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All dialog will be in red. There will be words in bold as part of the dialog. These are words backed by either an alpha voice or ancient power.
All the wolf species have been verified to actually exist. Many names were researched to ensure they were the correct spelling and usage.

A review of the last chapter:
Tala felt his spirit tell him he was ready to assist and he embraced the power building up inside him. You will leave or else I will leave you pissing yourselves just like Jake was when he left. Tala looked around at the eight alphas for a second before taking his shirt off. As soon as the eight men saw his back, he smelled fear. Oh, he didn't tell you about that part did he? You see I am an Ancient of the Five Winds. Your alpha tricks don't work on me.

No one defies an order from an alpha. It cannot be done.

Really? Alpha Ethan, kneel to me. The alpha near the back coughs for a second then kneels. Very good, now let's try alpha Paul. Kneel before me Paul. Paul tries to fight it but he too kneels.

Get up you two! He is just a stupid pup. How did you know our names?

Jay looks at the leader with a death stare. Jay, mellow out. I am fine. But the rest of you need to kneel just to make me feel better. The remaining six men feel the pressure on them now. Everyone but the leader kneels down to Tala.

The leader is now pissed. Look here you little shit. You come with me and no one gets hurt.

No. I think not. However, I think it needs to hurt a bit. I demand you PEE yourself. The leaders pants get damp and a trail of urine can be seen going down his pants and in to his boots. Now kneel to me.

The leader grits his teeth and just shakes his head.

Alpha William, you will KNEEL to me NOW.

The leader could not fight it any longer. He sank to his knees in pain. He began to sob, as his power had been broken inside him.

Oh my god! A man appeared in the doorway behind the alphas. What have you done to them?

Councilman, let me explain. Tala here is the real thing.

We'll see..

We'll see? Tala asked politely. That's a bit negative, don't you think.

The council chairperson looked over to Toby before answering. Tobias, I expected that you would have taught this pup to respect his elders. Where is my room?

Pardon me Master Faolán? I knew nothing of your intentions to visit. I can have a room ready for you in couple of hours though. Once we excuse our other guests, Toby pointed at the group of broken spirited lycans by the door, shall the four of us sit and discuss things?

You and I will sit for sure. Those two there are not invited to sit in. On the matter of the eight gentlemen by the door, I would expect that you are going to let them leave on their own accord. Faolán turned toward the eight men still on their knees crying.

Tala, still very upset, quietly spoke to the eight men. Get up and leave this land. Tell Jake this will happen to anyone that tries to force me to do anything. He turned toward Faolán. I do mean anyone. Since I am not required here any longer, my mate and I will be downstairs if we are needed later. Tala grabbed Jay's arm and they headed to their room.

Please have a seat Faolán. Toby pointed at a chair in him small office. Why have you come here?

Faolán sat down. Tobias, I came because I needed to see for myself what lies you are spreading. An ancient of the five winds is a claim you cannot make lightly.

Toby looked straight at Faolán when he answered. I make it with my solemn word. I have never lied to you before; I would not lie to you now. Tala is what I claim.

Can you prove his lineage? I doubt it. I have heard the other false claims you have been making. Declaring an heir is absurd. It is public knowledge that your mate is sterile. You have never cheated on her or she would have had your hide. So why do you state such a falsification?

Toby sighed. I am sure that when you had your talk with Alpha Jacob, he forgot to include the whole story I told him. I married young out of school to a woman that never wanted to be turned. As you know, that is a line I cannot cross an heir to a pack alpha. I was not in time to save her. Jay went up for adoption and my father was ashamed. He quit right after that. Bogoris took up the empty seat until you seized it from him.

Quite a tale you weave about your dear fallen wife. I guess you would have DNA of such claims; I will need to examine it. It does not change anything with you claim that Kellyn is of five winds. I will have to do some research in to his true heritage before anything else can be done.

Down in their bedroom, Jay and Tala lay next to each other on the bed. Who is that guy up there?

His name is Master Faolán O'Henry. He is the head of the senior lycan council.

Okay, so tell me about this council. Are they elected like the government?

Jay chuckles a bit. Hardly. From all the alpha packs, a representative is chosen to be sent to the council. A council member is appointed for life. From the larger group, five members make up the senior council. Other than Faolán, all the members are the respected heads of the major families. About 200 CE the lycan community split in to the five families. Before this, we had a monarchy style, ruling class. The council was formed and assumed the ruling power. Your family came to the new world on an early Viking ship around the beginning of the 11th century.

