The Weretiger Assassin’s Chronicles: Chapter 19
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Chapter 19



The weather at the ruins and in Cancun was balmy when we left but temperatures cooled once we cleared the bay. Waves slapping a tattoo on the Twilight’s bow sent resounding thwacks shuddering through her timbers but she’s a sturdy boat capable of withstanding much more abuse than this night’s sea chose to dish out. Five hours passed since Iago dove into the bay swimming for us and I couldn’t get the kid out of my mind. About three hours after we left Mina called with worrisome news. The jaguar’s compound was under attack when they returned. Tobin and Torquil were able to get everyone below to safety but not without some difficulty. Sounds of battle filled the woods around Chechen Itza. By the time our people joined the conflict it was nearly over. The El Diente de la Muerte Clan proved better in a fight than any of us gave them credit for and Angela’s attack force lay dead, dying, or on the run. “Don’t worry about Iago son, he and Robby are settled in safe and sound under the watchful eyes of Martha and Emu.” My matron comforted me. “By the time we joined the fight most of the aggressors were defeated. Apparently she arrived about an hour or so after we left for Cancun. Had she come a few hours earlier she’d have caught us there.” Mina said.


I thought that over before answering. “I take it she wasn’t aware of the underground bastions built by Eva’s people?”


“Yes, it took them by complete surprise and it’s probably the best thing about all of this. It allowed us to ambush them attacking from all sides. Anyway, everyone is fine or soon will be. Galin promise me you will not return.” She knew I thought of diving overboard to swim for shore. She also knew it was nearly driving me nuts.


“I promise Mina, but it’s killing me not being there to fight alongside you.”


“I know it son, but honestly, there is nothing you can do here anyway. Eva’s people have it under control and with the Kuccv’s and our trained operatives here to help out, Angela doesn’t stand a chance.  She’ll be lucky if she or any of her forces escape with their lives.”


“OK, are you sure Iago is safe?” I asked for what seemed like the thousandth time.


“Yes, he’s safe. I don’t think there is any place safer for anyone to be than with the dwarves.”


“Alright, but please keep me posted. Call Isaac’s phone if you can’t get mine.” Since we followed the shoreline we were still close enough to shore for my phone to pick up a signal but not for much longer. Soon we’d be tacking for deeper waters heading east towards Cuba, or rather just south of it to the Cayman Islands.


“I will honey. Please give everyone my regards and let them know we are alright. I’ve gotta go son. Love you.”


“I love you too mom.” The line went dead. That was nearly two hours ago and I’ve heard nothing from her since. Worry pricked every nerve in my body.


I probably would have jumped overboard and gone back anyway if not for Pumar and Greg distracting me any way they could after the call. I’ll admit I was about to go bonkers not being in the loop but I knew my clan members could take care of themselves and from what I saw of the Kuccv Clan, they could too. The wild card is Eva and her people. After what the vampires did to them, they are not as strong as they would be otherwise. “Galin, didn’t Mina say the jaguars had mostly beaten Angela already?” Greg asked.




“Then quit fretting so much about it. I mean, the few of us wouldn’t make any difference if we were there and besides, they’re alright. No human army has any chance against so many of our kind.” He had a point.


As we continued our course changed a bit more in regards to the prevailing winds headed more directly into it. This made for smoother sailing. Our new course brought us on a heading more directly for the Cayman Islands. Shea brought us further south than one would expect us to go so we’d come at the Caymans from a more southerly direction thereby avoiding Castro’s Island by quite a large margin. Isaac informed us we’d make Jamaica within a day and a half if the winds maintained. I sat on the spar deck watching billions of stars march their way across the Milky Way. Muted voices echoed up through the decking from the cabins below as I tried not to agonize over the plight of my friends and family. Waiting to receive word from Mina about the battle, not knowing what was going on, or if everyone fared well, made me moody. “They’ll be alright Galin. They have the compound to take refuge in and all in all there are about three hundred fifty shapeshifters. Even if Angela brings the whole of the Escambia Pack they wouldn’t stand a chance.” Greg said trying to comfort me.


It worked somewhat because I knew he was right. “Thanks Greg, but you don’t know her. She won’t come with only a pack of werewolves or any other lycan group. She’ll come with a whole army.” I sat up and laid my arm over his shoulders pulling him too me in a hug. “Thanks man, I do appreciate it and you’re right.” I smiled wistfully hoping beyond all hope that Angela wouldn’t rebound with ten times the number of mercenaries next time. She wasn’t the kind to forgive or forget and no one could hold a grudge longer.


