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The two men walk inside and find Toby coming toward them. I see you two had fun.

They both answer at the same time. Yes!

Well, this may sounds weird but I need you two to go downstairs for a while.

Okay, but why?

Jay, Jake is going to be here in a few minutes. The council denied his claim on Tala and my lead guard posts have seen him coming our way. He is not alone. There is going to be a fight and you two are going to hide. No one is going to get to you if I can help it.

Tala looks upset. I can fight for myself.

No! You will hide. Jay take your mate downstairs!

Yes Alpha. Tala, let's go now.

Jay and Tala lock the door to the downstairs room. Jay walks over to a panel on the wall and types in a code to set the hallway alarm. He knows it will not stop anyone from coming down, but he hopes it will give them enough time to prepare if Toby fails to stop Jake.

Jay, why won't Toby let me fight?

He is afraid that you would not be able to stop. Tala gives Jay a strange look. If you were to ever see Jake, you would know him. Even in wolf form, you will know it is him that wanted to turn you to act as his pack's omega.

Why not just tell me who he is? Tala is getting angry now. It is my right to know.

I know, but I can't. I will not do that to you. It will crush you. When Jake is taken care of, I will ask Toby to tell you.

It can't be that bad Jay.

Jay turned away from Tala for a second. No, it's worse than you think.

If you won't tell me about Jake, tell me about you. How did you come be the high officer in Toby's pack?

I was born in Florida in the summer. My mother died during childbirth and my biological father put me up for adoption. My foster parents adopted me in the fall and we moved to Atlanta. The week after I finished kindergarten, we were on a trip to Disney World to celebrate my birthday a little early. A semi-truck driver swerved to miss a car on the side of the rode with a flat. He crossed in to our lane and we went in to oncoming traffic. They died at the scene from glass shards impacting them in the chest.

Jay fought back tears before continuing. My Aunt from Starbuck, WA came down to care for me in the hospital until we could fly back to her home. Auntie Emily was the best family I could hope for at the time. She never spoiled me but I never went without either. After high school, I went to a small community college close by to study security. I got a job in Seattle and worked for about two years before I met Toby. The moment we met, he took an instant shining to me. I setup his new system and he kept in touch for a while before he offered me a job. He needed a security team that could protect people and do surveillance. I had been working for Toby for three years before I was assigned my hardest subject.

Who was it?

You. I had been watching you for a few months before the encounter in the club. Jay laughed at himself. I feel like I wasted my money now.

Out of my way old man! I have come for what is mine.

Toby faces Jake and calmly speaks. I believe that your claim was denied. The one you seek is not yours.

Jake goes from serious to annoyed. If you will not give Kellyn to me willingly, I will take him by force.

Jake runs down the stairs toward the lower bedroom. The alarm sounds but it is not enough time to hide. Jake breaks down the door and sees Jay and Tala laying on the bed holding each other in fear. He pulls Tala away from Jay's embrace. He sees the still healing mark on Tala's collarbone and does not know what it is.

What is this?

It's the mark of a mating bite. Jake, there is nothing you can do anymore. The one you are hell bent on taking cannot be taken by force anymore. His pack will protect him until their dying day. If you take him, we will take him back. An ancient of the Five Winds is a charge worth fighting for.

Tala looks confused. I'm a what?

You are getting absent-minded old man. There can never be five winds. There are only four families left. Yes, his was the fifth but you can only have four ancestors.

He can. His fifth family turned him.

Jake looks indignant. He knows this is not possible.

Toby smiled at Jake. That is what happens when my son turns his mate. Tala take off your shirt and turn around.

Jake stopped where he was when he saw the mark with all fiver symbols on it. No, you never had pups. Eva is sterile. You don't seem the one to have a fling on the side.

Jake, you are still the young fool I have always known. Sit down and I will explain.

I'll stand for this, thank you.

Very well, let me begin. When I was younger, I was in love with a woman I knew from school. We dated for many months before we decided to get married. I told her what I was and she still wanted me for her husband. One day she told me she was pregnant. I panicked a bit because she never wanted to be turned. My father told me to wait it out and if she was in trouble to turn her. The day our child was to be born, she started to become very ill. There were too many people around to do what I needed to do. Toby held back tears as he continued. As soon as our baby boy was born, I tried to turn her. It was too late. She died before the venom could save her. I gave our son away. I couldn't stand to look at him.

Jake paced a little bit before speaking. Big deal! You made an heir you didn't turn.