Tala looked sick. So that makes Faolán of my family?

No! Your family started thinning out around the 17th century and was down to just a small pack when they ran from the Civil War. When they could no longer send a representative, the council changed the bylaws to select a wildcard member. This was to prevent ties and deadlocks to council decisions. Thankfully, Faolán is actually not related to either of us.

Tala looked relieved and Jay continued his story. Your family was deemed extinct. Many who actually knew the truth made sure that the family never really disappeared. Members from three of the remaining families have used their bastard children to keep up the lineage all these years. The first time all four families came together was you. It was an accident honestly. A member of the Amazons fell in love with an American. When mixed with a Himalayan and a Saharan you get Kellyn of Four Winds. My clan, the Celts, worked the hardest to keep your family alive and now is the clan that gives you all five winds.

Tala seemed amused for a second. Now I get it! That freak upstairs is pissed off because someone from his family didn't do what he wanted them to.

Exactly that. He is ashamed of his clans' loose loins. Both Tala and Jay start to laugh. Their laughing soon turned to kissing. The kissing led them to making out on the bed. Tala, we are over dressed for what we are doing. Jay and Tala strip down and get back on the bed. This time the make out session gets a little more heated.

A few hours after Toby and Faolán's meeting, Faolán returns to Toby's office with a few documents in his hand. After careful review of the lineage records, I do find that Kellyn has the required ancestry to be deemed a true American clan wolf. The other families have done a bang up job keeping his blood clean. I cannot however prove your claim that Jason is your son by records alone. I will examine his clan marking and judge on that. If he is your son, I will know immediately. I will also choose to examine Kellyn and his markings. I will also require that he change in front of me.

Toby looked pleased. I will call them up to meet with you. Do you wish to do this here or on the sun porch outside?

I will check the markings here. The porch will do nicely for witnessing the change. Please summon them.

Toby picked up a telephone on his desk and dialed down to the lower level bedroom. Jay, yes it was Toby. I am truly sorry I awoke both of you but Master Faolán requires your presence. He just wants to examine the clan markings you both have then he wants to see Tala change out on the sun porch. Excellent, I will see you in my office soon then. Toby turned to Faolán. They will be up in a few minutes.

Tala, that was Toby. Master Faolán has requested that we come upstairs. He needs to examine our clan markings as well as he needs to witness your change out on the sun porch. Jay turned toward the nervous Tala. It's going to be all right. He cannot do anything to hurt you.

I know he can't, but I am still a little shy when it comes to changing. Tala pleaded with his eyes. Can we talk him out of watching me change?

No, I'm afraid that he will have to witness it to declare you are not requesting Five Winds status falsely.

Okay then. Let's go!

Jay and Tala get dressed and head upstairs towards Toby's office. When they arrive, Toby offers them a seat at the end of the table. Tala's stomach starts to turn a bit as the nervousness becomes a bit more pronounced.

First off I will examine Jason's clan markings. Jay gets up and takes his shirt off. He turns so that Faolán has the best view of his clan marking. Yes, I see. He is an heir for sure. I will update the records at the council's registry that Jason Michael Wilson is an heir to the Celtic clan. You may sit back down. He turned toward Tala. Kellyn…

My name is Tala.

Young man, your name is Kellyn and that is the name I will address you by.

Jay speaks up. You misunderstand Master Faolán. Tala and I are mates. His wolf has taken the name Tala and it is only correct protocol to call him by his spirit name.

Insolent pup, you will speak when spoken to. Now sit back and do not interrupt me again. Tala was starting to get mad, but Jay nodded to ease Tala's mind. Now as I was saying, Kellyn I will need to examine your markings. Tala stood up and removed his shirt. He turned so that Faolán could examine the intricate markings. I have never seen this before. You must have hired an excellent artist to create a rub on tattoo this detailed. Did Jason rub this on your shoulder just before you came up here?

I beg your pardon. These markings appeared on my body once I awoke from an ordeal I had with an object that Jake had tricked me in to accepting. It's a story I'm sure you have already heard in length, so I won't bore you with the details.

Faolán did not even blink before starting in again with him. Please come closer then. Tala walked over to where Faolán was sitting. Much better view now. Very interesting markings I must say. I will accept that you did not fake these markings yourself. Shall we go out to the porch and I will watch you transform in to the Florida Red Wolf I am sure you will turn out to be.

