By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 61

"Never attempt to teach a pig to sing.  It is a waste of time and it annoys the pig." ~  Lazarus Long in Time Enough for Love by R. Heinlein

Things didn’t go as well for Coyote John as they did for Monty.  That’s not to say the Potter/Goodnight ranch treated their slaves much different.  They were a younger ranch and simply hadn’t experienced any baby slaves who were borderline incorrigibles.  Louden Austin and Fuzzy Daniels were about the worst cowboy slaves they had, but most of their problems were not due to lack of work ethic, but from bone headed stupid social inadequacies, but every now and then they showed promise; enough to make their slave daddies, big Bart and Telly think there might be a slim chance, a small glimmer of hope, they just may grow up one fine day.  When they got out of line, they were quickly checked and reined in.  Whatever they did to cause embarrassment to the other cowboy slaves was taken into serious consideration.  Together, the eight lead cowboys formed a loose association of a governing body in which Phil Pie became an unofficial spokesman, Eli Stone became secretary, and Bart and Telly became sergeant’s-at-arms and main muscle.  While all the cowboys were good size men, Bart and Telly were the enforcers.  They were greatly respected, not only for their mass, but also for their work ethics, good hearts and equal sense of fairness.  Loud and Fuzzy’s actions would be discussed with the other lead cowboys who would reach an agreement and they would be punished accordingly if a majority thought they deserved it.  Rarely was corporal punishment administered.  More often, it would be some form of denial of privileges or public embarrassment.

The four volunteer slaves from the colonies were younger hands, but they’d been around enough they were not naive about what went on with cowboy slaves.  Besides, they were bonded pairs themselves and experienced little or no problems fitting into their young master’s cowboy slave family.  They were expected to make themselves available to the lead cowboys for three months to establish a secure pecking order, but aside from several evenings of token sex, they were pretty much left to themselves.  Since Shane and Cole were pretty tightly bonded they were wise enough to leave the running of the cowboy slaves’ internal family affairs with the eight lead cowboys.  Surprisingly enough, the cowboys with whom they had the least amount of trouble was the four volunteer ‘freemen’ cowboys who heard about the Potter/Goodnight ranch, found their way there and petitioned Boss Potter, Shane and Ramrod Jenkins to take them in.

The old judge drew up an ironclad contract which was read to them, discussed thoroughly and signed before they would agree to take them on.  Their duties and obligations to the two masters, ramrod, and even the slaves on the ranch was spelled out in detail.  They were required to complete a three month baby slave period and required to service and put out for the eight lead cowboy slaves just like any slave.  The current governing body of lead cowboy slaves would have final say in their daily lives as well as the slaves.  There was nothing left to the imagination or a chance misunderstanding. 
One refusal would be grounds for expulsion and the lead cowboy's word was final with the foreman and his ramrod.  They were also made to understand they would be working only for their keep and no salary would be provided.  They knew and understood the requirements for living on the ranch as cowboy slaves and each lived up to their contracts to the letter or they had to leave.  Very few did.

Most adapted quickly, became fine cowboys and worked as hard as any slave for their keep.  A couple were recommended for positions at other ranches and became salaried employees.  Over the years, they, in turn, helped other ‘freemen’ brothers get better positions.  Thus, a tradition was born at the Potter/Goodnight ranch and as times got worse they had a steady stream of volunteer ‘freemen’ cowboys.  Men who were totally hard core straights, anti-homo rednecks before, found themselves in a live, let live, understand, adjust, participate or die situation.  They were forced to face their fears, get over their phobias, and swallow their pride along with the cowboy slave's and other bodily fluids.  Like everything else in life, once they got over their fear, the rest came naturally.  Unfortunately, some couldn’t; they clung to their fears, their prejudices and perished.

Coyote John was surprised he wasn’t going to a Cheney camp.  He was sure his old man gave up on him and wouldn’t try to pull any strings.  He was smart enough to realize his dad could be a man of quiet mystery and would sometimes play a powerful role behind the scenes; but, not this time; Coyote was convinced he spent his last nickel of his dad’s love for him.  His spirits were somewhat uplifted by the fact he was going to become a cowboy slave.  He always fancied himself a cowboy and thought the life might not be so bad.  He would soon have the two ignorant, redneck cowpokes who thought he was going to be their slave mind fucked in and have them dancing to his tune in no time.  What Coyote John didn’t know was, his dad, the older chief, had nothing to do with his purchase by the Grange.

It was a unanimous decision by the major players of the organization, who, out of love for Little Bear, compassion for the Tin Penny family and tribe in general, Coyote would be purchased and given to the rancher and/or slave trainer who they thought most likely could break him, and turn him into a useful and productive slave.  They weren’t asking for miracles.  They figured if any men could break him and rebuild him, it would be Angus Goodnight and Jimmy Joe Russell.  The rancher and his ramrod
accompanied by two deputies came to get him from the holding cell where he was waiting.  The deputies were Doug and Brody Tin Penny.  Jimmy Joe reached into a small backpack he was carrying and handed a nylon belt/harness contraption to Doug.  Both deputies were carrying cattle prods.  

“Strip, slave!” Doug ordered his older brother.

“C’mon, brother, what the fuck is this?” Coyote John flashed his usual Till Eulenspiegel grin but refused to make a move to undress.  Doug nodded his head to Brody, his brother touched the end of his cattle prod to Coyote’s backside and pulled the trigger.  John was writhing on the floor, moaning and groaning, cursing his brothers and asking why they did that to him?

“You ain’t a man no more, you’re a slave.  You’re just a piece of raw meat; undomesticated livestock to these men.  You will be broken, trained and must  earn the right to be treated better than a base animal.  You’re little more to them than a piece of cow dung, waiting for them to tear you down and rebuild you into something they can use.  Until then, you’ll be treated as the dumb animal you are.  You will speak only when spoken to or you will be punished.  From now on, you will call any freeman ‘master’ including me and Officer Brody.  When the judge sentenced you to a lifetime of slavery and banged his gavel you stopped being our brother.”  Coyote John pulled himself together and managed to get his clothes off.  “Pull yore’ boots back on.” Doug ordered him and he complied.  “Stand!”  Doug ordered.   Brody got busy with the nylon belt and fastened it at John’s backside.  There were cuff restraints on the sides and Brody fastened them tightly around his wrists.  Coyote couldn't move his hands from his side.  There were two straps on the belt that ran down in a "V" to Coyote's crotch and attached to a metal ring.   Brody managed to shove Coyote's cock and balls through the ring and let the strap dangle in front of him.

Jimmy Joe got another contraption from his bag.  It was a circular device that looked like a small, highly polished donut.  It came apart into two halves.  He donned a pair of throwaway surgical gloves, knelt in front of Coyote John and without asking grabbed hold of his ball sack and began milking his balls to collect the loose skin to tighten his thumb and forefinger around.  He instructed Brody to put the two halves of the device around the loose skin and lock them together with a keyed allen wrench.  They were careful not to pinch any skin so the device rode smoothly on top of Coyote John’s big balls.  Brody was impressed it weighed quite a bit for such a small object.  There was no way the slave could remove the device without the key or cutting his balls off.

Jimmy Joe ordered him to lean over and put his head on the lower bunk and spread his feet.  Coyote needed assistance from the officers to keep from falling over, but he managed to comply.  Ramrod Russell took a large metal butt plug from his backpack, applied some bag balm to it and proceeded to work it up Coyote’s ass.  He was complaining, whinging, squirming and moving away from the intrusion and Jimmy Joe was having a Devil of a time getting him to take it.

“Allow me, Sir.” spoke Doug Tin Penny.  He took it away from Jimmy Joe, placed the cold tip at his big brother’s hole, took his knee, brought it up hard against the rear of the plug and drove it home in one swift movement.  Coyote John gasped, then let out a scream you could hear in both jails.  The other officers looked at each other and smiled knowingly.  They knew Coyote John just became a freshly plugged slave.

“Well, done!  Thanks, Officer Tin Penny.” said Jimmy Joe as he took the strap dangling from the cock ring, pulled it under and up the crack of Coyote's ass and attached it to a buckle on the rear of his waist belt, making sure he pulled it sharply, strapping the butt plug in tight.  Coyote let out a deep groan.  When Jimmy Joe tightened the butt strap on the harness, it caused Coyote John's cock and balls to stand up and out from his body making them very prominent.

“No problem, Sir.  Glad to be of help.”
They got Coyote John back on his feet and fastened a large, heavy metal collar around his neck, to which they attached a six foot heavy-duty chain.  Doug was standing directly in front of his older brother.  He reached down and cupped Coyote's balls in his hand.  He grinned at his brother as he lifted them with his hand feeling the heft and extra weight of the thick crome ring riding on top of his balls.  He let them drop to see if it caused his smart ass brother any discomfort.  It did, Coyote grimaced.  Doug took the end of the chain from Jimmy Joe to lead Coyote out of his cell.

“You ain’t gonna’ take me out a’ here naked, are you?” Coyote John asked with horror on his face.  Jimmy Joe removed a small remote control device from his backpack and switched it to the ‘on’ position.  He aimed it at Coyote John’s balls and pressed the red button.  Coyote got a look of stricken horror on his face.  His balls felt like they were set on fire as an electrical charge surged through them and to the metal butt plug in his ass causing his sphincter to spasm like he was being fucked by the metal plug up his butt.  It caused the big thing to slam into his ass as deep as it could get before being stopped by the larger flared base.  The slave started jumping up and down, bucking and pitching, backward and forward, yelling and screaming for Jimmy Joe to stop.  

“That was the lowest setting.  There’s five more settings on 'niss damn thing.  Anything past three and it’s guaranteed to knock you out for ten minutes.  Let that be a lesson to you, slave, you don’t speak unless spoken to.  You better listen to Officer Tin Penny.   A slave owner can treat his slaves anyway he pleases, and ‘yes,’ we’re gonna’ take you out of here buck-ass naked. 
You ain’t a man no more, you’re a piece of livestock.  You ain't no better'n one of our cows.  Why should we treat you any different.  When's the last time you saw a cow wearing clothes?” Jimmy Joe asked rhetorically, “Git used to it.  You’ll be naked a lot from now on.” he reached into his bag again and produced a perfect replica of a good size male penis in a soft rubber.  “Here, this'll shut him up.  Let him suck on a rubber husband.  He needs to git used to have'n his mouth full of cock.” Jimmy Joe said to Doug as he handed him the penis gag.  Doug moved to put it into Coyote’s mouth.”

“I promise, I won’t say no more.” Coyote pleaded.

“Too late, slave.  What you want don’t matter none no more; yore’ master wants it inserted, and it will be.  Open wide!” Doug commanded.  There was no way Coyote was going to open his mouth until Jimmy Joe pressed the red button again and another huge jolt of electricity ran through his balls and slammed the big plug deep into his ass again.  Coyote John jumped, his mouth flew open to yell just long enough for Doug to quickly shove it down his throat and strap it in tight.

“Ain’t modern technology wonderful?” Jimmy Joe grinned.  The men laughed and agreed.

