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Rolf stood once more. I declare on behalf of the rest of the Circle, that our fifth member will be Master Björn Chase. This meeting is once again adjourned and the Circle will be meeting within the week to discuss the rest of the transition items that must be addressed.

Björn, are you okay? Tala looked over to the wolf sitting in the next across from him. Is something wrong?

No, I am just worried that I'm not good enough for what I agreed to. Björn looked over to Tala with a worried face. What if...

No what ifs! You are going to be great and that is that.

Björn sighed. I know that I can do, it's just I don't know if I can really do it.

Tala shook his head and went back to reading his book. The plane they were on was headed to Portland, Oregon so they could find a suitable builder for the houses that needed to be built. In a matter of a few days, Tala had gone from finding a new pack member to having to build him a house inside of his yet to be built compound.

Lisbeth, have you thought about what kind of house you want yet?

No but I do have a few questions to ask before I really get down to deciding. Lisbeth turned to look at Jay. Should I really do this? Is it really worth the pain?

Is it worth the pain you would cause him if you did not accept the offer? Could you live with yourself knowing he would have to watch you? He wants kids and a family but it might not turn out well. He would lose himself if he lost you.

No then, it is not worth the pain. I will not let him be in pain. Lisbeth's resolve strengthened. Who has to do it?

You know that answer already. Until then though, come sit next to be for a second. Jay patted the seat next to him. She walked over and sat down. Close your eyes and focus on the woods. I know that you are very small part lycan so I will have to draw the spirit out a bit before he can use it to change you. In those woods, I want you to find a white oak. Focus all your energy on finding the one white oak in a pine forest. Very good Lisbeth I can already feel it. Keep focus on finding that tree.

Master Tala, the pilot came on over the speakers above their heads. We are arriving in Portland now. There will be a car waiting to take you to Cathlamet when you are done meeting with the builder.

Tala picked up the phone to call up to the front. What do you mean meet with the builder? We have not picked anyone.

I am sorry. I thought you knew that the only building company out here was the crew employed by Master Tobias.

No, I did not know that and he never said anything about it to me either. Thank you for letting me know. Tala hung up the phone, turned to Jay, and simply tilted his head.

Do not look at me! I never was told anything about what my alpha had going on outside of the world I chose to live in. Do you think he will charge us? Jay sat with an amused but puzzled face.

That is what I am afraid off. Either we get it all for free and next to free or we pay an arm and a leg because there is no one else to do it. Tala sighed. I guess we will find out really soon. He is waiting for us by the stairs.

What?!? How do you know that? Jay looked almost angry. I would know when my father is around.

I am right here, remember? I am your alpha and my presence would be a stronger influence. Tala pinched Jay's mind for a second to prove the point. I can sense him there. He is the leader of a clan you know.

Greetings Master Tobias Tala and all the other bowed to him as they reached the ground from disembarking the small jet.

What have I told you about bowing to me Tala? I will excuse Björn this time but he is never to bow down to me either. Toby tried to keep a serious face as long as he could but within ten seconds was smiling. I guess you have heard that I own all the building companies in the area?

Tala glanced over at his mate for a second before turning back to Toby. Yes, the pilot let me in on that fact.

Good, we can go over the plans in the car as we head to your new clan lands. Jay pointed towards a large SUV parked alongside the tarmac of the small airport. We have a lot to discuss on more topics then I realized. I see that Jay has been grooming this fine young woman for her husband to turn. I will assess how you are doing and what you will need still need for that to happen.

They all got in to the car and were headed east toward the ferry across the Columbia River. First, the land you now own is just north of Cathlamet and east of Rosberg. It lays between Hwy 4 and Hwy 506 and is very rough and mountainous. I am sure a few rocks will not stop the four of you for long. The forestry service put in some roads so you can get around in SUVs and ATVs. Second, I have some plans here I had drawn up a few years ago and never started to build. They include a central meeting house and office space and then a well separated housing plan so that over time you could have up to three packs on the land at once. My lands are just north of you so I can help as much as you need.

Thank you Toby. These plans look wonderful. Tala turned to Jay. Do you like them?

Yes, my father always did wonderful work. I am just still a bit overwhelmed. Jay turned to Toby. This just happening so fast. It is weird not hearing you in the back of my head.

It is fast for me too. Normally an alpha will be able to sense and hear his pack. The moment you mated with Tala I lost you in my mind. I did not let you see me cry that day, but I missed you the moment you left my mind. Toby gave Jay a hug as best he could wearing a seatbelt. That being said, how are you doing Tala? Has the link settled down with Björn?

It has. We are both happy that it was not as bad as we thought it might be.

Excellent news to hear. Now to the new topic at hand. Björn, Jay has been working to draw your wife's wolf spirit out. I can feel it starting to rise already and at this point we need to make a choice. If Jay draws it out much more, it is possible that she could mate with your wolf. It makes things harder if that happens but will create a bond so strong that no one can break it. Toby turns to look at Lisbeth. We could have Tala turn you when you are ready and then your wolves could mate without that bond. The second option is the safer option when building up packs. If the wolf doing the full mating bite is an alpha, then a pack could be split off and allegiance can change.

