By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 56

After Shane serviced his beloved pa, and the mechanical cock crowed, they lay together in an embrace and talked for a few minutes while they waited for their hearts to crank over for the day.

“You’ve sort of adopted the old man as your granddad, ain’t you, Master odd-job?” Cole asked Shane.

“Sort of?” Shane laughed.  He hadn’t thought about it, but he had to admit that’s exactly what he did. “Why not, I never had me one of them either.  Judge Potter suits me jes’ fine for a granddad.  I think I’ve fallen in love with the old man.” he admitted.

“I gotta’ admit, I’m awfully fond of him myself, Master.” admitted Cole.

Shane felt so damn strange for a minute.  They were busy all day.  Shane didn’t pay much attention to how Cole addressed him, but when he called him ‘master’ at that moment, it struck a dischord.  Here he was twenty years Cole’s junior, but looked even younger because of the longshot.  If you didn’t live in the community and met Shane for the first time you would swear he was about eighteen years old; twenty at the most.  His physical stature and massive body development helped make his appearance a bit more mature, but if you were fortunate enough to see him in the nude it was obvious he had a very young and supple body.  He didn’t think of himself as young.  Paying one’s dues was something Shane knew about personally.  In ten years as a slave he paid his fair share.  He was certainly more wise and mature than his physical presence belied, but to have this mature cowboy slave he considered a father figure for ten years call him ‘master’ just didn’t seem right somehow.  He loved Cole deeply no matter their difference in age and he respected him beyond measure.  He considered all he was today as a man was due to the strong, quiet, influence that was Cole Jenkins; something he could never say for Bill Birdsall.  

“Cole, I know you’re my slave, and you wanna’ be respectful to me as you should be to any master, but let’s set some ground rules or parameters for our working and personal relationships.  When I was a baby slave you started calling me ‘odd-jobby’ because I had one hell of a time training my bowels to operate on a slave’s schedule, but when I couldn’t git no other slave to change my diaper when I soiled it, for no amount of promises of service, you always took pity on me and did the dirty job.  To make matters worse, you never took advantage of my services in return.  I felt so damn guilty when I would have to come to you and ask you as my last resort.  You never once said ‘no’ or turned me away to go find another slave.  You always took care of me and for all my begging and pleading with you to let me service you, you told me not to worry about it.  As time went on you shortened my cognomen to ‘odd-job.’

To be honest, at first I hated the name ‘odd-job.’  It embarrassed me because it fit me so well, but after I was broken and you continued to call me that, it became something I learned to love and cherish about you.  Still do.” Shane smiled.  “My point is, I don’t wanna’ give that up, because it reminds me of a time when I was the lowest denominator and most humbly desperate of creatures who sought out your generosity and compassion; but also, every time you call me ‘odd-job’ it reminds me of how kind and gracious you were to me.  You taught me a great lesson about charity and compassion which ultimately resulted in me getting my sentence reduced by five years.  For that, I’ll always be grateful and indebted to you.  I never want to forget that.  You taught me by example, as any good father should teach his son.  Therefore, I came up with ‘pa’ as a nickname for you for obvious reasons.  I don’t want to give that up either.  When we’re home together if you call me ‘odd-job,’ ‘son,’ ‘boy,’ or ‘Shane’ I’ll know you mean it with love and respect.  I don’t need to be called ‘master’ or ‘sir’ all the time unless you feel you need to make some point; same as when we’re with the old man.  I’ll tell him of our agreement, but I still expect you to show him the respect he’s due unless he tells me different.”

“You know I will, Shane.” Cole said quietly.

“When we’re out in public, like today, I expect you to show him and me the respect we’re due by referring to us as ‘master’ or ‘sir’ mainly to keep up appearances and to keep some ignorant hard-nosed conservative bastard of a slave owner from accusing you of disrespecting your master.  You can also refer to me by my other title among our Grange family as ‘Captain.’  So do you understand my wishes, Pa?”

“I do, my faithful odd-job.”

Regarding the slave ritual, always watch me for a signal.  I know it may seem demeaning to snap my fingers for you to go into action, but it’s short, neat and efficient; or I just may use the word, ‘slave’ and you will know I mean to hit chore’ knees and pay homage to the freeman’s boots I’m speaking with.  I don’t know about you, but it’s one of the things about slavery I’m gonna’ have a hard time giving up, but then again my mama didn’t raise no fool when it came time for me to buy a slave.  Now I got me ma’ pa’s big handsome buckaroo boots to clean and pay homage to anytime I want, right?” Shane grinned like a kid in a candy store.

“Only if you promise to do a good job, boy.” Cole laughed.

“If’n I don’t please you, I fully expect you to turn me across yore’ knee and use your belt on me.  Is that understood?” Shane exclaimed, then smiled.

“Are you serious, odd-job?” Cole asked him.

“Dead serious, Pa.” Shane stole a kiss. “And I promise, you will never be punished for it neither.”

“You’re a piece of work, odd-job.  God, I love you, boy.” Cole stole his kiss back. “I gotta’ admit I don’t mind the slave ritual a bit.  I did at first, but as time went on I began to see the deeper meaning of it and found it immediately establishes a grounded relationship between me and any freeman.  I ask only one concession, odd-job.”

“What’s that, Pa?”

“Please, don’t never stop me from showing homage to yore’ boots when we’re in public, and I think the moment calls for it.”

“Concession granted, Pa.  Any questions?”

“Naw, Sir, I think we understand each other.”

“If you ever want to talk with me about anything regarding our relationship and you’re unsure about it, ask my permission to speak freely and if I give my permission, say what you will within the boundaries of common decency and respect.  As the judge said to me the other day, I would expect that from any man, free or slave.”

“Sounds like good advice to me, Sir.” Cole didn’t hesitate to use the honorific.  Shane knew he was making a strong statement.  It said Cole knew what he was doing and for Shane not to concern himself about it too much.

The men got cleaned up and dressed in their best Western clothes.  Cole always looked like the last of the American cowboys to Shane even with his clothes off, but dressed up in his Western outfit he looked like a thirties or forties Republic Western cowboy hero.  There was one other mental picture of Cole, Shane carried with him.  On many hot West Texas days, too many to count, Shane would be working on a pony and watching Cole out of the corner of his eyes, standing at the forge with his shirt off, wearing his rawhide farrier’s apron, a piece of rawhide tied around his brow to keep the sweat from his eyes, pounding out and shaping a pair of horseshoes, his arm muscles working, so clearly defined by the sweat and dust from his work, sweat pouring from Cole’s head and massive pectoral muscles, dripping off his wet and matted chest hair to make sizzling sounds as it dropped onto the red hot coals of the fire.  That was the mental snapshot of Cole he carried with him at all times and could find comfort in remembering.  The mere thought of the image of Cole at the forge never failed to cause an erection.

Potter was up, dressed and had coffee waiting when the men knocked at the rear door and walked into the kitchen of the big house.  After greetings they made breakfast.  The men talked about many things.  Potter and Cole had more questions for Shane which he patiently answered.  They had one last cup of coffee and talked about how they might travel to Charlie Goodnight’s ranch.  Their old truck wasn’t real comfortable so Judge Potter suggested they take his ranch wagon or truck.

“You men said you wanted to see my ship.  I could have her pick us up if you like.”

“I’d like that!” exclaimed the judge.

“Me, too, odd-job.” Cole added.  Potter looked at Cole and smiled at him for not attaching the word ‘master’ and reckoned correctly Shane and he set some ground rules.  Potter may have been up in years, but he was still sharp as a tack; a bit forgetful at times, but that’s to be expected of anyone as they begin to age.


“Would you like me to send the Bluebonnet for you and your family, Captain Shane?” his deep voice boomed.

“Thank you, Kyron, I would.  When Ms. Maybelle gits here just have her bring us aboard.”

“Will do, Captain.  By the way, Captain Waco, Ox and Patty are here in the control room.  They’re expecting family from Mars port in about an hour.  They want to know if they can come along for the ride?”

“Sure, be happy to have them.  Tell ‘em to come on.” Shane said.

The men were more impressed than ever with the voice of Kyron.  Shane tried to explain about several different forms of artificial intelligences and some they were working on.  By the time he got to describing the whale nodules, the Bluebonnet was directly overhead, and Waco asked if they were ready to come aboard.

“Do we have to go outside, Son?” Potter asked.

“Naw, Sir, jes’ put your coffee cup down and stand up.” Potter did as instructed.  Shane stood and indicated for Cole to stand, too.

“We’re ready, Captain Waco.”

There was a bright flash of light and the men found themselves on the bridge of the good ship Bluebonnet.

“Woah!” exclaimed the old judge.

“Dogies!” exclaimed Cole.

“Welcome to the Bluebonnet, Judge Potter, and Cole.” Waco was all smiles as he offered his hand to Judge Potter.  They shook hands and Waco pulled him into a hug.  “Thank you for your gacious consideration and generosity to my uncle, Sir.  Your courage and compassion will not soon be forgotten.” Potter almost lost it.  Waco’s big lummox stood silently behind him, but he had a pleasant look on his face and smiled approvingly from time to time.

Cole was looking to his master for a cue.  Shane nodded his head and Cole fell at Waco’s boots to pay homage to them.  Waco was a big fan of slave protocol, but not because he was a conservative; far from it.  It just turned him on sexually to have a fine looking man pay homage to his boots, and the smaller brain in his penis overcame his compassion.  Cole could almost sense it and made a fine display of his humility.  They completed the ritual and kissed a very stimulating kiss.

