By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 64

“If you talk to animals, they will talk with you and you will know each other.  If you do not talk to them, you will not know them, and what you do not know you will fear.  What one fears, one destroys." ~ Chief Dan George

“And what of your crashed spacecraft, Sir?” Lazarus asked the thought which was on several of the men’s minds.

“When we returned for Monty’s mother we brought with us the tools necessary for repair.  It’s in perfect working order.  Scott was going to pilot the ship himself and take Ginny along with him, but she was disoriented and somewhat confused.  She required his constant attention.  He had to take care of her and ultimately me.  Our species rarely suffers illness but for some unknown reason I contracted a malady which rendered me quite useless for over half our trip back.  It was a good thing Scott was with us.  He saw to our safe return and saved my life a second time.  We considered towing it back to our planet but decided against it.  With the extra drag, it would have increased our return voyage from weeks to months.

At the time we couldn't know Ginny's or my fate and were in a race against time.  We decided to leave the ship as a gift for Monty if things didn’t workout the way we planned, worse came to worse, and he found it necessary to escape the planet on his own.  As you men know, even though you can predict the future to some degree there are always variables to consider and many of the old axioms are true.  If something can go wrong, it probably will, but with all that taken into consideration, it is now yours and the Grange’s, Captain Shane, to do with as you see fit.  We know you’re not the kind of man to deny Monty what is his by birthright or inheritance.”

“No, of course not, I wouldn’t do that, Sir.  Monty won’t always be my slave.  What he has brought to me and lain at my feet will be his to take with him when he leaves my service.”

“Our advice would be for you to take it now before some government UFO maven puts two and two together and begins a search.  With the proper equipment it wouldn’t be too difficult to detect.  Better it be stored on board your mother-ship, Admiral Long, in one of your larger hanger bays.  We suggest you might consider having Monty create a maintenance force of Hommynids for it.  There are programs within the spheres for such a function.  You’re certainly welcome to back engineer anything you find of interest, but be aware, there are certain technologies that are meant to work only with energy beings.  They will not work for corporeal beings like yourselves, but those functions have been carefully labeled and can be activated with similar signals rather than the presence of an entity.  You can see how they work and perhaps adapt some of the technology for your purposes.

As a species, you are ready for greater advances.  You’ve already proved you can handle the greatest find of your age, the world and technology the Krell civilization left behind.  Use any technology wisely and you will be greatly rewarded for your efforts.  The ship we left behind, which Scott and Ginny irreverently refer to as ‘The Gopher’ as a double pun for the miles its traveled and as an underground dweller, is our gift to you, Montana.  You must never try to come visit us, Son.  Our world is inhospitable to your kind, and you would not survive even for a brief visit.  Perhaps someday, when we’ve perfected appearing for longer periods of time in corporeal form we can come visit you.”

“I would enjoy that, Sir.” Monty said to the projection.

“By the way, your choice of image for your oracle couldn’t have been better.  We’ve become quite fond of Mr. Johnson.” Scott said. “I remember him from my time on Earth and was always impressed with his acting.” he added.

“Thank you, Sir.  He’s kept me company on many cold, rainy, lonely nights.  I’m very fond of him.” Monty blushed.  Ben smiled and nodded his head in agreement.

After answering many questions it was beginning to get late.  The sun was beginning its slow descent in the West and the men were still sitting around the table conversing with the two men from the spheres.  Finally, Scott said his ‘goodbyes’ to everyone, hugged and kissed Monty and departed.  Monty was devastated but happy to have met his dads and learned about his origins.  He was no longer afraid to leave his granddad behind.  After that, Admiral Long called a halt to further communications with the oracle and the spheres were shut down and returned to their handsome, ornate box.

“We could sit here all evening and become overwhelmed with the amount of knowledge we’ve learned.  We can always return for more at a later time.  What we must figure out now is what to do.  May I suggest we send for the Bluebonnet and have Ms. Maybelle join us?  We can send yore’ truck back, Son.” Lazarus spoke to Shane.  “As soon it gets underway we can claim the area around the barn and the barn itself.  We can miniaturize it and store everything on board with minimal effort.” he told them.

“What will we do with the property, Admiral?” Shane asked.

“I don’t think anyone is going to notice a swap from one place to another, Son.  I’m almost certain old man Dundee won’t say nothing.  After all, he did tell you to take the barn if’n you wanted it.  Once we got it fit into your ranch you can have your men get busy and slap on a fresh coat of paint to make it look like a new barn.  No one will be the wiser.  I’d hate for you to leave it on board the Bluebonnet when it could be handy and useful on the ranch.  Besides, with the workshops phased out of sight no one will know they’re there.  Monty could do his work and feel comfortable in his home.  We could use it for a secondary lab for the development of more bio-mechanical clones for the whale brains.  We should work together to take Monty and Dexter to Mars as soon as possible to spend some time with professor Wankle and his associate.  After we drop off the barn at your ranch, Captain Shane, we can move the miniaturized grab of the starship into one of the larger bays on the Bandersnatch and bring it back up to size.  You men up for a ride?”

“Let’s do it, Admiral.” spoke Shane, “I can’t abide the idea all the work and love what went into this place might fall into the wrong hands, be vandalized or worse, completely destroyed.  On our ranch it will be protected and utilized.  Furthermore, after his initial three month break in period, I have no problem with Monty living in his home as long as he performs his duties as we decide as my slave.  He can use it to entertain any of his cowboy slave buddies and have a modicum of privacy.  I don’t foresee any problems.” spoke Shane with conviction.

Monty was in awe of these men.  Dexter was right.  Giving himself to his new master was the greatest thing he did in a while.  Although his oracle told him about these men taking huge properties and storing them on their ships he was nonetheless amazed.  He wanted to witness it for himself.  He was further encouraged and overjoyed he would get to preserve the many hours of labor and inspiration which went into the creation of his humble shack.  He was proud of his accomplishments and would be comfortable living in the shack again.  This was working out better than he might have imagined when Judge Anderson called him into his chambers and set him down for their talk.  He should have trusted the older man, and if he ever ran across him again, he would pay homage to him and thank him.  Gil Morris volunteered to drive Shane’s truck back to the ranch and took off leaving the men by themselves.  After saying their ‘goodbyes’ to Monty and the rest of the men, Cable, David and Jonathan returned to sickbay on the Bandersnatch.  Admiral Long ordered Kyron to notify Ms. Maybelle and have her bring Captain Shane’s ship, the Bluebonnet, to them.  It didn’t take much smarts for Monty to figure out that’s why some folks like Bobby and Dexter referred to Shane as ‘Captain.’  He was the captain of his own spaceship.  Monty was more than a little impressed.

“If you plan on take’n the whole barn, can I have a minute to warn my workers in case there’s movement they ain’t suspecting; maybe they can secure some of the more delicate lab-ware and electronic equipment, Captain?”

“How long will it take?”

“Only a few seconds, Sir.”

“Yes, I remember, time passes differently here than in your workshop, right?” Shane grinned at him.

“Exactly, Sir.” Monty smiled at him.

“Do it.” Shane told him.  Monty was away in a flash.  He returned within five minutes.  “All done, Sir.  Everything’s secure.” he said confidently.

“Gee, what took you so long?” Shane winked at him. “Is the scarecrow strapped down tight?”

“Yes, Sir, I supervised his securing.  He won’t move.” Monty assured him.

“Good.” said Shane, “He’s valuable property.”

Monty noticed Waco, Ox and Captain Vinceeth and Indigo/Blue were no longer with the men.  There was only the Admiral, Charlie Goodnight, Cole, Jessie Watkins and Utah left.

“Where did Captain Waco and his friends go?” Monty asked Shane.

“While you were gone the Admiral sent for Captain Waco’s ship the Buttercup.  He will go to our ranch and extract the exact amount of land we plan on setting down.  He will store it on his ship and add it to some other land grabs we’ve made.  This piece of property will fit right into the area like it was a correct jigsaw puzzle piece and was meant only for that slot.  It will look like it was there for some time.”

“Amazing.” grinned Monty.

“Everyone ready?” asked the Admiral.  The men were gathered together.  They nodded.

“Bring us aboard, Ms. Maybelle.” the Admiral ordered.  There was a bright flash and the men were standing on the bridge of the Bluebonnet.

“Wow!  That was really neat?” exclaimed Monty.  Shane and the Admiral went to work and Monty watched the big holo-video screen as his barn and shack seemed to shrink to a small rectangle.  It was in the middle of a huge chunk of raw land that looked like it had been scooped out for strip mining.  He watched it disappear and almost gasped for breath.  Charlie Goodnight was standing beside him and chuckled.

“I still ain't used to the idea, Son.  I seen ‘em do it thirty times or more, but it still seems like magic.” he grinned at the look on Monty’s face.

“Have you located the ship, Ms. Maybelle?” Shane asked.

“Yes, Sir, Captain Shane.  It’s about three hundred feet below the surface in solid bedrock, Sir.”

“Good, then there shouldn’t be a depression left when we extract it.” Shane allowed.

“Not for a while, anyway.” added the Admiral.  The pressure of the soil may cause it to cave in later, but it will look like a large sink hole.  They happen a lot around these, here, parts.” he grinned.  The men laughed.  Monty figured correctly these men did this so many times it became routine for them.

“What about the cavity left from taking the property the barn was on?”  Monty asked.

“By this time tomorrow, enough water will have flowed in from the creek it will be the beginning of a small lake.  You’re granddad can go fishing in his own pond.” Cole spoke. “When the water reaches a level to continue on, it will run in the creek again and cover up any signs something is missing.  He’ll have a Devil of a time convincing anyone his barn was stolen.” Cole grinned.

“We have the ship on board, Captain Shane.” said Ms. Maybelle.

“Good!  Thanks, Ms. Maybelle.  Nice evening of shopping, everyone.” Shane chuckled, “Let’s head on over to our ranch, if you please, Ms. Maybelle.”

“Underway, Captain.” replied Ms. Maybelle.

Monty couldn’t believe what was happening.  All of these revelations on his part and the part of his new family were almost too much for him to handle.  The afternoon was one adrenaline rush after another.  He wondered how he would ever get to sleep that night.  He knew what he needed to sort his mind and relax him, but Coyote John was no longer available to him.  The big Indian man crept into his thoughts from time to time, and he wondered how he was doing.  His cock would start to swell every time he thought about John, but he just attributed it to a conditioned sexual response.  He didn’t think about John as a good companion, but Monty had to admit, the Coyote was an animal in the sack.  He could scratch Monty’s deepest itch and leave him wrung out like an old dishrag, dreaming of more.  Monty didn't have any problem separating the two in his mind.  He loved the uncompromisingly demanding, raw rutting animal, but simply tolerated the man.  Even though they didn’t have much in common, Monty found Coyote John a comfort just to have around.  Suddenly his heart sank.  What if Jimmy Joe broke him and killed the wonderful beast inside Coyote John?  He couldn’t let that happen.  Was Coyote John smart enough to sort things out for himself and hold onto his raw animal, like Jimmy Joe did?

Monty’s itch shifted his thinking back to his need.  He didn’t even have one of his cowboy slave brothers lined up to entertain for the evening.  He looked longingly at Charlie Goodnight and thought how fine it might be to spend an evening in his big, mature cowboy arms, but a good looking man like him probably had all the company he needed.  He wondered if he could sweet talk big Bart into a mercy fuck.  Giant Telly would be his second choice.  They were men of considerable sexual powers with more than a little compassion, and to Monty's way of thinking, their best quality was they carried little baggage.  Although he loved his two slave daddies, he was hesitant to ask big Phil because of his close attachment with his partner, and he decided he didn’t particularly like threesomes with them.  While Eli was good and joined in, Monty was sensitive enough to tell his heart wasn’t in it.  Eli’s heart belonged to only one cowboy and that was Phil Pie.  However, the thought of him lying between big Bart and Telly made Monty’s dick drool overtime.  Bart and Telly were two rough and rowdy wranglers.  Neither had any hidden agendas.  What you saw was what you got.  While they loved and respected each other they saw sex as a full-time sport and recreation.  They would fuck anything with a hole as long has it was legal, consented and held still long enough.

