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Jay? Do you understand the pricing scheme? Are you listening?

Huh, oh yeah. $300 deposit now and I get it back in the form of a free six months once I am a member for three years. I go back to watching the guy on the other side of the club.

Oh, yeah that's about it. Do you want to set up using ACH or via a credit card?

I fish out my wallet and flip my company AMEX on the desk for her to use. I knew the moment I saw him over there that this was going to cost me the whole contract.

That's odd, it's asking for a pass code when I key in your card. I've never seen that before.

Oh sorry, I turn towards her and whisper the code on her ear. Emmett.

I take my welcome packet and head toward the locker room to change. I go down the second to last row and take the locker right next to the only one with a lock on it. I put on my shorts and shirt and head back on to the club floor. I know he is working his chest so I know it is safe to head to the rowing machines for now. He may not know it but I will be saving his life within the hour.

Thirty minutes in to my rowing, I hear him heading to the locker room. I get up and watch to make sure no is following him. Safe so far. I go in and head to where our lockers are at. I see his stuff is out and he has headed to the showers already. I quickly grab a towel and almost run to keep an eye on him. I stand a couple pillars away as I shower but get caught when my pendants clink together. He looks up and I turn my back toward him, but it is too late. He has seen the tattoo on the front of my left shoulder already. I curse under my breath hoping he will ignore me.

You new here? Shit, now he wants to talk.

I just joined today. Three year membership.

They saw you coming!

It's all good I needed the financial reason to get in shape.

Liar. You are in just as good of shape as I am. You just need some bulk.

Fine, I came in here to join because you were here. Cold ones are so dense sometimes.

Funny, I hated playing supporting actor.

There were other people in those movies?

Huh? Wait a minute, are you saying you watched me come in the back door and decided to join because...

Stop, don't say another word. Get dressed, NOW! I run after a guy I see turning to leave. I grab the needle out of his hand and throw it in the sharps box by the training room door as I continue to chase him. I catch him before he gets out on to the floor. I grab the pendant out from beneath his shirt. Tell Jake to go back home. He thinks for a second before running for the front door.

I get back to the lockers and he is sitting there frozen. I take a second to look him over for personal reasons later. You are going to be fine. Sorry I yelled but you need to get dressed. It's not wise to stay right now.

Who was that? Why did you chase him?

Not now, put on your pants and we'll go out to my truck. I think you need my services more then you know.

Who are you?

I'm the guy that is going to either keep you safe and alive or the guy that you will hate until the end of time because I kept you alive. I get dressed and make sure we have all of our stuff before we head to the back door. I push the door open and look around before we cross the small employee lot to my truck. On the drive over to my office, I cannot help but wonder if I will be able to keep my word to Toby.

As we get to my office, he starts to ask questions finally. Your office is in an apartment complex?

Yes, I rent two units next to each other so I don't have a long commute.

No wonder you wanted a gym membership.

I deserve that one. So tell me, how do you know Jake?

Jake? Jake who?

Oh crap, where do I start then?

How much of that movie series do you believe in?

I'm guessing not enough in your mind.

Well let's just say the lycanthropy era never came to a close.

Werewolves? You think I would believe in werewolves? You think vampires are real too?

Well not vampires. Lycans do exist; I exist.

Needless to say, the cold one was not too impressed. He gave me a strange look and then laughed. I shook my head and pointed to the couch on the wall of the conference room.

I know you don't believe me but it's true. Before you say anything though, I know you saw the tattoo. You recognized it. That's why I thought you knew who Jake was.

Yeah, I've seen that tattoo before but it was on one of the lighting guys from the third movie. He was the only one that was willing to do the setup for the snow scenes. He said that the cold did not affect him that much. He took his shirt off anytime he was warming up between scene changes. I always meant to ask him what it means.

It is a mark of ownership passed down by the alpha of a pack to the other members. It is a visual reminder when there are many packs in one place that he or she is with what pack. Did his match mine or just look like mine? I take off my shirt to make sure he remembers what mine looks like. It is very important in my charge to protect you.

