The Weretiger Assassin’s Chronicles: Chapter Ten
© 2009 by Lootah Akecheta


Warning! This story contains physical violence, strong language, and bloodshed. It is not intended for the faint of heart. Read at your own risk.


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Chapter 11

Disembarking: Cancun



The voyage passed rather quickly. Of course we found inventive ways to entertain ourselves, including sex. I think it showed up on all parts of the menu – appetizers, main course, desert, etc. As lycanthropes, sex is about as natural as being naked and no one thinks twice about seeing two or more lying about wrapped up with each other. Being shy about things is pretty much useless given that our senses are much more acute than they are for humans. I mean, when you can hear and smell everything in sharp detail what’s the use in hiding it? Even so night seemed the preferred time for Pumar, Greg and I to dance that particular rite. Rakish pretty much avoided us during our amorous adventures. He’s about as straight as they come, so I can’t say it surprised me. However, I found it funny when he failed to keep our lunar-link from feeding it all to him vicariously, at least at first: not much unlike a movie with the other four senses added: scent, hearing, etc, you get the picture. In other words he experienced it all as if he physically joined us. At first it terrified and exasperated him, which encouraged him to quickly learn to block it. I doubt he’ll ever see the light, but at least he’s not as repulsed anymore.


I lay awake on the foredeck watching stars breaststroke a cloudless sky. Moonrise waited for an encore that played hooky. In her new faze she doesn’t shed much light so it really didn’t matter when she rose. However I found it idiotic to be here in late July, the beginning of hurricane season, sailing around the Gulf and Caribbean like we have any sense, but hay, what’s life without a little adventure? Yea, right!


Blazing light danced golden on the western horizon broadcasting our first destination but I think it’s deceiving us like the proverbial campfire in the distance that a hiker can never reach. Every ridge you climb you can see it there taunting you, luring you on and on and on with promises of warmth and everything that’s right in the world but never lets you get too close. We first spotted it about four hours ago and still seem no closer. The glow, a great bright blob on the horizon, showed no definition, no individual lights, just a consistent bobbing radiance bouncing up and down in the far distance. Does it seem brighter or is it my imagination? I studied it for a moment before lying back on top of the cabin resuming my study of the stars while crisp breezes sang in the rigging. Nights get really cool out here or maybe it’s an allusion considering how hot the days are.


It’s your imagination. Pumar sat beside me. Once he recovered from seasickness he took to sailing like a fish takes to water: learning the lingo, techniques, and how to navigate using a compass, sextant, and map. I’m rather proud of him. You may want to talk with Rakish. He’s sitting below brooding.


What’s wrong with him? I asked.


I think it may have something to do with our behavior over the last week or so. Pumar referred to him, Greg, and me making love on deck after dark.


I thought he learned to block it out. I said.


I thought he did too. Pumar mused.


Well, if not I guess it would be overwhelming but why didn’t he say something? I asked.


Pumar shrugged. He wouldn’t say when I asked. Since you’re his dominant now, maybe he’ll tell you.


You know, I can hear you up there. Rakish’s mental voice sounded sarcastic and a bit miffed. I eased my energy down through the decks to feel the emotions swarming around him like an ill wind. His energy felt all wrong, not him. Stop it. He spat.


I will if you tell me what’s wrong.








With sugar on top?


No. You know, you’re very annoying.


Yea, it’s a gift. I said. So, what’s wrong? I stood up making my way back toward the gangway to the berths below.


Nothing, and don’t come down here. Rakish warned.


Too late. I sang.


I don’t want you here. He said.


“So sue me.” I said as I leaned against a set of cabinets bordering the passageway to the forward berths.


His eyes smoldered like a hot fire late at night as he looked up at me. “I guess you three will be getting it on again tonight?”


“Not if it bothers you this much. I thought you learned to block it out, what happened.” He looked away without a word, sitting there silently, staring at the highly polished African mahogany wall. “Rakish, you know I will not let this lie until you tell me what it’s all about.”


He took a deep breath and sighed. “When did you decide homosexuality suited you?”


That’s an odd question; most people ask when you knew you were gay. “I didn’t decide anything. I’ve always known it though. I didn’t know anything about sex until I became an adult, but my older brother and best friend liked girls. My younger brother and I were different and always were. I realized while going through puberty I preferred guys but it’s not something you revealed in Victorian America and especially not the Deep South. Why do you ask?”


“I learned to block you guys out, but when you’re up there, even as quiet as you all are, I can still hear you and I find it increasingly difficult to keep everything else blocked. I…” He trailed off sitting there quietly for a while. I stood waiting for him to continue. “I find myself wanting to let my guard down.” This last came out so quietly I doubt I would have heard it at all if not for my tiger hearing.


I knelt beside the bunk Rakish sat on and put my hands on his, looked into his eyes, and I asked: “Is this because you want to experience it again?”


“I don’t know.” He said aggravated. “The sex itself never really interested me, still doesn’t, but the emotions you share with Pumar…” He trailed off again. “They are so intense, so demanding and yet loving. I find myself craving it and the only time I feel it is when you two are making love. I feel the same bond forming between the two of you and Greg making a true ménage à trois. I don’t want sex with either of you, but I want…”


I squeezed his hands. “Rakish, what do you want me to say? What is it you want?”


“I want you to feel for me what you feel for Pumar. You didn’t know him at all just a couple of weeks ago and you already share a bond, a love, deeper than anything I’ve experienced. I understand you’ve hated me most of your life, and I’m not saying you didn’t have a right, but you seem to have gotten over it and even forgiven me for the worst of what I did to you.” He looked down and rubbed his thumbs over the backs of my hands. “Will you ever love me? I mean love me the way you do Pumar and Greg?”


“I don’t know how to answer Rakish. You’ve felt my emotions for you and you know they are growing stronger every day. I honestly cannot say if I’ll ever love you the way I do him. We are lovers. That’s something you and I will never share unless you change your mind about being sexually involved with us.” I knelt quietly waiting for him to carry the conversation further.


“That’s not likely to happen.” He snorted. “But I cannot stand it when you’re away from me. Even on this boat, as small as it is, I get antsy when you’re not beside me. I’ve never felt this way about anyone, not ever, and I don’t know how to handle it.”


“Well, I’m not used to it either nor do I know how to deal with it, but I’m willing to try. I haven’t told you to stay away.” I said as I stood up. He reached out for me. At first I hesitated but then slipped into his embrace. He buried his head in my stomach inhaling deeply. “You know, you could be up there with us.”


“When you’re having sex? No thanks.”


