The Weretiger Assassin’s Chronicles: Chapter Four
© 2009 by Lootah Akecheta

Warning! This story contains physical violence, strong language, and bloodshed. It is not intended for the faint of heart. Read at your own risk.

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Chapter Four

Finding Mr. Punk


I leaned against the trunk of an old water oak feeling the salt breeze fan my hair around; wisps of which kept wafting across my face. It was annoying and I wished for the thousandth time that I’d thought to tie it up like I usually do. I could smell Mr. Punk on the air. He was all over this park but the strongest scent was in the arena where I saw him last night. A bird chattered overhead. She obviously didn’t like my disturbing her nesting place. I glanced up to see what type she was only to be rewarded by a nasty bit of shit sliding down my left cheek. I growled at her deep in my throat and then chuckled as she flew away as fast as her tiny wings could carry her. She continued her scolding from a safe distance several trees over. A blue jay: one of nature’s most pesky species of songbird. A crow would have made a tasty snack, but blue jays are hardly worth the effort. Have you ever coughed up feathers? It’s worse than fur-balls by far, to be sure. I gave the wretched bird a nasty look as I wiped her excrement off my face. Give me the chance little one and you’ll never return to your nest. I thought about climbing the tree to tear down her nest, but that would simply take way too much effort for such little satisfaction. Another growl escaped my lips and she promptly chattered warnings all over again. Some never learn. Too bad I didn’t bring my gun.

I glanced at the spot where my young stud fucked his daddy last night. The smell of his cum was still strong on the air. I have little doubt he will return tonight. In fact he may already be here, or soon will be. This son of a bitch has an addiction and addictions are pathetically predictable. Yep, he’ll be back and pretty soon too from the smell of things. All I have to do is wait. Of course waiting isn’t one of my strong points. I know, I know: tigers are predators and we all have the gift of stalking. But that’s different from waiting. Waiting means you sit and do little or nothing until something tender and juicy plops down in your lap saying ‘eat me now’ batting its eyelashes and waving its tiny arms like some twit giving you a lap dance. Stalking gives you something to do. The art of stalking, and it is an art, means you work your way around your prey until just the right moment to spring and then it gets really interesting. See? There is a difference. Out of sheer boredom I extended my claws to their fullest and spitefully marked the tree that housed the bird’s nest. Deep furrows matching eight of my digits raked down the length of the tree. OK, I guess there was a bit of malice there too. Damned bird!

Last night while I was here I realized Mr. Punk is sick. I smelled it on him. He has a terminal illness, probably HIV but there is no way of knowing for sure – it could just as easily be cancer. From what I saw him doing I would bet on HIV. I wouldn’t say full blown AIDS yet, but getting there. When I hunt humans for pleasure or food I always choose those who are terminally ill or really evil people: rapist, murderers, TV Evangelist, you get the picture. Punk could live another ten or fifteen years if he’s lucky, but at the rate he’s going he’ll be fortunate to live another five. The way I figure it I have four choices: I can just fuck him and leave him be to his fate; I can fuck him and eat him; I can fuck him and then just flat out kill him; or I can fuck him and then change him – this last one is by far my favorite choice. I like Punk. He’s hot, has an attitude, and could prove to be a real pain in the ass, my kind of guy. Changing him would also make my queen tigress pissed: another great reason for doing it. She hates it when I change someone just for shits and giggles. I’ll fuck em senseless, bite em, maul em, and leave em for her to clean up. That is it falls to her to teach them the ways of our clan and keep them out of trouble until they can control their new found urges – a process that takes about 2 years. The idea just tickles me all the way to my core. No, I don’t hate my queen, but she has been such a pain in my side ever since I was turned that I love to make as many messes as I can – just for her. One of these days she’ll tire of it and then all hell will break over my head, but until then I intend to enjoy it to the fullest.

Sunlight dappled the sand under the water oaks. Following my paw tracks back to where I entered the park last night proved to be a bit arduous. It would seem I meandered in and out of the trees more than I thought. Some of the prints were obliterated by tourist coming and going to the beach – yes Pensacola Bay does have beaches. After you walk down through the board walks to the open sand, then you have to cross a railroad track and meander through more scrub brush such as palmetto scattered around short scrawny pine trees before emerging out on the beach. It isn’t much in the way for swimming, but I guess if you have little ones it is far safer than the larger surf of the Gulf. I’m surprised no one has noticed my tracks yet. There’s no doubt people have seen them. I guess they think it is some large breed of dog or something. Not many tigers in this neck of the woods I suppose. I did my best to erase them so as not to attract the attention of a game warden or someone who may know what their looking at. The last thing I need right now is to have this park closed because of an imagined threat from a big cat escaped from a zoo. They’d have experts from all over the country come to take a look and the park would be closed for days if not weeks or longer.  

