WACO’S LUMMOX By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 54

The following Monday Angus sent Cole and Shane to do some farrier work for a member of the Grange whose ranch was outside the next small town of Digby.   Angus made good money hiring out his two cowboy farrier slaves and the Grange members saved money contracting with Angus, because he charged a lower discounted rate to Grange members.  They couldn’t beat Angus’ prices anywhere in the state of Texas.  They worked hard all day.  They had a remuda with twenty horses cut for shoeing.  They no sooner got one shod than they ran another one in.  They only took thirty minutes for lunch, gulped down a couple of sandwiches, some potato chips and a small bottle of milk.  Shane and Cole hadn’t said a word to each other all day.  They didn’t have to, they knew their jobs.  They knew what was expected of them and each other.  They were happy and comfortable with each others company.  It was late in the afternoon when they finished and packed up their tools.  They actually finished a little early.  Shane was throwing tools and stuff in the back of the old truck and slamming storage panel doors like a man on a mission or one whose mind was totally fixed on something else.

The ramrod of the ranch brought Shane an envelope with a check inside for Angus.  It broke his mood for just a moment as he graciously thanked the head waddie. 
They jumped into the rickety old truck in which they carried all their farrier tools and headed back to the Goodnight ranch.   Shane wouldn't even glance over at cole.  He had his head turned away looking out his window like it was fixed in that position.  About halfway back, without warning, Cole pulled the truck off into a deserted roadside park nobody used anymore since the main freeway was rerouted.  He pulled way down into a grove of trees where they couldn’t be seen from the road.  Shane wondered what he was doing, but as usual, Cole never say a word.  He trusted Cole completely.  Cole pulled the truck to a stop and switched off the engine.  It was only then Shane turned his head to look straight ahead, but he still wouldn't look at Cole even for an explanation.  He figured if Cole wanted him to know why he pulled of the road and stopped the truck he would tell him.  They set there in silence for the longest time, Cole leaning slightly forward in the seat with both arms crossed over the steering wheel looking off into the distance.  Shane didn’t say a word.  He wasn’t about to.  A meteor could fall from the sky, be headed directly for the truck, and Shane wouldn’t have said a word.  

“You wanna’ talk about it?” Cole asked quietly without turning to look at Shane.  He was still looking straight ahead.  Shane set for another several minutes without responding.  He turned to Cole with a mean look in his eye.

“Talk?  We don't never talk, Cole— why break with tradition?”

“We ain’t never had nothing to talk about before.” Cole said quietly.

“Humph!  Maybe you ain’t.” Shane said with contempt, then added, “Okay, what da’ ya’ wanna’ talk about?”

“What’s eat’n your heart out, cowboy?” Cole said without looking at him.

“What makes you think...?” Shane paused, then continued, “Ah, to hell with it!  You don’t know nothing about me, Cole.”

“‘At ain’t true, odd-job.  If'n you warn't lying, I know you love me.  You done told me so.  That’s all I need to know.” he drawled.

“If you only knew...” Shane started to say something but trailed off.  He was like a cold engine that wanted to turn over but just couldn’t find the spark.  Cole knew he was going to have to prime Shane’s carburetor.

“You mad at Master Bill?”


“You mad at Master Angus?”


“You mad at me?”

“No, Cole, why would I be mad at you?   I ain’t got nothing to be mad at you about.  We didn’t exchange more’n five words all damn day.  I counted.  That’s just the way you are.  Nothing.  It’s just the way we are.  Nothing.   That’s why we work well together.  Ain’t nothing between us to get in the way.  Nothing from nothing leaves nothing.  Ain’t nothing to be mad about.  Can’t be mad about nothing.” Shane spat out with even more contempt.

“This ain’t going well.  I guess this once maybe I should be do’n the talking.  As you know I don’t do it much, ‘cause I ain’t very good at it, and most of the time, I ain't got a lot to say.  Oh, hell, that ain’t the truth neither.  J’ever consider I ain’t got nothing to offer you, and I been afraid for years to say anything to you because of who you are?  Other than to offer you a help’n hand from time to time, I ain't never wanted to encourage nothing between us but being work’n partners, because you was the brother of my master and the main squeeze of my ramrod.  What do you think they would’ve done if they found out I was encouraging more than just being your work partner?”

Shane was dumbfounded.  Why had he never considered this before?  Maybe that’s what the old judge was getting at when he asked if his master’s knew of his affection and admiration for Cole.  Of course they didn’t.  Until very recently, beyond always being there when Shane most needed him, there was no relationship.  Cole was right, they were just work partners, but that had been enough for Shane.  Why was he so upset now?  It suddenly came to him like the old judge predicted, like a bolt out of the blue.  His world was in chaos and falling apart.  His main supports of Angus and Bill Birdsall were pulling away from him, and he saw the end of his comfortable little world fast approaching, coming to an end more powerfully than ever.  It was like an avalanche he couldn’t outrun, and he was about to panic.  Cole was the only other modicum of support he had, and he desperately needed more.  He wanted to reach out to Cole like a doomed man on a sinking ship looks for anything that will float.

“No, Cole, you're right, I ain’t never considered it.  Don't know why.  Jes' stupid, I guess.  You were just always there for me like the dad I never had, but I always knew you loved me.  Hi ain't never lied to you, Cole, and I never will.  What makes you think I’m mad about something?” Shane asked without anger.

“I don’t need no words to tell me when my work partner of ten years is hurt’n inside.  It’s like you read’n them ponies.  I know I don’t say much, but right now I got me something to talk about.  In five days y’ain’t gonna’ be my cowboy slave brother no more.  Do you still love me?” Cole finally turned his head to look Shane in the eye.

“Of course I do.  You know I do.  With all my heart, Cole.  Goddamn it, I’ve loved you as faithfully as an old hound dog for years.” Shane eyes got watery.

“I know you have."  Cole turned his head back to look forward again, "You never know’d it, but sometimes your love was the only thing what kept me going for the last ten years.  Just waking up in the morning knowing you’re in my world, I’m gonna’ git to see you, be with you again, and work with you is enough to make me smile and make my heart start pumping harder to get me going in the mornings.  Today’s gone, but in four days I’m a’ gonna’ lose what my heart most takes pleasure in.  I guess I withdrew into myself more’n I should have lately, because I didn’t want you to see the depth of my despair.  I been selfish, Son, but my love for you won out.  I want you to go.  That’s why I done told you what I did the other day.  I want you to spread your wings and fly away.  I done tried to think of a present to git you to celebrate your becoming a freeman again, but I couldn’t come up with nothing.”

“Cole, I’m a slave.  I don’t need no present...”

“Hesh up, boy!” Cole interrupted.  He leaned back in the seat, reached down, undid his big rodeo belt buckle, unzipped his Wranglers, put his thumbs in each side of the waist, raised his butt up off the seat a skosh, shoved his Wranglers down over his knees to his boot tops exposing his handsome cock and balls.  Cole hefted them in his big calloused hand like he was showing them off or presenting them for a short-arm inspection.  “I know it ain’t much, but I know’d it’s something you been want’n for a while now.  It’s all I got to offer a cowboy slave brother what loves me, but make no mistake, I wouldn’t be offering it if I didn’t love him, too.  I hope it’s the right size and color.  I tried to think of a way to gift wrap it, but I couldn’t come up with nothing.”  

“You know what your problem is, Cole?” Shane grinned.


“You talk too gotdamn much.” Shane said as his tongue took its first long slather on Cole’s hot and sweaty cowboy balls.  Every taste of Cole was better than the first.  It only got better from there.  Cole’s cowboy cream was the stuff of Shane’s dreams.  It was for him like sweet ambrosia, nectar from a god.

* * * * * * *

Shane finished cleaning his partner and helped him pull up his pants.  After several more kisses to the head of Cole’s beautiful cock, Shane gently returned it to his Wranglers.  Cole buckled his belt and zipped his fly.  Shane set up in the seat.  Their silence surrounded them again like a dark, heavy pall.  They set for a good while listening to the cicadas call from tree to tree in the  sweltering late afternoon heat.

“Now will you tell me?” Cole tried again.

“I don’t wanna’ leave you.  I don’t want to go off on my own without you, Cole.  I don’t think I have the courage to do it by myself.” Shane laid it out for him.

“Of course you do.  I have faith in you, little brother."

The set in silence for another good while.  Cole could almost hear the gears grinding in Shane's brain or perhaps it was his back teeth grinding together.  He couldn't be sure.

“I’m gonna’ ask you three questions, and all I ask is an honest, straight-forward answer, ‘yes’ or ‘no.’” Shane put to him.

“Okay, shoot, cowboy.”  Cole said with some relief.

“If you could be my slave would you want to be?” Shane asked each question slowly so there was no misunderstanding.

“Yes.” Cole replied immediately.

“If you could do things over again would you have chosen your freedom when it was offered?” Cole shot a look at him that asked where he’d heard that, and then remembered Shane spent a day with the old judge.

“Yes.” he was slower to respond.

“If you could be a freeman tomorrow would you still love me and be my partner?”

“Yes.” Cole crossed his arms on the steering wheel.

They set for another while in silence.  Finally Cole spoke.

“You wanna’ tell me why you asked me them questions.” he asked.

“Nope."  Shane answered looking straight ahead.

Cole grinned and shook his head like he couldn’t understand Shane.  They set for a while longer enjoying the afterglow of their coupling.