“You don’t have to watch and you can stay upwind. At least it would let you be close by.”


He actually thought about it for a moment before shaking his head. “No, it is difficult enough keeping you out of my mind as it is. Right next to you, I doubt I’d be able to keep the link closed.”


“OK.” I ran my fingers through his hair. The link between us strengthened daily and almost equaled the one I shared with Pumar. I could no longer hate him or even feel disquieted by his presence, yet I don’t love him the way I do Pumar. I don’t love Greg either, not much, not yet anyway. I barely know Greg but I do have feelings for him, however he and I don’t share a lunar-link and never will, so any feelings I feel for him have to develop over time like any normal friendship. He and Pumar were friends before being turned so they share a bond already. “Common, let’s go topside where the air is fresh.” He nodded following me to the decks above without saying a word. Seeing him this submissive, so unlike Rakish, ran chills up my spine. I’m not used to him like this. I hope this submissive attitude he’s developing towards me will not extend to other people. The thought of him losing his sole so completely makes my mind reel. I never knew lunar-links could prove so complicated.


The moon’s slender crescent wand rode high when we drifted silently into harbor like an ethereal ghost ship. The city’s strip lights towered in the sky running its length of shoreline. Cancun at night is almost as beautiful as it is in the day with millions of lights twinkling. The bay is formed by Isla Mujeres, a barrier reef island about six kilometers long. Unfortunately there are no channel lights marking either entrance, and both have their hazards also. Unfortunately the maps only show a shipwreck in the middle of the North Channel so we made our way south of Isla Mujeres coming in closer to the island than I liked. Halfway through the channel I noticed a large outcrop of stone standing thirty feet over our heads silhouetted darkly against a lighter night sky. It stood near the middle of the channel like a black tower whispering with voices from lost souls that’d been crushed against the rocky crags at its base. “Thank god we didn’t collide with that. Is it on the map?” I asked Shea who stood beside me in the cockpit.


“No it’s not. Remind me next time to post one of you on the bow.  If we have to navigate traitorous waters again at night I’d like to have a lookout. With your links the three of you make the perfect choice. One of you could watch out for this sort of thing in animal form while letting another know about it.” She maneuvered the boat giving the hazardous rock spire a wider berth since there’s no telling how shallow the waters are around it. The new moon made everything a bit difficult but we eventually found a nice safe area to anchor in about twenty-five feet of water according to the depth gauge. Wind, more than waves, rocked the boat chattering the rigging against the masts.


After ten days of sailing my small family, including Greg, became very accustomed to sleeping on the open decks. I’d almost forgotten what it felt like to sleep on a cushioned surface such as a bed or couch. Toby leaned against the ratlines next to us, yes the very ones Rakish sliced. They’ll need repairing while we’re here, which makes our stay a little longer than we wish. He sighed deeply, sleepily, as he looked over at us. “Shea and I’ll go ashore…” yawn “in the morning to take care of Port Authority business and inquire about a boatyard for the repairs. We’ll need all of your passports to take with us.” He said.


“Why aren’t we all going?” Pumar asked.


“That’s the way it’s done here.” I answered. “Only the captain really, but one or two others may accompany her.” I looked at Pumar. “Trust me; you don’t want to annoy the Port Authorities – not here. While I doubt a Mexican jail could hold any of us for long, you don’t want to visit one.”


Pumar mouthed the word OK and slipped back to the bow where Greg sat snickering at something. “What’s so funny?” He asked.


Greg pointed at the bowsprit. “The otters, look at em.”


Pumar looked around. “I don’t see em.”


“Below the bowsprit, they’re in the nets.” Greg nudged his chin toward the edge.


Pumar looked down. “Oh man, they’re so cute.”


What? I asked mentally. Rakish and I caught Pumar’s mental image of the rascals.


Oh hell, how charming! Rakish said. The twins, in otter form, lay in the netting so wrapped around each other I marveled one wasn’t choking the other but they looked absolutely adorable lying there sound asleep.


I eased toward the gangway to below for the passports as I said: They’re so cute at that age. Pumar got the humor by reading my only slightly sarcastic thoughts and chuckled.


“What?” Greg asked. He relayed my response to the mental image of the otters eliciting a laugh from his friend.


Shaking my head I dug into our luggage for the passports; Klaus used his contacts to acquire one for Greg and Pumar. Satisfied I found all four of them I came climbed up the gangway topside and handed them to Toby. Like magic he made them disappear into a pocket on the inside of a light wind breaker he wore. Yes, his hands are that fast. “Thanks, I’ll return them when we get back tomorrow.”


“How long do you think it will take before we embark for Dominica?” I asked.


“Oh, a few days at least. It really all depends on how available the materials we need to fix the ratlines are. Rakish really…” yawn, “did a number on them.” I like Toby. His slow southern drawl makes listening to him easy. “Ya’ll gone sleep up here again tonight?”


“Yea, I kind of like it.” I looked at the tall man. “Why?”


“Well, since we don’t need a watch while in port, finding a place for everyone to sleep all at the same time ain’t gone be easy. I’ll probably sleep in the cockpit with Trent. Shea, Isaac, and Jacob have their bunks they’ve been using below. I thought you may like sleeping on a softer pad tonight instead of the hard decks.” He answered.


“Na thanks but, I think we’ve grown to like it up here. You two don’t have to sleep in the cockpit. If there are bunks available, go on and use them man.”


He looked a little sheepish. “Na, I’ll be honest: I really don’t trust this port. For the most part they leave things alone, but some time back I brought the Twilight down here and quite a bit of stuff got stolen off of her. Ever since then I’ve been hesitant to return to Cancun. The sooner we’re out of here, the easier I’ll feel.” He nodded and headed for the cockpit not waiting for an answer. I watched him walk away, more of a saunter really. Toby is a very good looking man. If he were gay I’d probably have a hard time keeping my hands off him. I took a deep breath and settled down beside the others wrapping my arms around Pumar and over Rakish’s arm bringing a contented grunt from both of them. Before long, dreams filled my mindscape.


The next morning came early, which seems a common occurrence aboard boats. Early dawn sunlight painted the clouds red long before the red orange globe rose above the horizon, which I didn’t much think would happen this morning. Dark storm clouds boiled across the sky like smoke from Hephaestus’ Forge. I guess what Jesus said to the fishermen of Galilee is still true today; a quote sailors have repeated for at least two thousand years: ‘Red in the morning, sailors take warning. Red at night, sailors delight.’ Believe it or not this saying is in the Bible but these are not Jesus’ exact words, but a rhyme sailors’ chant – it’s easy to remember. Wind whipped around us slapping the sheets against the mast in a constant chatter, almost like a rolling snare drum before an execution. Lightning burned the storm clouds’ edges silver echoed a few moments later by rolls of thunder echoing over the city filling every crook, cranny, and dark hollow. “Wow, what a greeting.” Tobin said excitedly as he climbed back over the bow from the nets where his brother and he slept the night.


