, swinging their long arms gracefully as they more or less glided than walked.  They were incredibly graceful.

Their long, bushy tails were multicolored in four inch rings; beautiful bright colors; red, fusca, blue, green, magenta, purple, gold, violet, pink, brown and yellow.  They were arranged in the same order on each animal.  They used their tails for balance when they chose to walk upright, but when they ran on all fours it was held up and over their backs in a gentle, graceful curve.  They were stunningly beautiful creatures.

Around their intelligent eyes were huge rings that made them look like they were wearing big glasses.  One slightly bigger than the other had black rings around his eyes and the other had dark violet rings that gave it the look of having a black eye that was not quite healed.  

They weren’t the least bit shy, ran right up to Lazarus and each slipped one of their small hands into his.  They looked up into Lazarus’ eyes, he looked down at each of them and no one watching could doubt the trust and affection the three held for each other.  There was no question in anyone’s mind they were a team,— bonded companions.  Charlie noticed they had what looked like four fingers and an opposable thumb.  They stood upright, looking at Charlie blinking their eyes at him from time to time with eyelashes that looked like they could’ve belonged on a Hollywood beauty queen, and smiled.  Charlie was stunned.  They actually smiled at him.

“Mr. Goodnight, I’d like you to meet Pong here on my right.  Pong, this fine gentleman is Mr. Goodnight.  He’s the owner of this here ranch.”

The creature moved a step away from Lazarus, clasped his two small hands together and bowed deeply to Charlie.

“It’s considered polite to return their bow, Mr. Goodnight.”  Lazarus whispered.  Charlie put his hands together, bowed and spoke to the creature.

“Welcome to the Goodnight ranch, Mr. Pong.”

“Just ‘Pong,’ Mr. Goodnight.  They don’t use honorifics, Sir.”

“Do they speak?”

“No, Sir, but they understand our language perfectly.  They have other talents.  They communicate in other ways.”

Pong moved back and took Lazarus’ hand again.

“Mr. Goodnight, may I present Pong’s mate, and may I say, the better looking of the two, Ping.”

The other animal looked up at Lazarus, blinked her beautiful eyes as any human woman might and responding to his flattery, her pink nose began to turn bright red.  Lazarus winked at her and smiled.

“I embarrassed her, Mr. Goodnight,— she’s blushing.”  Charlie couldn’t help but chuckle.

Ping moved slightly away from Lazarus, put her hands together and made a much more graceful bow than her mate.  Charlie followed suit and returned Ping’s bow.  Charlie was captivated by her and got the biggest grin on his face.

“Welcome to the Goodnight ranch, Ping, and I think Mr. Long is correct.  While your mate, Pong, is a handsome feller, you're the better looking of the two.”  Ping got a huge grin on her face and again her nose turned bright red.  

“I don’t think that reaction needs any explanation, Mr. Goodnight,— do you?”  Lazarus asked rhetorically, “You’ve won her heart, Sir.”  Lazarus chuckled.

“You mentioned they have certain other talents, Mr. Long?”

“Please, Mr. Goodnight, call me Lazarus.”

“Thank you, Lazarus.”  Lazarus noted Mr. Goodnight didn’t offer him the same courtesy, neither did he expect it.  Lazarus was well aware of Western customs and protocol,  Charlie Goodnight was the owner of the ranch and should be shown the respect he deserves.  Lazarus would gladly pay him that tribute for as long as he remained at the ranch.

“Please,— allow my companions to demonstrate for you good folks.  Ping.  Pong.  The white truck and horse trailer,— turn them around so they’re headed out of the property.”

Angus started to say something, but Ping walked up to him and simply stroked his arm in a comforting gesture.  She smiled at him and he nodded for her to do what she wanted, he was as curious as the rest of the folks.  The two animals scurried over toward Angus’ truck and horse trailer.  They stopped about twenty feet from them, stood on their hind legs and using their hands, cupped them and looked like they were scooping something up that was invisible to the folks.  All of a sudden Angus’ truck and trailer began to rise off the ground to the stunned gasps from the crowd.  Ping and Pong didn’t stop until the vehicles were about four feet in the air.  Pong stood still with his arms extended.  Ping ran over to the front of the truck and with one tiny hand began to push the side of the truck.

The people watched as the huge trailer and truck slowly turned a hundred and eighty degrees so it was heading out of the property.  Ping rushed back over next to her mate, extended her arms and the two slowly lowered the two vehicles to the ground without so much as a grain of dust arising from the landing.  They turned to the crowd, put their hands together and bowed again.  This time Angus bowed to them and thanked them for turning his truck and trailer around.  They saved him the trouble of having to do it.

“So as you can see, Mr. Goodnight, they would be a great help during haying season, or for any other project you may have that might require a lot of lifting.”

“How did they do that?”  Charlie asked not really expecting an answer.

“I assure you, Mr. Goodnight, I have no idea.  They tried to explain it to me one evening, and I had a headache for two days afterward.  It has something to do with the physical amplification of applied mental processes.  All I know is they can do it, and it’s a handy talent to have.”

“I have to agree, Lazarus.”  Charlie said in awe.  Everyone gathered agreed with him.

Ping and Pong spied Ox and looking first at Lazarus to gain his approval, he nodded to them and they were away.  They were all over Ox like they were so glad to see him again.  Pong was perched on his big shoulder while Ox caught up Ping and cradled her in his huge arm tickling her tummy with his other big paw.  They were tickling him, hugging him and generally making over him like anyone would an old friend.  Waco and Rabbit could hear their small, high pitched voices.

<<  Garron!  Garron!  I told Pong I thought it was you, but he told me ‘no’ you have more fur than that.  It is you!  It’s so wonderful to see you again.  I’ve been so worried.  Pong told me you would be all right, but I was afraid for you. >>

<< I’m fine, Ping.  It’s so good to see you two again.  I’m with people who are loving and caring folks.  They rescued me from a terrible place and I’ve become their slave.  I’m well and enjoying myself.  I have three wonderful young men to take care of, teach and work for.  Two, of which, are listening to our conversation at this moment. >>  They looked over to Waco, Rabbit and Travis and smiled.  They immediately ran to Waco and Rabbit.

<< You who-muns hear Ping? >>  The pretty female asked looking deep into Waco’s eyes.     

<< Yes, Rabbit and I hear you very well, Ping.  My dad was right, you are the better looking one, but I think Pong is very handsome, too. >>

<< I agree with my Master, Ping.  You are beautiful. >>  allowed Rabbit and smiled at her.  The boys heard a definite female giggle and her nose lit up like a light bulb.  The next thing the boys knew they were all over them hugging and kissing.  Pong was just as affectionate as Ping.  The boys fell in love with them and they could hear Lazarus and Ox laughing in their minds.  Poor Travis didn’t have a clue about the exchange that was going on, but he was aware of Waco and now Rabbit’s abilities.  Travis followed Waco and Rabbit’s lead.

<< One you call ‘Travis,’ him no hear Ping or Pong? >>  asked Ping looking deeply into Travis’ eyes.  She looked concerned or troubled for him.

<< Not yet, but I think that’s only because he’s young and hasn’t learned.  Rabbit is a bit older than Travis and he’s of a different race of humans.  He comes from a people who have talked with spirits and animals for hundreds of years. >>

<< No worry.  Not take long.  We teach silent Travis to speak and hear. >> Said Pong.

<< I’m sure he’d love that, Pong.>>

<< It makes you feel like you ain’t so much alone no more,— don’t it, Master Waco. >> Rabbit grinned.

<< It shore’ does, Rabbit.  You ain’t alone no more, either, little buddy. >>

Ping and Pong understood the loving exchange between the boys clasped their hands together, tilted their heads slightly and sighed like any human might.  Suddenly Waco had an uncontrollable urge to kiss Rabbit and Rabbit shared the same desire.  As if in a dream the two boys moved slowly to each other in an embrace and began a kiss that surpassed anything either ever experienced before.  It was like they were removed from time and space and were floating in their own vortex of gentle understanding for each other.  Waco allowed his goodness, passion for life, his strength, intelligence and compassion to flow into Rabbit.  Rabbit returned what he could of his own innate strengths, hard learned truths of life, and his raw courage to Waco.  Waco was stunned by the smaller boy's depth of spirit and delved into him like a mystical tome which held the  secrets of the known universe.