While trampling over some of the more obvious prints I smelled him. Punk has arrived. Interesting that he got here this early. It’s not even three in the afternoon yet. I watched as he walked right past me towards the beach area carrying a towel, a bag of goodies and a pull along cooler. Aromas of sunscreen, beef jerky, and pot wafted up from his carry-bag as he walked by. The other hand pulled the cooler. God only knew where he found such a bizarre article – it had wagon wheels for Christ’s stake. No doubt it was full of the cheapest beer on the market too. OK, I’ll admit it; Punk strikes me as the poster child for Redneck City. He’d make Jeff Foxworthy proud. I followed him to the beach area watching his ass move in those surf shorts he likes wearing.

Small waves lapped the sandy shore like a drugged dog licking at a wound. It would be a rather quaint place if it weren’t for the tea stained, foamy, brackish water with bits of trash and other flotsam floating around, comingling with a bizarre mix of redneck trailer trash and preppy soccer mom sorts with their children sunbathing and playing in water I wouldn’t even stick my big toe in. Yea I know it, so what if I’m a condescending bastard – sue me. I come from this sort of people. My birth parents are about as backwoods as one could get and I have no ill will for people who live as such, but I do have problems with people who don’t even try to better their circumstances.

It’s interesting to watch people comingle with each other, or their lack of comingling. The children of the trailer park divas were splashing all over the place in the shallow smelly water while the soccer moms kept their children close at hand not letting them get near the it. I can’t say I blame them. Why they came here at all is beyond me. Most of the soccer moms didn’t stay long. Once the good sunshine was gone so were they.

Punk parked his ass next to an old driftwood tree stump. He spread his towel out only two or three fee from the stump and close enough to the water to get the edge of his towel wet. After getting settled he pulled a Pabst Blue Ribbon from the cooler – yep I was right, the cheapest beer on the market: so predictable. One would think he would at least have good taste where beer was concerned. Of course if he spends all his time down here, Pabst may be all he can afford.  Damn I’m such a judgmental bastard today. I guess being made by Isaac yesterday affected me more than I thought.

I retrieved my beach gear from the brush where I’d hidden it and set up a little ways from Punk. I didn’t want to spook him or I might lose my chance. At least I’d miss my opportunity at a peaceful encounter. Unlike Punk I’d thought to bring a folding lawn chair as well as a cooler a bit larger than his filled with several six-packs of Negra Modelo. It’s a dark Mexican import with a rather nice full bodied texture. If I can’t get German beer, Mexican is my next choice. For some reason Cashs Liquor Store didn’t have German beers on hand. Someone had bought out their supply the day before much to my chagrin. I popped the top and turned it up swallowing the whole draft in one long drink making sure Punk saw me do it. He gave me a quizzical look. I lowered the bottle and gave him my most dazzling smile. Unfortunately my eyes are not quite human. They look normal enough as long as I stay out of direct sunlight, but if the sun catches them just right they reflect very similar to a cats eyes in high beam headlights. The fact that they are a light yellow chartreuse doesn’t help much either. I knew the moment I smiled the sun caught my eyes. The reality of it, like something odd or out of the ordinary, reflected in Punks eyes as he nervously looked away. The good thing was that he looked right back.

The boy looked older in the sunlight then he had last night. I’d missed his age by maybe ten years or so, or maybe it was his disease? Sickness does have a tendency to age one prematurely. If he has HIV then he was very young when he caught it – maybe ten or twelve. The sad thing is it is not as unusual as one may think. The way he was dressed today would almost certainly frighten the other bathers if they’d paid him any mind and a few did give him a nervous look or two. He had on a pair of surfer shorts like he had on last night only these were a bright orange, and a gray army tee shirt ripped at the neck. His hair was spiked up all over and the only really redeeming quality of it was the length. It was short, only about four inches long and died red with highlights of pink. His natural hair color was a muddy brown according to what little chest hair peeked out of the ruined shirt collar. The alarming part was the series of gold chains that extended from his ears to his nose and down into his shirt. It was obvious they went down to rings in his nipples. From there I couldn’t tell if they went further or not.

I smiled at him again and nodded, gesturing for him to come over. He took the invitation like a hungry dog tempted by a raw meaty morsel – timid but needing his fix too much to say no. It was not the look I’d expected from him. Last night he’d been the boss, a very demanding top. Today he seemed to be willing to be whatever his trick wanted or needed him to be. I guess that would be par for the course though. “Hi.” He said as he pulled his cooler on wagon wheels over. Only then did I notice the cooler was bungeed to a metal cart with wheels. Pretty ingenious of him to figure out a way to trolley the cooler over sand with his hands full.

“Howdy.” I said in a fake Texas drawl. “No sense in you sittin over there alone when we can share this bit of real estate. Spread out here if ya like. Personally, I’d like the company.”