“Yes, I think we’re about to get wet. How did you sleep swinging over the water like that?” I asked.


“Oh I slept like a baby in a hammock. Wet won’t hurt any of us though. Most could use a good bath anyway.” He replied sniffing his armpit and making a face. I guess a week and a half at sea had us all smelling a little rank. “It will be nice to go ashore and find a nice freshwater stream to swim in.”


“I cannot agree more.” This came from Tobin’s brother as he climbed over the gunnel.


“So you slept like a baby, does this mean you woke up every hour screaming for a bottle?” Greg teased. The twins answered with a scowl so fierce that any dwarf of lore would be proud, which elicited a chuckle from the werewolf. Come to think of it, I think everyone within earshot – that is everyone – got a laugh out of it except the twins whose scowls deepened.


Laughing too I looked out over the choppy water. Shea and Toby left in the dingy right before sunrise so they could get back before the storm caught them, but I think they may have underestimated the speed of its approach. As I watched the decretive cat’s paws play chase across the bay a couple of drops hit my cheek and then my hand. A few moments later the bottom fell out and rain cascaded in sheets upon the sleepy harbor. I had to laugh because the twins danced on deck like two little kids stomping in puddles as naked bony fingers of lightning arced across the sky. One would think we’d at least have the sense to get out of the rain, but it felt great. After washing with salt water for so long my skin felt itchy the fresh torrents coming down, rinsing away the crusty film leaving our skin silky smooth, felt incredible. Even Jacob stumbled topside followed by Isaac a few moments later. “God this rain feels great! I’m so fucking tired of salt water I thought I’d puke if I had to wash in it again.” Jacob seems to manage turning anything into a grumble, even his elation at the rain, but we were pretty much used to him by now. “Anybody know where the soap is?” I retrieved a bar from under the bench hatch in the cockpit and tossed it to him.


Thoughts of the rain stopping just as he got all lathered up brought an evil grin to my eyes. Wrong, I know it, but… He’d deserve it. Seasickness no amount of Dramamine could tame was the only good thing about his being onboard because it kept him below decks most of the time. No one seemed willing to tell the poor bloke he’d feel better if he stayed out in the fresh air. I eased over to Isaac and whispered into his ear: “Think you could chant the rain away just as he gets his hair good and lathered?”


“No, that wouldn’t be right.” Isaac replied but the look on his face told me everything I needed to know. Isaac may protect Jacob, but he really doesn’t like him much. Apparently he found my question funnier than he wanted to let on because he turned his face sideways to keep anyone from seeing the smile flowering across it. Unfortunately the rain didn’t let up until well after Jacob completed his shower and just as it died down to a light drizzle I saw our dingy returning from across the bay under half sail to keep from capsizing in the storm winds. About fifteen minutes later the little boat bumped against her mother vessel’s hull.


Shea handed the rope to me. “I got us all registered with the Port Authority under aliases for each, so hopefully it will take Angela a while to figure out we’re here.” She hauled herself effortlessly on the deck. “There is a rather interesting development though.” She said looking at Isaac and me. “Someone left an envelope for us at the official’s office. It appears we’ve been invited to join the local werejaguar’s clan tomorrow evening for dinner.”


“How do they know we’re here?” Isaac asked.


“I wish I knew, but the port officer handed the envelope to me even before I told him who we were like he expected us. I guess whoever told him to give us the invite also provided him with an accurate description.” Shea looked aggravated and Isaac seemed concerned.


“Does the invitation mention us by name or simply that we’re shapeshifters?” I asked.


“No, it doesn’t even give that much detail. Their knowledge of what we are is implied by their willingness to disclose what they are to us. The invitation only extends to the wereanimals though. It respectfully request the humans in our party be left behind. Sorry Isaac, their words, not mine.” Shea added.


“No offense taken Shea. This may come in handy though. It will allow me to follow at a distance in case this is not what it seems.” Shea shook her head handing the envelope to him. He opened the parchment reading an eloquent summons written in a delicate but sure hand.


"To the party arriving on the Twilight Obsession, we invite you to join us for dinner tomorrow evening at 6:00. An emissary will meet you at 5:30 in the Public Market Square in the old down town area to show you the way.


Cordially yours,

Eva Dies, Matron of the Cancun Clan of Werejaguars.


PS: Please convey my apologies to the humans in your party, but this is a species exclusive event. Members of our clan will be watching to make sure the two humans stay behind. It is for their safety.”


Isaac thought for a long time before he spoke. “I don’t like this.” He looked at Shea. “Did the officer seem confused or unsure when he handed it to you?”


“No, he simply handed me the envelope saying ‘The Lady Dies left this for you.’ I thought it weird because I didn’t think anyone knew we were here but he seemed completely sure of himself.”


“Is there any way you can ignore the invitation and not go?” He asked.


Toby answered. “We could but it would be a terrible insult to the jaguar clan and we’d be lucky to leave Cancun alive depending on their numbers.” I nodded my head in agreement as though to emphasize what the tall man said. No one ignored an invite of this magnitude.


“Then I’m even more certain that I should follow you. I can do so without anyone knowing.”


“Can you hide your scent?” I asked.


“I’ve never tried, but I have little doubt I could.” He said looking at me.


“Unless you are certain, there is no way you would fool any of us. Each being, human or otherwise, has a unique scent and to us it is so acute there is no way to mask it. If your magic can cause you to not have a scent at all, then it may be possible for you to follow, otherwise it is all academic.” Rakish said. “How long would it take for you to compose a spell to dispel your smell?”


“Longer than we have I’m afraid.” The elf looked even more worried if that were possible.


“I’ll tell you what: If everything is alright we’ll make an excuse for one of us to return to check on our human friends’ well being after a respectful amount of time. If things are not alright one or more of us will try and escape to warn you. Would that make you feel better? I’m afraid Toby is right, there is no way we can ignore this invitation. Clan wars have started for less of an offense and as outnumbered as we undoubtedly are, it is not an option.” Shea added.


“That will have to do then I’m afraid. I still don’t bloody well like it, and I’ll work on a solution for masking myself completely during the interim. Who will you send back if all is well?”