Their dicks got roaring hard for each other,— harder than either could ever remember them being before,— so hard it was borderline painful.  There was no doubt in Rabbit’s mind he would lay his body and soul at this young cowboy’s boots and beg him to take him.  He fell to Waco’s feet in the West Texas dust and lovingly kissed each of his fine looking boots.  Rabbit seemed in no hurry to complete his quest, he was participating not in a obeisance but a communion much deeper than can ever be fathomed by mere ritual.  He rose to a sitting position before Waco and found his waiting hand.  The small boy took it, lovingly kiss the back and slowly but purposely brought it to his forehead.  Waco was in no rush to complete this moment of bonding between them.  He looked down at Rabbit and smiled.

<< Come to my arms, brother,— show me your love. >>

Their spirits were engulfed in another passionate kiss that neither felt embarrassed by.  They didn’t care if God himself had come to Earth at that moment to watch.  (Which, of course, unknown to them, he had.)  It was obvious to everyone watching, the two boy bonded in that moment.  They communicated with each other as their kiss grew more passionate.

<< You will never be alone again, my brother.  The Great Father as my witness, I promise you. >>

<< I never wanted to be no man’s slave, Master Waco.  An Indian is born to be free, Sir.  What’s happening to me?  Why do I feel this way?  You and your dad?  Your uncle, Master Angus?  Mr. Gibbons?  Travis? JR? Na-tonk-ka-wee-ka?  I want so much to belong,— yet I wanna' be free.  I truly want to become a good slave for you and Master Goodnight, but I know I can’t have it both ways. >>

<< Why not, little brother?  Why can’t you have it both ways?  Give us a chance.  ‘At’s all we ask. >>

“So much for any thoughts of Rabbit running away.” bellowed Angus as he laughed, “I’m taking odds on the kid making this ranch his home.”  Angus had a big grin on his face as wide as Texas.

“Yeah, h’it’s good to see,— ain’t it, brother?”  asked Ranger.

“Damn good!  ‘At boy needs family.  He needs a home.”  added Angus.

“All right, Ping!  Enough, Pong!”  Lazarus yelled at the creatures.  “You’ve just seen one of their other talents or means of communication my companions are blessed with, gentlemen.  I was a’ fix’n to tell you about it, but you jes’ witnessed it happened.  They can produce any type of pheromone,— that’s a strong scent,— to enhance or strengthen any emotional bond between two humans or any other animals for that matter.

Ping and Pong just witnessed a wonderful moment between the young master and his new slave.  They were impressed and deeply touched by their sentiment to one another and sent the corresponding pheromones out to the boys.  While it strengthens the bond, it also acts like an aphrodisiac.  No, that ain’t quite right neither.  H’it ain’t so much a sexual stimulant as it is a deep gut felt need to share love with someone.  With them two around, you don’t never need no pill to keep yore’ soldier saluting, gentlemen.  You will stand more proud than you ever have in yore’ life for as long as you need it.  I don’t much let’em do it to me no more.  I damn near screwed myself to death one evening, but that's a story for another time.  While it was a wonderful experience, ‘at’s not the way I wanna’ go.”  Lasurus confided confidentially to the men and laughed.  There were several nervous chuckles and Angus laughed out loud, but there wasn’t a man who wasn’t curious.

“Were they responsible for me making the decision to be hospitable to you and them, Lazarus?”  Charlie asked him.

“‘At’s a good question, Mr. Goodnight, and certainly one you have a right to ask.  The answer is ‘no.’  I would never allow them to do something like that.  That’s deceitful and underhanded.  H’it jes’ ain’t the cowboy way.  I’ve taught them better’n ‘nat.  You graciously and generously offered your hospitality to us because that’s the kind of man you are, Sir.  You are, indeed, yore’ father’s son, Mr. Goodnight.”

“Although our dad was a good man, Lazarus, I didn’t learn it from him.  I learned it from the big cowboy standing to your immediate right,— my big brother, Angus.  I have him to thank for anything I am as a man today.  I have always strived to be as good a man as Angus, but I’m afraid I fall far short of the mark.  Nevertheless, the one thing my daddy did teach me was to set my goals a little higher than I might ever be able to achieve.  Trying to be as fine a man as ma’ brother has always been jes’ out ‘a ma’ reach; however, it’s a goal I keep striving for.”

“Then I would say it’s a noble ambition, Mr. Goodnight, and you’re a very lucky man, Sir, to have such a wonderful brother and role model.”

“I am, indeed, Sir.  I thank God for him ever’ day of my life.”

Angus walked over to Charlie, stood in front of him and looked deeply in his eyes.  The big cowboy threw his arms around his brother and almost squeezed the life out of him in a huge bear hug.

“You’re ever’ bit as good a man as I am, little brother, and don’t chu’ never forgit it.” Angus spoke softly as he bussed a kiss behind his brother’s ear.  “All these years you been my strong right arm.  You’re the one person I could always count on though good times and bad.  I would lay down my life for you and Waco, I love you that gotdamn much, Charlie.”

“That ain’t half as much as I love you, bubba.  I meant ever damn word I said!”  Charlie replied quietly but forcefully.  “You will always be my hero.”

Lazarus made a mental note to have a good talk with his companions.

* * * * * * *

“Forgive my lack of manners, Lazarus, have you and your companions eaten lately.  We have all sort of food and drink available if you like.  I think Ms. Wallace and her staff are about to serve a simple meal of leftovers from my boy’s birthday party today.  As usual I had them prepare more food than was necessary, but it’s always nice to have a bit for later.  Do Ping and Pong eat human food as well?”

“Naw, Sir, they pretty much stick to slave chow.  It meets their dietary requirements, and they ain’t developed more sophisticated taste.  A cup of slave chow and a biscuit will make them happy.  I’ve lived on slave chow for long periods of time when other food wasn’t available.  It’s monotonous, but it ain’t so bad.  I’ve seen some rough times I would a’ sold my soul for a cup of slave chow, Mr. Goodnight.”

“Meaning no disrespect, Lazarus, but have you ever been a slave?”

“Yes, Sir, many years ago, Mr. Goodnight, when I was a much younger man; however, that was a different time and a different society.  I was rescued from slavery and set free by another race of people when my Master’s country was invaded, and he was killed.  He was a good Master, Mr. Goodnight.  He was a good man.  I remember him to this day with a great deal of fondness.  He was like you and your brother, Mr. Goodnight, he treated his slaves like family.  His immediate family came first, but he was deeply concerned and took good care of his slaves.  I fought for his life, but I lost.  I was proud to be his slave, Sir.  I’m not ashamed to tell you I’m still proud to have served him.”

“That’s pretty remarkable, Lazarus.  You must have an interesting past.”

“I’ve done a few things in my life, Sir.  Some I’m proud of and some I ain’t so proud of, but I’ve always tried to err on the side of goodness and it’s kept me going so far.”

“Come, I’ll have my son feed and water your friends. You and your companions may have to bunk it in the barn for a couple of nights until we can make other arrangements.  My son was blessed with two unexpected slaves today and we haven’t discussed where we’re going to put them.  I bought the giant for him only yesterday.  Waco heard him calling to him in distress at the auction center.  He rescued him from there.  I probably paid too much for him but the dealer brought my son the Indian boy to make up for him.  The other boy was living with his parents on my cowboy brother’s ranch next to ours.  He and Waco have been buddies since before they started school.  Waco and Travis love each other very much.  He was one of Waco’s birthday gifts today.”

Lazarus had been aboard his ship for a long time and while the food from the replicators was good, and he tweeked it to his taste, it was still lacking in the taste and fineness of human prepared food.  The left over food for Waco’s birthday was like ambrosia to him.  Ms. Wallace and her crew set out food for the remaining family and close friends.  A few picked at the food, but most were too full from earlier.  Lazarus ate heartily, but only drank iced tea.

