Part 1

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Denis woke up with a start and looked around. His head throbbed, what the hell had he done last night, and where was he. The laminate walls, dresser covered in cigarettes burns, chair with cheap upholstery and the 70’s lamp on the side table told him he was in a motel room, probably a very cheap one.

He picked up the piece of paper folded against the lamp.


Had a great time last night, hope we can do it again.



His heart skipped a beat and he checked the bed. There was no indication that anyone else had slept in it. He wasn’t relieved; he couldn’t remember much of what he’d done,

He cursed when he realized that he was naked. “God, if I got drunk and cheated on my wife, please make sure she kills me quickly.” He muttered to himself as his hurriedly put his pants on. The last thing he clearly remembered was feeling restless and going out for a walk. He’d promised not to be long.

Sarah was going to kill him for staying out all night, even if he hadn’t slept with anyone else. His money was still in his wallet so at least he hadn’t been robbed. His clothes didn’t have any sign of lips stick, maybe he was ok. . . .. well, at least he wouldn’t die for being unfaithful.

He fretted for the entire taxi drive, and almost lost his nerve when he put his key in the lock. She was a reasonable woman, he’d explain that he’d just gone for a walk. And woke up in a motel room, alone. She’d understand. . . .

He was so dead.

The door opened noiselessly. And the entryway was silent.

“Honey?” he called out cautiously. “Sarah?” he called again when he didn’t get a response. He walked through the living room, everything was in order. Pass the dining room and into the kitchen. There he spotted the note on the fridge immediately.

Dennis, it’s about 15 minutes since you stepped out, my mom just called,
she’s having a ”family” emergency. I’m going to be gone for the entire weekend.


 He pulled the paper from the fridge, sending the magnet flying, and read it again. It finally sank in, she didn’t know he hadn’t been back home.

He sank in a chair and started giggling. Talk about dodging the bullet.

Giddy with the realization that Sarah would never have to know about it he spent the rest of the day cleaning up the house. Even once he was done he kept moving, having too much energy.

He was thinking of going out for a walk again when there was a knock at the door.

“Hi,” said the man when Denis opened the door.

“err, Hello,” replied Denis hesitantly. The man was about a head taller than he was, with black hair to his shoulders.

“Aren’t you going to invite me in?”

“Who are you?”

“What do you mean who am I? I’m Kyle. We spent the night talking at the bar, don’t you remember?”

Denis frowned. “no.”

“You said I should drop by one of these days, I figured tonight was as good as any. That was before we both got roaring drunk. We ended up in that motel room.”

Denis grew cold inside.

“woa!” someone said and he was being held. “don’t faint on me. ‘wouldn’t look good.”

He was helped to the couch, where he felt his strength coming back. He swallowed hard “did we . . . . ” he couldn’t get himself to say the rest. He took hold of his hand to stop it from shaking.

“What? Oh, no. no, nothing happened. We were too drunk. When I fell asleep in the chair you were still fighting with your socks.”

Denis let out a breath in relief. “sorry, I don’t remember anything from last night.”

“nothing at all?”

Denis shook his head.

Kyle nodded and took a frame from the side table. “is that your girlfriend?” he asked turning it to Denis. He nodded it had been taken during their honeymoon at Epcot center. “Is she here tonight?”

“Wife, she’s at her mom’s.”

“I guess that means we can have a guys’ night. Got any movies?”

Denis watched Kyle for a few minutes and then chuckles “sure.”

“How about something to drink with the movie?” Kyle asked heading to the kitchen.

“There’s beer in the fridge.”

“How about something else? I think we had enough beer last night to last us for a while.”

“There’s probably a jug of orange juice.” Denis got off the couch and started pacing.

“You ok?” asked Kyle, walking back in with two glass of orange juice.

“Sorry,” said Denis with a shy smile, “I seem to be restless tonight again.”

“When did it start?”

“Yesterday, that’s why I went out for a walk.” Denis answered, playing with the collar of his shirt, undoing the top buttons. Had someone raised the temperature?

Kyle put the glasses on the side table. “What about today?” Denis looked in Kyle’s direction. Why hadn’t he noticed his clean shaven strong jaw before? Or his green eyes, and that masculine smell coming from him. Strong hands shook him. When had Kyle moved close to him? “how about today? How long have you been feeling restless?”