“Thanks for my present, Cole.” Shane broke the silence, “How did you know it was just what I needed?  The size and color were perfect.  The lace curtains were a nice homey touch.  All in all, I thought it was a very tasteful and thoughtful gift.  It even came in a unique package.  After all, nothing says ‘cowboy’ quite like a tasty treat packed tightly inside a pair of ‘Wranglers.’” Shane looked at him and smiled wickedly.

“You ready to get back, odd-job?” Cole grinned.

“No.  I’d like to sit here with you for the rest of the evening, watch the sun go down, maybe hold your hand and listen to the whippoorwills call to one another.” Shane spoke softly.

“That would be mighty nice, but us slaves can’t afford the luxury of whimsy.” Cole sighed as he turned the key to start the ignition. “You have a romantic side to your nature I’ve always admired.” Cole smiled at Shane.

“So do you, Cole.  You just don’t choose to exercise it very often.  Of course, when have you had a chance other than today?”

“You’re right, Son.  It’s gonna’ rip my damn heart out to see you go,” Cole slammed his open hand against the steering wheel in an unusual outburst of anger, “but I love you so gotdamn much if I thought for one minute you entertained an idea to stay a slave because of me I don’t think I could go on another day.  It would be the end of me.  I want you to go and start your life as a freeman and never look back.”

“What if I could take you with me, Cole?  There’s things you don’t know about me.  Ain’t chu’ never wondered or been curious about where I go sometimes with my brother or when he loans me out to Master Charlie and Ramrod Long?  Especially when I’m gone for a week or two at a time?”

“I’ve heard me some rumors.  All us cowboys have, but they was jes' too fantastical to be believed.  Where you go and what you do ain’t none of my business.  I miss you when you’re gone, but I’m always happy to see you return.  I have faith you’ll come back each time you go.  Do you need me to tell you again?  I know all I need to know about you.  You love me and I love you.” smiled Cole.

“Is life really that simple for you, Cole?” Shane challenged him.

“I wish it could be.  I want it to be, but I ain't fool'n myself, I know it rarely is.  Do you really need to know more about me than I love you?”

“Yes.  I need to know if I lead will you follow?”

“There’s an old story in the bible about Ruth and Naomi.  I learned me them words by heart, ‘cause I thought they was so beautiful: ‘Entreat me not to leave thee, or to return from following after thee: for whither thou goest, I will go; and where thou lodgest, I will lodge: thy people shall be my people, and thy God my God: Where thou diest, will I die, and there will I be buried: the Lord do so to me, and more also, if aught but death part thee and me.”

“Would you be fearful to throw your lot in with me?” Shane asked.

“No, not at all.  It’s true, I don’t know ever’ detail about you, but I know you’re a special young man what’s been put here for a purpose greater than himself.  Ain’t never seen me no man what could calm a scared or frightened pony the way you can.  I could swear sometimes you can talk with them critters.  I know you weren’t meant to spend your life as a slave.  You’ve been burnished by the fires of submission and come out the other side a humble, intuitive, compassionate, considerate, highly intelligent young man.  What you learned and experienced in the last ten years has given you a strength of purpose no man can ever take away from you.  Would I follow a man like that?” Cole paused for a moment for effect, looked over at Shane and grinned,  “Bet chore’ sweet cowboy ass I would, in a cow-town minute." he grinned real big and flicked his head in a way that said he was serious.

   * * * * * * *

When the men returned to the Goodnight ranch, Shane took the pay envelope with a check inside into Angus’ office to drop it off.  Angus was sitting behind his desk doing some paperwork when Shane walked in and laid the envelope on his desk.  

“You men finish?”

“Yes, Sir.  They wanted twenty shod.  We each did ten.”

“Damn, you men work fast.  Most farriers couldn’t get that many done in a day.”

“When you work with Cole, you don’t stand around and jaw, Master.” Shane rolled his eyes and grinned.  Angus got Shane’s meaning and laughed.

“No, I know how Cole can be.” Angus grinned raising his hand in agreement. “Oh, by the way, Judge Potter called.  He asked if you’d be available for tomorrow.  I told him you would.  I can’t take you over, I gotta’ be here all day.  Since you men are through with that job and we ain’t got another scheduled ‘til next week, take the old truck.  If you’re gonna’ be late git’n back just gimme’ a call.  I’ll have some supper put aside for you.”

“Yes, Sir.  I’d enjoy another day with the judge.”

“You made quite an impression on him the other day.  He’s convinced you can walk on water.” Angus joked.  Shane just grinned.

“I like the old man.” Shane said.

“Good.  I like him, too.  Is ever’ thing okay between you and our ramrod?” Angus asked like he was afraid to ask.  Shane froze but didn’t respond.  Instead he just shrugged his shoulders and sort of grimaced.  He had his own small room next to Master Bill’s master bedroom in his house, but Bill hadn’t said two words to him in the last month.  Shane would come in, ask if he could do anything for him, Birdsall would grunt at him and just say ‘no’ then tell Shane to go to his room.  Shane would dutifully go to his room, close the door and be very quiet staring at the walls and ceiling until he got sleepy and went to bed.  Angus took Shane’s silence to indicate it was a difficult situation.  “I was afraid of that.  He ain’t adjusting well to the idea of you leaving.  Tell you what, gather up your things and move in with Cole for the rest of the week.  He’s got an empty bunk in his room in the slave quarters.”

“Thanks, Master.  I appreciate that.  It might be a little more comfortable for Master Bill with me gone.” Shane didn’t say more.

“Oh, yes, and one more thing— I know I’ve been kinda standoffish the last couple of weeks myself, and I ain’t availed myself of your services, but it ain’t because of you.  Y'ain’t done a damn thing wrong.  Truth is, I’m having a hard time adjusting, too, but I’m gonna’ change that.  I’ve made arrangements for you and me to stay at the lodge on Mars Wednesday night.  So be ready, I’ll come get you early in the afternoon.  We’ll gate from here to the ‘Snatch.’”

“Sounds good to me, Master.  It’s been a while.  I could use me some good master dick.  I’ll be looking forward to it.” they shared a laugh.

“Me, too, Son, and I’m sorry, Shane.  I promise, I’ll make up for my stupidity.”

“You always do, Sir.  No hard feelings, Master.”

Shane turned and walked away.  His heart was full with some small hope there just might be a chance for the plan he was formulating in his mind to work.  Master Bill wasn’t home when Shane arrived.  He didn’t bother to shower in Bill’s house.  He threw his personal articles, clothes and his best pair of boots in a couple of bags and headed for the slave quarters.  He knocked lightly on the door to Cole’s room.  Cole answered the door in the nude.  Shane was standing with a bag in both hands looking like a lost puppy searching for a warm lap or a saucer of milk.

“Master Angus told me to bunk it in with you ‘til the end of the week.”

“Come in, boy.  Come on in.  Glad to have you.  That bunk over there is vacant.  Stow your things in that closet.  Ain’t nothing in it.  Things bad at Master Bill’s?”

“Quiet.  Very quiet, but not you and me kind of quiet.” Shane grinned.  

“I understand.” said Cole. “It will be nice to have you around for a while.  It’ll gimme’ somebody not to talk to.” he laughed openly at his joke.

“Thanks, Cole, I was a bit worried you might think...”

“You arranged it?  Nonsense.  We all know how Master Bill’s been the past several weeks.  He’s miserable so he thinks ever’body else should be, too.  You ain’t the only one what’s suffered from his quiet snit.”

“Quiet snit?  I love that.  That’s too funny.” Shane started laughing and couldn’t stop.  It was a cathartic explosion and a release of pent-up tensions and emotions.  He started Cole laughing.  Then, the strangest thing happened.  Shane double over in heart wrenching sobs and fell on the unmade bunk to cry.  Cole went to him and gathered him in his arms.  

“Let it out, Son.  If the man really loved you, he would be happy for you like I am.” Shane slowly recovered and suddenly realized Cole was holding him naked.  He pulled away.

“I’m sorry, Cole.  I don’t know what come over me.  It’s just such a relief being out of there.  The last couple of months has been nothing but tension.  I been walking on eggshells for a month or more so’s not to irritate him.”

“It’s all right.  If we’re gonna’ be bunk mates you gotta’ get used to me being naked.  I rarely wear clothes when I’m here in the room.”

“Can I go native, too?”

“Sure you can.  I certainly don’t have me no problem looking at yore’ handsome body.”

Shane cleaned up and had supper with his cowboy slave brothers.  They were a mixed group of men.  Most were good men who made mistakes and ended up as slaves.  They seemed to enjoy having Shane with them.  They all knew what was going on.  When one slave suffered, they all suffered.  One big man, named Phil Pie, who everyone loved but could sometimes be crude and somewhat boisterous called to him across the table.

“Ah, if it ain’t my sweet-meat baby buckaroo Shane.  Welcome to the world of the common slave, little brother.  My how the mighty have fallen.” he winked at Shane and roared with laughter.

“You’re so right, Poppa Pie.” Shane countered, “There ain't no pariah like a short timer slave.”  All the other slaves laughed at Shane’s retort and patted him on the back.

“Just don’t forget those what still love you, boy.” Phil said more quietly.

“I promise, I will never forget you or your love, Phil.” there was an awkward, poignant feeling that surrounded the room.

“To Shane.” Phil lifted his cup and motioned for the others to join him in a toast.  They all raised their cups.  “May he find great happiness and never wear the yoke of submission again.”

