By Waddie Greywolf

Chapter 9 

Curley motioned for Waco and Master Bill to join the rest of the group for the last part of the ceremony.  Waco and his slaves had no idea what was to come.  Curley turned that part of the ceremony over to the other crew leader, Hank Morgan.  Hank stood before everyone and spoke.

“For those of you who are here for the first time, this is the last part of our ceremony.  Each year the slaves vote for the slave who they think has worked the hardest and given his best for our Master during the past year.  It is by the judgement of his peers, one slave is singled out for the honor of representing the rest of us slaves by giving himself to our Master before all of us tonight.  This year that honor goes to Blake Tindell.  Blake will you please come forward.”  

Blake Tindell was a young cowboy who was serving a similar sentence as Shane,— ten to fifteen years as a slave.  He completed seven of his ten years and only had three to go before Charlie could release him to be a freeman again.  This would be his third time in seven years for this honor.  The honor also went into his permanent record as a “plus” for his attitude and work ethic as an indentured slave.  It was not looked upon as a frivolous or insignificant mark in the determination by the court for consideration of his release.  They took such things very seriously and were much more likely to be swayed in his favor for any final decisions they might make.

Everyone applauded as Blake Tindell shyly walked to the front to stand along side Hank Morgen.  Hank put his arm around Blake and pulled him close.

“This will be Blake’s third time to represent us with our Master, and all who have seen him give himself before know it can git pretty intense, so—  feel free to express yourself as you see fit.  Just remember to be respectful of our Master and our brother-slave.  Let me just add, I consider myself fortunate to have Blake on my crew, and I have to say he deserves this honor.  I’m proud of him.”

Everyone agreed with Hank by applauding.  Hank pulled Blake to him in a hug, kissed him on the cheek, and spoke, “Go to our Master, Son.  Give yourself to him for all of us.  Make us proud of you.”  Hank encouraged the young man.

Blake walked to the dais and knelt in front of Charlie.  He went through the ritual again with him, then stood to have his Master take him in his arms and kiss him rather passionately.  Charlie was still erect from Lazarus’ attentions.  The crowd of onlookers were beginning to get aroused from watching what was going on.  The two men finally broke their kiss.  Charlie spoke to Blake.

“I can’t say I ain’t glad h’it’s you what got chosen this year, Son.”  Charlie told the young man looking into his clear blue eyes.

“Thank you, Master Goodnight.  It was a surprise to me, but a good one.  You know how I feel about you, Master Charlie.  I’m as grateful to you as Master Daniels and Master Austin, Sir.”

“You know I feel the same about you, Blake.  You’ve been a good slave for me, and I know you’re gonna’ make a fine freeman in three more years.  I’ll do ever’ thing I can to help you, and I know several other freemen you’ll have in your corner.”

“Thanks for having confidence in me, Master.  Your encouragement means a lot.  Shall I make love to your cock to begin, Master Goodnight?”

“I guess you can’t help notice,— it’s pretty well at attention, Son.  If’n it were any harder it would go right through yore’ belly.”  Charlie laughed, “Howsomever, I think this is as much for your brother-slaves as it is for us, so maybe we should put on a good show for ‘em.  What da’ you think?”

“I think it would be the right thing to do, Sir.  I know it certainly would add to my pleasure, Master.  It’s not like we’re novices at this, Sir.”  Blake chuckled.

“We’re like a comfortable old pair of boots together.”  Charlie smiled and winked at him.  “Let’s git to it, Son,— let’s git chu’ fucked.”

“I’m clean and ready, Master.”  Blake assured Charlie as he fell to his knees and began making love to Charlie’s massive shaft.

Blake started kissing, licking and cleaning every inch of Charlie’s big cowboy dick.  He didn’t stop there.  He began to make love to Charlie’s low hanging balls and ran his tongue all over them.  Blake was determined to put on a first rate show for his slave-brothers and he could tell from the sounds of the crowd just what actions were getting the greatest reaction.  The crowd of men began to move closer until the were disbursed over a good area where no one had to stretch to see.  Ox lifted his three boys to stand them on hay bails so they could get a better view.

Charlie and Hank talked about whether to tell the boys about the last part of the ceremony and decided to let them witness it for themselves without any prior explanation.  Waco was stunned, Travis was in awe, but Rabbit was in ecstacy.  All three of the boy’s dicks were standing at attention, and their giant’s was no longer hidden by his fur skirt.  Waco reached back and grabbed him a handful of lummox dick and smiled at him.  Ox wrapped a huge arm around Waco’s middle and pulled him back into him to lean against.  The other two boys followed suit until they were all leaning against the solid wall of their lummox.

They watched as the other men began to play with themselves.  Cotton reached over to take Hoot’s big dick and began to play with him.  Hoot took Cotton’s and reciprocated.  Waco was already playing with Ox’s huge dick and the beast had his little buddy’s in his big paw playing with him.  Travis and Rabbit were helping each other.  They continued to watch Blake as he took each of Charlie’s balls in his mouth and rolled them around in his mouth, then they saw him open wide and shove both of his Master’s balls in his mouth.  

There was much murmuring running through the crowd.  Lazarus knew what was going to happen from overhearing the slaves talk about the second part of the ceremony, but he was unprepared for this display of raw, male animal sex that was happening before him.  He couldn’t remember a time in recent history his dick had gotten so hard.  Oh, yes, he could!  It was one night before he and Arlen left the Aldebaran system.  His partner made that night one he wouldn’t soon forget.

Blake wasn’t through with his sensual show.  He got between Charlie’s legs and began to go further with his tongue quest to his Master’s nether region.  As if on cue, Blake slightly tapped Charlie’s rear and the big cowboy moved his ass to face outward to the crowd and bent slightly from the waist to lean over.  He caught himself on the bail of hay with his hands to steady himself.  

Blake was a good showman.  Lazarus had seen porn in several galaxies, but very little could rival the show going on before him.  Blake had a good, long, strong tongue and knew how to use it to make the best showing of his talents.  He started licking up and down his Master’s crack with gusto, making big, bold licking movements that had Charlie moaning with pleasure.  Blake would zero in on Charlie’s rosebud and kiss it like it was a lover’s mouth moving his head back and forth trying to get his tongue in deeper and his mouth pressed as tightly as he could against it.  It was too much for the slaves in the crowd and they began urging their slave-brother to new heights of passion with quiet guttural comments.

“‘At’s a good slave, Son.  Get in there tight.  French it, boy!  Clean yore’ Master’s hole for him.  Clean it good, boy.  ‘At’s it!  ‘At’s it!  Make us proud of you, Son.  Suck on your Master’s sweet hole.  Let him know how much you appreciate being his slave and how much of an honor it is to take care of him.”

On and on the men went and Blake didn’t seem to be in any hurry to finish quickly.  He could feel the sexual tension building in the crowd.  He could swear he even heard Hank and Curley mouthing their encouragement.  They knew Blake was enjoying his honor to the max.  He was as hard as any of the other slaves and his uncircumcised dick was drooling all over the hay on the dais.

Charlie was really enjoying Blake’s attentions.  He smiled to himself and offered his own words of encouragement to his slave.  Blake responded immediately and only increased the passion of his actions.  Charlie smiled to himself.  For an avowed straight man who was raised in the fundamentalist tradition, Blake Tindell had come a long way.  When he was first enslaved he was not naive about what was expected of a male slave.  He knew he would be taken by his Master and his Master would expect him to pleasure him to the best of his ability.

When any man became a slave, regardless of his sexual orientation, he knew he would have to give up any notion of maintaining any semblance of his former life, save for his Master’s good favor.  All slave owners had the right to use their male slaves as they saw fit and only a very few never used their slaves for sex.  It was seen by all those in authority and experience as a necessary tool to remind the slave of the necessity for his total submission to his Master.

Most male slaves, Blake Tindell notwithstanding, came to realize that once they accepted the fact they no longer had any option but to submit and humble themselves to the will of their master, unless their master was a sadistic bastard, the experience was not without the possibility of considerable pleasure and had its benefits for both.  It was stoically looked upon by most like anything else in life,— the more you put into it, the more you got in return.  Their personal pleasure and the innate human instinct in the joy of giving of oneself ultimately overcame their objections and readjusted their thinking toward the act itself.  