Just pin your ears back young one. My father was on the council then. I shamed him so much that he left his position and tossed me on my grieving behind. I moved to Portland and started over. I got a job as an assistant accountant and soon learned enough to be a partner at the firm. Being of the third bloodline assured me a pack license when I decided to build a camp for exiled wolfs in these woods. About five years ago, I needed to upgrade the security here. I met a man in Seattle who specialized in the systems I needed. He sent a young man to mockup the compound here and the moment I saw him I knew he was my son. Raised in Georgia until the age of five and then sent to live with his aunt in Washington when his parents died.

Jay turned his attention from Jake and looked over at Toby. You knew I was your son?

Yes, I knew it was you who was my missing son. I molded you and when the time was right, I turned you. Your mark is where it is because you are of long lycan lineage.

Great, so how does that make Kellyn here of five winds?

Tala looked over at Jake. He focused on Jake's eyes before he spoke softly. I am who I am because of my mate. He didn't force himself on me like you did. Tala's feelings are building up inside him. I left you because you couldn't take no for an answer. Now that I know what that armband was, it sickens me that I thought you were sorry for hurting me.

Jake's eyes told of just a small portion of the anger building up inside of him. He growled and then just short of a yell addressed Tala. I told you then you were mine forever. You swore to me that there would never come a day you wouldn't love me. I was going to add you to my pack so we could control the council once again. Your lineage would cement me as the leader of all the lycans. You cost me the senior council seat.

I cost you nothing you arrogant sack of shit. You wanted the great Kellyn Lutz to be your man slave. Well you failed! Jay and Toby watch Tala as he stands up from the bed. They can feel the power surge in the room and know this will not be good. I am no longer the Kellyn you pine for. My spirit is free and my new name is Tala. You will leave my pack and me alone. Do you understand me?

Jake starts to feel the power build up in the room and he fight to keep control. I think you don't understand me. You will be leaving here with me now! Jake switches to his alpha voice before he continues to speak. Now get over here and march up those stairs!

Jay's anger wells up deep inside him. Before he can say anything, Tala puts a hand on his shoulder. He looks over and Toby with a silent question. Toby nods his answer. Tala looks back over at Jake and a smirk creeps up his lips.

I will do no such thing. You on the other hand will wish you had left when Toby told you to. You see your alpha voice has no power over me. I out rank you and you know that. Now you will kneel in front of my and you will apologize. Then you will leave this land.

I will never kneel to the likes of you.

Tala points his finger at Jake. I said KNEEL! Sweat beads on Jake's face. Jacob Alexander Warner, you will kneel NOW.

Something snaps in Jake and he falls to the ground on both knees.

Council members, come to order. We have a situation of up most importance. Our sources tell us that there is a claim of an Ancient of the Five Winds. I first will tell you that it is not possible. The fifth family is extinct. They who turned their backs on us got what they deserved.

I beg your pardon. How can you say they are extinct? They were on the edge of starvation and could not pass on the family heritage. Your own report shows that.

Silence. As the head of the council, my word stands. This rumor is meant to shake the very core of our beliefs. This council has ruled since before lycans ever stepped foot in this new land. I will be damned if it gets destroyed now.

Just wait one minute. This claim you mention is gunning for the council? He or she wants to rule?

I never said that. I am saying we cannot listen to the insane assertions of someone in the backwoods territory on an exiled screw-up.

You are out of line! The council member turned towards the others in the room. We decide things as a group. We have no supreme ruler and we never have since the splitting of the five families. If a claim comes before us, we will hear it. We do not have a choice, but you will abstain yourself or risk being voted out.

The council room filled with murmurs as the senior council member took a drink of water. Very well, my eyes have been opened and we will investigate further before rulings are made.

Tala, are you okay?

Jay watched as Tala cried. Tala had just come face to face with the man that he was sure he loved. A man that used him, and he had wanted to enslave him. Somehow, he stood up to him and backed him down. It took a lot out of him using a power he never knew he would have. Part of him felt liberated and the other part felt like crap. Deep down he still cared for Jacob. He always has cared for Jacob.

I'm fine. Just really tired.

I bet. I do not know how you did what you did, but it was beautiful. Sleep my love; I'll be here when you wake.

Jake stayed next to Tala until he was fast asleep. He headed upstairs to see Toby. Toby had the answers to what had happened down there. He needed to know that Tala was going to be all right.

Jay, I told you before. I do not know what he did. I have never seen that kind of power in anyone even on a full moon. I was just as scared as you were.

Did you call the council?

I had to. I needed to make sure that they knew what happened before Jake got back there.

Jake sighed. What did they say?

I was told that an Ancient of the Five Winds was impossible and they hung up on me.

I should go to them then. I feel it's only right to prove to them I exist.

Toby shakes his head. No Tala. The best thing to do is stay here for now. Jake will not stay gone forever. If I know him, and I really know his type, he will return with other alphas he has recruited to try to take you away from us.