Charlie reminded Waco it was chore time and would he please feed their guest, Ping and Pong a cup of slave chow and a biscuit.  Waco led his posse off to do the chores.  He also fed his ‘Lummy’ while he was taking care of the other animals.  

Lazarus took his plate of food to sit down at a table with a young slave he admired when he first came upon the group of ranchers.  Before he could sit down the slave stopped eating his food, was up out of his chair, took Lazarus’ plate and drink from him and sat it on the table across from his.  He turned and knelt in the dust at Lazarus feet.

“Permission to pay homage to your boots, Master?”  Shane asked him.

“Permission granted, slave.”  Lazarus replied.

Shane kissed each of Lazarus boots and sat back on his heels, he took Lazarus’ hand and kissed the back and placed it to his forehead.

“I’m sorry, slave, I’m new around these here parts.  I don’t know the proper response a free man is suppose to give a slave at this moment.  Please, can you help me out here?”

“Certainly, Master, you’re suppose to say, ‘Rise, slave, and show me your love.’”

“So let it be done, slave.”   Lazarus smiled at him and Shane got to his feet, threw his arms around Lazarus and kissed him right on the mouth.  Lazarus didn’t hesitate to return the fine looking slave’s kiss.  He could feel Shane’s rock hard, highly developed body against his and his two thousand, two hundred and nineteen year old cock suddenly found new life.  The young slave was stunning.  They finally broke off their kiss.

“Thank you for that, young man.  Now may we sit down and eat our food?”

Shane smiled at him and nodded.  He pulled Lazarus’ chair out from the table and motioned for him to sit.  When Lazarus sat down, Shane pushed his chair closer to the table for him.

“Thank you, slave.”

“It’s an honor to serve you, Master.”

“You seem to be a very well trained slave, young man.  What’s yore’ name, Son?”

No one had called Shane ‘son’ in a long time and it made Shane feel good for the handsome cowboy to refer to him as such.

“My name’s Shane, Master Long.  I know your name because I overheard your conversation with my older brother, Master Goodnight.”

“Mr. Goodnight is your brother?”  Shane nodded as he was chewing some food, “So,— who owns you, Shane?”

“My oldest brother, Master Angus.”

“That must be tough.”

“Not at all, Master.  It was powerful bad the first three months of my enslavement; however, since that time it’s been smooth sailing. I look back on it now, and I remember hating what they put me through, but today I can say I’m glad they done it.  I understand now why they had to do it.  I thank God ma’brothers loved me enough to buy me and treat me like any other slave rather than in name only.  I’s so lost and hardheaded I couldn’t see what I’d become.  I couldn’t see what they’s try’n to do for me.  I think about the person I was back then, and I wanna’ crawl in a hole from embarrassment.  I cost my family a lot, Master Lazarus.  It took almost three full months to break me, but once they did, I didn’t have me no more problems.”

“Yeah, it was the same with me.  I guess that period of time for a slave is standard throughout the universe.  It can be pert-damn bad.”

“You been a slave, Master?”

“Yes, I have, Son,--- when I's a young man about your age.”

“Was it on this world, Master Long?”

Shane smiled at Lazarus.  Lazarus looked up from his food into Shane’s eyes.  He saw only goodness and trust.

“How did you know, Son?”

“I know yore’ companions ain’t from this world.  You come walk’n up after that huge spaceship done flew over.  You don’t know the proper response for a Master, and yore’ boots ain’t made of real leather.  They look real enough nobody else can tell the difference, but I can.  A slave learns the smell and taste of a man’s boots better’n anybody.  Each man’s boots smells and tastes differently.  I can identify every man’s boots here today while blindfolded.  I made my masters a couple hundred bucks on a bet once; but don’t worry, Master, another thing a slave learns is to keep his mouth shut.”

“I’d appreciate it, Shane.  You’re right, Son, it wasn’t on this planet.  You’re very observant.  I remember my time as a slave, my senses of observation became highly developed.  It never leaves you, even if you become a free man again.”

“Was it bad for you, Sir?”

“Like you, the first three months were pert-damn rough, but once I settled into the idea I was a slave and there weren’t much I could do about it, things got a lot better almost immediately.  Once I learned what was expected of me to survive, I done it.  I came to love my Master.  He was a good man.  He was concerned and took good care of his slaves.  I just told Mr. Goodnight I ain’t ashamed to say I’m proud to have been his slave.  How ‘bout you?”

“I love my brother with all ma’heart, Sir.  After I realized what he was trying to do for me, things got easier for me.”

“I know he didn’t have you enslaved.”

“Naw, Sir, I done a pert-damn good job of that myself.  I was sentenced ten to fifteen for petty theft, destruction of property and drug possession.  I’m jes’ about to finish up my fifth year; one more week.  H’it’s gone by so fast I’m afraid the other five’s gonna’ go at the same speed.  I’ll turn around twice and be looking at having to be a free man again.”

“You don’t sound like a man what’s looking forward to becoming a free man, Son.”

“Naw, Sir.  Scares the shit out a’ me.  I have a horrible fear of going back to being the asshole I was before, always blaming ever’body else for my problems and the trouble I got myself into.  I don’t never wanna’ be that way again, Master Long.  I didn’t like who I was.  I didn’t like me.  I still got a long way to go, but I like myself as a slave.  I’m comfortable being a slave, Sir.  Can you understand that?”

“Of course I can, Shane.  I was comfortable being a slave.  I still have fond memories of those days as some of the best of my life.  I didn’t have a care in the world other than to please my master.  He was a fine man and didn’t overwork his slaves.  He provided for us and saw to our needs.  H’it ain’t like you’re in a prison or a cage.  You’re out in the fresh air, you know what you’re suppose to do everyday, you feel secure and needed.  You don’t have to face all the problems free men do.  You’re sort of living in a cocoon.”

“Only someone what's been a slave would understand what you jes’ said, Master Lazarus.  I done me a lot a’ think’n about it.  If’n I’s to become a free man, I’d have to go out into the world and fend for myself.  Being a slave, I’m taken care of.  I have to work hard, but my Masters work right along side of us slaves.  At the end of the day, they’s as dirty as we are.  I ain’t got me no personal possessions.  A slave ain’t allowed to own nothing, but I look back on all the stuff my brother bought me over the years, and it didn’t bring me happiness.  I was still miserable.    

Even though Master Angus don’t show me no special favors, I know he loves me.  He ain’t never said he loves me since I become his slave, but I know he’s proud of me.  It’s the little things he does he don’t think I notice.  Like sometimes we’ll be walk’n along together talk’n, and he’ll put his big hand on ma’shoulder like they’s something special between us and walk along for a while that a’ way.  He don’t do it to none of the other slaves.  I get fed good, I get a lot of exercise, and I’m loved and appreciated by my family.  What more could I want, Master Long?”  

“You got a point, Son.  Does he take special privileges with you?”

“You mean does he order me to suck his dick and does he fuck me in my butt, Sir?”  Shane grinned mischievously at his crudeness.

“I apologize, I guess it was rude of me to ask, Shane.  You don’t have to answer if’n you don’t want to, Son.”

“I’s jes’ fun’n wit’cha, Master Long.  Of course he does.  I ain’t ashamed of it.  I’m a slave.  It’s jes’ expected a Master’s gonna’ use his slaves anyway he chooses and, that includes taking care of his dick.  I was straight when I’s first enslaved, but I guess I ain’t no more.  Wouldn’t wanna’ be now.  I hated it at first and thought it was powerful meanspirited of ma’brother to take advantage of me like that.

Then I got to think’n he told me he weren’t gonna’ show me no special privileges.  He fucks his other slaves, why shouldn’t he fuck me?  Now I can’t git enough of him.  If’n he don’t let me suck him off ever’ other day or so or fucks me real good a couple of times a week I git depressed.  He don’t allow nobody else to have me except his foreman you met, Master Birdsall.”

“Ah, yes, the buffed out cowboy sitting over there with your brother.  I’m beginning to see a pattern here.  He’s responsible for your remarkable body.  He’s in love with you and has made you into the slave-partner he wants.”

“Yes, Sir, I guess he has at that.  Although he don’t never tell me he loves me.  He don’t have to.  I know.”  Shane grinned.