It became easier for them to rationalize any fears, guilt or lack of acceptance, because as a slave, with no choice in the matter, they were relieved of any responsibility for the sex act.  They were simply doing what was expected of them to survive.  Their conundrum came later when they were released after having served their sentence.  They would find they had a craving for a male sexual partner and the experience of male/male bonding they couldn’t find among their fellow freemen because of the continued taboo of same sex unions; however, they could if they bought themselves a male slave, nothing would be said about it.  Many returned to their master, especially if he was as good a man as Charlie Goodnight, and would unashamedly beg him to consider accepting him as his lifetime slave.  

In the case of Cotton Daniels and Hoot Austin,— they were known to be ex-slaves and for them to bond as a couple was looked upon as a natural result of their days as slaves together.  Strangely enough, they were not looked down upon and were tolerated quite well within their community.  While they didn’t try to hide their affection for each other, they never tried to flaunt it either.  Also, the fact that Hoot and Cotton were two of the most respected slave trainers in the State of Texas went a long way to masking their relationship with each other.  The ceremony they created and were now attending was like reliving their time as slaves.  They were naked, letting it all hang out with each other and the slaves reveling in their comfort, their unabashed passion for their memories and attraction for each other.

After considerable attention to his Master’s ass, cock and balls, Blake  once again paid homage to Charlie’s boots.  It was a signal to his master he was ready to be mounted.  Charlie helped him up and helped him arrange himself on the horse blanket covered bails of hay.  Charlie leaned over and asked him if he was properly lubricated.  Blake assured him he was and there was no need to stretch him.  He felt he was so aroused he could take Charlie in one entry.  Charlie knew Blake’s capabilities and didn’t worry too much about hurting him.

There was a hush fell over the crowd as Charlie pressed the fat head of his cock at Blake’s rosebud and moved it around to get some of his pre-come smeared around his opening and Charlie’s cock head.  Then Charlie leaned froward and slowly sank the entire length of his fat cowboy dick into Blake Tindell’s ass.  

The crowd softly went, “oooohhh” as if it were themselves on the receiving end of their Master’s big cowboy dick.  Charlie waited for Blake to get comfortable and his ass to stop its spasms.  He leaned over and gently offered to kiss his partner.  Blake didn’t refuse his Master’s affection and opened to him like he had just done with his ass.  They were still bound in a kiss as Charlie started slowly moving in and out of Blake with short, sure strokes.  Blake moaned and groaned deeply in his throat.

“You okay, Son?”  Charlie asked his slave.

“More’n okay, Master Charlie,— pert-damn fantastic.  God, you feel good, Sir.  We won’t have no problem giving ‘em a good show.  Make it a good one, Master.  I’ll stick with you all the way, Sir.”

“You always do, Blake.  I can’t never fault you on pleasure’n yore’ Master, Son.  You always put your best into it and that makes it good for both of us.  I want you to know how much I appreciate yore’ attitude and willingness to please you bring to me,— not only here, but in my bed as well.”

“Thank you, Master Charlie.  Take all you want, Sir.  ‘At’s what I’m here for and that’s why they voted me this honor.”

Charlie set in to fuck Blake.  Waco and his posse’s mouths were hanging open.  There was all sorts of comments going around from brain to brain.  Lazarus couldn’t help overhear and chuckled to himself that the boys were right on in their description of their excitement.

<< Hoe-lee fuck!  I know my old man’s good looking and sexy, but it jes’ never occurred to me what a sex machine he is.  Is this affecting you men the same’s it is me?” >>

<< Look at me?  What da’ you think, Master Waco? >> Travis showed him his erection.  Rabbit just turned to him with the biggest boner of his life and grinned.  Even old Ox was standing at attention.  

<< Can ya’ll smell the sex in the air?  These men are giving off as much sexual smells and energy as my dad and Blake are.  It reminds me of when we breed the horses, they all get worked up into a sexual lather and come in their Wranglers. >>  Lazarus heard Waco laugh to himself.

<< Wow!  I had no idea yore’ daddy was such a stud, young Master. >>  Lazarus sent to Waco and smiled as he pulled on his eleven and a half incher. << I’m gonna’ put my name in that box in the bunkhouse first thing in the morning. >>  he smiled and winked at Waco.

<< Damn,— kinda makes me wish’t I could, too, Mr. Long, but you know how folks feel about that sort of thing. >> Waco lamented.

<< Yeah, it’s a shame, but you gotta’ play with the cards you’re dealt, Son.  Later, when you come of age, things might change for you.  You never know.  Have faith.  In the meantime, you got enough on yore’ plate to deal with. >>

<< Thanks, Mr. Long,— I got me some’um to look forward to tonight.>>  Waco smiled and winked at Rabbit.  Rabbit blushed and shuffled his boots.

After about thirty minutes of good, solid fucking on Charlie’s part and Blake working his ass to meet his master’s thrust like a good cutting horse working a maverick steer, Charlie leaned over and groaned.

“I can’t hold it much longer, Son,— I’m about to blow my wad up yore’ ass.”

“Oh, God, fuck me, Master!  Shoot chore’ load up yore’ slaves ass, Sir.  Take us on home, Master Goodnight!  Ride my ass harder, Sir, make it a good one.  I’m with ya’ all the way!”

That’s all Charlie needed to hear from Blake.  He knew he was ready to spew forth his load as well.  Charlie fucked Blake hard and swift as he arched his back to unload his all into his cowboy slave.  Blake hit his almost at the same time and his come shot way over his head on the first volley, but the second and third landed on his face and in his mouth.

Charlie and Blake Tindell weren’t the only cowboys to come.  There were grunts and groans and several dropped down on their knees to take their buddy’s come.  The air was permeated with the smell of male sexual pheromones and fresh cowboy come.  It was like the lingering odor of gunpowder on the forth of July after the grand finale of a firework’s show.  Blake and Charlie were spent.

Charlie collapsed on top of Blake and began to lick his come from his face and steal a kiss or two.  Blake locked his cowboy boots behind Charlie’s waist like he was going to try to hold his Master inside him as long as possible.  Charlie didn’t have any plans to go anywhere soon.  He was reveling in the afterglow of his union with one of his finest slaves and sharing something wonderful, far too few men get to experience in their lifetimes.  Charlie could only feel sorry for those men who didn’t know the passion and complete release good sex with another man could bring.  Charlie was not one to qualify that idea either.

All the men felt the urge to come forth and complement the two men on their coupling for the evening.  There were some funny comments made as well. It was a time when everyone let their hair down and could relate with each other as men bound by a common purpose.  They were slaves to a good man who took care of them and cared about each one.  Charlie and his dad had proved it to them so many times there was no doubt in their minds.  They all allowed this year’s slave ceremony was one of the best.  They wished their Master many more.

Waco had no compunction about running up to his dad in the nude, giving him a hug and a kiss.

“Damn, Dad,— I don’t know if’n I’s ready for this or not.”  he said quietly to his dad.

“Too much of a shock for you, Son?”  Charlie asked concerned.

“No,— not that, Dad.  I’s jes’ gonna’ have me a hard time being around you when we’re nude together.  I’ll be think’n on what I’m missing out on.”

Charlie laughed.

“You know what I told you in the truck coming home with Ox.  When you reach eighteen we’ll figure out something.  In the meantime, you got enough to take care of.  You got Chief to take care of tonight, and I expect you to take care of him right.  I’m count’n on you to make my little buddy forgit all about that Tennent boy.”  Charlie smiled at him.

“I think I can do that, Dad.  I know you’ve grown pert-damn fond of the Chief.”

“I ain’t the only one.  Yore’ big uncle thinks Chief is a pretty fine piece of slave flesh.  He’s glad you’re his master.”

That night Waco and his posse retired to their rooms with one extra.  Waco pulled on his Wranglers and a shirt to walk out to Ms. Wallace’s house to get his little brother.  He was amused to find Hank was already there fully dressed.  It was obvious to Waco Hank and Ida were going to make the best of JR spending the night in the big house.  Ida was going to get to ride that big slave-cowboy dick of Hank’s.  Waco couldn’t say he was just a bit jealous.  They both admonished JR to be good and mind his big brother.  JR promised faithfully he would as he gave them a hug and a quick kiss.

