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All dialog will be in red. There will be words in bold as part of the dialog. These are words backed by either an alpha voice or ancient power.
All the wolf species have been verified to actually exist. Many names were researched to ensure they were the correct spelling and usage.

It has begun Master. He now has three days to find someone or else he is forced to take the seat himself.

I am pleased Vukasin. As soon as he is shown to be just a weak pup, we can start to plan the takeover.

Lisbeth, I know that is a rapid change but I think this the break I've been looking for.

Honey, I know you are excited. I am just not sure I can handle moving. I mean Seattle is nice and I always enjoyed visiting but we just paid off our house.

Tala interrupts the couple's discussion. I have a solution for you. Do not move to Seattle. You will have the use of a corporate jet for meetings and you don't need to be in Seattle to embrace your new pack.

Tala and I will be a little busy finding others for the pack for the new few months, Jay interjects. Also, we plan on having a lot of sex. Tala blushes a bit. We did not come to you for the purpose of changing your whole life.

I just assumed that I would have to move close to my alpha.

No, if that was the case then you could never be on the council. You will be welcome anytime you want though. Tala looked out the window of the plane as they got close to Mason again. I do ask that if you choose to accept the change that you stay with us for a few weeks so that we can help you. Having just doing so not too long ago, I remember just how hard it is to adjust.

Lisbeth takes a second to pick her words before she speaks. The thought of become a true lycan scares the crap out of her. Thank you for the offer. I have a lot of thinking to do first. If I do decide to take the change, I will let you know.

Lisbeth and Björn, I want you to meet my father. This is Master Tobias Whelan, Leader of the Celtic clan. Dad, this is Björn and Lisbeth Chase.

It is a pleasure to meet you both. I see that Tala has recruited you to his newly formed pack. I have to say I am so happy he was able to convince you.

Master Tobias, I knew the moment I saw him that he was going to be my new alpha. I was so happy when the calm returned. I spend fifteen years alone in a crowd. Had he not asked me, I might have asked him.

I take it he also asked you about the main reason he sought you out.

Yes, and I have yet to make my final decision. My wife and I discussed it a little bit on the plane but I am still a bit torn. Björn's face showed the complete quandary he was in.

As I told you before, I cannot force you to take the position. I still have time to find another if I need.

Lisbeth looked at her husband's confusion and whispered in his ear. Björn's face contorted for a second and then he looked back at his wife. She nodded to him and then licked her lips. Björn blushed and turned to Tala. My wife thinks I should do it.

Jay started laughing and nearly fell out of his chair. Only if you change, Jay tried to say without laughing some more. Toby and Tala looked at each other and started laughing too. This got Björn blushing deeply. Jay got his breath back and continued what he was saying. Since he has taken on a pack and his spirit is a bit more energetic, you might not want to push him too hard.

I have been thinking about it now for a while. Even before you showed up, I was thinking there had to be a way to cure his loneliness. Now I see just how happy he is. Can he do it, or is it better if one of you does it?

Toby knew exactly what she was speaking of and quickly answered. I think it best if either Jay or Tala does it. The best really would be Tala though. Jay is still kind of between packs and it might muddle things a bit.

Honey, are you sure?

Yes, I am sure that this is the right thing to do. Once you are assigned to the council, we will take a trip to Seattle and plan to spend a couple months there. I think we can plan of having a summer home there.

Toby speaks up again. I know just the place to have your home built.

Björn looks over at Toby. I don't think I can afford to build a house.

You don't have to. I am giving a large chunk of land to my son for his new pack. I do believe that it is customary to have your alpha build your house.

Huh? What do you mean a chunk of land?

New pack?

Yes my son. As soon as Tala took his first new pack member, your alliance changed to him. I thought you knew.

No, I can't say that I did.

How much land are we talking about?

Well I am giving your clan all my holdings near Julia Butler Hansen Refuge.

That's over 100 square miles!

I want to make sure you have enough space. You are not far from the ferry to Westport and a town if you need supplies. I was going to sign the papers when we got back.

Björn, I guess I'm building you a summer home.

Good evening Tobias. Yes, the council has adopted the change to the charter. I must speak with Tala before I can give you any answers.

Toby put Rolf on hold when he got Tala's attention. It is Rolf.

They passed the amendment?

Yes; he needs to speak with you though. He is on hold for you.

Tala picked up the phone to greet his caller. Good evening Master Reid. How can I help you tonight?

Master Tala, this is an official call. You are requested to attend a meeting with the council as soon as plausible. You will be asked for your selection for the seat currently vacant of the Circle of Five.

I was told that this position was for the senior council.

I can explain more when you arrive, but the council has rolled back the senior council amendment to the charter. Before said senior council was created, there existed the Circle of Five. It is a member of each family and is operated a bit differently than the senior council. The Circle cannot be questioned.

I understand. I will inform my candidate of the change and arrive when I can. Can I assume that this meeting would be in the morning?