“We’ll send Tobin and Torquil if at all possible. While they are predators, they are the ones most at risk.” She added and looked at the twins. “No offense Masters Frisk, but if our host decide to eat any of us, it would most likely be you.” The twins for once didn’t argue or say anything at all, but stood there soaking wet and swallowed audibly. Shea sighed and looked out across the bay at the city. It looked like any resort town shrouded in rain disappearing into the distance under the next onslaught of the tropical depression. The storm wasn’t a hurricane yet and most likely wouldn’t become one as long as it flirted with the Yucatan Peninsula. “Tobin and Torquil, I want you to promise me you will try and escape if things turn ill.” She waited for their response. When it didn’t come she looked at the otters. They nodded their heads in acquiescence and she continued her thoughts. “We need to get the boat over to the marina before the storm gets worse. If we hurry we may be able to get her dry docked before noon.” She looked at Rakish, Pumar, and me. “Rakish, do you think you can manage the dingy?”


“Oh yes. It has been a while since I have sailed a boat so small, but I think I can handle it.”


“Good, I would appreciate it if the three of you could get hotel rooms for us all as close to the marina as possible. If you’d rather, you could take a taxi, but I wouldn’t recommend it. They drive like maniacs down here. I’d prefer for us to get rooms in one of the beachside resorts. It might look odd to show up in a sailboat like the Twilight and then shack up in a second rate hotel.”


“Very well madam.” Rakish said nodding his head in a slight bow. I swear sometimes he smacks of his upbringing even after 500 years. Without being asked Toby cranked the diesel engine and powered us forward while Trent pulled the anchor. In moments the fifty foot schooner pointed her way across the bay towards the hotel strip and the inner bay harbors. The only good thing about this morning so far was Jacob snoozing half naked in the cockpit. He may be an ass, but he’s easy on the eyes.


We reached the marina right at 10:00 and Rakish, Pumar, and I stepped down into the dingy. My Lunar-son looked as though he could think of a thousand different places he’d rather be then in the rocking craft, but he didn’t say anything. He didn’t need too. Rakish and I felt every emotion as it swept across his mind threatening to swamp his own personal craft. I wrapped my arm around his shoulders trying to sooth his fears before they got the best of him and felt him relax as Rakish eased our little boat away from the Twilight Obsession. Soon the wind sped us across the open water of the inner harbor for the leeside of the barrier reef islands which formed the bulk of Cancun’s hotel district. Finding a nice spread of sandy beach dotted with palm trees we pulled the dingy up so it rested completely out of the water. Rakish insisted on tying it to one of the palms as though a wave would swoop up snatching it back twenty feet to the water and down to the blue depths below. I thought he was crazy, but I saw no reason to argue with him so I let it be.


Shea said no second rate hotels and Rakish decided the first four we came across fit that description a little too well so they were out of the selection pool right off the bat. The fifth one, the Hotel Barceló Costa, seemed to satisfy his rather ritzy taste. I thought it a bit overboard, but my lunar-father and son teamed against me. We ended up getting four rooms total. At a thousand dollars a night each I thanked god I wasn’t paying for it. I may have a taste for the finer things in life and I may not mind spending money on what I want, but considering how long we’re liable to be here? I don’t think so. If we’d been by ourselves I wouldn’t have fretted two seconds over it. I wasn’t sure Shea meant a hotel of this caliber either, but since Rakish insisted on paying for it, I once again found no reason to argue.


The rooms oozed luxury. Each were spacious and more like a small economy apartment instead a hotel room with a living room combined with a kitchenette and dry bar. The bedroom and bath were nested away to the left of our suite through double French door. All of the suites faced the open water of the bay and joined each other through the balconies – or more accurately the balconies were close enough to hop from one to another. One of the suites boasted two bedrooms which Rakish insisted would be for our captain and her first and second mates. He doubted she’d want to share a room with the boys. I wasn’t so certain considering the way she looked at Toby. While I never saw them do anything that hinted of anything other than a close friendship, I couldn’t help but wonder.


Pumar decided he’d stay in our suite to take a shower while Rakish and I weathered the stormy elements outside to give the others their keycards. He seemed positively giddy at the prospect of a nice warm Jacuzzi bath and snuggling down into the downy soft mattress with its silken sheets and comforter. I can’t say I didn’t envy him this simple luxury. I’d have stayed too if I thought Rakish would return to the others alone without pitching a fit about it. I gave Pumar a warning as I stepped out the door to leave. “Don’t open the door for anyone Pumar. I don’t know who the werejaguars are or how they knew of our arrival. I don’t like it at all. If they work for Angela, it could mean trouble.”


“OK, daddy.” Pumar rolled his eyes.


“I’m serious kiddo. You don’t know Angela like I do. It’s fatal to underestimate her.”


“Honest Galin, I won’t let anyone in until I’m sure it’s you. If you hurry back I’ll scrub you down.” Eyes twinkling he winked at me as he strode off for the bathroom. Parts that missed last night’s play stirred making it difficult to walk as my lunar-father closed the door and turned toward the elevators for the lobby pulling me along. He held the door for me as I sauntered in after him.


“I swear you two act like you’re on your honeymoon.”


“Jealous?” I asked.


“Only a little.” He pressed the button with a large L embossed on it and the doors slid closed. My stomach lurched as the car dove for the ground. The doors opened onto the lush pile carpeting facing the front entrance. An unfamiliar scent struck me as we stepped off the lift. It smelled of cat but one I’ve never encountered before. Not unpleasant, but disconcerting none the less. Looking around I saw nothing out of place but us: wet and disheveled from a week and a half onboard a small schooner made me feel miserably inappropriate for my surroundings. Apparently others thought along the same lines from the looks they gave us. One fat man even tried his best to look down his nose at us and it probably would have worked if he were taller than a Shetland pony. Danny DeVito as The Penguin comes to mind. I smiled and bowed low theatrically. The man snorted and scuttled off down the hall like lightning sturck his ass.


As we walked from the expanse of expensive carpeting to an equally expensive marble tile floor towards the front doors I spotted them. Two men, dressed to fit in with this crowed, sat comfortably in a couple of chairs in front of the hotel bar separated only by a small oval coffee table which supported two sweating glasses of some sort of brownish liquid in one and a greenish blue in the other. Ice melted diluting the top inch of liquid. Neither glass looked touched. The men tried to be invisible as we pass and then one rose to follow. I waited until Rakish reached the door before turning to confront the gentleman. “May I help you?” I asked slipping into a German accent. He tried to go for surprised and confused until he saw I wasn’t buying it. “You’re jaguars, so what do you want with us?” By now his companion joined our little quite confrontation.