He considered Jimmy Joe Russell’s words about finding his own partner.  He thought how great it might be to have someone with whom to discuss his day  while his partner slowly straightened out the kinks of his physical need.  The strangest thought crossed his mind.  What would it be like to own Coyote John for his own personal slave?  He laughed at himself for having such an impossible pipe dream.  He better worry about getting through his own slavery first.  So far, he had to admit, compared to the rest of his life, being Master Shane’s slave was beginning to look a lot like an extended pleasure cruise.  He couldn’t foresee boredom on the horizon.  The ship arrived over the Potter/Goodnight ranch and the process was reversed.  Ms. Maybelle transferred the exact dimensions of their land grab to Ms. Myra and the Buttercup lifted an exact section to match that which was taken from the creek area about a hundred yards below the old swimming hole.

Shane didn’t want his swimming hole disturbed.  That area was one of the most beautiful places on the ranch and certainly had many pleasant and sentimental memories for a number of people.  At fifty yards beyond the swimming hole, the creek made a sharp turn to the right and ran past a high embankment which jutted up and out like a small mountain.  The flow continued down into another well hidden glen which couldn't be seen from the main road and entry to the ranch.  Unless you drove onto the property and down into one of the valleys you wouldn’t be able to see it.  It was obscured by the embankment.  It couldn’t be seen from any of the main buildings on the property except from the second story of the foreman’s house on the highest hill.
  It placed the old barn a good way away from everything, but Shane thought that might be good since they didn’t want to draw attention to it.  Monty might have to walk a ways, but he would, also, be afforded some privacy down in the separate glen.  In comparison, it was only about half the distance from the bunkhouse than the old barn was from the front house on the Dundee property.

The piece of property fit perfectly and the stream of water forked, divided and came together just like it did on the Dundee farm.  Monty couldn’t believe what he was witnessing.  Everything fit into place including the old bridge.  With his master’s permission, it would be one of his first projects to repair and strengthen.
  Captain Shane gave the order to return to the Bandersnatch and Ms. Maybelle quickly complied.  They were over the area and transferred the alien ship down into one of the larger hanger bays on the Bandersnatch and enlarged it to full size.  Their mission was complete.  The men on board the Bluebonnet watched in awe as the large ship regained its size.  It was different from any craft they ever saw before.  It looked like a gigantic crystal chandelier.  It was somewhat of a rectangular shape, but had a huge crystal dome on top that looked like an observation dome.  It was breathtakingly beautiful.  It sparkled and radiated the lights from the cargo bay.  It gave one the impression of being not only a highly advanced spacecraft, but also a work of sophisticated art.  It seemed to say, ‘Why travel the universe in a tin can when you can have the beauty of a crystal ship?’  With the lights shining on it and the cameras moving around, it seemed to change colors like a cephalopod in the height of mating season.   

“Now we know where your talents for art come from, Monty.” said Cole Jenkins.

“Indubitably.” agreed the Admiral.

“How beautiful.” said Charlie in awe.

“How could anything that delicate looking hold up in space?” Monty asked rhetorically.

“I’m sure you’ll find out,” laughed Shane, “but whatever you discover I expect you to share with us.  We’ve opened to you and I promise, we will keep no secrets from you.”

“I have no need for secrecy anymore, Captain Shane.  As an example, I’ve loved the Ongs for many years, but I always felt like Dexter and I were impositions on them.  As hard as we tried, we never felt like we fit in.  For the first time, I think I understand the meaning of family, and now believe, all this time, I’ve underestimated the Ongs.  It weren’t the Ong’s fault.  Lord knows they tried to include us in everything they did.  They never pushed themselves on us, but they were always there when we needed them.  What you said is right.  The Ongs should be included in all our lives because they are part of our greater family.  They have much to offer those they love.  I think we’ve found a home with you and the Grange, Sir, and the thought of leaving the Ongs behind would be too painful to consider.”

Shane dropped his big arm around Monty and pulled him close.  No one commented.  No words were necessary.  Ms. Maybelle docked the Bluebonnet and the men met up with Captain Waco and his men outside the ship.  Monty couldn’t believe the size of the Bandersnatch.  He could see row after row of ships just like the Bluebonnet and Buttercup.  

“How many ships does the Bandersnatch carry?” he asked no one in particular.

“Three hundred, Monty, but there are docking bays for another two hundred.  There are twenty docking bays for much larger ships like yours.”  Shane told him.  Monty smiled at the thought Shane was acknowledging the ‘Gopher’ was his ship.

“Can we go look at her?” Monty asked.

“Let’s save that for later.  Depending on our schedules, we’ll get to it as soon as possible.  We’re as anxious as you to investigate its wonders.  It’s safe now.  No one can take it away from you or us.  We’ve had a full day and have many new things to consider.  I want us to sleep on it before we tackle the Gopher.  It’s late.  We ain’t had us no supper yet.  We need to get back and check out the barn and its contents to make sure ever’thing’s all right.” said Shane.

The men had to go through a gate or make the long walk back to the central part of the ship.  To save time, they wanted to go directly to sickbay.  It was Monty’s first experience with a gate.  When it sprang up he was as surprised as most people.

“It’s a gate to sickbay, Son.” Shane told him. “Your little brother, Bobby and Maxine use one almost every day to visit Cable and his brothers.  Think you’ll have a problem with it?”

“Naw, Sir, I’m ready.” Monty grinned.  Shane patted him on the back as they walked through together.  They arrived in the sickbay and Cable was waiting for them.  

“I know you men are tired and need to get to your supper, but we would like to have a sample of Monty’s blood so we can have it analyzed and ready for any further physical exams Captain Shane might like us do.  Besides, the transmission from Monty’s father has our curiosity peaked.” Cable entreated.

“Roll up your sleeve, Son, doctor Cable rules the sickbay, and if’n we want to pass through, we humor him.” Shane grinned at Monty.  Monty complied and Cable had him sit on one of the examination tables. “While we’re at it, Kyron, would you be so kind as to assign robo-cams to our new slave and family member.” Shane added.

“Done!  Captain Shane.” replied Kyron.  Monty had no idea what robo-cams were.  “Testing.” said Kyron, and on one of the holo-video screens in sickbay was a holographic image of Monty sitting on the table.

“Cool.” he said, “Where are the cameras?”

“In the same space your Hommynids inhabit.” The Admiral told him.

“Neat.  So you can get pictures and audio.  That’s where the intelligence's voice came from.” Monty understood. “I wonder if they could be installed in my workshops to monitor their activities?”

“Probably.  Good thinking.  It’s ideas like that, with which we’ll be able to help each other.” said Admiral Long.

“Has anyone ever taken a blood sample from you, Monty?” Cable asked.

“Naw, Sir.  I never had no shots of any kind.  When I went to school I just told ‘em I had all my shots.  They never checked.  Other than one real bad cold when the Ong’s took care of me, I ain’t never had me no illnesses I can remember.  Ain’t never had no needle stuck in me.  Will it hurt?”  he asked.

“You’ll feel a brief pin prick, but look away if you’re fearful.” Cable said.

“No, go ahead.  It’s something I might need to know.” he allowed.

“That’s what an inquisitive mind would say.” Cable smiled at Monty.  He took several vials of his blood and carefully labeled them.  Cable withdrew the needle and had Monty hold a piece of cotton saturated with alcohol against the wound and press gently.  Cable set the vials in a wire rack and the syringe on a metal counter.  He returned to Monty’s arm to place a bandage over the wound, but when he took the cotton away the wound was nowhere to be seen.

“Spontaneous healing.” Cable observed. “How long have you been able to do that, Son?” he asked Monty.

“All my life, Sir.  I accidentally cut my finger off one time, put it back in place and it healed back together within fifteen minutes.  Hurt like a mother for a while, but there was no residual damage.  See?”  Monty showed him his little finger was fully functional with no scarring.

“We have several in our family who can that.  Jesse Watkins and Utah can do it.  Also, the Holy Prophet’s main squeeze, Officer Brett Jones can do it.  He’s taught his cousin who lives among us in the colonies how to do it.  We have several Evanescent children who can heal themselves and others.  It will be interesting to compare your blood with theirs.” Cable mused.  

“We might be descended from the same tree?” Jessie smiled at him.

“Was your companion always a canid, Master Watkins?” Monty asked Jesse.

“Show him, Son.”  Jesse spoke to Utah.  The beautiful dog began to morph before Monty’s stunned eyes and grew to be a perfect, handsome young man with a full head of blond hair that hung down in ringlets to his shoulders.  He was completely naked.  He was muscular and a well endowed young man.  He looked somewhat like a human collie might.  He spoke to Monty.

“This is how I look in human form.  I’m able to speak to you in my canine form like my good friend Maxine and her family.  I was given to Master Jesse hundreds of years ago as his slave and companion; so many years ago, I lost count.  It was my punishment for doing some terrible things and being an incorrigible, irreconcilable human.  I tried hard to rebel, but being a dog taught me some lessons in trust and companionship I never would have learned any other way.  Today, I don’t look upon my punishment as a terrible thing; in fact, I rather prefer to remain a dog.  There’s certain advantages I won’t go into.  I have served my time as master Jesse’s slave.  I can change my appearance at will.  I’m free to go my way, but I choose to remain with Master Jesse and be his companion.  I refer to him as ‘master’ because he has become my mentor and teacher.  Over the years, I have grown to love and appreciate him for the fine man he is.  I’m quite happy being his companion.  He needs me.”  Utah said with conviction.

Jesse smiled at his companion, patted him on his back and nodded his approval.  Utah smiled and immediately changed himself back into a beautiful collie dog.     

“Do you have the power to change people physically, Master Watkins?”

“Yes, Son, I do, so does my companion.  We have discovered he has several talents I don’t, and together, we worked to develop them.  We changed the Holy Prophet’s plumbing into a woman’s while leaving his outward appearance as a man.” Jesse grinned.

“Why would you do a thing like that, Sir?” Monty asked in awe.

“Because he pissed me off.” Jesse laughed and so did the other men.

“The truth is, Monty, Jeremiah Scudder disobeyed my master and didn’t keep his word.  He gave my master his solemn oath he wouldn’t do something and he done it anyways.  First my master removed his male genitalia and gave him a vagina, but with no internal plumbing.  Now, he don’t wanna’ be changed back.  He asked my master to install the full works, and we done it.  He wants to have Officer Jones’ baby.” Utah explained using the cowboy vernacular.

“This is all too much for me.  You people are far more than I imagined, and yet you seem so...?”

“Basic?  Down to Earth country folks?  Dumb local yokels?  Stupid redneck cowboys?” Shane grinned at him.

“Not so harsh as them words, Master, but certainly unexpected for your outward appearance.  How was I to know?  I reckon I weren’t the only one surprised.  I’ll bet my little brother almost stripped a cog.” he grinned.

“I thought we were going to have to wind him up again.” Cable made a joke to come to Monty’s rescue.  Everyone laughed.  Biodroids don’t make jokes too often, but Cable developed a sense of humor over the years.  He could even get a laugh out of his stoic father once in a while.

“Do you think I might develop powers like yours and Utah’s, Master Watkins?” Monty asked.