About that time Isaac’s phone chirped. He’d received a text message. “Galin, Mina sent word that Angela has been defeated and is on the run. Scouts say they are heading south towards Mexico City and are now over a hundred and fifty kilometers from Chichen Itza. Everything is calm at the ruins.” Isaac leaned down to show me the message.


“Why didn’t she just call?” The phone chirped again.


“Tell Galin I’ll call tomorrow. We are tiered and heading for bed.” He read. “I guess that is why she didn’t call.” He pocketed his phone. “We’ll pull into port on Little Cayman tomorrow so you can use a landline. We need to keep conversations on our portables down to a minimum until we leave Dominica. I want as few difficulties as possible while we’re there because things will be complicated enough. We have enough time to stop for a few hours before going on to pick up Jacob.”


“Where is Jacob anyway, you said you’d tell us once we were out to sea.”


“I charted a sea plane and flew him to a small island two hundred kilometers south of Jamaica. It’s not on any charts but I remember it from my pirating days.” The elf said.


“Your pirating days, the same days you hung out with Captain Black?”




“What makes you so sure the good pirate captain isn’t waiting for our arrival?”


“Why would he? I gave him no reason to think I would go by any of our old haunts except for Dominica and I didn’t tell him that either but he learned it from eavesdropping on our conversations.”


“I still bet he’s there waiting on us.”


“He may be in Dominica but he will not be on the atoll where I left Jacob. The beings that live there remember Captain Black all too well and would love to have a chance at making him a permanent resident of the island.” He said this last with a twinkle in his eyes that told me he’d love to deliver the vampire into their hands.


“Do they know he’s a vampire?”


“Oh yes. That makes it even better for them. They love a challenge.” He smiled.


“Who are they, or what are they?” Greg asked.


“They are merfolk but not the fabled mermaids. I would say they are much more dangerous and unpredictable. Now try and get some sleep, we’ll be arriving at Little Cayman tomorrow evening. It will take about twenty-six hours to get there from Cancun if the wind holds up.” I watched the tall elf make his way back to the cockpit where he joined Shea and Trent.


“At least we know Mina and the others are OK.” Pumar said as he lay down beside me. “God there is so many stars out here. I’ve forgotten how clear the night skies at sea are.”


“Yea, they are beautiful. Pumar, I just noticed you are not sick this time. How did that happen?”


“I think I may have gotten my sea legs on our last voyage. For some reason the pitching deck isn’t pitching my stomach this time.”


I laughed. “Good, I got tired of hearing you wretch. It nearly makes me lose my lunch.”


“Oh gee thanks dad! I guess the fact that I was about to throw up my guts and feeling like shit didn’t matter eh?” His smile told me he wasn’t holding a grudge.


I shrugged. “Yea, I hated seeing you in such bad states. It made me feel for you. I don’t like seeing people I care about hurting.” Rakish and Greg joined us. Greg left for a bit to grab a snack from below but he and Rak were laughing as they made their way forward. “Greg, have you thought any more on a name?”


“I have a cousin who still lives in Ireland named Killian. I kind of like that one.”


“How about Lamar?” Rakish asked. It’s a good strong name. Greg didn’t say anything.


“Or Aiden?” Pumar suggested.


“Those are cool names.” The werewolf said noncommittally.


“You prefer Irish names?” I asked.




“Well, how about Breyon, or Quinn? I once knew a man named Fineas. Then there is Farrell, or Trace.” I suggested.


I think I like Killian.”


“You know people are going to think you’re a beer.” Pumar said.


Greg laughed. “Well, I guess that means you can drink me. Besides, it’s better than Scruffs or Scruffy.”


“Hay, I like Scruffs and since you’ve not shaved in over two weeks it fits.” Pumar said defensively.


Greg punched his arm playfully. “Isn’t that the pot calling the kettle black? You’ve not shaved either.” I had to agree both my boys looked more like mountain men instead of young men of modern society. I liked the look though so I didn’t argue or insist on them shaving. I chuckled silently at their antics. The two kind of reminded me of Laurel and Hardy – the old time comedy team from the 1920’s, 30’s, and 40’s – slapstick humor at its best.


The next morning came early as it sometimes does for me. If I had my way, I’d never get up before naturally waking. Bright and cheery sunshine burned through my eyelids this morning pulling me out of a deep sleep and a dream about the ones we left behind. Much to my relief they were OK. In the dream Angela attacked with a much smaller force than I thought she would and the jaguars had no problem defeating them. I hoped this dream proved true like they do sometimes.