“We were told to follow you, but not be obvious.” The late comer said as he stepped up beside his younger companion. Both men stood about five feet four inches tall, had tan hair with black spots and eyes too yellow to be human. Not a bad look, but not one that could hide in a crowd either. The older man had the presence of mind to wear a leather fedora pulled low to hide his eyes. The younger one seemed to prefer the shock effect. One diamond stud earring stood out brightly against his dark skin matching an expensive looking silver chain with a diamond pendant hanging around his neck. I wondered how he could wear the silver without it chafing but I figured such questions could wait until later if later ever came.


He saw me looking at his silver accessories and guessed my puzzlement. “I like the sting. It reminds me of what I am.” His English broke more than his older companion’s.


Rakish slipped back into the hotel looking at us before commenting. “I’m surprised you need silver to remind you of that.” I’ll admit it; he surprised me. After the last two weeks of witnessing him become more and more submissive, to see the old Rakish shine forth proved refreshing.


The young Jaguar snarled at him causing his older clan mate to place a hand on his chest as a warning. “And what’s that supposed to mean?” He growled the question at my father – not loud, but enough to make his annoyance apparent.


“Lad I am over 500 years old and neither of you are my dominant. Are you sure you want to instigate a confrontation here in front of all these nice tourist?” He didn’t wait for a reply. “I simply meant being a wereanimal is enough to remind us at all times what we are. Silver is not needed.” The young Jaguar grinned at the open threat showing a bit of fangs. I couldn’t help but wonder if Rakish read the young man correctly. He may not be our dominant, but he certainly would present a challenging fight.


“My friend here is of the younger generation. He enjoys proving that he’s man enough to tolerate silver touching his skin. It seems to be a statement of status among our young for some reason. I’ve never understood it myself, but if it floats his boat as the saying goes.” The older Jaguar gave his younger companion a look that clearly showed authority and his willingness to prove it if necessary. The lad backed down. “I am Carlos and this is Jose.” Carlos held a hand out to me.


I took it and introduced myself. “I am Siegfried, Siegfried Wolfgang.” I said trying my best to imitate Klaus’ accent. I knew it’d be a long shot they’d believe my ruse, but I figured I had nothing to lose. At least I had the presence of mind to use the accent when I first confronted Jose. “And this is George.” I said tilting my head toward my lunar-father pronouncing the name like the German’s as Gay-org. I wasn’t making things up on the fly; these are actually the names on our fake passports we handed over to Toby last night.


“It is nice to meet you Mr. Wolfgang. We have a car. If you’d like we can drive you back to your friends at the marina. In this rain you’re likely to swamp the little boat trying to sail back across the harbor.” I must have hesitated a little too long because Carlos quickly amended. “I promise you we mean no harm. Our job is to watch you, nothing more. Since you made us, we may offer you assistance.”


I nodded. “Very well, we’d appreciate a dry ride back to the others.” I felt a warning hand grip my arm and Rakish amended that warning with his thoughts. I’m not sure this is a good idea Galin. He said through our link. The young one stinks of deceit.


I agree, I said back, but I don’t see how we can refuse. Between the two of us we can take them if need be. I looked back at Carlos. “Lead the way.” Jose walked out the door and Carlos held it for us to follow the young man. I had to admit Jose looked damned good in his two piece tailored black suit accented with a black shirt unbuttoned half way down and a pair of black leather cowboy boots. I hoped he didn’t dress like this in the bright, hot tropical sun in calmer weather. If he did than I’d have to introduce him to Isaac who we finally convinced the leather trench coat and fedora were way overboard for the tropics. Carlos brought up the rear as we passed through the door. When we reached the curb a black stretch limousine pulled up and Jose opened the door for us to get in. I took the invitation and slid in followed closely by Rakish. Carlos slipped in behind us while Jose opened the front door joining our driver.


My eyes had to adjust to the darkened interior, but I could see a woman sitting on the seat opposite us. She wore a knee length white linen business suit with a comfortable pair of matching cloth pumps with medium heels. She cropped her tan and black spotted hair close in an almost boyish style and her amber eyes studied us with calm reserve. “My Lady, this is Siegfried and George.” He looked back at us. “Gentlemen, this is our Matron Eva Dias.”


“Siegfried?” She asked softly tilting her head. Her alto voice held a delicate quality which almost had a hypnotic affect. “I do believe you went by the name Simon the last time we met.” She had me at a loss. I could not remember ever meeting this striking young woman sitting so eloquently across from us. “I see you don’t remember me. Not surprising since I was human back then. I believe you knew my father Freddy Reynaldo.” It clicked and the memory of a young Latina girl in the richly decorated halls of her father’s house flooded my mind. I swallowed hard and rubbed my palms on my wet blue jeans. “Ah, I see you do remember, good.” She smiled displaying a row of perfect white teeth. They lent a mesmerizing quality to her features shining brightly against the darkness of her Mexican features. “My father was a good man, Simon.” Her voice betrayed no malice. About forty years ago a contract came up with Freddy Reynaldo’s name on it and I answered the call.


“I’m sorry, I was only…”


“Doing your job, yes I know. Forgive me if I don’t quite see it that way. I loved my father Simon but believe it or not I don’t have any ill will toward you. I’m even willing to forgive and forget assuming one condition.” She paused. “I want to know who made the contract on him. I’ve been told assassins seldom know who hires them, but I have a feeling you do.”


I sat silently as the car pulled away from the curb and listened as rain tattooed against the metal roof and the almost silent whoosh of tires gripping the flooded pavement. She waited. “You’ve heard right. Most assassins don’t know, but I do know who hired me for that particular… assignment.” We rode in silence for a little while longer before I continued. “He was a Frenchman, well to do, lots of contacts, and a dangerous man to cross.”


“Jacque Maras…” She said softly, her voice trailing off. I nodded once in confirmation. “Thank you Simon, my people and I will not harm any of you. You have my word.” She sat quietly for a few more moments. “I must know something though: Did my father suffer?”


“No, it was quick and clean and left no marks to mar his features. Monsieur Maras insisted on it.”