He followed Waco up to the house and was all questions about the slave ceremony and wanted to know about it.  Waco didn’t want to lie to him so he just told him there were things he and his men were sworn to secrecy about and he could tell.  In a couple of years he would come of age and he could attend if’n the slaves voted for him to.  Because JR was so close to Hank Morgan it was a pretty sure bet he’d be voted in.  Waco assured him he wouldn’t be bored.  It was one of the most interesting and exciting ceremonies Waco ever attended.

They arrived back at Waco’s rooms and Waco instructed his men to all remain naked except for Ox in his boots and harness.  JR was stunned to see everyone without their clothes on and especially their huge lummox in his new outfit.  He ran first to Ox who picked him up and cradled him in his arms.

“Ox, you look so handsome in your new outfit.  I’ll bet you were the center of attention at the ceremony.”  JR declared.

“He was close to it, little brother.”  Waco said as Rabbit was removing his Master’s boots, and helped him off with his Wranglers.  Waco was once again nude.  “Come on, little brother, no clothes allowed tonight with the big boys.  You gotta’ git undressed.  Slaves, help my little brother with his clothes.”  Waco winked and ordered Rabbit and Travis.  They helped him off with his boots and clothes and folded them neatly on a chair.  JR ran up to Waco and threw his arms around him and hugged him.

“Thanks for letting me come stay with you guys tonight, brother.  It means a lot to me.”

“We’ll have fun.  Do you need to shower or brush yore’ teeth?”

“Naw, I done all that while I’s waiting for the slave ceremony to be over.”

“Good.  We’ll git chu’ settled down with Ox and Travis.  Rabbit and me got us some business to take care of for a while, but we’ll be back in here with you after a little bit.  Okay?”

“Sure, Waco, I’m jes’ glad to be here.  You think Ox would let me have some more of his milk?”

Waco smiled and winked at Rabbit.

“I done already talked with him about it, and he says you can have all you want.  You been feeling better?”

“Oh, yeah!  Any other time, like tonight, I’d be so excited I’d have a headache by now.  I don’t feel nothing now except happy and glad I’m here with ya’ll.”

“Well, we’re glad to have you here with us, little brother.  Come on, you can help us get our lummox undressed.”

<< Awww, do I have to? >>  Ox sounded like a little kid and got the three boys laughing.

“Naw, you don’t have to for a while.  Let me spread an old blanket over the bed so’s you won’t get the sheets messed up.” Waco got an old blanket and the boys helped him spread it over the huge bed.  It just barely covered.

Waco got everyone settled down and he was right.  JR was out like a light in about ten minutes flat.  Waco gave Travis a hug and a kiss.  He thanked him for showing Rabbit how to clean himself.  He motioned goodbye to his lummox and went off to his other room through the new door.  He closed and latched it behind him.  

Rabbit was primed and ready for him.  Waco ordered Rabbit not to come while watching his dad fuck Blake Tindell.  Rabbit groaned, but he smiled at Waco.  He knew why his master didn’t want him to shoot his load.  

<< If I can hold back,— you can hold back, my slave. >> Waco smiled at Rabbit, << Besides, Chief , I wanna’ do the same thing to you your other Master’s doing to that good looking slave up there on that bail of hay.  I’m gonna’ fuck yore’ brains out tonight. >>  Waco smiled and winked at Rabbit.  Ox overheard his comment to Rabbit and chuckled.  Rabbit blushed.

<< If’n you’s half as good as yore’ daddy, Master Waco, I’ll be a happy slave. >>

<< You’ll be a happy slave, I promise you, Chief.  Best I ever had, and he jes’ keeps git’n better. >> Travis added his two cents worth.  
<< Yeah, Travis?  How many you had? >> Rabbit teased.

<< Two good teachers,— ma’ dad and Master Gibbons. >>

<< Wow!  I guess you would know, at that.  I’d be proud to share a bed with either one a’ them men. >>

Waco wasn’t a man for many words.  He sat to work to his task at hand.  He started making love to his slave without delay.  He was so horny after watching his dad’s display, and he knew Rabbit had to be.  Rabbit was responding to his master like he had seen Blake earlier.  They were heavy into it when there came a quiet knock at the door.

“Who is it?”  Waco asked quietly.

“It’s jes’ me, Son.”  he heard his dad’s voice.

“C’mon in, Dad.”  Waco bid him enter.  

Charlie came into the room still in his cowboy outfit naked beneath his chaps.  He stood at the door and looked longingly at the two young men holding each other in an embrace.  They didn’t try to hide their love making from him.  It would’ve never crossed either one’s mind.

“Jes’ thought I’d check on you two to see if ever’ things all right with you.”

Waco laughed and sent a thought to Rabbit. << Should we invite him to watch, Chief?  Would you feel funny? >>

<< Oh, hell, no, Master Waco.  Good idea!  Do it, Sir!  It would be perfect for me.  I’ll git to show Master Charlie what I can do. >> Waco heard a calculated laugh from his slave.

“We’re fine, Dad,— thanks for checking on us.  I’m just about to take care of my slave here,— if’n ya’ ain’t too tired or sleepy, pull up a chair.”

“Humm,— you men wouldn’t be bothered by me watching?”

“Me’n Chief figure if we done watched you tonight, you got a right to watch us, if’n you’s a mind to.”

“Don’t mind if I do, men.  Lemme’ grab a beer from the fridge, and I’ll be right back.”

Waco laughed as his dad closed the door behind him.

“After all that excitement, he must be wide awake and won’t settle down for a while.  Maybe it would relax him to watch us.”

“All I can think about is what a turn on it will be to have him watch me git fucked by you, Master Waco.  It will be jack-off material for me for years.  I’ll remember this night when I’m old an gray.  How lucky can one slave boy git?  There has to be a Great Spirit.”

Rabbit got Waco laughing.  Waco tickled Rabbit and had him rolling around on the bed laughing when Charlie returned.  He smiled at the boys and pulled up an old wooden rocking chair not far from the bed.  He held his beer in his left hand and began to stroke his big dick with his right hand.  Waco reached under his night stand next to his bed and threw his dad a hand towel.

“Thanks, Son.  ‘At jes’ might come in handy.”  he smiled and draped it over the arm of his chair.

Without further ado, Waco threw Rabbit’s legs over his head and ordered him to hold them for him.  He started fingering Rabbit’s hole and felt he was already well lubricated.  Waco reached to his night stand again and retrieved a small jar of lubricant and greased his big cock up good.  He played with Rabbit’s hole until he had Rabbit begging to feel his big dick up his ass.  Waco was gentle with Rabbit but he was also firm and sure with his entry.  Obviously, the Tennent boy was rough with Rabbit and having Waco take him, even as large as Waco was by comparison, was a piece of cake.

“Oh, damn, Master Waco.  You feel so damn good inside me.  I don’t know how long I can hold out.”

“You better hold out long enough to gimme’ a good fuck, slave.  I know you well enough by now, you put chore’ mind to it, you can do it.”

Waco began to slowly fuck Rabbit and fucked him like a loving Master should fuck his good and worthy slave.  Rabbit was responding to his every stroke with no problem.  Charlie was impressed with his boy and even more impressed with his sometime bed buddy.  He couldn’t believe his Chief was such an experienced little slave.  It made Charlie began to think when Rabbit got older he was going to be one hell of a partner.

<< This is so good, Chief.  Do you wanna’ feel what I’m feel’n right now? >>

<< What da’ ya’ mean, Master Waco? >>

<< I can link our minds through Ox’s.  I asked him earlier if he would, and he agreed.  He would love to share our lovemaking anyway, like my dad.  All I have to do is link with him, you link with him and you git to feel what I’m feeling with my dick inside you, and I git to feel what my dick feels like inside you.  That didn’t come out right, but you know what I mean. >>

<< Hell, yes, I do!  I git to feel what it feels like for you to be fuck’n my ass,— right? >>

<< ‘At’s right, Chief! >>

<< I gotta’ try that,— Ox, can you hear us? >>  Rabbit projected.