“Do you love him, Son?”

“With all ma’ heart, Master Long.  ‘At’s another reason I ain’t looking forward to my freedom.  I might have to leave the ranch and him.  I don’t think I could do that, Master Long.  I’m so in love with the man, I’d lay down my life for him in a heartbeat.  I been think’n a lot lately about give’n ma’self to my brother for life.”

“‘Sounds like you got it pert-damn bad, Son, but I know what you mean.  I been there ma’self a couple a’ times.  I’ve had me a lot of loves in my years and for all the women I had and loved I ain’t never loved me one like I loved a couple of ma’buddies.  There’s jes’ some’um about male bonding what wrap yore’ guts around yore’ heart and yore’ dick.”  Lazarus got a far away look in his eyes as he recalled his last partner he had to leave behind.

“Can I ask where you’re from, Master Long, and what chore’ business is here?”

“Sure, I’ll tell you.  I hope it’s between us for now.  I don’t think nobody would believe you if’n you was to tell ‘em anyway, but as long as you don’t, I know I got me friend I can talk with I can trust.  I originally came from Texas many years ago before I escaped from the Earth and went out into the universe to find myself.  It’s been a long journey.  Not just space hoping but going traveling in time as well.

I was the product of a breeding program, what bred people for longevity.  In other words they were looking for a longevity gene.  I was a member of a carefully bred, genetically engineered family who lived incredibly long lives.  I’ve lived so long you probably wouldn’t believe me if’n I’s to tell you.”

“Please, try me, Sir, since I never paid attention in school I’ve read a lot since I was enslaved and by accident found me some obscure books on the science of eugenics.  I read about this family named Howard.  Among them was the mention of a Woodrow Wilson Smith who reportedly lived a very long life.  It weren’t clear when this man started his journey or if he’s still alive.  They’s no way to judge how old he might be by today’s calendar.”

“Where did you find this book, Son?”

“Buried under a chicken roost on our ranch in an old brooder house what got struck by lightening and burned down.  It was my job to clean it up and git rid of the remaining charred wood and stuff.  Master Angus wanted his slaves to build another, only bigger and better than the old one.  As I was preparing the ground for laying out the foundation, my rake uncovered the top of a metal box.  I got a shovel and dug it up.  I quickly hid it so no one would know I found it and got back to my work.    

I came back to it later.  It had an old rusted lock on it I managed to knock off with a hammer in the workshop.  In it was some papers and a book.  The papers were in some strange writing that looked a little like hieroglyphics, but the book was in English.  I didn’t understand all of it, because I didn’t have no point of reference for the life of Mr. Smith.”

“That’s amazing.  In all my years I’ve experienced things like this where I’ll start talking to someone and be serendipitously linked to them somehow.  I’ve always felt it was a lot more’n just fate.  I was a part of the Howard family, Son.  I am Woodrow Wilson Smith.  I changed my name many years ago to Lazarus Long and have gone by that name ever since, because of the hatred that arose for the Howard family in later centuries to yours.  Have you ever heard an old county Western tune, ‘I’m My Own Grandpaw’?

Shane shook his head affirmative.  He had heard the song.

“It’s a bit of a whimsical paradox; however, that’s exactly what happened to me.  Many centuries from now mankind discovers time travel is only a simple matter of shifting dimensions, but until recently it’s been a one way trip.  I traveled back in time to the early nineteen hundreds, fell in love with a woman I wanted to live her life with and became a successful rancher.  Our only child was me.  I brought back with me the longevity genes I acquired over two thousand years in the future to inject into myself, which naturally, I inherited.  I’ve lived so long and thought I’d done everything there was to do.  I’ve been an actor, musician, beggar, farmer, priest, pilot, politician, con artist, gambler, doctor, lawyer, banker, merchant, soldier, electronics technician, mechanic, restaurateur, investor, and slave.  I was once the manager of a whorehouse on Mars.  After living all these lives, I became bored with living.

I felt like I’d done it all.  I convinced myself I didn’t wanna’ live no more.  I was on my deathbed, contemplating the wonders of the afterlife,— the final frontier,— the ultimate graduation.  I was there standing on the brink of forever.  I was longing for it,— I could hear it calling to me,— my ancestors and loved ones were reaching out to take my hand,— and at the last moment, before the big hand reached ‘eternity,’ my damn family had me rejuvenated another time against my will.  They promised me they had something else for me to do what would be interesting and this is it.  To come back in time to live among the folks I came from and rescue them from the final apocalypse that’s to occur on Earth in the early twenty-first century.  Sort of a Noah’s ark of the future.  I’m twenty-two hundred and nineteen years old, Son.”

Shane sat there looking at Lazarus for a minute.  

“Who was your mother, Sir?”

“Ah, a test.  Good for you, Shane.  My mother’s name is Maureen Johnson.  She's the woman I came back in time for, fell in love with, and had a child by her.”

“Where was she born, Sir?”

“Still not convinced?  I probably wouldn’t be either.  She was born in Thebes, Lyle County, Missouri on July 4, 1882.  She later married Brian Smith in 1898 and moved with him to Kansas City; however, he divorced her to marry their daughter-in-law, Marian Hardy Smith.  My mother kept the Smith name.  She would have died in a traffic accident in 1982 had she not been rescued by myself and the crew of the ‘Gay Deceiver’ ship.  She became a rejuvenator and it was my own blessed mother and lover who insisted on having me rejuvenated another time.

I’ve been sent back to Earth to live here among you people for a number of years until the final apocalypse occurs, to gather the good folks of this world and relocate them until the fighting is over.  Them self-righteous bible thumpers what's left behind will shore' be a' wonder'n why, but they'll be exterminated like vermin.  Then later, we’ll return the folks who wanna' return so’s they can start a New Earth.”

Shane’s mouth dropped open.

“Close your mouth, Son.  Somebody might get suspicious.”  Lazarus grinned at Shane.

“My God in heaven.”  Shane said quietly.

“I’ve often thought he might be, but I’ve been proven wrong before.”  Lazarus tossed off as he took a bite of his supper.

“I won’t ask no more questions, Master Long, but I do have one thing what’s bothering me, Sir,— ”  Shane trailed off his words quietly like he was afraid to hear the answer.

“Yes, you will be saved, Son.  You will come with me along with your beloved brother and all his family.  Your names are in my book, I’ve come back for you.  You will go on to establish a dynasty of good, strong, solid, hardworking people who will become, in every sense of the word, the salt of the Earth.  You will live far longer than you ever thought possible.”   

“Then you coming to this ranch today ain’t no accident.”

“No, Son, it’s been carefully planned for well over two thousand years.  You see the future ain’t set like some might think.  There are an unbelievable number of parallel universes out there, all rolling along side by side, just slightly out of sync with one another so’s they don’t get all tangled up.  We can chart and keep track of at least eleven on either side of the time spectrum we exist in.  Beyond that it gets fuzzy.

Once in a while they do get tangled up and people get lost in the shift; however, as a general rule what might or might not happen today will be the outcome of another possible future.  It all comes down to the basic idea of pantheistic sollipsism, whatever future you might imagine is possibly out there somewhere rolling along next to this one, or several removed like a distant cousin.  And that ain’t just the reality of day to day things like us sitting here eating and talking to one another,— it’s anything you can create with your mind.  You make the future happen.”

“Am I dreaming this, Master Long?  Is it a dream I’ve had?  Or is it a dream I’d like to be living in?”

“I won’t say ‘no’ to any of those questions, because there’s a different answer to each one, but only one answer for all of them,— there are no certainties in any dimension of any parallel universe; some, more or less than others.  This one we’re living in is pretty good, but there’s several much better,— others, ain’t so good.

It’s like if some fool were writing a story about you and me sitting here talking with each other under what might seem to the rest of the world like the product of someone’s fertile imagination depending upon the reader’s mood at the moment or what he had for lunch.  They might easily chalk it all up to science fiction hogwash.  It’s only someone’s fantasy.  It couldn’t happen!  But, here we are talking, eating and enjoying each others’ company, but that person who picks up the story and reads it, he or she can enter our universe for a while to ride along with us and experience some of the things we see and feel,— all the while, living a life apart from ours we don’t know about,— one we can’t imagine.