“Better git used to suck’n on it, slave.” Doug Tin Penny advised the new slave, “You’ll be suck’n on the real thing soon enough.  By the way, Master Angus and Ramrod Russell, after you git him broken in real good, me and ma’ brother would appreciate it if’n we could come out to your ranch and spend a little one-on-one time with this slave.  Me’n ma’ little brother, we done talked it over; we’d both like to butt fuck him and have him suck us off; maybe at the same time.  Oh, yes, and I can't speak for my little brother, but I’d particularly like to have him suck and clean my asshole real good for me.” said Doug sincerely.
“No problem, Officer Tin Penny.  We’ll be happy to have you men out.  He should be ready for your use in about three months, maybe less.  Well let you men know.  Three months is our cut off date for him.  He either shapes up and accepts his new life as a slave in that period of time, or we’ll cut his balls off and send him on to a Cheney camp.  We won’t waste one day over three months on him.” allowed Angus.

“That would be great, Mr. Goodnight, Mr. Russell, we’d shore’ ‘nuff appreciate it.” added Brody. “I’m sure this slave won’t mind lick’n our asses clean like he forced his young cell mate to do for six months.  Me and ma’ bro, here, are firm believers in the ‘golden rule.’” Brody grinned.  The men laughed.

“Even if we can’t break him, we’ll have you men out so’s you can have a chance to butt fuck him and fuck his face real good before we ship him off to a Cheney camp.  We’ll have you out for his clip’n if’n we decide to castrate him.”

“That would be great, Sir.  Thanks.” said Doug.

Coyote John couldn’t believe his brothers would turn on him so quickly and actively seek to take advantage of him.  What he didn’t know was Angus and Jimmy Joe put his brothers up to it to make him feel deserted and alone in the world.  It was hard for Brody.  Doug, not so much.  Much to Coyote’s horror, they frog marched him out of the holding cell into the main corridor of the courthouse and down to the record’s office.  There were many people milling about, coming and going in the halls and little kids with their parents were laughing and pointing at the naked slave.  The men walked passed Coyote’s family.  They turned their backs to him as a message they were cutting him out of their lives and memories by refusing to look upon him.  He was an embarrassment to them and their people.  One little white boy ran up to Coyote, grabbed his big cock and pulled on it.  In poorer societies, it was believed if a child ran up to a fat man and patted his belly they would have good luck, abundant food and never starve to death; similarly, there were children’s legends which developed around the new slave society, if you ran up and pulled on a naked slave’s cock you would never grow up to be a slave yourself.  It was called ‘tug’n on a slave’ for good luck.  Another little boy was more polite and asked Jimmy Joe if he might tug on his slave’s cock.
“Sure, Son, help yourself; grab yore'self a big ole handful, and yank on it good'n hard.  Make him feel it.  Stand still and put it out there for the boy, slave!” Jimmy Joe ordered Coyote John and goosed him in his butt with his thumb.  John instinctively shoved his hips forward.  Jimmy Joe smiled as the kid yanked Coyote’s dick really hard and caused him to double over.  Everyone laughed at him.  “Good for you, Son!  He’ll remember that tug.” Jimmy Joe complimented the kid as the boy’s cowboy dad looked on with pride.

“What’s that silver ring around his ball sack for, Sir?” the kid asked.

“It’s new slave technology.  It’s to control an unruly, incorrigible slave like him.  You can make him do anything you want with it.  It sends a jolt of electricity through his testicles.  On the lower settings, it’ll makes him dance.  You wanna’ see him dance?” Jimmy Joe asked the kid.

“Yes, Sir, make him dance for me, Mr. Russell.” the kid asked as several more gathered to watch.

“Dance for the kid, slave.” Jimmy Joe grinned and ordered Coyote John.

Coyote John glared at Jimmy Joe behind his penis gag.  Ramrod Russell didn’t need to be a mind reader to understand Coyote's tacit message telling him to go fuck himself.  He grinned at Coyote John as he handed the kid the remote control.  “Tap that red button once real quick-like, Son.”  The kid did as instructed and Coyote John started bucking and pitching, as his ass was being fucked hard by the huge metal plug up his butt.  It looked like he was dancing.  The kids went crazy laughing and everyone wanted to press the button.  

“If he stops dance’n, hit the button again.” Jimmy Joe instructed them.  Coyote John was doing an impromptu Texas buck and wing clog dance for ten minutes or more, but the strangest thing was, he didn’t know how to clog.  Every time he stopped or slowed down there would be another kid waiting to press his button.  Coyote John reminded Angus of the Irish clog dancers because his hands were attached to the belt around his waist and while his feet could move he couldn’t move his upper torso.  Finally, Jimmy Joe reclaimed the remote much to the moans and groans of displeasure from the kids who were really enjoying the show.  Many of their male parents were enjoying it just as much.  Jimmy Joe and Angus could see wet spots appearing at the crotch of their daddy’s Wranglers.  Jimmy Joe tapped the red button a few more times just to make him dance some more for the kids.  Jimmy Joe was impressed.  He thought Coyote John could dance pretty damn good with the proper motivation.  Coyote John was never so humiliated in his life.  That’s exactly what his new owners were hoping for.

Jimmy Joe goosed his new slave with his thumb to get him walking again.  They reached the records office, the paperwork was completed, and a radio frequency identification chip was implanted deep within the muscle tissue of Coyote John’s shoulder.  All his information was entered into a unit and downloaded into the chip.  It was tested and found to be working properly.  They led Coyote John out to Angus’ pickup truck with the big chain hooked to the metal collar around his neck.  Jimmy Joe let the tailgate down and order him up into the bed of the truck.  Coyote managed to scoot his ass onto the bed.  Jimmy Joe wrapped the chain around the fifth wheel and locked it with a padlock he had ready.  Coyote couldn’t sit up because Jimmy Joe pulled his neck down close to the fifth wheel.  It was a warm spring day and the bed of the truck was hot.  Jimmy Joe threw a heavy canvas tarp over Coyote to completely cover him and weighted it down with some blocks of sweetened salt lick for the cattle.  Coyote figured it would cool off after they got under way, and he was right.  Angus didn’t spare the horses driving out to the ranch.

When they arrived, the slaves were gathered to get a look at the new baby slave.  The other baby slaves were broken and fully integrated into the greater slave family, but Angus and Jimmy Joe decided they needed several new salves, of which, Coyote John was the first.  There would be several others arriving within the week.  Jimmy Joe gave one of his trustee slaves the key to the padlock, and he helped Coyote John out of the truck.  Jimmy Joe was not a hands-on foreman like Bill Birdsall, but he got good results.  In many cases he got better results than Birdsall.  He learned one important thing as a slave; when breaking a new slave, let your slaves do the work.

“You know what to do, gentlemen.” Jimmy Joe told them

“Right, Ramrod Russell.  We’ll take care of him, Sir.” said Dusty Finch one of Jimmy Joe’s most trusted slaves.

Several hours later Dusty came and got Jimmy Joe to inspect the new slave.  Coyote John was transformed.  He now looked like a slave.  He was completely denuded of hair from his head to his toes.  He suffered the indignity of being cleaned out on the slave rack by his brother slaves and had a big black plug inserted up his ass.  He was mounted on a leather covered slave fucking horse made for the purpose with his ass at an inviting height for his new master to fuck him for his first time.  His upper torso was strapped down tight and his hands were attached to a set of rubber pegs like the ends of a motorcycle handlebars.  He could grip onto them like he was riding a bike.  His waist was strapped down tight, but they placed his boots in a set of stirrups.  With a little experimenting he found he could raise and lower his ass like a jockey riding a thoroughbred might.  His ass was sticking out from the bench in exactly the same position one might see a jockey on a race horse.

‘My, God!’ he thought to himself, ‘They don’t really think I’m gonna’ ride his cock like a jockey, do they?’  

He no sooner had the thought when one of his slave attendants explained.  He slapped Coyote John on his ass to get his attention.

“Lemme’ see you use them stirrups, slave.  I wanna’ check to see if I need to adjust ‘em.”

Coyote moved his ass around in them as ordered.

“Perfect.” his attendant slave allowed, “Them stirrups is for yore' use, brother, but you don’t gotta’ use ‘em a' tall if'n you don’t want to.  Don’t matter none, you’s still gonna’ git fucked.  I took to the saddle pert-damn quick.  I learned the more I put into my master’s ride the more I got out of it.  It hurt like a mother fucker at first, but after a while his big ole dick got to feeling pert-damn good in ma’ ass.  Seemed like a damn shame not to git the most pleasure I could out a’ some’um I didn’t have no control over.  Like they says, if’n it feels good, do it.  When we see you rise up in them stirrups when our master’s fuck’n you, us slaves will know you’re beginning to take to his saddle.  Don’t let us down, bubba, the quicker you break, the easier it’s gonna’ be on you and us.”  

The slaves forced a heavy duty contraption into his mouth which opened it wide enough to get a good size man’s cock into it but protected him from the slave’s teeth.  The small opening between the teeth dams was made of a flexible rubber and shaped to look like a man anus.  The slave couldn’t speak with it in his mouth and he lay there in silence.

“Is he clean?” asked Jimmy Joe.

“Guaranteed, Ramrod.” replied Dusty, “I watched him take the last bag of water.  I made him hold it for ten minutes and kneaded his belly ma’self.  He’s good’n clean.”

“Good, I’ll get Master Angus, and we’ll git him fucked.”

“You think he’s a virgin, Ramrod?” asked one of the cowboys.

“I’d bet my bottom dollar on it, Son.” Jimmy Joe smiled.  The slaves didn’t hide their excitement.  Coyote John could only lie there and wonder what it might feel like to be anally assaulted.  It was bad enough having a huge plug shoved up his butt, but his ass seemed to be adjusting to the discomfort.  He would soon find out what his brothers warned him about.  He would experience what he put Monty through.  To Coyote John's surprise, the kid quickly learned to relax and enjoy his brand of rough sex and gave back more than he asked.  He tightened every muscle in his body thinking perhaps, by some miracle he might break the bonds that bound him so tightly to the leather table.  There was a hole in the table where his genitals hung free.  He wondered what the significance was?  Would there be someone under the table to suck him off and give him pleasure?  Not too damn likely, he concluded.  Then the thought occurred to him it might be to see if he ejaculated while getting raped.  What if he lost control and couldn't stop it from happening?  He feared that most of all.  To him it would be the greatest of indignities, the ultimate humiliation.

Ramrod Russell returned with Master Angus.  Angus was no novice to breaking a new slave and he didn't look upon Coyote John as anything special.  He knew of his reputation, but once a slave was strapped to the fucking-horse he was just another piece of slave meat.  It was a ritual on all ranches the new owner and master would be the first to bust a new slave’s cherry.  It immediately established a pecking order and clearly defined to a slave who the alpha-male in his life would be from that moment on.  Angus had no problem being completely nude in front of his slaves.  He had no sense of false modesty.  He didn’t have to, he owned every man there and he was as big or bigger than almost all of them with the exception of his ramrod.  Certainly, with twenty years experience of being a slave, Jimmy Joe Russell had no qualms about being nude in front of his slaves or his employer.  He was no johnny-come-lately to the ritual from either side of the street.  His slaves did a good job preparing John, and he looked like a Christmas goose ready to go into the oven.  He was already greased and plugged.  A couple of the older slaves stepped forward and helped their master undress.  