“Hear, hear!” they all agreed, clinked cups and drank.

“Thanks men.” was all Shane had to say and the conversation was changed.  After supper Shane left to return to Angus’ office.  He was still there.  

“Sorry to bother you, Master Angus, do I need to call Master Potter or did he say what time for me to be there?”

“I’m sorry, Son, my brain ain’t work’n right today.  I got too many damn things going on, and I ain’t git’n a lot of help from my partner.  He’s gone missing now for two days and nobody seems to know where he went.  Did he say anything to you?”

“Naw, Sir.  He ain’t said nothing to me in two weeks other than ‘go to your room.’” Shane answered without nuance.

“Judge Potter said for you not to eat breakfast.  You will have breakfast with him.  He wants you there by seven, so if you leave here around six you should be there on time.  He said wear work clothes and said something about bringing some tools to work on his dessert machine?  He said you’d know what he was talk’n about.”  It was all Shane could do to keep from dropping on the floor and rolling in laughter.  He had to bite his tongue, and look away from the puzzled look on his brother's face.

“Uh, yes, Sir. I know'd what he’s talking about.  I worked on it for a few minutes while I was there.  I’ll take what I need to finish the job.”

“Good, good!  You comfortable for the night?”

“Yes, Sir, and thanks again.  I appreciate it.  I just may git me some sleep tonight.”

“Well, ain’t no need for you to be punished for something you didn’t do.  Come here, boy.” Angus stood and opened his big arms.  Shane almost leaped into them.  He broke down again, but Angus held him tight.  When he got himself together Angus found his mouth and began to kiss him gently and then proceeded to a full blown passionate kiss.  Shane responded to his big brother in kind.  It was the first such kiss Shane got from Angus in a long time.  Angus broke it off and held his little brother tightly.  “I love you so much, Shane, but I’m so proud of you for making it through.  I’ll make sure you get a good start.  You won’t be leaving my nest empty handed.  I’m looking forward to Wednesday afternoon and night.”

“Me, too, Master.  You can’t know how much I love and appreciate you, Master Angus.  I won’t never forget all you done for me.”

* * * * * * *     

Shane returned to the slave quarters and to his new room.  Cole was already in the buff lying on his bunk reading a Western novel.  He was wearing a funny looking pair of half-rim glasses that made him look like a college professor.  Shane smiled to think how out of character it made his ultimate cowboy hunk appear.  Shane wasted no time taking off his clothes.  He pulled his boots back on to walk around in.  He put his things away in the closet and filled an empty dresser on his side of the room.  He made his bunk and folded his blanket neatly at the bottom.  He brought his own pillow from his other bed.  He wound his alarm clock and set it for five o’clock.  He figured an hour to get ready, have a quick cup of coffee in the bunkhouse and be on the road would put him at the Potter ranch on time.

“Master give you something to do tomorrow?” Cole asked.

“Yes, Sir, I gotta' go back over to the Potter ranch.  Last time I was there, after I split a cord of firewood for him, I got involved with his ponies.  One was lame from an overgrown hoof.  The others jaw was swollen and tender.  Pulled an abscessed tooth out of the old horse and had to shoe them both.  The lame one’s hoof lost its shoe and grow’d so long it was splitting and rubbing his flesh.  He had a couple other small projects we didn’t get to, and I promised I’d come back over to help him.  He called Master Angus today, and they set it up for me to go over there tomorrow morning.  Master told me to take the farrier truck.  Is there anything in there you need?”

“Naw, I can’t think a’ nothing.  Ain’t gonna’ be do’n no farrier work tomorrow no ways.  Probably be riding fence all day.  Don’t know.  I hear tell nobody’s heard from our ramrod in a couple of days.  If we don’t hear something by tomorrow morning I’ll go knock on Master Angus’ office and get work assignments from him.  You didn’t take the farrier truck last time, did you?”

“Naw, Sir.  Master Angus drove me over.  I found some tools in the old man’s work shed.  Said his boy was a farrier.  Said he apprenticed under you for a while.”

“Damn, I never connected the two.  Of course, I remember now.  He was just a kid, Billy Dean Potter.  I remember him well.  Fast learner and a good worker.  He gimme’ a run for my money for a while.  I was sad when I heard he got drafted and killed in one a’ them wars in the middle East”

Shane was bending over fixing his bed and Cole got a straight shot at his ass.  He stared at it in wonder.  How could a man’s ass appear that beautiful to him?  It was perfectly formed and looked like the bud of a small, tight flower.  He wondered if its image might have been the original Rose of Sharon from King Solomon’s ‘Song of Songs.’  He didn’t care.  It would become his Rose of Sharon for his moment of free association.  Brain farts, he called them.  His mental meanderings were his only freedom sometimes and made the endless hours of hard work and countless days of drudgery pass quickly.  Was it the portent of an omen?  What strange voice in his head came to him to suggest such a thing?  What?  Was he going crazy?  Was it a vision of his future?  The voice assured him it was so. ‘Look upon its beauty and weep.  Yea, weep.  It’s enough to make the stoutest of strong hearted men bite his knuckles and sob into his beer.  Set it as a bond upon your heart and a seal upon your strong right arm.  Love and protect it with all your might.  It shall bear your children.’ it said.  Cole shook his head in disbelief.  He wouldn't believe his ears, but he couldn't deny his eyes.  Shane’s hole suddenly looked like a sacred object to him.  It was like he was seeing through someone else’s eyes.  Cole felt like some religious junkie who could imagine the virgin Mary in everything he saw.  Was a holy icon ever discovered in a cow pie, he wondered?

There, before him, he could envision a bright pure light shining forth from within to secure the way to the final resting place every true warrior of the holy grail dreamed about.  A shrine to which he would gladly pay homage to gain its blessing and a promise of entrance into the sweet comfort of its heavenly kingdom with only one complete thrust of his powerfully erect male genitalia.  On the more mundane side, he could swear it was winking at him or at the very least blowing him a kiss.  Cole’s body reacted like the base animal his mind strove mightily to overcome with thoughts of the esoterically sublime.  Aves for naught, plainchant for many, he immediately started to get an erection.  He reached for his blanket to hide his shame, but Shane turned too quickly and caught him.  It was too late to insert the key to the confessional, he was busted.  There was no water so sacred a complete immersion could absolve him.  It only made the egg on his handsome buckaroo face run faster.   

“It’s yours any time you want it, cowboy, but if you love me, you have to kiss it first.” Shane grinned wickedly.

“I’d do more’n kiss it, odd-job.” Cole grinned back. “But not tonight, I got other things in mind.  Lock the door, hit the light and git chore’ ass over here.”

Shane did as ordered.  As soon as he hit the light a small lamp with a tiny bulb lit on Cole’s dresser.  Shane walked over to Cole’s bunk where he was sitting.  Without warning Cole engulfed Shane’s cock and took it deep in his throat.  Shane was so surprised his eyes started watering.  Cole was no amateur to cock sucking.  He sucked Shane off like he did everything else in life.  If it was a job worth doing, it was worth doing well, and if that job should just happen to be with the one you love, then there was nothing too good for the job.  No personal expense should be spared.  Cole had Shane crying for release after about fifteen minutes, but he taunted the young man time and again until Shane threatened to do the same to him the next time.  When Shane blew, Cole growled deep in his throat like a big Grizzly bear and the vibration made Shane shoot several more volleys.  His mind was racing and he couldn’t think of many who reciprocated sex with him.  The Admiral offered, but Shane shot his load while Lazarus was fucking him.  Lazarus was good, very good.  His nephew, Waco, was the last person he could remember to suck him off.  Cole drained him.  Shane was exhausted.

“You didn’t have to do that, Cole.  I would’ve been happy to be your...”

“My what?  My cowboy concubine?  No thanks.  Besides, I wanted to see what I might be up against if I become your slave.  No offense, but it was just like sucking Master Agnus’ cock.”

“It ain’t gonna’ be that way between us, Cole.” Shane tried to reassure him.

“I never though it might, Son.  I was totally straight when I became a slave but Master Bill and Master Angus worked with me and worked with me until I come to enjoy male sex as much as with a women.  Good thing.  I ain’t never been with a woman since my wife.  Ain’t likely to neither.  I don’t think much about either these days.  It takes someone I really care about to move me to do what I just done.  Rather than waste a lot of words, I just thought I’d show you.”

“Are you still required to service our masters?”

“Yeah, about once a month, I go up and offer myself.  They don’t fuck me, but once in a great while Master Angus will let me suck him off.  I ain’t done nothing with Master Bill since you came.  Just as well.  I never enjoyed it with him no how, and he know’d it, too.”

“I love you, Cole.”

“I love you, too, odd-job.  Now let’s git to bed.  Morning comes early, and at my age, I needs me beauty sleep.”

“Damn, you should a’ been in bed hours ago.” Shane grinned.

“That’s one, odd-job.”  Cole mimed licking an imaginary pencil and placing a mark in an imaginary book.    