It’s like our lives would be the ocean, but they’re on a surfboard riding the crest of our wave, experiencing the power and the wonder of another universe they can’t imagine, but they can only see the wave.  They have no idea of the depth that lays under their surfboard; however, by the same token, their existence would be unfathomable to us,— yet, the author of our story has created a tiny window they can look in on us and watch our lives unfold.  Only a surfboard separates us when they want to ride.  To say nothing of their vicarious response to us having sex with one another.  Unfortunately, some only want to watch us do the nasty and don’t really care much about our lives.

The question remains, what would we like them to see of our world?  What would we like for them to know about us?  What can we offer them they don’t have in their world to keep them interested in finding out more about ours?  Even, how much do we want them to know about our world?  Why should we care?  But most of all, what makes them want to live in our world vicariously though us?  None, of which, have easy answers.  Perhaps no answer is necessary.  Perhaps the question is the answer.  Could it be, a point in every direction is better than no point at all?”

Certain tribes of aborigines believe this existence is all a dream and what we dream is the real world; we’re only dreaming this existence.  Never underestimate the wisdom, knowledge or comprehension of what might seem to us less highly developed cultures.  Many times they have far greater understanding of the cosmos than technologically advanced modern man.  

There is a world which exists within the heart of every man that no other man may touch.  It is the world he wants to live in, but can’t because of the one he’s traveling in; however, by his mere belief that it could be, will make it so.  It’s not the dreams of Gods what creates universes, Son, it’s the dreams of any common man who creates any world what will fulfil his desire,— his need for bliss.  After all, ain’t that the reason man created his Gods, to have an excuse to blame someone when things go bad for them.  How many times have you heard someone say, “It’s God’s will”?  You and me, Son,— we are the alpha and omega of our own universe.  What we dream can become reality somewhere else.

Late twenty-first and twenty-second century scientist tried to find a unifying theory that would explain everything in the universe.  The closest they ever came was string theory, and it was so complicated few understood it.  When they did, it created more questions than it answered and little of a concrete nature came of it.  What they didn’t know at the time was the universe acted differently in each dimension.  Different laws applied while some remained the same.  The faster they ran the behinder they got.  Something like that.  It wasn’t until they fully understood chaos theory that bits and pieces began to come together into a greater picture of the binding stuff that forms the glue that holds it all together.  A paradox wrapped in an enigma wrapped in a conundrum.  I’m not sure I understand it all to this day, and I’ve sat in front of educators for days.  Probably Lewis Carroll came closest, and he wasn’t even a scientist.  He was an addled brain writer who smoked opium.  A bit of a genius, though.  I named my ship “The Bandersnatch” in his memory.
“Then you ain’t no alien what’s gonna’ rip away yore’ flesh and eat my face off with one a’ yore’ tentacles?”  Shane grinned at him mischievously.

“Naw, but if’n yore’ master’s a generous man,— I’d be right proud to have you to sit on mine.”  Lazarus grinned real big at Shane.

Shane sat there dumbfounded.  It took him a moment to realize what Lazarus said.  When it came to him, he let out a whoop you could’ve heard for miles.  He started laughing and almost fell off his chair.  His two masters were looking over at the table where he and Lazarus were sitting and wondered about the men’s intense conversation.  Angus couldn’t remember hearing his little brother laugh like that in the five years he’d owned him.  Once he was broken, Shane was always a very quiet, well mannered slave not prone to outbursts of emotion.  It did Angus’ heart good to hear his little brother enjoying himself with the handsome stranger.  He thought about the day and how he was a bit hard-nosed to his slave-brother that morning.  He began to question himself whether he should let up a little on Shane.

‘Hell, no!’  Angus thought to himself, ‘What chu’ been doing all this time is working.  You have a little brother who's controlled, sensitive to others’ needs, a hard worker, honest, clean and loves his family.  To say nothing of the sexual fulfilment his mouth and ass have brought you more times than you can count.  You also love him more than words can convey, but you can’t never let chore’ guard down.  That would only confuse him.  You would be sending him mixed signals.  That ain’t what that boy needs and you know it.  You been there, done that!  H’it didn’t work then, and it won’t work now!  

As much as you hate to admit it, you finally became the daddy that kid needed all along.  He needs this.  He needs you to be strong for him, Angus.  You can’t back down now.  At least, not for five more years.” and then the same old panic came over him and sent chills up his strong back, “Oh, Dear God above!  What in heaven’s name will I do without him should he choose to go?  Have I been wrong about them other slave owners I thought were unscrupulous by having their slave’s indenturement changed to life?  Did some come to love their slave so much they couldn’t imagine a life without them?  Will I be tempted?  Please, dear God, help me!  I ain’t as strong as others think I am.’  

Angus would be tempted.  It would be so easy,— such a simple thing.  All he had to do was have a heart-to-heart talk with the judge who was an old school chum, rodeo buddy of his, and it would be done.  He would never question Angus’ word Shane was completely incorrigible and couldn’t be trusted back into society as a free man.  There would be no court hearing.  Nothing.  It would be done overnight.  His little brother would be his slave for life.  It would be all Angus could do to keep from having his little brother become his slave for life, but he knew in his heart he wouldn’t do it.  He knew he’d do the right thing.  That’s just the kind of man Angus was.  His love for his little brother was far greater than his own selfish need.

* * * * * * *

Charlie’s two younger brothers left with much hugs, kisses, and handshakes with sincere promises to get together sooner and more often.  Charlie knew they wouldn’t.  Jessie and Dermont lived their own lives apart from Charlie and Angus.  They were more close to each other than with Charlie, Angus and Shane.  They took on the ways of city folks and just didn’t seem to fit in the country way of life any more.  They wore Western clothes, but their attitudes and manner were different.

Ranger didn’t want to leave.  He sent his slaves home earlier.  If he didn’t have responsibilities he would’ve stayed the night with his cowboy brother.  Charlie invited him, but didn’t push.  It had been many moons since they spent a night in each others’ arms.  God how Ranger wanted Charlie, but he knew he couldn’t.  They got off to themselves behind closed doors to say goodbye.  They kissed a passionate cowboy kiss.  Charlie would have taken Ranger right there, but they didn’t have the time.  Guest were leaving and Charlie needed to be there when they did.

“One day, brother.  One day, soon.”  was all Ranger said.  

“I’m always here for you, cowboy.”  Charlie responded.

“I know you are, and I love you for it, Charlie.”

“I love you, too, Ranger,— always have,— always will.”

* * * * * * *

Waco was busy saying his goodbyes to Ranger and relatives.  He was in tears when he hugged, kissed Shane goodbye and told him again how much Shane’s gift meant to him.  He bawled like a baby in Angus’ arms and got the old cowboy shedding a few.

“‘At ain’t the way a cowboy what’s jes’ come of age is suppose to act, young’un!”  Angus lightheartedly chastised him.

“You’s still so full a’ shit, Uncle.”  Waco said though his tears.  “You’s cry’n, too!”  He laughed at Angus.  “Ya’ll come see us more often,— hear.”  Waco chastised him back.

“We will.  We’s gonna’ have y’all over for the fourth.  We’ll have a big time then.  Bring yore’ slaves.  I wanna’ see how yore’ Rabbit’s doing.”

“I’ll be count’n the days, Uncle Angus, and thank you so much for the colt.  He’s s’damn prudy.  I been down there looking at him four or five times today.  He’s wonderful”

“Hope you enjoy him, Son.”

Angus sent his slaves home about the same time Ranger sent his, but he ordered Shane to stay behind and ride back with his family.  It wasn’t missed by Waco and Charlie.  Lazarus noticed, too, and smiled at Shane.

* * * * * * *

Ranger asked Bobby and Elsie Jessup to ride back with him.  Bobby’s second in charge drove the slave van back to Ranger’s ranch.  Bobby and Elsie were used to riding with Ranger.  They went a lot of places with Ranger and his Mary when they went socializing or to visit sick folks in the community.   Elise was trying to keep up a brave face, but Ranger could see her daub her eyes every now and then.  Bobby was his usual stoic self.