He nodded and spread his beach towel down next to my chair. “If you’re sure you don’t mind mister. I’d like the company too.” He sat his ass down hard on the towel and smiled as I handed him a bottle of Negra Modelo. “I got some beer in my cooler, thanks.” He took the proffered beer.

“Yea I know, but I thought I’d share. I have way more than I’ll ever drink. Kind of went wild when I bought em: got too much.” He gave me a gracious nod. I wasn’t expecting this timid wasted man after last night. It was like he was a totally different person – almost meek. I had a feeling that he changed who he was for whoever he was with as though he could sense a dominant person from a submissive one and submissive I’m not.  At the same time though he was a very likeable person; one of those people you take a shine to the moment you meet them. “So, what ya into?”

“Oh, I like this and that.” He was quite for a while. When I didn’t say anything he went on. “I like to surf but there ain’t much of that around here. The waves in the Gulf aren’t very big except during storms.”

“Yea, I guess they ain’t as big as them out in California or Hawaii.”

He shook his head adamantly. “No they ain’t that big, no way. I go surf when hurricane season is here. The waves are real big then, makes it worth going down to the beach.” I had a feeling it’s been years since he’s been down to the beach to surf. I figured he’d spent far too much time at this pickle park and others to spend much time at the beach.

We talked for a while about nothing in particular when he asked if I minded if he removed his shirt. “Naw, I don’t mind one bit. I think I’ll take mine off too.” We both pulled our shirts off and my question about his chains was answered. They not only went down to his bellybutton, but they also disappeared into his shorts. In the middle of his chest was a large ring that looked like it would be a perfect place to attach at dog’s leash. He had a lot of tight muscles, kind of like a druggy will have. Not built from working out or hard work, but defined because there wasn’t an ounce of fat anywhere on his body. Kid Rock pops into mind, not that the singer is a druggy, only that he has no fat at all. “I take it the chains are attached to something a bit more personal, did it hurt?”

He actually blushed. “Yes sir, it’s attached to my dick. As for hurting, well, it didn’t feel real good at first except if you like pain then it feels good.”

I smiled. “Looks kind of sexy. Do you like pain?”

He gave me a closer look as though he were appraising me. “I like it alright if it’s the right sort of pain. I don’t like getting cut up, but piercings and tattoos are alright.”

“You like it rough, sex I mean?”

“Those are kind of personal questions ain’t they mister?” Punk seemed guarded now. Maybe he thought I was a cop of some sort. I couldn’t say I blamed him. He probably had to watch out for sting operations.

“I ain’t no cop dude. I was out here last night and saw you with the older business man. You were giving it to him pretty rough. You always top?”

“I’m not sure I ought to say anything more.” He sipped his beer as I popped the cap off another one and downed it. “You always drink your beer that fast? Shit I’d be drunk off my ass if I did that.”

“Na, just feeling a bit thirsty that’s all.”

“I don’t bottom anymore. Hadn’t bottomed since…” He trailed off lost in thought.

“Since?” I prodded.

“Since I was thirteen.” He looked at me with a slight glint in his eyes. “I top and let guys suck me, but that’s about it. You saw me with Johnson? I don’t remember seeing you last night. Where were you?”

“I was in that clearing where you fucked him. You call him Johnson?”

He gave me another suspicious look. “Yea, I call him that because that’s what he calls a cock. He’s always saying it – most of the time anyway. He loves it when I pound his ass like that.” Punk was beginning to loosen up to me. I think he must have decided I wasn’t a cop after all. If you were in the clearing with us I’d have seen ya. You weren’t there.”

I was there but I kept to the shadows and stayed in the brush around the edge.”

“That’s dangerous mister. Don’t forget we have pigmy rattlesnakes around here.”

“Shit,” I laughed, “I’d forgotten about that. I was so caught up in what you and Johnson were doing that I didn’t even think about snakes.” I laughed nervously again and whipped the cold beer bottle across my forehead like I was wiping off sweat.

Punk smiled and looked down. “How you get your hair like that, you die it?”

“Nope, it’s natural. All my family has hair like this.”

“I don’t believe you. Nobody has hair like that. It’s perfectly marked, like a tiger or something. The wrong color for a tiger, but it has that look to it.”

“Well, it’s all genetic, I promise ya.” I raised my right hand palm out. “Scouts honor!” 

He finished his beer so I gave him another one. “I probably shouldn’t, it’s your beer after all. I got my own.”

“Well as I said, I have way too much. I can’t take it back with me – leaving out tomorrow morning on a flight to Beijing, so drink all ya want. Hell, what I don’t drink tonight, I’ll be leaving it here for whoever wants it. See here?” I opened the cooler and showed him how much was left. The truth was I could drink all the beer in the cooler and not get drunk at all. My metabolism is far too high. It works the alcohol out of my system as soon as it goes in.

