By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 66

Monty grabbed furiously for Maxine, but she was just beyond his reach.  He saw the look of horror on her pretty face.  Maxine knew she was doomed.  Brilliante recovered quickly, turned to make sure the small pony was safe; then, the big winged horse started a dive for Maxine, but Monty knew he would never reach her in time.  The big animal was sweating profusely from carrying two passengers and from the trauma of the incident.  Monty rubbed his hands in the animal’s perspiration and rubbed it over his chest.  He managed to come to his knees on the back of Brilliante, then in one fluid moment stood and used the horse’s strong body as a launching pad to propel himself toward the figure of Maxine that was growing smaller with each passing second.  Brilliante was startled to see Monty sail over his head and disappear.  Monty blinked himself into the transport dimension where time, as we know it, stood still.  He quickly grew a beautiful set of wings from the genetic information his body absorbed from Brilliante’s perspiration.  Monty tried them several times, and when he was satisfied, blinked himself from the separate dimension.  He folded his new wings behind him like a hawk going for a prey from hundreds of feet in the air.  Faster than a speeding bullet Monty's heavier body caught up with Maxine, gently scooped her up into his arms, and held her to his breast-bone.  Less than fifty feet above the ground, Monty unfolded his enormous wings and sailed gracefully over the heads of the people and the land of strange and wonderful creatures with his beloved friend, his newly adopted little sister in his arms.

There was stark silence from all corners.  It took a moment for everyone to realize what happened.  It was like a giant man-bird creature came out of nowhere and swooped down to prey upon the fallen pup.  When they realized Maxine was being rescued and not eaten, there were gasps from all quarters.  Great cheers went up from everywhere.  The mammoths and mastodons were trumpeting their amazement.  There was mass hysteria on the floor of the savanna for what they were witnessing.  They saw a handsome, naked man with a huge set of white wings sailing over their heads, and gaining altitude with every pass around the enormous basin.  After an initial period of flapping his wings to gain speed, Monty began sailing the updrafts to gain altitude.  It had all the hallmarks of a death defying circus act that left everyone breathless with its boldly daring presumptuousness and audaciously skillful execution.  Maxine kept her eyes tightly closed, but took a deep breath to see if she could determine who or what caught her.  She breathed a sigh of relief.  It was unmistakably the delicious fragrance of her big brother Monty who had a strong lingering scent of her friend Brilliante.  She slowly opened her eyes and looked into the absorbed but smiling face of her hero.  When she realized she was out of danger, Maxine began whimpering and licking the salt from the nervous sweat on Monty’s pectoral muscles as he pumped his big wings a few times to gain more speed.  She knew she was safe in Monty’s arms.  Her big brother came to her rescue.  Monty was her savior.  He smiled at her and comforted her.

“Shuuu... you’re all right now.  I got chu,’ pretty lady.” Monty soothed her fears.

“Oh, Monty, I knew you’d come for me.  I knew you’d save me.  I jes’ knew it.  A picture flashed through my mind.  I saw a naked angel flying to my rescue.  A voice told me not to give up, not to despair.  I thought it was only after death, people see angels.  I’s told there ain’t no heaven for dogs so I’s surprised to see an angel a’ come’n after me.  You swung mighty low, my sweet charioteer.  You risked your life to save me.  I didn’t realize it would be you.  You look jes’ like an angel.  You are an angel, Monty, my angel.  I love you so much.” she whimpered some more.

“I love you, too, little sister.  Who told you dogs don’t go to heaven?  That’s pure bullshit!  I wouldn’t wanna’ go to no heaven what wouldn’t let you in.  Forget that nonsense.  That’s jes’ some crazy person’s idea of what they think heaven should be; a place reserved only for them and folks like them who hate the same things they do.  That ain’t no heaven.  It would be a hell for me.  Now, come fly with me.  We’ll fly together.  Like a stout Red Bull, I will give you wings.”  Monty tried humor to chase her fears away.

“You’re wings are so beautiful.  How did you grow them so fast?” she asked.

“Remember how I changed into Ramrod Russell?  How I changed to become your canine brother?  How Master Jesse and Utah changed my sex organs, and I changed back?  I borrowed the DNA information from your buddy Brilliante’s sweat and grew them in another dimension, before rescuing you.  It didn’t take long.  Then I flashed back to this dimension and positioned myself right above you to match your air speed.  You know the rest.”  he smiled at her.  Monty flew to the ledge they started from where only the winged horses were.  With several great flourishes of his enormous wings, he landed gracefully on his feet, gently set Maxine on the ground and folded his wings.  The horses were so wowed by Monty’s actions and his wings, they bowed to his presence.  They were overwhelmed by what they just witnessed.  Brilliante walked up to Monty and bowed his head.  Monty gently caressed the big stallion.

“He says he so sorry for the accident.” Maxine told Monty.

“T’weren’t your fault, big fellow.  You have nothing to apologize for.  We were honored to be invited to fly with you.  Perhaps, when we return you can give us some pointers sailing the warm air currents.  I promise, we will be better equipped for it next time.” Monty reached down and ran his hand over Maxine’s back.  Immediately there appeared a beautiful pair of black wings proportionate to her size.  The horses stepped back in amazement.  “Okay, little sister, you always wanted to know how it felt to fly, now’s yore’ chance.  I was serious when I invited you to come fly with me.  I told ju’ I would give you wings, now it’s time for you to spread them.”

“Monty, I don’t know nothing about flying.  I might fall.”

“Do you think I’d let you fall, Maxine?”

“Not on purpose.  Will you teach me?”

“Sure, come on!  Ain’t nothing to it.”  Monty picked her up, spread his new wings and ran for the edge of the cliff.  They were airborne and Maxine could feel the strong air currents rushing past her.  Her body reacted automatically.  Unconsciously, her new wings began to unfold and before she knew it, she was sailing on her own.

“I’m doing it!  I’m flying on my own, Monty!” she yelled to him.

“Of course, that’s why I gave you wings, silly.  Don’t be afraid.  I’m right behind you to catch you if you fall.”  

Maxine tried flapping her wings a couple of times and found she could gain speed every time she did.  She was fun to watch because there must have been a connection in her brain that operated her feet as well as her wings.  Every time she flapped her wings her legs would react like she was running, but it all seemed to look natural.   When she wasn’t flapping her wings she held her front paws out before her and her rear paw trailed behind her acting like a rudder.  She began to gain altitude and Monty was sailing right behind her in the wake of her draft.  Where she went he was close to follow.  Before they knew it, all the flying horses fell in behind them to sail the updrafts.  It was a glorious sight.  Monty could see people on the balconies at the hotel and all the private balconies of the hotel rooms built into the side of the cliff.  People were watching, yelling good wishes and applauding him and Maxine flying with the horses.  No less impressed were their companions below.  Jesse Watkins had tears in his eyes.  He and Utah realized the huge potential of the young slave they spent the day getting to know.  

“J’ever see the likes of that boy before, Jesse?” Lazarus asked him.

“Not in all my days.” Jesse said in awe.

“Couldn’t you jes’ have a normal slave?” Cole asked Shane and laughed.

“Why?  When you can have the full Monty as a flying circus act.” Shane chuckle, “What I wouldn’t give to have me a pair a’ them wings and fly with them?” he mused.

“It looks to me like that’s got to be the happiest pup in the universe.” Waco commented to his uncle.

“I’m with Captain Shane.” declared Trey Vinceeth.  “I want me a pair of them wings, even if it’s temporary.  I have to try that.  I gotta’ be able to tell my great-grand kids I flew with them beautiful horses.”

It was all new to Monty and Maxine, but after a while they began to tire.  Monty instructed her how to lower their altitude.  She was worried about coming in for a landing and Monty grabbed her.

“Fold your wings, sweet heart, and I’ll take us in.” he told her.  Maxine did as she was instructed and with several large powerful flaps of his wings Monty landed a short way from his party.  The men rushed to him, but they weren’t the only ones.  Critters of all kinds knew there was something special about this young man, and visitors from several worlds realized it, too.  They all wanted to be close to him.  Monty didn’t forget his little sister.

“You had enough for today, sweet heart?” he asked Maxine.

“I think so, Monty.” she said in a resigned manner like she knew she was about to lose her beautiful wings.  Monty waved his hand over her, and they were gone.  She was returned to her original appearance of Maxine.  Monty shook his wings out a couple of times, and they instantly disappeared.  The crowd gasped.  He was now just a good looking young human male with a bit larger penis than his original.

“That was pretty phenomenal, young man.” spoke Lazarus as he hugged Monty and stole a kiss.

“Thank you, Admiral.  I couldn’t let nothing happen to my little sister.”

“I don’t know if we should say anything to Boss Potter about this.” Shane said after hugging and complimenting his slave.

“How do you plan to keep it from him?  Here comes Darryl with another contract in his hand.  He’ll want the broadcast rights of all videos capturing the angel of Mars Port.  There will be a new action figure hero complete with removable wings and another of his sidekick Maxine the winged wonder dog.  We’re talking millions for research and development for a better life for the Bladder Whales and their descendants.  You ain’t gonna’ turn that down.” Lazarus laughed at him.

“Please, Captain Shane, Boss Potter needs to know when I’m with Monty I’m safe.  We look out for each other.” Maxine pleaded.

“She’s right, Son.” Cole spoke softly.

“Oh, all right, but you have to be the one to tell him.” Shane told her.

“I promise, I will.” Maxine bounced up and down on her front paws.

Sure enough, the words were no sooner out of the Admiral’s mouth when Darryl was in negotiations with Monty and Shane about how best to market their new hero.  Shane couldn’t very well say ‘no’ when he availed himself of just such a deal.  He wasn’t sorry he did either.  Having large sums of money stashed away as a comfort cushion made life a lot easier.  He agreed to be Monty’s representative and hold any monies in trust along with his purchase price, but he felt he should have some remuneration for his effort and negotiated a ten percent cut for himself.  Monty didn’t have any problem with it.  He would’ve agreed to a much larger cut for Shane, but he knew his master wasn’t greedy.  That’s just the kind of man Shane was.  It was what Monty came to admire and expect from his master.  His opinion and thoughts about Shane Goodnight were taking on a god-like status.  Monty was one of the few who began to suspect his owner was a far more wealthy man than most people realized.  The videos hit Mars Port and Venus Public Broadcasting Networks and people went crazy wanting more information about the remarkable lifesaving winged human of Mars Port.  Monty became a millionaire over night and so did Maxine.  She became the wealthiest canine in the history of the solar system.  The people of Mars Port and Venus were clamoring to meet this new and wonderful duo.  They knew of Maxine as one of the talking, singing pups, but now she could fly.  They watched videos of her and Monty flying with the winged horses of Mars and marveled.