Denis shook his head and tried to focus on Kyle’s words. What was wrong with him? “I don’t know.” He frowned trying to remember his day “I’ve been cleaning.” A hand was pressed against his forehead.

“You’re already burning up, and the moon’s still half an hour away. You’re pretty sensitive to it.” Denis grabbed the hand as it was pulled away, brought it to his nose and inhaled deeply. He remembered that smell now, from last night. He followed the smell along Kyle’s arm to his neck where he licked. He tasted good to.

He was pushes away and held firmly “You have to listen to me Denis. Don’t bother trying to fight what’s coming.” Denis looked at him, slightly confused, but before he could ask Kyle let him go, so instead of talking, he kissed him.

He felt Kyle melt in his arm, and he moaned, he’d never tasted anything this wonderful. He felt hands move over his chest, the sensation making him shiver.

His own hands roamed over Kyle’s form, but all he felt was his tight t-shirt. With a growl of annoyance he ripped it off his back. The sensation of flesh against his palm made his skin tingle. He pulled out of the kiss and took a deep breath, smiling as Kyle caught his breath too.

His arm tingled again, and he took a step back in surprise. The hair on his arm seems to be growing. What was happening?

Kyle caught him before he could move far. “Don’t try to resist, it’s a waste of time.”

“What is happening to me?”

Kyle smiled to him, placing a hand on his cheek, and Denis found himself rubbing against it. “I could explain it, but you probably wouldn’t be able to pay attention for all of it.” He held Denis’ head and looking him in the eyes. “Just try to remember that you’re safe. What’s happening to you won’t harm you in anyway. Enjoy what’s coming and I’ll explain in the morning.”

Denis glanced at his arm and then back into Kyle’s eyes, worried about what was happening.

“You’ll be fine,” Kyle whispered in his ear, before closing his mouth on his neck.

Denis’ body shuddered and his legs gave as he felt Kyle chew on the skin. He couldn’t figure out how hard it was, but the sensation felt so good that it took his breath away. Kyle wrapped an arm around his back to support his weight. He could feel his other hand undoing his pants.

Kyle released Denis’ neck when his pants caught as he tried to pull them down. Denis looked down and his breath caught when he saw his leg covered in a light brown fur.

Kyle didn’t give him time to panic, he sucked on his nipple and Denis was overwhelmed with pleasure again. He could feel something happening to his legs, but it was somewhere far away.

Denis placed his hands on Kyle’s shoulders as he moved down, to support himself. Denis gasped as he felt bones move within his foot, forcing him to stand on tiptoe, but then the gasp was because Kyle had closed his mouth on his cock and was swallowing it all.

He felt Kyle’s hands move on his ass as he sucked him, but the sensation changed becoming more intense. He forced his eyes open and looked. His legs were completely covered in what looked like fur, and it was moving up, his ass was almost all covered. His arms were also all covered, and as he looked his saw the shape of his hands change. He closed his eyes both not to see what was happening and at the intensity of Kyle’s mouth on his cock.

He tried to push what was happening to his body out of his mind and focus on the blow job he was receiving. He’d always thought Sarah gave great ones, but they didn’t come anywhere close to what he was receiving now.

He opened his eyes when he felt cold air on his cock. He watched Kyle stand, noticing in his peripheral vision that the fur covered most of his chest and belly now. He watched as Kyle quickly took off his pants.

Denis started drooling as he saw Kyle’s hard cock. He’d never believe he’d think that of another guy, but he wanted it, badly. Unfortunately Kyle didn’t let him admire it much. He turned around, leaned against the couch and presented his ass to him.

For a moment he couldn’t figure out what Kyle expected of him, and then his body took over. He ran his hands on his back, pressing himself against him. He slowly ground against Kyle’s ass, his cock moving in his crack. He couldn’t rationalize why he was doing it, but his body wouldn’t stop. When he changed his angle of attack and his cock entered Kyle’ ass his rational mind disappeared.

He grunted and started fucking Kyle fast and hard. Kyle didn’t protest, He was moaning with every thrust Denis made. Denis was loosing himself more and more in the sex. His mind couldn’t form a coherent thought. He was only a series of sensations and emotions as he pounded Kyle.

At one point Kyle reached behind both of them and pressed something that made him see stars and howl in pleasure. He lost it and buried his cock as deep as it would go, feeling something pop in at some point before he came and blacked out.

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