He looked in the proffered cooler. “Damn, you did buy too much if you leaving tomorrow morning. Why you going to Beijing?”

"Business trip. I work for Shell Oil Company out in Houston and they’re sending me over to negotiate a deal with the Chinese Government. I can’t say what it’s about, company secret you know? But it will be very lucrative for Shell if it pans out.”

“So what you out here for?” Punk looked apprehensive again.

“To be honest? I came out here last night looking for some good old fashioned man-tail and then I stumbled on you. I liked what I saw, the way you pounded Johnson’s ass like that. I thought I’d come back today and see if I could find you again. I guess it’s my lucky day, if you’re willing that is.”

An eager look took over his eyes like any junky will when they see their fix coming. “Yea I’m willing, but we’ll have to wait until sundown – let all the day users leave.” He took a deep drag on his beer and set the empty bottle down in the sand next to his first one.

“Want another?” I held out another opened beer bottle to him.

“Sure.” He took the beer and then looked at the mouth of the bottle and then at my hand. “How you do that?”

“Do what?” I asked looking all innocent like.

“Get the cap off. These aren’t twist offs.”

“Oh it’s a trick my pappy taught me back in Texas. If you’re strong enough and grip it just right it won’t cut ya and you can pull it right off.” He looked suspicious. “It helps to have calluses though.” I laughed and that seemed to ease the new tension that’d sprung up in him.

“I don’t think I could do it.”

I smiled but didn’t try to keep this line of conversation. “How long does it take after the sun sets for the day users to head out of here?”

“Oh they’ll start leaving here shortly. Once the afternoon gets on a bit there’s no good sun left. There’ll be a few stragglers that’ll wait until dark or just after it, but not many. Once the sun gets good and set, we’ll be able to head on into the brush and can pretty much do what we want. Gotta keep quite though, no need alarming people – makes em want to call the cops.” He talked like he’d had lots of experience with this park. I guess he had. “I like your eyes. They’re strange, but I like em.”

“Thanks,” I said, “again, genetics. All of my family have these eyes. What do you like doing? I mean, I’m good to go for several loads, you up for it?”

“Hell, I can keep up.”

“Good, cause I really need to get my fill before I leave for China. God only knows when I’ll get some good man ass once I get there. The Chinese Government pretends there ain’t no queers in China. Bullshit is what I say, but you can’t argue with a government – especially if it’s illegal just to be queer there, you know what I mean?”

“Yea, but I thought they declared homosexuality to be legal.”

“They did until 2004 where a court in Beijing ruled it to be against the public’s interest. Because of that it is now mostly a criminal act. I don’t want to end up in some Chinese prison for god only knows how long.” I looked at Punk. “You know, I don’t even know your name. Because of your hair I’ve started calling you Punk in my mind, do I have to continue that or do you have a name you’d like me to use?”

“Punk, what kind of bullshit is that?” He looked offended but then he smiled. I kind of like it though.” He took a swig on his beer. “People don’t normally ask for names here. That’s why it’s called anonymous sex. But I don’t mind if you really want to know it.” He looked at me to see if I would insist. I didn’t say anything but kept staring at him. “I’m Leroy, Leroy Aniston.”

I held out my hand to him for a handshake. “Nice to meet you Leroy, I’m Simon.” I didn’t offer a last name and he didn’t ask.

“Nice to meet you too Simon.” It was getting dark and most of the people left some time ago. “Not much longer now. Give it another 30 minutes and we can start playing around. “You know, most people who see me in the day light don’t ask me for sex.” He said this last part very quietly like he didn’t want to say it at all. When I didn’t say anything he went on. “I’m sick Simon. I’ve got HIV.” He paused to see what effect his words had on me. “The doctor says it’s going into full blown AIDS if I don’t take my meds the way I’m supposed to.”

“Why aren’t you taking your meds?”

“Can’t afford em. I don’t have insurance.”

“Doesn’t Medicaid or Medicare cover the cost?”

“Yes, but you have to be accepted for the program. I’ve slipped through the cracks I guess.”

I looked at him trying to read his facial expressions. “Does Johnson know this?”

He looked at me like I’d hit him. “Of course he knows it. Everyone I have sex with out here knows it. I don’t just go around spreading this disease like some Kamikaze bastard. I wanted you to know I have it before we do it. If you don’t object then neither will I.” He sat there quietly looking out over the placid water. “I’m out of here.” He started to gather his stuff.

“I don’t object Leroy. I didn’t mean to insult you either.” I looked down for a moment before looking back at him. “I’m sick too.” He visibly relaxed.

“You pos?”

“No, but I’ve got an illness that’s terminal, just as much so as HIV.” I looked him up and down. “It protects me from other diseases though.” I gave him my most stunning shit eating grin.

He snorted. “Protects you from other diseases? What kind of bullshit is that?” Some of the fire I’d seen last night was peeking through.