* * * * * * *

Shane’s alarm went off, both men got out of bed and headed for the showers together.  They were only half awake as they did their morning ablutions and were eventually joined by other cowboy slaves.  Shane enjoyed the bunkhouse atmosphere.  Everyone was relaxed and not the least shy about being in the raw around each other.  He wondered what he missed by living with Bill Birdsall these last ten years.  He could remember long periods of time when Bill would be mad at him for the least little thing and banish him to his room for weeks at a time.  Finally, he would come around and allow Shane back into his good graces again; he would allow Shane to start servicing him once more.  Shane came to believe that’s all there was to his relationship with Master Bill.  He never really cared much about Shane as a person.  He cared a lot about Shane for his body.  Many times he would service Master Bill and he would send him off to his room immediately afterward.  In ten years he never once reciprocated.  Shane wasn’t even allowed to come when Master Bill was fucking him.  For all his liberal slave policies, practices and teachings, there was precious little personal humanity in Bill Birdsall.  Before they left the room for coffee, Cole grabbed Shane and kissed him passionately.

“I been want’n to do that for ten fuck’n years.” Cole said.

“I never dreamed I would ever get a kiss from you.” allowed Shane.

“Well, we got four days left.  Let’s make the best of it.  I’ll be think’n ‘bout you all day, cowboy.”

Shane got an erection from Cole’s words.  It was a side of his mentor he never saw before.  It was like a dream come true.  They sat and slowly drank their coffee together in quiet mode.  Shane thought it was the perfect cover for them.  Then he thought, it had always been the perfect cover for them.  No one could claim to have overheard Cole and Shane discuss anything out of the mundane.  Shane got up to leave and Cole winked at him.

“Have a good day, odd-job.”

“I will, Pa.” Shane said quietly.  Cole smiled.

* * * * * * *

The lights were on in the Potter kitchen as Shane parked the old truck and ran to the backdoor, up the steps and knocked gently.

“Come in, Son!  Come on in.”

Shane entered and walked into the kitchen with his hat in his hand.   Shane started to drop to his knees to pay homage to his boots, but the old man grabbed him in mid air and gave him a hug instead.

“I ain’t one for formalities, boy, I done told you that.” he laughed nervously, “Besides, when it’s just us, who gives a damn.  Y’ain’t got that long to go no ways.” he added, heavy on the cowboy lingo.  His housekeeper came into the room and Potter introduced her.  She was finishing up breakfast for the two of them.  Potter set Shane down and they ate a huge country breakfast together.  Mrs. Huggins must have been there very early because she spoke of lunch in the fridge and instructed them to leave the dishes in the sink for tomorrow.  Just be sure and rinse them.  She bid farewell and departed.

“What you been up to, boy?”

Shane told him of recent developments and his coupling with Cole.  The old man was thrilled to hear it.  He went on and on about what a good man he thought Cole Jenkins was.  He wanted to know if Shane talked with any more folks.  Shane told him about having supper with Ramrod Long and him telling Shane he would buy him anything he wanted for a present to celebrate his freedom.  He told the judge about his plan to ask his brother for the old farrier truck and one slave.  

“Do I have to guess who the slave might be, Son?” the old man grinned.

“Naw, Sir.  You already know, but Cole is one of my brother’s best slaves.”

“That’s right, but if he’s a smart man he will want to be sure his investment of ten years for his younger brother pays off.  What better way to hedge his options or create an insurance policy you won’t revert to your previous ways by having the stabilizing influence of a rock solid slave like Cole Jenkins to keep you in line; and slave or no, Cole Jenkins is just the man for the job.  It’s brilliant, boy.  It's a damn good workable plan.  I only hope Angus can see it.”

“We’re getting away together on a small trip Wednesday evening.  We’re going to a wild animal lodge we know to spend the night.  It’s a wonderful place.  I promise to take you there after your retirement as a celebration.”

They finished eating and Shane cleared the table.  He didn’t just rinse the dishes.  He washed, dried them and put them away while he and Potter jawed.  Shane felt so much more free around the old man.  The old judge felt like his grandfather, and Shane was really enjoying their time together.

“You were right about Cole being guarded, Sir.  I wonder about myself sometimes.  How I can see some things clearly and others I’m hopelessly naive about.  He made me feel so stupid.  He pointed out to me what might happen if he tried to have a relationship with me.  Me, being the brother of Cole’s master, and the slave concubine of his ramrod made me a politically off limits hot property.  That’s why you asked if they knew about my feeling for Cole, ain’t it?”

“Exactly.  Don’t worry none about your naivete.  It’s something we all have to learn to live with.  Believe it or not, after all these years, I’m still naive about a lot of things.  I should have spelled it out for you.  I thought you understood, but I’m glad Cole pointed it out.  Slaves have to be very careful how they play the game.  I try to be an informed judge and read account after account of slave’s lives, and you would be surprised some of the horrible situations slaves find themselves in.  Cole, being a slave for life has to be even more guarded.  I still don’t think it would be wise to put all your cards on the table with Angus.  The less he knows about how you and Cole feel about each other the better.  Try to approach it from a strictly business angle with him.  Angus is a sucker for a good deal.” the men shared a laugh.  “I just wish there was some way I could help convince Angus of the merits of your plan.  Two of the best farriers in the area could make a comfortable living.  I know you and Cole have been, excuse the expression, cash cows for Angus for your farrier work.”

“Maybe if you put in a call to my Uncle Charlie and spoke with him and Ramrod Long.  Master Angus listens to them.  He also listens to my nephew, Master Waco.  He would do anything for him.”

“I could do that tomorrow while you and Angus are away.” Potter plotted. “Maybe you could speak with your nephew.”

* * * * * * *

The judge took Shane out to show him the improvement of the horses.  They saw Shane and Potter from the high ridge that overlooked the other meadow and started in a trot toward him.  They seemed to have regained a lot of their verve for life.  They ran up to Shane and were all over him like a long lost relation.  Shane stopped along the way and grabbed two ripe apples from a tree in his brother’s orchard.  He was holding them in a paper bag.  They wanted to know what he had in the bag?  Was it for them?  He laughed and told them it was a treat for both of them.  He took the apples out and gave them to the ponies.  They were pleased.  Potter was wowed and laughed.  Shane was talking with them, and they looked like they were listening to and understanding every word.

“They tell me you’ve been talking with them, they appreciate you coming to visit them and checking on them more often.” Shane said to the judge.

“I have, indeed, been checking on them daily.” he replied.

“They say you’ve been talking about starting the ranch up again.  They want me to thank Jack and Jill for them.  They would like just a bit more oats with their evening meal, and could you let Shane come over more often to curry them?” Shane smiled.

“I believe you.  What else did they tell you?” Potter inquired.

“They said you had some wonderful things to tell me.  They said they would let you tell me.”

“Smart ponies.” laughed Potter as he reached to pat them. “Come, I have some things to show you and ask your opinion about.”

Shane noticed several other buildings on the property when he was there the last time, but since they were a good way from the main house he thought they could be on another piece of property.  Potter led him to a small, two story house that seemed in good condition.  It needed a paint job and some minor repairs, but it looked livable.  They walked up the steps onto the porch, and Potter reached over the door frame to retrieve a key.  He unlocked the door, and they walked in.  The interior was amazing.  It was in mint condition, and looked like a lot of love and fine workmanship went into its building.  It was fully furnished but had old sheets and painter’s drop cloths over everything to protect it.  Off to the right, was a small sitting room and to the left was a large family room with a huge fireplace.  The two sections were divided by a hallway and staircase that went to the second story.  The hallway went to a huge country kitchen and screened back porch.  Upstairs were four bedrooms and two baths.  Everything worked.  It was amazing.

“I thought this was on a separate property, Master Potter.”

“No, it’s part of the ranch.  It’s the ranch foreman’s house.  See down there in the valley...”  Potter pulled back a curtain from the upstair’s bedroom window to show Shane, “....that’s the slave quarters and bunk house.”  

Shane looked out at a rambling two winged bunk house.  It was very large.  It was bigger than the slave quarters on either Angus or Charlie’s ranches.  It soon wouldn’t be because the Stamper boys under Blake Tindell were building new quarters for Charlie’s men and Angus already had plans drawn up for two new buildings.  He was on their waiting list.  Nevertheless, it was ample room for enough slave cowboys to run Potter’s ranch quite well.

Potter seemed in no hurry to get to work and Shane felt he probably just wanted his company for the day.  He was right, but they did get a few things done.  They walked to the bunk house/slave quarters and made a quick tour.  Shane was impressed.  It was solidly built, rugged and really caught the feeling of the old West.  There were two wings with twenty, two man rooms to each wing.  They weren’t small rooms either.  They were ten by twenty, but there were four rooms, two on either wing next to the main rooms that were larger with their own separate bath facilities.  Potter explained they were for lead slave cowboys who deserved a little more privacy and comfort.

“Why do I get the feeling you showing me all this is leading up to something, Master?”

“Did them damn ponies tell you?”

“Naw, Sir, they were firm.  The wanted it to come from you.”

“Good, then I can trust them.”

“Sometimes, Master.  Depends on the pony.  Like humans, some ponies are notorious gossips.” Shane winked at him and the men shared a laugh.

“I’ve become quite fond of you, Shane, and one of the main reasons is you make me laugh and see the humor in things.  I can’t tell you how encouraged I was after your last visit.  I hope I wasn’t too forward asking to see you again so soon.”