His was smaller and closer to his hip. It was more harsh lines and less picture then marking.

That means he was one of Jake's watchers. The higher up the body the mark is, the more powerful the change. Watchers can just transform but are not very strong. Mine is from a different pack. We like to blend a bit more in to the mainstream so we do not use harsh lines. We want the mark to look more like a fine art tattoo. Mine being on the shoulder means I am a much stronger transformer. I was changed by the alpha himself and then given a much more important role then watcher. I have since taken that role and made a business out of it.

Say I believe you, how does this have anything to do with me?

Jake wants you for his pack.

Why me? Does he think I'll give him money or something?

No, he wants you because you are an outstanding specimen of a male. You would be his personal omega and poster child for getting others to join his pack.

Omega? Like a god or something?

I laugh a little bit. No, the omega is the lowest position in a pack and the one that the alpha beats up on and in his case fuck whenever the ladies are not available. I wait for the look of shock to leave his face before I continue. There is another reason he wants you to join him.

I don't care what that freak wants. He is not going to rape me!

You should care because the other reason is the one I want you in my pack. I am supposed to protect you so my alpha can ask you to join us.

What? I am not a werewolf! I will never be a werewolf!

Your family was! Five generations ago, your ancestors went in to hiding just after the civil war broke out. They stopped changing for fear of being discovered and had to rely on the tiny amounts of regular food available to a displaced family of twenty. They hit hard times and the family nearly starved. It is custom at age 20 for boys and 25 for girls to be changed on the vernal equinox. Most of the elders did not make it through the winter so no one was changed that year. They were still genetically lycans but never received the gift to change.

So you are saying that I am a werewolf that doesn't change?

Basically, yes that is what I am saying.

Prove it!

Okay, I will. I get up from my chair and turn my back to him. I take off my shirt and pants before I get on my hands and knees. I hear him say something about the pendants around my neck looking like a collar. Just then, he screams as he watches fur start to grow down my back. I keep the change from totally completing so I can still talk to him. I turn around and ask if that is enough proof for him.

What the fuck are you?

I finish the change to wolf form. His jaw hits the floor as the most beautiful red wolf stand just five feet from him. I chuckle a bit inside since he is right that the pendants I wear are kind of like a collar when I change. I slowly walk toward him while watching to see if he going to freak. As I get next to him, he puts his shaking hand on my head. I politely sit and let him look me over. I can literally hear his inner wolf screaming out to me. Toby was right that he is missing descendant of the lost Red Pack of the Dakotas.

After a few minutes, I walk back over to my clothes and let my wolf form go. The fur recedes back down and I stand up with my back to him. I put my clothes back on and return to my favorite leather chair. His mouth still has not closed since I fully changed to my wolf form.

That enough proof? We both know that your inner wolf called out to you.

I felt that before but never really knew what I was feeling. You were so beautiful. He blushes very deeply at his own last comment. I still am feeling a little overwhelmed. I felt the wolf pulling me toward you, but I was so scared I couldn't move.

That is natural in this situation. Not everyone reacts so well when they see me change. I did slow it down a lot. Normally I can change in about 2 seconds.

Next to my chair is a crystal dish of candies. I offer him one but he declines. I take a breath and ask again. Take the candy. He starts to shake his head but suddenly takes the candy from my hand. Good boy. Now eat it. It will mask your wolf senses for a while.

Whoa, I hate candy but you just made me eat it. What did you do?

I used a very ancient pack trick. You wolf calling out means he is seeing me as superior to him. All pups obey those above them in the hierarchy automatically and I used that against you. The candy will do what I said it would. Your wolf needs to be masked for a while longer.

He thinks for a minute before just saying Oh. He lies down on the couch and I can tell he is very much on overload. The moment his head hit the arm of the couch he falls asleep. The candy also had a bit of a sleeping drought in the center made to taste like oranges.