Lisbeth took a second to think before turning to Tala. Will you turn me then Tala? Not today but in the next few days?

Yes Lisbeth, I would be honored to turn you. From what I know of wolf spirits so far, you might not want to do any more of the things Jay had you doing earlier.

Very correct Tala. Just let your wolf sleep for a while and all will be well.

Toby, how long was that drive, Tala questioned. My butt is killing me!

Toby laughed. That my friend was two and a half hours of fine Oregon nature.

Jay turned to ward Toby. Is it possible to get an airstrip put in?

Yes, I think might be possible. I have one a few miles north of my main camp and it was easy to have approved. It takes just as long from Beaverton as it does Napavine so we flew you in there.

Wow! Tala looked out the window to take in the size of what was now his land to manage. All of this is our land. I do not even know where to start.

Funny you should say that. Toby laughed and opened the plans he had in his hand. Over here is the largest of the forestry roads and goes up to a small clearing about a mile up there. The next smaller road is about 2 miles north and ends in a clearing as well but much smaller. The first thing would be to make a road between them and put your main camp in the large clearing. We will make a road that goes up a ways and then put the main house there. Off of the small clearing we can put in driveways to other houses.

Björn, do you want your house here, Tala points to a place near the main camp, or do you want it near the other clearing?

Honey? Björn looks over to his wife. Your choice.

It looks like the clearings are spread further then the beginnings of the roads on the highway. Is it possible to have it in between the two?

I think that can be arranged very easily. Do you want it to be more of a main home feeling or kind of a vacation home feeling? I have some sample house layouts if you need some ideas.

Lisbeth took the pages of sample houses and flipped through them for a few minutes. I like this one here. Three floors with a rustic feel and lots of closet space.

Björn looked at the page Lisbeth had on top and whistled. I see why you like it. I love it too. Is it possible to have it tucked up in to the hills a bit?

That plan would work really well for that. You can have earth on three sides and treat it as a split entry. It would keep the mud down to a minimum during the rainy seasons. Toby turned to Tala and Jay. Any ideas gentlemen?

I was thinking something a bit more in depth for our house. Jay looked at Tala and he nodded. More along the lines for your main house. Full underground floor and storage, network relays, panic room and second entrance for the rainy season.

I fully agree. As we create the road system, we will bury fiber optic lines, power, water, sewer and gas. In the main building will be a second set of servers that mirror the main ones in your house as well as connect to the Lycan backbone servers.

What kind of bandwidth can we get out here? Tala looked out over the large rural space. We are in the middle of nowhere.

Let me take care of that. The council systems are only 10Mbit and I can get you set up with closer to 512Mbit. We will use VOIP with backup systems that can default to copper phone line in an emergency.

How long will it take to get everything going? Tala turned back to Toby. I mean we have a lot to do if we are going to be building my clan back up.

I can have Björn's house done in eight weeks or less and your main house about two weeks after that just because of the digging out of the basement areas.

That is pretty damn fast Lisbeth exclamed. Are you sure?

Toby chuckled. Yes, I am sure. The road team will start the day after tomorrow and the digging teams will be out as soon as they can get to the spots for the foundations.

So Toby, until then, are you willing to put us up? Jay turned to Tala. Our clan needs a place to rally together and find us some more family.

A few hours later, the small group is sitting in Toby's formal living room having tea. Master Tobias, I have a message from the research building.

Give it to me then. Toby opens the sealed envelope and reads the short memo inside. Excellent news boys! My team has found a group of wolves that are part American.

That is wonderful news. Where are they at? Tala jumps up from his chair. When are we leaving?

Settle down Tala! I understand you are eager to meet them. Toby picked up his phone. We need to file a flight plan to Boise either tonight or in the morning. I understand and I will meet you with two other passengers in a few hours.

Toby hung up the phone and turned to Björn. I offer you my home to settle in for a while. My assistants will see you in the morning and give you a quick lesson in the old ways. I luckily still had some old information on the previous Circle I am sure you would want to review.

I accept Toby, I am sure Lisbeth and I will be comfortable while you are flying here and there collection strays. Björn laughed at the looks he got from Tala and Jay. We need all the family we can. Are you going to add them to your main pack or are you going to make them a different pack?

That is a good question. Jay turns to his father. What is your advice?

I would say to do both. If there are enough wolves that it can be done, it might be a good way to balance out the numbers so that they can have lots of room to grow. It will all depend on how things are there before the final decision can be made.

Jay thought for a second before asking his next question. Who are they aligned under now? I mean you wouldn't have had to do research if they were in your clan.

Before Toby could answer, Tala spoke up. I already know who they are aligned under. I think it this might not be an easy trip. Before Jake left his pack to start his own, he was a part of the pack we are going to visit. His father is a very popular Beta in the Boise pack. Claiming his pack will start a war between Jake and I again.

All the people in the room looked at Tala and blanched. Jay was the first to speak. Are you sure?