“Don’t know, Son.  Sounds to me like you got a good start.  It took me hundreds of years to develop some of my abilities.  A closer look at your physical makeup, blood and DNA will tell us a lot.” Jesse told him.

“We’ll bring him back tomorrow when we come to look over our new alien spaceship affectionately known as the Gopher.  It’s too pretty to be named after a rodent, but the man for whom it was intended should decide what he wants to call  it.” Shane smiled at Monty. “For now, we best be getting though the gate to our ranch.  While you were seeing to your workers I phoned the ranch.  Ms. Biddle held supper for us so we’ll break with tradition and you will eat your supper with us this evening, Son.  We got several things to do before turning in for the evening.  We best be saying ‘goodbye’ to you good men and thank you for coming to share the wonders of our new brother’s world.”

The men said their ‘goodbyes’ and as always had one last thing to say.  It took thirty minutes for the men to walk through the gate to their respective ranches.  Monty smiled as they came out into the old barn he only peaked into several times looking for Dexter.  He never found him, but he could have sworn, a couple of times, he saw Bobby, Maxine and his small companion disappear inside.  Now he understood why.  They exited into the beautiful first pasture which ran up to the fence with the main houses just beyond.  They smiled at each other when they saw Bobby, Maxine, and Dexter running toward them laughing and giggling.  Boss Potter and Gil Morris were following at a more leisurely pace.  Dexter ran to Monty’s arms.

“Brother!  Our home, it arrived special delivery!  It was wonderful!” he cried out.  Monty got a big grin on his face as he grabbed Dexter up, swung him around, and gave him a big hug.

“You little monster!” Monty laughed, “I should do my very worst Dr. Smith routine on you, but I won’t.  Now you’re gonna’ give me a big lecture about how I should always listen to you and trust you, right?” Dexter was giggling and shaking his head.

“No, I’ve grown beyond that, but to be honest, the thought crossed my mind.” Dexter replied.  

“You were right, little brother, but you know what?  I don’t need no two hundred dollars for passing ‘go’ or no 'free parking' jackpot as long as I got you.  You're the bestest jackpot a big brother could have.” Monty hugged Dexter and gave him a kiss.  Dexter was giggling like crazy.  “How does the barn look?” Monty asked.

“Fantastic!  It’s perfect.  We watched as another ship took a huge chunk of land and then Mr. Morris explained Captain Shane’s ship would come along and deposit our old barn.  I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.  Them cowboys all watched.  They were as amazed as I was.  Jenny recognized it right away and made a run for it.  She’s down there inside the barn waiting for us.”

“We’ll go check it out a little later, but first we need to have supper.”

“We stuck our heads in and nothing looks out of order.  A couple of books fell out of our bookcases, but that’s about all.  It’s amazing.” Dexter rambled on.  

The men went to the big house and Ms. Biddle was ready for them.  There was plenty for all.  Monty fell in love with Ms. Essmee Fay’s food.  It was down-home basic, but it was delicious.  Talk was lively around the table and the men felt like they accomplished something wonderful.  They told Boss Potter, Bobby, Mr. Morris and Dexter about Monty’s father and how he came to be.

“Didn’t I tell you one time I thought you might be a starchild?” Dexter grinned at his big brother.

“Yes, and I quickly dismissed the idea.”

“Does this mean Monty and I will get to live in the barn again, Captain Shane?” Dexter asked.

“No, you will continue to live with Bobby and Mr. Morris, Dex.  I need you right where you are for now.  According to Bobby and Mr. Morris, they are very impressed and encouraged with your teaching abilities, and we need to get your brother educated.  You have a new life now and so does your big brother.  Monty won’t be living down there right away either.  He has three months as a baby slave, and I expect him to stay close to his cowboy slave brothers for that period.  Like everything else around here, that ain’t a hard and fast rule.  I can be flexible as long as you respect my position.  There might be times I give him permission to stay overnight down there if’n we decide he’s got a good reason.  That also includes you spending a quality evening with him from time to time.  I think the two of you need to get off by yourselves to reestablish your relationship.  I don’t want you drifting apart.”

“Yes, Sir, Captain Shane, I understand.” Dexter replied without remorse.  Monty smiled.  He was happy to see the rapport his little brother had with their master.  He thought everything was going to work out fine.  Shane’s cell phone rang.

“Hello.” he listened for a minute. “How’s things over to ma’ brother’s place, Sir.” he listened some more and grinned real big.  “I don’t know, he’s had a busy day, can you hang on a second, Sir?” Shane pressed the hold button on his phone.  “It’s Ramrod Russell on the phone, Son.  I understand you two got to know each other pretty well last Sunday afternoon.” he grinned, “He wants to know if you’d like some company this evening.  You can stay down to your place this evening, if’n you like.”

“Tell him absolutely, positively, yes, Master Shane.  I would be honored and pleased to entertain him this evening.” Monty effused.  Monty couldn’t think of a better man to straighten his mind and give him some comfort.  If he didn’t know better, he might almost consider this a stroke of divine providence.  Shane pressed the hold button again to continue their conversation.

“He will be happy to have you as his guest this evening in his new home.” Shane smiled as he listened. “We’ll explain when you get here.  Come through the gate and up to the big house.  Join us for coffee and dessert.” Shane said ‘goodbye’ and put his cell phone away.  He grinned and winked at Monty.  Monty blushed and everyone at the table laughed except Dexter.  He didn’t understand why they were laughing.  Bobby thought he might talk with Captain Shane about explaining to Dexter about cowboy love.  He didn’t foresee any problem.  As long as Bobby presented something to Shane in an adult, reasoned, well thought out manner he always approved anything Bobby wanted to do, but Bobby never failed to run it by his dad first.  He was good about remembering his place in the chain of command.

“Something you said earlier about folks around you not appearing as old as their chronological age, Captain— does that apply to Master Russell, Sir?” Monty asked shyly.  Several of the men grinned.  Bobby giggled.

“Yes, it does, Son.  Ramrod Russell is a prime example.” Shane said without nuance.  Monty laughed.  “What’s so funny?” Shane asked.

“I asked him how come he looked so young to have been a slave for twenty years?  He told me it was because he had lots and lots of sex.” everyone around the table fell out laughing.  Monty continued, “He said if’n I wanted to remain young looking I needed to have sex and plenty of it.” the men laughed even harder.  “But that ain’t the funniest part, Sir.  I believed him!”  Monty declared and laughed at his own naivete.  Shane was about to drop to the floor laughing.

“‘At sounds about right for Ramrod Russell.  He said tonight is his night alone, and he promised he’d take you up on yore’ offer.  His live-in slave, Bert Stamper, is required to spend Thursday nights and all day Friday with his masters, Hoot Austin and Cotton Daniels, on their ranch.  I didn’t have time to explain earlier, but I know you have to have some understanding about DNA from your work with Dexter and your team in your lab.  Over the centuries certain humans have developed a longevity gene which allowed an open ended DNA strand as a throwback to man’s earliest days on our planet.  There were old Sumerian legends of man living to be hundreds of years old.  Some of those legends found their way into the old testament.  We were developed as a hybrid specie from another race of star people and the indigenous primates on this planet.  We were originally created to work the land, grow crops and animals for their consumption, and to work in mines to produce gold ore for them.  Our forefathers were the Cro-Magnon or Neanderthal man and a race called the Anunnaki from a planet known as Nibiru.  That’s why today man is the only mammal on our planet without a bone in its penis and the women of our specie’s womb is permanently attached to her interior.  All other species have free floating sacks.  

The planet Nibiru was flown, like a spaceship, to our solar system approximately a hundred and forty-three thousand years years ago and remains here today as the planet Venus.  It’s not uncommon to find huge planets hollowed out with entire civilizations living beneath the surface.  There are fewer planets than you might think in any galaxy with the exact delicate balance of all elements to produce life and evolution.  Many advanced civilizations have had to make their homes inside of planets.  Upon first creating their new hybrid, man lived to be many hundreds of years old, but as time progressed, his DNA and genetic information mutated to only allow him around a hundred years if all went well and he lived a healthy life.  Other times, life expectancy was sometimes less than forty years.  Giovanni Pergolesi created a large volume of musical works in the eighteen century and died by the age of twenty-six.  Several  members of our Grange have the gene occurring naturally within them.  Admiral Long and Jesse Watkins are examples, but we have several more.

You might find it interesting to know our Admiral is over two thousand years old.  We have no idea how old Mr. Watkins is.  We know his companion is older than Admiral Long.  Anyway, to make a long story short, Admiral Long and his men created a serum what can add the missing genetic information, alter human DNA, prolong our lives and somewhat reverse the ravages of aging.”
Monty and Dexter looked at Shane like they were stunned.  Shane continued. “That’s why we wanted to test your blood.  Because you’re a hybrid, you might possibly have a similar genetic structure.  Outside of an unforeseen catastrophe, you might very well be immortal by normal human standards.  I wasn’t kidding when I told you Jenny might also be immortal because of your intervention in her death.  We give the longevity shot, we call the ‘longshot,’ to those of our family who wish to have it.  We have already offered it to the Ongs.  They are considering it.  Which reminds me, after dinner I need to call Mr. Ong and invite him and his family over for next Sunday to spend the day with us.”

“You mean grandfather and grandmother Ong might have their aging processed reversed, and they will live much longer?” Dexter asked in awe.

“It does, Son.  It won’t reverse their aging, but because their genetic information will be so radically changed it will cause renewal of their degenerating systems.  After six months or more they’ll appear about the age Mr. and Mrs. Ong look now, but Mr. Ong and his wife will appear even younger.” Shane replied.  Monty just stared at him.  Shane smiled to see the young man’s eyes began to water.  Monty quickly took his napkin and wiped them.   

Bobby and Dexter got up and helped Ms. Biddle clear the table.  They were helping her with clean up for the evening.  They helped her bring in coffee and dessert for the men.  Jimmy Joe Russell arrived, and knocked on the back screen door.  Shane nodded for Monty to go greet him.  Monty jumped up out of his chair and hurried to the backdoor.  He let Jimmy Joe in, bowed to him and fell to his knees to pay homage to his boots.  They went through the ritual and Jimmy Joe kissed Monty with a gentle passion that set the young man’s heart on fire.  Monty knew it was going to be a good evening.  Jimmy Joe planned to see to Monty's comfort.

“It’s good to see you again, slave.” he said quietly with sincerity.

“You don’t know how good it is to see you, Sir.  You’re an answer to a prayer.” Monty grinned.

“How’s that, young’un?” Jimmy Joe asked.

“May I explain later, Sir?” he requested.

“Of course, no problem.” he dropped his big arm over Monty’s shoulder, and they walked into the dinning room together.  The men stood to shake his hand.  Jimmy Joe went around the table greeting the men, Bobby and Dexter.  Shane offered him a seat next to Monty.  Coffee and hot, fresh peach cobbler with homemade vanilla ice cream melting on top was sitting before him.

“This looks and smells like cowboy heaven to me.” he grinned, “I was fortunate to have Ms. Biddle’s cobbler once before, and I ain’t never tasted me none finer.” he allowed.  Essmee Biddle heard him, smiled and waved her hand at him like he said that to all the pretty cooks.  Jimmy Joe took a big bite and got a look of extreme pleasure on his face.  “I ain’t got me no idea what heaven might be like, but part of it has to include peach cobbler with ice cream.” he allowed.  The men agreed with him.  He continued, “What’s this I hear about you having yore' own place?” he asked Monty.  Monty looked to Shane for help.