<< Yes, Sir, Chief.   I can hear both of you.  I can feel both of you.  You wanna’ switch for a minute. >>

<< Let’s do it, Lummy. >> Waco urged his giant lummox.

Suddenly, Rabbit could feel Waco’s dick and how it felt for his Master fuck’n his ass with long, deep powerful strokes.  Waco could feel his huge dick in Rabbit’s ass like he was getting fucked by his own dick.  It was too sensual.  He could move his dick to get the best feeling for both of them.  Waco found the exact spot that would send him around the bend every time his dick hit it.  It took an already sensual, sexual experience and multiplied it by two.  They became conjoined in the act.  There was no longer a fuckor or fuckee, their young, virile bodies were as one sharing in both aspects of the sexual act.  The young men began to hyperventilate from the sensuality of the experience.  Charlie began to be concerned.  He’d never seen two men fucking with such unbridled passion, and they were only boys,— well past puberty but not fully grown.  He was afraid Waco was getting too carried away and might hurt his smaller partner.

“What’s going on, men?  Are you two all right?”

“Better’n all right, Master Charlie.”  Rabbit replied breathlessly gasping for air, “We just done switched places with Ox’s help.  I was in Master Waco’s head fucking my ass, and he was in my mind feeling how it was to get fucked by his big cowboy dick.  It’s fuck’n unbelievable, Master Charlie.  Ain’t never felt me nothing so wonderful in my life.  Oh, God, does it feel good!”  Rabbit extolled.

Charlie chuckled to himself.  There had been few dull moments since Waco’s birthday.  Every day was bringing some new, small revelation to Charlie he was unprepared for.  He wanted to break out laughing at the boys, but they were obviously lost in their ecstasy of the moment.  They were dead serious.  Certainly as serious as he and Blake had been earlier.  Charlie could only wonder how it must feel to them.

“Oh, Lord, Dad,— h’it’s like I’m fuck’n myself.  I can fuck me just the way it feels the best for us.  Rabbit can help me and urge me to fuck him even better.  It’s fantastic and the best part is, our wonderful beast gits to feel what we’re feeling.”

“Damn, I wish I could.”  Lamented Charlie playing with himself.

“You can, Dad.  Sit back and relax.  Ox will link us with you.  He can do it.  Can’t you, Lummy?”

<< Yes, Master Waco. >>  Charlie heard in his head clear as day.

“Oh, my God, this is unbelievable.  I can feel it.  I can feel both of you.  This is too much.  Go on, Son,— go for it,— fuck the Chief!  Fuck him good.  Show your dad and your wonderful beast what the two of you can do.  Thank you, Ox,— I needed this.”

<< You’re welcome, Master Charlie,— glad to be of service. >>

Waco really got into fucking Rabbit and Rabbit was putting his all into it.  They wanted to be as good as Charlie and Blake were earlier in the evening.  Waco fucked and fucked Rabbit until he couldn’t hold back any longer.  He felt his dad and his wonderful lummox surrounding his spirit as they were surrounding Rabbit’s in their moment of triumph.  The three men and their lummox shot their loads together in one hell of a gut wrenching climax.  Charlie didn’t groan as much when he shot his load into Blake Tindell.  He  never felt anything so sensual and emotionally draining as what he just experienced with his son, his Indian Chief and their lummox.  No one would believe him if he tried to describe it to them.  No,— one person might.  Lazarus Long.  Charlie didn’t know why but just had the feeling if anyone might understand, he would.

Charlie was sprawled out like a limp dishrag over the rocking chair.  He couldn’t move he was so spent.  He didn’t know if he could clean himself, get up and make it to his room.  Waco and Rabbit was still making gentle love in the afterglow of their love making.  Rabbit looked over at his hero and saw that he was wasted.

“Master Charlie might need our attention, Master Waco.  He looks a mite tuckered.”  he chuckled.

<< Good idea, Chief.  You think’n the same thing I’m think’n? >>

<< You think it’ud be all right.  I’d love to taste him. >>

<< Yeah, me, too, pod’na.   All he can do is tell us to stop. >> shot back Waco and they were both up and away to assist Charlie.

The boys proceeded to lick and suck all his come off of him, his chaps and his boots.  Charlie didn’t try to stop them and allowed the boys to clean him up.  When they had most of him cleaned Waco dispatched Rabbit with the hand towel he gave his dad earlier to wet it with warm water and return to finish cleaning his dad.  Rabbit hurried to the bathroom to obey his master. Charlie sat there with a satisfied smile on his face as he watched his boy lick the last of his come from his chaps.  

“We came dangerously close to jumping the fence between the law and so called morals of sexual conduct in our society this evening, Son.”  he said softly to Waco.

“How’s that, Dad?  We ain’t never touched each other.  My enjoying eating yore’ come has nothing to do with the sex act.  Besides, who would believe you if’n you’s to tell ‘em yore’ boy and his slave allowed you into their minds to experience their private world of sex?  You weren’t a participant.  You were an observer who wanted to make sure your son wasn’t doing it wrong or hurting his slave.  That’s your right as a slave owner to make damn sure your livestock is being cared for properly.  How can you do that unless you observe your son and his handling abilities?”

“Have you ever given thought to becoming a lawyer, Son?”  Charlie smiled at him and laughed.

“Naw, Sir, all I wanna’ be is a fine man and a good cowboy like my dad.”  

“God, I love you, boy.  Couldn’t a had me no finer kid, Waco.”  Charlie held Waco tightly in his arms and stole a kiss from him.

Rabbit returned with the damp towel and cleaned both his Masters.  He lingered a little more than might have been socially called for with Charlie but Waco and his dad shared a good smile between them about it.  The boys helped Charlie off with his boots and chaps and hung them over the rocking chair.

“You wanna’ sleep in here with us tonight, Dad.  We could sandwich the Chief between us.”

“You two sure you don’t mind?”

“You wanna’ take that one, Chief?”  Waco asked sarcastically.  Rabbit giggled.

“After a fuck’n like my Master jes’ done gimme’ and a chance to sleep between the two men I come to love more’n anything in my life,— I don’t think I’d have me no problem with it, Master Goodnight.  I’d be downright pleased and honored to share a bed with you two gentlemen, Sir.”

“I’m gonna’ have ta’ keep you away from my big brother, Chief.  I think his bullshit is catching.”  Charlie smiled at Rabbit.

“Aww, don’t do that, Master Charlie, I’m a’ beg’n ya,’ Sir.  I love Master Angus.  I’m gonna’ hold him to his promise one a’ these days.  I heard from my slave brother Shane he’s got a big ole dick I wanna’ ride.”

Charlie laughed and hugged Rabbit.  “All right, you two, let’s go to bed.  I’m exhausted.”
The three men crawled into bed and Rabbit went to sleep with a handful of Goodnight cowboy dick in each hand.  He couldn’t have been happier.  Waco accomplished what his dad asked of him.  He made their Chief forget a about the Tennent boy.  After one full month, Tennent’s memory was ancient history.

* * * * * * *

It always seemed to Charlie, after the slave ceremony on his birthday, everything seemed to go along great for the rest of the summer.  Things always ran fairly smoothly at both Goodnight ranches, but the summers were generally hot and humid and there was a general slow down in work.  It didn’t bother Charlie or Angus because there just wasn’t that much to do during the hot weather anyway.  Their busiest times were in the fall and early spring.  By the time the hot, humid, unbearable weather of late June, July and August rolled around, things slowed down to a comfortable crawl.

Charlie and Angus worked their men on tropical hours during the dog days of West Texas summers.  The crew leaders would get the men up a couple of hours earlier in the mornings and work them until eleven, then they would knock off, have their lunch and stay out of the heat for the rest of the day.  After chores were done, they had the evening off to relax and pursue other interest.

Several started a small garden. When others agreed to help, it grew larger and more ambitious over the years and yielded considerable produce to supplement their diet and added fresh vegetables to Charlie and his family’s table.  Charlie bought seeds for them every spring and the slaves worked hard at their garden.  It seemed to give them a sense of accomplishment for their benefit as well as for their master.