“Damn, Mr. Jenkins, no wonder my uncle wanted you for his slave.  Good choice, Uncle.  Welcome aboard Captain Shane’s ship, the Bluebonnet.  By the way, my lummox slave don’t speak, but he said to tell ya’ll ‘welcome.’”

“Thank you, Master Waco and thank you, Ox.  It’s a privilege and an honor to be here.  This is fantastic.” said Cole.

Sitting off to one side was Patty dancing from one foot to another waiting for the men to finish their greetings and acknowledge her.

“Come here, pretty lady.” Shane called to her.  She was in his arms with two bounds and one giant leap, gifting him with numerous doggie kisses.  Shane started laughing at her.

“Oh, Captain Shane!  It’s so good to see you again.  I ain’t seen you since we got back from Venus.  That’s too long and now you done went and become a freeman.  I’m so happy for you.” she went on and on.  Potter and Cole couldn’t help but smile at her enthusiasm. They never heard a talking dog before.

“Miss Patty, I’d like you to meet my new family.  This gentleman is Judge Potter.  I’ll be working for him as foreman on his ranch.”

Patty ran over to Potter held up her paw for him to shake.  He smiled and gently took her paw.  “It’s a great pleasure and honor for me to meet the man who freed my brother, Judge Potter.  I can’t thank you enough, Sir.” she gushed.

“It’s a great pleasure for me to meet Shane’s pretty little sister and the honor of granting Shane his freedom was all mine.” Potter assured her.

She next went to Cole to offer her paw.  He got down on his haunches to take her small paw and smiled as he looked into her eyes.  

“Cole, Cole, Cole!  I’ve heard so much about you.  You’re far more handsome than my brother described.  You’re all Captain Shane can talk about.”

“Patty!” Shane exclaimed and blushed.  Everyone laughed.

“May I give you a kiss, Cole?” Cole didn’t know what to think but went along.

“Sure.” he said as Patty placed both paws on his knees and gave him a big wet lick on his cheek.  Cole roared with laughter.

“Ain’t never had me no better kiss, Miss Patty.  I won’t warsh that cheek for a week.  I promise.” he swore laughing.  Patty was pleased.  Everyone laughed.

“Nothing says welcome to our family like a big wet doggie kiss.  Consider yourselves officially welcomed, Judge Potter and Cole Jenkins.” Waco laughed.

“Gentlemen, I’d also like you to meet my right-hand lady, Miss Maybelle.” Shane urged and called their attention to a video screen over the bridge console that just came to life.  On the holographic video view screen was projected the picture of a matronly older lady of obvious breeding and grace, with her hair piled up and around on her head the way a woman at the turn of the twentieth century might wear it.  She was wearing a bone colored, lace filled dress with a high neckline with short puffed sleeves from the same period.  A simple strand of very tasteful white pearls hung from around her neck almost down to her mid-section.  She was sitting in a white, high back, wicker, throne chair with a pitcher of lemonade and glasses sitting on a table next to her.  She was the picture of Southern charm, grace and hospitality.  She spoke with a delicate Southern lilt to her voice.  Her voice reminded Judge Potter of an old television actress Suzanne Pleshette.  It reminded him of what a huge crush he had on her as a young man.

“Welcome Judge Potter and Mr. Cole Jenkins to Captain Shane’s ship the Bluebonnet.  I would love to offer you a glass of my lemonade I have here next to me if I were a physical presence, but alas, I am the Bluebonnet’s artificially evolved intelligence.  There’s really nothing artificial about me because I am the surviving organic brain of the physical image you see before you.  I requested this assignment after my body gave up and expired, and I’ve had the pleasure of being this ship’s coordinator and facilitator for a number of years.  Captain Shane is my first full-time captain.  Allow me to humbly thank you Judge Potter for granting our good captain his emancipation and congratulations on your retirement.  I know it’s going to be a wonderful time for you.”

“Thank you, Miss Maybelle.  It’s certainly a pleasure to make your acquaintance, ma’am.  I hope you’re right about my retirement, but I don’t know how many more surprises from your young captain I can stand before my old heart gives out.” Potter laughed.

“Many more, Judge Potter, I can assure you, and I can further assure, you will experience many.  Captain Shane will see to your needs and well being.  You need fear nothing with him.  And you, Mr. Jenkins— you are, indeed, a handsome cowboy.  I told my good captain he had good taste when he chose me out of hundreds of other ships to bond with, I knew then he was an intelligent and sensitive young man, but you exceed all my expectations for him.  My, my, my!” she gushed, “Miss Patty was so right to give you a kiss.  I would surely do the same if I were physically present.  Until then, Sir, consider yourself kissed.” Everyone laughed at her brazen flirtations.

“Why thank you, ma’am.  I’m truly honored.  You are a lovely lady.”

“Pshaw.  Go on with you cowboy, but it’s nice of you to say.” she giggled.

While they talked they were docking with the Bandersnatch.  Waco finally got to Shane and gave him a big hug and a two dollar kiss.

“I can’t tell you how proud I am of you, Uncle.  You don’t know how much I’m gonna’ miss you paying homage to ma’ boots, though.” Waco joked.

“Hey!  You know how to rip an ex-slave’s heart out, nephew.  I said them very words to my slave this morning.” they all shared a laugh.  “We’re here, gentlemen.  This way.”  Shane led the way.  Waco and Patty brought up the rear.  They said their goodbyes to Miss Maybelle on the way and thanked her for the ride.  “You folks have a pleasant day now, ya’ hear.” she said sweetly and signed off.  Potter and Cole’s brains were spinning.  They were in awe of everything.  Cole could only remember Shane telling him he would take him places he could never imagine, and here he was doing just that.  He wasn’t alone.  Judge Potter was just as much in awe and exhibiting childlike wonder about everything they encountered.

“Gentlemen we could walk, but it would take us about fifteen minutes to git to the heart of the ship.  Best we use a gate.” said Shane.

“Is this ship that large?” asked Cole.

“You saw the size of Captain Shane’s ship.  This ship houses three hundred jes’ like it, with room for two hundred more.” answered Waco.

Shane walked to a terminal, punched in some coordinates and a gate sprang up.  

“Last one through’s a lazy old hound dog.” yelled Patty as she giggled and jumped through the gate.

“This is your first experience with a gate, gentlemen.  Ain’t nothing to it.  You just step through, and you’re there.  It’s like going from one room to another.  You need me to take your hand the first time, Judge?”  

“Naw, Son, I don’t care to be a lazy old hound dog.” the judge laughed and walked through.  

“Neither do I, Master.” Cole winked and stepped through.  Waco, Ox and Shane followed.   

“Captain Shane’s a lazy old hound dog.” Patty sang out and everyone laughed.

“I’ll git chu’ for that, you silly pup.” Shane laughed and ran after her. She squealed and ran for protection in Waco’s arms.  Shane reached out and scratched her head and gave her a big kiss.  Shane was her love.  With the entry to the Bandersnatch, Shane introduced Judge Potter and his slave, Cole Jenkins to a fascinating and in some ways more bizarre world than the land of Oz.  The only difference was the men had to keep telling each other this world was real and not an illusion.  They only had a few minutes on board the mighty Bee, but they met and recognized many of the strange folks and critters Shane explained to them from his video presentation the previous evening.  Most startling to them were the bio-mechanical men in sickbay, the son’s of Admiral Long— Cable, David and Jonathan.  Potter and Cole couldn’t take their eyes off them and immediately sported erections and wet spots at their crotch.  Shane laughed at them, but told them it took him months being around them before he stopped doing the same thing.  Now he thought of them as his brothers and close friends.

They passed through another gate onto Charlie Goodnight’s ranch.  Since everyone in the town of Reason were invited Lazarus and Charlie were very careful those more unusual critters and folks living within the colonies on board the Bandersnatch and other smaller ships were restricted from coming to Saturday’s party.  The colonies wanted to celebrate their brother’s freedom as well and were promised another party the following day.  No one made a fuss because they all understood certain sacrifices had to be made to protect and hide their presence on Earth.  The party at Charlie’s ranch did have some unusual characters like several huge Visallian warriors, but they looked like big muscle builders in cowboy drag.  They easily passed for Earth men, but there were many others who would not blend in.  Much to their dismay the talking pups were banned from attending and had to wait another day to be with and celebrate their brother, Captain Shane’s emancipation.  Nevertheless, it was a good day and Judge Potter and Cole met many wonderful, new, and interesting people in the community.  They seemed to separate into groups of those in the ‘know’ and those who didn’t have a clue.  The judge enjoyed meeting the men Shane showed videos of who had the longevity serum.  Warren Steele recognized his old friend, but when he first spoke to Potter and shook his hand, Potter didn’t recognize Warren.  Then it dawned on him when he finally made the mental association from the video.  He was astounded how young Mr. Steele looked, but for a man who was considerably younger, Mr. Steele had a big gut on him.  Maybe the man loved his beer, Potter thought.

“You think’n on joining the Grange now you’re retired, Clarence?” Warren called him by his given name because they grew up together.

“My foreman showed me some remarkable videos last evening of so many wonders it’s hard for me to wrap my mind around them.” he replied.

“Naw, it ain’t, Potter.  You take it a little at a time, and it’s the most wonderful group of misfits you ever might want to throw your lot in with.  There are some wonderful benefits.  Look at me.  Took about a year for the serum to work its full wonders, but I feel better and look better than I did when I was this age.  We need men like you, Clarence.  You’ve been talked about a lot, but we didn’t wanna’ get too close because of your political ties.  Now you’re retired, you have greater freedom to keep the two separate.  My boy, Sonny and his wife, and their boys are big members.  Sonny and Vivian adopted two wonderful alien children called Evanescents.”

