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Tala looked up for a second. I assume that Jake is already on his way here.

Michael stopped to feel the air. I believe he is. He will have been watching the area.

Wrong old man, I am already here. Hello maggots. Jake laughed.

Hello cousin. I wondered why you were not here sooner. Your father must not have called you like I thought he did before coming out to apologize to me for you. Tala motioned to a chair. Please sit down. We need to talk.

Jake gave Tala a death stare as he sat down. So what do you want to talk about?

Tala turned to him and answered calmly. I want to talk about us being a family. Your dad is now part of my clan and you can be too.

His voice full of poison, Jake replied. What would that get me? You want to drag me through the dirt and make me a bigger outcast.

Tala shook his head. The chance to get to know me and to heal what came between us is what I am offering

You may say cousin, but don't you mean ruler with our packs as slaves? We don't become instantly related just from being in your clan.

Tala finally had enough and snapped back at Jake. Jake we are blood cousins! My mother was your aunt. Ask your father.

Huh? Are you saying my father knew? He would have told me! Jake anger rose as he was forced to listen to what he knew were lies.

Now it was Michael's turn to address Jake. It is true Jake. Your father was supposed to tell you but he could not face it. I told him it would cause his family pain later but he could face his first.

I wanted to fuck my cousin? Jake anger fell away and his face paled. Eeew! I was going to fuck my cousin!

I agree. Tala looked Jake straight in the eyes before continuing. I never knew until I came here. The moment I saw your father tonight, I knew it was true right then and there.

This is it then? I have nothing! Both of the packs I have ever known have exiled me. Now, I don't even have my family either. Jake stormed out the room.

Jay turned to the others. I think that went well.

Tala still looked concerned. No, it is worse than I dreamed of. We have to find him before he does something stupid. If we do not, he will not last the night.

The search parties combed the Idaho woods for many hours. About four in the morning, the call came out that Jake was found in a small cave about a mile from the main camp. Alexander quickly called out first to retrieve him. I will get him. I want him to know I will never leave him.

Tala turned to him. No, I will go get him. I cannot have him lash out at anyone but me.

Jay grabbed Tala's hand. Let us go then.

I must go alone for this.

Jay held Tala's hand harder. You cannot go alone! What if he attacks you?

He will try. That is what I want him to do at least. I am going to try one last time to speak reason to him. Tala left the room to head toward Jake's cave.

Go away. Please leave me alone. Jake begged. Why won't you let me be? I was wrong to have tried to enslave you. Is that what you want to hear? You have taken everything from me!

I never wished to take anything from you. I loved you but it is not the same as when I saw Jay. You came after me and I overreacted. It hurt me dearly to break your hold over me. I never stopped caring for you and I did not want to lose my hold on a normal life. Jake, you are my family now and forever. Let me give you back your pride. I never at any time said a single bad word about you publicly and I never will. Tala stepped closer to Jake and held out his hand. Let me be your friend again. Your passion is what drives people to action. Let me help you, please.

No orders? Jake looked up at his cousin.

I made you sit down because I knew you needed to hear what I had to say. I should not have done that. Tala looked hurt inside that he used his power for his own gain. I had a bad feeling about coming here. I was sure I would start a war, but I think now that I needed to be here for you.

For me?

Yes, for you. Tala sat down next to Jake. Join us and help us heal your spirit. It cries out in loneliness right now. You can rejoin your father's pack or you can have a new pack of your own.

I have no one to join me in a pack. I burned many bridges in the last few weeks. Do you think they will take me? Jake almost sounded like he would beg his cousin to make them accept him.

That I cannot decide. I am not the head of that pack and it would not be proper to decide that unless Michael asks me. Tala helped Jake up off the ground. I know the only way to find out. We ask.

A few minutes later, the two young men are standing in front of Michael. Sir Michael, Alpha of the Boise Woods Pack of the American Clan, I request permission to rejoin the pack of my birth.

I am surprised to hear your request to be honest. If I remember correctly, you wished to leave my pack because I was holding you back. Now, you wish to return. Michael turned to Tala for a second. Tala nodded to him. I accept your request. Welcome home, Pup!

Thank you Uncle for the use of your spare room. Jay and I slept wonderfully. Tala sipped at a cup of coffee Alexander handed him.

I should be thanking you. You brought my son home. Alexander turned toward the window where he watched Jake carrying a box in from his truck. I never thought I would have the chance to make things right.

I would do anything for my family. Tala put his cup in the sink. I have to meet with Michael in a few minutes but I do have a question.

Anything. Alexander looked back toward Tala. Ask away.

Weaker than he expected his question to come out, from his lips slid four simple words. Who was my father?

I am sorry for the change in plans on such short notice Michael. Jay sat down across from Michael. Tala had a few formalities he needed to go over with you.

You are his mate Jay. I trust you to take over for him here. Michael motioned for Jay to proceed.

Jay took out a sheet of paper with the questions his father told him he needed to answer. First, do you have an offshoot pack? Anyone that you use to keep new blood?

Michael seemed prepared for that question. No, we usually would participate in the fairs and gatherings for proper diversity.

Good. Now are you planning to change your council representative?

Michael was not ready for that question. Change? We do not have a representative. Our pack is so small that we never could send someone even part time.

Jay was taken aback. What? Your pack is decent size. Could you spare no one at all? I am sure two members would not have been a burden.

What do you mean two? We were told that we would have to staff a whole office at our expense. I was also told by Faolán that my pack needed to be over two hundred members for us to be included.

Jay sat shocked for a second. I am so sorry Michael. I never dreamed that he could lie to you like that. A pack must only be registered to have someone on the council. I will speak to my father later about that. My last question, since all the others are now irrelevant, is to ask if you will accept our invitation to visit us when our clans' main camp is finished.

