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At that moment, I understood why his collarbone looked so good. I kissed him first. I also started to rub his dick. He moans so cute as I continue to pleasure him. I move down his neck. I kiss here, and then lick there. I hear him say he is close so I find my yummy spot and start sucking on it. Something inside him relaxes and he starts to scream. That moment I open my mouth. My canines extend down and I strike as he cums. I feel his orgasm fading and know that the pain is starting to hit him. He chokes as I continue to pump the venom in to him. He goes quiet now. When I finally am able to release, I look up at him. He eyes are watering but he does not make a sound. My love, are you okay? He is still silent. Love? Can you hear me? He nods slowly. I lay my head on his chest.

After about thirty minutes, he finally speaks. Jay?

Yes my love.

I still love you.

I love you too.

I guess I'm not a cold one anymore, am I?

Laughing I answer, No, you are not a cold one anymore.


Yes Tala?

We have been in bed for like a week now. Are we going to get up for anything but going to the bathroom and eating pizza?

I turn on my side to look at him. What would you like to do?

I don't know. Just something. I love laying here with you but I'm kinda feeling the need to get up and move around.

I kiss him and think for a moment. We could take a tour of the grounds. I'm sure Toby has someone around that can show off the sights.

That sounds fun. My only concern is that we are supposed to be in hiding?

We can't hide forever. Even now, there are still changes going on in your body that will protect you from danger. You may not feel it yet, but your senses are getting more sensitive. Toby had us use this room because it is highly insulated. I did not just keep you in bed because I loved you. Mostly, but a quiet room is just what every new pup needs in their first couple weeks.

So I am safe in the woods?

I will keep you safe. In addition, I would never go with you alone in the woods. One of Toby's guards would have to be with us at all times. Let us go up and see if we can get you some sun.

We get out of bed and get dressed. On the table I see a small box someone has left for us. I open it and pull out two pendants on chains. I put one over Tala's head that has his spirit name engraved on Toby's clan crest. I hand the other to him so he can see it. It is a matching chain to the one I gave him a week ago before I changed him. He quickly slips it over my head. We kiss again before we head up stairs.

Look who the lynx drug in. Toby smiles and ushers us over to a small table with coffee and rolls. I didn't expect to see you two for another couple days. He turns to Jay and puts on his serious face. Has a mark shown up yet? I need to know where and what it is so I can add him to the clan documents.

Jay frowns. No. I was expecting to see one too. Maybe it takes longer in ancients.

Maybe. So what are the two love birds up to?

Tala answers this time. I really wanted to see the grounds. Jay told me we will need a guard to be sure we're safe out there.

I would say so! I'll get two of my finest to give you a look around. I wouldn't try the horses yet though. They don't get along with new puppies very often.

Tala look confused. Why would horses care if we're around?

Jay spoke up to answer. Well my love, in the past there have been some aggressive changers that scared our horses. I don't want you to get hurt.

I guess I didn't know I was that scary. I'd be more scary changed, wouldn't I?

As soon as you can change unaided, then the horses will actually like you better. They can feel your spirit speak to them even in your human form. Right now though, your spirit is all messed up in the head. It may not be fully aligned for two full lunar cycles.

So I will change on full moons?

Toby laughed. No, that is a myth. We measure time in cycles because we live through so many of them. A cycle to us is like a week to humans. The next full moon is in 3 days. If you feel up to it, you can try to change then. The moon does give us some of our strength.

Okay. So when can we go on this tour?

In the back door, two beefy looking guys walk in. They head straight for Toby and bow when they are close. You needed us?

Yes. Jay and Tala would like to walk around the grounds a bit. I need you two to keep an eye out to make sure nothing happens to Tala until he can change on his own.

Sure thing. We have heard a lot about Tala and would love to get to know our new brother.

The four men walked all around the woods surrounding the main building. Jay pointed out all the things that he thought Tala would be interested in. Their guards got to chat with and introduce Tala to all the people that lived in the compound. They took a rest on some benches on the south side of the main building to chat some more.

So Tala, what do you think of the place?

I love it. The smell of the trees is so intense. I can really start to tell the difference between the just species of fir trees.

Soon you will be able to smell the difference between animals and even humans. No one will ever smell the same as someone else. Even if they are wearing perfumes or colognes.

So what do I smell like?

Tala, it doesn't work like that. Jay shakes his head as he sees Tala sigh in defeat. If you really what the truth, Sam and Michael can back me up on this, you smell different than any other lycan I have ever met. It's the old blood in you. The other two men nod in agreement. We can't wait to see what you can do.

Me either. Let's go back inside though. My head is starting to pound from all the noise and smells. Tala got up and the other followed. Once inside Tala and Jay went back down in to the room they have been using.

Better now that we are inside?

Much better. My head is feeling so much better is just a few seconds. Tala lies down on the bed. Jay lies down beside him. I just wish I knew what was in store for us. I'm nervous about changing and nervous what my mark will mean to Toby.