She nodded as a single tear trailed down her cheek. “I was only fifteen when you came to visit. It’s a very young age to lose a father. Three years later I met Philippe and the rest is history as they say. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy what I am and who I’ve become. After seeing what life as a jaguar is like, I understand why you are an assassin. However had you come here even a few years ago, I’d have had you killed on the spot. As for Jacque, well…” Her voice steeled over like ice sealing shut an ancient grave. “He will not be so lucky.” She smoothed the linen of her skirt before finishing her thought. “He will pay for his betrayal.” As she spoke the car turned another corner and came to a stop after rocking through several potholes. Only then did I realize where we were. Boats of all kinds stood out of place on racks and stands as rain water flushed the grime and fine paint dust into the choppy waters of the harbor. In front of us an enormous two mast sailboat loomed dark against the stormy sky. It took a second look for me to realize she was the Twilight Obsession. Eva looked out the window on her side as we exited the car. “We look forward to your visit tomorrow evening. Since you’ve taken rooms the Hotel Barceló Costa, Carlos will meet you there instead of the common market downtown. It is not safe for you to try finding our home without an escort.” She didn’t look at me again as Jose closed the door. He sneered at us as he slipped back into the front passenger seat closing the door without a word. Well, that went well considering. I said to Rakish who stood beside me in the pouring rain.


He grunted and walked toward the boat our crew struggled to secure in place. I really thought we were dead there for a moment. He said and in one powerful leap stood on the deck of the landed boat, glancing back at me for only a brief second before ducking into the gangway and disappearing. I stared where he’d stood trying to figure out if his actions spoke of anger or just fear when I felt a familiar chill run up my spine. Looking around I half expected to see Captain Black standing nearby, but when I spotted her poised between the hull of a wooden fishing boat and the outbuilding it sat beside I knew we had other problems. My rain fogged view made her difficult to see. Not a move betrayed her presence; no smile graced her face, and no sway of her body pulled my attention her way. She stood still as death. As I watched she nodded her head in a gesture so subtle I almost thought I imagined it and when I blinked she vanished. It never rains but it pours. I complained.


That’s an apt expression right now, what’s happened now? Rakish’s mental voice sounded tired.


I just saw a vampire, a young woman standing over by the blue fishing boat. She’s gone now. I thought back.


Do you think she’s here because of Captain Black? He does know we’re coming here first if you remember.


I know, but I have no answer for that. Are you alright? I asked.


Yes, but the ride back shook me pretty sorely. The Lady Dias is a very powerful werejaguar and so is her driver. I don’t think we would have gotten away from them if they’d not wanted us too. He responded.


Yea, I noticed. I thought back.


“Who was that?” Shea said as she stepped up close to me.


“She is our host tomorrow evening. She gave us a ride from the hotel.” I said.


Shea looked a bit startled. “That was Eva Dias?”


“Yes and I think I may know part of their interest in us. Her father was a job I did some years ago.” I looked at the werepanther standing next to me. I only thought she was beautiful before, but here she stood with rain soaking her tee shirt. I know I identify as gay, but with someone like Shea, I think I’d make an honest effort to change my arrant ways. She wore no bra and the cold water spiked her nipples making her look every bit the young vibrant teenage virgin she’d been before the change.


“Holy shit! Is this going to make problems?” She asked.


“No, she doesn’t hold it against me, but I had to give her the client who made the contract to secure her good favors.” Shea nodded and I couldn’t help myself. I looked at her breast again and swallowed.


She noticed and grinned. “Now Galin, you’re supposed to like men. Enjoying the view?”


I think I actually blushed. “There are a few women whom I’m attracted too and you’re one of them. You know this though.” Shaking my head I looked at her face. The rain made her look like a goddess – albeit a sopping wet, down to earth goddess. “You may want to know a vampire just visited us. She took off when I noticed her standing beside that blue fishing boat.”


“Fuck! That’s the last thing we need. Vampires are so unpredictable…” She didn’t finish what she started to say because a crash behind us demanded our immediate attention.


My heart leaped into my throat, but I couldn’t help crack up laughing as I saw one of the twins struggling to stand back up out of the muck in front of the large ominous wooden hull of the boat. An unused support tripod lying like a dead soldiered on the ground made the crash that pulled our attention. He held the limp remains of a rope used to steady the boat when his twin slit it up near the bowsprit where a small surviving length still hung securely in place. The otter swiped mud from his eyes before looking up at his brother snickering down at him. He scowled shaking his fist. “I’ll get you for that Tobin.” With surprising agility he sprang grabbing the dangling piece of rope and swung up landing firmly on the deck trapping his brother out on the bowsprit. Tobin slowly backed up as far as he could go. In no time the ‘oh so sweet and peaceful’ sounds of a couple of dwarves tussling on deck wafted through the singing rain.


“Actually vampires are very predictable.” I said when Shea turned back to our conversation. “They can always be counted on to be as devious as possible.”


“Well, you do have a point. I guess I should go over there to see if I can catch her scent in case she returns? It’ll make it a lot easier to sense her next time.” She said.


“Perhaps, but with this rain it may be a moot point. I’ll go with you. After all, I’m the one who saw her and know exactly where she stood.” Shea walked with me to the spot between the fishing boat and outbuilding. There wasn’t much, but we did catch a very faint whiff of death mixed with the smell of Gardenias. All vampires’ smell of death and they always try masking it with some sort of perfume or cologne. Apparently she liked the Graveyard Flower as her scent of choice: Fitting. Finding nothing else we returned to the task of overseeing the dry docking of the Twilight Obsession. I wasn’t sure of the wisdom of dry docking a boat in the middle of a storm like this, but we needed to see her hull and examine it for debris and damage. We hadn’t the opportunity before leaving Pensacola.


Once the Twilight Obsession securely sat in dry dock and everything closed up to keep the rain out of her hold we summoned two taxies to take us to the hotel. Shea seemed surprised we chose one of the most expensive hotels on the strip, but she didn’t complain – especially when she saw the suite we’d chosen for her, Toby, and Trent. Her very own bedroom and bath brought a smile to her face. “You shouldn’t have Rakish. This is way too much.”


“It is my gift to us all Shea. I feel we deserve it after ten days aboard ship.”


She smiled spinning around to take it all in. I had a feeling she’d never stayed in a place this elegant before. “I think I’m going to spend all night in the tub taking a wonderfully hot bath. God it looks so inviting!” She almost squealed as she grabbed a rather startled Rakish into a hug planting a big wet kiss on his cheek before disappearing into her bedroom.


In the hall outside our door I knocked but Pumar refused to let us in. “Who is it?” He chortled.


I shook my head. “You know damn well who we are Pumar, now let us in.”


“Not by the hair of my chinny, chin, chin.” I could hear the mirth in his voice. He was enjoying this far too much.