“I know a Master ain’t suppose to ask his slaves what they think, but since Mary’s been sick I’ve relied on the both of you more and more.  Did we do the right thing today?”

“Hell, yes, Master Gibbons!”  replied Bobby emphatically.  “Ain’t never seen ma’boy as happy as he was today.  Now, don’t chu’ go feel’n bad, Master.  You left the decision up to us.  We didn’t have to let him go.  You didn’t order us to do it.  Travis wanted to go.”

“Bobby’s right, Master Gibbons.  It was our decision, and I agree with him.  We did the right thing.  I think he’s gonna’ be so happy with Waco and Master Goodnight.  Waco’s one of the finest free man boys we know.  Travis would come home from school in tears telling us what Waco done to protect him and look after him.  He didn’t have to do that.  Now he’s Waco’s slave he’ll even have more reason to look after Travis.”

“Ya’ll think you might want another kid?”  Ranger tossed out.

“You were gracious enough to let us have Travis.  We didn’t wanna’ ask for more, Master.  Besides you done had the vet clip me when I asked you to.”

“It can be hooked back up, Bobby.  Besides, I told him not to clip you.  I had him jes’ tie it off.  I stood there and watched him.”  

They rode along in silence for a while.

“Can we talk about it, Master, and let you know later?”

“Sure.  It’s just a thought.  If’n it’ud make y’all happy, I wouldn’t mind.”

“Thanks, Master Gibbons.  We’re lucky to have you for our Master, Sir.”

“I’m very fortunate to have the two of you for my slaves, Bobby.  I have to agree with ya’ll,— I think we done the right thing by Travis.  God, I love them two boys.”

* * * * * * *

Everyone left and only the Goodnight family and slaves remained, including various critters.  It was Waco’s job to figure out who was going to sleep where.   Mr. Long brought his bedroll and was more than happy to bunk it in the loft.  Ping and Pong would sleep in the loft.  They retired early and made a nest for themselves in the corner for privacy.  Lazarus was looking forward to staying the night with his old buddy.

Waco got Travis and Rabbit naked and the three of them made quick work of showering and pampering their lummox.  Ox loved it.  He was the center of attention.  He now had two boys to chatter away with, but he was like Ping and Pong.  He felt sorry for Travis.  He was being left out.  Ox would say something to Waco and Rabbit and they would laugh.  Travis didn’t have a clue, but one would always tell him.

<< Master Waco, you and Rabbit are gonna’ have to be extra special to Travis.  How are you planning on sleeping tonight?  I know Travis has been looking forward to this night for a while. >>

<< You done asked me if’n you could sleep in the loft again tonight and that’s fine.  Rabbit is gonna’ sleep in my room and Travis and I are gonna’ sleep in the big room at the end of the hall. >>

<< How you feel about that, Rabbit? >>  Ox asked him.

<< I’m the new man here.  I’ll be all right.  At least I git to sleep in a bed rather than a chainlink cage.  This place is like heaven to staying at the auction house. >>

<< I agree. >>  Ox thought quietly shaking his head.

Waco got everybody settled down, and he was beginning to feel tired.  While he was taking care of everyone and seeing to their comfort, Travis stayed behind to clean himself in the shower.  His daddy taught him how to prepare himself for his master.  He walked back into the huge bedroom and found Waco laying on the bed naked.  The lights were out but it was a warm, early summer’s night and a full moon was shining brightly.  Waco opened his arms to Travis.  Travis smiled, bolted to the bed and flew into Waco’s waiting arms.  Waco was holding and kissing him.  Travis shed a tear of two.

“There, there, sweet baby, ain’t nothing to go on about.  You’re safe in yore’ Master’s arms.”

“I know I am.  Them was tears of happiness, at how handsome you are and how lucky I am to become yore’ slave.  That sounds so good, Master Waco,— in my Master’s arms.  I been dreaming of this night for a long time.  I was so proud today to wear your collar around and a couple of our friends ask me if’n I’d grown taller.  I told ‘em ‘no’ I’s jes’ walk’n taller.  They were all happy for me.”

“I’m proud of you, Travis.  I’ve always loved you but today I’s especially proud of you.  You acted more mature than I ever seen you.  You made me proud you was my slave.  I don’t want chu’ to worry none about Rabbit and Ox.  We ain’t gonna’ have no competition or jalousie ‘round here.  I’ll devote time to Rabbit, but I promise I’ll keep you satisfied.”

“I ain’t worried none, Master.  You’re the Master and what you chose to do is all right with me.  Dad and Mom made me understand I can’t have room for feelings like that.  I’ll be all right when you wanna’ take Rabbit to your bed.  I don’t expect to sleep with you ever’ damn night.  I’m here to serve you, to make you happy if’n I can.”

Waco ran his hand over Travis’ smaller body and found him as exciting as he always was to him.  He caressed his already hard dick, felt his balls in their sack and moved his hand to Travis’ ass.  He began teasing it and slowly inserted one finger.  Travis’ body tensed and then relaxed.  Waco covered Travis’ body with his larger one but continued to work his single finger in and out of his slave’s hole.  He began to kiss Travis on the mouth and opened Travis’ mouth with his tongue.  They kissed for a while as Waco kept playing with his friend’s hole.

“You’ve already lubricated yourself for me.  Are you clean?”

“Yes, Sir, Master Waco.  My daddy done taught me that and my momma done told me how to please a man.”

“How was it with your dad?  Do you mind talking about it?”

“No, Master, I don’t mind.  After dad got me broken in it was wonderful.  My daddy’s a good man.  He did what you’re doing now to loosen me up, but when he took me he was so gentle I hardly felt him until he kissed me and told me he was all the way in.  Then he started fuck’n me and it was the best feeling I ever had.  He didn’t fuck me very long, ‘cause I couldn’t hold it no more.  I shot all over him and me.  He gimme’ to Master Gibbons after he fucked me five or six different times.  After the last time he said he thought I was ready.  He told me he was proud of me and satisfied I’d do a passable job of pleasuring Master Ranger.  I guess I was ready, ‘cause Master Gibbons was pleased with me, and he fucked me just as good as my daddy.  I didn’t never want him to stop fuck’n me, he was so good.”

“I wanna’ be that good for you, my handsome slave.  I wanna’ take care of my need for you and yore’ need for me.  You ain’t afraid for me to take you,— are you?”

“Lord no, Master Waco, I can’t wait to feel you in me.”
Waco worked up to his second finger and now was inserting three.  His cock was leaking pre-come by the bucketful.  His dick couldn’t have been more hard; however, he didn’t rush.  His daddy taught him he shouldn’t rush love and be an inconsiderate lover or Master.  Even though the man under you may be your property, he deserves to be treated like a human being.

“You know you’re gonna’ git my cherry this evening,— don’t chu?”

“Naw, Sir.  I done figured yore’ daddy ordered one a’ his slaves to let you practice on him.”

“You know, he probably would have if’n I’d jes’ asked him, but I didn’t.  To be honest, I think the thought crossed my mind once and then I forgot about it.  I never did think on it again.  I’s always too busy with chores or spending time with you.  Anyway, I wanted my first time to be special with someone I love.  I love all our slaves, but I love you special, Travis.”

“Gee, that makes me feel bad ‘cause I couldn’t be your first.”

“No, no, sweet baby.  I don’t never want chu’ to feel that way.  I’m glad yore’ daddy took you and you had Ranger Gibbons.  You got a little more experience on me and can tell me if’n I’m doing it right or not.  I wanna’ learn to be the very best for you I can be, Travis.  I might be kind a’ clumsy at first but with yore’ help I think we can make each other feel good.  A while from now, one day, after I fuck you good, I want you to look at me and tell me I’m yore’ man.  I’m the very best.”

Travis assured Waco he felt like he was loose enough and he could go ahead and penetrate him with his cowboy dick.  Waco was a Goodnight and all them ole Goodnight boys were well endowed.  They didn’t have dicks like other men’s, theirs were big around and eight to nine inches long.  When you were fucked by a Goodnight man you knew you’d been fucked.  It was like being fucked by a large beer can.  At twelve years old Waco’s dick was six and a half soft, but it grew when erect to seven and a half.  Waco had been shooting his load since he was ten years old.  Charlie exclaimed one day Waco was going to be as big as his Uncle Angus.  Waco beamed with pride at the thought.

