The Weretiger Assassin’s Chronicles: Chapter Three
2009 by Lootah Akecheta

Warning! This story contains physical violence, strong language, and bloodshed. It is not intended for the faint of heart. Read at your own risk.

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Chapter Tree

A New Alliance

I lay in bed flexing and stretching my muscles out. It felt good and I really didn’t want to get up. Getting out of bed meant starting my day and trying to relocate Jacob and Isaac. It was not a prospect that thrilled me; I still didn’t know what to do about Isaac and yes I was still a bit miffed about his being immortal – truly immortal. I’d kill him again if I thought it would do any good and maybe in my own mind it would: hmm, a thought… Still I didn’t know exactly what it meant. I mean there are different types of immortal beings and few are truly eternal. I’m immortal, but as Isaac so elegantly put it last night, I can be killed. However, provided no person or accident kills me I’ll live until the end of time, but I can be killed – ripped to shreds, decapitated, burned to a crisp, just to name a few.  “God, these thoughts are making me grumpy.” I grumbled as I hauled my ass out of bed and headed for the shower. What I needed was a good long hot shower and then a cup of Joe. I don’t do much in the mornings without some good old fashioned ‘Go Juice’; military straight and black. I felt my fingers scratch my balls while I stumbled to the shower. Hmmm that felt good. The thought made me grin. I enjoy getting off most anyplace or anytime, but I love jacking it in the shower.

The hot water felt good cascading down my body as its tendrils found the most intimate of places. Curling around my balls and running off the tip of my dick like a perpetual stream of piss. Yes I like my body, and why not? I’m not a narcissist, but I work hard to keep my body in the shape it’s in and therefore I take pride in it. Even as a weretiger I have to work at keeping the physique I want. I leaned against the cool tile of the shower wall and let the spraying water pound against the top of my head. Normally I’d have gotten up much sooner and been back on the job stalking my intended victim, but today it wasn’t necessary. Isaac knew where I was and who I was after. He’d be far too vigilant for the next few days, so a casual approach was called for now. The water tickled the hair on my nuts as it coursed around caressing the tender flesh causing my cock to respond with enthusiasm. It brought a smile to my lips. Again the scent memory of Mr. Punk raped my mind. Damned, I was becoming obsessed with the young stud. Maybe the distraction would be welcome? That thought got me going and I was beginning to think the ‘cup of Joe’ might not be needed… nah: What was I thinking? Sheer blasphemy! Geese I’m losing it! It did feel good stroking my hard cock as visions of me fucking Punk’s ass danced in my head: forget the ‘Sugar Plums’.

My hand slowly stoked up and down the length of my hard cock as the strains of Diana Krall’s So Nice played in the background creating the perfect cadence for my pumping hand. God I love soft vocal Jazz. It’s the perfect music to accompany most any sort of sex. I knew I wouldn’t last too much longer as my hand pulled up over my dick’s head sending shivers up and down my spine. God it felt great. I stroked down and than one last hard pull up blowing my load all over the wall to the sweet crooning of Nat King Cole’s You Can Depend On Me. God, the morning was turning out to be a good one.

Sunshine peeked through the door of the darkened bathroom from the opened windows overlooking Pensacola Bay. I dried off to an upbeat air of Mountain Greenery by John Pizzarelli. Yes it was a good morning. I walked naked and only half dried off to fetch my coffee pouring the cup just as Fever by Michael Buble sashayed across the airwaves. Glancing out the window toward US Rout 98 that stretched between the hotel and the bay I spied Isaac standing on the sidewalk staring straight at my window. Shit, so much for the good morning. What the fuck is he doing out there? I strode over to the open balcony window facing the bay and stood for the entire world to see while I returned his gaze. Yea, I’ll admit it was an open invitation to the surly brute. He still wore that hotter than hell trench coat and fedora. I swear the man has no sense of seasonal taste in clothes. He stuck out like a sore thumb in this heat dressed like that. He saw me of course… hell just about everyone on the sidewalk saw me standing up there. It was not that difficult, how often does a grown man stand naked on the open, sunlit balcony of a hotel? He got the message and made his way across the busy road toward the hotel as I retreated back into the dark interior of the hotel suit – now rather he took it as I meant it only time would tell. I can say I wouldn’t mind a good morning fuck with the hot stud, even though I don’t trust him. The doorbell rang as I considered the prospect of what could happen between us if he were to be willing. Another grin played at my lips as I headed for the door.

He stood there in the hall fully dressed in his hot leather coat and felt fedora. “Do I have to extend the invitation every time you come to call?” It was not a hostile question and it brought a slight smile to those oh so darkly hidden eyes.

