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All dialog will be in red. There will be words in bold as part of the dialog. These are words backed by either an alpha voice or ancient power.
All the wolf species have been verified to actually exist. Many names were researched to ensure they were the correct spelling and usage.

Toby hangs up the phone and calls down to the lower bedroom. Jay, I received a message from the council.

Jay is a bit shocked. That was fast.

I agree and it worries me. The three of us have been summoned to a hearing before the entire council. They want to see Tala in action. They may not be as easy to deal with as Faolán was.

Tala pipes up with a question. How long do we have?

Toby sighed. Two weeks.

Jay turns to Tala. Well Tala, get ready to come out to the world.

Are you sure you're ready?

Jay looked over at Tala. I am ready my love. It is I that worry about you.

Faolán is not going to be able to do anything to us. I do not care who is on the council. I will prove who I am.

The couple goes upstairs to meet with Toby before the three leave for the council. Each man has a small bag with him. After going over a few things, the men go outside to a waiting van that will take them to the local airstrip.

How far is it again? Tala looks at the small aircraft in front of them.

About fourteen hours by plane. We stop for fuel once we get to Denver and then continue on to Mason, OH. We check in to our room tonight and then meet with the senior council in the morning.

I am glad they were willing to meet half way for this.

So am I! Toby laughed for a second. I hate flying commercial when I have a perfectly good private jet.

The three land in Mason and head for the motel rooms they booked the night before. It is not the Ritz Carlton, but it serves the purpose. As soon as Jay and Tala close the door to the room, they start removing their clothes and jump on the bed. It only takes a moment before they are adding to the collection of spunk on the motel comforter.

I call this meeting to order. We are here today to verify the claims of status for the ones known as Jason Wilson and Kellyn Lutz. First, we will deal with the simple matters surrounding Mr. Wilson. Jason, please step forward.

Thank you for joining us Jay, the Celtic councilman begun. My name is Rolf Reid and I am your fathers 4th cousin. To begin I wish to congratulate you on your mating. With that said, please remove your shirt so I can verify that you are of the Celt family. Jay removed his shirt. Excellent! I believe that the council will now be able to confirm you. I move for the first vote.

I second that motion, The Amazonian councilman spoke.

All in favor? Five hands rose. Very well, Faolán started. We the council bestow upon you the title of Heir to the Celtic Clan. You may sit down Sir Jason. Jay sits down and puts his shirt on.

Mr. Kellyn Lutz, please come forward.

Kellyn, I am Vukasin Láng of the Himalayan clan. If you were whom you claim to be, I would be your 6th cousin 3 times removed on your mother's side. I understand that you may not be happy with having to be here. It is not often we are asked to witness the discovery of what all had believed to be impossible. No one has ever had the King's Crest in eighteen hundred years.

I am sorry to interrupt you Master Vukasin, I do need to offer a correction. My spirit has taken on a name of Tala. I would prefer to have that name used. Moving on for now though, what are you talking about?

The councilman looked over at Toby in the corner of the room. We will address the name issue when we have made or findings. I will explain the King's Crest now though. We thought you knew from your meeting with Faolán. The King's Crest is a combining of the five family crests in to one complete scene. It would be quite large and very detailed.

Oh, now I understand. I had a large lithograph in my home as a child that I now know had the four remaining family crests on it.

Very good, so you know how detailed that was. The King's Crest would have the American Clan markings along the bottom and create a small crest in the center between the Saharan and Amazonian clans. Our council leader claims you have said markings.

Yes I do. Tala unbuttons his shirts and hands it to Jay to hold. When he turns his back to the council, there is an audible gasp.

Faolán, what is this? You dare think we would not spot that as a fake?

Ulrik, introduce yourself formally and look for yourself.

Ulrik stepped down to the platform Tala was standing on. I am Ulrik Vilkas, like Faolán I am part of the Saharan clan. Please step closer so that I can inspect your back. Tala gets closer and turns his back toward Ulrik to insure he can get a clear view. Remarkable! I am convinced.

