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All dialog will be in red. There will be words in bold as part of the dialog. These are words backed by either an alpha voice or ancient power.
All the wolf species have been verified to actually exist. Many names were researched to ensure they were the correct spelling and usage.

Kellyn Lutz, it is my honor to declare you to be Master Tala, mate of Sir Jason Wilson, and head of the American Clan. I also bestow on you the status of Five Winds, Bearer of the King's Crest. Your title affords you the same privileges of the other clan heads. A general council meeting will be scheduled to amend the charter. At that time, you will need to appoint a representative for the American clan. This meeting is adjourned.

Three men leave a conference room at a high-class resort hotel. They get in a cab and head towards a not so wonderful motel a few miles away. No one speaks for the entirety of the ride. The whirlwind events at the senior council meeting have left them feeling dazed and confused. Once they exit the cab, Tala and Jay enter their motel room and crash down on the freshly made bed.

I don't like this. Jay turns towards his mate. That was way too easy.

I agree. I think I know what they are going to do. We need to act fast and we will need Toby's help if we are to pull it off.

Tala gets up and walks over to the door that separates the adjoining room. He knocks softly and waits for Toby to answer. Tala, that was fast.

I need your help.

Anything, you know that. Toby tried to make sure Tala really understood that he would give anything to help his son's mate. What can I do?

I need for you to find me a relative that is at least 50% American and a suitable politician.

Toby looked confused. We have weeks before we have to think about that.

No, we don't have that long. I think Tala is right on this. Jay walked over to the door next to Tala. We know the council moves things at their own pace on things they want to delay. When they want something, it happens very fast. What happens if Tala gets the call tomorrow that the charter was amended? How long do you think we would have to choose someone?

I think they want to make sure I fail at finding someone to represent the American clan. I am the clan head, so I am whom they would say has to be on the council. That also means that I cannot ever form a pack, find an heir, or be with my mate. As soon as I was gone, they could do what they did before.

I understand now. Toby took a second to think. I'll call a good friend of mine and see what I can find for you.

Thank you Toby. I am going to rest for a bit. Call Jay if you hear anything.

I will.

Yes, we will have the amendment proposal on the floor of the general council by the end of today. No need to worry Master Taj. He knows nothing about his clan members. His failure will shame not only his clan but Master Tobias's clan as well.

Vukasin hangs up his phone. The plan is coming together perfectly. By this time next year, the clan will be in such turmoil as to be ripe for a Himalayan coup d'état. It always ran better with one clan doing the ruling.

Jay awakened Tala about 9am the next morning. He turned over to face his mate and noticed he looked excited about something. What has you so happy today?

Toby found someone!

Wow! Who did he call?

Ghostbusters? Jay gave Tala a silly look. I don't know who he called. All I know is that he got a name of someone that would be perfect for the job. We are to meet with Toby at 10am to discuss it more.

Tala got up and took a shower. The hot water is doing wonders for relaxing his body. He dries off and gets dressed. Jay hands him a cinnamon roll and coffee as he sits down at the makeshift kitchen table. They talk for a few minutes before there is a knock on the adjoining door.

I gather that Jay told you I got a call last night.

Yes, who did you call that you got an answer so quickly?

I called Master Rolf's son Storm. He works as an aide for his father and has access to the records we kept of how we kept the American bloodline pure.

Why did he pick this guy?

He gave me a list of about one hundred know American clan wolves that are at least 50% pureblood. I then researched them and came up with a gentleman by the name of Björn Chase. He is a 70% pureblood and a constitutional lawyer for the state of Maryland.

Does he know he's lycan?

Yes, but records show his clan markings are a bit muddled and he transformation is weak. He is a free agent pack wise. His original alpha died twenty years ago and he never joined another pack.

I will need to see him. Tala looked serious. He will solve multiple problems if he is the one. I'll need a pack license though.

Toby laughed for a second. I took the liberty of filling out the form for you. All you have to do is sign here and at the bottom.

It's a quick flight from here. I agree that we need to see him soon. Jay looked toward Toby. How long do we have these rooms booked?

Another week. I didn't know how long the council would take.

Toby, it says I need a council signature down here.

You are a clan head. You have the right as appointed by the council to sign for anyone in your clan to start a pack. Hell you will be deciding who will be the councilmen for the Americans.

Tala's eyes perked up. Perfect! Jay, grab your coat. Toby, we will be back late tonight. I'm going to start a pack.

A commuter jet, with two finely dressed men, lands at Baltimore-Washington International Airport. They head out front and hail a taxi. Take us to the Fidalgo Building on West 14th Avenue.

Isn't Mr. Chase's office on 18th avenue?

Yes, but I want to use a building I know. My manager had me sign papers there before and I know the layout well.

Okay, I think I understand. Are you worried about his reaction?

Not at all. I want a secluded office for the pack ceremony.

Huh? Jay looked over at Tala with surprise. Why do we need that?

For a clan heir, you really need to watch what your father does sometime. When you turn someone, they are already your pack by default. When your alpha dies, if the pack continues, your allegiance will continue with it. If you leave the pack, you must forcibly break the link to the group. It is very painful, and would normal mark you as rouge. Rouges don't rejoin packs easily.

So that means what for us?

Well even if Björn is openly welcome to joining my pack, it comes at a price. He has to have the link created again and submit to my control. It is hard to handle for someone that hasn't had a link for as long as he has.

The cab stops at a three-story office building. The pair gets out and pays the driver. Right inside is the reception desk. Yes Erika, it's good to see you again. Is the second floor clear as I requested? Wonderful to hear! If we need anything, we will call. They continue over to the stairs up to the second floor. Once there, they survey the layout. There are three conference rooms and a large media area. They step in to the largest of the three rooms and push the table to one side. A large mat is spread over the open space.