Shh. Do not worry Love. All in good time. Jay kissed Tala on the forehead. Let's rest for now. You look tired and that makes me tired. They laughed a bit and fell asleep in each other's arms.

He what? How did that outcast turn an ancient? I don't care what you do but get both of them here now! Jake hung up the phone with one of his senior watchers. The council assured him it was impossible for someone other than Toby, himself, or another of the mega-alphas. He had to have Kellyn for himself. He claimed him and now some outcast stole his future omega out from under him.

Jay awoke to Tala shaking him violently. Wake up Jay, please.

What's wrong? Jay sat up and looked over at Tala. You're white as a ghost and sweating a gallon a minute.

I don't know. It just hurts so much. All over my legs and under the skin of my hands.

Jay pulled the blankets back and looked at Tala's legs and hands carefully. He got up and turned on the lamp next to the bed to get a better light that was not too bright. Your legs are darker than they were. Can you move them? After a few whimpers, Jay rubbed his hand on Tala's neck. It going to be okay. You slept for a few days and I think the lunar phase is messing with your body a bit. Do you feel anything other than pain?

Tala took a few breaths before he spoke. I feel like I need to move but it hurts so much when I try. What do I do?

Look in my eyes. Whatever you do, don't look away. Jay locked his gaze on the center of his lover's eyes. Deeper and deeper he felt himself peering in to the new lycan's spirit. After a few minutes, he found it. He knew what was wrong. Stay here. I am going to get Toby.

Jay ran up the stairs to find Toby. He was in his office and when he saw Jay running toward him, he came out asking what was wrong.

It's like something is stuck in his spirit. Something that is powered by the lunar energy.

Damn it. I was afraid of this. We have to talk him through its removal or else he won't survive the full moon tonight.

He could die? Jay started to weep a bit.

No my pup. Toby took Jay's head in his hands. Dry your tears for a second. His change will be blocked forever if we don't hurry.

When the two got back down to Tala, they saw him in a full sweat. Tala, I'm here now. I can talk you through this. Toby got Tala to look at him. Close your eyes and I want you to do exactly what I say.

I'll try.

Good. First, I need you to find where your spirit is in your mind. It will look like you and may be as scared as you feel right now. When you find him I need you to see if he has anything on his foot or hand.

After about a minute, Tala speaks again. He doesn't.

Okay, find out where he hurts. Where it hurts you will see something that doesn't belong.

On his right arm there is a strange eye symbol.

Jay looked at Tala's right arm and sees only the armband that Tala has never taken off since the end of his last movie. He points to Toby and Toby nods for him to untie it.

No! Don't! Tala screams as Jay takes the armband off of him.

I have to. You will feel better soon.

As soon as the armband is off, Tala passes out. Toby inspects the armband and finds an eye symbol printed on the inside. Upstairs there is a large fireplace. Put the armband on the logs and light them. It must be burned before Tala wakes up.

Jake is sitting in a large council room. Before him are five of the senior council members. The head of the council addresses Jake.

Alpha Jake, you stand before us with a request for help.

Yes. A human was marked as a claim for my clan and someone stole him from me.

Did this human willingly accept the marking?

Yes. He was presented with an armband with my clans mark on it. He willingly put it on in my presence and thanked me for it.

Did the human know why the armband was given to him?

That isn't the point. He was marked and someone took what was mine. We have marked humans we wanted for our clans for ages without them knowing why they were marked.

The five council members looked at each other for a second. I accept your claim request. Who was the mark and who was the thief.

My mark was Kellyn Christopher Lutz. The one known as Ros is the thief.

A second council member looks at a ledger for a moment. Alpha Jake, is this the same human you assert is of ancient blood?

Yes. I made a formal request and was granted an assertion that this human was of ancient blood and I was free to add him to my clan.

A third council member speaks up. If I remember correctly, we ruled that this human in question had to agree verbally to you he wanted to join your clan. From your request today I am to understand you simply marked him.

I waited to approach him. He was not ready to hear the truth. When he was, my watchers were to inform me and I would have met with him. I would at that point have asked him to join me formally.

What proof then do you have that he was stolen?

The thief kidnapped him and took him to his alpha to be changed. They then removed my marked armband and burned it while the now changeling slept.

Very well. We have heard your request and we will rule shortly.

Jake left the chambers and sat on a bench outside to wait. He waited only a few hours before he was summoned back in.

Alpha Jake, after reviewing your claim, we have made a ruling. We on behalf of the full council of the elders proclaim your request was denied. Kellyn Christopher Lutz is no longer under your claim.

What? You cannot do that!

You came to us and we made our ruling. That ruling stands. You did not follow through on the previous rule that you must ask said human to join your clan. All you did was mark him illegally. You had no right to claim his as your own.

I demand a full council appeal!