“Are they the folks who disappear and reappear?” Potter asked.

“The same.  Ma’ boy and his wife won’t let them be alone with their daughter because she always wants to talk with them about Jesus.” Warren rolled his eyes. “My granddaughter, she’s the pretty little thing over there with her fundamentalist bible thump’n husband, don’t have no clue, but they know some strange things is going on.  You know it’s funny, they just seem to think my physical transformation is a miracle.  Well, in a way I guess it is, but it’s a miracle based on science and technology they ain't got no clue about.  It’s what separates gods from men and men from superstition.” Warren noticed Potter kept looking at his gut and smiled.  ‘I know what chore' thinking, but It ain’t no beer gut, Clarence.  I done swore off alcohol years ago.  Don’t tell nobody,” he whispered, “but I’m three months pregnant.” then he laughed when he saw the look of disbelief on Potter’s face.  He reckoned correctly Shane hadn’t gotten around to telling Potter everything.  Potter laughed nervously thinking good ole Warren Steele was just blowing cowboy smoke up his butt.  Warren told him how good it was to meet up with him again and would look forward to seeing him around the Grange.

Chief Ten Penny came over to speak with the old judge.  Potter was again impressed he was not looking at a man in his late sixties.  The Chief looked sound and fit.  He was very solicitous of Potter, and he also urged him to consider joining the Grange.

“I started changing within days of the longshot, Judge.” he shared with Potter.  “By one month, I was able to go a full day without taking a nap in the afternoon, and big chief begin waking up in mornings with heap-big totum pole.” he laughed at his use of phony Indian vernacular.  “Ain’t done that in years.  By the second month I was having sex with my squaws again.  By six months I took on a younger squaw.  After a year I took on another younger than her.” he laughed.  Potter couldn’t help laugh with him. “All my squaw’s got the shot.  Now, I can’t keep up with all of them.  They gonna’ be the death of me.”  Chief Tin Penny laughed, “Ma’ boys and their families got it, too.  All the Grange members got the shot.  I think you should consider joining us, Judge.  You won’t be sorry ya’ done it.”

Potter thanked the Chief and told him he was convinced it might be the thing to do.  He stressed he’d fallen in love with Shane, and if he was representative or a reflection of the people in the Grange, he would certainly petition to join.

“That boy ain’t had an easy row to hoe in his life, but I’ve seen a dramatic change in him in the last five years since Ramrod Long came to Charlie Goodnight’s ranch and the new Grange was formed.  You won’t find a better soul or partner to share with than Captain Shane Goodnight.” he assured Potter.  My grandson swears by him, and I trust that boy with my life.  Little Bear's the future of our tribe and Captain Shane is his sworn blood brother.  That makes him a full member of our tribe.  We’re very proud of Captain Goodnight.  He’s gone out of his way to do many good and wonderful things for us.  That’s why we stood up for him at the hearing.”

Potter was shaken by the sincerity of Chief Tin Penny’s words.  The judge was impressed and was all the more convinced he had been sent his own personal miracle in the form of Shane Goodnight.  Everything Shane told him and Cole was turning out to be true.  Shane was right about another thing.  The spread of food from Charlie, Lazarus, Angus and the women of the Grange was phenomenal.  Everyone ate too much, but had a great time.  Later in the day there were several announcements and personal gifts for Shane and surprisingly a couple for Judge Potter.  Talk gets around in a small town faster by word of mouth than any other means.  The men of the Grange were aware Potter planned to start up his ranch again and contracted with Shane to be his foreman.  No one knew for sure, but many suspected they formed a partnership.  They wanted to do something to encourage him and Shane.  Each of the ten major ranchers in the area donated cattle to his and Shane Goodnight’s new enterprise.  The combined total was sixty head with one good quality bull from Charlie.  Charlie gave them two seasoned cowboy slaves who knew Shane well and loved him.  They volunteered to go live and work for Shane and be his slaves.

Lazarus went to an auction in another county for a rancher who suffered several terrible health crises with his family which wiped him out.  Even in the mid twenty-first century if you were a working class family you didn’t get sick.  If you did you were looking at financial ruin or worse.  The corporate theocracy didn’t run charitable health care facilities.  They weren’t about patient care, they were about making money; the more the better.  The rancher’s wife suffered a long battle with cancer and his son had numerous health problems.  He was down to selling the last of his cattle, and his last two faithful cowboy slaves he consider family members.  Lazarus was the highest bidder for the two mature cowboys.  They were understandably emotionally distraught about being sold and taken away from their master of many years whom they loved and worked for most of their adult lives.  Lazarus purposely bid high to get as much money into the seller’s hands as he could to help him.  He gave them to Shane and the judge.  He promised the cowboys they would be going to a fine ranch run by good men.  They were somewhat consoled when they learned their new owner’s last name was Goodnight.  The Goodnight name was synonymous with good business and fair slave practices.  Lazarus also purchased the rancher’s cattle to give to Shane and Potter.

Lazarus’ personal gift for Shane was a bit more extravagant.  He bought him a brand new pickup truck.  One of the latest model Fords 3/4 ton with crew cab which ran on a combination of hydrogen cells and bio-diesel fuel.  Most ranchers learned to be self-sufficient and produced their own fuel or they belonged to a co-op which provided fuel for a more reasonable price than the oil companies.  The oil companies raised prices and gouged the American public for so many years they finally suffered a huge implosion.  With a collapsed economy and major depression, following the crash of 08,  no one could afford their prices.  No money.  No demand.  Bye, bye big oil.  Shane’s new truck was a beautiful, dark navy-blue color and shined like a new penny.  Shane and Cole were blown away by Ramrod Long’s generosity.  They agreed they would not use this vehicle for a work truck.  They wanted a panel truck with lots of compartments for various tools and equipment.

Potter never entertained what was his or what was Shane’s.  He later set down with Shane and suggested they form a partnership or corporation and became the Goodnight/Potter Ranch Enterprises.  Whatever profits they made, they split right down the middle.  Not only was it a wise idea on Potter’s part, he gave Shane and Cole an incentive for something to strive for.  The carrot on a stick, the core kernel of capitalism.  While they had their farrier business to sustain them, they had the promise of far greater personal rewards for hard work through managing the ranch.  Potter had a very lucrative retirement package from the county, state and federal governments.  One thing the theocracy couldn’t touch and drain the life from were men of Potter’s status.  Political clout, religious zealots and big money walk hand in hand and always protect their own.  Potter could afford to be generous with the men.  He was self-sufficient for the rest of his life.  Whatever their small corporation made was gravy for him, but he wasn’t a greedy man.

It was another day of emotional roller coaster rides; not only for Shane but for Potter and Cole as well.  The evening came to an end and people began to leave.  Shane and his family stayed on for a while, ate more good food but finally decided to take off.  They spent an hour thanking everyone with hand shaking, hugs, kisses and more tears.  Potter was so taken with it all he was exhausted and would start to fall asleep if he set down.  He was so tired from the full day he was dozing off sitting at one of the tables with Shane and Cole.  Ida Mae Wallace packed them three big cardboard boxes of food so they would have something to nosh on if they got peckish.  They climbed into Shane’s brand new pickup truck.  Shane asked Cole to drive.  They put the old man in the back and made sure he got strapped in.  They no sooner got him into the truck when he passed out.  They left about nine in the evening, but it was still light outside.  The sun was starting to set in the West.  Cole reached over and took Shane’s hand in his.

“Happy, odd-job?” he asked.

“I can’t remember ever being this happy, Pa.  No that ain’t true.  I guess there are levels of happiness.  There were times in the past when I was alone with you I was happy; happy just being with you whether we said a word to each other.  Like the old man told me, life should be about building good memories.  I have a happy memory of the day you pulled the truck over and gave me your present.  Today was a fine day to remember.  I was proud of you, Pa— proud to have you by my side.”

“I can’t tell you how proud I was of you, boy.  I never suspected your world away from the ranch could be so different and interesting.  I had my doubts when you told me and Judge Potter about your life, but I’ll never doubt you again.  My respect and admiration for you has skyrocketed.  No matter what the future brings, I wanna' be by your side.”

“You know what I’d like to do this evening?  What would be the perfect ending to a great day?”

“I got me an idea.” Cole grinned real big.

“You been read’n ma’ mail, cowboy?” Shane smiled.

“Naw, odd-job, wouldn’t do a thing like ‘at.  I just think I know you well enough to guess.”

“What’s your guess, Pa?”

“You wanna’ pay homage and make love to your old pa’s boots, clean ‘em up real good for him, and sweet talk him into filling up yore’ tank again.”

“Hell, if you ain’t a mind reader.  Pert-damn good one, too.”

“Can we watch more of that video of you and me?” Cole asked shyly.

“Does that turn you on, Pa?”

“Shore’ ‘nuff does, big time, odd-job.”
“I always suspected behind that strong, silent, stoic, mature cowboy facade beat the heart of a pre-vert.” Shane laughed.  “Do we even have a T. V.?” Shane asked.

“Yeah, I uncovered a nice one in the family room.” Cole confirmed.

“If it works, we’re in business, Pa.  Then can we make another movie?  This one with the other stuff you threatened me with last time?”

“Damn straight, Son!  Wonder what the old man would think about that?” Cole smiled.

“Let’s jes' make sure we git him the longshot before we show it to him.” Shane laughed.