“Join me, Ramrod?" Angus invited Jimmy Joe,  "I see they have his mouth harnessed.  Good work, gentlemen.” Angus praised his slaves for doing a good job.  He set in the chair provided for him and one helped him off with his boots.  They carefully folded his clothes, and when he was nude, held his boots for him to step into.  One of his favorite slaves, Nick, volunteered to slick his master's cock with his mouth.

“That’ll be fine, Nick, but after you git me good and hard, I think we’ll grease me up with some bag balm.  We’re out to break this animal, not to kill him.” several of the slaves chuckled.  Most were quite fond of Angus and his dry sense of humor.  Nick went to work on his master and had him erect in no time.  They brought out the large can of bag balm and Nick used his hand to grease up his master’s Schlitz tall-boy beer can sized dick.  They removed the plug in Coyote’s ass, but before he had a chance to breathe once, Angus replaced it with his fully erect penis.  Suddenly Coyote felt his ass full of his master’s cock.  He groaned, not so much from pain as embarrassment.  Angus made it a requirement, unless a slave had permission from him or his ramrod, every slave must to be present for the first deflowering of a new, baby slave.

Long ago, Angus and Bill made it a rule, no cowboy slave attending the deflowering ritual would be allowed to wear clothes except for their boots; without their boots a cowboy was just plumb naked.  It made sense, because it saved time and confusion.  They didn’t have to cause a commotion getting their clothes off so they could play with themselves or their buddy, and Angus and Jimmy Joe admitted publically and privately many times, they enjoyed watching their slaves enjoy themselves.  There were over sixty naked cowboy slaves standing around or sitting on Indian or horse blankets thrown onto hay bales to get a good look.  The slaves created a small amphitheater in the round where there was room for all and no one had a bad seat.  

Jimmy Joe was completely nude, except for his cowboy boots, and was standing at the front of the new slave.  He had Nick grease up his ten and a half inches with bag balm.  It helped to lubricate the slave’s throat when he fucked his face.  As Angus stood letting his big cock soak in Coyote’s John’s ass, his ramrod slowly worked his big dick down his throat.  The slaves were encouraged to cheer their masters on or encourage the new slave if they felt so inclined.  Many did offer words of encouragement to Coyote John.  They told him they were where he was once and for him to relax, submit and learn to enjoy it, because this would be his life from now on.  The quicker he was broken, the easier it would be for him.  Whether Coyote John was moved by their encouraging word, their admonitions or not, no one could say, but Angus and his ramrod knew the plasticity of the human brain and the slave brain in particular.  You can make a man believe anything if you repeat it enough times.*  In Coyote John’s case it would definitely be to his advantage.  It could possibly save his life.  It could save him from castration and a death sentence if sent to a Cheney camp.  Life expectancy in the labor camps was less than two years.  

As far as his new master was concerned, the human beer can who was fucking his butt, Coyote expected it to be much worse.  Angus said it wasn’t his intention to hurt or damage his property, and he was good to his word.  John heard him order his slave to grease him up good.  Since Coyote was pre-lubed to begin with, and somewhat stretched from the butt plug, Angus’ fucking him was the least of his worries.  As a matter of fact, a few times he thought the big cowboy’s cock was beginning to feel pretty damn good.  Was this feeling what Monty came to enjoy when Coyote John fucked him?  Coyote John was having enough problems learning to breathe as Jimmy Joe Russell fucked his face, shutting off John’s air supply every time the cowboy took a deeper stroke with his large penis down his throat.  He soon learned to grab a breath between strokes.  The two men fucked from both ends for a good while or at least until they were satisfied their audience was sated and then decided to take what they needed.

They ramped up their fucking, but by that time John became loose enough neither man was causing him much distress.  Suddenly, all the pain was gone from both ends.  As much as he fought against it he was becoming overwhelmed by the raw physical exercise, strength and sensuality of the two men’s sexual rut.  Coyote got it in his head they seemed to be working in consort, like they were trying to fuck their way to each other through his body.  He was nothing more than their go between for sharing their love or sexual desire for each other.  How perverted was that?  Strangely enough, it didn't matter to him.  The idea of him being little more than their come bucket, became very powerful for him and God help him, he found himself using the stirrups to raise his ass to allow Angus better depth and ease of penetration.  He could hear the jeers, cheers and comments from the other slaves when they saw him beginning to use his ass to fuck back on Angus’ big beer can cock.  He didn’t care, it felt too damn good and Coyote John was all about his own pleasure.  He heard his fellow slaves call to him.

“‘At’s it!  ‘At’s it!  Ride our master’s big cock, slave!  Don’t make him take it away from you.  Give it up to him.  H’it ain’t yore’ ass no more noways.  It belongs to him.  He owns yore’ fuck’n ass!  Show yore’ new owner what a good cowboy slave you’ll make for him.  Ride ‘em, cowboy!  Give yore' master a good ride!”

Perhaps his greatest indignity came when he felt Angus Goodnight about to reach a climax, and he felt Ramrod Russell began to ejaculate into his mouth and throat.  He could feel Angus’ big beer can prick spilling forth his cowboy seed inside him, and the feeling was too much for him.  His greatest fear was being realized.  He felt his own orgasm building and as hard as he tried, there was absolutely nothing he could do to hold it back or stop it.  He felt his ass muscle spasm trying to chew Angus’ cock off as Coyote's penis shot volley after volley under the bench.  It didn’t go to waste.  Angus ordered one of the last batch of cowboy slaves to be ready to play 'catcher' if Coyote happened to ejaculate.  After his first big shot Coyote felt a pair of warm lips wrap around the head of his dick to finish him off.  It was the best feeling he ever experienced in his life.  He thought he might pass out from the ecstasy of the moment.  Other than Monty's last blowjob, it was the hardest he ever shot.  He was completely and thoroughly drained.  How could this happen?  He lost control of his own body.  He immediately blamed it on being raped.  What choice did he have?  They probably planned it that way just so's it would plant a seed of doubt about himself in his mind.  Whether Coyote wanted to admit it or not, the men accomplished their goal.  Coyote began to wonder about himself.  That's exactly what his masters were hoping for.

After Angus and Jimmy Joe pulled out, Angus asked for a show of hands of slaves who wanted sloppy seconds, or thirds.  Four cowboy slaves would get to fuck either his ass or mouth.  Angus picked the men and gave them a number.  Jimmy Joe was to supervise so no one got carried away and hurt the new slave.  Coyote John got fucked from both ends twice more, and had to swallow two more loads.  When they were done, his ass was plugged again, but his mouth harness was removed and replace by his life-like penis gag.  Jimmy Joe ordered Coyote to follow him to Angus’ office.  He taught him how a slave is suppose to stand before his master; his hands behind his back, his feet slightly apart, with his head bowed.  Jimmy Joe removed his gag so he could speak, but only if asked a direct question.

“This is the end of your first day as a slave.” Angus began, “You will address me as ‘Master Angus’ or ‘Master Goodnight’ or just ‘Master.’  You will refer to Ramrod Russell as ‘Master Jimmy Joe’ or ‘Ramrod Russell’ or  ‘Master.’  Do you understand, slave?”

“Yes, Sir.” Coyote replied.

“Let’s try that again, slave.” Angus prompted.

“Yes, Sir, Master Goodnight.”

“That’s better.  Once a week you will have fifteen minutes to say anything to me what’s on your mind, but if you’re disrespectful or abusive you will be punished.  Remember your manners and you’ll do fine.  Do you understand, slave?”  

“Yes, Sir, Master Angus, I understand, Sir.”

“Good.  Since this is your first day is there anything you wish to say to me?”

“Naw, Sir, Master Angus.”

“What did you think of your first training session as a slave?”

“I was expecting worse, Master.”

“That could be good or bad depending.  We could always make it worse for you, but I ain’t gonna’ do that.  You may have been an incredibly dumb man when you’s a freeman, slave, but I don't think you were stupid.  You know what’s expected of you.  Here’s the bottom line.  I didn’t pay for you.  The Grange paid for you.  They gave you to me to break, and make no mistake about it, I plan to do just that.  You got three months and not one day more.  If, by some very slim chance, you’s so insanely incorrigible you can’t be broken, or you’s jes’ too damn stubborn and hardheaded, there are three steps I will take before I sell you to recoup some of the money the Grange wasted on you.  I will have a slave-veterinarian remove all your teeth without anesthetic; second, I will personally castrate you and cauterize the wound with a hot branding iron; third, I ain’t gonna’ sell you to no Cheney camp.  I can git twice as much for you if I sell you to one of them new underground male slave brothels for the sole purpose of pleasuring men who will pay large sums to have sex with an incorrigible slave who has been made a eunuch.  You will be used up in about a year’s time and then sold to a rendering plant for dog food.

During your initial break-in period, you will be fucked like you was tonight every night for the first two weeks.  You will wear your butt plug twenty-four hours a day for the first two weeks and will only be allowed to remove it to take a shit.  Your ramrod will fill you in on the details, and he will assign two slave trustees to see to you around the clock during your two week's indoctrination period.  I will be keeping watch on you and you will be given a grade at the end of each day.  Ramrod Russell will explain the score you must git to be allowed to move onto your next level of slave training.  I can’t think of anything else.  Do you have any further questions, slave?”

“Naw, Sir, Master Goodnight.”

“Good.  Take him back and get him locked down in his cage for the night.  Start him on his slave baby bottle tomorrow evening before his fucking.  Make sure he drinks it all.  You know what to do.”

“Yes, Sir, Boss.” Jimmy Joe answered.

"Oh, and by the way, slave, glad you enjoyed my fuck'n.  Only one out of ten slaves drops their load the first time they git fucked.  It never fails, they's always the easiest to break.  You must a' been a Marine.  Don't mean no disrespect to the Corps.  An ex-Marine is tough.  He knows how to make the best of a situation, submit, follow orders and become a team player to get the job done.  You keep that in mind, and we'll have you broken in no time."  Angus smiled at him.  Thus began Coyote John’s training.  He had a hard time sleeping in his cage that night with his ass plugged.  They put a leather harness on him so he couldn’t remove it during the night.  The next day, Coyote John was worked from sunup to sundown, cleaned up, fucked and put away in his cage.  He had no problem sleeping the second night.  After the second day he resigned himself to the longest two weeks of his life.  He could take it.  He could take anything they dished out.  It wasn’t as tough as Marine Corp's boot camp he’d been through as a young man, but he could see similarities.  The major difference was the Marines broke him.  He was sure Angus and Jimmy Joe couldn’t.  He wouldn't allow himself to consider the alternative.  He was still holding out for a miracle.

* * * * * * *

“Little Lamb who made thee?  Dost thou know who made thee; gave thee life and bid thee feed, by the stream and o'er the mead; gave thee clothing of delight, softest clothing wooly bright; gave thee such a tender voice, making all the vales rejoice?” ~ William Blake

Shane and Cole walked into the bunkhouse as the men were finishing  breakfast.  Bart Swinson saw them first and shouted,

“Master in the house!” all the men immediately stood including Monty.