* * * * * * *

The men slowly managed to work their way to the locker rooms where their clothes were.  People were shoving bits and pieces of paper at Monty with a pen for him to sign.  Captain Shane was still popular, but he was glad to pass the torch, the main spotlight, center ring on to his younger more capable hero slave.  Monty never had such attention in his life, but he was enjoying it.  Maxine was sort of lost below the sea of legs.  Monty picked her up and carried her the rest of the way out of the crowd.  They made better time because he had an excuse not to sign autographs.  Talk was lively in the dressing room as the men clothed themselves.

“Whatever prompted you to do something like that, Son?” Shane asked Monty almost like a challenge.

“I asked him to do it, Captain Shane.  I asked him to do it for me.  Them flying horses take others for rides and nothing’s ever said about it.  Don’t be mad at Monty.  If it was anyone’s fault, it was mine.  I just wanted to see what it was like to fly.  I’m just glad I picked my big brother.”

“Once again, that highly intelligent little four legged critter has nailed you to the barn door, odd job.  Give it up, admit it, she’s smarter than you.” Cole whispered mockingly.  “Run away!  Run away!”  he added indicating for Shane to leave it alone.  Shane groaned.

“You’re right, Pa.” he responded, “Don’t worry, little lady, I ain’t upset with either of you, but I have a right to be concerned.  When you’re with me you’re my responsibility, and if you git hurt I’m the one what has to take the blame.  Jes’ think on me as a mother hen what’s raising a clutch of ducklings.  One day they pass a pond and think it would be a wonderful idea to go for a swim.  They all dive in and have a great time doing what ducks do naturally, but poor momma hen walks up and down the bank clucking, trying to git ‘em out of the water to the safety of her wings.  She don’t know they’s ducks, but she knows chicks ain’t suppose to be able to swim.  Likewise, I know what you and Monty are becoming, but I think you’s suppose to be some’um else.” Shane said with a quizzical look on his face like he wasn’t real sure his analogy made a lot of sense.  It didn’t.

“Like we’s your chicks, but we might be ducks instead, Captain Shane?”  Maxine asked trying to understand.  She broke everybody up laughing at her attempt to make sense out of Shane’s nonsense.

“Run away!  Run away!” whispered Cole again under his breath.  Shane knew he’d lost this one.  He was in way over his head.

“Exactly!” he said, “I knew you’d understand, sweet heart.” he finally took his mate’s advice and was running the other way as fast as he could.  Everyone was laughing at him.  Shane realized it was time to withdraw.  “I’m jes’ glad you’re both safe and sound.” he added.

“For a broody fussbudget of an old mother hen you shore’ can lay a lot of duck eggs, odd job.” Cole gigged him.

“Hesh up, Pa!” Shane laughed nervously.  Lazarus and Charlie overheard Cole's comment and roared with laughter.

It was getting late in the afternoon and Shane wanted to get back to the ranch for Monty to supervise the return of his leather working machines to his workshop.  The professor was reluctant to release any of the whale brains in his charge, but the Admiral stepped in and insisted.  There wasn’t much the old man could say.  Monty and Maxine decided not to ask too many questions about how or what was decided.  They felt they might be undermining the older man’s importance or job status, but that wasn’t their intent.  Wankle seemed to take his job seriously, but in over a year and a half he progressed little more than becoming a full time caretaker for the brains.  He became attached to them and was naturally reluctant to let go of any of them.  They were his babies.  Delfee and Darryl soften the parting by insisting he did his job well, but it was time to let others try their ideas about how to incorporate the brains for their best advantage and benefit of the whales.  After all, that’s what they were working towards.

Wankle complained he didn’t know how a young kid like Monty could do more for them than he could.  Secretly, Darryl agreed with Lazarus and Shane, the old man wasn’t doing the job they originally hoped he might.  Monty and Maxine didn’t know, but Lazarus and Shane agreed before the meeting they would tell him very little about Monty’s research.  They didn’t even tell him about Dexter.  To tell him more might encourage him to want to see Monty’s lab and know more about his work.  They were concerned if Monty took time to explain an advanced technology to the professor it might further delay what the men hoped to accomplish.  They just told him Monty was a brilliant young man who worked in advanced robotics and had a history of some success in the field.  They promised to keep Professor Wankle informed of any major breakthroughs Monty made.  

They loaded the four brains onto anti-grav gurneys and covered them so they wouldn’t be seen by the crowds and took them to a small room off the main gate back to Earth.  They were waiting for the Admiral and his party when they returned to the gate.  The men collected the four brains and left Mars Port through the gate to the Bandersnatch.  Captain Waco, Indigo/Blue and Captain Vinceeth remained on Mars.  They planned to have dinner in the restaurant before returning.  Lazarus, Charlie and Jesse Watkins were invited to share Creole night with Boss Potter at the Potter/Goodnight ranch.  Jesse Watkins never ate the food the other men ate, but he enjoyed the relaxed social setting over a meal.  Wherever he went the host provided him with his bread, olive oil and pure water.  It was all he ever required.  Utah was fine with slave chow or to share some of Maxine’s beef flavored dog chow.  Lazarus and Jesse had several matters to discuss with Shane, Cole, and Boss Potter.  They also knew Hoot Austin and Cotton Daniels would be there, and they wanted their input.  Lazarus came to rely heavily on Hoot and Cotton’s savvy to come up with ideas when no one else could.  They had connections and resources throughout the state and community no other ranchers had.

The men made a pilgrimage from the gate to the old barn.  Monty was pushing one Gurney and Cole the other.  The late afternoon sun was warm but not unbearably hot.  Lazarus suggested removing their coverings to let the brains feel the warmth of the sun.  They did so and the three live brains immediately began to sing with each other.  They had no means of vocalizing but those who could hear them reported to the others they were extremely happy to be away from the dark foreboding laboratory on Mars.  They relayed to the Admiral the natural sun felt so much better than the artificial lights they were exposed to.  The sun from Earth was like a banquet for them.  They were enjoying it so much Lazarus suggested the men stop and talk for a while.  Shane sent Maxine to the bunkhouse with the keys to his truck for the cowboys to start loading and transporting the leather working machines to the old barn.  The men set on some huge rocks near the bridge to the old barn in the late afternoon sun until they saw the cowboys bringing a couple of the machines, then continued their walk.  The cowboys really didn’t need Monty to show them where he wanted the machines.  They removed them and knew where they belonged.  Phil Pie directed everything, but would check with Monty before a machine was secured.  Monty didn’t have to tell them to make any adjustments.  They knew what they were doing.
The whale brains weren’t heavy.  Any average man could carry one with ease.  As the cowboys worked installing his leather working machines Monty and the other men carried the brains into his other workspace.  They placed them on a large clean workbench the Hommynids cleared for them.  The critters gathered to get a look at them.  They were amazed the brains looked almost like the one they created for Dexter.  They immediately set to work hooking up the three live brains so they could communicate with them.  The men were wowed they worked so fast and knew exactly what they were doing.  Within ten minutes they had the three brains hooked to computers and were teaching them to communicate.  They took the dead brain and treated it with kid-glove care.  They took it to one of their smaller tanks and began to fill it with fluids.  When they were satisfied they slowly lowered the dead or dormant brain into the solution.  One of the Noldier Hommynids told Monty it probably would take several days to jumpstart the dead brain, but they felt like they could make it function again.  It probably wouldn’t remember much, but it could be trained again and there might be some benefit to that.  Monty explained the older, larger brain was intended for the Scarecrow.  They told him they would get to work on it right away.

Shane wanted to know how long it would take them to grow another smaller body to transfer Dexter’s brain, and they told him with their advances in understanding they could have one ready in six months.  He told Monty he would leave it in his hands.  Could they ramp up their operations?  Money was no object, and they wouldn’t have to rely on cast offs or junk parts.  Whatever they needed he would see to it Gil Morris ordered for them.  He wanted to see a production line of tanks and bodies, but he wanted some improvements in skin and super structure for those bio-bots who would be responsible for taking care of the Bladder Whales in the harsh surface atmosphere of Venus.  The younger brains would be carefully integrated into their society.

They cowboys completed the installation of the machines.  Monty thanked them all.  They brought all the boots and saddles they took to the other barn and reluctantly placed them back where they found them.  The whale brains seemed to be comfortable and happy.  The creatures hooked them up with holo-vid cameras.  Shane asked the Admiral if Monty could have three robo-cams to cannibalize for some of the equipment.  Instead, Lazarus told him to submit a parts list of what he wanted, and it would be provided.  Cable had the spare parts they wanted in a box they picked up on their way through sickbay.  The critters knew exactly what to do with them.  Now the brains could communicate directly with the outside world.  They could speak and sing through speakers and they could see what was going on around them.  It was wonderful for them.  They weren’t alarmed or afraid of the critters assigned to take care of them.  They were used to the figures of the ‘rarebits’ because they looked just like the symbiotic race that lived on their long tendrils and kept them clean from mites.  They thought the Minniots and brown skinned Hommynids were handsome creatures.  Shane talked with Monty and his slave daddy before the men left for supper at the big house.

“Monty, you have supper with your cowboy brothers this evening, but when you’re through and helped the kitchen crew with clean up, I want you to walk back down here to spend the night.  Since it’s Friday night, you may invite one or two of your brothers if you like, but I mostly want you here in case you’re needed during the night.  I don’t foresee any problems, but I’d rather be safe than sorry.”

“That’s fine, Sir.  I don’t think there will be any trouble.  My workers seem sure they can fit the adult brain in the Scarecrow.  Do you wish him to keep his original name of Kuklacon?” Monty asked.

“Let’s see how he might want to be known.  How long do you think it will take them to connect his brain and have him functional.”

“They already have, Sir.  He’ll be fully functional by morning.  They’ll have him up and around and tap dancing his way to stardom by six in the morning.”

“I keep forgetting their time is different from ours.” Shane smiled at him.