“I am British my boy, what do you think?”

“Please come in then. There’s no since in standing out there.” I stepped to the side to allow my visitor to enter. “Why do you were that stupid coat? You know it makes you stand out in a crowd?”

“I like it.” Isaac strode by me into the living area of the suit.

“Would you like some coffee? I just made a pot.”

“That would be welcomed, thank you.”

I poured the cup and handed it to him. “I don’t suppose you’re here to spy on me more?”

“I’m afraid you caught me. I guess this coat and hat do make me stand out, but I’ve grown accustom to wearing them. I don’t feel right when they aren’t on. It took over ten years for my body to reform after you ripped me to pieces and fed me to the Atlantic’s aquatic life. I had to do something until the finer features solidified.” Isaac sounded almost accusing, almost. I can’t imagine why? The thought brought a wicked gleam to my eyes. I wondered what would happen if I had to kill him again; would I be able to? He did say he gets stronger each time it happens. Diana Krall again swept through the room with Guess I’ll Hand My Tears Out To Dry. “Nice music. Diana Krall isn’t it?”


He sat there listening to her sultry voice for a moment. “She has a very nice voice.” He sipped his coffee listening a bit more before meeting my eyes. “You’re sleeping in late this morning. Why, I thought you were a person who rose up with the sun – or before it.”

“I do most of the time, but this morning I couldn’t figure out a reason why. After all, you made me. I cannot do my job now – not efficiently at any rate.”

Isaac nodded in understanding. “I still guessed you’d be there bright and early this morning. When you didn’t show, I decided to come and find you. It wasn’t hard after all. Nice show you gave the whole of Pensacola a moment ago. I swear I do not understand wereanimal’s need for exhibitionism.”

“The same way I don’t understand your need to wear all those clothes, especially in this sweltering heat. So, if you don’t mind Isaac, get to the chase: what do you want now?”

“Americans, always in such a hurry. I want us to join forces protecting Jacob.”

“Kind of ‘keep your enemies close’ sort of thing?”

“You could say that, but if you really are here to protect Jacob, then you can’t do your job here in your hotel, now can you? Besides the two of us together will be much more effective than just one – especially if we keep getting into each other’s way.”

“I’ll have to think about it Isaac. You know I work alone. It keeps complications out of the way.”

“Well, don’t take too long Simon. We will not be staying here forever you know, so call me at this number if you should decide to accept. Make no mistake about this though Simon, if you should refuse this offer I’ll not make nice next time we meet. I don’t trust you except where your job is concerned. I’ll pay you twice what your current client is paying you and you will not have to keep sneaking around like some sort of thug on the prowl.” With this Isaac laid the coffee cup down on the center table as he stood to his full six-foot-six.

“When will you be leaving?”

“You will only find that out if you agree to join me Simon. I am no fool so please do not take me for one.”

“Give me two days to figure things out and confer with my client. You know I cannot just ignore my obligations.” I stood looking Isaac in the face. His eyes were a strange pale green almost like tree lichen – the kind you see on the north face of oak trees in the mountains. “You’re Silvan.”  

“Silvan? Are you referring to Tolkien’s works now?”

“Isaac, if I exist, than it stands to reason that other beings of so called Myth can exist as well. It has been my belief for a long time that J. R. R. Tolkien was privy to the beings he wrote about. But your eyes speak give it away. No one has eyes the color of yours. You’re a Wood Elf aren’t you?”

“And if I say yes?”

“So what if you are Isaac? I am a weretiger after all and I already knew you were more than normal human. After you told me how you survived what I did to you it is the only thing that makes sense.”

“Tolkien was a good friend of my father. He crafted his character Legolas after him. We are Silvan, but unlike the Elvin characters in Tolkien’s books, we cannot die, we are not of this realm.” Having said this Isaac bowed low and showed himself out the door. As it shut I heard him remind me not to take too long.

I sat down to ponder my next moves. I knew I had to contact my client and let her know that plans have changed; she wasn’t going to be happy. “What stake do the Elves have in Jacob? What can he possibly have or be that could interest them?” I stood and paced to the window. Below I saw Isaac reach for the door of a cab. He looked up at me one last time before ducking into the backseat of his coach. For one moment our eyes met and I knew I could not refuse his offer, even if it cost me my reputation as an assassin or my life. This is a chance in a lifetime – even one as long as mine. I am not going to miss a chance to get to know the Silvan. Right before he vanished inside the car he tilted his hat to me. I returned the gesture and turned for the telephone.