“As you were, gentlemen!” Shane ordered, and they sat down.

“Coffee, gentlemen?” asked one of the cooks.  Shane looked at Cole and he nodded.

“Yes, thanks, Brian, we’ll have a cup.” Shane replied.

“Right away, Sir.” and two cups, their designated mugs, of steaming coffee were set before them at the head of the table reserved for them.

“We jes’ come to git our baby slave, Gentlemen.  Since today’s Saturday, we’re taking him for a visit with his old family to git some information we need.  I hope you had a good evening, Son.” Shane smiled at Monty.  

“One of the best evenings of my life, Master Shane.  Do you think we might stop and send Judge Anderson a dozen roses and a ‘thank you’ card, Sir?” Monty winked at Bart and the big cowboy lit up like a Christmas tree.  Everyone at the table laughed at Monty’s sense of humor.  Shane and Cole didn’t have to ask with whom Monty spent his evening.  Bart Swinson had the biggest grin on his face, and he glowed bright red.

“That good, huh, cowboy?” laughed Shane.

“Pert-damn good, Master Goodnight.” Monty allowed. “Wouldn’t mind send’n a dozen to ma’ partner across the table there, neither.” Monty added for good measure.  It only got him more laughs and poor Bart blushed a deeper shade of red.

“Well, we’ll have to look into that.” laughed Shane. “Ain’t nothing sez ‘thank you’ to a cowboy for a good ride quite like a dozen long stemmed American Beauty roses.” Shane allowed.  "Ma' Pa, here, always seems to appreciate 'em."  he added.  Between Shane and Monty, they had the cowboys laughing their butts off.  

“Are the Ongs expecting us, Master?” Monty asked.

“We called last night and set up an appointment for this morning, Son.  They were very gracious, and said they would love to have us visit.  They’re expecting us in a couple of hours, but if we leave after we finish this cup of coffee, by the time we git them two dozen roses ordered and drive there we should be right on time.”  There was more laughter from the cowboys.  Monty grinned real big and winked again at Bart.  Telly seemed to be getting a kick out of his partner’s embarrassment.  Monty hugged and kissed his two daddy’s ‘goodbye’ and had a big hug for Bart and Telly.  Telly grabbed an uneaten piece of toast from the table and handed it to Monty.

“Here, just in case they drive off and fergit you som'mers, leave a trail of crumbs behind so’s you can find yore’ way home.  I don’t wanna’ be cheated out of my time in the saddle.  I’d like to earn me a dozen a’ them purdy roses, too.” Monty laughed, thanked the big cowboy for his concern and assured him he would do just that.

Shane and Cole had a couple of errands to run before driving to the Ong farm.  Shane gave serious thought to stopping and sending Judge Anderson a dozen roses, a ‘thank you’ card and having Monty sign it, but thought better of it.  It might be taken the wrong way.  The drive over to the Ong farm didn’t take long.  They had to pass by Monty’s granddad’s place on the way and both men marveled at the size of the property.  They could barely see the roof of the old barn off in the distance.  It set in another valley and was obscured from view from the road by many trees.  Monty explained the creek forked, up near the Ong’s property, and one branch went above the old barn and the other behind it.  The barn set on an island unto itself.  You had to drive across a rickety old bridge to get to it.  It was a considerable walk from the main house out there.  You couldn’t even see Monty’s shack off the rear of the barn from the road.  Cole judged it to be about a half mile from the main house.  Monty agree and said it was just over a half mile.

Shane couldn’t imagine a five year old child being left on his own that far from any people or family.  It made him so sad he wanted to cry.  He could see Cole thinking similar thoughts as he watched him bite his lower lip.  Instead,  Shane settled for putting his arm around Monty and pulling him close.  Monty didn’t pull away.  He knew what his master was feeling.  The kid seemed to soak up any affection shown to him; not in an overly needy way, but grateful for any small bit of love that came his way.
  They arrived and the entire family came from the house including the elder Ongs.  The kids gathered with their families to be with Monty for a while.  When Monty jumped down from the truck a small voice started yelling and a blur of a small body ran past everyone to get to him.

“Daddy!  Daddy!  Daddy!” cried a little buckaroo who was dressed like a cowboy, complete with a fine pair of handmade buckaroo boots, Wranglers and a big hat to fit his small head.  He was in Monty’s arms jibber-jabbering away in Chinese.

“English, Dexter, switch to English.” Monty commanded.  Instantly the kid started talking in English.

“Oh, Daddy, I been so worried.  It’s been so long.  I was all alone and afraid.  I fed myself for a while, but two of the generators went out, and I was down to only one.  I got so scared, but our Ong brothers came and got me.  I didn’t wanna’ leave in case you come home, and I wasn’t there, but they promised you’d come looking for me here.  I helped them hook up a generator to their windmill, and they been feeding me.  They been so good to me, I’m so grateful to them, but I missed you so much.” he went on and on like any human kid might.  Shane and Cole were stunned by the boy.  He looked like what they might imagine Monty to look like at that age.  Later, Mr. Ong showed them pictures of the two boys standing side by side and you couldn’t tell which was which; in fact, Cole guessed wrong.  Mr. Ong insisted he thought they were twin boys for months before he discovered Dexter never ate food.  Then when Monty began to grow and Dexter didn’t, they knew something was amiss.  They didn’t know for years Monty built him.  They just assumed someone left them alone together to look out for one another.  Dexter was so relieved his companion was with him again he started crying.  Shane never witnessed tears in a bio-mechanical man before.  He wasn’t sure Cable could cry.  Monty picked him up to hold him in his arms.

“There, there.  H’it’s all right, buckaroo.  Yore’ daddy’s with you now.  I’m still here; I still love you.” Monty bussed a kiss on his cheek.

“Will you take me with you, Daddy?  I love the Ongs.  They’s so good to me, and I do my best to help them, but I wanna’ be with you.” he pleaded.

“I don’t know, Son.  Daddy’s a slave now, and he probably ain’t gonna’ have time to take care of you like he should.  I want you to meet my master and his right hand man.”  Monty introduced the boy-android to Shane and Cole.  He looked at them like he was recording their faces and running them through his memory banks to see if he recognized them.  He didn’t, but gave the proper response.

“It’s a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Goodnight and Mr. Jenkins.” he shook both their hands.  Shane was impressed his grip was firm but not too firm and felt warm to the touch.  His skin was a highly developed polymer that would rival David and Jonathan’s skin.  “May I come live with my daddy on your ranch, Sir?” he cut right to the chase.

“Well, it would depend on a couple of things, Son.  Do you think you might be doing an injustice to the family who took you in, who have been caring for you for half a year, and would you mind being by yourself for periods of time while your daddy works for me?”

“I would feel very sad leaving the Ongs, Mr. Goodnight.  I would never do anything to harm them or make them feel bad.  I love them, Sir, but I would so love to be with my daddy even if it meant him going away and leaving me for periods of time.  He did leave me along when he was growing up.  I would have to spend long periods of time by myself, but I tried to make myself useful.  I kept house for him and cooked some.  I helped decorate our place.  I’m good with tools and fixing mechanical things.  I just can’t fix myself.  Monty created me, Sir.  He’s my father, and my first love is for him.” he made his argument.  Shane couldn’t argue against logic like that.  Cole was impressed.

“Well, let us visit with the Ongs, and we’ll talk about it, okay?” Shane told him.  Cole turned his head.  He smiled to himself.  He knew Shane like the back of his hand.  Cole knew in his heart there was no way his master and lover would let this priceless treasure get away from him; not because he was greedy or coveted the android, but because he wanted to protect it and make sure Monty held on to the boy.  Dexter was, for all practical purposes, Monty’s twin, his little brother and his son.

“That’s fine, Sir.  Whatever you decide, I hope you take good care of my daddy.” Dexter resigned himself.

“I promise, we will, Son.  He’s already captured our hearts and our imaginations.  We’ll be good to him, I promise.”

Monty sent Dexter off to be with the Ong children.  He told him he had to speak with the older Ongs and for him to go play.  Shane could tell he didn’t want to go, but he dutifully followed his dad’s command and slowly walked away.  Shane couldn’t help notice, Dexter walked with a cowboy swagger just like his daddy’s.  Cole noticed, too, smiled at Shane and shook his head in wonder.

“He’s definitely his daddy’s boy.” Cole whispered.

“Incredible.” Shane spoke softly, “I can’t imagine what we’ll find at his shack, Pa.”

“My guess is it’s even more remarkable than Dexter.” Cole postulated.

“That’s what we’re here for, the first step to gain access.  It will be difficult to wait.” Shane complained.

“I hear that.” agreed Cole. “Since you bought me, my life has gone from terminally dull to anxiously awaiting the next rush I’m gonna’ encounter around the next corner.  It’s like being hooked on a powerful drug.” he laughed.

“Believe me, Pa, we share the same addiction.  I’ve jes’ had mine five years longer than you.  I’m so hooked there ain’t no hope for a cure.” Shane laughed.

The Ongs would hear of nothing but the men stay for lunch.  Monty went off to prepare food, and hollered for Dexter to come help him.  The men watched as Monty set Dexter upon a stool, gave him a knife and some vegetables.  An android can do any task ten times faster than a human and Dexter was no exception.  He could whisk through any task Monty set before him.  He was like a living Cuisinart and Kitchen-Aid appliance with all attachments rolled into one.  You just didn’t want to stand too close when he was in action.  Monty was throwing things into a big wok and adding herbs, spices and exotic oils with abandon and without measure.  It was like it was second nature to him.  The older Ong grandmother looked on with love and admiration for her young apprentices.

Shane and Cole were left with Mr. and Mrs. Ong and a couple of the older boys who were looking out for Dexter.  One of the older sisters brought tea for everyone.  The Ongs were gracious hosts.  Mr. Ong brought out several photo albums and provided Shane with numerous pictures of him and his sons helping move the cobbler and leather working machines from Mr. Culpepper’s shop to Monty’s shack on his granddad’s farm.  He provided Shane with a couple of letters from Mr. Culpepper stating he gave the machines to Monty, and if that weren’t enough, Mr. Ong had the foresight to have the man sign a notarized affidavit attesting to the fact he gave all his tools and equipment to Monty.  Mr. Ong was a very wise man.  He gave credit to his honored father for the idea.  He commented his father told him, in today’s world a man cannot be too careful.  Shane and Cole were duly impressed.  Not only did they produce sufficient items of proof, the Ongs had them photocopied for Shane.  They had a folder all prepared for him.  If photocopies weren’t enough they were ready to take the originals themselves and present them to the judge.  Shane was almost certain the copies would be adequate, and he was right.  Finally the matter came around to Dexter.