“Yes, Sir.  They will have started the new body for Dexter by morning.  Do I have your full trust as to body size and the appearance of my little brother, Sir.”

“Sure.  The most important thing is he’s not to be a full grown adult size.  I want him to appear as an adolescent male human, a little smaller than you, but a little larger than Bobby.”

“I understand, Sir.” Monty smiled.
“Can they change the Scarecrow’s appearance so he don’t look so much like you.  It might cause some suspicions we don’t need.” Shane asked.

“I’ll take care of it.  Anyone you might like him to look like?”

“No, I’ll leave that to your discretion.  Maybe one of your cowboy heros.  Pick someone decent looking.” Shane winked at him.

Since the cowboys were through with his truck, Shane, Cole, Lazarus, Jesse, Utah and Maxine got into Shane’s truck and drove back to the big house.  The cowboys, including Monty, piled into the back and they dropped them off at the bunkhouse.  Boss Potter greeted the men and were glad to see them.  He made over Maxine like he missed her, but was glad she could go with them to get away for a while.

“Did you have a good day, little lady?” he asked.

“Yes, Sir, it was a wonderful day.  I helped Monty get into his ship, and I asked Monty to fly with me on the back of my good friend Brilliante the flying horse.  Monty held me and we flew together.  It was really exciting, Sir.  I had a great time.” she effused.  All the men held their breath waiting for the other boot to drop, but Maxine offered no further insights to her day.

“Good for you!” Boss Potter petted her. “Glad you had a good day.”

Shane’s mouth opened, but Cole nudged him with his elbow.  

“You didn’t specify when she had to tell him.” Cole whispered.

“You’re right again.  I’m leaving this one alone.”

“Smart man.” Cole laughed.  

Maxine went into the kitchen where Bobby was preparing her evening meal.  Bobby and Dexter were helping Ms. Biddle for an hour or more before the men got there.  They were busy putting last minute things on the table.  Hoot and Cotton arrived and greeted everyone.  The men and Bobby set down to dinner.  It was a wonderful meal.  It was a one dish Gumbo served with green salad and french bread.  It was one of Ms. Biddle’s best efforts and the men praised her.  Dexter went to Shane and got his attention.

“Captain Shane, may I be excused to go to the bunkhouse to be with my brother for a while before we retire for the evening.  I’d like to hear about his day.”

“Sure, but when Bobby comes for you go with him.”

“I will, Sir.” Dexter said, gave Shane a big hug and ran off to join his brother.

“How’s he doing?” Shane asked Gil and Bobby.

“He’s doing jes’ fine, Captain.  I can’t believe how much Bobby is learning.  Dexter is a tiger at sticking to his lesson plans, and what I’ve overheard he makes it entertaining for Bobby.”

“Is he working out for you, Son?” Shane asked Bobby.

“I couldn’t be happier.  I miss playing with the ponies all day, but I like learning stuff, too.  Dexter is a fine teacher.  I can’t ask him a question he don’t know something about or how to find out about it.  On the other hand, he seems real naive about other things.  Sometimes, I’d like to explain some things to him, but I don’t because I’m afraid you might not want me talking to him about 'em.”

“Like what, Son?” Shane asked.

“Reproduction.  He knows about animals, but strangely enough he ain’t been able to apply it to humans.  He don’t know about cowboy love or about the extra responsibilities of his slave brother.  It creates some confusion for him, and he struggles with it.”

“You have my permission to explain anything to him you want.  If he’s to start growing up, he should know about the world he’ll be living in.  I can understand why Monty might not want to discuss certain things with him, but Dexter’s my slave now.  I think he should know those things.  Better he learn them from you than his big brother.  If you can’t answer a question for him, send him to me.”

“Thanks, Captain Shane.  I think it would make us a lot closer.  I know he suspects there’s things I know about he don’t, and it sometimes makes it uncomfortable for us.  He can ask some pretty pointed questions sometimes, and I want to tell him what I know, but I’ve held back not knowing whether I should or not.”

“By all means, tell him anything you want, but make sure you tell him the truth.  If’n you ain’t sure about something, tell him so.  Then either go to your dad or have Dexter come to me.”

Bobby seemed satisfied with that.  Gil sort of got a funny look on his face about the uncomfortable possibility of having to explain a lot of sex questions, but it never stopped him from telling Bobby the truth.  The men talked about a lot of things.  Maxine curled up next to Boss Potter and went to sleep.  She didn’t even hear the men talk about her.

“She looks like she ran her legs off today.” Boss Potter allowed.

“She was everywhere at once.  She was a busy little girl.” Shane told him.  He went on to tell him how she cracked the code to get into Monty’s ship and the old judge beamed with pride.  “She sort of bonded with Monty when Jesse and Utah changed him into a male Border Collie.  He wanted the instruction on how to morph into a dog, and they gave him the information.  Now he can become a dog and they can play together anytime they want or you give them permission.” Shane was quick to add.

“Would Monty be capable of... ?” Potter was almost afraid to ask.

“He certainly would, Sir,” spoke up Jesse, "but so can Utah for that matter."

“Monty said he can tell she’ll be coming into her first estrus in the next couple of weeks.  Can you tell that, too, Utah?”  Shane asked the handsome dog sitting on the floor next to Jesse.

“Yes, Captain Shane, Monty was accurate; in about two weeks she’ll come into estrus.”

“She don’t know what ‘estrus’ means, Bossman.  Monty didn’t think it was his place to tell her and said for her to ask you; maybe you might want Cable to explain it to her.” Shane told him.

“Oh, lord, I never thought I’d be faced with having to explain the birds and bees to another child.  I know she ain’t my child, but I come to think on her that way, and I know Essmee Fay thinks on her like she’s her little sister.  I can’t ask Ms. Biddle to tell her.  No, it’s my responsibility.  I’ll tell her this evening after we go to bed.  We always share what went on in our day.  I don’t know what I’d do without her.  She means the world to me.  So what’s to keep her from getting pregnant the first time?” he panicked.

“Well, she ain’t around Utah that much to stir his loins.  We’ll just keep them apart during her period, or he can join us in human form.  I’ll just tell Monty not to morph during her time.” said Shane.  “Two of her brothers are on Captain Vinceeth’s ship on Mars and Moe is living and working with Stan and Jimmy Bob in the colonies.  They hardly see each other anymore.  We’ll just be careful not to go around them.  You should probably restrict her to the ranch during that time.” he added.

“Good.  I wouldn’t mind if she had a litter, but not her first heat.  I want her to be more mature, and the pups should be planned for.  The first litter of Scraps and Happy are all members of communities and working happily.  I think Maxine’s found a home with us and is happy, but a litter of special pups should be given some thought.” Potter mused and the men agreed with him. “Has Scraps and Happy talked with you and Mr. Goodnight about having another litter, Admiral?”

“They’s asked several times, but we keep putting them off.  Cable concocted a serum what makes Happy infertile during her estrus periods, and it seems to be working fine.  It has no lasting effects and seems to be an effective means of birth control.”

“Maybe we should get a shot for Maxine.” Potter mused.

“Might be something to consider, Boss.” Shane said.  Maxine woke up and set up for a minute.

“Why don’t you go upstairs if you’re tired, sweet heart, and I’ll be up in a little while.” Potter urged her.

“You sure you don’t mind, Master Potter?” Maxine looked bushed.

“Of course not, you’ve had a busy day.  I’m glad to see you’re tired.  That way you won’t be tossing and turning all night.  You’ll get a good night’s sleep.”

“Okay, but wake me when you come to bed.  I have some things to talk with you about.” she encouraged him.

“I promise, I will.  Now, go along and make yourself comfortable.” Potter urged.  Maxine bid goodnight to the men and nuzzled Utah as a sign of affection.  He gave her a quick kiss goodnight, and she slowly walked up the stairs to Boss Potter’s bedroom.

“I think you should tell him, little brother.” Charlie Goodnight spoke to Shane.

“Tell me what?” asked Boss Potter.

“Why don’t we retire to the living room for coffee and dessert.  Bobby and I will give Ms. Biddle a hand.  Besides you got the big screen T.V. in there, and I can tell you while we watch.” Shane said quietly without excitement in his voice.  Boss Potter looked bemused.  He had no idea what the men were talking about.  Shane, Cole and Bobby helped Ms. Biddle serve coffee and a delicious apple cobbler with fresh homemade vanilla ice cream melting on top.  

“Before I show you the video what was put together today you must remember Maxine is all right.  She’s safe and sound, upstairs in your bed, asleep.  The video you’re about to see is pretty spectacular by any definition so if any of you men need to go to the restroom to relieve yourself, you better do it now.” Shane smiled and the men chuckled but agreed with him.  Hoot and Cotton had blank looks on their faces.  They had no idea what they were about to see.  Bobby took Shane seriously and ran to the downstairs bathroom.  Gil Morris grinned.  He was used to Shane’s odd ball sense of humor.

“I think I’m all right, Son.” Potter reassured Shane.

After Bobby returned, Shane turned on the T.V. and asked Kyron to run the video that Darryl compiled of the incident on Mars through an RF feed to the set.  On the screen was Maxine calling to Monty to come ride on Brilliante and to hold her because she wanted to see what it was like to fly.  Brilliante got down on his knees, Monty pulled himself onto the big animal's back and Maxine jumped into Monty’s waiting arms.  He set her in front of him and Monty held her tightly.  Brilliante stood and began to run for the edge of the cliff, he took a great leap into the air, unfolded his huge, beautiful wings and they were off.

“Oh, my God, it just flashed before my eyes.” said Potter. “Go on, I want to see for myself.” he insisted.