“You awake?” Greg asked handing me a cup of coffee.


“I think, but ask me again after this blessed cup of Joe. Thanks for bringing it to me.”


“Actually I didn’t bring it to you. It was mine, but since I already had one I figured you need it more than me. I’ll get another in a little while.”


“Well, thanks for sharing.” I smiled at him.


“You’re still worried about Mina and the others?”


“Yes, I’m surprised she’s not called this morning.”


“You worry too much Galin. It’s still very early and I doubt they’ve had breakfast yet.”


I laughed because he was right. “Yea I know. How about you? You’ve settled on a name yet?”


“Yep, I want to go with Killian. I like it even if people will tease me about Killian’s Red. At least it’s a good beer.”


I harrumphed. “Pumar is really the only one who’ll tease you over it.” Looking up I gave him a nod. “Very well, Killian it is. It is nice to meet you Killian Moondeath.” I said smiling. “I like it.” Killian’s face broke into a bashful almost boyish grin – one that speaks of innocence. “Now that’s a look I’ve not seen on your mug for quite a while. It’s good to see you smile, I mean really smile.”


“I’ve not had a lot to smile about in a long time. That is, until I met you, Pumar, and Rakish. Life was hell for me once dad kicked me out of the house. Dad and I were close and it hurt a lot when he disowned me.” He sat quietly looking over the waves. “Then I met Shredder. At first I thought it was a godsend until he showed his true colors.”


“What happened, I mean with your father?” I hadn’t heard this and since he opened the topic for discussion…


“He caught me with a man his age. We were going at it right there in our living room. Dad went ballistic. He pulled a gun on the guy and I thought he was going to kill him right there in front of me. Instead he made the guy leave without even giving him time to pull his clothes on. Then he gave me a look of total abhorrence… I’ll never forget that day. I went to my room and about an hour later he came down the hall, pounded on my door, and demanded I let him in. I opened the door. To be honest I was too afraid not to. Clearly he’d been crying and drinking. When he looked up his eyes were red – bloodshot. He studied my shirt and gently straightened the color before grabbing it in his fist. A snarl spread over his face as he dragged me out of my room, and down to the front door where he tossed me out swearing he had no son. ‘You disgust me. No son of mine is a god damned faggot! Get out! I have no son.’ He slamed the door so hard the glass shook in their frames. I tried to go back in but it was locked and only then did I realize I didn’t have my key. I pounded on the door pleading with him to let me in, but he wouldn’t. He did nothing, said nothing, it was as though the house were vacant. I peered through the window and saw him sitting in his armchair sucking on a bottle of beer. After that I pounded the door one more time pleading with him to let me back in. But I’ve never heard his voice again. He said nothing to me. Eventually I wondered off not seeing where I went. I didn’t really care where I went or what happened. Dad was all I had, all I knew. I wound up on the streets, half starved and that’s where Alex found me. He taught me how to make a living selling my body. I had no skills other than fucking.” He fell silent.


“I never could understand how any parent can do that to their own child. How old were you?” I asked.


“Thirteen, nearly fourteen. I got even with him later. The law forbids what he did to me and I told on him when I found it out but by then I was old enough to make up my own mind about where I went and what I did. As for how a parent can do such a thing? I don’t understand it either. If I ever have children, I don’t care what they do, I will never disown them. Nothing hurts like being abandoned by those you love and trust. However, dad was a sergeant in the Marines serving at the Naval Air Station Pensacola. Sergeant Gregory Andrews Spencer. He has no leniency towards things he thinks is wrong.”


“Was a sergeant?” I asked.


“They dishonorably discharged him when he got arrested for kicking me out at the ripe old age of thirteen. His record with the Marines was not a stellar one. He was always getting in trouble. That’s why he was only a sergeant. He should have been colonel or even a general by that time. But he is my father and I love him.” Tears fought to escape from his eyes and he turned his head to look out over the sea so I couldn’t see his face. “I miss him.” His voice broke.


“You’ve gone through a lot Greg, er Killian: much more than anyone deserves.” I stood up and wrapped my arms around him pulling him in close to me being careful not to spill my coffee on him. “You are my lunar-son Killian and I will never disown you for any reason.”


“Thanks Galin.” He turned in my arms and hugged me back. “You don’t know how much that means to me.”