“No bullshit. I simply mean nothing else will kill me. That’s all.”

Leroy seemed to think about it for a while. “You mean this disease you have will kill you before anything else can?”

“Yep.” I lied and said nothing more about it.

By now it was pretty well into dark. The sun set some time ago and over half the beers in my cooler were gone. Leroy was getting rather plastered and that was just the way I wanted him to be. He stood up and staggered a bit. It surprised him and he started laughing. “Damn, I think I’m drunker then I thought. That must be good beer. I’m so used to Pabst and Bud Light that I forget how strong those dark imports are.”

“Yep, they can be pretty stout stuff. I like em though.” I stood and allowed myself to stumble into Leroy.

He laughed again as he caught a hold on me buying my act. “Whoa there man. You drunk too?”

“Yep” I laughed like a silly drunk teenager and I pretended to let him help me into the darkening underbrush of the park. It didn’t take long for us to find a nice quiet and private place to play. I soon had his shorts off revealing a Prince Albert in his cut penis and another smaller ring up near the base of his cock to which the gold chains were attached. I must say it was rather sexy. All of his jewelry was gold too, which was good for me. Not much of the legends are true, but a wereanimal’s allergy to silver is one that is. I took him in my arms and held him close as I kissed him feverishly. I don’t know what it is about this punk that turns me on so much, but there’s something: his smell, his looks, his attitude? Who knows, but it is something that I like. He moaned as I drank in his mouth and drove my tongue deep into his throat. Thank whatever gods there are that I’m immune to all diseases. I growled deep in my throat expressing in the only way I could how horny I was for this stud. He really is a very sexy man and I figured once he was cured of HIV that he would return to the youthful vigor the disease stole from him. I looked into his pale ice blue eyes. They were the color of thick Arctic Ice like when the sun shines through parts of an iceberg.

“Oh god.” He mumbled around my lips. His cock was not just hard, but extremely hard. It leaked precum all down the front side of it, slicking against my stomach. Damn this kid was turning me on. I was having trouble thinking and I found myself wanting to fuck the hell out of him one moment and wanting to rip him to shreds and eat him the next. Only then did I realize my mistake. Fuck! I’d not fed in quite a long while. Oh I’d eaten, but not on raw living flesh. Usually I’d go hunting for a deer or boar before going on this sort of adventure because the urge to hunt was always lurking under the surface looking for any excuse to explode out of me. My beast growled at me wanting to be let loose, but I held on refusing to let go. I didn’t want to kill Leroy. I wanted to fuck him and then change him if I deemed him worthy after he’d seen my beast. Shit, how big of a fool am I? Damn! Fuck! “God you taste good Simon.” Leroy rubbed his body against me and I could feel every muscle.

“So do you man. Damn! I want this so badly.”

“Oh man you taste good.” He rubbed against me again and I felt his hard cock pressing tightly to my stomach. I was just as hard as he was and damn I wanted to plow his ass.

I could hear his pulse quicken. Earlier it had been lethargic and slow like a man relaxed, but now it raced like a frightened rabbit, or a very excited gazelle. Shit, I had to quit thinking about pray animals. “I want to fuck you Leroy.” I was pushing him towards the ground with me on top, but he was pushing back – not hard but enough to stop me momentarily.

“I told you Simon, I don’t get fucked any more. Not sense I let that bastard fuck me who infected me.” He said.

“Did you like it before that happened?”

“Yes, very much.”

“Then why deny yourself that pleasure? I need to fuck you Leroy. I need to fuck you really bad.” I kissed his neck and played with his nipple with one hand while the other explored his cock, balls and further down towards his ass. He groaned loudly as my finger found and proceeded to massage his hole. God it was so tight! “Please Leroy, let me fuck you.” The scent of his blood was strong in his neck as I felt that pulse quiver just under my tongue. It was so fucking inviting, so alluring, so promising all kinds of delights.

He whimpered while my finger caressed his backdoor. “Oh God damn that feels so good.” He writhed under me and soon my finger slipped a little way inside his tight hole. He gasped and closed his eyes. “Deeper, please.”

I obeyed his request and slipped my finger in a little deeper but it was not an easy task. His ass was so tight. What I needed was lubricant because without it there was way this was going to be pretty. I pulled my finger out much to his protestations and sucked on it before slipping it back into him. Fuck he tasted good and this time my finger slipped deep inside his protesting hole. “Let me fuck you Leroy, please.” He consented only by nodding his head. I thought it would take a lot more to get him to agree, but I didn’t ask to make sure. If he was giving me permission to fuck him, I was taking it. My need was far too great and it was right on the edge of turning violent. Fortunately for us both I’d carried a bottle of Astroglide® lubricant in the pocket of my shorts which I still had on. I pulled it out in my hand and then proceeded to pull my shorts off. Not much later I was lubed up and pressing my hard cock against his fighting hole. It was tight. I wasn’t sure I’d be able to get inside him, but at the moment I didn’t care if I hurt him or not. I needed to fuck and fuck soon or I was going to rip his throat out. I could already feel my fingers begin the change into claws and my fangs lengthening. The last thing I wanted was to feed on this one. I wanted him alive and a tiger like me. I pushed harder and felt his hole give way. He cried out in pain and then was lost in the pleasure/pain of our lust. His body writhed under me as I drove in deep. Thank god the visions of his blood all over me and more meaty parts sliding down my throat passed as my own sexual energy burned through me. With each thrust he cried out in the pain/pleasure mix digging his fingernails into my arms.