The following weekend was the long weekend of the fourth of July.  The town held a two day rodeo starting Friday the third and ending on Saturday the fourth.  The afternoon of the fourth, after the rodeo, Charlie and his slaves were invited to Angus Goodnight’s ranch for afternoon festivities and more rodeoing.  Only a couple of men and one crew leader were required to stay behind to watch Charlie’s ranch.  Since Curley went the previous year, he remained at the ranch with three of his men who also attended the year before.

At the rodeo there was no discrimination between slaves and freemen when it came to participation.  Cowboys were cowboys as far as the town fathers were concerned.  They decided that a long time ago when slavery was reintroduced.  The slave cowboys made up nearly half the participants; however, they had to pay an entry fee like any other cowboy.  They could get their master to pay their entry fee, but he would get all their winnings, as slaves weren’t allowed to have money.

Some owners held accounts for indentured slaves.  If they won, their master would get his entry fee back, but the slave’s winnings would be held in trust for them until they finished their sentence.  So there would be a larger chance for the slaves to enter, the city fathers held fund raisers during the year to raise money to cover a slave’s entry fees for an event of his choice who couldn’t get his master to stake him.  Of course, if he lost it wouldn’t be held against him.    

Shane won the bull riding competition both days and he and his master placed third overall in the team roping competition.  Hank Morgan felt brave and placed third in the bull riding event.  Ida Wallace and JR were yelling for him to win.  Angus was good to his word and staked Lazarus in three events; saddle bronc riding, calf roping and the team roping event.

Lazarus easily won the calf roping competition and had no problems with either bronc he drew to ride.  He won both events.  Angus gave Lazarus the money for both him and his little brother’s entry fees in the team roping event.  Charlie and Lazarus had little trouble winning both days.  Cotton Daniels and Hoot Austin placed second, but they decided since their hot shot roper slave was still in training they wouldn’t let him ride in this rodeo.  They didn’t even allow him to come to the rodeo.

Lazarus and Charlie gladly paid Angus his money back for their entry fees.  Lazarus was happy because now he had some money in his pocket.  He was worried he might have to dip into either his treasure trove of precious stones or his several hundred thousand pounds of pure gold bullion.  He figured he might have a hard time explaining how or were he came by such wealth.  How would a cowboy explain owing a perfect red diamond the size of a baseball?  Few worlds put much stock in rare metals or stones.  Most looked upon them as little more than attractive bits of nature.  Lazarus had enough forethought to stop by his favorite junk dealer on Praddigan Prime where he loaded one complete bay of the ‘Bandersnatch’ with treasures by Earth standards that would surpass the combined treasures of King Solomon and the all the crown heads of Europe.  All of it bought for a good meal and a bottle of eight hundred year old Tranya. (Tranya only begins to develop it’s distinctive flavor after five hundred years.  Galactic wars have been fought over a single bottle.)

It was Ox’s first rodeo.  The boys decked him out in his new outfit and Waco even had a Western hat company make him a special cowboy hat to fit his huge head.  He looked fine; although some rude wag describe him as looking like a hairy version of the flying nun.  The sheriff wouldn’t hear of  Waco and his slaves sitting anywhere else but his private box.  It was a wonderful, fun filled couple of days for everyone.

At the picnic that afternoon, Lazarus was the hero of the day.  He won more events than any other cowboy, and he had an adoring crowd of young cowboys who wanted to be around him and Charlie.  They wanted him and Charlie to give them tips to improve their rodeo skills.  Angus was talking with Charlie and Bill Birdsall at the party.

“I don’t mean to tell you yore’ business, little brother, but if’n I was a man of strong language, I’d say you was a fool if’n you ain’t already considered making that man the foreman of your ranch.”  Angus dropped his huge arm around Charlie.

“I agree, Mr. Goodnight.”  Bill Birdsall confirmed Angus’ comment, “I had my doubts about him until I watched him at the slave ceremony last week and saw him win three events at the rodeo today.  No one can say he ain’t no cowboy.  He certainly can do anything any of your hands can do.  I think he’s proven himself to everyone in this community.  I’ve hear’d talk among several of the other ranchers they’s think’n on offer’n him a job as their foreman.”

“Really?  Well,  I guess I’m jes’ gonna’ have to do that.  My crew leaders come to me after the slave ceremony and told me the same thing.  They thought I needed help, and they couldn’t think of a better man for the job than Lazarus Long.  He’s worked right along side of my slaves for over a month and never once complained.  He’s never taken a noon meal in the ranch house.  He eats slave chow and biscuits with the rest of the hands.  Curley and Hank tell me he does anything they ask him to do without complaint and he does it right the first time.  They don’t never have to worry when they give him and the men he works with a job to do.  I was gonna’ sit down with him when we eat and ask him if he wants the job.”

“Good for you, little brother!  I have a good feel’n about him.  I wish’t he’d a’ brought his companions along today, but he told me they wasn’t much on parties.”

“He’s probably right.  They do a considerable amount around the ranch without being asked.  He told me they’d earn their keep and they have.  Ping is forever helping the boys with something and Pong is good to help out the slaves when they need something heavy lifted.  He’s great at lifting a steer in the air so’s it can’t go nowhere while the cowboys inspect it or give it medication.  He beats a cut’n horse all to hell.”  Charlie and the men shared a laugh.

After Angus stood and gave a blessing of thanks, everyone lined up for food.  Charlie purposely got in line behind Shane, Bill Birdsall and Lazarus.  When they got their food Charlie followed them to a picnic table and sat with them to eat.  Conversation was light until Master Bill asked Lazarus if he’d be interested in seeing the book and old documents they had.  Charlie hadn’t heard anything about any documents, but he didn’t ask any question.  He just listened.

“I would, indeed, like to see them if you care to show them to me.  Would you mind if our young Master Waco looked at them with me?”

Charlie’s ears picked up.

“Not at all, Sir.”  smiled Master Bill, we sort of expected you’d like him to take a look at them with you.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, but why would you want my son to look at them?” Charlie asked Lazarus.

“He knew what the tattoos on my arm and his lummox’s arm meant without being told.  I think he may have some greater communication with the ancient voices of the winds of consciousness.  I think they tell him things,— things he doesn’t even understand yet.”

“To be honest with you, I’ve been worried about something like that.  Even when he was younger he would tell me something was going to happen, and it always would.  He couldn’t tell me how he knew other than he sometimes heard voices at night.  Sometimes they come to him in his sleep.  I never thought much about it.  Thought it was probably the overworked imagination of a child, until,— he started talk’n with his pony.  I’m still git’n used to that.”  Charlie smiled.

“How have you felt since my boy’s been here, Mr. Goodnight?”  Lazarus asked taking a bite of his barbecue.

“Like I have absolutely nothing to worry about.  Like everyone in our household is being looked after and protected.  At the rodeo today, I never had to worry about the boys.  All I had to do was look for the tallest, biggest hombre in the crowd and there they were.  He’s like a mother hen with them boys.”

“The same voices he’s hearing sent Ox to him and you.  I think they might be able to tell him the meaning of the documents Shane found.  It wasn’t totally by accident your little brother found the book and those papers.  He’s being directed as well as yore’ boy, Mr. Goodnight.”

“From our conversations I git the idea you plan on being around for a while, Lazarus,— is that right?”

“Yes, Sir, Mr. Goodnight,— I plan on being here for a decade or more.”

“I’d like to offer you the job as my ranch foreman if’n you think you and yore’ companions would like to stay on at the ranch.”  Charlie looked at Lazarus.  He smiled.

“I’d be proud and honored to work for you, Mr. Goodnight.”  Lazarus stuck out his hand and the two men shook on it.  Bill and Shane were all smiles.

“Ain’cha’ gonna’ ask what it pays?”

“Naw, Sir,— after work’n for you for a month, I know you well enough to know you’ll pay me a fair wage for a good days work.  I ain’t worried none about it.”

“Spoken like a true cowboy, Mr. Long.  Don’t you think it’s time you dropped the ‘Mr. Goodnight’ and call me ‘Charlie.’”  

“When we’re in private, I’d be downright honored to call you Charlie, Sir, but as your employee, when we’re in public, like today, and in front of your slaves, I’d prefer to call you ‘Mr. Goodnight.’”

“You’re an old school cowboy, Lazarus.  I have to admire that in a man.  So be it.  I want you to be comfortable.  Will it embarrass you if I make an announcement about our agreement.”