Waco was very gentle and considerate; however, he was so big compared to Travis’ tight little hole it took Waco some time to get his cock into him even with extra lubricant.  Ultimately his patience was rewarded when he finally bottomed out inside his slave.  Travis was laying on his back with his legs in the air hooked over Waco’s broad shoulders, looking up into the eyes of his hero and could feel when he was filled with Waco’s big cowboy dick.  He breathed a sigh of contentment as he took his legs from Waco’s shoulders and wrapped them snugly around his waist.  Waco leaned over and kissed him.

“You feel so wonderful, my love.  I can’t believe I’m finally inside you.  Do you have any idea how many times I’ve jacked off thinking of this moment?  Now I’m almost afraid to move.  I’m afraid I’ll blow my wad and won’t be good for you.”

“You are more than I imagined, Master Waco.  You’re filling me so good.  Don’t chu' worry none about shoot'n.  We have all night.  Dad was a little quick on the draw, but after he waited for a few minutes he came back and would give me a really good fuck’n.  I’m here for your use, Master.  That’s why I was given to you.  I will never say ‘no’ to you.  Part of that isn’t because I’m a slave, Sir, it’s because I love you so much.”

They kissed again and Waco thought he’d take his chances.  He started slowly fucking Travis again.  Travis was moaning at the goodness of Waco’s cock inside him.  Each stroke Waco would make, Travis was right there to meet it.  He was working as hard as Waco for this fuck.  While he wanted his Master to take the lead, Travis wanted to be sure he did his part to make the experience the very best he could for his Master.  His daddy taught him well.  

His mother, Elsie, had a hand in Travis’ education, too.  Of course, Elsie knew all about it.  It was thoroughly discussed and she agreed if Ranger wanted to leave it up to Bobby he should be the one to take his son in hand and teach him about the ways of slave sex.  Elsie knew it was just an accepted part of being a male slave and not to talk about it was ridiculous.

She knew her own husband had been taken by Master Gibbons many times before he allowed them to be together and a few times after they were together.  It was simply Ranger’s right to take any slave he wanted, male or female.  Ranger never took Elsie before or after she and Bobby got together.  He was so thoroughly in love with his Mary he wouldn’t consider taking another woman,— even a slave woman.

Even though it was his right, to Ranger’s credit, after Elsie and Bobby got together, he only took Bobby when Bobby volunteered, and then it was usually for some special occasion.  Ranger never forced himself on any of his slaves beyond the initial breaking period if it was a new slave.  Most of the men quietly let him know when they would appreciate his attentions at his convenience.  Ranger was a good looking man with a fine body and a big dick who had no problem being attractive to both sexes.  Ranger and Bobby’s couplings were usually no more than a couple of times a year, but it served to restate their position with each other as Master and slave and strengthen their bond of appreciation for one another.

Travis hadn’t mentioned his experience with his dad to his mother since Bobby had been with him several times.  Bobby kept assuring her all was well, he was pleased with Travis’ attitude and the way he was progressing.  He didn’t foresee having to be with Travis more than a half dozen times.  Still Elsie was concerned.  She had to satisfy her mother’s need to protect her young.  Travis came in from school one afternoon and Elsie gave him a glass of milk and a brownie she made.  Bobbie hadn’t come in from work yet.

“Travis is everything all right with you?”

“Yeah, Ma, I’m fine.  Why do you ask?”

“I’ve been concerned is all.  You and I have always been close.  We’ve shared almost everything that happens to you.  You know you can talk with me about anything.”

“Yes, ma’am, I appreciate that.  Something bothering you, Ma?”

“Well, you ain’t said a word to me about how you and your father’s been git’n along with yore’ lessons.”

Travis was quite for a moment as he drank some of his milk then wiped is milk-mustache away with the back of his arm.  He took another bite of his delicious brownie and spoke with a mouthful.

“I didn’t think you’d wanna’ hear nothing about it, Ma.  I was jes’ think’n about you, and yore’ feelings.”

“I believe you.  You’re a considerate boy, Travis, you always have been, and that’s a good quality to have.   I appreciate that about you.  Yore’ daddy didn’t tell you not to talk with me, did he?”

“No, ma’am!”  Travis responded emphatically, “Daddy never said nothing like that.  You know dad trusts you completely.  He’d never purposely leave you out of anything.  Ain’t he been giving you updates on my progress?”

“Oh, yes, we talk.  He’s very pleased and proud of you.  He feels bad he has to teach you such a thing, but better you learn from him, the right way, than the way he had to learn it.  The Master who broke him before Master Gibbons bought him was a meanspirited,— ” Elsie was going to say ‘bastard’ but she caught herself just in time, “man and almost wrecked your dad internally.  He almost died.  If’n it hadn’t a’ been for a fine slave vet who was able to patch him up he would have.   After his owner hurt him and took him to the Vet, when he found out how much it was gonna' cost him to have Bobby fixed up he asked the Vet how much it would cost to put him down.  He paid the Vet the price he asked and left yore’ daddy there assuming the Vet would put him down then dispose of his body afterward.
  He didn’t wanna’ be bothered with him no more.

The Vet was able to save your dad.  He figured it would be worth his while to fix him up and sell him again.  After he got chore’ daddy on the mend, he called Ranger Gibbons and asked him if he wanted to buy a good slave at a rock-bottom price.  He sold your daddy to Master Gibbons for what he had in his time and effort to nurse Bobby back to health plus a little more.  Yore’ daddy was the cheapest slave Master Gibbons ever bought and according to him the best.  He’s shore’ been good to us.

“I know.  I love Master Gibbons with all my heart and after my sessions with dad I won’t have me no problems pleasuring him.  In fact, I’m look’n forward to it.  It would be a downright honor for me to share a bed with him for what he’s done for us.  I ain’t upset about it, Ma.  Don’t worry yore'self none.”

“Well, I do.  It’s what a mother does best, Son.  I jes’ wanted to know how you felt about things, and if’n there’s anything I can help you with.  You know it don’t matter none you’re male and I’m female when it comes to laying down with a man.  It’s gonna’ be yore’ job to please him, and I thought with my experience with yore’ daddy, I might be able to tell you a few things from a woman’s perspective what jes’ might come in handy.”

“Sure, Ma,— I ain’t embarrassed to talk with you about it.  I know you love me and only wanna’ help.  I know you have my best interest at heart, but I have to tell you, dad’s been really good at showing me how to do and what to expect.  He’s been very thorough.  I was a little nervous at first but daddy was so gentle, loving and concerned he had me in tears my first time because he made it so special.  He got all upset ‘cause he thought he’d hurt me.  I told him I never felt better in my life, and why hadn’t he taught me this before now?”  Travis chuckled, “I’ll be honest with you, Ma, it’s brought me and dad a lot closer, and I ain’t afraid of him no more.”

“Were you ever afraid of yore’ dad, Travis?”

“Not really afraid.  Just very respectful, because I didn’t wanna’ do nothing wrong to ever git him riled up at me.  The couple a’ times I did, he done put the fear of God in me.  I done figured daddy’s got himself enough on his plate being head slave for Master Gibbons.  He don’t need no incorrigible kid he has to be correct’n all the time.  I guess what’s happened to me is, after laying down with daddy several times, I done realized how much my daddy loves me, and I understand the times he had to correct me I damn well deserved.  ‘At’s what I mean about not being afraid of him no more.  If’n he felt he needed to correct me for something this evening, I’d go willingly, because I know he ain’t gonna’ hurt me none.  I may not be able to sit down at the table a couple of days, but I’ll git over it; and I won’t love my daddy none the less for it neither.”

“Oh, darlin,’ my little man’s grow’n up.  Yore’ daddy would be so proud to hear you say that.”

“No, problem,— you’ll tell ‘em.”  Travis winked at his mother and giggled.  “What kind a’ tips do you have for me, Ma?”