“We done got us another land grab this evening, Ramrod.  You’ll understand when you see it.  We got us a new barn on the property with a shack Monty and Dexter lived in.  I could tell you about it, but you wouldn’t believe me.” the other men nodded and grinned as they ate their dessert.  

“I’ll look forward to it.  I ain’t too proud to stay in a shack if’n the company’s good.” the men laughed a little too much at his statement.  He wondered what he said was so funny.

“The term ‘shack’ was something Monty used to describe where he and Dexter lived.  It’s probably the most impressive shack I ever seen.” Shane said casually.  The other men backed him up.

“Just take it from us, Son,” spoke Boss Potter, “you will be comfortable in Monty’s shack.  To describe it would be futile.  You must witness it for yourself.”

“You got my curiosity aroused.” he grinned.

“Just don’t let yore' curiosity jump out a’ yore’ pants, Ramrod.  They’s children and a lady present.” laughed Shane.  Jimmy Joe grinned and the men shared a laugh.  Dexter even got that one.

“If twenty years of slavery didn’t teach me nothing else, Captain Shane, it taught me a few social manners.” he allowed.

“After ten years I ain’t real sure I learned all I need, Ramrod, but I keep work’n at it.” he smiled at Jimmy Joe.

“I think you done well, Son.” Jimmy Joe complimented his host. “Beside, you done got chore’ pa to turn you over his knee if’n you fergit yore’ manners.”

“And, believe it or not, he does from time to time.” grinned Shane and winked at Cole.  "I always deserve it." he added.

“How is your baby slave coming along, Ramrod?” Cole asked.

“He’s going through the motions.  Without a lot of details, he’s responding but holding back a lot.  I’d say he’s about where he should be.  I have to give him a grade ever’ day and so far he’s done above average.  We’ve had worse baby slaves.  Tomorrow marks the end of his first week.  He’s got one more week of break-in to go.  We done took care of him earlier and got him bedded down for the night.  We got us two more slaves coming Saturday and two more the following weekend so I’m gonna’ be pretty busy for the next several months.  I got the evening off and was git’n cabin fever sit’n around my bunkhouse by mayself.  I needed a change of scenery.”

“Glad you called.  Good to have you join us.  Come over anytime you need to get away.  Ya’ don’t need to pack a bag.  H’it ain’t a fur trip.” grinned Boss Potter.

“Thank you, Sir.” he replied. “Them gates shore’ save on transportation costs.” he allowed.  

The men finished supper.  Shane excused himself and Cole from the rest of the men.  They were going to go with Monty and Jimmy Joe down to the barn to check things out.  Shane called Monty into the living room for a minute to talk with him privately.

“The facilities in your quarters should be working, Son, but if not, use the bunkhouse showers.  The ramrod won’t mind.  He’s flexible and accommodating.  Since we don’t have a lot planned for tomorrow report back to me for breakfast, and we’ll plan our day from there.  Be sure and invite your guest for breakfast with us in the morning.”

“Some’um strange is going on here, Master Shane.  I held back a pair a’ them boots I made and hid ‘em under my bed.” he said sort of sheepishly.

“I know, I saw you do it, but I assumed you were gonna’ keep ‘em for yourself.  I don’t have no problem with that.  You deserve a pair of your own boots.”

“Naw, Sir, I done it before I knew you were gonna’ lift the property.  If I wanted them for myself, I would’ve asked you for ‘em and jes’ threw ‘em in with my stuff.  Besides, they ain’t my size.  Here’s the strange part, Master; I put them there with the full intent of making a present of them to Ramrod Russell.  I had no idea if I’d ever see him again.  Ain’t never had nothing like this happen to me before.  It sort a’ sends chills up my spine.”    

“It’s happened to me before, Son.  Just don’t repress your feelings.  Open yourself to these things, but be sure and communicate them so your intentions ain’t misunderstood.  Many of our members are getting glimpses of the future.  Maxine and Boss Potter had vivid dreams about you and Dexter before we met you.  We didn’t believe Maxine because she dreamed your boy weren’t alive like a normal human.  We thought, because she's a dog, she didn’t see things clearly.  We was the ones what didn’t see things clearly.  Weren’t nothing wrong with Maxine’s receiver.” Shane grinned at him.

“May I give them to him, Sir?”

“Of course you can.  You may be my slave, but I wouldn’t disperse any of them boots without checking with you first.  H’it ain’t a matter of you being my salve and owing ever’ thing what was yours, it’s a matter of manners, Son.  As long as you keep that in mind, and you have so far, you won’t have no problems adjusting to our way of life.” Monty hugged Shane and thanked him for his understanding.  “Just out of curiosity, Son, how did you know his size?”

“No secrets?” Monty said grinning and blushing at the same time, “Paying homage to a man’s boots tells me a lot about him.  Having a deeply rooted fetish for cowboy footwear helps.  I can tell you the size of ever’ man’s foot on this ranch.  I can hand ‘em a pair what will fit them like they's made for ‘em.” Monty smiled but continued to blush at his admission.

“‘At’s a secret we share, buckaroo.  Me and ma’ pa make the beast with two backs in our boots ever' now and then.” Shane threw back his handsome head and laughed.  Monty giggled.

“Then, I ain’t the only one?  I jes’ thought it was me.” he said shyly.

“Y’ain’t alone, slave.” Shane hugged him again.  “Then I take it you don’t mind the slave ritual?” Shane asked.

“Not a bit, Master, but I’m reserved about it.  I don’t wanna’ seem too anxious.  A cowboy might git the idea I’s some kind of pervert.” he grinned.

“Oh, Son, you got the right cowboy with you for the night.  If any man can git chu’ over that hump, it’s Jimmy Joe Russell.  You can trust him.  Tell him your secret, and see what he has to say about it.” Shane grinned at him.`

“After today, I’m certain my dad picked the right cowboy for my master, Captain Shane.  You’re like the big brother I ain't never had.” he said with sincerity.  He dropped to his knees and began to pay homage to Shane’s big boots.  Shane grinned as he completed the ritual with him.

“How’s them dirty old boots of mine taste, Son?” Shane grinned.   

“The best, Master!  Like my brother Little Bear said about your big brother’s boots, I’ll try my damnedest to eat ‘em off’n you if I can.” Monty laughed.

“What’s my size, slave-boy?” Shane challenged with a half grin.

“Eleven and a half double E!” exclaimed Monty without hesitation.  “I got just the right pair for you, Master, but I wanna’ finish ‘em special.  Ever’ cowboy worth his salt ought a’ own a pair of ‘Goodnight Buckaroos' what says they belong to him and no other cowboy.  They’s gotta’ stand up and speak for they’s-selves.  They gotta’ say, ‘I’s the finest pair of boots a cowboy can own!  I be ‘Goodnight Buckaroos’!  If’n y’ain’t wear’n a pair, y’ain’t shit!” Monty poured on the cowboy lingo.  They shared a good laugh with each other, another hug, a gentle kiss, and returned to Cole and Ramrod Russell.  Shane was still grinning and shaking his head as they walked up to the men.

“I do hope you’ll take good care of ma’ little brother-slave, Ramrod.  You’re about to have the most unexpected and memorable evening you’ve ever had, cowboy.” Shane laughed.  Cole had a good idea what is partner was talking about and laughed with him.  Jimmy Joe raised an eyebrow, but as a cowboy was not to be outdone.

“Cowboy up!” he laughed.

The men were in a jovial mood as they walked down though the first pasture and crested the ridge to the second pasture.  It was a wonderful, warm Texas night with the moon nearly full, and you could see everything.  About halfway through the second pasture the ponies were standing together for the night but from among them came a loud hee-haw and a small four legged critter started a full run for Monty.  Monty called to her.

“Yes, it’s me!  I told you I’d see you again.  You jes’ never believe me no more.” Monty said.  Jenny ran right up to him and nuzzled him.  He petted her and introduced her to Ramrod Russell.

“Ramrod Russell, meet me and Dexter’s best buddy, Jenny.  She’s a part of our family.  I had to leave her by herself while I’s in jail.”

“Don’t look like she missed many meals.  She looks fit to have been left alone for six months.  She’s a fine look’n ass, Son.” Jimmy Joe allowed and grinned.

“My neighbors, my Chinese family, fed her everyday while I’s gone, Sir.  She’s anxious me and Dex is gonna’ leave her again.  She’ll calm down after a while and settle in.  I’m surprised she was out with the ponies and other asses.  I’s hope’n she might pair up with a jack and have a little ass, or get a little, whichever.” Monty chuckled and the men laughed.  “I thought she’d be waiting in the barn for me.” Monty mused.

“What barn?  I 'on’t see no barn!  I’m sure you men are taking me out to the boonies to rape and rob me.” Jimmy Joe allowed.  The men laughed.

“Rape, yes!  Rob?  What cha’ got, cowboy?” Shane asked.

“Not a whole hell of a’ lot, but what I got, you’re welcome to it.” he laughed in reply. “Jes’ promise not to rob me without rape’n me first.” he insisted.  The men laughed at him.

“I guaran-damn-tee-ya, you’ll have a treasure when you leave.” grinned Shane and Monty chuckled.

The men continue to walk toward the big moon and came upon the second rise to look down into the third valley.  Before them stood the enormous old barn.  It was so big you could put the other two barns on the property into it and there would be room to spare.  Ramrod Russell stopped dead in his tracks and let out a low whistle.  Jenny wasn’t looking where she was going and bumped into him.  Jimmy Joe acted like a bull was after him, and the men shared a laugh.

“This weren’t here last Sunday.” he said in quiet awe, and it ain’t jes’ been built.  That thing is old.”

“Right on all accounts, Ramrod.  We jes’ done us a little property grab this evening and need to check it out.  We ain’t even had time to make sure ever’ thing’s all right.  C’mon, Ramrod, you can give us a hand.” Shane encouraged.

“Biggest damm barn I ever done see’d in ma’ life.” allowed Jimmy Joe.
“Y’ain’t alone.  I c'ain’t never recall seeing one that big before.” added Cole.

“Y’ain’t seen nothing yet, cowboy.” Shane said quietly.

They walked down toward the creek that now flowed in two directions.  The creek which ran through the Potter ranch contained a greater flow than the one on the Dundee farm and was equally divided between the branches.  The men walked over the old bridge like they were approaching a holy shrine.  In the moonlight the old bridge and barn took on a new life, one of mystery and intrigue.  Jimmy Joe could almost imagine it was haunted, and in a way, it was.  Jenny ran ahead of the men, across the old bridge and into the huge barn like it was her home, and she wanted to be a good hostess to welcome them properly.  Sure enough, she turned at the entrance and brayed to welcome them.  It was clear she was expressing her pleasure to have them visit.  They paid homage to her, petted her and told her what a lovely home she had.  Shane turned on his six volt lantern and shined it around in the old barn.  The men could see the massive beams and strong wood that went into its creation.  It was an impressive structure.  Nothing looked disturbed.  Monty and Cole walked over to some tarpaulins and threw them back.  Shane shined the light on the old crop duster airplane.

“Ho-lee shit!” Jimmy Joe exclaimed.  "Talk about memories.  That thing’s gotta’ be ancient.  It looks like it’s in great shape.  It must be worth a fortune.” he mused.

“Ain't never thought about it being worth much, but I suppose it would be.” Monty agreed. “It ain’t been out of this barn since I started living here sixteen years ago.  Me and Dexter used to play in it for hours on rainy days, but we never moved it or done nothing to it.  We always kept it covered with these big tarps.”

Shane was satisfied everything was all right in the barn.  Monty and Cole returned the tarpaulin and the men walked out and down the side of the barn.  Jenny followed making a comment from time to time.  Monty would talk to her to reassure her.  She would be quiet for another twenty steps or so.  When they got to the add-on structure at the rear Jimmy Joe laughed.