About twenty-five minutes later a man in his late thirty's comes up the stairs. Tala meets him on the landing. Welcome Björn. I am Tala and I am the one that asked you here today. Tala ushers Björn in to the large conference room and offers him a seat. Before we begin, I want to ease any worries you may have. What I am about to ask you is your choice. The first might be painful for you but the second is the job of a lifetime. I will give you the chance now to walk away. If you do, you will not remember you even were here.

I will hear you out Master Tala.

Excellent, your senses are still very acute. You have been without the link for fifteen years or so. As you know, I am Master Tala. Many in the world would see me as my former self, Kellyn Lutz. I have told my manager that I am on a long vacation is the remote parts of the Pacific Northwest, which is true, but he does not know that my career is over. The news is not released yet but the council has ruled that the American clan is revived. I am the named clan head. My full title is Master Tala, American Clan Head and Order of Five Winds.

Björn's face drops. He is staring at Tala in disbelief. But, that's not possible. Tala removes his shirt and allows Björn to see the Kin's Crest on his shoulders. Amazing! Yes, I will join you Master.

That was fast, and I am honored to accept your request. You are my first. I hope to have others in our bloodline join as well.

If I'm your first, then who is he? Björn points at Jay whom is sitting by the window.

Jay stands up and walks over the others. I am Jason Wilson, heir to the Celtic clan. I am also Tala's mate.

Talk about royalty. Björn laughs a bit.

Tala laughs for a second. Yes, you could say that. We will tell you all about that later though. For now we have another issue to discuss. Tala waited for Björn to nod he was ready. It is well known that the council has seats for the four families and a wildcard seat selected by the general council to replace the lost bloodline. As we speak, a motion is on the general council floor to amend the charter to return the council to just seats for the five families now that our bloodline is restored.

Huh, what do you mean our bloodline? I just realized you said that before already.

The American bloodline never really died. Other clans to insure we did not really die out protected our ancestors. The Celts did a great service by insuring that as many strong wolfs continued on. You are in fact more American than I am. I am only about 40% pure where you are 70% pure. That is why I want to offer to you the council seat.

Master? A seat on the senior council?

I cannot do it. I have to be free to continue building my pack and reestablishing the American clan to its former glory. I will do everything I can to help you. The more American packs I can get together the more powerful you can as a councilman.

I don't know if I can do that.

Jay speaks up for a second. You are a great lawyer. The senior council was entrusted with upholding the charter and ruling as a group in accordance to the laws. You are perfect for that job.

Thank you Sir Jason.

Please, call me Jay.

Very well Jay. I am overwhelmed by your request. May I have time to think about it?

Tala thought for a moment. Yes, but think fast. As soon as the charter is amended, they will call for the representative to be named. The council moves slow only when it wants. There are council members that want this done fast so I have to be locked in to doing it.

I understand. I will think fast. Thank you.

It is my duty to never force someone to do something I feel would be harmful. With that said though, my first request is not an easy task.

Agreed, but I wanted it the moment you told me who you were.

Okay, please join me on the mat once you have undressed. I can offer these more comfortable shorts if you are shy.

I guess, but I am sure you know my transformation was always weak.

We will deal with that later. For now just kneel down in front of me. I want you to close your eyes and clear your mind of everything. Tala put his hands on Björn's shoulders and started to whisper in an ancient language. He felt the temperature of the room change a few degrees and switched back to English. Björn Chase, do you submit to me fully and completely?


Do you feel my wolf on your mind?

Yes, but I can't get my wolf to let it in. Björn felt weak.

That's okay my pup. Tala pushed his wolf spirit harder toward Björn. In his mind, he saw the wall the rouge wolf spirit had created. He closed his eyes and pushed one last time.

Björn screamed violently as he crumbled to the mat. It hurts so much. Make it stop! Björn writhed in pain as Tala exerted his control over him. Please Master, please make it stop.

Jay looked on in horror. He had to leave the room.

Tala looked down at his new pack member. It's over Björn. You can stand up now.

Björn slowly opened his eyes. He felt Tala's mind just at the back of his head. He relaxed as the once familiar calm was restored in him. I never thought I would ever feel the calm again. For fifteen years, I have always felt alone. Even with my wife, I was never happy.

Do you think your wife would ever want to be turned?

She is small part Saharan and very small part Celtic clans. She always told me that she would never want to feel the loneliness I have felt. But now, she might be open to it.

Jay, can you come in here for a second?

Yes, my love? Is it over?

The hard part is over, but can you check his markings?

My marking are shameful. They never really did anything but make a dark patch on my back.

Well not anymore. Jay pulls out the mirrors that Tala brought, hands one to Björn, and positions the second so that he can see his back. You markings are a bit clearer now.

Wow! I belong somewhere. Björn starts to sob and lies down on the mat to cry happy tears.

Jay, call Toby and tell him that the four of us will meet him in Mason tonight.


We need to pick up Björn's wife on the way to the airport. She needs to see just how happy her husband is now.

It is has been moved and seconded to call a vote on the matter of rolling back the senior council amendment returning the circle of five families. All in favor? As the yea votes rolled in, F olan is a bit sad; his days on the senior council are over. The motion is passed. He takes a deep sad breath and continues. As the wildcard member of the senior council, I wish to thank all of you that supported me in that role. As of now, I will return to my regular council position for my clan. A call will go to the newly appointed American clan head to bring his representative to use within 3 days. This meeting is adjourned until that time.

It has begun Master. He now has three days to find someone or else he is forced to take the seat himself.

I am pleased Vukasin. As soon as he is shown to be just a weak pup, we can start to plan the takeover.

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