“What am I missing?” Pumar asked as he strode up beside us.


I blinked back my own tears as I looked at him and smiled. “We were just talking.” I said. “Pumar, I’d like you to meet your new brother Killian Moondeath.”


“Killian, yum, tasty: Good beer.” Pumar teased.


“Shut up.” Killian whined.


“Hay, you chose the name. I take it you were talking about Greg Senior.” Pumar said. Killian nodded his head. “If I were still in Pensacola, I’d give him more than just a piece of my mind.” Pumar’s claws inched out as he held up his fist to emphasize his point. The vehemence in his voice was unmistakable.


“No you wouldn’t.” Killian argued.


“Oh yes I would.”


“I wouldn’t let you.”


“Why do you…” Pumar fell silent. “Never mind.” I guessed they’ve had this argument before. “Well, Killian eh? I guess we’re going to have to dye your hair red.” Pumar laughed changing the subject.


“Oh yea, that would look real good. I’ve never like the way dyed hair looks. You know how those movie stars look when they bleach their hair blond but have jet black eyebrows. Yuck!” Killian shot back. It was good to hear their banter again because it lightened the mood. We’ve gone through so much over the last few weeks that I wasn’t ready for more emotional bullshit right now. I had enough on my plate worrying about Iago and the rest of my family still in Chichen Itza.


“Breakfast is ready if you guys are hungry.” Pumar informed us, as though we wouldn’t be. Trent, our designated onboard chef, can cook, oh man can he cook. God only knew what the brute fixed for breakfast, but I was sure it tastes wonderful even if I can’t recognize it. Hell, even his eggs looked different but taste of ambrosia. Were we stood on the bow the wind carried the aroma of something tantalizingly wonderful our way and my stomach growled.


“I wondered when he’d call breakfast. I’ve smelled that grub for over an hour now. It’s about damned time he finished it.” Killian said looking so hungry I worried he needed a good long hunt. Come to think about it, I think that would do us all good. Too bad we didn’t take the time to satisfy that craving before we left the mainland since I seriously doubted any of the islands would afford much in the way of hunting. But back to our burly chef Trent, like any good cook he gets rather pissy if you steal ingredients while he’s cooking, so we all made a point of staying clear of the galley when he busied himself there. Once I complained about how long supper was taking. He threw a knife at me in response. The blade missed my head by only an eighth of an inch or so and I’ve not bothered him since. Someone once told me there are three ingredients to making a good chef: experience, knowledge, and plenty of attitude. From the taste of Trent’s cooking he has the knowledge and experience and I can personally vouch for his attitude. He has that down pat. As I guessed, breakfast was terrific. He served an egg soufflé that was to die for.


That evening we arrived on Little Cayman and Isaac and I made our way ashore. He didn’t want to stay very long so everyone else stayed onboard the Twilight. I felt bad about leaving the others behind. “Don’t worry about it Galin.” Greg said. “We’ll swim, sun, and see who’s tougher – us or sharks. Go make your call.”


“Just bring back some chocolate.” Shea said. “I’ve been craving it for the last few days.”


“We’ll see what we can find.” Isaac told her. When we reached shore Isaac turned to me. “Galin, I’ll find coffee for us and chocolate for Shea while you make the call. Do not stay on the line for long.” He handed a slip of paper to me. “Here is the land line for the ruins. Eva has a guard there waiting for us to call but just to be on the safe side keep it short. I have little doubt Angela has a trace on the lines around the ruins.” This made sense so I decided to take his advice.


The phone rang for about four times before a voice I didn’t recognize answered. “Hello?”


“ Yes, may I speak with Eva please?” I figured it would be less interesting for anyone listening in if I asked for the Jaguar matron.


“Who may I ask is calling?” His voice was very formal and spoke with little accent. There was just enough of one though that I had little doubt he was a jaguar.


“A friend with a vested interest.” I sighed knowing that would not convince him. “Look, I have private business to discuss with her. If you want to risk raising her ire, then by all means ignore me.”


“Hold please.” The line went silent and a few moments later Mina’s voice whispered in my ear.


“Hello, this is Ms. Chue may I be of assistance? I’m afraid Eva is not available at the moment.”


“Ms Chue, why all the cloak and dagger?” I asked. I knew Isaac didn’t trust the phones but Angela was beaten back last night, her forces destroyed or scattered to the winds. It may be temporary, but I doubted she could regroup this soon.