“He had a good day, but it was a little hard on him, I think.  He’s exhausted.  We’re gonna’ have to put him to bed.” Cole allowed.

“I know, but I don’t mind.  ‘At’s what families do for one another.” allowed Shane.     

Cole was right.  They had to help the old man up the stairs and into his bedroom.  They laid him across his bed, and he was out like a light.  Shane turned down his bed and Cole slowly and carefully undressed him.  They got his nude body moved around in the bed and tucked him in.

“You know, odd-job, for his age, he ain’t got a bad body.” Cole commented.

“I know.  I been skinny-dipping with him twice.  There’s just something about him I wanna’ cuddle and protect.  He’s git’n that shot tomorrow.  The sooner the better.  I’ll have Cable run some tests.  I’ll have him give you the shot tomorrow, too.  Although, as a bargaining point I told my brother you’re a little long in the tooth to be considered prime cowboy slave meat, you’re young enough Cable probably won’t need to run any tests on you.” Cole frowned at him.  Shane put the back of his hand to his mouth and laughed at his response.  Cole grinned.

“I wish’t ta’ hell I could a’ heard that conversation.” Cole said.

“You can.  Remember them robo-cams?  We can play it back if’n you want.” Shane grinned.  Cole shook his head and broke up laughing.  

They each kissed the old man on his cheek, turned on a small night light, turned out the other lights and left the room.  They walked out into the night to find the same scene they experienced the previous night.  The moon was even bigger.  They hadn’t noticed it in the sky when they got home.  Obviously, it rose in a very short time.

“That’s spooky.” said Cole.

“Naw, it’s awesome, Pa.  It’s telling us we’re going in the right direction.”

They left the truck parked by the big house and decided to walk up the hill to their new home.  Once again, Cole took Shane’s hand, and they walked together in silence to the house.  It was a moment of closeness where words would only get in the way.  Cole remembered Shane’s comment to him about how he talked too much and smiled to himself.  They decided they didn’t want to watch the video after all.  Cole said he’d rather make a new one like they talked about.  It turned out to be a great success.  Shane took good care of his pa’s big buckaroo boots and the amount of tongue and tender loving care he lavished on them was directly proportionate to the amount of good, hot cowboy fuck’n he received from his pa in return.  To have sex all decked out in their cowboy gear was a new experience for both of them, and it inspired them to new heights of sexual fantasy and passion.  They were sparing verbally with each other to get their dirty cowboy talk to coincide with their on-screen performances.  They knew someday, some dork of a historian somewhere, would probably play these videos back for posterity or for his master’s thesis and receive the shock of his young life.  They certainly didn’t want to disappoint or discourage the stimulating inquiry into higher education.  

* * * * * * *

Shane took care of his pa again early the next morning, but they decided to sleep in until six.  They were used to getting up at four-thirty, breakfast by five and out to work an hour later.  The old man was still in bed when they arrived at the big house.  Cole made coffee and Shane went upstairs to wake him.  He was lying in bed awake with his old pole tenting the sheets.  Shane grinned when he saw Potter’s morning woody.

“Come on, Judge.  We got coffee on.  Get up or I’m gonna’ call Cole and sic him on yore’ bone.” Shane laughed.

“I’ll git up.” he jumped, “I don’t wanna’ use him up.” he said. “I don’t remember coming home last night.  Did you men put me to bed?”

“Shore’ did.  We undressed you, discussed whether or not we should take advantage and ravage yore’ body, but we decided it might not be a nice thing to do.  We put you under the covers, each gave you a goodnight kiss, tucked you in, turned out the lights and walked home.” Shane grinned.

“Ah, then it was them goodnight kisses what done it!” he exclaimed.

“Done what, Sir?”

“Made me have more of my wonderful vivid dreams.”

“You had more?” Shane sounded surprised.

“Oh, Shane— you should have seen the beautiful horses we were raising.  They were huge.  They looked like them Budweiser horses only different, but they were only a few of the wonderful critters and people we had living here on the ranch, and we were making money.  Everything we touched turned to money, and we used the money for good purposes, and we were happy, and we had more family join us, and they were happy, and ...”  Potter stopped abruptly.

“And what, Judge?”

“I don’t know about the next part.  It got kinda bizarre.  It couldn’t possibly happen.” he shook his head.

“Tell me about it.” Shane urged.

“We,... I mean us,.... no, no, I mean you and Cole— well, we all talked about it— decided we wanted children, and you got pregnant with Cole’s baby.” the old man looked stricken.

Shane couldn’t help himself, he started guffawing with laugher.  He rolled on the bed at Potter’s feet laughing.  Cole came up the stairs to see what all the merriment was about.  Shane was almost in tears.  He got himself together.

“Forgive me, Judge.” Shane told him, “Never discount your dreams.  Ever!  I assure you if Cole wanted me to have his baby, I would in a heartbeat, but you know what?  I could tell you what that dream means, but I don’t think you’d believe me.  I’m gonna’ let you find that one out for yourself.  I promise you, you’ll discover its meaning before this day it over— trust me.” Shane took his hand and smiled at him.

“What’s this all about?” Cole asked.

“Oh, nothing much, the judge just had another dream about the future.  In his dream we decided, as a family, to have children, and I got pregnant with your baby.” Shane laughed,  “Was it a boy or a girl, Judge?” Shane asked as an afterthought.

“A beautiful little boy and when he was born, he looked just like his daddy.  I remember watching Cole cradle him in his arms and the look of love on his daddy’s face.  It makes me wanna’ cry.” Potter’s eyes got watery.

“So he looked like his daddy.  Makes sense to me.  ‘At’s what I’d want him to look like.” said Shane.  “Well, all I can tell you, Judge, is me and my pa are shore’ ‘nuff work’n on it.  We done made us another video last night what was smoke’n.” Shane laughed  “Ma’ pa done fucked me so good last night I had to take ma’ buckaroo hat off and fan my behinder.  My old butt was so hot I thought my ass was on fire.  When he shot his sweet cowboy load I thought he’d forgotten where he was and was use’n my ass for a pinball machine.  I felt it hit my liver, my spleen, my gall bladder and then bounce off my prostate.  Scored a thousand points, he did, until I shot me wad, and the game went ‘tilt.” Shane roared with laughter at his own crude cowboy nonsense.  He remembered Phil Pie’s outrageous deliveries and knew in his heart the old cowboy would be proud of his sweet-meat baby slave boy.

“For God’s sake, whatever you do, don’t show it to me!” Potter exclaimed, then laughed.  Cole didn’t know what to think, but he laughed at their nonsense anyway.

They got Potter up and into the shower.  Then they went downstairs and fixed breakfast.  Cole was very quite while they worked.  Shane didn’t look at him, but could hear the wheels in his head turning.  Once in a while, one would slip a cog or make a grinding sound like a novice truck driver who ain’t quite got double clutching down pat.  Cole remembered the voice in his head from several nights before when he had his epiphany about Shane’s ass. ‘It shall bear your children,’ it said.  He dismissed it completely at the time, but now with this new revelation, he was beginning to wonder.  What was it all about?  Just before Potter came downstairs, Cole turned to looked at Shane and grinned.

“Men don’t have babies in your world do they, odd-job?” he asked quietly like he was afraid to hear the answer.  

Shane almost broke up again.  “Because I promised myself I’d never lie to my pa, I’ll tell you the truth, but if you doubt me, after what you witnessed yesterday, I’ll never tell you anything like this again.”

“I’ll believe you, odd-job.”

“Yes, it happens all the time.  It’s quite common.  Remember the big cowboy you met yesterday by the name of Arlen Jones.”

“You mean the big cowboy, Captain Jones, Master Long’s mate?”

“The same.  Remember the twin coyote cowboys?”

“Don’t tell me...” said Cole and stopped.

“Okay, I won’t.” Shane shutdown.

“No, no, ‘at ain’t what I meant, and you know it.  I have to know.” Cole persisted.

“I watched Captain Arlen Jones give birth to them boys.”

“No!  Really?” begged Cole.

“Careful, Pa.  I got videos to back me up.”

“So what Master Potter dreamed last night might come true?”

“I ain’t say’n it will, but it could.  It’s within the realm of possibility.  Do you remember commenting to me after meeting Sonny Steele’s daddy, Warren, how he must really like his beer, or he’s got a tumor in his gut?”

“Oh, my God!  Is he pregnant?”

“‘At’s right, cowboy.  Either that or he’s got a very active tumor in him what’s grown feet and kick’n the crap out of him ever’ now and then.” Shane grinned at him.

“Oh, dear God!  What are you gonna’ tell me next.” Cole moaned.

“If you don’t want me to, I won’t tell you nothing.  You don’t need to know more than I love you, no how.” Shane grinned echoing Cole’s own words.

“I guess I deserved that.” Cole conceded.

“No, you don’t, Pa.  I’s jes’ being mean.  You were right.  I was wrong.” said Shane. “Yesterday, you only got a glimpse of what you two are gonna’ experience today.  I can’t wait!” exclaimed Shane, then fell out laughing.  Cole looked at him and grimaced.  It only made Shane laugh harder.

The old man looked revived from his shower.  Shane fixed him a cup of coffee the way he liked it and set it before him.  They set down and ate a good breakfast.  You can bet talk was lively around the table that morning.  All of a sudden Judge Potter stopped eating and dropped his fork in his plate.  He was staring off into space like he was watching a scene from a private movie.