I kept fucking his ass harder and harder as my need demanded. My fangs kept growing until they reached their full length for my half tiger form. My hands had turned into sinew and muscles tipped with the hard sharp claws I’d extended. These claws I traced down Leroy’s back mapping tiny rivulets of bloody marks where they lightly cut his flesh. The smell of blood filled the air, but I was already too far gone in the sex at the moment to think of him as food. I was close, so close to cumming that I slowed my thrust in order to keep going for a while longer. I knew I was changing. My skin was already beginning to cover with a fine black fur that was more like peach fuzz at this stage of the change. My Punk hadn’t noticed yet, thank the gods. “Leroy,” I growled my voice thick with my beast, “what if I told you I can cure you of your disease? Would you want it?”

“What?” He whimpered.

“I can cure you of your disease, do you want it?”

“Sure, but how?” He was only half paying attention. I couldn’t blame him, so was I.

I repositioned myself so I could grip his arms tightly. “Look at me.” My face had completed the change and the fur that covered my body was complete. I had a tiger’s face on a human’s body and my muscles rippled with every move I made showing off a display of intense power. In the light of a nearly full moon Leroy wouldn’t see much, but he’d see enough. He opened his eyes and all desire and lust fled from them as a scream crested his throat attempting to escape, but I covered his mouth with mine until his struggles stopped and he relaxed under me crying. “I don’t want to hurt you Leroy, but I’m going to give you a chance to live.” He took a deep breath and I knew he was going to scream again. I let go of one of his arms to cover his mouth with my hand. I could feel my claws digging oh so slightly into his cheeks. “Listen to me Leroy!” I growled.  Again he relaxed under my strength shaking only slightly from his frightened sobs. “I can turn you into a tiger like me, but you have to accept it Leroy. I will not do it if you refuse. You will not die and you will live forever unless someone kills you first. Do you want it?” I eased my hand from his mouth and looked into his eyes from oh so close.

“Yes.” He choked: His throat thick with his fear.

Too quickly for him to see I drove my teeth deep into his chest just below his shoulder. Blood flooded my mouth as my saliva mixed into the wound insuring the infection. He cried out in fear and pain but I thrust deep into him at the same time changing his fear back into lust. He was still frightened, still scared shitless even, but he was focusing on my cock as much as he was my teeth embedded in his chest. I had to bring my urges back around fully to sex because his fear smelled good to me, so very sweet. At last I could hold back no longer and I blew my load deep into Leroy’s ass. One long hot shot after another spewed inside him as I licked his would. My eyes rolled back into my head as bliss filled every fiber of my being. God it was good to fuck while feeding, even a controlled feed like this one. I wasn’t eating my prey this time, but merely licking the wound I’d created keeping the blood from running off and soaking into the sand under us. I felt Leroy relax under me and heard his breathing smooth out in blissful unconsciousness.

I thrust into him one last time as my orgasm finished and then slowly pulled out of his ass. Holy shit it felt good. I looked down at the unconscious man below me and realized I had no desire to feed on him now. My lust was satiated and so was my hunger – at least for the time being. I would have to feed soon, that had not changed, but my cravings were satiated enough for me to get Leroy back to my room. I stumbled to my feet and found our clothes. I dressed Leroy. Once his clothes were on well enough, I picked him up and quickly carried him and my clothes to the car. Opening the backdoor I slipped his unconscious form inside and tossed my clothes in with him.

It only took a few moments to drive back to my hotel and I sat there wondering how I was going to get him to my room while looking like a monster. Finely I growled deep in my throat and opened the door. After I got Leroy out of the backseat I cradled him in my arms and made a mad dash for the stairs. I was moving too fast for most people to see and before I knew it I was standing outside my rooms. Getting in was a little bit more difficult since my keycard was in the pocket which was pressed between my arm and Leroy’s back. Shit! I had to lay him down next to the door and fish my card out. Fortunately we got inside without anyone coming down the hall and I thanked my lucky stars for it too. I laid Leroy on the sofa as gently as I could while I went to run a bath for him. He was unconscious and as such a shower was out of the question.