“Naw, Sir, not at all.”

Charlie stood and asked for everyone’s attention.

“I’d like to make an announcement.  As most of you know, Mr. Lazarus Long has been working for me on my ranch for a little over a month.  When he came to us he’d lost his pony and asked for a place to stay for him and his companions.  He said they were willing to work for their keep.  They have been good to their word and kept their part of the bargain.  I’ve been pleased with their work and attitudes.  Therefore, with several folks recommendations, including my slave crew leaders, I jes’ offer him the job as foreman for my ranch, and I’m happy to say, he accepted.  I’m pleased and proud to have him work for me.”

There was a cheer went up from everyone and much applause.  Many came over to shake both men’s hand and congratulate Lazarus.  Angus wouldn’t settle for a handshake and had to hug and kiss each one.  He was happy for his brother and a man he had quickly come to admire.  Waco and his posse were thrilled.  They all liked Lazarus.  After things settled down and the men were sitting around the table eating ice cold watermelon for desert, Lazarus turned to Charlie and spoke.

“Team roping sort of bonds two cowboys together,— don’t it, Mr. Goodnight?”

“I’ve noticed that.  To win you have to almost have an unspoken communication with yore’ partner and that’s usually only achieved after years of roping together; however, I notice the first time we tossed a rope together there was something more there than jes’ rope’n a steer.”

“Can’t gainsay that, Sir.  Few men I’ve roped with I felt that bond with.  You and that new slave of Mr. Austin and Daniels, he was a natural when it comes to toss’n a rope.  Good thing Mr. Austin didn’t bring him to the rodeo to rope with him, we might not a’ won.”  Lazarus chuckled.

“I have a feel’n we would a’ won anyway, Mr. Long.”  Charlie smiled at him.

“Since I’m gonna’ be working for you on a full-time basis and you’re now my employer,— I think it’s time you know all about me, Mr. Goodnight.”

Shane and Master Bill’s ears perked up.

“I told you on the way back from go’n to git your things, I wouldn’t ask you no more questions.”  Charlie told him.

“I know, and I’m grateful for it.  You gimme’ the time I needed, but I think it’s time you and me took another trip out there to the blue mountains and stayed the night.”

“I’d give my left nut to tag along, Mr. Long.”  allowed Master Bill laughing, “I’d have my slave snip it off and bring it along in a small brown paper bag if’n you like, Sir.”

Lazarus laughed and Charlie looked at Bill like he was a looney.

‘At won’t be necessary, Son.  You kin keep your testicle; however, I ain’t say’n the gesture ain’t appreciated.”  Lazarus grinned at him.  “If’n you and yore’ slave can git your employer’s permission to travel back over with us and stay through Sunday evening, I’d be right proud to have you join us.  Is that all right with you, Mr. Goodnight?”

“Of course it is.  Is it necessary we camp out for you to tell me about yourself.”

“Yes, Sir,— it is.  Remember the tractor in the granite rock the boys heard?”

“Yeah, but I didn’t hear nothing.”

“Them boys did.  ‘At’s what I need to show you, Sir,— the tractor in the rock, and you wouldn’t understand less’n I’s to show you.”

“Humm,— sound mysterious.  Do you men know what he’s talk’n about?”  Charlie asked Shane and Bill.

“Somewhat, Mr. Goodnight, and he’s right.  It probably would be best if’n he’s to show you.”  Master Bill insisted.

“Would you like to look at the papers my Master has, Master Long?”  Shane asked Lazarus.

“Yes, I would, Son.  Lemme’ holler at Waco.”   Lazarus stood and hollered to Waco to join them.  Waco came over followed by his lummox and two slaves.  Where one went, they all went.  “I want you and Ox to take a look at something with me if you will, young master.  Remember how you knew about me and Ox’s tattoos?”

“Yes, Sir, but I don’t know how I know.”

“Don’t matter none.  All I want you to do it take a look at some papers with me.”

Bill led the men to his bunkhouse which was apart from the slave quarters.  It was neat and clean with everything in its place.  All tack was cleaned, oiled and hanging on in its proper place.  There was no doubt in Lazarus’ mind Shane took good care of his master.  All Bill’s boots were cleaned and polished to a high sheen and lined up against a far wall with several pair of chaps and spurs hanging on nails for accent.  It was a cowboy’s room and reeked of male masculinity and sexual pheromones.  

Bill showed him the book and Lazarus thumbed through it quickly.

“I’m surprised it survived.  There was such a backlash to my family, all information and books were confiscated and destroyed.  Someone had enough forethought to hide this copy.”

“Your family, Lazarus?”  asked Charlie.

“Yes, Sir, Mr. Goodnight,— this book is about me and my family, but for the sake of time, let me explain all that to you this evening.  Since Master Bill and his slave have already read it, they already know the particulars.  They would probably agree it would be best to hear it all at once.”

“I agree,— you slave?”  Master Bill asked Shane.

“I agree, Master Charlie.”  Shane replied.

“Okay,— this is getting more mysterious as it goes along.”

“I have a feeling I know what it’s all about.”  Waco volunteered.

“You probably do, young man; however, let’s don’t spoil it for your dad.”

“Here’s the two large parchments my slave found rolled up in the metal box along with the book.”  Bill said as he handed Lazarus the two scrolls.  

Lazarus carefully unrolled them and tried to flatten them enough they wouldn’t return to their rolled position.  They looked like they were handmade and embossed with gold-leaf symbols of some kind.  Lazarus shook his head.

“I have no idea what these are or what they’re about.  They’re as much a mystery to me as you men.”  Waco was looking over Lazarus’ shoulder.  “Can you tell anything about them, Son?”  Lazarus deferred to Waco.

“Only one line not in gold at the bottom of the second page.  I know what it says, but it’s probably not important.”

“What does it say, Son?”  Lazarus asked him.

“It says, ‘The reader must hold me.’”

“Then it must not be intended for me or these men.  It’s intended for one or a select few.   Here,— you hold them and see what happens.” Lazarus moved aside and let Waco have the papers.

Waco took the scrolls from Lazarus and suddenly a light appeared above the first page.  The gold figures or hieroglyphics began to slowly lift from the first page and float above the parchment.  Waco moved the first page aside and the men watched as the gold print on the second page rose from its page.  The symbols were all hanging in midair.

“Cool!”  whispered Rabbit.

“Awesome!”  responded Travis.

“Unbelievable!”  added Charlie.

The symbols slowly began to move, rearrange themselves and hung in the air like a new scroll without parchment.  It was obvious to all who observed, the symbols were now in the proper order to make sense.  Each letter or figure took on a luminescence of his own like the gold was burning from within with a cold fire.  It was a flame that gave off no heat; however, there was no doubting it was of an important and passionate nature.

“Hoe-lee shit!”  Breathed Waco to himself.  Lazarus barely heard the boy.

“You know what it says, Son?”  Lazarus asked quietly, not wanting to spook him.

“Yes, Sir,— h’it’s in four parts,— but I’m suppose to keep most of it to myself until my eighteenth birthday.  I don’t understand the last part.”

“Can you tell us about it?”  Lazarus questioned Waco.

“Yes, Sir, it says for you to show us the tractor in the rock, and what you show one brother, you must show three.”

The men laughed.

“Not to worry, Son,— we know what it means.  Looks like we’ll have four more, maybe five, to spend the night with us in the desert, gentlemen.”  Lazarus laughed.  With that the gold letters were gone and reappeared on the parchment in their original position.

“Wow!”  said the boys in unison.

“Are you all right, Son?”  Charlie asked with some concern for his boy.

“I’m fine, Dad.  I don’t know any more than you do right now about what’s going on, but I know some pretty miraculous things are gonna’ happen in the next several years.  At least we’ll know about them beforehand.  In the meantime, I think Mr. Long has some important things to tell us.”

“I do, but they’ll have to wait ‘til this evening.  Since your younger brother and his Master will be going camping with us, Mr. Goodnight, would you like to invite your older brother to come along?  Since we have this many already,— one more ain’t gonna’ be no problem.  I believe he is the third brother.”

“What do you think, Son?”  Charlie asked Waco.