“If you hadn’t called I was gonna’ ask permission to call you.  I damn near had me a heart attack when my master told me your message about yore’ dessert machine.” Shane laughed, “I almost had apoplexy.  I had to bite my tongue to keep from falling to the floor with laughter.” Shane poured on the cowboy bullshit and had the old man gasping for breath he was laughing so much.  “You’ll be happy to know I brought the appropriate tools and plan to work on it for you this afternoon.  I’m sure I can fine tuned that fine, handsome machine and have it running like new.  I can’t wait to taste a new, fresh batch of cowboy cream.”  Potter was holding on to Shane’s arm he was laughing so hard.

“That ain’t the only reason I asked for you today.” he managed to get out.

“I know it ain’t, Master.  I’s just playing witch-ya.  I certainly hope it was one of the reasons.  I would cry all the way home if you didn’t feed yore’ faithful slave some dessert before he left.  Why, I would be crying so hard I might not be able to drive and have an accident.  You wouldn’t want that on yore’ conscience, would you, Sir?” Shane winked and grinned at him.  Potter roared with laugher.

“You have the Goodnight gift of flattery and bullshit, Son.  You truly are yore’ daddy’s son.” Potter allowed.  The old man’s innocent remark threw a shroud over Shane.

“That’s why I spent ten years as a slave, Master Potter.  I never knew my daddy.” Shane said remorsefully.

“Of course, you’re right.  I remember now.  I’m sorry, Son, that was an insensitive statement.  I humbly apologize.  I’m a forgetful, foolish old man.”

Shane recovered quickly.

“The hell you say, Master.” he smile, “With greatest respect, Sir, you’re sharper than many I know half your age.  Y’ain’t no fool neither, and have you so quickly forgotten our conversation about naivete?” Shane sounded like well trained lawyer.

“Not at all, I see your point.  Well taken, Son.”  Potter just looked at Shane for a moment in admiration.

“Beside, the more I fine tune your dessert machine the younger yore’ gonna’ get.  I won’t stop neither until you’re half your current age, trust me.”

Potter smiled at him and shook his head.  “You know I trust you, but I also know you’re a cowboy at heart with all that implies.” he smiled.

“This cowboy ain’t no quart low, Master.  What I tell you ain’t no bullshit.” Shane said sincerely.

“Shane, you have a home here to come to after Friday if you want it.  The foreman’s house is yours for the taking.  Come live here with me.  Run my ranch for me.  Live free here for your help and when we get the ranch going we’ll work out a contract between us.  If you can talk Angus into letting you have Cole for your slave, bring him along.  He’s welcome here, too.  You men can live here for free for what help you give me and do your farrier work to get on your feet.”  

Shane sat down on the long porch of the bunkhouse, placed his head in his hands and started weeping.  The old man set next to him and placed his arm around him.  “I’m sorry, Son.  I didn’t mean to blurt it all out and upset you.  I know you’re going though a rough adjustment period.  I just wanted to make it a little easier on you.”

“No, no, Master Potter.  I ain’t crying ‘cause I’m upset.  I’m crying out of joy and happiness.  Men do that, you know?” he smiled at Potter through his tears.  “I didn’t know what I’s gonna’ do.  Here it is, only three more days after today, nobody’s sit down with me and given me much solid advice but you and Cole.  I planned to ask you before I left today if’n I could come stay in your bunkhouse and be a factotum for you ‘til I can get on my feet; also to bring ma’ dad, Cole, with me if Master Angus will let him go.  I was think’n on asking Ramrod Long to buy him for me as the present he wanted to give me, but I had second thoughts, because it might cause hard feelings.  Now, here you are offering me something far more wonderful that I might have imagined for myself.  Don’t you think I deserve a couple of tears, Sir?” Shane smiled at him.

“As always, you make your point well, Son.  I can’t argue with that.  So is that a ‘yes’?  Do we have a plan?”

“Of course we have a plan, Master.  I’m so humbled and honored you think enough of me to make such an offer.  We can only try, but I have good feelings about it.  Tell me one thing, Sir.  Is this your idea or have you been influenced by voices in your head or vivid dreams about this in your sleep?”

The old man looked at Shane with a look of surprise and almost horror.  He shivered like a cold chill ran up his spine.  He got a grimace on his face like a kid who got a brain freeze from eating something cold too fast.

“How could you know that?  You can’t get into my head, can you?” he asked astounded.

“Naw, Sir.  I could, but I wouldn’t.  It ain’t ethical.  All men, even slaves, deserve the privacy of their own thoughts.  Animals can block you when they don’t want you listening.  I can block anyone I don’t want listening to my thoughts.”

“You’re serious about all this.  This ain’t just some trick with you.  It ain’t no cowboy palaver.”

“Dead serious, Master.”

“From where did my dreams come, Son?  The dreams I saw of you and Cole living here in happiness together, him calling you ‘odd-job’; sitting around my table enjoying each others company, talking about business, whether or not to buy a prize bull, a certain slave for sale, buying the next property over to expand our operations.  Where did all that come from?”

“Ain’t sure, Master, but I got my suspicions.”

“Are they false pictures, Son?”

Shane looked at him, smiled gently and shook his head ‘no.’

“They’re very real.  'Odd-job' is ma’ pa’s nickname for me.  Your dreams let you see a glimpse of the future.  So we can count on me git’n my beloved dad for my slave.  Tell me, was Cole my slave and how old were you in your dream?”

“Cole was definitely your slave.  The only way Angus would release him to you was for you to sign a personal contract with him you would not grant Cole manumission for twenty years.  If you tried, your contract was null and void, and he could legally reclaim Cole as his slave.  But that weren’t the really weird part, Son.  What you said earlier pulled the memory up from my subconscious.  In the dream I was in my mid to late forties.  That’s why I didn’t give it much credence.”

“Twenty years?  Twenty years ain’t nothing.” Shane said like he was thinking to himself, but Potter heard him and wondered how he could reason that way.  Then Shane added, “Judge there’s things about me you don’t know.”

“Are they bad things, Son?  If, as you tell me, my dreams are true, I know you ain’t nothing but a good man.” Potter insisted.

“I hope I am, Master.  I try to be, but I sometime live in a separate reality.”

“You mean like a dream world?  Like a person with dual personalities?”

“Naw, Sir.  Nothing like that.  This is real.  You’re well read.  You must know about separate realities.  The universe has at least eleven parallel realities going at the same time.  Damn, I wish it was after Friday, I was a freeman and you was retired.  It would make this so much simpler.”

“You’ve asked me several time to trust you.  I will.  I don’t need to know more right now than I’ve come to love you.  You’re surrogate dad, Cole, was right to tell you all he needed to know about you was he loves you.  It’s something any true father would tell his son.  I said it to my boy many times.  I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, Cole Jenkins is a damn good man and you should listen to him.”

“I have and I am, Master.  I don’t think I could go on without him or you for that matter.  Yes, we got us a plan.  As soon as I can get out of my brother’s place, Friday evening or Saturday morning at the latest, you will see me driving up your gravel road.”

Shane stuck his hand out, Potter took it and the men shook hands.  Shane pulled the old man into a hug, held him tightly and kissed him gently on the cheek.  It was the judge’s turn to water up.

“Thank you, Master Potter, for being here and providing me with a way out.  If I stayed with my brother I would be under constant surveillance and that ain’t healthy for a man to grow.  Besides there’s bad feeling between Master Bill and me.  I will put down roots here and grow.  I certainly hope your dream is a glimpse of the future.  If it is, we will become family.”

“That’s my hope, Son.”  

* * * * * * *

It was still early morning and the men walked back to the big house.  They were followed everywhere by the ponies.  They wouldn’t let Shane out of their sight.  The old man was amazed and smiled to himself.  Potter was having problems with his plumbing in the kitchen and the upstairs bathroom.  Shane figured out they were on the same line which went off to the septic tank.  He found some plumbing tools in the tool shed and determined the line to the tank was free so there must be a problem in the line inside the house.  He removed the clean out plugs and ran a stiff wire up the stack to the upstairs bathroom.  He hit a solid object.  After several minutes work with the wire he felt he hooked the problem and gave a great yank with the wire.  Backed up sewage came rushing out almost hitting the judge.  He jumped back laughing at his standing to close to where the big man was working.  Shane held up a hand towel covered in muck.

“You can’t go flushing wash cloths and hand towels down the toilet, Judge.  They’ll stop it up ever’ damn time.” he laughed.  The old man looked astonished.

“I don’t know how that happened.  I don’t remember flushing one.  Am I getting that old, Shane?”

“Not at all.  It happens all the time.  Anyone can accidentally knock one off the rack, it falls into the toilet, it ain’t noticed and it gits flushed.  How many folks turn around to look at what they done in the toilet?” Shane smiled at him.  “Do you have a towel rack over your toilet?”

“Yes, my wife used it as a guest towel rack because it was handy to the sink.”

“There you go.  Let’s take it down, move it, and it won’t happen again.”

“Great idea, Son.”

So went the morning.  They got a lot of things done and didn’t stop for lunch ‘til around one o’clock.  Mrs. Huggins left them two turkey and ham sandwiches each and some wonderful German potato salad.  Shane enjoyed his and his tall jar of iced tea.
“We done enough for today.  S’git’n too damn hot again.  You wanna’ ride them old ponies down to the swimming hole again today, Son?”   

“I would really enjoy it.  Dessert tastes so much better after a good swim.” Shane winked at him.  Potter giggled like a school boy and actually blushed.  Shane continued, “Let’s walk this time.  It’ll do us good.  Besides, yore’ dessert machine works better when you exercise it properly.” they laughed together.