Yes, I am positive he's going to be a problem. His wolf was far more powerful than we thought. Are you sure there was not another crossing of the lines? I am sure that Jake is just outside of the boundaries waiting. I can keep him here but I doubt I can do it without locking him in the blue room. I know that will drive his wolf crazy but I don't know what else to do. Yes Alpha, I will call for backup to cover us when you give the word. I agree that the camp is too far yet in one go, but I have contacts in Mossyrock that will give us a place to rest before getting to the camp. I await your call.

Where are we going?

I jump a bit. Shit, you scared me Cold One.

You know my name-

No! Do not say anything. I use Cold One because I cannot say your real name until you are ready. You will go with me to our camp though, right?

I was getting the impression that if I didn't you would order me to.

I can't force you to make that choice. Coming with me to the camp means you agree to changes that this will mean for you. You can't go back once we leave.

So if I say no, I leave and some werewolf, I mean lycan, gets to use me as a sex toy? I think your camp sounds like the better deal.

There is a third option...


I use a very painful to preform incantation that would kill your wolf spirit forever.

Painful in what way?

You would forever loose the wolf's voice in your head. The last person that had it done to him went crazy within a week. He killed himself a month later. His letter said the silence was deafening. The caster did not fare as well. His heart stopped the moment the last word was spoke. It was like the life was destroyed down to his spirit core.

You would kill yourself for me wouldn't you?

Yes, I said before I could control my response. I would give my life if you asked me to silence your wolf.

When do we leave for this camp then?

Toby will call when it's clear. I walk over to a desk in the corner and turn on the equipment sitting there. Ham radio is the best way to communicate with others right now. I start tapping out a message to the local enforcers to prepare for the trip. I then call the waypoint I needed to use to make we can stay for a few hours. Within minutes, all is set for the trip. Will you grab the two backpacks just inside the door at the end of the hall?

What is in these things?

The portable equipment I need when I'm not in the office. You'll carry the smaller green one there. I figured it was an easy color choice for Mr. CK Earth. At this point, he gives me a raspberry. Hush. When we leave here, head straight for the woods behind my truck. From there we will get a ride to the waypoint.

Why not take your truck?

I can't drive as a wolf. You will be on a lynx taxi.

A werecat?

No, a real lynx. They are native to the Northwest. Just don't pull his ears, he hates that. The phone rings. I grab the larger backpack and answer the phone on the third ring. I motion for him to put on the backpack as I talk with Toby. As soon as I hang up, we head out the door. I tell him to just head towards the woods as I lock up. We enter the woods and go about five hundred feet before there is a clearing with a large cat lying, on the ground, sunning himself.

Boon, let's go! Boon walks over to our guest and kneels down so he can get on. As soon as he stands back up, he starts to run south toward the waypoint. I put my clothes in my pack and transform to my wolf form. I follow them heading toward the shifter who will help us get to the camp safely.

About 5 miles outside Mossyrock, Boon starts to slow down and we stop in a clearing similar to the one we left 3 hours ago. I change back we start to head to the edge of the trees. I push through and we walk about ten minutes until a cottage is in sight.

Is this it? My travel companion is looking a bit tired. I thought I was in shape but riding a lynx takes it out of you.

I laugh a little bit. No, we are not there yet. This is a safe place for you to rest. I knew you would never make it to the camp in one go. No one has yet. Well, not no one, but it hasn't been done in a long time.

It was Jake, wasn't it?

Yes. I turned to look at him. He is the only changed being to make it to a safe camp without stopping for a break. If you were changed, I would be the one holding you back. The power you hold inside you is indescribable. However, enough of that for now. Let's go inside. I point to the door on the front of the building.

Upon entering, I see the man I am looking for. I walk over to him and give him a hug. Thank you for helping me Erik. I don't know if I could do this without you.

There is nothing I wouldn't give my puppy. I see now why you needed the help. It changes things now that we found him. How much does he know?

How much of what do I know? I feel the cold one walk up to Erik and me. All I know is that he is protecting me from being taken as a toy.

Good, I didn't think you could do it. I know you can keep him safe from harm. Just do not lose sight of the goal. When you two are ready, I'll have the truck out back stocked for the trip.