The Amazonian councilman stands up. I object. He is a fraud and the Saharans are blind! He stomps down to the platform to look at Tala. Let me see this! Oh my... The Amazon catches his breath for a second. I am sorry. My name is Raul Awe of the Amazon clan. I formally remove my objection. I am sorry to have taken your time Vukasin.

Since we already have had three people verify your marks, I will move on to the other issue at hand. Will the three guests in the side room please join us? These men are high-ranking family heads and very strong alphas. I think you know what challenge they will bring for you.

Yes, I believe I do. Toby prepped me to the fact they will try to use their alpha voices on me. I will promise that I will not harm them when the time comes for me to show off my powers.

Vukasin laughs a small bit. I am sure that you will not hurt them. He turned toward the three alphas. Gentleman, you are not to use your names. You will not try to injure Kellyn. When he submits, you are to stop. Am I clear in those instructions? The alphas nod their heads. Good, you may begin.

The first alpha walks over to Tala. Bow before me, pup. Nothing happens. I said bow!

The second alpha walks over to the first and tries next. Listen to me pup, you will bow NOW.

The third alpha, who looks thoroughly annoyed, walks over now. You little shit, you bow before me NOW!

Tala looked at all three alphas. No thank you. Master Vukasin, may I display for you my powers now?

Very well. We will address the name issue when we have made or findings. Let us see these powers you claim.

Tala looked over at the three alphas. Gentlemen, I am sorry for this ahead of time. Alpha Nick, KNEEL. Nick kneels before Tala. Alpha Greg, KNEEL. Greg tries to fight for a second but kneels down. Finally Alpha Charles, I know the shame you bring on yourself. I ask that you lay on the floor like the flea-bitten dog you are. Charles looks at him with pain on his face. I do mean NOW! Charles looks at Tala again and this time lays down on his front, sobbing lightly.

Enough! You have proven your point. We can vote now. Faolán turned to the rest of the council. Do we have a movement?

Ulrik speaks up. I move that Kellyn be granted his spirit name of Tala as well as Four Winds status.

Raul speaks next. I second that motion.

Tala gets angry. You dare deny my claims of Five Winds! Who do you think you are?

Faolán tries to calm him down. Kellyn, please listen to me. You know I believe you. You left me no choice but to believe.

No you listen to me. He scanned the room with his eyes. You want real proof? Fine, you will get real proof. Tala pulled his sweat pants off and got down on the ground. In the blink of an eye, he had full transformed in to his wolf form. With one bark, he forced the three alphas next to him to change in to their wolf forms.

what is the meaning of this? Tala cut Ulrik off with another loud bark. Before another word could be spoke, the entirety of the council was forced to their wolf forms.

Tala transformed back to his human form. That proof enough for you? Anger poured from his mouth. I was never asked to be a lycan. I grew up not knowing anything about this. Now that I do know, you want to discredit my clan, my mate, my alpha by choice. Now most importantly, you are afraid I might let the secret out that you tried to wipe my clan out. Oh yes, I know about that. Part of my ancient powers is to read minds. Tala took a breath. I wish I could stay mad at you though, but I cannot. I will not punish those who know no better than they were taught. Transform!

All the room changed back to their human forms. The five council members took their seats and looked toward Faolán.

I amend the motion to bestow full Five Winds status and add that you will be recognized as a bearer of the King's Crest. All in favor?

Five hands waved in the air.

Kellyn Lutz, it is my honor to declare you to be Master Tala, mate of Sir Jason Wilson, and head of the American Clan. I also bestow on you the status of Five Winds, Bearer of the King's Crest. Your title affords you the same privileges of the other clan heads. A general council meeting will be scheduled to amend the charter. At that time, you will need to appoint a representative for the American clan. This meeting is adjourned.

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