Tala sighed. Yes, I am sure. Based on what you know about Jake, which by the way I can read in your mind and the stuff I know about him from our interactions on set, I am one hundred percent positive that it is his former pack. The war is a guess. He is not one to stand down while I steal his family.

I agree that this will be a tender situation. Nevertheless, in the words of Abraham Lincon, "The best way to destroy an enemy is to make him a friend." I think we can use this to do just that. Now, we should be heading out to the plane soon. Good luck Björn and we will talk with you soon.

Master, we are arriving in Boise now and will touch down in a few minutes. Please fasten your seatbelts. The pilot turned back toward the front and they soon felt the plane touchdown. There is a driver waiting for you just inside the terminal that can take you to where you need to go.

Thank you, we appreciate all your planning on short notice. Toby turned to his two passengers and motioned for the door.

The three men talked about different layout options for the compound back in Cathlamet. The driver took them northeast in to the hills the Boise National Forest. They drove for about an hour before their SUV stopped in front of a small grouping of houses. They got out of the car and looked around at the surroundings.

You do not belong here! Out of the shadows came six men armed with shotguns. You have some nerve showing your face here. Why don't you all get back in your car and leave and we will pretend you were never here.

I am here though. I came to offer my fellow American wolves the opportunity to rejoin your true clan. I am not here for any other reason. Tala paused for a second to read the feeling of the men who now surrounded them. I know you have not been represented properly in the past. I will make that right again. The actions of one shall not smudge the glory of all.

What can you do? You are a lone wolf claiming to be something you are not. We will not let anything you do shame us any longer. An older wolf now walks out of the shadow. My son has damaged us enough with his lust for you. That shame will not end while you stand here.

Tala felt something in him shift and he now knew how to defuse the situation. I understand your feelings Uncle. Jay looked at Tala with shock on his face. You never thought I would figure out who you were if I were brought here as Jake's omega. You are right. I would never have been able to access the power I have now if that had happened. I promise you that it is better this way. I could never hate my cousin the way he hates me.

Your cousin? Jay exclaimed.

I never told him that you were blood. In that situation it didn't matter as it would have been normal pack dynamics. I disagree that this is better however because now you know the truth.

Uncle Alexander, I understand why you didn't tell him. You still miss my mother and the thought of seeing me as your nephew would have torn open that pain again. I forgive you. I want you to be proud of me and I want to have you join me. I request an audience with your pack alpha.

I am so sorry Kellyn, I never meant to do the things I did. Alexander started to cry. I will take you to see Michael.

No need, I am here Alexander. Michael stepped forward and bows to Tala and Toby. It is an honor to have to clan heads visiting our lands. Please come with me, our meeting hall is right over here.

Once settled Toby spoke first. I thank you Sir Michael for your hospitality in these uncertain times.

When Master Tobias comes to your land, it must be important. I understand that you have brought Master Tala to ask us to rejoin the American clan. Michael turned to face Tala. Why us?

My mate and I were given lands in Southeast Washington as a mating gift. We decided to search for my lost clan members and offer them the ability to rejoin their clan of blood. Your packs were the first to show up on our search.

Michael had a look of displeasure on his face. I see. Do you understand the gravity of your arrival here?

Tala was not fazed by his question. I do indeed. My hope that is my offer does not escalate things between certain parties and myself. I must offer this to all fairly and equally.

What if I were to accept? What would our future hold? Michael asked coarsely.

I would let your pack be as it is. I know that your pack has suffered and I would never wish to make that suffering any worse. I would restore your representative to the council and insure any sanctions were lifted. Your lives would be the same except you would know that you are not hiding who you really are anymore.

Michael thought for a second. If we were to decline? Then what?

I get back in that SUV outside and leave. I would never tell anyone that I am related to your packs beta or to Jake.

That's it. We would just be another pack in the American clan? Michael mused. Do you take me for a fool? You must seek revenge for what Jake wanted to do to you.

No I do not. I do not understand the reasons Jake wanted what he wanted but I will not seek revenge. That is not how a true man deals with his issues and it is not how a clan leader should act either. My job is the welfare of my clansmen and my family. I want nothing more.

Hold out your hand, Michael instructed.

Tala extended his right hand. Michael grabbed it firmly in his and then quickly let go. Tala looked up at him before starting to cry. It is done. Thank you Michael.

Jay looked over to Toby. What just happened?

Toby turned back to Jay. Tala now has two packs in the American clan.

Michael turned to Jay. Sir Jason, your father is a wise man. Michael looked back toward Tala. I too must look after the people I care for. Tala here showed me that he was only here because he wanted to help us no matter the personal cost to himself.

Tala looked up for a second. I assume that Jake is already on his way here.

Michael stopped to feel the air. I believe he is. He will have been watching the area.

Wrong old man, I am already here. Hello maggots. Jake laughed.

Hello cousin. I wondered why you were not here sooner. Your father must not have called you like I thought he did before coming out to apologize to me for you. Tala motioned to a chair. Please sit down. We need to talk.

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