“Well,— there’s thing you can do what are separate from the actual physical act of pleasuring a man to make the experience the best for him you can.  Things that will git chu’ ever’ thing you need as well as making sure you’ve satisfied him.”

“Like what, Ma?”  Elsie peaked Travis’ curiosity.
“Things like letting him know when he does something that’s particularly pleasurable for you, or telling him how good he feels.  Always remember, if he’s a caring man, like yore’ daddy or Master Gibbons, it’s part of his masculine pride of being in charge, he wants to make it as good for his partner as it is for him.  Unfortunately, not all men are like that, but we ain’t talk’n ‘bout them.  Have you been let’n yore’ daddy know when some’um he does feels really good to you?”

“No, ma’am,— I jes’ thought I’s suppose to lay there, keep quiet and let him do ever’ thing.”

“Oh, no, sweet heart, you gotta’ talk with yore’ man.  Tell him how wonderful he feels.  You gotta’ build his ego by telling him he’s the best and he doing a great job; however, you don’t have to be no chatty Cathy about it.”

Travis almost spit out his mouthful of milk he started laughing so hard.

“A chatty Cathy, Ma?”  he asked laughing.  Elsie laughed with him.  It was a much needed break for comic relief.

“You know what I mean.”  Elsie looked at her lap and blushed.

“I git the idea, Ma.  Thanks.  I’ll certainly try it the next time with dad.  He can always jes’ tell me to shut up.”

“Trust me, Darlin,’ he won’t.  Yore’ daddy’s as vain as any man and thrives on flattery of his sexual powers.  Not that there’s any room for improvement with yore’ daddy, mind ju.’  I don’t think I need to tell you he’s the best.”

“No,— you certainly don’t, Ma!  On that we can agree!”  Travis said emphatically, smiled and winked at his mother.  Elsie blushed again.  She looked up and into his eyes.

“Then you be sure and let him know you think he’s the best even if you don’t have anyone to compare him with.  He needs to hear yore’ appreciation he’s satisfied you as well as himself.  That’s a man’s need to know his sexual power over you is strong and solid.  You do that with any man you submit to whether he’s good or not.  ‘Cause if’n he ain’t good, but you keep telling him he is, he’ll git better in a short period of time, believe me.  It all has to do with male pride, sweet heart.  You learn that and you can win any man’s heart.”

“You know what, Ma?”

“What, Darlin’?”

“I can see what chore’ telling me is good advice.  When you started talk’n about it I was a little skeptical, but I know in my heart you’re right.  It’s valuable advice, Ma.  I only wish’t I’d talked to you sooner so’s I could a’ made it better for daddy.  I will the next time, I promise.”

Elsie gave him a big hug and another brownie.  Travis took his mother’s advice to heart, and captured the heart of his dad, Master Gibbons and his new owner.
As Waco began to let himself go, he heard the sounds of satisfaction from his slave beneath him.  Travis would tell him when some stroke really felt good to him and kept telling Waco he was so damn good he couldn’t imagine this was his first time.  The truth was, Travis had to admit to himself, he wasn’t jes’ blowing smoke up his cowboy lover’s butt.  Waco was damn good and getting better with each stroke.  Waco’s dick was bigger around than his daddy and Ranger’s dick put together.  Travis felt like Waco was trying to plant a telephone pole in his ass.  As big as his Master was, Waco felt great to Travis and he felt like he’d fallen into his own personal gold mine of sexual delight.

“Oh, sweet baby, I wanna’ fuck you longer, but I’m on the edge of a cliff and I’m about to fall over.”

“You’re fuck’n me so good, Master, I can’t hold it neither.  Permission to come with you, Master?”  Travis asked.  Waco never thought about having to give his slave permission to come.  Maybe that’s something his daddy or Ranger taught him.

“Of course you have my permission, Darlin.’  Here we go, cowboy, our first one we hit together.  Aaaaarrrggg!”   Waco groaned as he emptied wave after wave of his young cowboy come into his waiting slave.  He could feel Travis’ come splattering all over the two of them.  He continued to pump into his slave until he was sure he couldn’t make his partner pump anymore out.  Then, he collapsed into Travis’ waiting arms and kissed his lover gently.

“Oh, God, Master Waco.  You's s'damn good.  Ain’t much room for improvement on that fuck.  I’m sure we’ll git better with time, but I ain’t got me no complaints on that one.  Happy birthday, Master.”

“‘At’s one a’ the best presents I got all day, hoss.  It ranks right up there with ma’two ponies.  The one Uncle Angus gimme’ and the one Uncle Shane gimme.’  You’re like a present what keeps on give’n.  You were so good for me, babe.  I’m proud it was you for my first time.  I love you so much, Travis.  I’m glad you’re my slave.  I promise to love and protect you better’n I ever have this year.  I ain’t put’n up with no nonsense with them clowns at school when it comes to you or Rabbit.  They fuck with my slaves, they done went and fucked with me.”

Waco finally lost his erection and slipped out of his beloved slave.  He began to lick Travis’ come off him and would take a big glob with his finger and feed it to his mate.

“You taste so fine, babe.  I only ever tasted my own cream, but yore’n is sweeter’n mine.  H’it’s like honey.  You are my honey, Travis.”

The boys were so tired after the day they had, they drifted off to sleep in each others’ arms.  They were happy.  They were satisfied.  They were at peace.

* * * * * * *

Charlie Goodnight passed Waco’s bedroom on his way back from the head.  The door was ajar and he thought he heard weeping.  He stopped and listened closer.  Sure enough, it was the sound of someone trying to muffle their tears by crying into a pillow.  Charlie knew only Rabbit was sleeping in the room.  He slowly pushed the door open and walked quietly to the bed.  Rabbit didn’t hear Charlie’s approach.  Charlie could see in the moonlight Rabbit had his face buried deep in his pillow with the edges drawn up tightly over his ears.  He didn’t want anyone to hear him crying.  He was a brave.  Brave’s don’t cry.

It broke Charlie’s heart to hear the boy crying all alone.  He sat on the side of the bed and started gently rubbing Rabbit’s boney little back with his big calloused hand.  Rabbit stiffened immediately and slowly turned to see the handsome cowboy he’d been ogling like a wall eyed calf all day.  He was stunned to see him there.

“Is there room for one more in this bed, Chief?”  Charlie smiled at him.

“You bet’cum, paleface Master.”  Rabbit smiled real big.  Charlie laughed.

Rabbit quickly moved over and allowed Charlie to get in bed with him.  Rabbit didn’t bother to ask his permission, he had his arms thrown around Charlie before he could pull the sheet over them.  He kissed Charlie’s nipple and put his cheek next to Charlie’s chest.  

“Comfy, Chief?”

“I am now, Master Charlie.  Anybody ever tell you you’s a fine looking man, Master?”

“Not lately.”

“Well, you are.  I’d pay homage to yore’ boots anytime, anyplace in hopes of pleasuring you.”

“Is that a come on, Chief?”

“It is if’n you want it to be, Master Charlie.”

“Don’t think so.  You’s a might young for me.  You got some grow’n to do.”

“Dayam.  You Goodnights is all alike, cept’n Waco’s Uncle Shane.”

“What’du ya’ mean, hoss?”  Charlie asked curiously.

“I tried to give myself to Master Angus today, but he told me I had to wait ‘til I grow’d and filled out some.  Told me I had to be at least sixteen.  I told him my ole hole would grow shut by then.”

Charlie laughed at the boy’s obvious frustration.

“What’ud ma’brother say?”

“Told me he didn’t think so.  He thought Master Waco could take care of Travis and me both.”

“You should listen to ma’brother, Chief.  He’s a good and wise man.  My boy can handle the two of you with no sweat.  There’s plenty a’ room in his big heart for you and Travis.  Is that what you’s crying about?”

“Yes, Sir,— a little, but also ‘cause I felt so alone.  But I don’t no more.”

“All right.  Let’s us git some sleep.  Morning comes early on a ranch.”

“Master Charlie?”



“Yore’ welcome, Chief.  Always happy to help out a good slave in need.”

Rabbit didn’t let Charlie go all night.  Charlie slept better than he had in months.

End of Chapter 5 ~ Waco’s Lummox
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