“You gotta’ be kidding me!” he exclaimed laughing, “This damn thing goes on forever.  Is this where you lived, Son?”  he asked Monty.    
“Yes, Sir, this was me and Dexter’s home for sixteen years.”

“Did you build all of this?”

“Naw, Sir, it was already here, but it didn’t have no windows or nothing inside.  It was just one big storage room.  I never found out what it was used for.  I ain’t sure it was ever used.  There weren’t nothing in it when my momma left me here except some old sleeping bags on some hay.  I was scared shitless the first night I stayed here by myself, but after the first night, it took on a life of its own.  It sort of wrapped itself around me and made me feel at home.  I don’t care where I go in life, this old shack will always be the home of my heart.”

“That’s because you made it your own.” Cole said to him.

“How did you do that?” Ramrod Russell asked.

“You’ll find out soon enough.” grinned Shane.
They reached the great oval door main entrance into Monty’s ‘quarters,’ as he was beginning to think on it.  His main man, his master used the term and he thought 'quarters' sounded less pretentious than ‘home’ and more respectable than ‘shack.’  He spun the two outer wheels until they locked into place, turned the middle wheel and the door easily swung open.  Monty walked inside and flipped a switch.  His twelve volt electrical system was working perfectly and lights came on all over the place.  Everything seemed in order, but he noticed several books fell from a couple of the bookcases and were on the floor.  Other than that, everything looked okay.  He turned to look and watched as the three men slowly walked into the room.

“I was in this room most of the day, but it all seems new to me somehow.” said Cole.

“I agree, Pa.  It’s like I’m seeing it for the first time.” Shane agreed.

“Hoe-lee sheeit!  I’d use stronger language, but you men know I ain’t one to use foul language.  Twenty years as a slave will do that for a man.  What is this place?  This ain’t no poor man’s shack I been hear’n about.  This is incredible.  Who done all this?  Look at them paintings.  Are they real?”

“Easy, cowboy.” grinned Shane. “One question at a time.”

“What’s that big rock thing over there with them big round holes in it with the vent hood over it?” asked Jimmy Joe pointing to an area of Monty’s kitchen.

“That’s where my six large woks fit when I’m cooking Chinese food.  I burn wood in the rocks and they heat my woks.”

“What’s a wok?” he looked dumbfounded.

“Here, I’ll show you, Sir.” Monty reached overhead.  His woks were hanging from the wall over the rock fire pit.  He pulled one down and set it into the smaller round hole of the rocks.  It fit perfectly.  There was a chimney up the back of the wall made of the same river rocks which vented above the roof line.

“Ain’t never et me no Chinese food before.” said Jimmy Joe.

“He cooks the best, Ramrod.” Cole assured him.

Monty went to pickup the books which fell from the bookcases as the men moved to various parts of the room.  Shane smiled as he followed Jimmy Joe into the realms of Monty’s world.

“Check your store rooms, Son.  Make sure ever’ thing made the transition.  Report back to me when you’re done.” Shane told him.

“Yes, Sir, Captain Shane.  Be back in a minute or two.” Monty was away to the first store room.  Shane thought Jimmy Joe’s eyes would pop out of his head when he saw Monty go through the big door that was one of the bookcases.  He just looked at Shane and grinned like a kid.

“Who done all this, Foreman Shane?” he asked bewildered.

“The slave whose bed you be sharing this evening, Ramrod.”

“Naw, I don’t believe it.  What about them five pitchers?  I may be a dumb old cowboy, but them's great works of art.”

“He painted them with old cans of throwaway latex paint and discarded paint brushes.”

“You men are set’n me up, right?” he grinned.

“I promise you, Ramrod, on my most solemn oath as a cowboy we ain’t shit’n you none.  This is all his doing.  Think about it, a man what has the brains and intellect to built himself a companion like Dexter could do all of this.”

“What?  H’it don’t take no brains to git a woman pregnant.  Lord knows, I’m living proof.” Jimmy Joe shot back.  Cole and Shane broke up laughing.  They didn’t considered Jimmy Joe didn’t know Dexter was an android.  They just assumed he knew.  

“I’m sorry, Ramrod.  We ain’t laughing at you.  You really don’t know about Dexter?” Shane asked him.

“What’s to know?  He’s a cute, five year old kid, and he looks jes’ like his daddy.”

“Dexter didn’t have no mother, Ramrod.” Cole said to him.

“Now I know you men are set’n me up.  What?  You gonna’ tell me Monty give birth to him?” he challenged.

“In a way, he did.  Dexter ain’t human, Mr. Russell.  He’s a bio-mechanical boy.  He’s like Cable, David and Jonathan.  Monty built him when he was five years old to have a companion for himself.  He grew up, but Dexter didn’t.  Dexter’s about sixteen years old.”

Jimmy Joe stared at the two men with a blank look on his face.  He couldn’t believe what they were telling him.

“Aww, I don’t believe it.  He’s a normal kid, jes’ like Bobby.” he insisted.  About that time Monty returned from the leather working area.

“Ever’ things fine in there.  I’ll check out the others now, Sir.”

“We should go with you, Monty.  We’re having a difficult time with your guest for the evening.  He won’t believe Dexter is a bio-mechanical boy.  Perhaps, if we show him the new chassis you planned for Dexter he will better understand.”

“Sure, glad to have you men join me.  It will take longer, but my workers always enjoy company.  C’mon, Master Russell, we’ll show you the Scarecrow.  He’s a bio-synthetic body me and my workers have been working on for five years.  He’s complete except he needs a brain.  Since Dexter will never grow up I was building a new body for him, but we ain’t decided whether to put his brain into it yet.  I’m leaving that decision to my master, Captain Shane.”

The men followed Monty into the huge, empty store room.  He reached behind a support beam and activated a switch.  Suddenly the empty room was full of tables and benches.  Many little critters were working away at projects or looking over plans.  They saw Monty and ran to him.  Jimmy Joe got a look of horror on his face and looked from Shane to Cole for help.

“Easy, cowboy.  Don’t go crazy on us.  These are Monty’s helpers.  They’re called Hommynids.  They helped him build Dexter.”

Monty showed the men around.  He left instructions for his crew to start returning the lab to normal in a given period of their time which would be after the property was relocated.  They put everything back into place and were working away as normal.  Monty took them upstairs and showed them the Scarecrow.

“My God, he’s perfect.  He looks just like Monty.  You sure he ain’t human?” Jimmy Joe asked.

“He ain’t human, Master Russell, but he’ll be even harder to tell than Dexter or his brothers on the Bandersnatch.” said Monty.

They left and returned to the living area.  Jimmy Joe was amazed how everything disappeared again.

“How is that possible?” he asked Shane and Cole.

“Advanced knowledge of physical sciences, Ramrod.  Ain’t no mysterious shit.  It’s all basic science.  It’s jes’ so far ahead of its time, us cowboys have a hard time understanding.  I ain’t real sure I fully understand it.” soothed Shane.

“I knew there was something different about that kid.  He’s taking to being a slave like a duck to water.  He’s more intelligent than most slaves we git what’s got their heads so firmly planted up their butts with false ideas about sexuality and religioin, you gotta’ treat ‘em like shit to git their attention.  H'it's like trying to reclaim a human what's been turned into one a them Borg critters on that old Tee-Vee show, Star Trek.  With Monty, it flows; it comes natural.  He ain't been barinwashed or tainted by them god-bots or had some bible thump'n, fat assed bigot of a preacher, what's full of myths and superstition, imprint on his mind sex with another man is an abomination in the sight of their imaginary sky daddy.  He’s smart enough, and sensitive enough to easily adapt.  He knows what’s expected of him and he provides it with an honest need to please with a help’n heap of good humor.  A master could easily fall in love with a kid like him.  No wonder that hardheaded Indian is so preoccupied most of the time.  I was right.  He fell in love with Monty and don’t wanna’ admit it to his-self.  H’it’s eat’n him up inside.  The whole thing reminds me of a young slave whose master made him into the slave-concubine he wanted and then couldn’t face letting go of him.” Jimmy Joe shook his head and grinned at Shane.  He was right.  “Fortunately, for the slave, he had a strong, good-hearted man, one a’ the finest buckaroos I ever did know, who looked out for him and loved him enough to follow him.” That said it all.  Cole put his arm around Shane and pulled him close.  Shane smiled at Jimmy Joe.

Monty showed them the rest of the place and took them up into his loft bedroom.  While the men were talking he quickly built a fire in his fireplace so he would have hot water.  He already checked out his water system and everything was working perfectly.  The fire in the fireplace cast shadows over the room and made it look like an old castle.

“Master Shane?” Monty got Shane’s attention, “Would you gentlemen mind entertaining my guest for a few minutes while I run to the bunkhouse for my personal items and let my slave daddies know you gave me permission to stay down here this evening with Master Russell?”

“Sure.  Run along.  Take your time.  We’ll babysit your guest for you.  We'll rope and hog tie him if'n he tries to make for the door.” Shane said with a big grin.

“You're a good master, Sir.  Excuse me, Master Russell, I won’t be long.”

“Take yore’ time, boy, I need to talk with them anyway.” Jimmy Joe encouraged Monty.

Monty left and the men set in the comfortable chairs around the fire Monty built.

“This is amazing.  I thought we was gonna’ be in a barn in sleep’n bags on a pile of hay.  That would a’ been fine with me.  This looks like something out of one a them fancy design magazines.”

“What are your intentions toward our boy, Master Russell?” Shane challenged Jimmy Joe like a father grilling his daughter’s date.

“To fuck him ‘til the cows come home.  He invited me to break him to ma' saddle, and I fully aim to keep my word to the boy.” Jimmy Joe got the biggest grin on his handsome face.

“Good for you, Ramrod!  He done told me you were an answer to his prayer.  He’s had a rough day.  He’s been exposed to much of our world and he’s digesting it jes’ like you’re having to digest his world.  Believe me, we had no idea it would be like this.  His adopted Chinese family tried to warn us, but I was too pig headed to listen.  When Cole and I walked in that door, I almost shit my Wranglers.  Remember the first time you walked out on the balcony at Mars port?”

“Yeah!  It was jes’ like that.  I think I’m git’n too old for all this new fangled ways.  I still ain’t got used to the old ways.  Hell, it done took me the better part of twenty years as a slave to learn what life is all about, but I still ain't sure I got me a good grip on it.” he laughed.

“You’re adapting quicker than we are in some ways, Ramrod.  Look how far you’ve come since you left Hoot and Cotton.  What’s your real interest in Monty?”

“I don’t wanna’ lose the Coyote.  I see him as a challenge.  I see Monty as a possible ally.  I’ll be honest with you, if’n I didn’t have Burt, I could fall head over boot heels in love with that kid.  I got me a feeling he holds the key to Coyote John.  He don’t talk much about Coyote so I figure if I use him real fine, make him feel real good about his-self, he’ll open up to me, in more ways than one.” he grinned wickedly at the men.

“He’s all yours, Ramrod.  You’re welcome to visit him any time you can get away.  He was excited you wanted to be with him this evening.  You worried about Burt?” Shane asked.

“Naw, Burt’s a slave and will be for sometime.  Don’t quote me, but I got that on good authority.  He’s got a lot to learn.  In some ways he’s growing up, in other ways, he ain’t.  He may be captain of his own ship, but sometimes he forgits he’s still a slave and gits overly demanding.  I probably put up with more from him than the average master would, but I been where he’s at, and I take his frustration into consideration.”

“Do you love Burt?” Cole asked him.