Thank you Erik. We will see you soon. I turn and motion towards a table in the back. We eat.

The meal brought to us was excellent, as I knew it would be. The chef always made the best steaks for both humans and non-humans. His was cooked medium and mine was barely rare. I do me barely because for a steak to be rare, it has to be at least warmer in the center then when it was in the kitchen refrigerator.

This one of the last cooked steaks I'm ever going to have isn't it? I looked up from my plate and laughed. I'm serious! I like steak but I like it cooked.

You will not have to give up cooked steak. I chose to eat mine this way because I like rare steak. I liked it as a human and I like it even more now. I guess I should tell you the only thing you can't eat if you chose to accept the change. I tilt my head a little. He sees I want him to guess.

I though dogs could eat anything. This draws the stares of the few other people in the room.

Well I can tell you from personal experience, don't eat anything bigger than your head! That received laughter from everyone but who really needed the laugh.

Funny. He drops his head. Why am I here? Why did I let you bring me here? Why can't I be normal for once?

I lift his head up. Look at me. I stare straight in to his eyes. You are here because you want to be here. I pause for a second. You are here because when I gave you the option, your heart told you I was telling you the truth.

I... A tear rolls down his face. I am so scared right now. I should have never been in Seattle to begin with. I am three days late for a shoot in LA. I just felt the need to go back to a city I felt at home in. I could be doing my life's work but I just couldn't face another movie shoot.

It's okay. Come; let us head for the truck. You will feel better once we talk with Toby. I lead him out the back to the waiting truck. I tell him to get in the cab with Erik and I will ride in the back with the supplies. He tries to protest but Erik steps in and shuts him down.

Inside the truck, Erik starts up his normal but nosy conversation his well known for. You like him, don't you?

What? No. I just have trust in him. He will not even tell me his name. He won't say my name or let me say it.

I understand. Tell you what, I'll tell you his name. Knowing I hear everything being said in the cab, I nod as he is checking his rearview mirror. Call him Ros. It is the name he goes by right now.

Right now? Doesn't he like his real name?

He, like you, cannot have his real name said aloud. When you are in hiding as a lycan, the simple act of someone saying your name can make others notice where you are.

Did he do something wrong? I mean, why hide? Beyond the fact he can change in to a wolf.

He made an enemy of someone. The only way is going to be able to come out of hiding is to face his fears of forgiveness. I know the person he wronged and they will never forgive him. There will be a fight.

He has to fight Jake, doesn't he?

Yes. He and Jake did not see eye to eye on something. Jake had the popular opinion and Ros will do anything to make sure that Jake doesn't get what he wants. Erik turned the truck down a long dirty driveway. We're here.

We parked in front of a very large log building. As everyone is getting out of the truck, Toby walks out of the front door. Both Erik and Ros kneel in front of him. Our visitor sees this and starts to kneel as well.

No, it would be a crime for you to kneel to me. Once back on his feet, Toby shakes his hand. Welcome. I have waited many years for this meeting. Let's go inside and I can explain what will happen now that you are here. As the two walk away, Toby speaks again. Will you two come on! I don't have all day. Erik and Ros jump up and follow Toby and their guest inside.

Inside the building was divided so that from the door to the center of the room is open. Then there are semi-private areas all along the sides. In the back right corner is what looks like a glass walled office with a desk and computer. Toby takes us to the largest of the private areas on the left wall. We sit down in plush chairs with a small table in the center. On the table is coffee, tea and a decanter of a richly gold bourbon.

Now let us begin with a bit more detailed background of where we are for our guest. Toby turns to look everyone in the eye as needed. No one is truly sure how this life started for any of us. What we do know is that in our world we are split in to three major groups. Those who want to exist, those whom think they should rule and those who do not have a clue. We like to think we are of the first group here. Those like Jake are in the second group. The last group is the majority of the people around us.

What... Toby puts his hand up to stop any questions.