“Oh, my God!  Warren Steele told me yesterday his gut weren’t no beer gut, he was three months pregnant.  I thought he was embarrassed by his extra weight and was making a joke about it.  When I didn’t say anything he looked at me funny.  I realize now, he was expecting a different response.  He really is pregnant, ain’t he, Shane?”

“Yes, Sir.  Don’t feel bad.  The same thing happened to Cole yesterday.  I didn’t tell you men, because I thought it was a little advanced for right now, but what the hell.  You couldn’t help but hear about it today.  Ever’body knows about it.  Ever’body talks about it.  It goes on all the time.  It’s common place in the colonies.”

“Tell him about Captain Jones, odd-job.”

“You met Arlen Jones, Judge.  The big cowboy what’s Admiral Long’s mate.  You met the coyote cowboy twins.  I watched him give birth to them.”

“Oh, my Lord.  Then my dream was correct.  You mean you could have Cole’s children?”

“Sure could if’n I chose to.” Shane confirmed.
The old judge knew in his heart Shane was telling him the truth.  In the short time he knew Shane he never caught him in a lie.  It wasn’t Shane’s fault these things seemed strange or bizarre to him.  Many practices in other societies seem strange.  He thought of the Muslims and their extreme practices and devotion to dehumanizing religious practices.  He considered it a religion that never grew or advanced from its primitive origins.  It was just as backward thinking today as it was fifteen hundred years ago.  Cole decided not to tell Shane about the voice he heard in his head.  He thought Shane had enough on his plate with the judge.  The old man just shook his head and started eating his breakfast again.  There was a pregnant silence around the table for a few minutes.  Then the judge decided to move on.

“When are the slaves and cattle gonna’ be delivered, Son?” Potter asked.

“I told my uncle and ramrod Long I’d get back to them after I talked with you, Sir.”

“You don’t need to talk with me to make decisions like that.  You’re the foreman.  Anything dealing with the day to day operations of the ranch falls under the parameters of your job.  I’ll expect you to take care of those details.  Just keep me informed.”

“No disrespect, Master Potter, but my master is still thinking like a slave, and probably will for a while.  I’ll work with him to help remind him of his new responsibilities and duties.  He and I have worked closely with Master Birdsall and Master Angus.  We know the day to day operations of a ranch like the back of our hands.  We won’t let you down.”

“Thanks, Pa.” Shane said quietly.

“I knew you two were a winning combination.  I have no doubt about your abilities.  I have full faith in you men.” allowed Potter.  

Shane was momentarily embarrassed, but Cole was right.  It was then Shane began to realize how valuable Cole was going to be to him, not only as a hard worker but continuing as his mentor and surrogate dad.  In several ways it eased Shane’s mind.  Shane liked the idea of himself being in charge.  He finally would have some say in how his life, Cole’s life, and how life at the ranch would flow.  He could plan it and run it anyway he wanted as long as he continued to make money for him and Potter.  Just like Ramrod Long, he could make time for both worlds and not neglect either.  He decided he would make time for his family as well.

“I’m bringing back our four new slaves with us this evening.  The two my brother Charlie is giving us are men I know’d and would trust with my life.  They’re good hardworking cowboys and self-sufficient workers.  The other two I don’t know but are from a reputable ranch in another county.  Ramrod Long swears by them; says they’s like the two ma’ brother’s gonna’ give us.  They need a good home right away.  Ain’t no need for Cole and me to do all the work around here when we got slave labor to help.  Even though we don’t have no cattle yet there’s enough around here to do to keep them busy.  Even if they have some slack time to relax and get adjusted, that’s all right.  While I believe in being firm with slaves, I believe in fairness tempered with mercy.  We ain’t gonna’ be running no Simon Legree slave camp here.  Cole’s gonna’ be my ramrod, my top waddie, and I’ll have him put them to work to make sure everything is operational and fix things that ain’t.  They can help with the repair work on the foreman and his ramrod’s house.  Also, they can be here for backup to take care of the place and the critters if’n we need to be away for a day or so.  I ain’t having no cattle delivered for two weeks.  When was the last time you took a vacation, Judge?” Shane asked him.

“Never, since my wife passed away fifteen years ago.”

“Cole and me ain’t had us no vacation in years.  Slaves don’t git vacations.  We deserve a week or two to git to know one another, and for me to introduce you to the rest of my world.  I guess you two got a pretty good snoot full this morning.” Shane chuckled,  “But, there’s so much more that ain’t as shocking as a man having a baby.  Actually, once you git used to the idea it don’t seem so unnatural.  When you think about it, anyway life comes into being is precious.  It’s keeping it alive in today’s world what’s the trick.  Anyway, I guess what I need from you, Judge, is a decision whether or not you’d like to join the Grange and become a part of our family?”

“Yes, I thought a lot about it yesterday, and more this morning.  Something is showing me these things through my dreams for a reason, and I’m finding out the wildest of them are true.  I think it’s trying to tell me this is something I have to do.  It’s something I have to know about.  Some things may take  some adjustments on my part, but I’ve always prided myself on being open minded and capable of learning to accept new ideas.  All in all, it’s just too damn fascinating to pass up a chance like this.  Of course I’ll join your family, Son.”

“Good.  We can start the ball rolling today.  We should get going as soon as possible.  I want to start in sickbay with Cable and his team to check you out and give you both the longshot.  Cable might want to run some tests on you, Judge.  I don’t know about Cole.  We’ll see.  It won’t take long, then we can go through the gate to Parsons.”

“There used to be a town in Arizona named Parsons.  I had a cousin living there whom I loved very much.  It was totally wiped out by a meteor; destroyed the whole town; everyone died; there was nothing left but a huge crater.” lamented the old man.

 “Uh,— no, Sir, they didn’t die.  Admiral Long plotted the course of the meteor and saw where it was gonna’ hit, raced to the spot in the Bandersnatch, and lifted the whole town into his ship and miniaturized it.  The meteor fell to Earth, but there was nothing there but a big crater when it hit.  It just made a bigger crater.  That’s where the party is being held today.  Your cousin is probably still alive and well on the Bandersnatch.”

“My God that would be fantastic.”

“What’s his name, Judge?”

“Her!  Her name is Estelle Potter.  She never married.”


“There is an Estelle Potter who lives at 343 West Laurel Lane in Parsons.” came Kyron’s deep voice.

“My God in heaven.  She still lives at the same address.  That had to be ten years ago or more.”

“Eight, to be precise, Judge Potter.” corrected Kyron. “She still teaches Latin at the high school and is active in women’s league, two quilting circles, she sings in her church choir and is involved in many other civic activities.” added Kyron. “She’s currently learning to play the violin to become a part of the Parsons’ newly formed philharmonic.  There are a number of fine musicians in the other colonies.  They will give their first concert this fall.  Right now, she’s in her kitchen baking you some cookies, Judge.  She was informed you might be coming to Parsons today.  She’s looking forward to reuniting with you again.”

“Thank you, Kyron.” Shane said.  The old man started to weep for joy his cousin was still alive.

“She’s the only relative I have left.  I thought she was dead.  Why hasn’t she tried to contact me?”

“After the town was brought aboard the Bandersnatch, the Admiral let them watch the meteor hit where their town was.  It was a sobering sight for them to realize the man in the huge spaceship rescued them from certain death.  Admiral Long never made anyone stay who didn’t want to.  He gave them choices.  He would set them down anywhere they wanted if they didn’t wish to stay.  He even gave them large sums of money to get reestablished, but he asked them not to tell what happened to them.  Some chose to return to Earth, but many didn’t and stayed on with the Admiral.  A few who were returned didn’t keep their agreement and tried to tell their story, but no one believed them.  They were just considered another UFO freak.  Those who chose to stay reaped the benefits of an advanced civilization and are living a good life today.  She probably regrets not being able to contact you, but she made her choice.  Just like your made a choice to join us, Sir.”

“When are we leaving, Son?” he asked anxiously.

“As soon as we clean up the dishes.  I don’t think we’ll feel like doing them this evening, and I’d like not to leave them for Mrs. Huggins in the morning.  I’d like her to find a clean kitchen.  It won’t take us but a few minutes.  Grab your hat, Judge, and have another cup of coffee while Cole and I do the dishes.”

It didn’t take Cole and Shane but a few minutes working together.  They left the kitchen spotless.  They decided to take their new ‘Cowboy Cadillac’ which just happened to be a Ford.  It still had the new truck smell about it that made it seem luxurious and reeked of comfort.  Other than Shane’s ship, it was the first new vehicle for both of them.  They were thrilled and somewhat in awe of it.  They arrived at the Goodnight ranch, but everything was quiet.  It was still early in the morning though, and little seemed to be going on.  Shane instructed Cole to park next to the old barn.  They no sooner got out of the truck when out the back door of the big ranch house came eight boarder collies yelling Shane's name at the top of their voices and only one, the older female was barking.  That was Happy the mother of the six pups accompanied by her spouse Scraps.  Two of the pups, Larry and Shep wore head bands which showed the Visallian house they belonged to and their rank.  They were very proud of them and wore them everywhere.  They felt it set them apart from their brother’s and sisters.  Moe and Laverne were visiting from the colonies.

A surprise for Shane was Maxine was among them.  She went to live with Sheriff Lassiter and his family who had an autistic daughter.  Maxine became her constant companion, and her window to the world.  Shane later found out the little girl contracted a particularly virulent form of pneumonia and died quite suddenly in her sleep before the family could get medical treatment for her.  Maxine woke when she heard the little girl stop breathing and rushed to alert her family, but the child was dead before the paramedics could get there.  Maxine was unconsolable and blamed herself.  She was depressed and wouldn’t eat.  She lost a lot of weight and the Lassiters were worried about her.  They tried to reason with her there was nothing she or they could’ve done.  Maxine continued to spiral into depression.  As much as they loved her and considered her part of their family, they were so concerned they decided it would be best to return Maxine to the Goodnight ranch to be close to her family.  She’d been back at the ranch almost a week and was already gaining back some of the weight she lost. 