I am not afraid of Jake anymore. Let him come.

Good. The power of your pack is on this land. Explore it and learn its secrets.

Tala and Jay spent the next couple days in bed again as it took Tala time to fully recover from his run in with Jake. When he felt well again the two of them transformed and explored every inch of the grounds that belonged to their pack. Every smell was investigated and the couple marked every odd corner.

My fellow council members, I call you here to discuss the claim of the Five Winds. There are reports that the alpha Jake was brought to his knees at the sound of his voice. A new pup does not have the power to defy an alphas order. We must investigate how this pup was able to do this.

A fellow member speaks up. This, from the man who denied that he was anything but a fraud? Why do I think this is just another way to discredit the alpha Toby?

Toby has never earned the respect of anyone on this council. Look what he did to his father, James. He refused to turn his own wife when she was dying. He will always care about himself and what he can take from others.

A third member speaks now. Dare not speak the name of our fallen brother lightly. His shame for his son was not that he did not do the right thing; it was that he had to do the right thing alone.

The senior council member shouts back. How dare you speak such lies in this room? He regains his calm before continuing. If no one else supports me I will go alone to those back woods and see for myself. When I return I will prove that he is a fake and that he is nothing more than a mere pup.

Master Toby, a party of alphas was spotted leaving the airport in Seattle. They are coming this way.

Very well. Tell the camp to be on the ready for a fight. I think there will be quite a shock coming for our visitors.

Toby called out to Jay so he and Tala would come in to see him as soon as possible. Within minutes, the couple had come inside and were transforming back to their human forms. He had them sit down in the chairs off to the side.

I received word a pack of alphas is coming south from Seattle. They are heading directly for us so there is little doubt why they are here. It has only been 6 weeks since Jake left here quivering for his mother. Do you think you are strong enough to take on a party of alphas this soon?

I will do what I must. I have been searching my mind for all the secrets my family holds. I think I have unlocked a few that will come in handy if the time comes to use them.

Jay looks over at his mate with a worried face. Tala, you have to be careful. Your family has not used those gifts in my generations. There is no one to help you control them, and no one that can teach you to use them safely.

I have you. Our spirits are interconnected and your bond to me is stronger than anything. It is you that I will use to control my gifts. Our love will give me the strength I need.

A loud voice echoed from the main doorway. Oh how sweet. The little pup is in love.

Toby was the first to speak. Who are you? You are not welcome on this land.

I am here to take young Kellyn here back to his true home.

Why would you think I would go with you?

I was going to ask nicely. If you refused I was going to use the other seven alphas I brought with me to drag you back. Just then, the other seven alphas came from behind the leader. So I will ask nicely first. Please come with us to your home with Jake. He has promised not to whore you out to the rest of his pack. You can be his personal omega if you choose.

I respectfully decline and ask you to leave my packs grounds.

You don't really understand, do you? I said MOVE.

The anger in Tala was building as it had with Jake. Jay and Toby stepped back to protect their ears.

No! I will not be going anywhere. The eight of you are leaving though.

Why would we leave here without you?

Tala felt his spirit tell him he was ready to assist and he embraced the power building up inside him. You will leave or else I will leave you pissing yourselves just like Jake was when he left. Tala looked around at the eight alphas for a second before taking his shirt off. As soon as the eight men saw his back, he smelled fear. Oh, he didn't tell you about that part did he? You see I am an Ancient of the Five Winds. Your alpha tricks don't work on me.

No one defies an order from an alpha. It cannot be done.

Really? Alpha Ethan, kneel to me. The alpha near the back coughs for a second then kneels. Very good, now let's try alpha Paul. Kneel before me Paul. Paul tries to fight it but he too kneels.

Get up you two! He is just a stupid pup. How did you know our names?

Jay looks at the leader with a death stare. Jay, mellow out. I am fine. But the rest of you need to kneel just to make me feel better. The remaining six men feel the pressure on them now. Everyone but the leader kneels down to Tala.

The leader is now pissed. Look here you little shit. You come with me and no one gets hurt.

No. I think not. However, I think it needs to hurt a bit. I demand you PEE yourself. The leaders pants get damp and a trail of urine can be seen going down his pants and in to his boots. Now kneel to me.

The leader grits his teeth and just shakes his head.

Alpha William, you will KNEEL to me NOW.

The leader could not fight it any longer. He sank to his knees in pain. He began to sob, as his power had been broken inside him.

Oh my god! A man appeared in the doorway behind the alphas. What have you done to them?

Councilman, let me explain. Tala here is the real thing.

We'll see..

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