Before we can continue, I must ask two things of you. First is that I cannot answer the question of what you should choose tonight. After our guest's mouth closes from the shock of having his question answered before he could ask, Toby continues. Second is that we need to have you choose a name for us to call you. As of this morning, you are in hiding. I'm sure Erik told you about the rules for hiding as a member of our group.

How about Chris?

No good. Part of your real name. Toby looked in his eyes a little deeper. Dig deep and you will find it.

I closed my eyes and let my wolf feel his wolf. I knew his wolf would have a name. I opened my eyes and saw him look over at me. That is what your wolf wants. Say it. When you do, it will put a name to your wolf forever.

That's enough Ros. I know you are being helpful but let me do this. Toby turned to our guest. He is right though. Since you already have a wolf spirit, it will be named that forever. I should have remembered that. However, I am not using trying to talk to your wolf spirit like he is.

Okay, I don't think I could choose anything other than what I feel my wolf wanting. Tala. Call him or me, or us, or whatever Tala.

Very good, Tala. Now we can discuss what to do about tonight. Toby turns to Erik and me. I know that Ros is staying but do you wish to join us Erik.

No Toby, I cannot stay. My being here any longer only draws extra attention to the others around us. I have to look like I am just delivering supplies as usual. Erik gets up. I hope to see you around Tala. I believe in you. Good evening all.

As Erik leaves, Toby turns to Tala and me. Now that Erik is gone, we can discuss what we are going to do about the two of you.

The two of us? I thought this was about my safety. Tala looks confused. I thought that I would get here and somehow turn and then you'd hide me or something.

That isn't the way we do things here. Turning is a choice you have to make. Normally we ask you to look inside of you for your spirit but that is taken care of already. Next, we draw that spirit out. Again, we can skip that step. The last step is the turning. It is not pleasant to do or to receive. In our case here, the regular way is not going to work. I turn the people in my pack. I am forbidden to do that when they are in love with another shifter.

I don't have a girlfriend. I'm not in love with anyone.

Yes, you are. I saw it the moment you walk in that door. You feel it and you do not know how to react. I understand. It's hard to face your feelings when you have never felt that emotion in this way before.

I heard you in the truck with Erik. I told him to tell you my name. I did not want to influence you before we got here. I was supposed to find you and bring you to Toby. I was warned not to be emotionally attached. I could not help it. When I changed in my office for you, I felt your wolf spirit calling out to me. Only you and I can hear it Tala. Toby plays as if he can hear out spirits all the time but he can only hear what we let him hear. As my alpha I let him in to my spirit without obstruction.

Tala turns towards me. You mean my wolf is?

For a lack of a better description, yes. An animal's love is not bound by human rules or morals. I will tell you that I have committed to children with other packs but I do not even have to be there and choose not to be. When a wolf spirit falls in love it is a long term thing.

Tala, I have been mated to my bride for many years. She and I do things with others as well. Packs take care of each other. Being that we have a choice in what form we come together, we always protect ourselves from having mixed puppies. You can love Ros and not feel guilt.

So what if I go along with this? Does that mean that Ros has to turn me?

I turn to look at Toby somewhat stunned. I did not know that I ruined everything. I doomed Tala. Either Ros turns you or you won't ever be turned. You could leave right now for Los Angeles and never have to fear Jake wanting to turn you ever again. Ros saved your life without knowing it.

I did? You told me I had to get him here for us to protect him until he chose to be turned. I was not supposed to poison his heart. Jake will kill him if he can't have him. I start to cry. I screwed up and doomed him to die.

Toby picked up my face. Dry your tears my dear puppy. You saved him. No one will ever be able to force him to change. He has a new lease on life. I can guard him for the rest of his life if he chooses. Jake isn't a problem anymore.


Yes. Ros can turn me.

Toby and I look over at Tala. You would have me turn you?

Yes, my wolf gave me the impression that he'd never forgive me if I pushed you away.

Wow! I start to cry again. I never dreamed I would find a mate that would believe in me this effortlessly.