The pups just had to meet Judge Potter whom they all referred to as the ‘great emancipator.’  Patty told them all about meeting the judge and the handsome Cole Jenkins, Captain Shane’s slave.  Potter couldn’t get the smile off his face.  He was so impressed with seven talking dogs.  Shane explained their mother, Happy, could only say a few words.  She learned basic words to communicate what she wanted or how she felt about something.  She learned one word very well, ‘No!’  She was constantly getting onto the pups even as old as they were.  You could hear her yell at them across the yard when they were misbehaving, “No, no, no!”  Alas, a mother’s job is never done.

Lasarus, Arlen, Charlie, Hank Morgan, Waco, Lucas, Little Bear, Travis, JR, Indigo/Blue, Gavin, Jerry, Bron, Bronc, T’gan and the four coyote cowboys came out of the house to welcome them.  Bryce was not with them.  He shacked up with his main squeeze Blake Tindell for the night.  They would be along later.  The men just finished breakfast.  From the barn lumbered Waco’s giant lummox Potter and Cole met on Shane's ship.  He was accompanied by Ping and Pong and Jack and Jill.  They ran, hopped and jumped to Judge Potter and were all over him.  He was thrilled to see them again.  They silently introduced their parents to him and he and Cole graciously acknowledged them.  Potter thanked Ping and Pong for allowing Jack and Jill to come to his horse’s rescue.  They seemed pleased by his kind words.  Cole and Potter met all the humans the day before but had a difficult time keeping track of who was whose and where they belonged.  This assembly made it a little more understandable.  Shane spoke for his family.

“Judge Potter has decided to join the Grange and our extended family.” Everyone shook his hand and congratulated him. “Could we get him fixed up this morning, Admiral?”

“Don’t see why not.  It’s early, and I don’t think much is going on.  Folks won’t start arriving for another couple of hours or so.  C’mon, let’s go on board the Bandersnatch and see what ma’ boys are up to.  As you know they don’t never sleep.”

“Lazarus led the way.  He asked Arlen to go with him, invited Charlie, Waco, Lucas, and Indigo/Blue but dismissed the others so there wouldn’t be so much confusion in sickbay.  The old man and Cole had no trepidation going through the gate this time.  Potter marveled at how quickly the human mind can adjust to new situations.  Cable and his brothers graciously welcomed the men to sickbay and immediately ran a few tests.  They took blood samples from both men which were analyzed in minutes.  They did a full body scan on both Judge Potter and Cole Jenkins.  Cole was healthy as a horse, but Cable noticed most of his teeth needed replacing.  He decided Cole would have to lose them all, but Cable wouldn’t extract them.  He would inject him with a regeneration serum that would cause new buds in the sockets of his teeth to form and start growing.  The new teeth would destroy the roots of the old teeth as they developed.  The old would simply fall out, like baby teeth.  They gave him both shots, including the longshot.  The old man was a bit different.  Cable spotted something on his prostate and brought it to Lazarus and Arlen’s attention.  Cable asked him a few questions about urination.  How often he went, and did he experience any pain?  He answered ‘no’ to all questions.

“We found a cancerous growth on your prostate, Sir, but not to worry, from all our test it seems to have been neutralized.  It’s in the process of being absorbed by the rest of your body.  It’s highly unusual because prostate cancer is one of the fastest growing, most aggressive cancers in men.  Have you been doing anything unusual lately or eating some foods you haven’t been eating before that might cause it to be killed and go into remission?”

“No, I can’t think of anything.  Other than going skinny-dipping with my new ranch foreman a couple of times in the old creek on my property.”

“Did you happen to swallow much of the water?”

“No, I don’t think so.  Shane and I played around some and did a little ass grabbing but not much.”

“Did you have much full body contact with Captain Shane, Sir?”

“Why, yes, we did any number of times.  He held me in his arms and we talked.  I felt very comfortable with the young man and his close physical contact was relaxing and comforting to me.  We even kissed a couple of times as I remember to seal our bond of friendship and trust with one another.”

“Thank you, Judge, that pretty much tells us what we need to know.  Something we’ve suspected for a while now.” Cable smiled at him.

“What would that be, Sir?” Potter asked Cable.

“In your stack of letters you received about Captain Goodnight were their any which claimed miraculous healing after a visit from him where he touched or hugged someone?” Cable inquired.

“Many.  He and a couple of other cowboy slaves would go to individual homes and hospitals in our county to perform rope tricks and talk to the children about the life of a cowboy slave.  They did it as volunteer work and not because their master ordered them to.  Most of the children whom Shane visited he would hold or touch in a benign manner, and they claimed it was because of him they recovered; none of the other cowboys, just Shane.  They would pester their parents relentlessly until they got them to sit down and write me a letter.  I never gave it much thought other than he was a fine young man for going out of his way to comfort sick children.  You mean to tell me— ?”

“Yes, Sir.  We suspect Captain Shane is developing into a healing empath.  He hasn’t fully bloomed yet as several of our other family members, but after his heroic work on Venus, we think his powers have been greatly enhanced.  We think you have Captain Shane to thank for the death of your prostate cancer.  Anyway, other than that, you are sound, and I will be happy to administer the longshot for you.  You should start to feel its effects almost immediately stamina wise, an almost instant increase in your libido, but it will take several days, perhaps a week or more, for you to begin to notice any physical changes.  Would you like a new, full set of teeth, Sir?  They will be better than the ones you have now, more perfect and will never suffer decay or rot.”

“Who wouldn’t?  Of course, Sir, I would be most grateful.” Potter agreed.

“Good, you wouldn’t want a new car with old grillwork, would you?” Cable asked rhetorically.  Potter smiled at him.  “We would like to see you again in about a week to confirm our observations regarding your prostate.  I will ask Kyron to remind Captain Shane.  We want to make sure it’s going away and hasn’t started regrowing.  I think there’s little chance, but to be on the safe side make sure you give Captain Goodnight a couple a hugs, perhaps when you wake in the morning and once before you go to bed in the evening so you may have full body contact, and perhaps a couple of goodly kisses per day until further notice.  That shouldn’t be too difficult a pill for you to swallow, will it, Sir?” Cable smiled at Potter.  

“Not at all, Sir, but I feel certain Captain Goodnight may be addictive.  I just hope I don’t run the risk of becoming dependent or worse suffering an overdose.” Potter laughed at his cleverness.

“Little chance of that, Judge.” Cable assured him. “Physical contact with others of their kind is necessary for the generation and preservation of good health for all primate species.  As a matter of fact, my brothers and I find we have a higher output level in direct proportion to the number of humans, with which we have physical contact.  We’ve yet to establish a required minimum daily dosage, but a brief period of mega-doses of much harsher substances is quite common in medicine and alternative therapies and will have no ill effect.” Cable spoke like a knowledgeable doctor prescribing a potent medication.  ‘If it's true, Shane can heal prostate cancer, he is, indeed, potent,’ thought Potter.  He wondered if Shane didn’t have a little of the ‘omni’ in him.  Cable gave him both shots and they were done in sickbay.  Cole and Potter graciously thanked the bio-mechanical men.  They were still sporting erections when they left.

Cable, David and Jonathan promised Shane they would see him later in Parsons.  They had become quite custom to leaving the Bandersnatch for the comfort of attending functions in the nude in the small town.  Everyone knew and loved them and had no problem with them walking among them naked.  Many others chose to do the same.  Most came to them regularly for medical attention and considered them close friends.  They were welcome everywhere they went.  For some reason children found them particularly attractive and had no compunction running to them for a hug or a quick kiss.  Potter and Cole decided they would certainly have no compunction doing the same.  The beautiful men knew all the children’s names, would make over them, inquire about their family, their health and if they had been good, brushing their teeth regularly, and taking care of their little brothers and sisters.

Judge Potter’s first stop after arriving in Parsons was to head for his cousin’s house.  It was within walking distance from the gate and Potter’s mind raced back to a time when he last visited the small town.  Little changed in eight years.  It looked perfectly preserved and all the small houses were immaculate.  Not one had a neglected lawn or needed maintenance.  Every shutter was in place.  It looked like something out of a Disney movie.  He came to his cousin’s house on Laurel Lane and almost wept when he saw the perfectly taken care of small two bedroom cottage.  He remember how many times Estelle told him ‘Laurel Lane’ was named for Rhododendron maximum and not Stan.  She asked Kyron if he would be so kind to alert her to her cousin Clarence’s arrival, and she was waiting at the front door for him.  Shane and Cole stood back with their hats in their hands as they watched the old man sob his heart out in his cousin’s arms.  She was a nice looking, prim and proper middle aged women whose eyes were bright and full of intelligent mischief.  She didn’t have a mean bone in her body, but she loved a good laugh and would set you up in a heartbeat.  The old man got himself together.  She took one look at him and declared,

“Look and you, Clarence.  You’ve allowed yourself to get old.  I thank God you found young Captain Goodnight in time and had the good sense to befriend him, and knowing you like I do, you probably thought you were doing him a favor.” she laughed wickedly.  She held out her hand for Shane and Cole.  “Come, Captain Goodnight and Mr. Jenkins.  Welcome to my little home.  It isn’t much, but I do so love it.” She picked up an eight by ten glossy photo of Shane she had sitting on a small table waiting to be framed and handed it to him.  “Please, Captain Goodnight, would you do me the great honor of autographing your picture for me.  I would be most grateful.”