“Dexter like Monty to us, Mr. Goodnight.  He become part of our family.” started Mr. Ong, “Our children grow up with him.  He very much a part of who they are.  We have second and now third generation who enjoy and learn from him as their playmate.  We watch him closely many years, but no one ever see him do harm to another child or be mean to one.  He is gracious and will share anything with them.  Dexter never argue or insists on having his way.  He come between two when they get in each others' faces and angry about something.  He won’t let them play together until they apologize and tell each other they still love one another.  He tutors our slow or lazy learners in school work.  He know how to make learning fun.  He spend many hours going over school work until they get it perfect.  He save my kids and their children many times when they would be hurt bad if him not take action.

We see him pick up poisonous snakes, remove from yard before they have chance to bite children.  He no kill, but he carry snake far away so little chance find way back to yard.  Dexter perfect playmate and companion for our kids, but sometimes they take him for granted; be unwittingly meanspirited with him, and he don’t understand.  We greatly discourage children from hurting Dexter’s feelings, but you can’t always predict how a child is going to respond to every situation.  Greatest punishment our family ever bring upon our children is for being mean to Dexter.  We just won’t tolerate it.  He never tries to seek revenge or stops caring about them, but he does withdraw and a part of him shuts down.  Sometime only ones who can get through to him are my parents.  He know how close Monty is to my dad and mother.  He feel same closeness for them, and he tell my father the secrets of his thoughts.  We sometimes don’t know who benefit more, my parents or Dexter.  I’m convinced they would have given up on life number of years ago if not for Monty and Dexter.  For most part, Dexter be happy living with us, and we try show him as much love as we can, but his heart, if he had one, is with Monty.  He thinks about him all the time.  He grieves for him.  He pines for him.  If he were human we seek therapy for Dexter.”  

“Forgive me, Father,” one of his sons interrupted. “I mean no disrespect, but Dexter does have a heart.  Monty’s heart beats for both.”

“My son is wiser than his father, Mr. Goodnight.  Of course you are correct, Chong-li.  Monty’s heart does beat for both.”  Mr. Ong humbly addressed his son, then continued with Shane and Cole, “Lately we worried Dexter might try take own life.  That’s how life-like Dexter is to us and what great influence he and Monty have on us.  To say Dexter is intelligent toy, doll or android is not true.  I don’t care how intelligent a computer or android might become, question baffle scientist, can machine ever be aware of existence and have knowledge of own death.  Believe us, Mr. Goodnight, Dexter is aware of those things.  He also aware of human belief systems and has very decided opinions about them.  Since he have creator he can see and touch, he want to know if he should worship Monty?  He want to know if parents create us humans why we not worship them?  He want to know why people worship imaginary father?  Of all human concepts he understand, he have hard time with 'religious faith.'  How do you explain the irrational to an intelligent machine?  We have no answer for him.  Meaning no disrespect, but to tell truth, Mr. Goodnight, we have hard time understanding.

If Dexter should do something rash, I don’t think my parents could survive the sorrow of losing him.  You can’t know how despondent they been this past six months Monty’s been in jail.  If they didn’t have Dexter, I don’t know what might happen.  Monty wrote them and us every day he was in jail and asked them to read his letters to Dexter.  We tried to keep Dexter informed about everything.  You can’t imagine how hard it was for us to keep him home when we come to court to be with Monty.  One of our oldest daughters and her husband and children had to be here to take care of him.  We would be happy to keep Dexter for as long as necessary, but we don’t want to see him deteriorate or starve himself to death.  How would he do that?  By refusing to accept recharging, and we found out by accident he has the power to do so.  Do you have room for him, Mr. Goodnight, so he can be closer to Monty?”

Shane was almost in tears and his big cowboy companion, who never showed much emotion, pulled out his bandana, wiped his eyes and quietly blew his nose.  He was as moved at his young master.

“Of course we have room for Dexter, Mr. Ong.  I couldn’t imagine leaving here without him.  I didn’t want to say anything earlier in front of Dexter, but we are planning a place for Monty to live and work where he can be close to Dexter, but we see another variable here.  We had no idea how closely knit and interconnected Monty and Dexter were with your family.  You are their extended family.  Therefore, we must arrange for you and your family to come to the ranch at least one Sunday a month to have a relaxed day of food and visit with them.  You may come and spend the whole day, and I hope you and your family might consider joining our Grange.  You will have the benefit of being invited to many other functions we attend and we allow our slaves to attend with us, where you can see and be with Monty and Dexter even more.

I don’t know if oriental philosophies touch on time, people and situations who come together for a given purpose as directed by some greater force in the universe; a force we can only vaguely know about.  I’m not talking about a Christianist God, the God of Abraham, the God of Islam or any of the other many gods worshiped by people on Earth.  I’m talking about an intelligence far older and wiser than is imagined in any of Earth’s many religions.  It is not a god or gods, but a highly advanced intelligence.  If you can understand that concept then you’ll understand when I tell you Monty, Dexter, and your family will become a part of our greater family, and you will be welcomed by all within our Grange.  If you need a demonstration to convince you of what I’m talking about and what is to come, my partner and I will gladly provide you with one.”

“What sort of demonstration, Mr. Goodnight?”

“If you and your sons will be so kind as to accompany me and my partner to your barn, we’ll be happy to show you.” Shane invited them.

“Fine, then afterward we can return and have lunch.” Mr. Ong said.  He picked his three oldest boys and told the other to stay with his mother and the family.  The men leisurely walked down to the new barn on the Ong property.  Cole didn’t say a word.  He already knew what Shane was going to do.  They got to the barn and walked well inside.

“So you won’t worry, Mr. Ong, and you can assure your father and mother, Dexter and Monty will be well taken care of, I will show you something known only to members of the Grange.  I must also have your promise, you and your family will join our Grange.”

“If they will have us for members we would be honored, Mr. Goodnight.”

“Trust me, Mr. Ong, your family will be accepted.  Now don’t be frightened by what you are about to see.  There is no trickery with what you are about to witness, only advanced science and technology.  There are no gods or mythological creatures involved.  Kyron?” Shane called.

“I am here, Captain Goodnight.  I have seen and heard all.”

The Ong’s looked all around for a source of the voice but could see nothing.

“Could you ask Cable, David and Jonathan to join us for a few minutes.”
“They are standing by, watching your and Mr. Jenkins progress with the Ongs, Sir.  They will be happy to join you.”

There was a great flash of pure white light that caused the Ong’s to shield their eyes, and there before them stood three of the most beautiful, handsome naked men they ever saw.  Their mouths dropped open.

“Mr. Ong, may I introduce you to three of my closest friends and brothers.  The larger of the three is Cable, and then David and Jonathan.” Shane motioned to each with his hand, “They are bio-mechanical men much like Dexter.  They live and work as our medical staff for the Grange in the sickbay of a very large craft hidden in a deep cavern in the blue granite mountains on my brother Charlie Goodnight’s ranch.  They are nude because they ain’t used to wearing clothing and to look upon their beauty is enough to ask the question, why would anyone want to cover such perfection?” the Ong men chuckled and even Mr. Ong smiled and nodded.  Shane spoke to the androids.  “Thanks for coming, gentlemen.  I know you rarely leave sickbay, but I thought meeting Mr. Ong and his sons might ease their minds about letting go of Dexter.”

“We understand completely, Captain Goodnight.  Good to meet you gentlemen.” Cable, David and Jonathan were gracious and shook the men’s hands.  “We have been following your meeting with Dexter, Captain Goodnight.  We are excited to meet him.  We can’t imagine how he might have been brought about.  We would love to meet him and get to know him and Monty.”

“I will bring them to you as soon as possible.” Shane said to Cable.  “I’d like you to run some test on Monty and get to meet Dexter.  I’m anxious to see how he reacts to meeting others of his kind.  I won’t keep you gentlemen.  Thanks for coming.” Shane told Cable, David and Jonathan.

“That’s fine, Captain Shane, we’re happy to oblige.  Once again it’s a pleasure meeting you gentlemen.  We’ll look forward to seeing you again in our clinic.  Be sure to bring your parents, we have miraculous drugs to considerably prolong their lives.  Goodbye for now.”  They waved and were gone in an instant with another flash of light.  Shane turned to Mr. Ong and his sons.

“I wanted you to meet them to impress upon you the wonders the Grange has to offer and a possible escape from this planet if worse comes to worse.  I know it’s a lot to take in, but this is just the first step.  There are many other wonders for you to discover.  We promise, you won’t be disappointed.  We also promise you will be amazed.” Shane smiled.

“Wow, I’ll say!” said one of Ong’s sons. “You weren’t kidding.  Where is the receiver?”

“Your son is a smart man, Mr. Ong.” Shane complimented him.

“Kyron, please display my three robo-cams.” Instantly there were three small silver orbs the size of a large baseballs floating around Shane.  The men looked in awe at them.  “That’s good, Kyron.  Display off, please.”  They were invisible again.  “Thanks, Kyron.”

“You’re welcome, Captain Shane.”

“My partner has three on him at all times.  So will you if you join our Grange.  They aren’t for invasion of privacy.  They are a tool for protection and location should anything happen to us.  The artificially evolved intelligence, Kyron, is following everything we do here today.  Cable, David and Jonathan are monitoring our visit with you because they are keenly interested in Monty and especially Dexter.  The robo-cams work as surveillance cameras, protection, and transportation devices.  They can also be used as cloaking devices.  “Kyron, please cloak me and my partner.”  Shane and Cole disappeared before the men’s eyes.  They gasped.  “Don’t be afraid, gentlemen, we’re still here.  We’ve just been phase shifted out of your visual sight range.  It’s all technology.  Granted, an advanced technology, but basic science nonetheless.  You can hear us, but you can’t touch us.  You can walk right through us and never know we’re here.  Back, Kyron.” Shane commanded, and they were once again visible.  “There’s a lot more to them, but I’ve told you enough for today.  Keep what you’ve seen to yourselves until you bring your families into the Grange.”

“We will, Mr. Goodnight, or should we call you Captain Goodnight.”

“Wait until you join the Grange, and you will discover why I’m called Captain Goodnight.  Then, if you feel I deserve the honorific you may use it at that time.”

“We will keep these things to ourselves, Sir, we promise.” said Mr. Ong for himself and his sons. “Thank you for trusting us with this information.  Your words you said earlier make sense.  I always suspected there was a greater intelligence in the universe we don’t know about.  I tried to tell you about Monty without sounding like a crazy man.”

“I knew what you were trying to tell me, Mr. Ong.  I just didn’t understand the depth and importance of Monty.  I should have listened closer to your description ‘to the tenth power.’” Shane smiled and patted him on his back.  He smiled and nodded his head in agreement.  The men walked back to the house and one of his sons asked,

“We have expressed fear to one another this world may be coming to an end, Mr. Goodnight.  Is that what you meant about escaping?”

“Yes, Sir, it is.”

“Do you know how long we have?”

“Five years, give or take.  We can’t be sure because of variables.”

“Oh, my God.” said Mr. Ong quietly.  “If we join your Grange, Mr. Goodnight, is there a chance our family might be saved?”