“I think I do.  His possessiveness gits to me sometimes.  I keep warning him about it.  He’s worked really hard on his body and particularly his ass just for me.  He knows how a sweet, tight, cowboy butt turns me on.  He’s done it all for me, and I love him for it.  Do I wanna’ spend the rest of my life with Burt?  I honestly don’t know.  Since we got longer to live, I ask myself questions about things like that, but not a lot.  I learned when I’s a slave not to dwell on thoughts about the future.  What will be, will be.  You cain’t never know what’s gonna’ happen.”

Monty returned with his bag and ran upstairs.  When he came down he had a box in his hand.  He handed it to Jimmy Joe.

“Here, Master Russell, I want you to be the first to have these.” he smiled real big.

“What the hell...?” Jimmy Joe looked at the nondescript box.  “What’s this?” he smiled.

“Open it, cowboy.” Shane urged him.

Jimmy Joe took the lid off the box and looked at the handsome pair of buckaroo boots.

“Dayum!” he exclaimed. “Them's the finest pair of boots I ever did see.  They’s for me?”

“Yes, Sir.  I wanted you to have ‘em.  I asked my master, and he said I could give ‘em to you.”

“Where’d ju’ git ‘em, Son?”

“He made ‘em, Ramrod.” Cole said quietly.

“You made these, Monty?”

“Yes, Sir, and I can personalize 'em for you if’n you'd like 'um a certain color or you want some designs on 'um of your choosing.”

“I don’t know.  I like ‘um plain jes’ like they is.  They’s jes’ like me, pain and simple...”

“....but, strong and handsome.” Monty finished for him.

Shane looked at Cole and rolled his eyes.  Cole almost fell out of his chair laughing.

“There’s a catch, buckaroo.” Shane grinned wickedly at Jimmy Joe.

“What’s ‘zat?” he bit.

“You gotta’ break them boots in the same time you break him to yore’ saddle.” Shane laughed.  Cole was laughing his ass off.  Monty was blushing a bright red color.

“Is 'zat true, Son, or is he jes’ blow’n smoke up my butt?” Jimmy Joe asked Monty.

“Naw, Sir, my master wouldn’t do that, Ramrod.  He be tell’n you the truth, Sir.”  

“I’ve wanted to do that for ages, but even though I’s a master I’s afraid to tell ma’ slave I wanted to fuck him with ma’ boots on.  I didn’t want him to think I’s a pre-vert.  Hell, yes, slave-boy, I’d be right proud to wear them boots when I break you to ma’ saddle.  You think they’ll fit?” he asked.

“What chu’ got to bet, cowboy?” Shane laughed.  Cole could barely contain himself.  “Try one on.” Shane encouraged him.

Jimmy Joe held his leg up and looked at Monty like he expected him to know what he wanted.  Monty didn’t hesitate and threw his leg over Jimmy Joe’s and clamped his inner thighs around the boot he was wearing on his right foot.  Jimmy Joe placed his left boot on Monty’s butt and gently pushed.  The boot popped off easily.  Monty dropped his right foot and took the handsome cowboy's left boot between his legs and repeated the procedure.  He turned and took the right boot from the box and held it for Ramrod Russell to put his foot into.  Jimmy Joe hooked his fingers into the loops on the high tops and his foot slipped into them like he was Cinderella getting ready for the ball.  The left boot went on equally as easy.  He stood up and stomped his feet, more for macho effect than necessity.

“Damnation!  Them’s more comfortable than the pair I’s wearing.  They feel like they’s made for me.”

“They were.” assured Shane.  “He picked that pair out jes’ for you, Ramrod.  He made a couple dozen pair.  We brought ‘em back with us.  You should see the saddles he makes.  Some of the finest work I ever seen.”

“I gotta’ agree with ma’ boy on that one, Ramrod.  Monty does some fine work.” Cole spoke up.

Monty put another couple of small logs on the fire and excused himself to let the men talk.  He went to his bedroom and quickly changed the sheets on his bed.  He put the best pair he had on his futon.  He bought them for nearly nothing at the local thrift store.  He changed the pillow covers and covered it all with a brown oiled leather cowhide Mr. Culpepper gave him when he left town.  It was the perfect thing to protect the bed during sex, and it smelled wonderful.  Lastly he removed his clothes and went off to his shower to clean and prepare himself to entertain his guest.  The men continued to sit around the fire and talk.  Shane and Cole told Jimmy Joe of the many wonders of their day.  For a simple cowboy, who could have jumped from the eighteen hundreds to the twenty-first century, what they were telling him was just short of miraculous, but Jimmy Joe wasn’t a dumb man.  He witnessed, first hand, the wonders of the Grange and visited Venus and Mars with his boss, Shane, and Charlie Goodnight.  As he shaved in the mornings and trimmed his full bushy moustache, he watched his reflection in the mirror grow younger each day from the adjustments to his systems from the longshot.  Some things were hard for him to understand, but by now, he was convinced Shane and Cole were not men to lie or play a major prank on him.  

“What are your plans for the body he created?” he asked Shane.

“The Scarecrow?” he asked.  Jimmy Joe nodded.  “I’ve decided a couple of things.  Dexter ain’t gonna’ get the body.  I need Dexter to stay jes’ the way he is for a while.  He’s become Bobby Morris’ little brother and teacher.  According to Mr. Morris, Dexter is pouring knowledge into Bobby at an astounding rate, and the kid is retaining what he learns.  Gil is thrilled with their progress in only one week.  S’far as we know, Dexter don’t know about the Scarecrow, but I plan to give him a bit of hope and give him some choice in what he might look like in the future.  I have a smaller transitional body in mind for our littlest slave.  I don’t want him grow’n up overnight.  I plan to secret the Scarecrow out of here and move him to Mars.  I’ll have Monty go along and introduce him to Professor Wankle and his staff.  They’ve done some remarkable research, but they’ve sort of reached a dead end.  They need to mobilize the brains.  They’ve been experimenting with all sorts of ideas, but I think the Scarecrow might be a breakthrough for them.  I have some other ideas to offer them as well.  I plan to communicate with Monty’s helpers and find out what the possibilities are for a new body for Dexter.  After a lot of conversation with Monty and throwing ideas back and forth, I’ve come to the conclusion biodroids could probably benefit from a progressive body size just like mammals.  

In other words, Dexter has been a kid for damn near sixteen years.  I don’t want him to become an ‘adult’ appearing biodroid overnight.  I can foresee too many problems.  I’m thinking four phases.  It might sound like creating a lot of biodroid bodies, but consider, once we remove Dexter’s brain to another body, his old body becomes a receptacle for a young, baby whale brain.  We can return it briefly to Monty’s helpers for some minor adjustments and appearance change so he won’t look like the old Dexter.  It should be easier for the baby whale-brain to learn to use his new body and more easily forgiven mistakes as a small child than a huge, perhaps unwittingly destructive adult.  After several years as a human child, we will have created more bodies and he can be moved to an adolescent body.  From there to a young adult, which won’t be full size; sort of between adolescent and mature adult.  Finally, after several years in each body, he will be graduated to full adult status.”

“I think you may have something there, Foreman.” Jimmy Joe mused.  “They would learn to relate on different levels according to their size and develop memories just like a human might growing up.  It would strengthen bonds they make while small what would carry them through to their adult years.  They would become far more than just intelligent machines.  They would come to understand the humans they represent and have past experiences to draw upon.”

“Exactly.” agreed Shane.  Cole didn’t comment he just smiled at his mate and nodded his head.  Living and loving Shane Goodnight became the highlight of the second part of his life.  It was like living on a roller coaster ride.  He no longer hated to get up in the mornings.  He looked forward to another wonderful and interesting day walking beside the most fascinating man he ever met, and he had a front row seat to observe the unfolding development of a great leader in action.  For all Shane was becoming, he held fast to his love for Cole and his deep affection for him.  He made sure, for all the things that were happening and needed his attention, his pa didn’t get lost in the shuffle.  Cole was Shane’s anchor to reality.  Cole came first, in all things.  If Shane got the slightest hint Cole was feeling like he was having to play second fiddle, Shane would confer with Boss Potter and Gil Morris and announce he and his pa needed a day away from the ranch.  Shane would get Cole away and give him his undivided attention for a day or two and they would come back refreshed and ready to move mountains.  It was getting late and time for Shane and Cole to checkout the bunkhouse and pay their respects to Boss Potter and Maxine before climbing the hill to their place for the night.  They said their ‘goodbyes’ to Ramrod Russell and told him he was welcome anytime he could get away.  They invited Jimmy Joe to join them for breakfast the next morning and bring Monty along.  Shane needed to coordinate his day around him anyway.

“Shouldn’t we have breakfast with the slaves, Boss Shane?” Jimmy Joe asked.

“There’s plenty of time for that.  Like you said earlier, I can see Monty’s gonna’ be a special case.  He’s a slave, not because he done some’um wrong, but because he fell in love with the wrong girl.  For what he’s brought us and what he will contribute, I can afford to be a bit more easy going with him.  I think he’s a conscientious enough young man he won’t forget his place or his responsibilities to his slave brothers.  Hell, h’it ain’t like we treat our slaves so much different.”    

“I’ll say.  If’n worse come to worse and I found myself out of a job, you’ll fine me on ma’ hands and knees beg’n you for a slot as one of yore’ volunteer cowboy slaves.”

“Let’s hope it never comes to that, but if it does, you always got a home here with us, Ramrod.”

“That’s a comfort to know, Foreman Shane.” Jimmy Joe shook his hand.

* * * * * * *

Shane and Cole walked across the bridge into the pasture.  Jenny followed them to the bridge hee-hawing her farewells, inviting them to come again, but reminding them to be good guests, and next time, bring sweet carrots as a barn warming present for her.  The moon lit up the night and brought out the fragrance of the flowers to attract moths for pollenation.  The call of the whippoorwills and occasional cry of a prairie chicken made for a romantically bucolic moment.  Shane took Cole’s hand in his, and they walked in silence for a way.

“I guess I don’t tell you near often enough, but I love you, Pa.  I don’t know what I’d do without you.” Shane spoke softly.

“You let me know you love me in many ways, odd job.  I love you, too, Son.  I grow prouder and more in love with you day by day.  How is that possible?  Don’t a man reach a saturation point with love for another human being?” he pondered.

“I don’t think so, Pa.  I would’ve become like a soggy, wet sponge months ago.  Sometimes, though, while we’re working, I watch you out of the corner of my eye, and my heart fills with so much love for you, I think it’s gonna’ bust.  I have to look away to keep from passing out.  Then I haf’ta think about other things to keep my old dick from soiling ma’ Wranglers with too much drool.  I think we process love and use it like food or fuel for a machine.  I know I wouldn’t wanna’ live without your love filling my gas tank.” he chuckled.

“As long as I’m able and the creek don’t rise, you’ll get my last ounce, odd job.” Cole chuckled.

“Ya’ think we got time for a quick, public display of overwrought emotions, Pa?” Shane smiled.

“You asking me to take you in ma’ arms and kiss you rye-cheer, in front of God and the man in the moon, with all them lovely flowers and strange critters watching, with a small ass still calling to us from the bridge behind us?” he squeezed Shane’s hand.

“Yes, Sir, it happens all the time in Disney movies.” Shane argued.

“Well then, I suppose it ‘ud be all right as long as you don’t break into song.” Cole chuckled as he took Shane into his arms.  They kissed a long, gentle but passionate kiss while listening to the approving sounds of nature.  It was like every critter in the surrounding area decided to put in their two cents worth and all hell broke loose with the sounds of the night.  It got so bad they started to laugh while still kissing each other.  They broke it off and held each other for a moment.