The water was running in the bathroom while I proceeded to undress him. Dressing the wound was not necessary but cleaning it would be. I tested the water and gently lay him in watching it run up over his thin frame. Even in this state, thin almost to being gaunt and out like a light, he was still beautiful. The washcloth gently rubbed over his body as I washed the sand grit, blood, and sperm off his skin. I relished in touching his body while he was out. It was something I would remember for a very long time. I listened to his body while I washed him. His heart beat strong and sure, his chest rose and fell with each strong breath. It was a good sign. Not all people survive the infection. Usually it’s not violent, but the disease simply doesn’t agree with everyone. During my life I’ve changed eight people now, including Leroy, and I had a good record for survivors, a really good record. Of the eight I’ve only lost two – both were older people, my father and a woman who hired me to change her. My dad died the night I bit him, but he was going to die within the week anyway. He was 65 and he had some sort of cancer. Bear in mind this was back in 1890 and people died early for a number of reason. Even now after all this time, I still cannot think about that night without getting lost in some seriously deep emotions. My father and I were very close. The woman had to be put down as in killed. Her body survived the infection well enough, but her mind had not. She’d gone crazy and her increasingly violent fits finely got to where she was endangering the whole of our clan. I hated it and my queen made me take her out since I’d changed her.


After I got everything cleaned up I tucked the young man into my bed. The wound was already mostly healed by the time I finished cleaning it and before I turned the lights off the affects of his disease were also disappearing. The gauntness was still there, but his pallor was changing. The color in his cheeks was turning to a rosy healthy hue. The changes were already making him looked much younger. Walking through the living area of the suite I saw his shorts sitting on the floor where I’d dropped them after pulling them off the young man. His wallet peeked out of the edge of his back pocket. I’m sorry, but I’ve never been able to ignore my curiosity – CAT – go figure. I pulled it out and looked at his driver’s license: Alex Babineaux was his real name. I smiled at the pseudonym he’d used. I liked his real name better. Silently I closed the door and slipped into the shower for my own cleanup.

*          *          *

I felt really good after the sex and shower, but now my hunger was nagging me to no ends. I was human again and the recent changes had weakened me far more than I like. I had to feed and postponing it for very much longer was not an option. I punched Isaac’s number on my cell and waited for him to answer, which he did on the third ring. “Hello Simon, for what do I owe the pleasure?” His voice sounded a little perturbed, but he was polite as always.

“You did say to call, did you not?”

“Yes, but tomorrow night after midnight and you know why. Are you going to tell me you cannot come over?”

“Actually you told me to come over as soon as I got my problem worked out. I do still intend to join you Isaac, but I need your help first. Can you come over here for a few hours at least?”

“I suppose so, but I really don’t want to leave Jacob for that long. He’s already so inebriated he’s turning belligerent. I cannot possible leave until he is totally out, would – say, 11:30 be alright?”

“If that’s the soonest you can come, yes. You can bring Jacob if you like. I’ve got one more need to take care of and I don’t want to use a human for it, so I probably won’t be back until a little later, but I need you to watch someone for me. He’s passed out in my bed and I don’t want to leave him alone should he wake while I’m gone.”

“What did you do Simon?”

“I found my quarry, what else would it be?” I heard a long sigh over the receiver.

“Very well, I’ll be over there right away and I’ll bring Jacob. This had better not be a trick Simon. I’ll not take kindly to it.” The threat in Isaac’s voice was real and menacing.

“Don’t worry, it’s no trick, but even though Alex shouldn’t awaken until sometime tomorrow he needs someone here if he does wake though because he’ll be confused and maybe dangerous to himself.” I smiled at the use of the lad’s real name. “Can you handle a weretiger?”

“A weretiger? Simon, I honestly don’t know. I can kill one sure, but Idon't know anythng about taking care of one. Why can you not stay there with him?”

“I’ve gotta feed. It’s been a month since I last hunted and the moon is far too close to full. I can’t put it off any longer. I hadn’t realized how bad it was getting until just a couple of hours ago. I almost killed Alex and that would have been bad, real bad!” There were several deep breaths on the other end of the line.

“OK, but if you are not there how will I get in?”

“I’ll give the desk clerk instructions to let you in. He’ll do it because he likes me.”

“Another one of your conquest?”

I laughed at that one. “Oh, He wishes he were.”

Finally I could hear a smile in Isaac’s voice. “OK, I’ll come and if you are not there I’ll go burden myself on the desk clerk. Do you need anything since I’m going out after all?”

“No, just get here as soon as you can Isaac. I’ll owe you one for this.”

Isaac harrumphed. “Boy, you already owe me one many times over just from 29 years ago. But yes, you’ll owe me one for this too. It is such a pleasure to know that I can call your debts at anytime I like.” That sounded like I didn’t want him to call my debts at any time. “I’ll be there in about thirty minutes depending on the traffic. I don’t expect it to be too bad, but this is the summer tourist season and the streets seem to be pretty thick right now. Once I get out of Pensacola Beach the traffic should thin some.” With that he hung up and I was left with silence in my ear. I flipped my phone closed.