“I guess you want me to huff and puff and blow you?” Quiet answered me for a time and then the door flung open and hands grabbed me pulling me into the room. It happened so fast Rakish jumped in ready to fight but laughed as he saw Pumar planting kisses all over my wet face and head as he dragged me towards the bathroom to wash up.


“I guess Greg and I will drip out here waiting our turn.” Rakish said.


“Why Rakish you cunning cat, I never knew you cared so much.” Greg snickered as he draped a soggy arm over my lunar-father’s shoulders who promptly took hold of the young wolf’s hand pulling it back over his head and away.


“Keep your pants on Fido.” Rakish said smiling broadly at his adopted grandson. “You know, they’d probably let you join them.”


“Na, I think they need some time alone. Besides, I’d rather sit out here and smooch on you.” Greg winked.


“In your wet dreams puppy.”


“Well, if I dreamt now, I guess it would be kind of wet considering the last four hours working in a monsoon.” It took a lot longer to secure the boat than any of us thought because of the rain. I didn’t hear anymore because Pumar had the door shut and water running in the tub. It was a terrific bath and Greg was right: we did need time alone. I’d have to show him my appreciation later.


Pumar pulled me down into the oversized tub causing water to splash out onto the floor. The hot water felt invigorating and my new lover was feeling more than just a little frisky. He bathed me, all of me, and planted kisses over my skin as he rinsed the soap away. “Damn, I’ve wanted to do this with you for quite a while.” Pumar said.


I laughed as he washed a tender spot under my arm. “Yea, me too.”


Afterword I stood in the living area with just a towel wrapped around my torso trying to towel dry my long hair. One of the disadvantages of our hair is the time it takes to dry it. Let it dry on its own and the word ‘tangled’ takes on a whole new meaning. Greg let Rakish take the bathroom next and so he sat naked on the couch waiting his turn. “I’m hungry; do you want to go down to the restaurant when we’re all finished cleaning up or order in from room service?” I asked.


“I vote the restaurant because I need to be around people I don’t know for a while.” Greg said.


“Yea, me too, I want to hear all the chatter around us and dine in a normal civilized sort of way,” This from Pumar.


“Are you talking about going down for dinner?” Rakish worked a towel over his hair as he stepped from the bathroom. “It’s all yours Greg.”


“Will you wash my back for me Rak?” Greg teased.




“Awe man!” Greg sounded every bit a teenager when he whined, he did it so well.


I took the towel off my hair in favor of a comb to spreading leave in conditioner through it. “Yea, we want to go down and eat, how about you?” I asked Rakish.


“Mmmm, sounds good to me. Greg don’t take too long, I’m famished.”


“I got something you can eat right here Rak.” Greg called from behind the bathroom door.


“What’s with him calling you Rak?” Pumar asked.


“I have no idea.”


Regardless of how tired we were, dinner tasted incredibly wonderful. I ordered a shredded beef burrito smothered in Chili Con Carne with frijoles and Spanish Rice; Rakish ordered Chili Relleno with a salad topped with sour cream and Guacamole; Pumar and Greg both ordered the largest stakes on the menu as rare as the cook would allow. Their plates came with baked potatoes and they both ordered a taco salad on the side. What the others ordered I cannot remember because the evening kind of ran together after my tenth Margarita. Most flavors of alcohol have little effect on me at all, but Tequila makes me tipsy after a bit. I do remember the four of us ordering Crème Brulee for desert. Aside from Baklava it’s my favorite. Needless to say the evening lasted a lot longer than any of us originally intended.


Greg and Pumar found it hilariously amusing to tease our waiter. The poor man seemed horribly self conscious around my boys and stumbled all over himself every time he came near our table. One time Pumar grabbed Greg’s neck and planted a wet juicy kiss squarely on his mouth just as the waiter brought our third round of drinks. The mess he cleaned up after dropping the tray made me finally step in and stop the boy’s fun, or at least tame it some. I really didn’t want to be tossed out of one of Cancun’s most elite hotels on our first night. Running from the cops because of the destruction of my last hotel room was enough of that for one month and I’d rather not have a repeat.


As our evening wound down and we all looked like a week of sleep might start to bring life back into us I waved to the water to catch his attention and signaled we were ready for the check. He brought the bill and promptly knocked over the contents of my untouched glass of water from dinner making it nearly impossible to find a dry enough space to sign for it to be charged to our room. While I signed the ticket Sanchez, our server, slipped a note to Greg while leaning down to whisper into the boy’s ear. “Here is my number, call me while you’re here – I enjoy threesomes.” The man obviously thought he’d spoken quietly enough to make sure Greg and Pumar alone heard, but Rakish and I both grinned at the solicitation. Glancing down the table it became obvious most of us heard it. Nearly everyone found it funny at the very least and Isaac was about the only one who looked apprehensive.


As Sanchez left Pumar leaned into Greg and whispered low enough so only our little family heard him: “Sounds inviting, care for a snack before we leave here?” I gave Pumar a warning look as I studied him for any indication he may lose control. Nothing looked alarming: his pulse counted normal, his skin tone showed no flush, his eyes were not dilating – maybe he just meant sex. I decided to keep an eye on him while we’re here. No need in taking chances – eating a human is one mistake that is difficult to live with. He saw me watching and swallowed hard. Maybe he guessed what I was thinking or maybe it was the look on my face, but he looked down and fiddled with his napkin nervously. What really caught my attention when I looked at them both? Greg looked positively ashen like he’d been reminded of a horror once lived. Pumar looked at me, then at Greg and back to Rakish and me. “What?”


“How are you feeling Pumar?” Rakish asked.


“I feel great! Why, what’s wrong?”


“Oh nothing much, just the look in your eyes.” Rakish responded.


“We’ll talk about this in the room, now is not the time or place for it.” I butted in. Rakish nodded his head and Pumar gave me a puzzled look. Greg stared at his buddy looking for any indication of the hunger but apparently not seeing any finished his wine.


The room stood quiet and dark when we stumbled in. None of us were drunk for the most part – I was probably tipsier than any of the others. Tequila being the only drink which has any affect on me. Greg noticed it first: “Was the balcony door open when we left?”


“No, I don’t think so.” I said, but there it stood with sheer white curtains billowing in the stormy winds like ghost dancing the tango or something. Only then did I catch the faint whiff of Gardenia and death floating delicately on the air. “Damn!” I muttered. “Quickly, check everywhere in here. We’ve had a visitor. If you find her don’t do anything until we’re together.”


“If who’s here?” Greg asked.