The video was excellent.  It was a composite from several robo-cams, some from men on the ground, other shots from Monty’s cam and still others from Maxine’s cams.  It showed everything in up-close, personal shots; even the young pony slamming into Brilliante’s side.  Potter gasped as he saw Maxine knocked from Monty’s arms and go plummeting toward the ground.  Hoot and Cotton got looks of stricken horror on their faces.  Bobby grabbed his dad’s hand.  Gil put his arm around Bobby and held him close.  Potter watched Monty rub Brilliante’s sweat onto his chest, get on his knees and launch himself over the big horse and disappear.  He simply wasn’t there anymore.  Potter couldn’t help but gasp, and so did several of the other men, but in the next second they saw what looked like a huge angel flying like a hawk to intercept its prey.  He watched as Monty scooped Maxine into his arms and opened his wings to sail over the heads of everyone with Maxine safely held close to his breast.  They watched as Monty flew around the basin of the savanna and landed on the flying horses’ cliff.  The men were in awe as the huge white horse walked toward Monty and Maxine, bowed deeply and seemed like he was apologizing to them.   It was like something out of fairy tale when they saw Monty wave his hand over Mazine’s back to give her a pair of wings, and they flew off the ledge together.  Potter got tears in his eyes as he watched his faithful companion spread her new wings and began to fly.  It was a moving moment for everyone in the room.  It was the first time any of the men watched the video.  Bobby and Gil Morris were impressed beyond words.  Hoot and Cotton were speechless.

“Monty can change himself into anything he wants?” Bobby asked quietly.

“Anything he’s taught about or in the case of the big horse, you saw him rub his sweat onto his chest.  He instantly absorbed his genetic DNA material from the animal's sweat and grew himself a pair of wings in the next dimension, then returned to save his little sister.” explained Jesse.

“That’s absolutely amazing.” said Gil Morris.

“He’s a hero.” said Boss Potter.  “He save my little girl’s life.” he added with tears in his eyes.

“Now you know why she’s so tired.” Charlie smiled.

“It tired me out just watching them two fly around the huge basin, but it was beautiful.  She really can fly.” Boss Potter smiled.

“Brace yourself, Bossman.” Smile Shane, “There’s more.”

“There’s more?” asked Potter with amazement.

“Our slave and your little girl have become millionaires overnight.” Shane laughed. “This video has already been shown numerous times on Mars and will be shown on Venus later this evening.  Darryl was there and got contracts signed from both of them to market their action figures.  I signed a contract as Monty’s master and agent.  What money he gets will go into his trust fund, and we made the same arrangement for you and Maxine.  Darryl will be by over the weekend to present you with the contracts.”

“My, God, she’ll be bringing in more than I am.” Potter laughed. “If that ranch attached to this property comes up for sale we won’t have to worry about financing it.  We can pay cash.” he mused. “Amazing.” he added.

“While we’re at it, we need to discuss another little matter.  It’s why we wanted to meet with you men.  Since we’ve learned some things about Monty, Cable alerted me to the fact there’s a ninety-eight percent chance Monty’s son will be born with his DNA and genetic information.  We have to consider it carefully.  Monty’s granddad said when Monty came out of his mother’s womb, he was able to speak.  He said ‘hello’ to her and told her he was glad to be outside of her womb.  While he appreciated her carrying him and providing warmth, comfort and nutrition for him for nine months, it was getting cramped in there.  He apologized for hurting her so badly and told her he loved her.  Now, can you imagine if Monty’s boy pops out, the doctor spanks his butt, instead of crying the baby threatens to rip his face off if he ever hits him again like that.” Lazarus laughed.  The men joined him.
“Ain’t no problem.” grinned Potter, “Charlie, you of all men should know the child of a male slave is a slave.  Don’t matter if it’s born to a freewoman.  He or she is still a slave.  You made J.R. your boy for exactly that reason.  You give him your name to keep him from becoming a slave, Mr. Goodnight.  He’s Hank Morgan’s boy.”

“How do you know that, Judge?” Charlie grinned.

“I know’d how tight you and Anne were.  You would never cheat on your wife.  You jes’ ain’t that kind a’ man, Charlie.  Besides, the kid looks like a double for Hank.  Good looking boy.” Potter laughed.

“Hell, I didn’t know that.” said Hoot looking at his partner.

“Neither did I, cowboy.” allowed Cotton.  “Good on you, Master Charlie.” he added. “We think the world of Hank Morgan and J.R.”

“The baby will legally belong to Captain Shane.  He’s Monty’s master and his son automatically becomes his slave as well.  Ain’t a damn thing Ruggles can do about it neither.  It’s the law, gentlemen.  We have to have proof the baby’s Monty’s.  We might need to get blood samples from the baby to have Cable run DNA verification tests, but that’s gonna’ be difficult before the baby’s born.  I suppose you men want to whisk it away before it arouses any suspicions.  If not, I can see that looney religious asshole Ruggles having the baby tried as a witch, or worse, have exorcisms performed on him.” said Potter with a grimace and a shudder.
“I don’t know we’ll have to go to all that trouble, Bossman.” Shane said.
“How’s that, Son.” Lazarus asked.

“Them coyotes was carrying on conversations with each other and most of us cowboys before they was born.  We got a number of men and some coyotes what could start up conversations with him and tell him not to let on he’s smarter than the damn doctor.  I think we can convince him to put on an act and play the part of a screaming baby until we git a chance to rescue him.” Shane proposed.

“I like that idea.” said Jesse.  Charlie agreed with him.

“How far along is she?” Potter asked.

“She was starting to show when Ruggles had Monty thrown in jail.  He was in jail six months.  The way I see it she’s probably got two and a half, maybe three months left.”

“Should we tell Monty?” asked Potter.

“No!” came a resounding answer from all the men in the room including Bobby.

“He’s got all he can handle right now, Boss Potter.” Gil Morris spoke up.  “Until his three month baby slave period’s over, he’s gonna’ be running his ass off from early morning until late night.  He won’t even have time to think on Shanna Ruggles.”

“I’ll try to give him some consideration, but I agree, Sir.  Between trying to find out about his ship, supervising his research team, making boots and saddles and repairing other leathers, plus trying to cowboy at the same time, taking care of his cowboy slave brothers and Ramrod Russell is gonna’ be asking a lot of him.  He don’t need to know about it.  He’ll only worry his-self sick and perhaps do something stupid.  I won’t let that happen.  As his master I’ll take full responsibility for the decision to keep it from him.” Shane sounded stronger and more resolute than Cole could remember since they came to live on the ranch.  He felt himself flush with pride for his partner.

“What’s this about him taking care of Ramrod Russell?” Hoot asked.

“Oh, crap, I shouldn’t a’ said nothing.  That jes’ slipped out.  They spent the night together last night in Monty’s new quarters behind the barn.” Shane sounded regretful.  

“Humm, that’s Burt’s night to stay with us, and he was with us all day today.  We hear’d things about Burt and Jimmy Joe’s relationship from Angus.  He ain’t happy with the way Burt treats Jimmy Joe.  He wants to take over weaning Jimmy Joe from me.  I don’t mind, but he says Burt gits all jacked out of shape when he mentions anything to Jimmy Joe about it.  We know the ramrod is taking care of his slaves, but we didn’t know he was branching out and going behind Burt’s back.  We don’t care.  H’it ain’t none of our business no ways.  Jimmy Joe’s a freeman now, he can do what he damn well pleases.  If he and Monty find a little comfort together, so much the better.  We's kinda glad actually.  It might be a better situation for Jimmy Joe all around.  Our first responsibility is to Jimmy Joe to see he makes it as a freeman.  We think Burt still looks on him as his cowboy slave daddy and don’t respect him being a freeman.  We may have to look into it.  Glad you said something.  We need to know.” Hoot said.

“Yeah, Hoot’s right.  Burt’s first responsibility is to us as his masters and not to Jimmy Joe.” added Cotton.

“I agree.” said Lazarus who was the actual owner of Burt Stamper. “I wondered at the time whether it was a good idea to let Burt live separately from his slave brothers?  I think you men might want to reconsider that arrangement.” Lazarus suggested.  Hoot and Cotton knew a suggestion from Lazarus required action.

“There’s another way we can claim the baby for Captain Shane.” said Judge Potter.

“How’s that, Sir?” Shane asked.

“We know the baby’s coming.  The girl admitted the baby is Monty’s.  We can file a claim against the boy like we did against Monty’s granddad for his personal possessions.  I’m sure Ruggles never counted on Shane claiming his grandchild as his personal property, but ignorance of the law is no excuse.  The man owns slaves himself.  Surely he must know the laws governing slaves.  Since he insisted on making Monty a slave, I think it’s only fair we make the system work against him as well.  Sauce for the goose.  I can’t imagine what he was thinking, but maybe he’s playing a longshot hoping we don’t know about the pregnancy and just won’t notice.  After all, who would take a baby from its mother?  Then again what monster would have the baby’s father sold into slavery to keep him away from the woman he loved and his child?  Don't you think it was starnge there was nothing said about Shanna being pregnant at Monty's trial?  All I have to do is file a claim and the child will be taken away from his mother at birth and held until male parentage can be established.  When it’s proven Monty’s the father, we get the baby; no questions asked.  It’s the law.  Have you thought about who’s gonna’ take care of the baby?” asked Boss Potter.

“I got the perfect family for a bright, gifted, young male starchild.” said Shane.

“Who you thinking about, Son?” grinned Lazarus.

“Strom and Lyle Chambers.  They’re not your typical family unit, but they’re just what an advanced child needs to bring him into a world what has grown more tolerant of unusual family units.  He’ll have all the lummox milk he can drink from his huge daddy and another daddy who’s a brilliant teacher.  He’ll have three big lummox brothers to protect him and keep him out of trouble and four coyote brothers to get him into trouble.  What more could a star-kid want?” Shane laughed.

“Sounds like a plan to me.” laughed Charlie. “I know them two would go along with it.  They’d jump at the chance to have another kid to love.  Strom would go nuts with a human boy child.  Don't mean no disrespect to Monty, but that kid couldn't have no better daddy what would love him more.”

“What if Ruggles tries to throw his weight around and pays to have the test falsified with a different results?” asked Gil Morris.

“We insist on an outside, independent testing lab of the court’s choice.  If Ruggles tries anything, he could be charged with obstruction of justice and if found guilty might find himself becoming a slave.” Potter stated. “We could also insist on having our own lab draw blood from the infant and test it independently.  Anderson would go along with it.  He’s still pretty sore at Ruggles for all the trouble he caused.”

“Has anyone considered making the Ruggles girl disappear, baby and all?  Perhaps, an abduction by aliens?” asked Cotton Daniels with a smile.

