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Welcome Space Brothers

Chapter 1

The Measure of a Man

Me and Anjel was walkin home to the trailer court an we sees this real bright light and everthing starts to sizzle and make these zapping noises and the cars all stop and we get sucked up into this flying saucer and they give us these dark glasses.

Then they say inside are heads to take off are clothes and we didn't want to but they hit us with these silver things and made us. And then they say to get on the table and they make us spread are legs and they looked at are dicks and stuff and then used this ray thing to take off all the hair so we looked like we were 5.

Anjel has this real big dick and it still has the skin, so the little guys all crowded around him with big eyes and put this big silver hose up are butts and it felt real, real good and made are dicks get real hard and stay that way. Pritty soon i needed to cum real bad but they wont let me and Anjel was the same and I asked if they was going to use us to make half breeds and they said something like that.

One of the silver guys came over and looked at my dick and measured it. He said I was 173 grytons long and that was good. His 3 finger hand felt good on my knob but i held back cuz i saw the day the earth stood still and i dint want to start an interplanetary war by spraying there king or something with my jizm.

Pritty soon they brought in these other blue little guys and they sat on are dicks and it felt so good i thot i was gonna blow but the silver thing in my butt kept it from happening. It was better then Anjels butt hole and thats the best thing i ever had. Then they started moving up and down and blinking a lot and then they started saying all this weird stuff in are heads that I dint understand about affinty clusters or something and then they threw out there little 3 finger hands and screamed and the other silver guys pulled them off us and another blue guy came and took over and we musta fucked us 30 little aliens each.

When they ran out of blue guys they took it out of are butts and it didn't have any shit on it or nuthin and they made us put everthing back on and they dumped us on the road and flew off and we were so hard and horny that we went in the shed and sucked right away.

And that's how I got the sunburn on my dick and balls.

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