The men talked nonstop as they walked arm in arm up and over the hill and down into the meadow followed closely by their constant companions.  Potter couldn’t remember the names his boy gave them.  Shane asked them if they could remember their names and the older one said his master named him Pete and the other Race.

“They said their names are Pete and Race.” Shane whispered to Potter.

“My God, of course, now I remember.  Pete was always pestering him for treats so he named him Pistol Pester Pete, three P, and Race ran everywhere he went.  Your abilities never cease to amaze me, Son.  By the way, don’t be surprised, but I’ve made a small adjustment in my decision in your case.  You have to trust me on this.  It’s for your own good.” he didn’t say more.

“You said you would trust me.  I trust you, Judge.”

The men swam, but they were less self-conscious around each other.  Shane grabbed the old man and held him tightly against his body several times and hugged him.  Potter seemed to enjoy the tactile expression of Shane’s affection.  It felt healing to him.  Was this part of Shane’s plan to make him feel younger?  If so, he thought it just might be working.  They were sitting in shallow water on a sand bar talking.  They decided to get out and move to the blanket they brought along and spread in the same spot as before.  Shane grabbed Potter once more and moved to deeper water until it was almost to their necks.  He held him and whispered.

“Ever kissed a man before, Master?”

“No, but I’d like to kiss you.” he responded.

“Let’s seal our bond of trust and faith in each other, Judge.”

Shane brushed his lips gently against the old man’s white mustache as an invitation.  Potter was ready and they kissed a sweet gentle kiss that became more serious until it bloomed into full passion.  Shane broke it off.

“It’s time to git your dessert machine running, Master.  I want me my dessert.”

“I don’t think you’ll have no problem with it this time, Son.  I think there’s a big batch in there with your name on it.  It’s been building up for several days now, and I promise I ain’t touched it.”

“Good, it would make me very sad to know you cheated me out of my dessert.” they shared a laugh at their nonsense. “By the way, do I have your permission to share our secret about your dessert machine with my brother tomorrow night.  Knowing his sense of humor like I do, he will split right down the seams.” Shane laughed.

“Of course.  Maybe it might loosen that tight ass old son of bitch up a bit.” Potter roared with laugher.  Shane knew the old man wouldn’t have said it if he didn’t love Angus with all his heart.  The old man was right.  His dessert machine was working overtime.  After Shane sucked the last of his hardy dessert from Potter’s hard-as-a-rock penis he told the old judge he could swear the damn thing was ‘smoke’n.’  Potter rolled on the blanket laughing.  He held Shane again and they jawed some more, but this time the judge was lavish with his kisses.  

“Servicing me ain’t a prerequisite for nor part of our agreement, Son.”

“Damnation!  I guess as a freeman it would be against the law for us to do, but remember our conversation about circumnavigation?”

“Vividly.” replied the Judge.

“I considered Master Austin and Master Daniels like you told me to.  What two cowboys do on their own time is their own damn business.  Ain't nobody else's.  Besides, I got me a better way to circumnavigate the situation.  One I just know you’re gonna’ love.  Think back to your dream.  Did you feel loved by me and ma’ pa?”

“Oh, God, yes!  We were like close family.  Like you promised in your pledge earlier, we would become family.”

“Then trust me, Master, it will come to be, and you will not be left out.  After all, ain’t that the most important thing in life, family.”

“I had forgotten, Son.  I been so down for so long I lost my vision for life.  I threw myself into my work when my wife passed away fifteen years ago and never looked up.  When I did bother to look up I discovered I’d become an old man.  It happens.  Look at your pa.  He’s still a relatively young man, but he lost his family.  It’s hard to go on without one.  I understand your fears of leaving the security of being your brother’s slave, but I think you know it’s some’um you gotta’ do.  There’s more at stake than just you.  A number of folks are counting on you.  I know you won’t let them down.”  

“If you only knew how many, Master, but you will after Friday, I promise.”

The sun was setting in the West as Potter walked Shane to the old farrier truck.  Shane looked at the old man’s heavy buckaroo work boots and his mouth began to water.  Potter saw him admiring them.

“Please, Master.  One last time.  I may never get another chance, as a slave, to pay homage to your handsome boots.”

“I never considered a ritual might come to mean so much to a slave.  I’ve learned something.  From now on, I won’t deny a slave his right to perform his duty.  Of course, I would be honored, slave.”

Shane fell to his knees in the dust of the yard and lovingly kissed and cleaned the dust from the old man’s boots.  He found his hand waiting, lovingly kissed the back and placed it against his forehead.

“Rise, humble slave, and show your master your love.” the old man’s voice cracked as he said the words.  Shane rose, took Potter into his big arms and gently kissed him goodbye.  They both wiped away tears when they broke apart, then laughed at each other.

“I’ll see you in court on Friday, Son.”

“I think I’m ready, Master.”

“I know you are.  Walk tall and proud, Son.  You made it.” was Potter’s last words to him.  

Shane drove home with a full heart.  Through Potter, he had a glimpse of the future and saw that it was good.  Now he had to navigate his brother, but even Angus didn’t daunt him anymore.  There were other eyes, other hearts watching over him.  Within reason, with a humbled heart, he knew he could have anything he wanted; anything his heart desired.  The trick was only to ask for so much, and the rest would be provided for him beyond his wildest dreams.

* * * * * *

The sun was still setting when he arrived back at the Goodnight ranch.  He parked and saw Cole headed for the truck to greet him.  He couldn’t believe his good fortune to have the man of his dreams for ten years within his grasp.  He would own this honest, hard working, faithful, attractive man.  His heart leapt to his throat.  Cole had a frown on his face, but he always had a slight frown on his face so Shane didn’t think anything of it.  Cole held the door for him as he got down from the truck.

“Have a good day at the Potter ranch, Son?”

“It was a great day, Pa.” Shane was about to say more when he stopped.  The look in Cole’s eyes told him all was not right.

“What’s wrong, Cole?”

“Nobody’s here right now, only the slaves.  Master Angus asked me to tell you, Master Bill tried to commit suicide a couple of days ago and they didn’t fine him until it was almost too late, but they managed to save him.  He went to El Paso and ended up drunk in a cheap motel and took an overdose of  pills.”

Shane stood there stunned.  The man he spent ten years with tried to commit suicide?  Why?  Because he was losing Shane?  It didn’t make sense.  He didn’t want anything to do with Shane for the last three months.  He made life a living hell for Shane for the last month and a half.  Shane didn’t know how to react, but he knew he didn’t need this drama right now.  Why didn’t he feel sorry for Master Bill?  Where was his compassion?  He didn’t even feel pity for Birdsall.  What did he feel?  He didn’t think he felt anything.  No, wait, he did feel something.  ‘How strange,’ he thought.  He felt shame and he felt guilt, but most of all he felt empty.  Ten years of serving Master Bill, but when it came time for Shane’s life to continue as a freeman, all he had to show for it was an embittered little man who wanted to punish him for something he had no control over.  He saw things more clearly now.  It was a last ditch effort to create guilt in Shane.  Maybe Shane would be ashamed he caused poor Master Bill such grief he tried to take his own life.  Maybe Shane would wake up and realize Master Bill needed him to remain a slave for another five years.  Shane knew in his heart five more years wouldn’t be enough.  Birdsall would find some way to have Shane’s slavery extended for life.  He never liked Shane becoming involved with the Grange and Admiral Long.  For all his schooling and knowledge about slaves and their care, Bill Birdsall was a small man with limited vision.

“Are you all right, odd-job?” Cole asked in a concerned voice.

“Yes and no.  Damn, just when things seem to be going your way, bamm!  Shit!” he exclaimed and walked a little away from Cole.

“Master Angus told me to tell you not to worry.  This ain’t yore’ fault.  He’ll be back tomorrow morning, and he will definitely keep your date for tomorrow afternoon and night.  He told me to tell you there ain’t no way in hell he won’t keep his word to you.  It’s important to him.”

“I hope he don’t back out on me.”

“I don’t think he will.  From the way he sounded he fully intends to keep his word.  He made me repeat his message three times.  I take it he wants one last night with you as his slave.”

“Yes, and to be honest, I was looking forward to it.  It seems like the only time I can talk with him and get him to listen is after I’ve satisfied him.”

“Come on, let’s git you back to the bunkhouse where we can relax.  You need your brothers around you right now.”

“You’re right, Pa, but first I gotta’ make a phone call.  Come with me to Master Angus’ office.”

They walked over to Angus’ office.  Shane found Judge Potter’s number and dialed.  The old man answered the phone.

“Master Potter this is Shane.”

“Yes, Shane, why are you calling me so soon?  What’s wrong, Son?  Something’s happened, ain’t it.” Shane heard concern mixed with panic in the old man’s voice.

“Yes, Sir, Master Bill tried to commit suicide yesterday, but they found him in time, and he’s gonna’ be okay.  I just got home and Cole told me.  Ain’t nobody here but us slaves.  Master Angus and his family have gone to El Paso to be with Master Birdsall.  I thought you might want to know because of everything we talked about today.”

“Listen to me, Son, this ain’t your fault.  How do you feel?”

“I feel shame and some guilt.  Mostly I just feel empty, Master.”

“Empty is good.  You can be filled.  Guilt and shame, not so much.  Is Cole there with you?”

“Yes, Sir, Master.”

“Put him on the phone.” Potter ordered.

“He wants to speak with you.” Shane handed the received to Cole.