“Good idea, but risky.” said Lazarus, “If we do it against her will, there’s no telling how she might react, and we run the risk of her doing something foolish and betraying our whole operation.  Raised as an unquestioning fundamentalist, she would have a difficult time adjusting to the Grange.  While she was defiant of her parents, she probably thought she could bring Monty around to their way of thinking about religion.  Women love a man who presents a challenge.  They think their love will change him from a slug into the god-fear’n prince of sheep they want him to be.  As you gentlemen know, Christistianist have an extremely narrow outlook on life.  That’s why they’re mostly hardcore conservative politically.  It’s the closest thing you can get to the Taliban or Neo-Nazis without a Koran or a swastika.  Once they’ve eaten the body and drank the blood they become zombies for Jesus.  There’s no waking them from the somnambulistic depths of their faith.  They become the walking dead, unable to think for themselves or hear the voice of reason.  Once caught up in the net of superstition and myth, they never surface again to see the light of day.

They become creatures of darkness, living on fear, hatred and the extreme prejudices justified in the old Testament written by the same goat herder family who blessed us with the insanity of the Koran six hundred years later.  They are asleep in the deep and will perish never questioning their fate.  They are but sheep waiting to be led to slaughter.  There’s a Kool-Aid vendor on every channel of your television set.  They have created their own vision of hell from which there is no escape.  Unfortunately, Monty ain’t Orpheus and the Ruggles girl ain’t Eurydice.” Lazarus tossed off like every cowboy in the room should understand his reference.  They just looked at each other in stunned silence until Charlie chuckled.  Then they all laughed.  Lazarus grinned.  “Sorry, I guess when you’ve seen as many years of horrors and atrocities committed against good men and women in the name of religion as Jesse, Utah and I have, you have a tendency to vent your frustration in the harshest words possible to get your point across, but mind you, the words of a typical hell fire and damnation preacher are much worse than mine.” the men agreed. “Besides, as far as I know, she ain’t tried to contact Monty.” Lazarus added.

“Not, so, Admiral.  At least within the last couple of weeks Monty’s been here.  Somehow, she found out what happened to him and where he was sent.  She’s called here several time asking if she could speak with him.  She’s been told Monty’s a slave and ain’t allowed to receive personal phone calls.  She’s sent a couple of letters which I turned over to Monty’s master.” Boss Potter said.

“I ain’t told him nothing about her letters because I’m afraid if it did, it might cause him to do something stupid and git his-self into more trouble than he’s in right now.  What he don’t know won’t hurt him.  He’s doing just fine right here with us, and he has the promise of a new love to fill his void.  He’s my slave, and while I try to be a good master I ain’t gonna’ allow myself to become manipulated by circumstances I didn’t create to become a bit part player in a low-budget Romeo and Juliet style tragedy.  I’ll do anything I can to save his son, but I own Monty’s cowboy butt for four and a half years.  Think on me as you will, but I refuse to share him with Charlie Ruggles’ daughter.  Neither will I share his son with her or Ruggles.  Other than my beloved brothers going together to buy me, no one offered me a whit of sympathy or understanding when I was made a slave.  That’s jes’ the way it was.  I know for a fact, it was the same way with Cole, Hoot, Cotton, Jimmy Joe and many other slaves.  We sucked it up and got through it the best we could.  So will Monty.

I’m his big, broody mother hen with an attitude.  I am his master.  I come to hate what I’m becoming--- what I saw in ma’ big brother when he treated me more strictly than his other slaves jes’ to prove he weren’t partial.  Now, I thank God he done it.  He taught me a lesson in dealing with slaves.  Some you can trust to do what you want and others you gotta’ constantly spur in the flank to git their attention.  I done got spurred a lot.” Shane grinned, “We got two down to the bunkhouse right now’s jes’ like I was.” Shane looked at Hoot and Cotton and winked, “I don’t wanna’ have to do that to the kid.  He ain’t like us. There are slaves who didn’t do nothing to deserved becoming a slave.  Like my blood brother Little Bear who’s daddy sold him into slavery when he’s only ten years old, Monty didn’t do nothing wrong, but he ended up a slave anyway.  He’s got a good heart, and I don’t want it crushed any worse by the likes of the Ruggles.  He may one day come to curse my name, but for now I make the decisions how he lives his life, who he sees, what he does, when he eats, when he shits, when and where he sleeps and with whom.” Shane said dramatically.

“Is Loud and Fuzzy git’n to be too much for you, Son?” Hoot asked shyly.

“Lord, no, Hoot!  They’s the least of my worries.  Are you kidding, you gimme’ two of the best cowboy slaves you had to balance them out.  Bart and Telly strum them ole boy’s heads daily like they’s a matched set of pearl handled banjoes.  They don’t give me a lick a’ trouble.” Shane laughed.  Hoot and Cotton chuckled.  They knew they chose the right master for their little brothers.

So Ruggles wouldn’t get wind of what the Grange was up to and try to have his daughter hidden or moved out of the country, it was decided Judge Potter would quietly file a claim with the court to deliver one boy-child to Shane Goodnight as his slave and personal property upon birth.  Said child would be removed from the mother and her family and held for testing until parentage could be established.  The papers would not be processed or delivered to the hospital until the birth of the child.  If the boy was found to be the son of Master Shane Goodnight’s slave, one Montana Polaris Dundee, it would be released to Mr. Goodnight, the slave-boy’s rightful owner.
* * * * * * *

The evening wound down to small talk.  The men paid their respects and compliments to Ms. Biddle, said their farewells to Boss Potter and thanked him for a fine evening.  They departed the big house and as usual the men stood around outside and talked.  Bobby asked to be excused.  He had some homework to do.  He wanted to get it done that evening so he wouldn’t have to do it over the weekend.  He could be free to run and play with the ponies or join Dexter and Maxine on some adventure.  His dad sent him on his way and told him he would be joining him later.  Shane had a huge container in his hands of extra apple cobbler Essmee Fay made up for him and Cole to take to their house.  The men just seemed like they were enjoying each other's company so much, Shane invited Lazarus, Jesse, Utah, Charlie, Hoot, Cotton and Gil to their house for more dessert and some Camomile tea.  Shane and Gil walked up the hill together behind the other men.  They couldn’t be overheard.  The other men were talking among themselves.

“Will you say something to Bobby about the importance of keeping to himself what he hears us men discussing?” Shane asked quietly.

“I will, Captain Shane, as a good measure, but I don’t think he would say nothing.  He’s come to understand there’s some pretty sensitive things what goes on around here, and while he may not understand everything right away, he trusts you completely.  He's fiercely devoted to you.  He worships the ground you walk on just slightly more than I do.” the big cowboy grinned in the moonlight, “I think that boy would opt to have his heart ripped out before he betrayed your trust.  I know I would mine.” Gil said sincerely.

“Them’s powerful words, Mr. Manager, but they’s greatly appreciated.  Could you add another chore to your already overburdened work load?”

“Sure, anything, Captain, and since I ain’t got to worry about home schooling Bobby I got more time available.”

“I want Monty’s lab to ramp up its operations, and he might require some pretty sophisticated scientific equipment.  Can you get on the Free-net and establish a working relationship with some reputable companies so we can order shit without raising a lot of suspicion.”

“You mean spread out the purchases?” Gil asked.

“Exactly.  So it don’t look like we’re doing anything what might be worth looking into.”

“I think I can handle it.  I got me some black market contacts I can use.  For a bit more, they can git us anything we want without a trace.  For prime meat they will offer you their first born, their grandmother, or bend over and whistle like a pig, your choice.  They can sell our meat on the black market for a hun'nert times what we git for it.” Gil smiled.

“That’s great.  Keep ‘em happy.  Just keep me apprised of the cost.  I expect a tidy sum for an initial investment, but from there it should level off.  I’ll dump as much money as you need into the ranch purchasing fund.  After you research it, jes' submit a figure to me.”

When they arrived at the foreman’s house on the hill, Gil Morris excused himself to join Bobby.  He said he had some things to do and wanted to spend some quality time with his son.  Shane insisted he share some of the cobbler with him and Bobby.  He took Gil to the kitchen and scooped out a couple of goodly portions into a couple of plastic container for him to take with him.  He thanked Shane and left out the backdoor.

* * * * * * *
Dexter set and talked quietly with Monty as he ate his supper in the bunkhouse with his cowboy slave brothers.  He mostly listened as Monty answered questions from his slave daddies.  They wanted to know all about his day and Monty told them what he thought he could without making himself look like a freak.  He didn’t tell them about learning to morph and what happened at Mars port.  He didn’t know how much they knew about the wonders of the Grange. He knew from conversation they witnessed some strange things, so he concluded they must have some idea what was going on.  He chose his words carefully.  He wanted to invite Telly and Bart to his quarters for the evening, but worried he might hurt Phil Pie and Eli Stone’s feelings.  He decided to spend the evening alone and use the time to clean and polish his ramrod’s boots.  Then he planned to do something really queer.  He would wear his ramrod’s boots to bed and jack-off.  Monty and Dexter helped the cowboy slave cooks clean up after supper.  Loud and Fuzzy’s slave daddies told them to get their butts in the kitchen and give a hand.  Between the six men, they cleaned the kitchen quickly.  When they were done, it was spotless with the floor mopped ready for the next day.  They went out to sit in the cool of the evening under the trees with the eight lead cowboys.  Dexter set in Monty’s lap, and they talked quietly.  No one seemed to be paying them much attention.

“I’m I always going to be small, Monty?” Dexter asked quietly.

“No, not always.” Monty replied.

“I’m not gonna’ get the new body you made for me, am I?” he looked down at his hands.

“No.” Monty said sadly, but he didn’t offer anymore or deny he made a new body for Dexter.

“But the Scarecrow was meant for me, wasn’t he?” Dexter pushed.

“Yes.” Monty replied.  He didn’t ask how Dexter knew.  It wasn’t important anyway.

“You ain’t allowed to tell me nothing, are you?” Dexter probed.

“I ain’t been told not to, little brother, but I think it would be better if you talked with our master.  I jes’ don’t think it’s my place to discuss it with you.  Remember how you reminded me he owns both of us?  Remember when you told me it was important to listen to you and take to heart what you said?”

“Yeah, I remember.”

“I’ll tell you the same thing you told me, trust our master and what he has in store for you.  I promise you won’t be disappointed.  Strive to please him in everything you do.  He needs you to be Bobby’s friend, teacher and mentor right now.  If you do that and do a good job, you will be rewarded.”

“Really?  Will I be taken more seriously?”