I am so sorry Michael. I was selfish to send Jay in my place yesterday. Tala was sitting across from Michael. I just needed to reconnect with my family. I should not have ignored the rest of my clan.

I think it was best for you to do what you did. Michael looked Tala straight in the eye. Jay was able to do things that you and I would not have been able to. His knowledge is what figured out we were being cheated. He brought over the new pack paperwork last night and I signed it already. All it needs is your signature.

Tala signed on the line making Michael's pack officially a member of the American clan. Have you thought about who you want to send to the council?

Yes, and it someone I think you should meet. I invited him to come by. Just as Michael said it, there was a knock on the door. Please come in Hawk.

You called to see me Michael. Tala turned to see a young man about his age come in the door.

It is nice to meet you... Tala stopped talking the moment he saw the man's face.

Hawk stared back at him for a second. You are. I mean you're. You're him.

I use to be. Tala barely got out but could not stop staring at the man's face. I am Tala.

Tala. Hawk seemed to weight the name in his head. I am...

Yes, you are Hawk. Tala felt like he was staring into a mirror of himself. I know you somehow.

Michael spoke up for a second. Tala, your uncle asked me to do a check for him. Our records show that Haih Bia'isa here was born in North Dakota about a year after you were. Tala seemed confused. Hawk, if you would please explain who you are.

My father was from Boise area. He met a woman in Florida while they were both visiting different packs on business. They fell in love and they moved back here. She was homesick and traveled back to North Dakota a few years later but never made it home. My father died soon after for they had mated and he could not go on without her.

Did you say Lucas? Tala sat up rigid.


That was my father's name. Wait a second. Tala turned to Michael. Is he?

Hawk answered before Michael could. I am your brother Tala.

Tala fell to his knees crying. How is this possible?

Hawk got down on his knees to look at Tala's face. Someone found out who you were. Mom and Dad had to hide you. They moved you in with her sister in Atlanta.

Why hide me?

Hawk gets a bit indignant before speaking. Our parents should never have been together. It was forbidden! It is still illegal to be of more than three clans and we are four. The only reason I am not dead is that they sent me here ahead of them and made it look like I was a stray. Michael has been hiding me ever since.

Tala takes in everything for a second and hugs Hawk as hard as he can. I don't know what to say. In less than twenty-four hours, I went from having just a mate to having a whole family.

Michael gave the two brothers a second to finish their hug. Your uncle has worked really hard to keep a low profile about Hawk. It is time for him to be more than a simple laborer. I think he is ready to join his brother. I wish to nominate Hawk to be his pack representative.

So how are you handling all this? Tala and Jay are lying on the spare bed in his uncle's home. Your world keeps getting bigger by the minute.

I am still a bit overwhelmed. Tala turned toward Jay. I just need to have things slow down for a little while. I have been too busy the few days to ask Toby about something.

I understand that. Jay put his hand on Tala's shoulder. What did you need to know?

How am I going to pay for all the things I have to do now? Toby cannot continue to fly us everywhere. I mean I have money but I am not sure how I can get it without have to explain to a lot of people why I need it. Tala tried to show the worry on his face. I have to figure out something to tell my manger and my agent pretty soon.

The truth is not going to help is it? Jay laughed. Well the only way I can think of is to either change to a lycan company or to tell them the truth. I will talk to Toby when I can about finding a replacement if you want.

Tala sighed. I agree. We have to get things settled and the money flowing to make sure they are paid for.

The view is awesome. Hawk has his face glued to the airplane window. I never imagined I would fly anywhere in my life.

You will be doing a lot of flying for a while. Toby answers. You will soon find it is a great way to get work done or books read.

Toby, did you find anything out on your calls earlier? Jay turns to Toby as he turns toward him. Tala is really worried about the back of house stuff.

I did get some answers. Toby motions for Tala to listen. I talked with some financial people I know and the money is the easy part. All of your funds are invested in normal accounts and we can move those over to a different bank. The agent issue is a bit more complicated but we are still in good shape.

How are we in good shape? Tala mused for more information.

Well your management company is Saharan owned. Toby paused to let the look of surprise clear from the faces of everyone else. They will be very well equipped to handle your move out of the spotlight. However, that then has us relying on them to do the presswork. I do not see that as a huge issue and we will just have them move at our schedule if they want to get paid.

Jay thought a few seconds. So we are good?

On those fronts, we are fine. There is one other item I have been looking at and it also is going our way. Toby pulled out a sheet of paper from his bag. The deeds to ten thousand acres along the border of North Dakota and Manitoba are in process right now.

Hawk snapped his head toward the others. You own Mom's land?

I found the deeds to your family's land. Half is in North Dakota and the other half is in Canada. Currently the land is being used as a refuse for Great Plains wolves and Eastern Timber wolves. Toby continued to read some details. It is perfectly placed for the matching of the two types of wolves your family has.

Hawk looked puzzled. Two types? Our dad was an Eastern Timber.

Tala looked at Hawk. Well what was Mom?

I never saw her transform. So I don't really know. Hawk looked sad.

I know she was a Great Northern. Toby stated with a matter of fact tone. She was the more mixed of your two parents. Her family had been just joined that pack when your grandmother married your grandfather. At the time, they thought she was Northern Rocky Mountain wolf. That was part of the cover-up to hide the Great Plains Americans.

Hawk just sat in awe for a minute. There are still many wolves there. How much family do we have on that land?

That my dear Hawk is what our next trip will tell us. Toby pointed at the window again. We are now about two minutes away from the airstrip so we should get ready to land.

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