“I agree with Mr. Long.  Uncle Angus is the third brother.  Can I invite him, Dad?  I’ll tell him I’d like for him to come along, but I’d appreciate him bringing my uncle and his master if’n he sees fit.”

“That would be the appropriate way to handle it.  While he probably wouldn’t have any problem with Master Bill and Shane coming, it’s best to allow him to be magnanimous.  My brother’s good at that.”  Charlie smiled and winked at Shane.  Shane hung his head and blushed.     

“I agree with Mr. Goodnight, Waco, it would be the best way to handle it.  Besides, between you and your men, you can get that old man to do anything you want. ” said Bill, laughing and everyone agreed with him.

The men left Master Bill’s quarters.   Shane asked him to give the book to his brother Charlie so he might read it if he was interested.  Charlie assured him he was and would return it.

“We’ve already talked about and decided to give it and the papers to Mr. Long.”  said Master Bill.

“Thanks, men,— I appreciate that.  I have a feeling those documents have more to tell us.  They might have the capability of revealing more than what Waco understood on first reading.  We’ll see.  You may keep the book, if you like.  I doubt anyone would understand what or who it was about.  Maybe Master Angus might like to read it after Master Charlie gits through with it.”

Angus saw the men leaving Bill’s small bunkhouse and couldn’t help be curious.  Waco and his posse ran to him, intercepted him and led him to one of he picnic tables.  The other men joined him.

“Uncle Angus, me and my men and ma’dad wanna’ invite you to come over to our place after yore’ party is over.   We’re gonna’ ride out into the desert to the base of the blue mountains with Mr. Long and camp out overnight to celebrate him becoming our ranch foreman.  We’d like you to bring along yore’ ranch foreman and his slave, if’n you’s a mind to.  I know I’d personally appreciate it.  Tomorrow’s Sunday and ya’ll could be back here by Sunday afternoon, easy.  We’re gonna’ stick around to help you and my cousins clean up the place.”  

Angus mused like he was mulling it over in his mind.

“Do I git to share my bedroll with the Chief?”  Angus grinned and winked at Rabbit.

“I think I could talk him into it, Sir.  What da’ ya’ think, Chief?”  Waco laughed as he asked Rabbit.

“Hot dog!  It would be an honor, Master Angus.”  he said a little too enthusiastically.  All the men laughed.

“Ya’ll don’t have to hang around after the party.  My slaves can take care of clean up.  My boys can see to that.  Sure, we’d be happy to join you.  Sounds like fun.  Should we bring anything?”

“Naw, Sir, Mr. Angus, we got ever’ thing covered.”

“Fine,— me, Master Bill and his slave will follow you over.”

“Great, Uncle Angus,— It wouldn’t be the same without you there.”

“You shore’ know the right words to say, young’un.”  Angus told Waco.

“H’it’s easy when they come from the heart, Sir.”  Waco smiled at him.  Bill was right, he could get Angus to do anything he wanted, but Waco would never think about taking advantage of his bond with his uncle.  He loved him too much for that.

* * * * * * *

After the fireworks, people started leaving the party.  Angus was there with Charlie bidding goodbye to all the folks.  They said their goodbyes to their younger brothers and their families.  Angus looked at Charlie and they grinned after they left.  Not a word was spoken, but they knew what was in each others’ hearts.  Their younger brothers were in another world apart from them.  It was as if it were only the three of them, Angus, Charlie and Shane.  While Charlie knew Angus had to put on a hard front for their little brother, he knew what was in the big man’s heart.  He knew how much Angus loved and cherished their baby brother.

The men got their horses saddled up.  Charlie gave last minute instructions to his crew leaders for the next day.  It was to be a day of rest and relaxation for the slaves and beyond cooking for herself and Hank, Ida had the day off.  Of course when JR got wind of the trip into the desert he begged Charlie to let him go along.  Charlie looked at Waco who smiled and nodded his head.

“Okay, young man, but I’m putting yore’ big brother in charge of you.  You promise to do as he says?”

“You know I will, Sir.  I promise.”  Charlie smiled and told him to run grab his bedroll.  JR was so excited.  He rarely got to do anything like this because of his migraines; however, Hank and Ida weren’t worried.  He hadn’t had one in weeks and as long as Ox was there to provide him with his magic elixir (Ida’s term for his milk) they weren’t too concerned.

The men set out into the desert just as the sun was setting in the West.  It was a beautiful sunset and a leisurely ride.  Angus seemed to be enjoying himself as much as the kids.  He seemed to come alive around Waco and his posse.  He was even becoming quite fond of the lummox.  Waco felt better about Ox running along side the horses in his big boots.  He knew Ox was surefooted; however, the heavy leather of his new boots protected him and eased Waco’s mind.

It was dark by the time they arrived at the base of the blue granite mountains; however, it wasn’t pitch-black.  There were myriad stars and it just happened to be almost a full moon.   You could see easily and there was no need for lanterns.  They didn’t bring any anyway.  Everyone dismounted and Lazarus asked them to gather around him.   

“There won’t be any need for a fire or yore’ bedrolls tonight.  I’d like to invite you all to stay with me and my crew on board my ship, ‘The Bandersnatch.’  Remember the huge UFO you saw the afternoon of Master Waco’s birthday party.  That’s where I came from, and it’s time I showed you everything and explain as much as I can.  I’m telling you this ‘cause I don’t want you git’n all freaked out or nothing.  You can’t see my ship because it’s resting inside the mountain.”  Lazarus turned and spoke to someone the men couldn’t see.

“Cable, would you come out and greet our guest, please?”

All of a sudden a shimmering door appeared and through it stepped one the best looking cowboys the men ever saw. He not only had a drop-dead handsome face, he was big and built like a Sherman tank.  He seemed to know all the men.

“Allow me to introduce you to Cable my lead android, the foreman of the bio-mechanoids on board my ship.  I had Cable created many years ago to my specifications, and I think he turned out to be a pert-damn good looking cowboy; and, before you ask, ‘yes’ he’s fully anatomically perfect in every detail and can scratch the deepest itch anyone might have.  He’s a machine, gentlemen; however, he is much, much more than a mere machine like your computers.  He’s a sentient creature,— meaning he lives and breaths just like you and I do.  He also has feelings and is capable of all human emotions.  There are several on board, male and female you will meet.  Cable,— .”

Lazarus turned over the greetings to his android first mate.  

“Welcome to the ‘Bandersnatch,’ Mr. Goodnights, and to you Mr. Birdsall.  Welcome to your fine looking slave, Shane.  Howdy, Mr. Waco, your little brother JR, and your fine slaves Travis, and Rabbit.  It’s good to see you again, Ox.  You certainly have grown and you look really great in your outfit the boys got for you.  That’s outstanding.  We’re very happy to have you visit.  Captain Long sent us a message to expect you, and we’re prepared for your visit.  If you’ll let go of the reins of your horses, they will enter the porthole, and we can feed and stable them for the evening.”

The men responded like they were in a daze.  They dropped the reins of the horses, and walked through the shimmering porthole with no fear.  Cable made a motion with his hand for them to follow.  Bill Birdsall and Shane were the first to step forward followed quickly by Waco and his posse.  Charlie was next but Angus lingered behind.

“C’mon, brother,— if’n I can do this, so can you.  I want to know,— don’t you?”  Charlie reached out his hand to Angus.  He took it like a small boy, smiled faintly, and followed his brother through the porthole.  Lazarus and Cable brought up the rear.

“Just follow the horses, gentlemen.”  Cable instructed.

They went through another porthole and into a huge area that looked like any country scene anywhere in the world.  They were on a county road and walking down it.  In the distance there was a ranch house, huge barn and various out buildings.  It looked to be about forty acres.  They soon came upon the barn and were met by a crew of android cowboys who unsaddled their horses, fed and watered them, and released them into the big pasture that had real trees and good, sweet grasses growing.  In the distance they could see dust arising from an android sitting on a huge John Deere tractor plowing up the adjacent field.  Waco laughed and pointed out the Tractor in the rock.

“Now we’ve seen to your horses, won’t you gentlemen follow me.  Captain Long is waiting for us on the bridge.”