“You already are being taken more seriously than you ever have been before.  Think about it.  You have a job jes’ like all Master Shane’s slaves.  You will be allowed to grow up, Dexter, but you have to earn it.” Monty said quietly.

“So you’re saying I should have faith in our master.”

“Exactly.  The same thing you advised me, and I’m glad I listened to you and took you seriously.” Monty assured him. “Talk with Captain Shane if you’re concerned or worried.  You know you can asked him anything.  You got that big cowboy wrapped around yore’ little finger, Honcho.  He’ll tell you exactly what’s on his mind and what he’s got planned for you.  It ain’t no secret.  His plans for us are a bit different from what I had in mind, but I gotta’ admit he’s done his homework and has some excellent ideas.  Personally, I’m glad we’re under his control.  I think we both need some guidance right now.  Especially me; you, maybe not so much.  You always have been more disciplined than me.  I tell you what, if Captain Shane don’t have a lot planned for me tomorrow, I’ll ask him if I can take you, Bobby and Maxine to see our new ship.  You’ll love it Dex.  It’s so beautiful.  It sort of wraps itself around you and makes you feel at home.”

Monty said ‘goodnight’ to Dexter and his slave daddies and parted for his quarters.  Jenny greeted him at the bridge.  Monty managed to talk his slave brothers out of a small plastic bag of carrots directly out of the garden with stems, leaves and all.  He gave her one and she was happy.  He didn’t have a chance to clean them real good but that didn’t matter to Jenny.  They were fresh and sweet.  He only gave her a couple and told her they had to last for a couple of days until he could get more.  She wasn’t happy with his explanation, but after registering her complaint, she gave up and went to her warm, comfortable nest in the barn.

* * * * * * * *

Judge Potter said ‘goodnight’ to Essmee Fay and thanked her for a wonderful meal.  She was retiring to her rooms.  He watched the video once more by himself and wondered at the beauty of the flying horses, Monty and even Maxine herself flying with them.  He didn’t turn away this time when she slipped from Monty’s arms, but he noticed the look of abject horror and instant grief which came across Monty’s handsome face the moment he realized his companion was falling to her death.  Maxine was right.  It was a good thing she chose Monty to go for a ride with her.  Any other person and she wouldn’t be with him.  The thought was too awful for the bossman to dwell on.  Potter didn’t consider what they did wasn’t well thought out.  Hell, they were both kids doing what kids do, having fun with each other.  They were bonding.  He might have done it himself if she asked.  He turned the set off and climbed the steps to his bedroom.  He quietly undressed so’s not to disturb Maxine.  She was stretched out at the foot of his huge bed on her side.  He gently climbed into bed so he wouldn’t wake her, but she raised her head.

“Sorry, I drifted off to sleep, Sir.”

“Nonsense, after the day you’ve had you should be tired.”

“Did Captain Shane tell you?” she asked quietly.

“Not only did he tell me, he showed me videos.  They almost stopped my heart, but I knew you were safe upstairs in bed.”

“I’m sorry, Master Potter, I was going to tell you myself, but I didn’t want to spoil your supper.”

“I know you were.  It’s all right.  Master Charlie thought the captain should tell me about what happened.”

“Don’t be mad at Monty, Sir, it weren’t his fault.”

“It wasn’t anyone’s fault, little lady.  I watched the video.  It was just one of those things.  It happened.  I just thank God it was Monty what was with you and not someone else.”

“I wanted you to know that, Sir.  When I’m with Monty I feel safe.  He’s my brother, Master Potter.  I love him.”

“Well, I certainly have a high opinion of the young man myself.”

“No, I mean I really love him.  I want to have Monty’s puppies, Master Potter.” Maxine confessed.

“What?  How could you...?  Oh, I see.  If Monty can morph into a male Border Collie he’ll be capable of mating with you.  Is that right?”

“Yes, Sir.” she said. “He said I would be having my first easter soon.”

“Close enough, dear, but it’s called ‘estrus.’  I’ll tell you what I know about it in the morning, but I want to take you to Cable and let him help me tell you.  I might not get everything right.  Basically, it’s a time when a young female dog becomes a fully grown adult lady dog, and she becomes aware of herself sexually.  There’s more to it than that, but that’s a brief overview.  It will happen a couple of times a year, but I don’t want you getting pregnant the first time it happens.  These things must be planned.  To be honest, I don’t see any reason why Monty shouldn’t mate with you if you can talk him into it.   Have you considered, he may not find it to his liking.”

“He will.  I know he will.  He loves me, too, Master Potter.  He’s one of my angels.  I know people don’t think dogs go to heaven, but I don’t need to.  You see, I got me my own private angels right here on Earth--- you and Monty.  My angel would do it for me.  I know he would.” Maxine was so sincere she started Potter laughing.

“Somehow, I think he jes’ might, Maxine.  I know I wouldn’t be able to turn you down if’n I could morph myself into a handsome Border Collie.” he smiled at her, then added, “Rest for now, sweetheart, don’t trouble your mind.  Everything will work out for the best, but I want to know one thing.”

“Anything, Sir.”

“Are you glad you gave us a try, and are you happy you decided to live with us for a while?”

“Very happy, Master Potter.  More that happy, Sir, it was the right thing for me to do.  I found meaning and purpose here with you and Captain Shane and I know I’m gonna’ have an even greater future with Bobby, Dexter and Monty.  Monty’s starship told me I was always welcome to come and learn from them.  They would teach me things.”

“Just don’t forget about me or leave me behind, sweetheart.” Potter asked.

“Never.  You’re my number one, Master Potter.  You’re my first savior.  My first angel.  You offered me a home and your love.  I've heard humans say, home is where the heart is, and mine is here with you.  Monty may be my brother, but you’re my companion.” she reached up and licked Potter’s hand.  He caressed her and scratched between her ears.

“I love you, little girl, and I’m glad you weren’t hurt.”

“I love you, too, Master.  You’re a good man.”  

They went to sleep.  Potter thought before he drifted off, he couldn’t remember a time in his life when a compliment meant more to him than the moment Maxine told him he was a good man.  That was all he ever wanted to be in life, and for all his accomplishments, or lingering self-doubts, he knew in his heart he finally reached his goal.  It was like the very voice of God himself spoke through her small body to bring his heart the serenity he so longed for deep within his soul.  He felt fulfilled as he never felt before and slept the peace filled dreams of a man who knew how to give and receive love in equal measure.   

* * * * * * *

Monty let himself inside his quarters.  He was glad to be home.  It was easier for him to think of the shack as his home or quarters now it was away from his granddad’s property.  Even though it became a permanent fixture of the Potter/Goodnight ranch he knew in his heart it would always be his home.  He thought about the busy day he had and all that happened.  It was like he lived a complete lifetime in one day.  It seemed like eons ago he left the warm, comfortable embrace of his ramrod.  It just seemed to him like he fit in Jimmy Joe Russell’s strong capable cowboy arms.  Thoughts or mental images of Jimmy Joe drifted through his head all day.  He sometimes would get a brief, fleeting smell of Jimmy Joe’s masculine fragrance and his heart would almost stop.  Then it would pump so hard his penis would engorge with blood.

It was strange, because during his first couple of weeks in jail he thought of nothing else but Shanna Ruggles.  Since coming to the ranch, he hadn’t thought about Shanna in a week or more.  He was becoming a part of something much bigger that himself, and he was beginning to make new bonds.  He began to think back about his jail time and remembered how obsessed he was at first with thoughts of Shanna, and how it almost ripped his heart out sometimes.  It felt like he lost a part of his person; like a part of his soul was taken away from him, unceremoniously murdered and buried in a shallow grave somewhere on the lone prairie where the coyotes howl and the wind blows free without even a rock to mark the portion of his passing.  

After a couple of weeks of fending off Coyote John by using only his wits, the big Indian began to get more insistent with increasing threats of violence.  Monty made a decision.  He didn’t want to hurt Coyote John even if he had to defend himself.  He finally decided to give in and allowed John to have his way with him.  That was a nice way of thinking about Coyote John’s attentions.  The naked truth was the big Indian used and abused him without conscience.  The more Coyote John used him, the more sex they had, the less Monty obsessed and grieved over Shanna.  After all, she made no attempt to contact him or come visit him.  She didn’t even send a note or have a friend contact him.  Her memory went from a raging fire within him to a smoldering ember until one day he went a whole day without thinking about her.  That’s when Monty began to think more about Coyote John than Shanna.  Was this what Jimmy Joe meant about ‘weaning’ someone away from something, another person, or another situation?

Did Coyote John unwittingly wean him away from his obsession for Shanna and replace his passion for her with his?  He wasn’t sure ‘who’ was on first or second, but he felt he could be certain ‘what’ wasn’t on third.  If it was so, was he now finding himself being weaned away from Coyote John by his handsome cowboy ramrod?  Shouldn’t ‘weaning’ take more than one roll in the hay?  He imagined it might have something to with the cowboy?  Perhaps it depended on the hotness of the cowpoke.  He decided Ramrod Jimmy Joe Russell was a ten plus on the scale of hot buckaroos.  Did it make him a callow fellow?  Was he incapable of a long lasting relationship?  Was he so shallow?  Did it really matter?  Perhaps not.  Perhaps it was a lesson in life like the old song he once heard: If you can’t love the one you want, love the one you’re with.
  He found the idea interesting but totally lacked merit.  It was amusing to him, but only acted as a temporary band-aid for his conundrum.

He made a mental note to asked his ramrod about it when he saw him next.  No!  He would put the question to his master.  Shane wowed him several times with his mature insights; on the other hand, sometimes he could be as clumsy as a new born colt trying to express something he wanted to say but didn’t make a lot of sense.  He would come close to falling on his face, but he seemed to get away with it because he was sincere and for the most part charming.  That thought struck him as funny.  Whoever heard of a ‘charming’ cowboy?  Perhaps a lady who knows what she wants?  He was sure it wouldn’t be in the list of character traits most looked for in a good hand.  He could only imagine a foreman of a ranch discussing a cowboy as being so incompetent he couldn't pour piss from a boot with the instructions written on the heel, but he had to hire him because he was charming.  Nevertheless, no matter how he responded, Monty knew Shane would give it his best shot, and to give his master the benefit of the doubt, Monty decided he found Shane very charming.  It was one of his most outstanding qualities.