“Hello? Judge Potter?  Yes, Sir.  (pause)  Yes, Sir.” (long pause)  “No, Sir.  Yes, Sir, I do.  Okay, Master.  Are you sure, Sir?  (pause)  Oh, no, Sir, I didn’t mean no disrespect, Master.  Yes, Sir, if I can talk him into it, I will.  Okay, if you say so, Sir.  I promise, Sir.  Good to talk with you again, Sir.”

Cole handed the phone back to Shane.

“Listen, Son, I want you to stay close to your slave brothers this evening.  Lean on Cole.  I want you to do what Cole tells you.  Don’t do nothing without discussing it with him first, understand?”

“I will, Sir.  That’s good advice.  I’m still scheduled to be with Master Angus tomorrow.  Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful day.”

“It was a wonderful day for me, too.  Them damn ponies are still at the back gate looking for you.  I’ve been out three times to tell them you left, but I get the feeling they don’t believe this old man.  I even gave them extra oats this evening.” Potter laughed, “I appreciate you calling, Son.  It’s important information I need to know.  Hang in there, boy.  This will all work out.  I feel pity for Mr. Birdsall, but this may work out for the best in the long run.  My love and prayers are with you.”

“Thank you, Sir.  Same to you.  Dream more a’ them sweet dreams for me, Master.”

“I’ll do my best, Son.”

Shane said his ‘goodbyes’ and hung up.

“You ready, odd-job?”
“Let’s go, Pa.”

They walked in silence back to the slave quarters.  It was dark by the time they left Master Angus’ office, and the moon had not yet risen in the sky.  Cole casually slipped his hand into Shane’s and they walked close together so no one could see they were holding hands.  It was unusually quiet on the property.  It was like a pall hung over the place.  There was no sound from the big house and minimal lights were left on.  As they passed Master Bill’s house it was dark except for one small night light he kept in the kitchen in case he  wanted to get up during the night for water or a snack.  They could hear crickets singing, whippoorwills calling and an occasional prairie chicken fussing about.  They got to the bunkhouse and walked into the main room where all the men were gathered talking in low tones.  They saw Shane and Cole walk in and stood.  No one said a word.  They got up and came to him.  Each man gave him a hug and a kiss.  A few told him ‘it weren’t his fault.’  Most didn’t say anything.  Even the three new baby slaves came to him in their diapers and shook his hand.  Shane was on the verge of tears, but he didn’t cry.    

He and Cole excused themselves to go to their room.  Shane thanked everyone and told them he appreciated their support.  He told the baby slaves to learn to love and trust their fellow cowboy slaves because when the going got tough you couldn’t depend on anyone but them.  When they returned to their room Cole took Shane in his arms and held him.  He found Shane’s mouth and brushed his full, bushy coal black cowboy mustache against Shane’s lip as an invitation.  It reminded Shane of his same action in the water with the old judge.  Shane didn’t need a second invite.  Cole spoke more words to him in that kiss than ever came out of his cowboy pie hole in ten years of working together.

“What did Judge Potter say to you, Cole?” Shane asked casually.  Cole smiled, shook his head and got a silly grin on his face.

“He didn’t tell me nothing, he ordered me!” Cole exclaimed. “That old man ordered me to fill you up tonight.  Them was his exact words.”  Shane fell out laughing and started Cole laughing.  “He told me to fuck yore’ ass until the bunkhouse was haunted or the chicken’s came home to roost, whichever happens first.” They fell on Cole’s bunk together laughing.

“I know you ain’t lying.  Sounds jes’ like something that dirty old man would say.  God, I love him.” laughed Shane.  “Sounds to me like a plan I can live with, cowboy.  I told you this morning, Pa, it was yours if’n you wanted it.  For me, the sooner the better.  You up for it?”

“Are you kidding?  I ain’t got me no choice.  That old man means business, he was serious, and I shore’ as hell ain’t gonna’ lie to him when he asks me if I done what he told me.” Cole could barely get it out he was laughing so much. “I don’t care if you lie there and read the paper or whistle ‘Dixie’ yore’ gonna’ git fucked tonight and git fucked good!”  they were rolling together on Cole’s bunk laughing.

“You don’t know how good that sounds, Pa.  Let me git my ass to the shower to clean myself.  I don’t want my pa git’n hisself no dirty dick.”

Shane gathered his hygiene kit and walked nude to the community shower.  He showered to clean his body then filled his clean out bag and hung in on the shower head for maximum gravity flow.  Soon he was joined by several other cowboys doing the same because their bunk mate wanted a piece of ass for the evening.  They were joined by the three baby slaves who were always on call every evening for fucking.  You’d think several men cleaning their bowels in a shower room would be disgusting, but the area was big enough, the showerheads spaced far enough apart, and so well ventilated they soon got used to ambient odors.  It just became an accepted part of the life of a slave.  One of the better looking baby slaves was complaining to Shane he didn’t like to get fucked.  Shane assured him he would once he was broken.  He was sure they would never break him.  Shane told him every slave says that including him.

“But you know what?” Shane asked him.

“What?” he asked.

“They did break me.  Once I gave in totally, life got a hell of a lot easier.  Never had me no problems after that.”

“You cleaning yourself for that big ole cowboy they call Cole?”

“Sure am.  I been waiting ten years to bunk it in with that big cowboy and tonight’s the night.”

“But I thought you was a short-timer.”

“I am. Only got me three days to go and if the judge decides I been good enough for probation, Friday afternoon I’m a free man.”

“Why the hell you gonna’ let another slave fuck you then?  I seen him in the shower, and he’s got a big ole dick on him.  He’s hung like a damn horse.”

“Yes, I know.  Can’t wait to feel that big horse dick inside me as far as he can git it.  Why a’ my gonna’ let him fuck me?  Because I love him and I wanna’ make him feel good.  One day you’ll look back on what you just asked me and feel foolish.  You’ll meet a master or a slave what will turn your guts inside out.  You’ll fall so hard you will do anything for him.  All you'll be able to think about is the next time you can share his bunk and how you can please him.”

“Awe, you were probably a gay man before you ever became a slave.”

“I assure you I weren’t.  For ten years I didn’t have to wear no label but slave.  Friday, when I’m a freeman, I got me a choice.  Right now, you ain’t got no choice.  You will git fucked whether you like it or not.  When you git tired of not liking it, you’ll learn to like it.  Then, when you git broken, you’ll learn to love it.”

“Naw, I won’t.  It’ll never happen to me.” he insisted.

“Who’s gonna’ fuck you tonight?” Shane asked.

“Awe, I owe old Phil ‘cause he changed my diaper for me today.”

“You be good to old Phil.  He’s a damn good man.  I’m proud to call him my brother.  I’ll give you a little piece of advice, Son.  What chu' do with it is up to you.  Make sure you clean yourself really good.  Don’t never let chore’ partner get no baby slave shit on his dick.  You put your all into servicing Phil, put chore’ ass up there for him and keep feed’n it to him ‘til he’s taken all he needs, give him the best fuck you can, moan and groan, urge him on, tell him how good he feels inside you, and how much you appreciate him fucking you so good; or give him the best blow job you can, tell him how good his come tastes, and thank him for let’n you suck him off.  You tell him is was an honor and a previlige to get to drink his fine cowboy cream.  You do that and I promise you, he’ll come a’ running the next time you need changing.”

Shane finished up and wished the three baby slaves well.  One thanked him for his advice and told him he had a beautiful body.  He went back to Cole’s room and found Cole naked with his boots on.

“Pa, if we fuck in here the bed’s gonna’ squeal and let ever’ one know what we’re doing.”

“We can put both mattress on the floor.” Cole suggested.

“I had me a wicked idea in the shower.” Shane grinned.

“I don’t think I like that grin.” Cole said.

“We know nobody’s gonna’ be up to the big house or Master Bill’s tonight.  Master Bill probably won’t be home for days or at least until after my court hearing.  If anybody does come home we can see the headlights from their vehicles.  What would you say to fucking me in Master Bill’s bed?”

“I’d say you was as crazy as a street corner evangelist, but after thinking on it a bit, it sounds like the perfect payback and ultimate parting shot.  A cowboy slave fucking his ex-cowboy slave-concubine in his own bed?  How sweet is that?  Even if there was a slim chance of us git’n caught, knowing Master Angus’ sense of humor, I think he would think it’s funny.  Let’s do it.” Cole said.  

The men pulled on their clothes and slipped quietly out a side door.  It was a beautiful night out.  The moon rose and it was like the stars and moon had come out to light their way to their nuptial bed.  They let themselves into the ramrod's house and removed their clothes by the ambient light of the night.  Cole had never been in Master Bill’s house before and was taken by his rawhide leather bedspread.  Shane told him it was wonderful to have sex on because any fluids cleaned up with a damp cloth.  As Cole stood up naked he noticed Shane pulling his boots back on.

“You gonna’ wear your boots to git fuck in?” he asked quietly.

“Sure.  I love to git fucked in ma’ boots.  Is that okay with you, Pa?” Shane asked like a kid feeling out his dad.

“Only if I can wear mine, boy.”

“Sit down.” Shane instructed him and grabbed one of Cole’s big boots.  He held it for Cole to slip his foot into, then he held the other.  Shane reached under the bed where he kept several old rags to clean Master Bill’s boots.  He proceeded to clean Cole’s boots and watched as Cole’s big cowboy dick sprung to life.  Then he cleaned them with his tongue and lovingly kissed each one.