Cable waved his hand and another porthole like the first sprang up and he motioned for them to pass through.  They walked through and found themself in an enormous control room of the huge ship.  Sitting there along with Captain Long was his navigator and his chief engineer, Ping and Pong.  They bowed deeply to the men and grinned.  They all returned their bow.

“This is it, gentlemen.  This is my horse I had to put down.  I didn’t mean to deceive you, but I actually did set my horse down within these mountains.”

“Can we go for short trip, Captain Long?”  Bill Birdsall blurted out.

“We can if you like, but let’s be democratic.  How many would like to take a short trip, and where would you like to go.  You have your choice of anywhere in your solar system.  Your moon, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto; I wouldn’t recommend Mercury this time of year.  It’s rather warm and not much too see in the off-season.  Uranus is disappointing.  Venus is quite pretty and has some interesting features.  Neptune is beautiful and mysterious.”

“How long will a trip like that take, Captain Long.”  Charlie asked.  Lazarus didn’t miss Charlie used the honorific of ‘Captain.’

“Jupiter is about thirty minutes each way, Sir, give or take.  Mars and Venus are the closest this time of year.   We’re looking at a round trip to both in under an hour.”

“I vote for Venus and Mars.”  said Waco and agreed to by his men.  Ox didn’t vote.  He’d been there and done that so many times, he had his own berth on the ship that would easily accommodate his young master and his slaves.  The rest of the men agreed with Waco.

“Come, gentlemen.  I’ll let my staff get us underway.  If you’ll step through this porthole, Cable and his staff have prepared some refreshments.”  Lazarus led the way and the men moved into a wonderful viewing area.  Along one wall, the wall opened about waist high and was a buffet of all sorts of goodies.  Cable took his place at the liquid refreshment bar.  

“You know me, Charlie, I don’t usually drink, but I need something to calm my nerves.  This is all a bit too much for me.”  said Angus and he ordered a bourbon on the rocks from Cable.

“I agree, brother.  I’ll have the same, Cable.”  Charlie requested of the android. “Did you have a childhood, Cable?”  Charlie asked the android.

“Well, sort of, Mr. Goodnight.  I was created as a young man of about sixteen and grew into what I am today.  I have all sorts of wonderful memories with Father Long.  All the sentient androids refer to him as ‘Captain’ or ‘Father.’  We can’t call him or his partner ‘dad.’  That’s reserved for Ox and a few other organics they’ve raised as their own.  I have almost four hundred of your years of memories, so I guess you might allow a portion of that to be considered a childhood.  Like any sentient life form, I’ve made  mistakes and those are the things one judges growth by.”

“Indeed!  Well put, Cable.” said Angus looking at Shane and taking a sip of his bourbon.

“If you’re four hundred of our years and Captain Lazarus had you created, how old is he?”

“We know the answer to that, Master Charlie.”  Master Bill spoke up. “The Captain is two thousand, two-hundred and nineteen years old.”

There was a silence you could’ve heard a pin drop.

“That’s impossible.” said Charlie.

“Not at all.”  said Lazarus.  You need to read the book Shane found.  My family was a product of selective breeding looking for a longevity gene.  They never located the actual gene until much later; however, they were successful in their breeding program, and I was the results.  Until recently, I’ve been the oldest member of the human race.  Now, we have the longevity gene and are capable of implanting it in others to make their life span as long or longer than mine.”

“You mean you could make us live for thousands of years?”

“Exactly, and you will have to.  It won’t be a matter of choice for you and your families, Mr. Goodnight.  Your planet is coming to a crossroads in which it can no longer sustain the amount of people, the pollution or destruction of natural resources.  Within a little more than ten years, all life will be wiped out on your planet because of backward belief systems and the stranglehold of a fascist, money-grubbing, corrupt corporate political structure.  It’s fast going the way of the dinosaurs.  The Earth can no longer sustain them.  It’s collapsing under the stress.

What irony,— the men who have the most to lose, who have amassed such wealth the world has never seen before, who have had the resources, but never spent a nickle to alleviate the problems of their planet will all perish because of their greed.  They have no plans for survival other than underground bunkers which will fail within a generation and all their money and power won’t buy them a minute more.  Even if they try to use captured alien technology to leave the Earth, they will be stopped and destroyed by our ships.  

I’ve come back to Earth with thousands of other ships like mine to rescue and relocate many people and animals to keep them from harms way while the Earth recovers after the great wars.  My ship is like an ark that will take many families like yours and escape before the very end comes.  It will be necessary for you, your sons and daughters to be given the longevity gene because you will be responsible for repopulating another world and the new Earth.  To do that, you will have to have longer life spans.”

“You mean you have a drug you can inject which will alter our DNA to make us live for thousands of years?”

“Yes, Sir, I do, and the sooner you older gentlemen take it, the sooner you stop your aging process.  You will remain your current age for centuries or until you have to be rejuvenated.  That has to be done once every thousand years or so.  Young men and women like Waco and his slaves will continue to mature until their full growth is reached and then they’ll never get older than their mid-twenties.”

“Cool.” said Waco.

“Way cool.”  agreed JR, Rabbit and Travis.     

“Gentlemen, if you’ll take a seat with your refreshments, my crew informs me we’re about to get underway.”

The men sat in the comfortable leather chairs and placed their snacks and drinks on small tables next to them.  Before them was a blank wall that suddenly a huge square section simply vanished.  You could see directly through to what looked like solid granite.

“You’re looking at the rock the ship is encased in, gentlemen.  When we take off, the rock will resume its natural position and the hole we displaced will return to solid granite.  When we return, the ship will once again displace the rock.  How does it do it?  Quantum mechanics, gentlemen.  The rock is simply relocated to a nearby dimension.  It doesn’t cease to exist, it’s just harmonically separated in time from our dimension, but it can quickly be reclaimed.  Your scientist are experimenting with ‘quantum dots’ now to make weapons delivery systems invisible to an enemy.  It’s like newspaper print.  All matter is composed of small dots.  Even humans and all living creatures.  It’s all held together, not by gravity, or strings, nor sub-atomic particle interaction, but by harmonics.  Harmonics is the binding glue of the universe.  It is the very essence of music.  The music of the spheres, gentlemen.

Ox’s people learned how to rearrange the dots, so to speak, by interrupting the harmonics of their bodies, and can disappear before your eyes.  When Ox disappears, he isn’t gone, he’s just shifted his dots so he can’t be seen.  To explain how naturally gifted his species is, they have been doing it naturally for centuries before we ever considered the idea.  They taught many of the native Americans how to walk unseen.

“My granddad told me stories of Indian braves who could walk naked among their enemies unseen.”  Spoke up Rabbit.

“All legends are based upon some truth, Chief.  Some more than others.  That legend is based on a great deal of truth.”

There was only the slightest sense of movement.  It wasn’t enough to make the ice clink in their drinks, and the men watched as the wall began to move through the granite and exit above the mountain.  They could see everything now.  The desert and the land beyond.  They flew over Charlie’s ranch and then over Angus,’ then, took off straight up.  They couldn’t feel any movement.  It was like watching a video of leaving a small point on the Earth and moving at great speed out and out, up and up into the void of space.  The ship turned a hundred-eighty degrees and the moon filled the wall.

“Is this a video image we’re looking at, Captain Long?”  Angus asked.

“Naw, Sir, Mr. Goodnight.  It is the actual wall of the ship.  It’s just been shifted so you can to see through it.  The wall and all its protection is still there.”

“Amazing.”  said Charlie.

“Cool.”  added Rabbit.

As they passed the moon the view of the Earth was as a giant blue marble.   JR came to Charlie and climbed up into his lap.  Waco moved to the feet of his Uncle Angus and was joined by Travis and Rabbit.  Shane took his master’s hand.  Ox gently put his hand on Lazarus’ shoulder.

“It’s hard to believe, Captain Long, something as beautiful as our planet might come to an end soon.”

“I understand, Master Charlie,— it is, after all, the planet of my birth.  I don’t expect you to grasp it all at once.  You will know the signs as we live and work together.  When the time comes, there will be no doubt in your minds what must be done.”  Lazarus said quietly.  

The men sat in silence watching as the Earth and moon receded from the ship ever faster and got smaller and smaller.  In fifteen minutes they reached the orbit of Mars.

End of Chapter 9 ~ Waco’s Lummox
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