While I waited I figured it would be prudent to call Mina, my queen, and give her the good news of the newest member of her family. I wasn’t looking forward to this because she’d warned me the last time that I would be totally responsible for the next one I turned. I’d just have to explain to her that my job wouldn’t give me the spare time to train a baby tiger. I hoped she would understand.

The phone rang eight times before a deep male voice answered. “Galin, it’s about damn time you called home. How are you?” Galin is my clan name. I was given it when I became a weretiger and joined the Moondeath Clan.

I’m fine Rōk, how is everyone doing there?” Rōk is Mina’s mate and considered to be the clan’s father and hence my father. He is also technically my uncle since his brother Rakish was the one who turned me. He meant to kill me, but got distracted. Lucky me. “How did you know it was me?”

“We have your number programmed into our caller ID. Everyone is fine, but we miss you. You need to come home more often.”


“I miss you all too. I intend to visit just as soon as I’m through with my current contract. Is Mina available?”

“Rōk chuckled. “For you she’s always available, you should know that by now Galin. Hold on, I’ll tell her you want to talk with her. She’ll be pleased to hear from you.” The phone made a soft clunk as he laid it down to get his wife. For some reason they never use cell phones unless on a trip.

After about two minutes which seemed like an eternity in my current state I heard my queen’s voice. It was good to hear her and reminded me of my birth mother in many ways. “Galin, is that you? It’s been so long son, how are you?”

“I’m fine mother. How are you doing?”

“Oh, I’m OK. You don’t sound yourself Galin, is everything alright?”

That’s mom, always attentive. “I’m fine, really. I just need to hunt. I’ve got a problem though and I thought you needed to know about it before it goes any further.”

“The last time you called with a problem was when you changed Betty Lupin. God, what a disaster that was. Don’t tell me you changed someone else.” There was an edge of warning in my queen’s voice. I was glad I was on the phone and not right in front of her.

“Well, I did I’m afraid. I…” I didn’t know what to say.

There was silence on the other end of the phone, a long silence. “Where are you?” Her voice had turned courser, slightly deeper.

“Pensacola, Florida at the Residence Inn. I’m in room 225.” I really didn’t want to give her my exact location, but she asked a direct question and I could not refuse.

“Who is it this time?”

“His name is Alex Babineaux, a young man I met here.”

“I guess he was sick and you had pity on him?” She was beginning to get angry but a human wouldn’t have noticed, not yet.

“He was sick but that is not why I turned him. I like him mother, a lot. I think…  I think I could really like him given time. He’s my type.” Yes Mina knows I’m gay, the whole clan does.

She sighed a long deep breath and hung on the other end for a long time before saying more. “How old is he?” So far I’d changed mostly men who were 40 and older and it was a serious miracle that all of them survived the change, save for my birth father and Betty. Most people over 30 don’t without some serious problems.

“He’s 20 according to his driver’s license.” I heard her take a deep breath and let it out in relief.

“Stay where you are Galin, I’m on my way. I mean it! Don’t you go any damned place. I’ll be there tomorrow.” With this I knew she and a few others would be flying down tonight on the clan’s private jet. Not a good sign. I stood there waiting because I didn’t know what else to say. “Did you hear me?”

“Yes mam. I’ll be right here, I promise.”

She took another breath and then sighed. “Galin, what are we going to do with you? You cannot change just anybody, you know that.” She paused for a moment and then continued. “Is he cute?”

The question surprised me. I wasn’t expecting her to ask. “Well, I wouldn’t say cute exactly, but he’s hot, very hot. He’s a Cajun judging by his last name.”

“Well, I want to meet him.” She covered the receiver while she spoke to Rōk. I could hear her talking but not what she said. “Rōk is coming with me Galin and I’ll bring several others. I’m not happy about this, but we’ll see when we get there. Be sure to dress casual but nice. We’ll take lunch while there.”

“OK, I’ll make sure we’re both ready for your arrival. “Mother?” I waited for her to respond.

“Yes” She said.

“I really like him.”

“I understand that Galin. We should be there around 11:00 local time tomorrow morning, but I’ll call and let you know for sure.”

“I love you mother.”

“I do you too honey. Now go hunt and then get some sleep. We’ll see you tomorrow.”

“OK. Goodbye.”

“Goodbye dear.” She hung up the phone.

It went better than I thought, but the fact that she and Rōk were coming personally to check out Alex didn’t look good at all. Mina never left the clan’s homeland. I flipped the cell phone closed and slipped it into my pocket. I waited another 10 minutes for Isaac to get here. I decided I could wait no longer and headed out. I’d have to trust Isaac to know what to do if Alex woke before I came home.

*          *          *

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