If you are able, the council can still meet tonight. We are not afraid of the dark. Rolf tried not to chuckle at his last statement. But we can wait, if you need.

Then hold for a second while I check to see if I can gather the troops for tonight. Tala put Rolf back on hold. Björn, are you ready? I can postpone if you need more time.

I am ready. As long as I have the blessing of my family, I am ready for anything. Björn smiled at his wife. Shall we?

Tala picked up the phone. Master Reid, we will arrive in about thirty minutes. It is time we completed the circle again.

He what? The Himalayan wolf on the phone was quite angry. How did he find someone so fast? Never mind that we need a plan to solve this complication. Do we know who he is selecting?

No Master, he didn't give the name to Master Reid during the conversation.

We know he isn't pack with that American upstart. The council never granted him a pack license before it adjourned. Can we use that? I am unfamiliar with the rules of selection when it comes to the Circle. I never dreamed I would have to think about it.

I will raise the objection when we meet tonight. Is there anything else we can use?

Work on your paws. Use anything that you think will work but not get us in trouble.

I call this meeting to order. We are gathered here tonight to select the members of the Circle of Five. The first four members have been select by their families and we are left with the nomination for the American clan member. Master Tala, as leader of the American clan, whom do you wish to bring forth as you selection.

Members of the council, I wish to nominate Björn Chase. He is my blood 4th cousin, twice removed, as well as my loyal pack member.

The council rose to their feet. Master Vukasin took the first verbal jab at Tala. How can you have a pack without a license? Didn't your alpha teach you any of the laws?

Toby spoke up to be heard over the clamor. I have here a copy of an official pack permit signed by two clan leaders. As we all know, that is all that is required when the council is adjourned.

We know that you would sign anything for your son's mate, but what other fool would sign for this brand new wolf to get a pack license?

Tala smiled and spoke directly to Vukasin. Why, I did naturally. I have the power and the right as given to me by the council. One can only assume that was how the first packs were started.

I object! This time is was a Saharan pack representative. I will not let you stand that and make a joke of the council. I demand that the document be certified as invalid.

That is enough! Master Raul shouted. Master Tala is correct. We did give him the power as a clan leader. I will accept the document. From what I hear, the Saharans' object.

Master Ulrik answered. Unlike my clan brother, I see the validity of the document. I will accept it. What say the Himalayans'?

We do not accept the document.

As the final vote, I will accept the document on behalf of the Celts. The document is declared valid with a vote of 3-1. Now back to the main topic of this meeting. Björn Chase, please step forward. Björn took his place in the center of the council chamber. I have only one question for you. Do you take this position of your own free will?

Yes, it was my choice and my choice alone to take this position. I received excellent advice from my dear wife, but it is I alone that decided.

Rolf sat down and allowed the next member question Björn. The next to speak was Raul. Mr. Chase, what do you know of how this council works?

I have in my past career work in constitutional law. This is very similar to that. We have laws based on the council charter and the council must enforce them. I understand that instead of assisting in the welfare of my client, I am tasked with the furtherance of an entire race.

Well said. Thank you, Mr. Chase

Master Ulrik stood next. Mr. Chase, isn't it true that you have been without pack for fifteen years? Isn't also true that that you refused to accept the leadership that your pack's beta asserted when you took control of said pack?

It is true for both questions. The new alpha and I did not agree on politics so I chose to leave and forcibly break away from the only pack of wolves I knew. I was also at that time nineteen years old. I wanted to make it on my own like every other teenager. I took many loans and got the best education I could. I was so successful that I have already repaid all of my outstanding debts. I owe it all to my inability to sleep. I never really got over the chaos in my mind.

I am sorry you felt you needed to do that to succeed. I never realized you were so young when you left your only family.

A young wolf hands a packet of papers to Vukasin. He reads them and then stands to ask questions of Björn. Mr. Chase, my assistant has brought me a copy of your file. It states that your markings are a smudge at best and that your transformation is too weak to materialize on regular occasions. How do you expect to be an effective leader when you are hardly a wolf?

I beg your pardon Master Vukasin. Tala interrupted politely. But I do believe your records are quite inaccurate. When I inspected his marks, they were very clear and sharp. As for his transformation, I would assume that a 70% purebred American wolf would be a remarkable sight. I have seen the wolf of a 45% Himalayan like you to be very austere.

Then let him prove it.

Björn looked over at Tala with a petrified look. Tala returns a reassuring smile and nods. Björn removed his shirt so the council could see his highly defined American clan markings. He waited a few minutes before he removed his pants and started to transform. A very powerful Great Plains wolf soon stood before them. He walked around the chamber for a few minutes and then changed back to his human form. He very quietly spoke. Are you placated Master Vukasin?

Yes. Vukasin sat down.

Rolf stood once more. I declare on behalf of the rest of the Circle, that our fifth member will be Master Björn Chase. This meeting is once again adjourned and the Circle will be meeting within the week to discuss the rest of the transition items that must be addressed.

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