“Yes well, we just can’t be too certain can we?” Mina said. Few people know Mina’s real ‘human name was Mina Chue. “I take it you want to know what happened last night.”




“Why did you wait so long to call? It’s nearly six in the evening.”


“I’m on a land-line. I only stopped briefly so I could call. Is everyone alright?”


“Yes we are all OK. Chichen Itza was under attack when we returned last night but Eva and Philippe already had the enemy on the defensive and drove them further into the jungle. Most of the opposition didn’t survive. It was a weak force. I don’t think Angela expected so many of us and I bet she won’t make that mistake again, so if you run into her expect trouble.”


“Well thank the gods you are all alright.” I sighed into the receiver. “How is the boy?”


“He’s doing fine. He misses you and talks constantly about joining you later. I think he’s about to drive his friend nuts with his constant chatter.”


I laughed. “Well please make him understand that he cannot talk about where I am when he’s not in a secure place and tell him I’m looking forward to seeing him too.”


“You sure you want him to come down there? I mean, do you think it will be safe enough for him? I haven’t changed my mind, I think it would be good for you both, but it’s really your call.”


“I don’t know, but if you think so, I’m willing to trust your judgment.” I said. It was weird talking with Mina like this. Usually it’s not an issue.


“I think being separated from you will do more harm than whatever danger he’s likely to be exposed to on your journey. I do still worry about it though. It’s not like he’s as tough as he will be once he becomes one of us.”


“Yea, I know.” Isaac nudged my arm motioning for me to hurry up. “Ms Chue, I’ve gotta run. Please tell Eva I’m sorry I missed her and that I’ll try and call back. Please tell her hi from me and that I’m alright. And tell the boy that I miss him.”


“I will. Eva will be sorry she missed you. Take care and keep in touch. By the way, you have five new cousins.”




“A number of Angela’s attack force were mauled but survived. When faced with the choice to join us or die, they all chose to join.”


“Shit, are they trustworthy?” I stammered.


“The verdict is still out on that and only time will tell. Be careful out there and call when you can. Eva will be looking to hear from you.”


“You too.” I said and the line went dead as I hung up.


“That was a little longer than it should have been. Let’s get back to the Obsession and get out of here. We have a long way to sail before we get to the island where Jacob is.” Isaac said as he handed me the cup of Jo. “You can tell me what that was all about on the way back to the boat.”


I smelled the steam rising off the blessed black liquid and mumbled my thanks as I sipped my fist drink. “God this is good.”


Isaac laughed as he sipped his tea. “I never understood why anyone would want to put that nasty stuff into their system. How do you stand the taste?”


“It grows on you. Once you get used to it, you really like it a lot.”


“I think I will stick with my tea.” He took a sip. “This is good breakfast tea considering this is not the UK.”


I chuckled. “You Brits, I swear.”


“I’m not really British but I’ve lived in the United Kingdom long enough to get used to things there. It’s been my home off and on for over a millennium.”


I finished my coffee and filled Isaac in on what Mina said by the time we returned to the boat and found a most unhappy crew waiting for us. “What’s wrong?”


“Swimming’s fine and good but we really needed to stretch out our legs a bit.” Trent said. “You know, walk on solid ground.”


“Give us another two days mate and we’ll be able to take as much time as we need. The island where I stowed Jacob forgot about time.” Isaac said somewhat cryptically, but he chose not to elaborate regardless of the chorus of “what’s” everyone gave him. “Is everyone ready to way anchor?”


“Yes,” Shea said as she fired up the boats diesel engine and smiled broadly as Isaac passed the chocolate to her. “Thanks,” she said before turning to the others. “Weigh the anchor and get ready to man the sails. The wind’s picked up a bit since we embarked.” She called out to no one in particular. By now we all pretty much knew how to sail and so we pitched in when it was necessary. I stood on the bow after we pointed the boat in the right direction and watched the plethora of water craft bearing their human cargo here and there from dive sites or other points of interest in the crystal blue waters surrounding the Caymans.


Rakish, Killian, and Pumar eased up behind me. Pumar wrapped his arms around my shoulders letting his hand caress my chest. “Mina says hi and she said we have a few new cousins.”


“New cousins eh?” Pumar whispered next to my ear. “Think we can trust them? After all, they worked for Angela.”


“I don’t know son. Only time will tell.” I reached up and affectionately scratched behind his ear letting my fingers comb though his hair. Even in human form our cats appreciate a good ear scratch. My stroking fingers elicited a soft purr.


*          *          *


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