Denied! We know what you wanted to do to said human once you changed him. Our most powerful link to the past bloodlines does not take the role of omega.

Jake raged out of the council room. I will have my omega. The council can go fuck themselves.

Jay? Are you here?

Yes love. I never left your side.

I feel weird now. I don't hurt but I itch.

Toby speaks up. Tala, that is the wolf spirit inside you. In your sleep your mark appeared and I believe your spirit has left the fog of change.

Does that mean that I can change now?

We're not sure yet. Toby was intrigued by your mark. It is like nothing we have ever seen.

Indeed. You are for sure a true ancient bloodline. Your shoulder mark goes from one side to the other and has the finest detail we have ever seen.

We think it is your family heritage. All four of the family lines that made up your ancestors family tree.

I want to see it. Toby hands Tala a mirror for each hand. I know this mark. I have a painting of it in my parents' house. I was told it was passed down from my grandfather's father. It means Valor, Honor, Courage, and Love.

It's beautiful. It suits you so well.

Thank you Jay. But something isn't right; the part at the bottom isn't on the painting.

That Tala is my clan's symbol. It means Commitment. It is also the symbol of the fifth, and last, lycan bloodline. Toby pulls his shirt up to show his left shoulder.

I think it completes the image.

Yes Jay, it does.

Toby, can we go outside for a second?

Sure, you are free to do what you wish here.

Tala leads the other two outside to the benches that he was on a few days ago. The forest smells the same as before but now he can smell all the creatures around him too. It's just starting to get dark and the moon can be seen rising just past the tree line.

After staring at the moon for awhile, Tala finally speaks. I want to try to change.

Jay looks at Toby for what to say. If you are ready, then you will change. Be careful not to push yourself. Toby looks to Jay now.

I'm here for you. Do you want me to change with you or do you want to do it on your own?

I think I need to do it on my own. Tala gets up and then blushes. Do you mind if you were to turn your heads.

Both Jay and Toby laugh. My dear pup. You are nervous to be naked in front of us?

You? The underwear model? Shy?

I, well, I guess you're right. Tala pulls his shirt and pants off. He slowly takes off his underwear leaving himself bare for all to see.

See, that is not so bad. Now kneel down on the ground. Let your spirit do the work.

Tala got down on his knees and took a deep breath. He closed his eyes and released it. He relaxed his muscles and let his spirit free inside him. Instead of seeing a human form as his spirit, he noticed that it had taken a more canine shape. Inside of himself, he nodded to the spirit. It walked toward him and jumped up on to his conciseness.

He suddenly opened his eyes and sees the world around him change. Everything has a different hue to it. Less red color, less vivid greens, and an increase in blue by a tiny bit. Tala gets up on what he now realizes are his four legs. He smells the two men on the benches. Jay smells so good to him. Toby is different but not bad smelling. He is surprised he can understand the words the two men are saying.

What species of wolf is he?

That my pup is a Great Plains wolf. The true wolf population has been protected for many years. He has a bit more red in him than normal Great Plains' because it was a Florida Red that turned him.

Love, if you can hear me, you are the most beautiful wolf I have ever seen. Jay pets Tala on the head. Do you want me to join you in my wolf form so we can run as mates for the first time? Tala licks Jay's hand.

Jay, I think that is a yes. You will be safe now that the armband is gone and he has changed on his own. Just do not go too far.

No problem. I will see you when we get back. Jay strips of his cloths as Toby heads inside. Ready or not Love, here I come. Jay gets down on his knees and lets the change take him. He stands beside his mate and they lick each other's faces. Without making a sound the two wolves run out towards a clearing, they saw the other day. Once there, they start chasing each other and playing around in the grass. After many hours, the two wolves lie down on the grass next to each other and sleep.

In the morning, they head back to the compound. They get to the benches and Jay changes back. He puts his clothes on and sits on the bench. Tala, listen carefully now. You have to take back control. Your spirit will not fight you but you have to tell it to let go.

Tala closes his eyes and asks his spirit to let him change back. The wolf form jumps back in to his mental vision and goes over to the side of his mind and lays down to sleep. He opens his eyes and the world looks normal again. He stands up and Jay hand him his pants and shirt.

Go ahead and leave the undies off. I know it feels weird for a while but it is better in the long run. It also helps you get used to the changes downstairs. Jay points at Tala's now totally restored foreskin. We'll talk about some of the changes later.

The two men walk inside and find Toby coming toward them. I see you two had fun.

They both answer at the same time. Yes!

Well, this may sounds weird but I need you two to go downstairs for a while.

Okay, but why?

Jay, Jake is going to be here in a few minutes. The council denied his claim on Tala and my lead guard posts have seen him coming our way. He is not alone. There is going to be a fight and you two are going to hide. No one is going to get to you if I can help it.

Tala looks upset. I can fight for myself.

No! You will hide. Jay take your mate downstairs!

Yes Alpha. Tala, let's go now.

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