Potter and Cole’s mouths dropped open.

“I’d be proud to, Miss Potter.  Please, call me Shane, ma’am.”

“Nonsense, young man.  You deserve your honorific title of 'Captain,' but I will concede to Captain Shane as others refer to you.  I’m so honored, Sir, to have you in my home.”

“Why, thank you, Miss Potter, the honor is mine, I assure you.”

Shane signed the picture: To Miss Estelle Potter, my gentle and gracious friend.  All my love, Captain Shane Goodnight.

“That’s just so like you, Captain.  What a nice, sweet sentiment.” she spoke sincerely.  Shane blushed.  “I can tell by the looks on you men’s faces you have no idea the accomplishments of this young man and his cowboy brothers.  I can assure you he is a great hero to the people of the colonies, Mars and Venus.”

Potter just looked at Cole and shook his head.  She knew all about what her cousin Clarence had been up to and followed his career from afar.  She apologized for not being able to contact him, but perhaps he understands now why it would have been imprudent for her to try.  Potter couldn’t get over how young she looked.  She didn’t look a day over thirty-five or forty at the most.  Compared to her, Potter could be her father when, in actual years, they were the same age.  She served them fresh baked cookies and a delicious pink lemonade.  They had to be the best cookies Shane and Cole ever had and told her so.  It got them a couple more.  Potter wanted to stay and let Shane and Cole go on without him.  Estelle put the kibosh on that idea.

“Nonsense, Clarence, you go with these young men and get to know our world.  If you are to be his business partner you need to know these things about him.  We have nothing but time to catch up and visit with one another.  I will expect a weekly visit from you, preferable on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon for a progress report on yourself, your sojourn into our world, and updates on Captain Goodnight and his handsome cowboy slave, Mr. Cole Jenkins.  Of course, Captain Shane and Mr. Jenkins have an open invitation to accompany you on any of your visits when they can spare the time to get away.  They are always welcome.  I’m busy weekdays with my teaching job and my evenings are mostly filled with activities.  I’m also currently seeing a nice man from one of the other colonies, and he takes some of my time.  I love you, Clarence, and I’m so glad we’re in each others lives again.  I just want you to know you’ve done the right thing by joining the Grange, becoming a part of our family and our small world.  You won’t regret it, I assure you.”

Shane fell in love with Miss Estelle Potter.  One day he hoped to sit in her Latin class and translate the classics.  Cole found her to be a classy lady with a great deal of strength, wit and charm.  She assured Captain Goodnight she would see him later at the several functions.  She would not miss it for the world and thanked him again for his kind autograph.  She would always treasure it.  Potter and Cole heard rumors of Shane’s popularity elsewhere, but it was their first dose of the adulation Shane commanded everywhere he went.  It was not to be the last.

“Cole,” Potter said to him during the day, “how are you adjusting to all of this?”

“Adjusting?” Cole laughed, “Adjustment has no meaning in my master’s world.  I no sooner think I can handle some new concept when around the next corner we’re presented with something else to accept.  There ain’t no time for adjustment.  It’s like waking up in a different world, but think about it, Master Potter, would you wanna’ go back before we had Shane in our lives.”

“Good point, Son.  No, at best I was looking at a very lonely old age.  Now, I’m not sure what old age means anymore.” Potter patted Cole on the back like a comrade at arms, smiled and shook his head.

The good people of Parsons decided to hold a carnival and rodeo for the day.  The carnival would go on all day, but the rodeo was suppose to run only for a couple of hours.  It always ran over and became a standing joke.  Nobody cared as long as they were having a good time, and there was always enough variety and surprises to be thoroughly entertaining.  No one ever left a rodeo in Parsons yawning.  It was not yet midmorning as they walked away from Miss Estelle Potter’s neat little cottage waving goodbye to her and headed for the downtown section of Parsons.  The good folks of Parsons went all out, and there were giant banners proclaiming: Congratulations Captain Shane.  We Love You.  Another read: Captain Shane Goodnight Our Hero.  Potter and Cole were impressed.  Everywhere they went there would be adoring crowds gathered around Shane asking for his autograph, just to touch him, to tell him how proud of him they were and congratulate him on his emancipation.  Potter and Cole could tell they genuinely loved Shane.

As they walked along they came upon Strom, Lyle Chambers and their family of Kuluke, T’kan and Strom’s young son Storm who was just learning to walk.  He held onto his big daddy’s hand with his left and his smaller daddy’s hand with his right.  Shane introduced them.  Strom was one of a few lummox who learned to talk and didn’t mind speaking.  He didn’t talk a lot, but he made a great effort to be social.  Their adopted son’s Kuluke and T’kan quickly picked up speech and were his primary motivators.  They were after him all the time to talk with them and were loving, supportive and patient with his efforts.  It became sort of an extra bond with them.  Kuluke and T’kan had the extra support of an English teacher for their other dad and learned proper English, but would still lapse into the cowboy lingo with their cowboy brothers.  Kuluke and T’kan were all over Shane hugging him and patting him on the back.  They were thrilled with his emancipation.  Lyle gave him a good handshake and a hug.  Strom picked Shane up like he was nothing and held him to his huge chest, snuggled him and sang to him.  Finally, he said in a deep voice, “Strom love Captain Shane.  Strom make Captain Shane his son.”

“I would be pleased and humbled to be your son, Strom.  I couldn’t think of a greater honor.” Strom squeezed him again and set him down.  

Potter and Cole’s eyes were bulging out of their heads.

“Judge Potter and Cole Jenkins may I introduce the family of Mr. Lyle Chambers, his husband Strom and their three bairns Kuluke, T’kan, and the baby of the family, Storm.  You remember Mr. Chambers, Judge?  He used to teach English lit in high school in Reason for many years.  Now he teaches at the high school in Parsons.  He and Strom bonded several years ago and decided to have a family.  They are successful farmers in the community.”

“Of course I remember Mr. Chambers.  What a fine looking family.”  Potter was a little intimidated by the size of Strom.  “How old is the little one.” he asked.

“Let’s see.  When did I give birth to little Storm?  Do you remember, daddy?” Lyle asked Strom.

“Ten and three months.” Strom boomed.

“Get use to it gentlemen.” said Shane, “There are several human-lummox couples in the colonies, and they are very happy together.  Your old friend Warren Steele mated with one of the biggest lummox on record.  They fell in love and now Warren is carrying his mate, Horse’s bairn.  One of the greatest and strongest bondings known in the universe are male human and male lummox.  You will learn more about it as we go along.  During the morning they ran into Warren Steele accompanied this time by his mate, Horse, who was, indeed, the largest lummox Potter or Cole ever ran across.  He was not only tall but immense.  They were with Jack Hall and his mate Buck Hall who were dressed in their buckaroo finest.  Once again Potter was impressed how young Jack Hall looked in comparison to how he remember him in his court several years before.  He looked great and his mate was a stunningly handsome, well built young man.

“We got the same last name, Judge, because I adopted Buck as my son, but that weren’t enough for me.  I didn’t want no self-righteous religious hypocrites saying we’s living in sin ‘cause I’s bang’n ma’ boy, so I done went and asked  Admiral Long to marry us about a year and a half ago.  Ain’t sorry I done it, neither.” Jack Hall explained.  Potter and Cole were again stunned.  They just assumed Jack Hall was the very straightest of cowboys.  He was— once.  He didn’t bother to explain Jesse Watkins gift to him and Buck.  In the colonies, no one cared.  Neither did Jack anymore.  He had what he wanted out of life.  Personal happiness has a way of overlooking the pettiness of the world.  Potter shook hands with his old school chum Warren Steele again.

“Please, Warren, allow me to apologize for my inappropriate response yesterday.” Potter said.

“No apology necessary, Clarence.  I done reckoned you ain’t been told about our ways here, and that’s all right.  I have several weeks left to go, and I’ll give birth to ma’ first bairn.  H’it ain’t gonna’ be my last, neither.  Horse and I done decided we want a big family.  The birth of a new bairn is a special occasion among the colonies because there are so few left.  Their species was almost wiped out, but we’re doing our small part to try to increase their kind.  The birth of any new bairn becomes a social event, and I’d like to invite you to witness it if you like.  I know Captain Shane will be there.  He’s already done promised me and Horse.  You’re certainly welcome to come, too, Mr. Jenkins.  Many men do come.” Warren chuckled at his double entendre as he included Cole, then added, “I know I filled my Wranglers the first time I witness a man giving birth.” he grinned wickedly.

Potter pulled Warren aside and spoke to him quietly.  “Forgive me for asking, Warren, but your mate has to be huge.  How can you take him?”

“You got chore’ question wrong, brother.” Warren smiled at Potter, “Take a good look at him, Clarence, ain’t he the most handsome, finest look’n beast you ever done see’d?  The question should be, how can I not take him?” Warren laughed.  “I assure you the human sphincter can learn to adjust to almost any size.  I’m so used to my husband by now, I could never have sex with anybody else.  I would never feel ‘em.”  Warren laughed.  Potter turned a light green color and just shook his head.  If that wasn’t enough, along came the Trong-Fielding family.  Two of the young men Potter and Cole recognized, Gavin and Jerry, they met the day before and earlier that morning as members of Charlie Goodnight’s family and part of Waco’s cowboy brothers.  Of course the entire family was all over Shane congratulating him and giving him great pats on the back, hugs and kisses.  It was a family composed of human children as well as lummox.  It threw Potter and Cole for a loop.  They couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on.  Gavin saw their confusion and became the unofficial spokesman for their family.