He decided he’d walk into the lab and see what his boys were up to.  He grabbed the sack he brought back with him from Mars Port to take with him.  He walked in, ran his hand over the sensor and the lab came alive with lights and critters.  It looked like Santa’s workshop two days before Christmas.  Minniots, Rarebits and Hommynids were scurrying about doing all sorts of chores.  Several were gathered looking into one of the smaller growing tanks.  They already had Dexter’s new form taking shape.  Monty reached into the sack he was carrying and brought out the box that contained his Captain Shane Goodnight action figure.  He set the box on the counter and undid it.  He took out Captain Shane’s figure and carefully stripped it of his cowboy clothes.  He smiled to himself because several of his workers noticed the bulge in Monty's Wranglers and the wet spot at his crotch as he denuded the figure.  Once he had Captain Shane’s image completely naked he turned to his workers to show them and smiled.  He didn’t have to say a word.  They knew the new model for Dexter was to be an adolescent Captain Shane.

One carefully took the figure from him, placed it in a prominent spot near the tank and they began to take photos of it from all angles.  They downloaded many pictures into their data banks.  Monty knew from his experience with his boys it would be a smaller version of Shane Goodnight.  That’s the way he wanted it.  He wanted Dexter to have a chance to develop on his own and not follow in his shadow.  Better Dexter should walk in his hero’s wake for a while.  The critters could read Monty’s mind.  He was sure of it, but he couldn’t hear them.  He had to talk with Maxine about that.  She said something about drinking lummox milk and told him it would open his neural pathways to be able to send and receive.  She seemed to know a lot about a lot of different things and was absolutely brilliant about a few things.  He looked forward to spending more time with her, if he wasn’t bared from being her friend after the Mars incident.
  He thought about the Scarecrow.  One of his favorite Rarebits gently took him by the hand to lead him up the stairs to the other floor.  As they slowly went up he could see Scarecrow sitting up and smiling at the activities of the Hommynids.  He caught sight of Monty and raised his hand to wave.

“Hello, Monty, it’s good to see you.” he said in a normal tone of voice.

“My, my, I didn’t think they’d have you functional this quickly.  Forgive me, I lost track of time.  Time passes differently here than it does in my dimension.”

“I’m not sure I understand, Sir.” the bio-bot said.

“You don’t need to right now.  It will become more clear to you later.  What shall I call you?  Do you wish to be known by your previous name of Kuklacon or by a more human name?” Monty asked with a smile.

“I have a choice?” he asked innocently.

“Of course you have a choice, my friend.  We have not given you this body to reprogram you.  You are an experiment in combining two separate species.  So what shall I call you?”

“They have been referring to me as Scarecrow.  I like that name, but I was told it might be only temporary.”

“Are they communicating with you digitally?”

“No, Sir, I can hear them in their heads.  They could block me if they wish, but they haven’t.  They’ve been very gracious.  The medium sized ones look like a race of symbiotic hominids who live on our long-arms on Venus.”

“According to my source they were patterned after them.  Why don’t you think about it for a while and let me know later how you would like to be known?  You could even take a completely new name, but if you’d still like to be known as Kuklacon I’m sure that would be okay with my master.”

“Was he one of the men who brought me back from Mars?” he asked.

“He was.  He’s the one they call Captain Shane.”

“The honorable and noble Captain Shane?  The savior or our race?  I was in his presence?”

“Yes, you were.”

“I’m filled with emotions I can not describe.  He is such a hero to my species.  You have no idea what he and his companions did for us.  Something’s wrong, Sir.  My eyes are leaking a salt based fluid.”

“It’s normal, Kuklacon.  It’s our way of expressing strong emotions.  They’re called tears.  They will flow for a while until the emotion passes or you feel better.  Have they been teaching you to use your new body?”

“Yes, Sir.  I only sit here when they need to download something into my brain.  They’re through with me for a while.  I am to rest.  I don’t rest well sitting in this chair so they allow me to lie prone on a bench they cleared for me.  I am learning to shut down my brain and enter what is known as sleep.”

“Are my workers treating you well?  Is there anything you might want?”

“They treat me very well, Sir.  I can’t think of anything.  I know this is a period of rebirth for me into a new form.  We do not know frustration or impatience as you do, Sir.  All of this is wonderful and new compared to sitting alone on the surface of our planet knowing I will expire one day.  I have been given a new chance at life.  A hope for the future.  Yes, they have been wonderful to me.  They try to make my transition as comfortable and painless as possible.  I have suffered no pain or discomfort.”

“Can you walk by yourself?”

“Yes, Sir.  I’m adjusting quite well to this body.  I have control over most of my functions.  I have not yet learned how to handle waste materials.  I have control of the liquids, but I just can’t seem to get the hang of passing solid waste.”

“You’ll learn in time.  It takes us humans a couple of years as children, but I would expect you to master it much sooner.  Is that why they have you in diapers?”

“Yes, Sir.  I haven’t been able to control myself yet.  Is it embarrassing to humans when they fail to control themselves?”

“Yes, Kuklacon.  It can be very embarrassing.  Don’t worry about it.  You will learn in time.  Don’t try to rush yourself.  I have to return to my dimension.  I must have a sleep period.  I will look in on you in the morning.  Now, you must understand, time passes differently in my dimension than this one.  A couple of weeks may go by here before I get back to you, but don’t allow yourself to become discouraged.  Keep doing the best you can, and I promise I will return soon.  I’ll have you out of here as soon as possible, but you need to learn a few more motor skills and perhaps learn to control your waste.  Will you be all right?”

“I will be fine, Monty.  I will do my best to make you proud of me.  Give my fondest regards to Captain Shane if you should see him.”

“I’ll let you do that in person, Kuklacon.  I will take you to meet him when you’re ready.”

“I would be thrilled to be in his presence again, Monty.”

Monty said 'goodbye' to his workers.  Some waved, others came to touch him or give him a hug.  He turned off the barrier and returned to his dimension and quarters.  He was pleased the way Kuklacon was coming along.  He thought he could get used to calling him Kuklacon.  Maybe he might want another name entirely.  Monty thought he might if he found himself in the same circumstance.  He climbed the stairs to his bedroom and thought about time and dimensions.  He would have to wait an eternity to be with his ramrod again.  Even then, he wasn’t sure he’d get to see him next Thursday.  The ramrod didn’t seem sure when he could return.  From the sounds of it, Jimmy Joe’s life was pretty hectic.  Well, he would make the best of the situation.  He saw Jimmy Joe’s boots he left behind and knew he had to take care of them before he went to bed.

He gathered them and felt the weight of his ramrod’s boots.  They were two sizes larger than he wore and considerably heavier than his boots.  He carried them down the stairs to his kitchen sink.  He set them on the floor and got out some old newspapers from beneath one of his cabinets and spread them on the counter.  He set the boots on the papers and got out an old utility knife he used for cleaning the muck off his own boots and scraped the mud and animal dung from the bottom of Jimmy Joe’s boots.  When he was satisfied he set them in the sink and wrapped the dirt and filth in the papers and threw them in his burning bin.  He got out his saddle soap and several soft brushes and lathered Jimmy Joe’s boots from top to bottom.  When he rinsed them with warm damp cloth he could feel the softness the saddle soap brought to the leather.  It was a good, sensual feeling.  He sometimes bathed in saddle soap.  He loved the smell, and it made his skin soft.  He would keep an erection for hours afterward from the smell alone.

He moved from the kitchen to his other workroom, but stayed downstairs where he hadn’t yet turned on the dimensional change.  He placed them on a bench and got out his dyes and polish.  He used only the most expensive boot creams and polish.  After he added the correct dyes to cover scuff marks he added the creams and polish and finished them off on his buffing machine.  He let the machine do the work until he could see his face in them.  He smiled at the wicked thoughts that crossed his mind.  Was he becoming a pervert?  Why did he have this abnormal love of men’s boots from the time he was a little kid?  Was this a part of his sexuality?  All he knew was, he wouldn’t change it for the world.  He loved his appreciation for leather and fine boots.  He left the workshop, closed the door and walked up the stairs to his bedroom.  He held Jimmy Joe’s boots in one hand and a small wooden orange crate in the other.  He set the orange crate on end against the far wall under his windows and set Jimmy Joe’s boots on the crate for him to look at and admire.  A thought crossed his mind.  

He ran down to his kitchen area, looked in another cabinet and retrieved four small votive lights.  He returned to his bedroom and set the votive lamps at the corners of the orange crate.  He carefully lit each one.  He was kneeling so close to Jimmy Joe’s boots he could smell the fragrance of them filling his lungs.  His penis got roaring hard.  Was he becoming conditioned to a sexual response?  Who, the fuck, cared?  It turned him on and that was all the answer he needed.  He dimmed the lights in his bedroom.  Only the light to the picture of the cowboy above his bed was on and the lights from the votive lamps gave Jimmy Joe’s boots the look of holy relics on an altar just waiting to be worshiped.  He moved away to admire his handy work and breathed a deep sigh of relaxation.  What was coming over him?  He slowly removed his own boots and took off his clothes.

* * * * * * *

Shane got out six small dishes and the baking pan containing Ms. Biddle apple cobbler.  He spooned out helpings of cobbler for the men who wanted more dessert.  Jesse and Utah graciously declined.  Cole was making them a pot of Camomile tea sweetened with honey from Gil’s little buddies.  They set down in the living room in front of their new wide screen video monitor.  They had a high-def digital receiver hooked up to it.  Shane wanted to see the video of Monty’s saving Maxine again.  They requested Kyron to run the video for them and the men marveled at Monty’s athletic abilities, determination, quick thinking and strength of purpose.

“That little stunt should make them very wealthy, odd job.” Cole said.

“I agree, Pa.” replied Shane.  The men discussed Monty’s amazing abilities and how he seemed to be blooming living among them.  Lazarus wondered if it was meant to be this way.  Jesse was almost certain it was planned.  Hoot and Cotton couldn't believe some of the things the men told them Monty could do.  When they told them about Monty being able to change his sex organs to please his ramrod, they laughed their asses off.  Not because they didn’t believe them, but for the surprise Ramrod Russell would get.  Shane was about to have Kyron close down the video when a thought ran through his head.

“I wonder what our young hero is up to in his quarters?  I wonder if he invited someone to his bed?” Shane asked Cole.