It rang about eight times before Angela’s smoky voice purred in my ear. “Yes Simon, is the task done? This is quick even for you.”

“Hi Angela, not even a hello in greeting? I’m hurt.

“I knew it was you and I don’t owe you the pleasantries I do some. Just tell me you’ve accomplished your objective. Is Jacob a weretiger?”

“Not yet, but I’m working on it.

“It’s just a simple attach Simon. What could be so complicated to take more than a day or night at the very least?”

“There have been complications. Jacob has bodyguard as it were. I cannot just maul him and be over with it.”

“Kill the body guard and finish your job Simon. There are no complications.”

“None that you can see… Jacob’s protector is no ordinary person. He is immortal, but before you become angry with me let me explain something. I know you wanted the attach to be anonymous; unfortunately that is no longer an option. Isaac will not let Jacob out of his sight. He confronted me last night. I told him someone hired me to protect Jacob but failed to mention who or what you really hired me for. This morning Isaac came by and gave me a proposition that will allow me close enough to carry out your contract.”

“And what would that be Simon?”

“He wants me to join forces with him protecting Jacob. It would allow me to get close enough to infect Jacob without either of them being the wiser.”

“What are you talking about? First of all there are not true immortals and second, how can you infect Jacob without either of them knowing about it. After all, a bite will be pretty hard to hide don’t you think?” Angela sounded as pissed as I guessed she would be.

“You know how much Jacob drinks at night. One night after they both grow to trust me alone with him, all I’ll have to do is inject him with my blood. He’ll be infected and won’t remember anything about how it happened. Isaac won’t be fooled for long, but by then it will be too late and I’ll be long gone. As for Isaac he is immortal, if you’d seen what I did to him 29 years ago, you would not say he is not. It wasn’t pretty and after the fish ate him nothing short of pure immortality could have saved him.” Angela was silent for so long I began to think I’d lost the connection. “Angela?”

“Are you telling me this Isaac person is a true immortal, as in cannot die no matter what immortal?”

“That’s exactly what I’m saying.” I took a deep breath and let it out slowly. I had a feeling I shouldn’t tell Angela anything at all about Isaac, but I’ve never been good at reading women. She sounded board about the entire topic. Board as though she didn’t believe a word I said about him, but there was an undercurrent to her voice that was too strange to read.

“Very well, join them and pretend to protect Jacob, but I want him changed at the earliest possible moment that presents itself Simon. I’ve already paid you part of what we agreed on; I expect results.”

“Understood.” The line went dead so I slowly lowered the receiver to its cradle. I’ve never enjoyed doing business with Angela. I’ve done three jobs for her so far and there is always this strange current of energy that passes between us. She is hypnotic and seductive and very dangerous.

I took the card Isaac gave me and looked at the Atlanta cel number. Thumbing the number into my cell I listened as the line began to ring. He answered on the second tone. “Simon, I’m glad you called please tell me you’ve called to accept my proposal.”

“How did you know it was me?”

“I have my way.”

“Yes, I’ve called to accept your offer. Understand that I cannot tell you who my client is no matter that I’m working for you towards the same ends.” I listened to his breath while I waited for an answer.

“I was hoping you would tell me, but if that is the way it must be then so be it.”

“It is. I need a couple of days before I can join you though. There are some loose ends I need to tie up.”

“You’re working two jobs at once?” The incredulity in Isaac’s voice was almost dripping thick.

“No, this is something personal I was planning on taking care of when my commitments were met, but with you watching Jacob I can take the time to do this. Believe me you will want it taken care of, unless you want a very horny tiger on your hands?”

Isaac literally guffawed. “I see. OK, you got your two days. If you get it taken care of earlier, then join us. We’ll be at Jacob’s beach house. Do you know where it is?”

“Thanks.” I grinned at the obvious humor in the tall man’s voice. “Yes Isaac I know where it is. That’s where I picked up his scent yesterday when I followed him to the harbor. It was a good thing he jogged there or I’d not met you.”

“Yes, it was stupid on Jacob’s part but it did facilitate our meeting.” Isaac paused. “Simon, I have something to discuss with you once you join us. Come by tomorrow night around midnight and we may talk in private. Jacob will be passed out by then.”

“Alright, I’ll see you then. Now, if I may, I need to go. The sooner I start on my other interest the sooner I can focus all my attention on Jacob.”

“Alright then, until tomorrow night.” The phone when dead. There is nothing quite like a person who knows how to get off a phone. One has to appreciate it.


*          *          *

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