“A slave shouldn’t be doing that for another slave.” Cole said just to see what Shane would say.

“Hesh up, Pa!  You ain’t just a cowboy slave tonight, you’re my pa, and a boy can clean and make love to his pa’s boot if’n he’s a mind to.  Especially if he’s about to give his pa’s old horse the best ride it ever done had.”

“If you put it that way, I guess a good boy’s pa should be a’ wear’n his boots to git a good ride.  Too, bad I ain’t wear’n ma’ spurs.”

“That comes later.” Shane chuckled. “With chaps and vest.” he added.

“Damn, I could git into that, Son.  You think you’d like yore’ pa to fuck you some night in his outfit?”

“Only if his boy can wear his.”

“Count on it.” grinned Cole.

They moved to the bed and Shane wondered if Cole knew how to fuck a man.  He never heard of him having sex with one of the cowboy slaves.  He had nothing to worry about.  Cole knew what he was doing.  He immediately  took charge.  He was really pleased to find Shane prelubed himself before they left the bunkhouse, but Shane got some extra lubricant from under the bed just in case they needed it.  Cole was considerably larger than Master Bill.  Cole took him with strength but compassion.  He knew what he was doing and sunk himself into Shane with minimal discomfort.  By the time he hit the base of his big dick, Shane had been transported to another reality.  Cole began to tell him how wonderful he felt.

“Have you fucked many cowboy slaves, Cole?”

“A few, mostly baby slaves to break them in.  I never fucked you for reasons we already discussed.”

“I never understood.  You’d change my diaper, but you would never let me suck you off nor would you ever fuck me.  You were the kindest of all the cowboy slaves to me, and yet you wouldn’t let me service you.  It frustrated the hell out of me.”

“Tell you what.  Let’s don’t live in the past.  I promise, I’ll make up for it tonight.” he said as he started to fuck Shane harder with ever longer and deeper strokes.  Cole was everything Shane imagined he could be in bed and more.  Cole took old man Potter’s words to heart and fucked Shane until he swore he could see apparitions flying in and out of the room.  He hadn’t yet heard a chicken coming home to roost, but prayed it wouldn’t until shortly before sunrise.

They would stop now and then and talk while remaining hooked together.  Shane would roll Cole over on his back, sit up and back on his big dick.  He would ride it while they jawed with each other.  A couple of times he built Cole up almost to climax.  Cole was impressed with Shane’s talent with his ass.  Not only was it one of the most beautiful he’d ever seen it was fully functional and felt like velvet to fuck.  Cole was sure his vision earlier in the day was a prophecy.  The more he fucked Shane’s ass the more Cole knew he had to have.  Would he be this young man’s slave and serve him?  Hell, yes!  He hated to get fucked, but he knew he had to endure it from time to time because he was a slave.  He had no choice in the matter, but the prospects of having Shane fuck him didn’t seem so bad at all.  He didn’t think Shane would require that of him.  Somehow he knew he would become a titular husband or dad to Shane; the power behind the throne.  He could live with that.  He liked the idea of being a big brother, a mentor, and yes, even a father figure to the young man.  He even became fond of Shane referring to him as ‘pa.’  

Cole began to fuck him really hard.  “Let’s get it, Son.  You let chore’ old pa fuck you ‘til you feel you’re gonna’ shoot.  Let chore’ dad know just before you do, and he’ll ride us to the barn.”

“You been fuck’n me so good, Pa.  Make your boy shoot.” Shane encouraged him.  Cole didn’t waste any time hitting his best fucking stride.  He was like a finely trained race horse who was coming down the home stretch.  Shane kept working with him, putting his ass up to meet each and every stroke.  The more he put into it the closer he came to climax until he felt it boiling up within him.  He was about to shoot.

“Oh, Pa!  You’re fuck’n me so good!  Your boy can’t hold it no more.  I’m there, dad.  Oh, God!  Arrrggg!  I’m coming.” Shane called out.

Cole could feel the rosebud he fell in love with the night before making a valiant attempt to bite his big horse cock off inside him.  It was such a hot feeling Cole felt his big balls begin to churn like a pump that had just been primed.  He felt it rushing up his tubes and out through his big cock.

“I’m coming, boy.  Yore’ pa is dumping his hot cowboy load deep in your ass, Son.  That’s it!  Try to bite pa’s dick off with that tight little ass.  Harder, Son.  That’s it!  That’s good! Ahhhhh!  You’re git’n all your pa’s good spunk, boy.  Put that fine, sweet cowboy slave ass up there for your old man.”

Cole collapsed on top of Shane still deep inside him.  They lay hooked together for a long while complimenting each other and making sweet love.

“I love you, odd-job.” Cole kissed him gently.

“God, I couldn’t love you more, Pa.”

They talked for almost two hours with Cole’s big dick up Shane’s butt.  He would give Shane a couple of good strokes from time to time or Shane would ride up and down on it to keep him hard.  They talked and talked.  They were making up for lost time.  Shane was impressed how intelligent and thoughtful his new chosen mate could be.

“So you had a great time with the judge?”

“I did some plumbing for him today and removed a hand towel from his bathroom line.  It works fine now.” Shane told him about the dessert machine and got Cole laughing.  He didn’t seem upset Shane serviced the old man.  A cowboy slave knows not to cast aspersions or judgments on another slave.  Cole knew Shane was still a slave and had to play the game accordingly.  Besides, Cole had a different outlook on sex after being a slave for many years.  There was sex and then there was making love like Shane and he just shared.  It doesn’t come along every day, but when it does Cole knew to hold onto it, guard it, protect it, and do everything in his power to nurture it.

“He offered us a place to live, Cole.  He has a big ramrod’s house he wants me to come live in for free for doing handyman work around his place.  We could work out of there with our farrier business and help him start up his ranch again.  He wants to pay us to run it for him.”

“Gosh, that’s great.  What do you think your chances are of git’n me for your slave?”

“I just don’t know, yet.  I won’t until tomorrow evening.  I know my brother’s got money put away to give me.  I don’t know how much, but all I’m gonna’ ask for is you and the old truck.  I’ll tell him to keep his money.  It may be rough going for us at first, but we’ll make it.  We both may be eat’n slave chow for a month or so.  As long as I got you by my side I ain’t afraid of nothing.  I know we can do anything we set our minds to.  I ain’t gonna’ tell him about our relationship.  Judge Potter done warned me against it, and I trust the old man’s judgment.  I don’t think Angus’ got a clue about us, and that’s the way I want to keep it until you’re officially mine.  I want him to think I only want you for a business proposition, with us as a master/slave working arrangement.  If I can convince him it’s a good business deal, and I sign a contract to keep up his ponies on the side for a couple of years, he just might go for it.  What has he got to lose?  He’ll still be getting his ponies taken care of and have two less cowboys to feed.  I don’t think we should do them for free forever, but I’ll have to think on my feet with ma’ brother.  He ain’t got to be where he is because of lack of smarts.  I ain’t gonna’ offer no more’n I think I can git away with.  If I see him balking I’ll sweeten the deal.”

Shane didn’t want to tell Cole too much to get his hopes up.  Shane felt pretty confident he could pull it off, but the details from Master Potter’s dream were fuzzy.  He could handle disappointment for himself.  As a slave he’d learned to do it, but he didn’t want Cole hurt or disappointed because he got his hopes too high.  They decided they better get back to the bunkhouse.  Shane cleaned them both and helped his pa back on with his boots.  He got a damp cloth and cleaned the leather bedspread.  There was very little soiling.  They put everything away, locked up and walked slowly back to the bunkhouse hand in hand.  About halfway back they heard the old rooster crow.

“Do you think that counts as the chickens coming home to roost?” Cole chuckled.

“I certainly do.  You tell it, and I’ll swear to it.” Shane allowed.  They laughed.

“Thanks for the good fuck’n, Pa.  You did a fine job.  You done filled me up real good.” Shane poured on the cowboy lingo.

“You don’t feel empty no more?” Cole asked as he squeezed Shane’s hand.

“No, at all.  My ass is full of my pa’s good cowboy cream, and my heart is filled with his love.”

“You let your old man know when your meter says you’re a quart low, and he’ll be happy to fill up yore’ tank again for ya.”

“I promise, I will, Sir.”

“Good boy.” Cole said as he leaned over and stole a kiss.

They sneaked back into the bunkhouse without anyone seeing them.  They quietly and carefully pushed their bunks together and slept soundly in each others arms.  The night came into them on tiptoes and surrounded them with its softness.  They could hear an occasional sound from the other slaves during the night; a cough; a door shut; a bunk bed singing as some cowboy woke still horny and decided he wanted seconds in his partner’s ass; moans of ecstasy of fucking and getting fucked; the grunts and calls of climax; a toilet flushing; boots walking down the hallway; but, it would only pull them closer to one another.  Cole hadn’t been so at peace in a long time.  He was like a kid in a candy store with Shane’s love.  Every new day with Shane by his side was one of happiness and adventure.  Even the boring drudgery of cowboy work took on new meaning for him.  He had no idea the worth of the young man sleeping so peacefully in his arms.  He had no way of knowing, because of his small investment, his humanity and compassion for a baby slave ten years ago, just won him the jackpot for a new and fascinating life.   

End of Chapter 54 ~ Waco’s Lummox
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