“That’s why I’m inviting you to join, Mr. Ong.  You and your family are good people and you’re connected to two who have been sent to us for a reason; therefore, you must be included.  Because you and your family were good enough to care for an important young man and his companion, you have become a necessary part of the greater picture.  Have you ever heard the American Indian word ‘Koyaanisqatsi’?  It means anything out of balance and sometimes means the world is out of balance.  It best describes your family in relation to Monty and Dexter.  For balance, one cannot exist without the other.  Each could exist separately, but neither would be balanced.  Dexter without Monty is unbalanced.  Monty isn’t fully balanced without Dexter.  Monty and Dexter without your family are unbalanced.  You told me your lives wouldn’t be the same without Monty.  Your lives won’t be the same without Dexter either.  Do you understand what I’m saying?”

Mr. Ong nodded his head he understood, then broke down and started sobbing with relief.  Shane put his big arm around him and held him close as they walked back to the house.

“You and your family will be all right, Mr. Ong.  You won’t have time to grieve for this world.  You will be very busy.  You will have a lot to do.  We have work for you and your family to help us.  You will live your lives as you have been doing as a cover for a greater purpose of helping to get off this planet.”

Mr. Ong recovered by the time the men returned to the big farm house.  Lunch was fantastic.  Shane and Cole ate until they could eat no more.  It was the best Chinese food either ever ate.  They hadn’t eaten a lot but Cole had before he became a slave and so had Shane.  Monty was proud of himself because he prepared several of the dishes and insisted they try each one.  Everyone was better than the last.  Mr. Ong would take select bits and pieces of food and place on their plates.  It was an oriental tradition to give the guest the best pieces of food.  Mrs. Ong and her daughters made up numerous cartons for them to take back to the ranch with them.  Finally it came time for them to leave.  Mr. Ong got Shane and Cole aside.

“Does Monty know anything about what you showed us, Mr. Goodnight?”

“Naw, Sir, not yet he don’t, so it might be helpful if you put in a good word to tell him to have faith in us.  We will tell him soon, but we need a bit more time with him before we put all our cards on the table.  First, I want to get his personal belongings for him and the machines for him to work with.  He needs to have a job that will be challenging and fulfilling for him.  He seems to think being a cobbler and leather artisan will provide that for him.  I will take your wise advice about seeing his shack before proceeding further.”

“Good idea.  Monty excellent bootmaker and leather worker.  He make fine saddles.  He give us first saddle he make.  We use it every day.  He more than simple artisan.  Monty an artist.  He take care of all our tack, saddles, chaps, footwear.  I’m sure there are other wonders he never share with us.  Perhaps he will with you, Sir.  I know he already thinks the world of you men.  He told me he never met men like you before, and he thinks he will be very happy as a slave on your ranch.”

Dexter came running up to Shane and Cole.  He just couldn’t wait any longer.  “Please take me with you, Master Goodnight.  I won’t get in the way, and I don’t eat much.”

Shane laughed at Dexter's exuberance and picked him up in his big arms.  He was amazed, Dexter weighed hardly anything.  He reminded him of Bobby when he was so thin, but Dexter didn’t look undernourished.  He looked like a small six year old boy should.

“What do you think, Ramrod?  Do we have a job for a half-pint buckaroo?” Shane grinned and winked at Cole

“I reckon we do, Master Goodnight.  If nothing else we can always use him for a hatrack or a bootjack.” Cole grinned at Dexter.

“I would be happy to do either, Sir, just as long as I can be near my daddy.”

“I guess we shouldn’t keep a young boy from his daddy, Ramrod.  All right, you can come with us, but you have to promise to be a good boy and take good care of your daddy.”

“I promise I will, Sir.”

“All right, say ‘goodbye’ to the Ong family and gather your things.” Shane instructed him.  Monty was thrilled they were taking Dexter with them.  He couldn’t thank Shane and Cole enough, but he had some concerns.

“I don’t understand, Master Shane.  How a’ my gonna’ take care of my responsibilities to you as a slave and look after Dexter?”

“Same way you lived before.  You’ll spend time with him when you can; only, I got a better plan where Dexter is more involved with everyone.”

“Would you share it with me, Sir?”

“Bobby Morris needs a little brother.  I think there are things he can learn from Dexter and things Dexter can learn from him.  Does Dexter sleep at night?” Shane asked.

“He goes into a sleep mode while he’s recharging.  He actually has dreams.  He tells me about his dreams sometimes.  It only takes about six hours to charge him for a full day, but if he’s in a bed with a human he will lie dormant until he feels movement.  He’ll lie there until he knows they’re fully awake.  He can’t over charge.  He’ll just lie there and accept a trickle charge.  It’s part of his manners routine I programed into him, but if he’s upset about something he’s like any kid, he’ll worry and be up ever’ thirty minutes.  Somehow he’s learned to over ride his sleep manners program if he’s upset about something.  Maybe I’ll have a chance to work on that and find out how to correct it.”

Mrs. Ong already had a small suitcase of his things packed.  He didn’t have a lot.  He took great care saying ‘goodbye’ to the elder Ongs.  He cried as he hugged and kissed them.  They were both in tears.  Shane and Cole couldn’t get over how much the Ong family treated the small android like he was a living, breathing entity.  Shane could understand their compassion thinking of Cable, David and Jonathan as his brothers, but these were common folk who didn’t have the advantage of being exposed to advanced technology like Shane and Cole, yet it almost tore their hearts out to say ‘farewell.’  Cole was quick to remind Shane later, the Ongs might be common farmers, but they were of above average intelligence.  Once again, Shane admitted his pa was right.  Mr. Ong and his sons shook Shane and Cole’s hands and bowed deeply to them.  So did the elderly Ongs.  Mr. Ong couldn’t thank them enough and asked Shane to let them know about the progress of Monty and Dexter.  Shane promised he would keep them informed as often as he could, or he would have Monty get in touch with them.  They were about ready to go.

“What about feed for Dexter?” Shane asked Monty.

“Already in the truck, Master.  In an emergency I could feed him from a twelve volt battery or a cheap battery charger.  Mr. Ong’s boys gave us an old one they had lying around.  It’s in the back, but I got a twelve volt generator from them as well.  Won’t be no problem.  C’mon, Son, let’s us jump in the back.”  Monty said to Dexter and started for the crew cab.

“Naw, we can all ride up front.  I’ll hold Dexter.  He ain’t heavy.  That way, if we wanna’ talk, we don’t have to be holler’n over our shoulders at you.  You git in the middle, Son.” Shane instructed Monty.  He smiled and jumped in ahead of Shane.  Shane picked up Dexter and got in next to him.  After many waves ‘goodbye’ Cole pulled away and headed for the blacktop.  They pulled onto the roadway and headed back to the ranch.

“What did you tell Dad Ong, Master Shane?  He told me he held you and Mr. Jenkins in great esteem.  He admonished me to trust you with everything.”

“Nothing much, except I told them they were welcome to keep in touch with you and Dexter, and we would schedule regular visits for their family to come, share food and spend a relaxed afternoon with us.”

“He said you were like me, Master.  What did he mean by that?”

“What do you think he meant, Son?”

“I know.” said Dexter.

“Okay, Scout, why are me and your daddy alike?”

“Your hearts beat at the same frequency.”

“He has enhanced hearing, Master.  He can hear our hearts beating.” Monty explained.

“You know, Scout, I think you jes’ might be right.  That’s as good an answer as any.” Shane complimented him.  Dexter was pleased with himself.  “Did your daddy make them fine pair of buckaroo boots you be wear’n, Honcho?” Shane asked holding up one of Dexter’s small legs to get a better look.

“Yes, Sir, I helped some, but he done most of the work.  My daddy’s the best bootmaker in the state of Texas; maybe even the world.” Dexter bragged.

“Dexter, what’d I tell you about brag’n?” Monty chastised the boy.

“You are the best bootmaker in Texas, Dad, and I said ‘maybe’ in the world.”  It ain’t brag’n when it’s a fact.  Dexter defended himself quietly like he didn’t want to make a bad situation worse.

“They look mighty fine to this cowboy, Son.” Shane came to Dexter’s rescue.

“Thanks, Master Goodnight.”  Dexter said quietly. “And thanks for letting me come along, Sir.  I’ll be a good slave for you.”

“You’re welcome, little one.  I hope you’re gonna’ enjoy our ranch.  Don’t worry we’ll find a place for you.” Shane told him.  Dexter gave Shane a grateful hug.

“Grandfather Ong told me as my master, I must share everything with you, Master Goodnight.  He told me to hold nothing back from you.” Monty said.

“Grandfather Ong is a wise man.  Since I will be responsible for you for the next four and a half years, it would be in your best interest to share any secrets you might have.  It’s necessary for me to know everything there is to know about you to take good care of you and Dexter; otherwise, how can I do my job effectively?  Furthermore, it’s my right by law to know everything about you.  That may sound harsh to you, and with any other master it might be, but I ain’t out to take from you what’s rightfully yours, Son, and I promise you will leave my service with what you brought to it including any personal possessions and companions.  My job is to work with you to see you have a comfortable life with us and work hard for me as my slave.  I will demand you be up-front and honest with me about everything, and I will be honest with you in return.”

“I will, Master Goodnight, I promise.”

“Is Dexter anatomically correct, Son?” Shane casually asked Monty.  Dexter giggled.

“I am, Master Shane.” Dexter smiled real big.

“Is he fully functional?” Shane asked.

“Naw, Sir, Master, he ain’t old enough.” Monty explained.  Somehow that struck Cole and Shane funny, and they laughed.

“What gave you the idea you was gonna' be my slave, Honcho?” Shane asked Dexter.

“You mean, I ain’t?  I thought since my daddy’s your slave I’s suppose to be, too.  I wanna’ be your slave, Master Shane.”

“Would that make you feel more like you belonged,— to be my slave?” Shane asked.

“Oh, yes, Sir.  It would mean you own me, just like you own my daddy.” he explained.

“You have that much faith in me, Son?” Shane asked in amusement.

“Yes, Sir.  I can tell a good man from a bad one, and I know you’re a good man.  I done told the Ongs you was a good man.  They agreed with me.  I told them I wanted to be your slave.  Granddad Ong is a very conservative man.  He don’t trust many white men.  He told me I must give myself to you, Master Goodnight.”

“What do you think, Pa?  Should I accept this young cowboy’s offer to give himself to me to be my slave?  I’d be the first ranch foreman in the world to own myself the smallest, youngest bio-mechanical buckaroo slave in history.” Shane grinned.

“You know I’m the wrong one to ask.” Cole answered, “Sounds like a plan to me.  I can’t wait to hear you explain this one to Gil Morris, Poppa Pie and the rest a’ them cowboys.” he laughed.

“So be it, Honcho.  If’n ma’ pa say’s it’s a good idea, who a’ my to say ‘no’?  I accept yore’ gracious offer to become my cowboy slave.  You’ll be my number one cowboy slave in charge of ride’n herd on yore’ daddy.  How ‘bout that?”

“That would be wonderful, Sir.  Is Mr. Jenkins your daddy, Mr. Goodnight?  Does he ride herd on you, Sir?” Dexter asked innocently.  Shane and Cole broke up laughing.

“I’ll explain later, Dexter.” Monty told him.