“I got a ten-spot what says he didn’t.  I know about cowboy love, and if’n he’s falling in love with ole Jimmy Joe he’ll be home alone.” offered Hoot.

“I wouldn’t take that bet.” Charlie laughed.

“You wouldn’t spy on him?” said Cole to Shane.

“The hell I wouldn’t.” Shane grinned at him, “I was serious what I done said earlier; he’s my slave, damn it.  I got the right as his master.  Since when does a slave have privacy rights?  I never had none, and I know damn well you never did neither.”    

“Maybe I just expect more of you, odd job.” Cole said quietly.

“Don’t do a guilt trip on me, Pa.  You know I ain’t got no defense against the better angels of yore’ nature.” he grinned at Cole.

“Okay, but I expect you to make it up to him one way or t’other.” Cole stated without nuance.

“I understand your moral outrage, Cole, but Captain Shane’s right.  A slave ain’t got no privacy rights.  He’s no more than chattel or livestock.  Charlie and Shane are two of the most lenient and progressive slave masters I’ve ever known.  It’s gotta’ say something about their humanity to have freemen find their way to their ranches and volunteer to be their slaves.  We got about a dozen we took on, and I think you got half a dozen or more.” Lazarus came to Shane’s defense.

“Look, Pa, I promise I’ll square it with him, all right?  Kyron activate Monty’s robo-cams and give us a feed.”

“Done, Captain Shane.”

The men looked into Monty’s bedroom and saw it was dark except for the light on the picture above his bed.  The center of attention was the small wooden crate next to the wall under the windows with four candles burning around a pair of handsome, well shined cowboy boots.

“Oh, my, God!” exclaimed Shane, “That little pervert.  Them’s Ramrod Russell’s boots.  I hungered after them boots more’n a couple of times.” Shane chuckled at his admission.  It was obvious, Monty was alone.  Hoot Austin slapped his knee and started laughing.  He elbowed Cotton and got him laughing.

“Didn’t I tell you he’d be alone?” Hoot said triumphantly.

“Looks like Monty done cleaned ‘em up and polished ‘em real good for him.” Cole grinned.

Monty was completely naked and walked over to the boots.  He knelt in front of his altar and began to make love to them while playing with himself.  Hoot and Cotton were hooting, laughing and applauded.

“Damnation!  The kid’s got it bad, doe’nee?  He’s worse than I am about boots.  That little pervert!” Shane exclaimed and laughed.

“I’d say Jimmy Joe Russell don’t know what he’s got a holt’ of.” laughed Cotton, “He’s got a tiger by the tail it’s plain to see.” he added.

“Why do you call him a pervert, Son?” Jesse took exception.  “If he was in a church and he was kneeling in front of a box what contained a hank of hair or a shank of bone from some saint and leaned over to kiss it, that would be okay?”Jesse challenged Shane.

“There’s a difference, Master Jesse.  What our boy’s doing and what I’ve done many times is sexual in nature.  What people do in church is religion.”

“Oh, really?” Lazarus joined the challenge. “Thanks for clearing that up for us.  Why is, Monty paying homage to the memory of his night with his ramrod, and making love to his boots any less valid a religious experience?  Look closely.  He’s made an altar, he’s got candles surrounding the object of his adoration.  The ramrod’s boots are in a prominent place for him to worship.  He’s obviously taken some time to prepare them to be looked upon by the object of his affection as an offering of his love for him.  He’s stripped his body of all clothing to humble himself before kneeling before the icons of his love.  While he can't have his Ramrod he has an article of his to pay homage to.  Meets all my criterion for a worship service.  To separate sex from religious worship is naive.  In almost every church there’s a nude man hanging on a cross.  Some present him more modestly than others showing a loin cloth around his private parts while others show the full monty.

You try that in any public place with any other male figure, and you’ll get arrested for pornography.  In the early part of this century an artist made a nude chocolate Jesus, and some ignorant fat ass Catholic fundamentalist, bitched and moaned about it until he had to remove it from public viewing.  So much for suffer the little children come unto sweet Jesus.  Perhaps it was his color they objected to most.” Lazarus laughed. “After all, it’s absurd to think Jesus might have been any color other than white with blue eyes and blond hair.  To suggest he might have been the same color as a Muslim won’t play in Texas churches ‘at’s for damn sure!  Sallman’s head of Christ, a blonde haired, blue eyed Jesus, has been taken from the realm of artistic fantasy and elevated to fact.”

“There are volumes of erotic mystical writings of the saints.” stated Jesse. “Some so erotic if you didn’t know better you could swear they were lifted word for word from an Internet porn site.  The descriptions of St. Theresa of Avila and her religious ecstasy in mid-air being pierce by a bright angel with his golden sword and her subsequent orgasm was indeed the perfect description of a sexual experience.  The writings of a Brother Antoninus around the end of the twentieth century were down right filthy descriptions of lurid homosexual acts with his ‘lord’ plowing his red Earth with Jesse’s thorn.  Quite frankly, I find what Monty’s doing is far more wonderful and sincere than what I see in most churches today.  He’s expressing a private ritual of his own design to express his feelings.  There is no repression in his actions.

What you’re seeing is the most basic fundamental statement of affection you can imagine.  The problem with religion is, it represses the natural sexual urges and functions of man and at the same time hypocritically suggests a sexual relationship with the almighty.  The church as the bride of Christ, nuns marrying Jesus and becoming a part of his holy harem are but a small part of this subliminal appeal.  Mankind will never fully come to a successful understanding of his sexuality until religion is done away with.” Jesse stated flatly.  Those were strong words for him.  He was usually a quiet observer and would only participate when called upon.  Utah laid his head in Jesse’s lap and looked at him with love.  Jesse petted him.

The men set spellbound by Monty and continued to watch and talk quietly among themselves.  Whatever their thoughts on Lazarus and Jesse’s statements didn’t seem to affect their penises.  Every man had an erection and their dicks were drooling in their Wranglers.  Jesse was blown away by Monty’s actions and felt the kid was far more advanced than most men in his ability to express himself.  Monty stood and took the boots to the edge of his bed and pulled them on.  He stood and stomped around in them like he’d seen Jimmy Joe do several times.

“His feet must be swimming in them big boots.” grinned Cotton.

“Yeah, I bet they be doing the backstroke.” added Shane.

“Not for long, gentlemen.” Jesse said. “My hunch is he’ll fill them quite nicely in a few minutes.”

Before anyone could ask what Jesse was talking about, they watched in silent awe as Monty morphed into his beloved ramrod.  Shane shook his head and grinned at Cole.  Lazarus grabbed Charlie’s arm and they almost fell out of their chairs laughing.  Hoot and Cotton’s mouths dropped open.

“Sweet Jesus, Holy Mary mother of God and all them saints.  I wouldn’t a believed it if’n I ain’t seen it for myself.  He just change into Jimmy Joe Russell.  Except he ain’t got no scar, his balls is a mite bigger and hang a little lower.” Hoot allowed.

“You ain’t seen your ex-slave naked lately, have you?  Monty removed his scar and gave him a new set of balls last Thursday evening.  That’s the way he looks now.” said Shane.

Monty walked in front of his full length mirror next to his bed and smiled at his image.  He took his copy of Jimmy Joe’s big penis in his hand an started slowly working it.

“Now, gentlemen, you are looking at something that surpasses religion or the barriers of common sexuality.  Why would you need porn movies or nude pics of someone you love when you can morph into their image and jack off admiring the object of your affection?  I’d say that was as close to pure genius as you can get.” Jesse said almost in a whisper.  There was no doubt he was quite taken with Monty and his abilities.  Utah could smell his master’s sexual excitement rising through his Wrangles and knew he would get a big bone tossed his way later that evening.  Monty worked and worked Jimmy Joe’s cock until he almost brought himself to climax then stopped, lay down on his bed and turned off the picture light.  He morphed back to Monty wearing his ramrod’s big boots, but went a step further and morphed his genitals into the cunt Jesse and Utah taught him to make.  Hoot and Cotton came up out of their seats and had to walk around behind the couch where Lazarus and Charlie were sitting.

“I can not fuck’n believe that!” said Cotton.  “Oh, my, God, I wonder what Jimmy Joe will think?” he said quietly.

“Knowing that old man like I do, he’ll think he done died an went to cowboy heaven.  Lord knows, I wouldn’t mind have’n a go at it myself.” Hoot allowed.  Cotton grinned at him.  “I hope yore’ old hole’s open for business later this evening, pardner.” he grinned at Cotton.

“For you, cowboy, it’s open and serving it up hot twenty-four/seven.” Cotton said unashamed.  The men laughed.  They continued to watch as Monty fingered himself to reach his first climax with his new cunt.  Not a word was said.  It was like they were all with him, in his bed, urging him on to get his first clitoral climax.  When Monty began to writhe in ecstasy from his climax there were moans and groans from all the men.  No one shot his load, but they came damn close.  They were emotionally drained.  

“That’s enough, Son, turn it off.” Cole urged Shane.

“You’re right, Pa.” he took the remote and turned off the screen.

The men were quiet.  There wasn’t much need for comments.  They each expressed a need to get home.  The couldn’t say their ‘goodbyes’ fast enough and headed for the gate.  That evening Cotton got the best fucking he received from his mate in several years.  He had a smile on his face and a song in his heart for a week afterward.  Utah was fed Jesse’s big juicy bone.  Lazarus and Charlie swapped out fucking each other until the wee hours of the morning.  Shane cleaned up the living area and walked into the bedroom.  Sitting in the large overstuffed chair was his pa wearing nothing but his big boots.  Shane grinned and quickly removed his clothes.

“You ready for cowboy church, Son?” Cole grinned.

“I’d worship at your boots any day, Pa.” Shane replied. “What would you think if’n you’s to come in and find me kneeling before a pair of your buckaroo boots making love to ‘em?” he asked.

“I’d bend you over my knee and take my wide belt to yore’ ass, boy.”

“Why, Pa?”

“Cause I wanna’ be in them boots you be worshiping, Son.”

“You say the sweetest damn things sometime, Pa."  Shane grinned.

“It’s jes’ part of ma’ job being yore’ Pa, boy.” Cole smiled.

Shane couldn’t remember a time when his Pa’s boots tasted better.  He got himself fucked pretty damn good, too.

End of Chaper 66 ~ Waco’s Lummox
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