“A lady vampire I do believe.” Rakish answered. “If any of us sees her do not try anything on your own, call the rest of us.” With this we all searched the rooms carefully but no sign of our intruder materialized until Pumar went to close the balcony doors. Galin, I think I found her. He said as he shut the doors. She’s on the balcony standing next to the wall.


I reached into my suitcase and pulled out an amulet with Hebrew carved around the face and an eight pointed sigil engraved in its center tipped with holy symbols. It’s a talisman, the 6th Pentacle of Mars, one of King Solomon’s Seals and was made to keep evil of all kinds away from its bearer, but maybe it will work on a vampire as well. I closed my hand around the silver dolor sized charm and eased over to the balcony door quiet as a mouse. Signaling Pumar to move back I quickly opened the right side of the double French doors. Sure enough a lone figure stood beside the wall leaning against the railings.


To say she is beautiful is a gross misuse of the English language. One doesn’t simply say Nefertiti was good-looking, or That Joan of Arc was spiritual and one doesn’t say this vampire was beautiful, she was gorgeous. Long hair caught in the squall force winds swam wild around her face like Medusa’s snakes but these were no vipers; they were strands of the purist gold I’ve ever seen. Liquid blue eyes mixed with high cheeks and a firm but delicately square jaw provided the ideal frame for perfectly pouty lips as if they’d been painted on. Alabaster skin glowed iridescent in the faint flame of light from the room. She stood maybe to my chest or a little higher which puts her around five feet tall. Her petit figure boasted a full bosom and rounded hips making it a perfect hourglass. She didn’t wait for me to open my palm to bare my talisman but spoke before I could think of anything to do. “Welcome to my city. I look forward to meeting you again.” Her voice caressed my ears like fine crystal from a chandelier blown by a gentle breeze and her accent spoke of the old world, not Spanish or Portuguese, but certainly one of the romantic languages – maybe Italian. Without saying another word she vanished much the same way Captain Black did on the night of the last full moon after our fight with the wolves.


“WOW!” Pumar and Rakish said at once. I alone witnessed her with my own eyes, but they both saw what I saw. Staring out into the night as though longing to catch another glimpse of beauty personified, forgetting to breathe, forgetting the rain, which had slowed to a soft drizzle, I stood frozen as a statue mind and body numbed. “Galin?” Someone asked. “Galin!” Someone else called. I felt hands grip my arms and pull me backward into the room and out of the rain. “Are you alright?”


“Did you see her?” I asked. I could think of nothing more to add.


“Yes.” Pumar answered. “Are you alright?”


“Better.” I said listless. “I am smitten as a flower by the wings of a butterfly, yielding a willing sacrifice.” Someone closed the doors and locked them. I heard someone telling someone else to get Isaac. “Who is Isaac?” I asked not really caring for an answer. I felt I should know the answer to the question but it didn’t matter – all that mattered had vanished into thin air only moments ago before my eyes and my heart longed, no ached to see her again, to hear that voice once more. I knew I’d do anything just to hear that voice once more. For just one more moment with the goddess of my dreams, my desires I’d kill anyone. Nothing else mattered. I heard voices around me. None of them made sense and all felt like sandpaper scratching against the grain of my mind. It hurt to listen to such gross, base voices. One moment I stood in front of the double French doors to our balcony and the next I lay on the floor in the fetal position clasping my hands tightly over my ears screaming. Days, no months of darkness swam around me, swallowed me whole and spit me out. Then a piercing pain ripped through my mind as though someone smote me with the business end of a hatchet. My brain bled filling my eyes with red. I wanted to lash out and rip that pain and whoever caused it away, to rip them to shreds, but I couldn’t move. I willed myself to move even one small digit of either hand but my muscles froze. Ringing, a god awful ringing blazed through my ears like brush fires as though the hills of California burned out of control devouring everything in their path. I could tell I no longer lay on the floor. Wet, everything felt wet and hot. Hands held me down preventing me from getting up. I struggled but to no avail, even with all my preternatural strength I could do nothing but surrender to the torment of my soul.


“Bechol ethlos enothian shamill. Elothny becloneth! Elothny becloneth! Elothny becloneth!” What in the fuck is this? I thought. The chanting continued and the fog in my brain slowly, oh so slowly cleared, lifting away like fog will do under the burning rays of a bright summer sun. I looked around the spacious bathroom and realized why I felt wet and hot. Rakish, Pumar, and Greg all knelt beside me in the tub holding me down in nearly scalding water while Isaac chanted above me in his native tongue. All at once a loss so great pressed against my heart threatening to crush it and me along with it. Isaac chanted louder as sweat poured down his face as though he fought a mighty struggle. Closing his eyes he shouted “Elothny becloneth!” one last time and I heard a distant scream deep in my mind and calm reigned once more.


I started shivering so violently my lunar-family had difficulty holding me down and then I felt Pumar slip underneath me wrapping his arms tight around my waist. Isaac sat down hard on the toilet seat smiling at me as he wiped sweat off his brow. “Damn, that was close.” He said.


“What?” I asked. “What happened?”


“A damned vampire, that’s what happened. She almost bloody well had you too.” He answered.


“Yes, but I’ve never felt a vampire do anything like that to me before.” My voice sounded weak even to my own ears.


“All vampires have supernatural abilities, but each one has special gifts that differ depending on the vampire. Just like human don’t all share the same psychic gifts as each other; vampires also possess different abilities from one another. This vampire is strong, very strong. She possessed you and almost possessed Rakish and Pumar through you. When I arrived both of them were almost as out of it as you, but I broke the spell on them rather easily. You however were a different story.” He paused. “I think I may have exposed my hand too early but it could not be helped.”


“You mean she actually possessed me?” My eyes rolled back into my head. This is too much for me right now. “Like a demon possessing someone?”


“Pretty much, yes. The only difference is that she is no spirit, so her force of will is what possessed you. Exactly who all is susceptible to her powers remains to be seen but I find it interesting that all three of you were affected while Greg remained untouched.” My shivering began subsiding and I could not be more thankful. “Since you all share the same bed, I think I’ll sleep on your couch tonight. We don’t want to leave you unprotected if she returns.


I nodded as my family helped me out of the tub and dried me off. I felt good considering, warm and loved but I could not remember any time since my own changing that I’ve felt this exhausted. “I won’t argue Isaac. Thanks for bringing me back.” He nodded as Pumar led me to the bedroom. It felt great to lie down and snuggle in close to the boys and after so long onboard the Twilight Obsession, the bed felt like a piece of heaven. In no time reality drifted off giving way to dreams.


*          *          *


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