“Sorry about that, odd job.  I didn’t count on the music of the night.  Them critters sort a’ overdone it on the chorus.” he grinned.

“So much for a romantic moment.” Shane said with sarcasm.  They shared a laugh.

“I think it’s time I invested another ten bucks in my boy tonight.  He’s had a full day and needs some of the kinks worked out.” Cole said stealing another kiss.

“Is it within our budget?  Can we afford it, Pa?” Shane grinned.

“Of course we can.  Ain’t nothing too good for ma’ boy.” Cole insisted. “After all, except for a couple of times when you’s had a bad cold or were healing somebody, who takes care of me ever’ damn morning of the world?”

“I like take’n care of you, Pa.  You know what I’m gonna’ miss about leaving Earth behind?” Shane asked.

“That big ball of white light over my shoulder what’s turned men’s minds to mush for untold centuries?” Cole asked.

“Exactly.  You feel it, too?”

“Like a giant magnet.  I been keeping score of our ten dollar nights, and more likely than not, they’s on a night like tonight.” Cole reasoned.

“C’mon, Pa, let’s us get done what we need to do and git ourselves to our nest.  My backdoor is squirm’n like a worm in hot ashes jes’ think’n on it.  You’re right, I shore’ 'nuff could use me one a them special fuckings of yours tonight.”  Shane made a rude guttural sound like an animal coming into rut.  Cole laughed at him.

* * * * * * *

When Monty was satisfied he was clean, he toweled himself dry, threw on his favorite dark maroon terry cloth bath robe he found in a trash can one night on his way home.  He couldn’t understand why someone would throw it away.  It was in perfect condition.  Maybe someone died in it and the relatives didn’t want it around anymore to remind them.  The thought didn’t bother Monty.  He didn’t believe in superstitious nonsense and once he laundered it, it was like brand new.  He cinched up the waist and returned to the bedroom.  To his surprise he found Ramrod Russell lying on his bed naked except for his new boots.  He was propped up with Monty’s pillows.

“Wow!” he exclaimed.  “Damn, Sir, you look good enough to eat!” he exclaimed, then added, “Them boots on you look like the icing on a big birthday cake.”  Monty declared.  Jimmy Joe grinned.  He suddenly realized how taken he was with the young man.

“You can have a taste, but we’re here to break in ma’ new boots and yore’ saddle.  Ain’t chu’ got a pair of buckaroo boots you made for yourself what needs break’n in, boy?” he grinned as he grabbed his big dick and waggled it at Monty.

“Shore’ do, Master Russell.  They’s in the closet.  Y’on’t me to git ‘em, Sir?” he asked with excitement.

“Seems like a waste if’n we don’t break in both pair at the same time, don’t it, slave?” Jimmy Joe grinned.

“I couldn’t agree more, Sir.” Monty said with enthusiasm.

Monty turned, opened his closet door and retrieved the boots he made for himself.  They looked almost identical to the ones he gave Ramrod Russell.  They were plain, but he preferred the raw leather look rather than coloring them or loading them with fanciful designs.  He set on the edge of his bed and pulled them on.  He stood and imitated his guest by stomping around in them a couple of times like he was getting his feet adjusted.  Monty smiled at his actions.  He realized he did it to be like the cowboy who was lying in his bed.  He wanted to be like Jimmy Joe.  He loved Jimmy Joe’s humility and basic wisdom, but most of all, Monty loved the ramrods unwavering strength of purpose and bull dog determination.  He admired the cowboy so much he wanted to crawl inside his skin and wear him like the fine pair of boots he made for himself.

He glanced at Jimmy Joe and marveled at his mature masculine body.  The older man didn’t just have a six pack, he had an eight pack of abdominal muscles.  While his upper torso wasn’t overly bulked up from artificial weights he had the proper shape and raw muscles needed for a working cowboy.  He was an impressive figure of Western male pulchritude, by any definition, and to top it all he had an impressive, raw boned ruggedly handsome face with just the beginnings of male pattern baldness Monty found extremely attractive.  Monty had a theory, men who developed male pattern baldness were more aggressively male in their thoughts and actions.  The only flaw in Jimmy Joe’s body was a big scar which ran from just above his groin like an ‘S’ and made its way up to just below his left teat.  It didn’t really distract.  It gave him character.  He looked like a cowboy who had seen some rough times.

“You’re wondering about my scar?” he saw Monty studying him.

“Naw, Sir.  Ain’t none of my business.  Ain’t the part I’m interested in noways.” he grinned looking at Jimmy Joe’s fine penis.

Jimmy Joe opened his arms to the young man and Monty was in them in an instant.

“Let’s us start this off right, slave.  Give your master a good kiss.” he ordered.  Monty kissed Jimmy Joe and gave as much as he demanded and a little more, but he didn’t want to overwhelm his partner.  “I got this damn scar in a prison rodeo when I’s a much younger man.  I featured myself a bull rider and ended up on the horns of a demon named ‘Bales-a-bub.’  He was so big they claim he et a bale of hay a day.  He was more like the pun of his name, a mean-ass ornery devil on four legs.  His farts even smelled like brimstone.” Jimmy Joe chuckled, “He taught this greenhorn cowboy a lesson real quick-like; I waren’t no bull rider.  I hate that damn scar, not because it looks bad, but because it’s a constant reminder of my stupidity in my younger days.  Ever’ time I look at it in the mirror, I feel sick inside at how close I come to death that day.  I was in the hospital for weeks after they put me back together, but you know what?  When I got out of the hospital, I tracked that bull down, paid a cowboy what got him in the draw at the rodeo to sell me his place, and I rode him to win the rodeo.”

Monty rose up on one elbow to look at the handsome cowboy's scar.  He gently placed three fingers of his right hand on the top underneath Jimmy Joe’s tit and slowly traced the outline of the scar down to his groin.  It made Jimmy Joe’s old dick get roaring hard, but the most amazing thing happened, the scar disappeared.  It was gone.  There was no trace of it left.  It was like it never happened.  Jimmy Joe set up and looked at himself in amazement.  He looked at Monty like he was perplexed.

“What ju' you do?” he asked excitedly.

“I don’t know, Master.  You said you hated it, and I thought about making you feel better about yourself if it was gone as I rubbed my fingers over it.  I’m sorry.  I didn’t mean to do nothing wrong.”

Jimmy Joe grabbed the young man to him and held Monty tight.

“Shuuu, no... no.... I’m the one what’s sorry.  I always hated that damn scar.  Lemme' take a good look, young’un.” he got up and went to a full length mirror in the corner of Monty’s bedroom.  He turned one way then another admiring himself, his missing scar but most of all his boots.  He smiled and returned to Monty.  “I don’t wanna’ know how you done it.  I don’t even think you know.  It’s gone and you done a good thing for me, Son.  I love you for it.  I love you for them fine boots I be wearing.  Being here with you tonight is more than I could imagine, but I think yore’ master tried to warn me.  I’m not a man to question fate or good things what comes his way, but I am one to pay my own way.  What can I do to repay you?” he asked sincerely.

“What you said you was gonna’ do all along, Master Jimmy Joe.  I want you to earn them pair of boots, Sir, just like you won that belt buckle for ride’n that big bull.  I want you to break me to your saddle so’s when you need a good ride all you gotta’ do is climb on and ride me when you're ready to go.  I wanna’ be yore’ ornery bull tonight and have you ride me down hard as you can, so tomorrow, when I walk through my day, my ass is on fire and hurt’n a little, I can smile to myself and think about the ride and the cowboy what broke me to his saddle.  I’ll smile to myself and think what a damn fine investment I made with them boots.”

“Is that the answer to your prayer, young’un?” he asked quietly.

“Yes, Sir.  I probably had me the most important day of my life today, and my head’s still reeling with thoughts and ideas.  I been so high on adrenaline rushes all day I wondered how I would ever get to sleep tonight, and I thought about how wonderful it would be to have old Coyote waiting for me at home to straighten me out and relax my mind.  He always could do that for me.  He never offered me much love, but he knew how I liked it.  I knew how he like to give it to me; I knew how he liked to take it away from me; I knew how he liked me to respond to him, and when we worked together it would send me into a nether region where I didn’t have to think about nothing but pleasuring him.  When he got me there, I could relax and stay as long as I liked as long as I took care of his needs.  I thought about several of my cowboy slave daddies I might call on what might bring me some comfort, but they’s all busy with one another and wouldn’t understand what I needed even if I’s to explain.  I couldn’t imagine one who might come close to replacing Coyote, until you called Master Shane.  When Master Shane asked if I wanted your company tonight I told him absolutely, positively, yes.  Them's my exact words.  Weren't no doubt in my mind, you was the man what could take care of me, and I’m the slave what needs you more'n I got words to tell you, Ramrod.” Monty smiled at Jimmy Joe with tears in his eyes.

“Then, no more words are necessary.  I know what I gotta’ do.  Let’s git chu’ fucked, slave, but first, we should keep with tradition and complete the master-slave ritual to mark the humble beginnings of our relationship.  Git down there and pay homage to your master’s new boots.  Y’ain’t took yore’ eyes off ‘um since I put ‘em on, and yore’ mouth is producing so much saliva you’re beginning to drool, so let’s break ‘um in right, slave.  Show yore’ master how much you need him this evening.”

Jimmy Joe had a way with words that tripped Monty’s magic twanger.  Monty attacked the ramrod’s new boots with a fierceness the cowboy never saw before.  He was going after them like a starving man.  Monty let all ideas of modesty or shyness fly out the window.  He had a cowboy in his bed who seemed to appreciated the finer, more delicately refined psychological points of master-slave relations as much as he did.  All he could think about was how good Jimmy Joe's big boots tasted to him and how wonderful it was to feel his master’s feet in them with his tongue.  Jimmy Joe smiled and relaxed.  He would give the boy time to indulge himself in a fantasy he harbored for a number of years.  Ramrod Russell was the perfect man to appreciate Monty’s enthusiasm.  He loved having his boots made love to.  Jimmy Joe looked so fine lying in Monty’s bed wearing the boots he made.  Monty thought he must have had an ideal cowboy in mind like Jimmy Joe Russell to wear his boots.  If they ever did a commercial for ‘Goodnight Buckaroo Boots’ he wanted Jimmy Joe to be the cowboy wearing them.

As Monty lavished his love on Jimmy Joe's new boots, he realized it was not the boots that made the cowboy, it was the cowboy wearing them that made the boots so undeniably attractive to him.  Monty was living his dream.  He was sharing with Jimmy Joe the fantasy of making love to both desires.  It was almost too much for his senses.  It was like Jimmy Joe had a sixth sense about it and knew things could get out of hand if he didn’t take control.  The kid threw himself into everything he did with wild abandon.  He could easily imagine Monty reaching ejaculation while paying homage to his boots.  Another time perhaps, but tonight Jimmy Joe was the ramrod in charge and he was going to see this coupling to a satisfactory conclusion for both parties concerned.  A slave never comes before his master under any circumstances.  Jimmy Joe saw himself as a space cowboy on a mission and the bird was off the pad.  The build up of testosterone and other male hormones were working overtime to build up copious amounts of semen within his low hanging balls.  They were full and screaming for release.  He was certain if he didn’t get inside Monty’s ass soon, they would start to turn blue, then black, and fall off.

“That’s enough, slave!” he barked, “I don’t want you coming make’n love to my boots.  You don’t come ‘til I tell you to.  Come to my arms and gimme’ another one a’ them two dollar kisses you gimme’ a while ago to show your love for me.” he ordered.

Monty crawled up into Jimmy Joe’s big arms and kissed him.  He made it a good one.  Monty had tears in his eyes when they finished.  Jimmy Joe looked deeply into them.