“Judge Potter and Mr. Jenkins, nice to see you gentlemen again.  You must be wondering about our family.  I know my little brother Jerry and I were introduced to you earlier as part of the Goodnight family, and I assure you we are.  We have been for several years, but it’s so we can live on the ranch and attend school in Reason without suspicion.  These folks you see before you are our biological parents and family.”  Gavin went on to introduce his two dad’s as Captain Trong and Commander Kyle Fielding, explaining, together with their children they were the Trong-Fielding family.  He introduced his next younger brother, a handsome young lummox male named Kurg, then Jerry who was very much human, then Bogg another young lummox male, then Krenna a lummox female, and finally the baby of the family, Ginny a human female being held lovingly by her huge lummox father, Captain Trong.  There was no doubt she was her lummox daddy’s little girl.  The love and trust that passed between them was palpable.  

“Amazing.  To have a giant furry teddy bear for your very own dad must be every small girls dream.” said Potter under his breath.  He heard a chuckle from Cole standing next to him.  “I can’t ever remember being quite so impressed by such a large family.” Potter laughed.  Kyle Fielding and Trong laughed with him.

“We understand it takes some getting use to.  Welcome to the Grange and our family, Judge Potter and Mr. Jenkins.  We’re so glad to have you as a part of our larger family.” said Kyle Fielding graciously.

“Thank you, Sir.  The pleasure is ours.” said Potter.

“You may wish to review a video the commander and I made several years ago explaining interspecies mating and birth practices.  It’s considered very informative and may help you gentlemen better understand our way of life.” Captain Trong spoke in a slow but booming deep voice.

“Thank you, Sir.  We’ll keep that in mind.  We’ll be sure to ask Captain Shane about it later.” responded Cole.

The day progress and the two men experienced more and more wonders.  Waco came along with his arm around a huge, fierce but handsome looking warrior and his other arm around his lummox slave.  Waco introduced the big warrior as Captain Treygor Vinceeth, a Visallian warrior from the planet Tentagel as his suitor.  Trey Vinceeth hugged and kissed Shane to congratulate his apprentice-warrior on his emancipation.  Another new title Cole and Potter knew nothing about.  He shook Judge Potter's hand and  congratulated him on his retirement.  Cole looked to Shane for a signal, but he shook his head 'no.'  Visallian warriors didn't like participating in slave rituals.  They didn't approve of slavery.

Cole was a big man, but Trey Vinceeth dwarfed him as he gave him a hug, a quick kiss and told him to take care of his younger brother, Captain Shane.  He was a fully invested apprentice-warrior under the protection of the Vinceeth family tribe.  Cole assured the big warrior he would do his best.  Sitting on Waco's huge lummox’s shoulder was a beautiful fairy like creature and others like her flying around like they were her escorts and protectors.  That’s exactly what they were and Waco took great delight in introducing Keekepata and her Shushonni courtiers.  She thanked the judge personally for granting her brother and master, Captain Shane, his emancipation.  Waco didn't introduce her as his slave, but she made a great point of explaining she belonged to Captain Waco as his slave, and she was proud of it.  Keekepata also congratulated Potter on his retirement, his decision to join the Grange and become a part of their greater family.  The old judge and Cole could only look at each other and shake their heads in wonder.

The whole day was like that and the rodeo had many more surprises in store.  During the rodeo there were several short speeches made to congratulate Captain Shane on his emancipation and to wish him luck.  The Admiral gave a brief speech and told how proud he was of Captain Shane and of his heroic accomplishments on Venus.  The rodeo and all the unusual people and creatures gathered cheering Shane on made Judge Potter and Cole Jenkins pledge themselves to help the young man achieve his goals.  They all yelled for Shane to say a few words.  He took the microphone and spoke.  He told of how much the Grange and his extended family helped him through the last five years of his indenturement.  He was grateful and loved everyone.  The day drew to a close, but it wasn’t until almost ten o’clock in the evening  Shane, Cole and Potter climbed into the front seat of his new truck to return to the Potter ranch.  The four cowboy slaves loaded their gear and saddles into the back of Shane’s truck and were waiting for them when they returned from the old barn gate from Parsons.  Cole drove.  Shane was sitting between Cole and Potter.  Potter was going on and on about the wonderful day.  The front of the truck was divided from the crew section by a big piece of glass.  It could be raised or lowered but Shane had it up so their conversation couldn’t be overheard by the slaves in the back.  At a pause in Potter's ramblings Shane smile at Cole.

“Are you feeling that much better, Pa?” he asked nodding his head at the old judge.

“Every bit.  You might have to put a cork up yore’ butt to keep me out tonight.” he said without humor.  Potter broke up.  He realized he wasn’t nearly as tired as he was the night before, but they walked more and did twice as many things.

“I can’t believe how much better I feel in one day.  It’s absolutely amazing.  I just might have to watch that new video you men made last night when I git back to the ranch.  Oh, but wait, I can’t unless you’re with me, can I?” Potter sounded disappointed, “Ah, well, I’ll catch it some other time.” he added.

“You don’t need me, Boss man.” Shane told him, “As of today, you got three robo-cams on you, Cole’s got three on him, and our slaves back there got three on each one a’ them; compliments of the Grange.  You can speak with Kyron anytime you want.  He has my permission to show you the video.  I’ll go over the details with you and Cole later about the operation and functions of the cams and give you the access codes.  The slaves don’t need to know those things.”

"You know, one might think that sort of thing smacks of ‘big brother’ to be under constant surveillance, but I suppose it would have a lot to do with the purpose and use of such technology.  If it’s to communicate and protect then it becomes only another useful tool.  It could also be use to convict someone of a crime, but just as easily be proof positive evidence of someone’s innocence.  No wonder you’re such a fine young man, Shane, you know your actions are always being monitored.” said Potter.

“I never think of it in those terms, Sir.  I jes’ think ever’one should strive for goodness in their lives and try to be the best person they can be.  Didn’t take no robo-cam to teach me that, I learnt it from ma’ pa.” Shane stated as a fact, found Cole’s big, calloused hand and slipped his into it.

“Make that a big cork, odd-job.” Cole said drolly.  Shane and Potter broke up laughing.

They arrived at the ranch around eleven.  Cole and Shane dropped Potter off at the big house and drove the cowboy slaves up and over the ridge to the bunkhouse/slave quarters in the valley below.  Shane could tell the men were impressed with the place.  It needed cleaning, but they allowed the bunks were better than the ones they had.  They each had a couple of duffle bags of clothes and a good size trunk they could lock their personal items in.  Shane told them to take the two lead cowboy rooms on the right, two to a room, because he was sure they would be getting more cowboys soon.  Also, each wing had its own hot water supply and Shane and Cole only lit the pilot for the right wing.

They told the men they were going to drive down to the barn and feed their ponies, but they would drop back by to check on them.  He showed them the huge bag of slave chow Angus gave him and a bag of nutritional biscuits.  He told them they would have to be patient and work with him and Cole, but they would get more things and better food tomorrow.  The cowboys got busy checking out the place and getting settled in for the night.  Shane and Cole drove down to the barn and fed the ponies.  They gave them extra oats because they were late.  Shane promised there would always be someone to take care of them from now on.  They were forgiving.  After checking on the slaves, Shane and Cole returned to their house and already began to think of it as home.  They decided to shower and go to bed.  They had a lot to do the next day.  Cole looked out of their bedroom window down to the big house and laughed when he saw dim flashing lights in Potter’s family room.

“He’s watching our movie, odd-job.”

“Good for him.” said Shane. “After he loosened up and let go I think he had a wonderful time today.”

“I know he did.  So did I.  I can’t believe the people and critters that you people have come in contact with and all live together like family.  It’s something I wondered about for years.  Why can’t the people on Earth jes’ get along?”

“Religion.” was all Shane said.  Cole shook his head, but had to agree with him.

Shane made sure he cleaned himself well.  They got into bed and were holding each other.

“I ain’t wear’n no cork, Pa.”

“Good.  I was jes’ kidding about it.  Does that mean we can try’n make a baby again, Son?” Cole joked.

“Go for it, Pa.”

Cole was perfecting his technique.  Shane swore Cole fucked him the best he ever had.  They made love for a while after Shane cleaned them up.

“Was you serious this morning what you told the old man about having my baby?” Cole asked.

“Dead serious, Pa, but not right away.  We can’t even think about kids right now until we get established.  Kids cost money.  We gotta' get on our feet first.
That’s gonna’ take a couple of years, but what’s a couple of years when you’re looking at hundreds?”

“Will we live that long, odd-job?” Cole asked.

“Admiral Long’s rescued his mate, Arlen Jones, from the old West almost three hundred years ago.  He don’t look a day over forty.  Since that time he got his-self educated and has several degrees in different sciences.  He’s an excellent doctor and surgeon.  When the Admiral rescued him he couldn’t read or write.”

“When I gave my life to Master Angus, I gave up any hope of ever having kids again, but I would with you, odd-job.” Cole stole a kiss.  “With parents like us, I know they would be wonderful kids.”

“That’s about the sweetest damn thing you ever done said to me, Pa.  See, I told ju’ you got a romantic side to you.”

“I love you, odd-job.”

“I love you, too, Pa.”

End of Chapter 56 ~ Waco’ Lummox
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