Outside, Tala stepped behind some furniture to undress. No, I need to see you fully so I know it is truly you that is before me once transformed. Unhappily, Tala steps out to the center of the porch wearing nothing but the two tags he got from Jay before and after their mating session. Now, I order you to CHANGE. Tala just stood there. What are you waiting for? I ordered you to change.

Tala smiled a bit. You didn't say please. You seem to forget that I am immune to alpha speak.

Jay looks over at Tala. Tala, can we just get this over with and not upset Master Faolán any more then we already have? Will you change please?

Fine, I will change now. Tala started to kneel down as his spirit took over the changing. Within seconds, there stood a Great Plains' wolf with a couple streaks of red around the face and under his mussel. Tala walked around the porch a bit. He wanted to make sure Faolán saw he was the real Ancient of the Five Winds.

Faolán was at a loss for words. He knew right then that Tala was telling the total truth. How could it be? He had worked so hard to insure something like this could never happen. His very job was on the line now that this upstart proved he was of the fifth family. I will have to take my finding back to the council before I can declare Kellyn here is truly of the Four Winds.

Tala did not like the sound of Faolán's voice and barked very loudly once. Faolán's head snapped to look Tala straight in the eye. Tala stared back and barked again. Faolán started to shake and his wolf spirit started to take over to change him to his wolf form. Before Jay or Toby knew what was happening, Tala had forced Faolán to change in to his Egyptian Grey wolf form.

Toby, how did Tala do that? Tala barked softly at Jay's question. Never mind, I understand now.

Toby turned to Jay. Okay then explain it to me!

Jay laughed. Tala used his ancient voice to order Master Faolán to change for him. Jay turned toward Tala. I thought I told you not to make trouble. Tala just sit back and panted for a second. You are going to regret sticking your tongue out at me!

Tala turned his attention back to Faolán's wolf form. He barked firmly and Faolán walked over to him and put his head under Tala's mussel in a sign of servitude. Gratified, Tala barked again but a little bit more softly this time. Faolán walked back over to his pile of clothes. The change was a bit slower than normal but Faolán returned to his human form. He got dressed and turned toward Toby.

Tobias, I will take my leave now. You will hear from the council in a few days. At this, he turned and left the porch. He walked over to Toby's office and grabbed his papers. From there he left to return to the council to report his findings.

As the council convened, the councilman from the Himalayan clan addressed the first order of business. Master Faolán, how faired your journey? The council all turned to Faolán. Were you successful in your investigation?

Yes, I was successful. I can declare that one Jason Michael Wilson is the rightful heir to the Celtic Clan.

Is that all you were able to accomplish?

I have more information to share. My original task was to verify the lineage of one Kellyn Christopher Lutz. I have seen him transform in to the classic American symbol of a Great Plains wolf. His background shows a linkage to four of the five families with at least fifty percent pureblood status. Therefore, a document shall be drafted to bestow the title of Four Winds. I will accept that the one known now as Tala has mated with Sir Jason. The couple can now by council law be granted a request of succession if their alpha is unable to perform his duties.

The Amazonian clan representative was the next member to make an inquiry. What of the claim that he can ignore an alpha's command?

I have witnessed the breaking of every alpha control over a pup personally. Multiple subjects have tried to use an alpha's command language unsuccessfully. We will have to study the ancient lore closer to see if this has ever happened before.

Master Faolán, The Celtic clan representative took over the floor now, Did this young man show all five crests on his markings?

Yes. The markings all match and combine to create the King's Crest symbol. It is flawless down to the finest detail.

The Celtic councilman looks a little perplexed. Then how can you ask us to simply bestow Four Winds? If all five are there and they form the King's Crest, we must declare Five Winds status.

The Himalayan councilman interrupts loudly. Before I vote for any statuses, he must come here and prove it to all of us. So far the only thing that I hear that makes any sense is to give young Jason his rightful title as heir. The rest is all propaganda! The King's Crest has never been seen since the spliting of the clans.

Faolán takes control of the chamber. I will summon all parties involved. We will schedule a full hearing in two weeks. The rest of the members agree. This meeting is adjourned.

Toby hangs up the phone and calls down to the lower bedroom. Jay, I received a message from the council.

Jay is a bit shocked. That was fast.

I agree and it worries me. The three of us have been summoned to a hearing before the entire council. They want to see Tala in action. They may not be as easy to deal with as Faolán was.

Tala pipes up with a question. How long do we have?

Toby sighed. Two weeks.

Jay turns to Tala. Well Tala, get ready to come out to the world.

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