“No, no!  Dexter’s my slave-boy, now.  He jes’ done give his-self to me.  He has a right to know about his master; just like you do.  Mr. Jenkins didn’t make me the way yore’ daddy made you, Dexter, but he taught me almost all I know while I’s growing up.  My real daddy died when I’s just a baby, and I never knew him.  Mr. Jenkins sort of took over the job of being my daddy and ‘yes’ he done rode herd on me for ten years.  He still rides herd on me.  Like you think on Monty as your daddy, I think on Mr. Jenkins as my daddy.”

“That makes sense.  I understand that, but why is your daddy your slave, Mr. Goodnight?” he asked like any child who didn’t understand something.

“Dexter?!” Monty cringed.  Cole and Shane were having a ball with the boy.  He was doing what he did best, being a kid.  They didn’t mind his questions.  Dexter didn’t seem to have any hidden agendas other than trying to understand the new situation in which he found himself, and fortunately for him and Monty, Shane was a man who never lost touch with the kid inside himself.   

“It’s a valid question, slave.” Shane said to Monty, “Mr. Jenkins, ma’ pa, is my slave because he still had time to serve as a slave when I reached the end of my indenturement and became a freeman.  I love him so much I didn’t wanna’ become a freeman without him, so I bought him from my master to be my slave; however, I didn’t even try to buy him from our master until I asked him one afternoon if he loved me enough to become my slave and follow me.  He told me he did, and I bought him.  Besides, I wanted him to belong to me, because I don’t never want him leaving me.  It would break my heart.  It’s sort of like you want’n to be my slave.  You told me you wanted to be my slave, because it would make you feel more like you belong.”

“Yes, Sir, that’s right, and it works.  I feel like I belong to you.” Dexter responded.

“Well, Mr. Jenkins belongs to me and in a way, as his son and master, I belong to him; just like him and me will become a part of you and yore’ daddy’s life and belong to you as yore’ master and ramrod.  We look on our slaves as family, Dexter.”

“I understand that.  Do you wanna’ belong to Master Shane, Mr. Jenkins?” Dexter asked Cole.

“Bet chore’ sweet little buckaroo butt, cowboy.  I’m his slave, he’s my master, he owns me, I belong to him, and that’s the way I like it.  On another level he’s ma’ boy, and I’m his pa.  I’ll ride by my boy’s side as long as he needs me to be his slave and longer.  He done told me when he bought me for his slave he would let me follow him wherever he goes.  I love my master as my boy and trust him to allow me to do that.”

“That’s wonderful, Mr. Jenkins.  I wanna’ be a good slave for Master Goodnight, so you and him can belong to me.”

“I have no doubt you’ll be one of the finest slaves we ever owned, Honcho.” Shane gave him a hug.  “Maybe I should jes’ make you slave in charge of giving your masters hugs.  You do a pert-damn good job a’ hug’n.”

“I like you ‘cause you got a silly side to you, Master Goodnight.” Dexter laughed.

“Well, if you think on it, in every family, there’s room for that, too.” Shane declared.

It was early afternoon when the men got back to the ranch.  Dexter was like Monty the evening before.  He was stunned by the beauty of he ranch and got a look of wonder on his face.  He talked with Shane and Cole all the way back about one thing or another, but when the ranch came into view he shut up and never said another word until they parked the truck in front of the foreman’s house on the ridge of the hill overlooking both valleys.  Shane set Dexter down and waited for Monty to get down from the truck.  Dexter looked around and almost stopped responding for a moment.

“What’sa matter, cowboy?” Shane set on his boot heels to be on Dexter’s level.

“It’s so beautiful.  Ain’t never seen me a place this pretty.  It’s like one a’ them paintings from my daddy’s books.  I wish I had me some paints and a big board, I’d paint it.”

“Do you paint, cowboy?” Shane asked.

“He’s a pert-good little artist, Master Goodnight.” Monty said.

“Daddy taught me.  He’s better’n I am, though.”

Bobby came running up with Maxine.  They were playing with the ponies in the pasture.  He was stark naked and Maxine was bouncing around being her frenetic, joyous canine self.  Her unbridled exuberance frightened Dexter.  He turned and quickly climbed into the safety of Shane’s big arms to get away from her.  

“Woah, Honcho!  She won’t hurt chu' none.  Ain’t chu’ never seen a dog before, cowboy?” Shane asked as he stole a kiss to comfort the boy biodroid.

“Only on television, Master Shane.  She’s pretty.”

“Who is this, Captain Shane?” Maxine wanted to know.

“She talks?” exclaimed Dexter.

“Sure, she talks.  She’s our friend.  You want me to put you down so’s you can meet her?” Shane encouraged.

“She won’t bite me will she?” Dexter asked nervously.

“Not if you don’t bite her first.” Shane laughed.

“Hello, I’m Dexter.” he said to Maxine cautiously.

“Hi, Dexter, I’m Maxine.  You smell different.  You smell like my friends Cable, David and Jonathan.  Bobby, look!” Maxine exclaimed as she called to Bobby to come have a closer look at Dexter, “He’s just like...”

“Maxine!” Bobby cut her off,  “I don’t think Monty knows about them yet.” 

“Ooops, sorry, Captain Shane.” she quickly apologized.

“‘At’s all right, sweet baby, you couldn’t have know'd.  No harm done.” Shane assured the pup.

“Hi, Dexter, I’m Bobby.” Bobby spoke quickly to smooth over Maxine’s unwitting fur paw.

“It’s good to meet you, Bobby.  Why are you naked?” Dexter looked puzzled.

“Because I play with the ponies a lot.  They's ma' friends, and they’re more comfortable around people who don’t wear clothes.  They think I’m one of them that way.  They ain’t nobody around the ranch what cares if I go naked.  Everyone here loves me and knows I like to run naked with the ponies.  I wear clothes when we got company, and I put on my clothes to eat with my family.”

“Would the horses think I’s one a’ them if I’s naked?” Dexter asked.

“Maybe.  They jes' might.  I don’t know.  You might smell a bit different to them, but I think they’d soon git used to you.  Do you like to ride horses?”

“I don’t know.  I never rode a horse before.” replied Dexter.  

“Don’t worry, I’ll show you how.” Bobby volunteered.

“Well, not right now, Bobby.” interrupted Shane, “We got things to do.  Give us a hand with this food.  We’ll take it into the house and have it for lunch Monday.  It’s great Chinese food.”  

“I ain't never et Chinese food before.” said Bobby.

“You’ll love it.  Most people do.” said Dexter trying to be friendly.

“Do you like it?”

“I don’t eat people food, Bobby.”

“Of course you don’t.  Sorry about that Dexter.” Bobby sounded sincere.

“That’s okay, Bobby.”

As they were carrying the food into the house Boss Potter came walking up from the big house to meet the new little boy who came with his ranch foreman and ramrod.  From a distance he would guess the young cowboy to be about five or six years old.  As he got closer it clicked in his mind the boy wasn’t human.  He smiled to himself and thought, ‘And we thought Maxine was crazy.’  He knew this must be the son of Monty’s whom he saw in his dreams who wasn’t alive; or he was the cybernetic child Maxine saw.  He wasn’t alive like a human, but he was very much alive in a bio-mechanical sense.  The closer he got the more he marveled at how perfect the boy was, and a thousand questions came to his mind.  After a year with Shane and Cole, he learned to be a patient man.  Like all other wonders he encountered in the last year, he knew eventually all would be revealed.

“Howdy, men.” he hailed them

“Boss Potter, may I introduce you to our newest cowboy slave, Dexter Dundee.  Dexter, this gentleman is our head bossman, Mr. Potter.  You may call him Boss Potter or Master Potter.” Shane grinned and winked at Potter.  Potter knew Shane’s wink meant go along, I’ll explain later.  Potter offered his hand to the small boy-android.

“Nice to meet you, Boss Potter.” Dexter shook his hand.

“And it’s good to meet you, young man.  We can always use another cowboy slave around here.  Did you decide to become a slave to be closer to your daddy, Son?”

“Yes, Sir.  I missed him so much.  I want to be a slave like him so I can belong to Master Goodnight, too.”

“Wise choice, young man.  You can’t go wrong being Master Goodnight’s slave.  He may work you hard, but you’ll find he’s a fair and generous man.  Welcome to the Potter/Goodnight ranch, Son.”

“I think Master Shane is a good man, Sir.  Thank you, Boss Potter, I’m glad to be here.  I look forward to working for you.” Dexter added.  Potter was blown away by the authenticity of the young android.

Shane handed Boss Potter the manilla folder with the pictures and photocopies of proof the leather working machines belonged to Monty.

“I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you find inside, Sir.” smiled Shane.

“I’ll take it down to the house and get started on the paperwork.  I’ll take it to Anderson Monday.  I have a luncheon date with him.  We should have what we need by Monday evening.”

“Good.  I’ll make the other arrangement, and we can travel over there as soon as possible.  I done got us a big truck, and I think the Tin Penny deputies have Wednesday or Thursday off this coming week.  We’re just about to walk over the hill.  I’m anxious to see what them older cowboys have to say about Dexter.  You’re welcome to join us if you like.”

“Thanks, but I want to get started on this and have everything ready before supper.  That way I can kick back and relax with you men.  Tomorrow’s Sunday and I won’t have time to work on it, we got company coming.”

“Company, Sir?”

“Yes, I invited the major players at your brother’s ranch and a few others.  They got men visiting from the holy city they’s bringing along; Officer Jones and his body guards.  I understand Little Bear’s got himself a new major squeeze in one of Jones’ guards.  I figure we got us enough food.  I ordered extra.  The Admiral expressed a desire to meet Monty and Dexter.  Oh, yes, and Ox is coming with them.”

“Great.  We’ll look forward to seeing them.” Shane allowed.

The men walked down the hill to the bunkhouse.  Since it was still early afternoon many of the cowboys were out working in their garden.  Gil Morris was standing chatting with a couple.  They were discussing plans to enlarge the garden for the next year.  They stopped when they saw Shane, Cole, Monty, Dexter, Bobby and Maxine walking toward them.  The men began to gather.  Dexter was a perfect, small, miniature buckaroo, and they were fascinated by him.

“Gentlemen, I’d like you to meet our new, youngest cowboy slave.  He’s Monty’s boy, and his name is Dexter Dundee.  He done give his-self to me as a slave so’s he could live here and be near his daddy.”

They were all stunned.  Only one man among them smelled a rat.  Phil Pie could smell bullshit a mile away.  Not much got by the old cowboy.  He knew something was not quite right.  He knew Shane and Cole too well.  He became used to the uncommon and unusual with them.  The very idea of a six year old cowboy slave was a major hoot to Phil Pie, and what was even a bigger give-away was Shane and Cole played it straight with nary a wink nor a smile.  He came forward and squatted down on his boot heels to get a better look at Dexter.

“My, my, ain’t you jes’ the picture of a proper buckaroo.” he smiled. “My name’s Phil.  My last name’s Pie; jes’ like the kinda ‘pie’ a cowboy steps in if’n he ain’t real careful where he walks in a pasture.  Your daddy calls me ‘Poppa Pie.’  You can call me that, too, if’n you like.”