You told me earlier that I came because I trusted you. In my time of being scared, you comforted me in a second. You astounded me at the club. Seeing your wolf sealed it. I knew right then I would follow you to Hell and back if I had to. Tala turned to Toby. How do we do this anyway?

Funny you should ask that. The normal bite will not do it. It has to be a full on mating bite. I never even mated Eva when we married. Mating is forever and ties your spirits together. If one of you dies, the other will as well. I caution you to think hard about this. I am afraid that it is too late, in my mind, to turn back. I see the look you have for each other.

Tala laughs a bit. So it is an all or nothing I take it.

I guess so. Toby, can Tala and I talk for a bit?

I think that would be best. Behind that plant is a door that will lead you downstairs to a private guest suite. You can talk there as long as you want. I'll be in my office doing my ordinary business work.

Tala and I go down the stairs and are amazed at the suite we are given to use for our talk. We decide to pop our shoes off and lie next to each other on the bed. For what feels like hours I just look in his eyes. I could lose myself in them for hours. He stares back. I finally lean in and smell his scent. I kiss his neck. He turns his head and kisses me. First lightly, then more passionately, finally pulling back to look in my eyes again. I smile at him.

I unbutton his shirt and take it off him. I trace his pecs with my hand. My eyes catch a spot on his collarbone between his shoulder and the base just at the edge of where a wife beater would sit. It looks so tasty so I kiss it a few times.

He pulls my sweater and t-shirt over my head. He does not stop there though. He unbuttons my jeans and pulls them off too. He starts to drool at my rigid member sticking straight up. You don't wear underwear?

No. When you plan to change as much as I do, you find it being torn too often. I do own some for when I want to feel sexy. I'll let you guess what kind.

For some reason I think it is any style I've modeled.

You would be right. I have wanted you for many years. I guess my wish came true. I kiss him again as I unbutton his pants. I pull them off and stare for a minute at the very hot green Calvin Klein trunks. I knew you were a green man. I pull them off revealing his also very rigid sausage.

Ros, I...


No, I need to say this. I do not let him finish as I start to kiss that spot on his collarbone again. I feel him wrap his arms around me as I lick his ear. Ros, I love you.

I can't let you call me that anymore. You need to know my real name. I was born Jason Michael Wilson. I went by Jay until I went in to hiding. The only people that have ever called me Jason were my mother and my grandmother.

It's beautiful. So is your spirit Ros?

No, I never named my spirit. You were able to name yours because of me. Your spirit never truly has a name until your mate agrees to it. I gave you that permission upstairs without even knowing it.

Can your spirit be the same name as your real name?

It can be anything we want. I like Jay. It also matches your tags.

So it does, okay I accept. I pull the first of my pendants off. It is just a basic paw with Jay scribed on it. I put it around Tala's neck. I know Tala already accepts me. Now I have to ask you. Once you answer, I will not stop until it is done. This will hurt, a lot. The mating bite is a complicated bite to do. I will not know what is involved until I get started. It's not part of Lycan 101.

I understand Jay. I want this and I want you.

I take a deep breath. Kellan Christopher Lutz, will you be my mate?

Yes Jason Michael Wilson, I will be your mate.

At that moment, I understood why his collarbone looked so good. I kissed him first. I also started to rub his dick. He moans so cute as I continue to pleasure him. I move down his neck. I kiss here, and then lick there. I hear him say he is close so I find my yummy spot and start sucking on it. Something inside him relaxes and he starts to scream. That moment I open my mouth. My canines extend down and I strike as he cums. I feel his orgasm fading and know that the pain is starting to hit him. He chokes as I continue to pump the venom in to him. He goes quiet now. When I finally am able to release, I look up at him. He eyes are watering but he does not make a sound. My love, are you okay? He is still silent. Love? Can you hear me? He nods slowly. I lay my head on his chest.

After about thirty minutes, he finally speaks. Jay?

Yes my love.

I still love you.

I love you too.

I guess I'm not a cold one anymore, am I?

Laughing I answer, No, you are not a cold one anymore.

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