“You know this might launch us into another space, don’t you?” he asked Monty quietly.

“I considered it, but I ain’t afraid to go there, if you ain’t, Sir.”

“H’it don’t bother you none I’m forty-five years older than you?” Jimmy Joe asked.

“Naw, Sir.  Why should it?  You’re a master and I’m a slave.  It shouldn’t matter none.  Coyote was thirty years older than me.  Besides, with all the sex you done had, you don’t look a day over thirty-five, Sir.” Monty grinned wickedly.

“They done told ju’ about the longshot, didn’t they?” Jimmy Joe laughed.

“Yes, Sir.  I told Master Shane what you told me tonight at supper.  They damn near fell out of their chairs laughing” Monty giggled.

“I’m sorry, Son, I didn’t know how much you knew at the time.” he laughed some more.

“No problem.  I’m sure the sex kept you in top condition, so it weren’t no lie.” he smiled.  “Besides, I need an older man what I can open up to.”

“That’s fine, I plan to do just that.  I’ll open you up real good.  You know I got me a partner I gotta’ take care of, don’t chu’?” Jimmy Joe asked.

“I know.  I met Burt at the barbecue last Sunday.  He’s a fine looking man.  I ain’t aim’n to come between you, Master Russell.  I’ll take what I can git, Sir.  I’m a slave.  I ain’t got no right to expect nothing from nobody; but, to be honest, I’m a little amazed my life has been more full since I become a slave than it was before I went to jail.  I need me somebody older to help me sort out some things; a mature cowboy what I can talk with from time to time.  I ain’t like Burt, Master Jimmy Joe.  I hope I’m more independent and self-sufficient.  I don’t need to cling to you like you’s the last decent stallion in the remuda.  You been a slave and know how a slave thinks.  I don’t think you know how valuable that is to somebody like me.”

Jimmy Joe was stunned by the young man’s words.  How sensible and reasonable could he be?  Why couldn’t Coyote or other slaves see it so clearly?  Why couldn’t Burt understand and learn from him?  It suddenly dawned on Jimmy Joe, Burt thought he knew better about everything because he considered Jimmy Joe an ignorant hick out of touch with the modern age and stayed with him for the one thing Burt couldn’t find anywhere else: raw boned cowboy sex.

“I’ll be here when you need me, Son, I promise.” said Jimmy Joe softly.

“Please, Master Russell, can I have a taste before we start?”

“Shore’ you can, Son, but you might wanna’ get chore’self a warsh cloth and clean me.  I been in the saddle all afternoon.  I didn’t think to clean up before I come through the gate.  It was a hot day, and I might be a mite strong.” he warned.

“Not for me, Sir.” he smiled at Jimmy Joe and headed South before the cowboy could protest.  Monty didn’t hesitate and took Jimmy Joe’s handsome penis in his mouth.  He was fascinated with it from his previous experience with the ramrod.  This was a little different circumstance, and he had time to explore and give pleasure to his master for the evening.  He ran his tongue up and under Jimmy Joe’s foreskin to garner the prize of the ramrod’s rich, full masculine flavors bursting onto his taste buds.  He couldn’t get enough of Jimmy Joe’s essence and pulled back his foreskin to expose and capture every bit of his goodness.  Jimmy Joe was incredibly sensitive and winced a couple of times until Monty let go, and his foreskin slipped naturally back into place.  Once he was certain he got all his flavors sucked from him he swallowed Jimmy Joe’s cock in one gulp.  He didn’t have any problem taking him like he did the Sunday before.  It was like he willed his throat to cooperate, and it did.  It stretched to accommodate the length and girth of Jimmy Joe’s large, fully erect penis.  There was no gagging or gasping for breath.  Monty’s actions were as natural as if his mouth and throat were the logical resting place for the cowboy’s big dick.

Monty began to fuck his own face with it rising to the head and plunging back down into the depths of the ramrod’s dark pubic hair.  Jimmy Joe was in ecstasy and watched in awe as the young man spared nothing to make his cock feel like a holy Shinto shrine to which Monty was obliged to pay homage.  Monty knew what happened.  He willed his throat to expand and it did.  He willed it to tighten to make his guest feel the best he could, and it decreased in size.  He took enormous gulps of air and willed his lungs to cooperate and wait patiently for the next breath.  He would stay down on the ramrod’s cock for a couple of minutes at a time feeling his big cowboy cock throb deep in his throat.  It was amazing.  Was he just now beginning to learn how to use some of his powers?  What happened during the day to trigger this within him?  He had to confer with his master and Master Jesse.  Jimmy Joe never had a man attack his big dick with such wild abandon.  Most were scared or intimidated by his size.  He was impressed with the young man, but the ramrod wanted more.  He wanted what he came for and promised the slave he would do for him.

“That’s enough, boy.  You got all the best flavors.  Git chore’ ass up here, slave, and present it to your master.  This old cowboy’s ready to ride.  It’s time to take to yore’ saddle.  Is there anything you need to do?”

“Naw, Sir.  I’m clean and lubed, but I might grease up your pony if you don’t mind.” Monty suggested.

“I think it might be a good idea, Son.” Jimmy Joe agreed.

Monty had everything at the ready in his cabinets around his bed.  He took a small tin of Bag Balm and worked it onto Jimmy Joe’s erect phallus.  Jimmy Joe placed Monty where he wanted him and shoved a couple of pillows under his butt.  He threw Monty’s legs in the air, position himself at the younger man’s hole and began to slowly work himself into the velvety smoothness of Monty’s ass.  Jimmy Joe was a compassionate sex partner, but Monty was so used to Coyote’s roughness the cowboy seemed tame by comparison.  All he could do was ask.

“Please, Master, gimme’ all of you.  Take me hard, Sir.”

“You sure, slave?” Jimmy Joe looked doubtful.

“I need it that way, Ramrod.” he pleaded.

Jimmy Joe didn’t hesitate and sunk all of himself into the boy.  He lay on top of Monty feeling the young man’s ass trying to bite his cock off as it spasmed from the quick intrusion and slowly became accustomed to his size.

“Thank you, Sir.  That’s so damn good, Master.” Monty wanted to yell at him to fuck him the same way, but he didn’t want to take Jimmy Joe’s job away from him.  He knew there were certain things you just didn’t do in sex and one was to take over the fuck when you were playing the receiving role.  He wasn’t sorry he decided to let the ramrod take it from there.  Jimmy Joe fucked him like the veteran sex partner he was.  He certainly was on the receiving end of another man’s cock enough times he learned, first hand, what felt good and what didn’t.  The men he could honestly say satisfied him anally were few, but those who did, took what they wanted, were strong, aggressive but controlled, and most of all, didn’t treat him like a woman.  He came to respect a master who fucked him with strength and determination, but who was fair minded and not sadistic.  He could remember the first time he ejaculated without touching himself was from one of Hoot Austin’s better efforts.  Jimmy Joe learned, once his sphincter relaxed, it didn’t matter how rough a man fucked him; if he worked with him to please him, he’d get the act over as quickly as possible, but the more effort he put into the fuck, the more he came to enjoy it himself, until the two were almost indistinguishable in his mind.  Cotton, on the other hand, wouldn’t put much passion into his fucking and Jimmy Joe never responded as well to him.  He always felt a little cheated afterwards.  Hoot demanded his all and Jimmy Joe responded in kind.  It left him drained every time Hoot Austin fucked him.

It didn’t take a fucking genius to apply one situation to another, and it’s what made Jimmy Joe a master fucker in demand.  He knew what he wanted, what  he needed, and reckoned if he fucked Monty that way, his slave for the evening would be fulfilled as well.  He couldn’t have been more right.  That was where Monty excelled as a partner for another man.  He knew how to bring out the best in his partner by working his ass physically as well as his sphincter muscle to give his cowboy the best possible ride.  Coyote was demanding and would slap Monty around if he didn’t respond to him exactly like he thought he should.  Monty knew Jimmy Joe wouldn’t do that, but he also knew the ramrod was a more wise and intelligent man than the Coyote.  Monty never experienced face to face fucking until his first night with big Bart.  He didn’t know you could do it that way.  He suggested Coyote try it that way one evening, but John went postal and absolutely refused.  He told Monty you couldn’t fuck a man that way.  The truth was, he didn’t want Monty’s considerable penis getting in the way to remind him he was fucking a man.  When he fucked Monty from behind, Coyote could fantasize he was fucking a woman.  While Monty came to enjoy Coyote’s roughness, he felt sorry for any woman who might find herself under him for sex.  Maybe he was different with a woman, but as selfish as the Coyote was, Monty doubted it.  All these thoughts were going through his mind as Jimmy Joe was doing a fine job of fucking his ass.  He took Monty to his sacred place where he could be at one with the man fucking him, relax, and forget about the world, including Coyote John Tin Penny.  Jimmy Joe stopped his fucking for a moment, but remained solidly planted up Monty’s butt.

“This ain’t doing it for you, is it, slave?” Jimmy Joe stole a kiss.

“On the contrary, Master, you’re doing fine.  You shouldn't be worried about me, Sir.  I'm more worried about pleasing you.  Take what you want and as much as you need.  Am I keeping up with you?  Am I pleasing you, Ramrod?”

“Of course you are, slave.  You’re a damn fine fuck, but there’s jes’ some’um missing.  Am I fighting the ghost of Coyote John?  You wanna’ tell me?”

“Naw, Sir, he don't compare.  You done took me far away from the memory of the Coyote.  I don’t wanna’ take over the fuck and cut chore’ balls off, Ramrod.”

“You won’t if'n you respect me.  I won’t let it happen.” Jimmy Joe assured him.  Monty paused for a moment then spoke.

“You can’t fuck me too hard, Master.” was all he said.

“That’s the respect I's talk'n 'bout, slave.  That’s all the information I need.”

It told Jimmy Joe not to worry, don't hold back, to let himself go, and fuck him like a man.  The ramrod set in to fuck Monty like he was about to build up to the ride of his life.  Monty closed his eyes and worked with the cowboy in his saddle.  He put his all into it.  It was what Monty wanted; it was what he needed, and he could feel the way the ramrod was fucking him, it was what Jimmy Joe needed.  He could tell the old cowboy was building his ride up to a climax and he was taking Monty along with him.  Monty wanted to make sure his partner, his master for the evening, his cowboy-ramrod had the greatest climax of his life.  He reached back and ran his hand gently over Ramrod Russell’s low hangers and felt them double, then triple in size.  They were slamming into Monty's ass with each stroke like two wrecking balls on a huge crane.  Jimmy Joe made a low guttural sound and knew something happened, but thought it was his imagination his balls felt three times as heavy.  He knew they were full to the max.  He groaned loudly and Monty knew he was near.

“I’m about to ride us to the barn, slave.  Damn, my balls are full.  I’m there, boy.  If you can git yours, do it now!  Arrrrgggg!” he yelled.  Monty’s ass began to spasm as he shot his first volley.  Jimmy Joe moaned and groaned as he shot one big load after another.  He kept coming and coming.  He thought he was going to fill Monty’s ass to overflowing.  It was the hardest, most draining climax the ramrod experienced since he last got fucked by Hoot Austin.  Shooting your load is always pleasurable, but just like fucks, some are more memorable than others.  This climax would go down in the history of his mind as one of the finest.  Cowboys usually aren’t materialist.  Things they consider valuable are a dependable old truck, a good friend, a strong, intelligent horse, a well made saddle, a comfortable pair of boots, and good memories.  The memory of Jimmy Joe's first fuck with Monty was solid gold.

End of Chapter 64 ~ Waco’s Lummox
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