“Poppa Pie.  That’s a nice name.  Are you like Mr. Jenkins to my daddy?” Dexter asked.  Phil was a little puzzled for a moment, then he got the gist of what the boy was talking about.  He reckoned correctly the boy must have heard Shane call Cole ‘pa.’  

“Sort of,  I’m one of Monty’s daddy-slaves to teach him how to be a good slave.” Phil said.

“I guess I’m gonna’ need somebody to teach me to be a good slave, too.” Dexter allowed. “Will you be my daddy slave, Poppa Pie?”

“Why, I’d be right proud to, young’un, but a smart boy like you probably don’t need much teaching.  By the way, ‘at’s a real nice pair of a’ buckaroo boots you got on there, cowboy.  Did yore’ daddy make them for you?” Phil asked.

“Yes, Sir.  He told me I shouldn’t brag about him, so I won’t, but I’m proud of them, Poppa Pie.” Dexter pulled up his pant leg to show them off.

“I would be, too, young’un.” Phil couldn’t help open his arms to the boy, and he was in them in a second.  Phil stood and held Dexter.  He was amazed the boy weighed hardly anything.  Bart and Telly moved closer to get a better look at Dexter.  They were beginning to wonder about him.  He seemed almost too perfect.

“Is this your boy, Monty?” asked Telly.

“Yes, Sir.” Monty said almost shyly.
“Handsome young man.  Looks jes’ like you.” Bart said.

As the men talked with Dexter, Gil Morris came over to talk with Shane and Cole.

“Bobby tells me Dexter’s like Cable, David and Jonathan.” said Gil softly to Shane and Cole.

“That’s right.” smiled Shane.

“Wow!  He’s damn near perfect.  Where did he come from?” Gil asked.

“Monty made him.” Cole answered. “When he was about the same age as Dexter looks.  Dexter was a companion and a tutor for him while he was growing up alone.  Dexter is about fifteen years old.”

“Incredible.  What are you gonna’ do with him, boss?  Make him a slave mascot?” Gil grinned.

“Hell, ‘at’s better’n any idea I come up with.  To be honest, I’m stumped.  I don’t know what I’m gonna’ do with him.  He can’t stay with Monty in the bunkhouse.  Monty’s got responsibilities to me and his fellow slaves, and for the first three months his ass is gonna’ be kept pert-damn busy.” the men laughed at Shane’s double-entendre. “I thought about keeping him with me and pa.  We got the room, but somehow that jes’ don’t sit well with me.”

“We got us an extra cot.  Bobby said something about him staying with us in the cottage.  He thinks having an android little brother would be like something straight out of Star Trek.  I gotta’ say it kinda fascinates the shit outa’ me, too.” Gil laughed. “When we moved in, I give Bobby the bigger bedroom, ‘cause I didn’t figure I’s gonna’ be need’n it.” Gil grinned, “Bobby could look after him for a while.  He needs some responsibilities anyway.  He does his chores, but after the time I set aside for his home schooling, he spends all day playing with Maxine and the ponies.  He’s pretty much alone most of the time.  I think he could use a companion.  Maybe Dexter could teach him a thing or two.”

“Dexter tutored two generations of the Ong children.  He might even relieve you of some home schooling chores.” Shane allowed.

“Damn, that would be so great.  I could get so much more done on other things.  I ain’t falling behind, but it would jes’ free me up to git a lot more done.” Gil said. “Dexter would be close to Monty and could spend some quality time with him every day.”

“We’ve yet to introduce Monty to the men in sickbay on the Bandersnatch.  Don’t know what will happen after that.  We’re due to go git Monty’s machines and personal belongings next week.  I ain’t gonna’ introduce him to none of the Grange things ‘til after that.  I’d like you to go with us, Gil.  I understand from the Ongs it’s an amazing place, and I’d like you to experience it with us.”

“Sure, Boss, be happy to go along.  Until you know more or come up with a better plan, let Bobby and me take care of him.” Gil urged.

“You sure you don’t mind?” Shane asked him.

“Of course not, don’t be silly.  I can see you’re in a bind.  Seems to me I recall you done helped Bobby and me out of several tight spots.  Besides, you done taught me to look at situations differently; not only what can we do for Dexter, but what can he do for us?  Who knows, Dexter might be a god-send.”

“Thanks, Gil, it sure would take a load off right now.”

“Consider it done, Boss.”

“He told us on the way over here he wants to be my slave because his daddy’s my slave, and it would make him feel more like he belongs.  He’s had it rough lately being separated from his daddy for six months, so I’d like to try to continue in that vein.  Any chores you set for him, let him think they’s part of his being my slave, but let’s not lose sight of his original purpose.  Whoever he was designed by had the intention for him to be a companion for a young child in a world on his own to teach him and help him as he grows up.”

“I thought Cole said Monty built him?” Gil questioned.

“He did, but he built him from some other source.  He had guidance all the way.  A six year old kid can’t build something that sophisticated without help;  I don’t care how much of a prodigy they are.  Dexter is far too advanced technologically.  Monty had to have another source.  That’s what I’m trying to find out.  He ain’t been real secretive, but I jes’ wanna’ see how forthcoming he is with me before I lay my cards on the table with him.” Shane explained. “In the meantime, Cable, David and Jonathan are chomp’n at the bit to git their hands on Dexter, and Admiral Long, ma’ brother, their clan, including Little Bear and his new squeeze, are joining us tomorrow for our Sunday barbecue.  I figure the Admiral’s caught wind of Dexter, wants to meet him and Little Bear wants to meet Monty for obvious reasons.”

“Yeah, I heard he was Coyote John’s cell mate for six months.  Should we tell Monty about Little Bear?”

“Naw, I jes’ want it to happen naturally.  I wanna’ see how Monty handles it.”

Shane and Cole left Monty and Dexter with the cowboys, Gil Morris and Bobby, but not before more hugs and kisses from their smallest cowboy slave.  Dexter said he liked the idea of staying with Bobby and Mr. Morris.  He knew his daddy had his duties as a slave.  He didn’t know what Monty’s duties to his fellow slaves were, but he didn’t need to know every detail.  As Shane and Cole were walking back over the hill to the big house for supper they talked.

“You amaze me, Son.” Cole spoke softly.

“How’s zat, Pa?” Shane smiled at him.

“All that bull-puckey to Gil Morris about being stumped.  You knew all along what you wanted to happen.” Cole laughed.

“My pa didn’t raise no dummy.” Shane winked at him, “I wanted it to be Bobby and Mr. Morris’ idea.  People need to feel like they’s needed, Pa.  I’m even learn’n androids need to be needed.  ‘Member what I told Mr. Ong about balance?  We need balance in our lives; all of us.  I’m coming to believe everything in the universe needs balance.  For every young quark in the universe, som'mers out there, there’s an old auntie-quark.  Can you imagine Cable, David and Jonathan without their jobs as medical team for the Grange?  They wouldn’t have balance if they didn’t have those responsibilities.  If I didn’t have you by my side to balance me, I would’ve never made it after emancipation.  You balance me, and hopefully, I offer you a bit of balance.”

"Is there any doubt in yore’ mind, boy?” Cole asked.

“Once in a while, when I’s feel’n overwhelmed by ever’ thing, a few doubts creep in, but you know when it happens.  That’s when you gimme’ one a' them special ten dollar buckaroo fuckings of yore'n, and it straightens me right out.  It gives me the courage to go out and face the world again.” Shane laughed.  They reached the apex of the hill, Cole reached out, grabbed Shane and pulled his young master to him and kissed him hard.  It was a strong, romantic moment with the early spring breeze floating gently through their hair, the warm afternoon sun on their shoulders.  Shane was surprised at first.  Cole rarely did anything spontaneous, but Shane wasn’t going to let the moment pass without a proper response.  He relaxed in his slave’s big arms and returned his beloved pa’s kiss with equal passion.  There was a hushed silence came over the world.  They finished their kiss and stole another couple from each other.  They looked down to the valley below to the bunkhouse.  All the men were staring up at them.  Suddenly they broke into applause, hoots and whistles.  Somehow it seemed to bring balance to the lives of the cowboy slaves to see the two main men in their lives, their owner and ramrod, so in love with each other and expressing it freely.  Gil Morris and Bobby’s heart were warmed by Shane and Cole’s unabashed display of love for each other, and even they felt encouraged by it.  Dexter was almost in tears.

“Why ain’t you never kissed me like that, daddy?” he asked Monty.  Monty didn’t quite know what to tell him.

“Because you’re my son, and you’re too young.  They’re grown men in love with each other.”

“But Master Shane is Mr. Jenkin’s son.  I won’t ever grow up, daddy, but I know about love.  You taught me that.”

“I know you do, Son, but loving someone because they belong to you is different than being ‘in love’ with someone.”  Monty tried to explain and suddenly felt like a drowning man going down for the third time.

“How is it different, Daddy?  Mr. Jenkins belongs to Master Shane, but they’re in love.”

The cowboys looked at Monty with empathy in their hearts.  They didn’t envy him having to come up with an answer.  The boy seemed to check him on all fronts.

“Okay, there’s a longer explanation what’s a better answer, but it has to do with biological functions and sexual desires of humans.  Is this something we can postpone until I have more time to sit down with you, dad to son, and go over the details?  Could I buy me some time and would it make you feel better if I jes’ give you a quick kiss?” Monty asked.

“Sure, Dad, I think so.” replied Dexter.

“C’mer then.” Dexter hurried to Monty’s arms.  Monty gently kissed him on his lips.  Dexter closed his eyes.  The cowboys smiled and shook their heads.  “How’s that, Scout?  Did that buy me some time?  Are you a happy camper?” Monty asked like he was genuinely concerned.

“Yes, Daddy, that was very nice.  Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Son.  You do know daddy loves you even if he don’t tell you all the time, don’t you?” Monty asked.

“Yes, Sir.  I love you, too, Daddy.” Dexter replied and that was the end of it.

Later, Telly gently dropped his big arm around Monty’s shoulders, patted him on the back and spoke quietly. “For all my cowboy bullshit, Son, it would be my pleasure if you shared one of them kisses with me some evening soon.  I’d be downright proud to help you with some of them biological functions and sexual desires.” he grinned.

“It would be an honor, Sir.  I promise you my next free evening, Mr. Ferguson.  I plan to devote this evening to my slave daddies, but unless they have other plans for me, the following evening is yours.”

“I’ll count on it, Son.” smiled Telly.   

End of Chapter 61 ~ Waco’s Lummox
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*How the neo-cons took over and raped America.  They kept repeating the same lies again and again even when they were proved wrong.  Thirty-five percent of  Americans still believe Saddam Hussein was responsible for 9/11 and he had weapons of mass destruction.  It should be no surprise, it is the same percentage of Americans who believe in hardcore mythology; who believe the Earth is only six thousand years old and Tyrannosaurus Rex was a vegetarian; who believe with incredible stupidity in the pseudoscience of ‘irreducible complexity’ and ‘specified complexity’ as a scientific fact.  Truth and ignorance are rarely found together in the same bed.