Part 11

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Denis thought it was the seventh day since the full moon; at least he’d been tortured until he lost consciousness seven times since then. He knew that Sarah was going to be visiting since they had increased the dosage of his drugs. This was Sarah’s fourth visit since his capture, and every time they made sure he couldn’t think too clearly. Unlike the previous times he was in good spirits, Clyde had managed to suck him off twice more, once while he was barely conscious and another the previous ‘night’. And on top of that, he’d noticed the drug didn’t muddle his mind as much as before.

An hour after his dosage was increased the door opened and Sarah walked in smiling wide. She ran to him and hugged him tightly, “I’ve missed you, how are you doing?”

“I’m good,” Denis replied keeping his tone a little sleepy. He didn’t want Isaac to realize the drug wasn’t affecting him as much as before.

“Are the treatments working?” She asked him.

Denis shrugged, “Isaac’s doing the best he can, but I changed on the full moon.” He didn’t tell her the truth of the treatments, Isaac had made sure to explain what he would do to Sarah if Denis even hinted that something was wrong. Denis had no intention of placing her in danger, but he promised himself he would make Isaac pay for threatening her.

“And the two of you get along?”

Denis smiled at her, “yeah, we’re becoming good friend, almost family now, like your mother and brother.” Sarah frowned and was about to say something, but Denis didn’t give her time. “You know how well these two get along; well me and Isaac are just like them.” For the first time since she’d visit him Denis saw signs of worry cross her face, and he hoped that she would know better than to give it away.

She looked over her shoulder, “are you really getting along now?”

Isaac gave her a sweet, grand fatherly smile, “yes, he understands now that what I’m doing is for his own good.”

Denis nodded, “yeah, took me a while to realize it, but like your mom he knows what’s best.”

Sarah looked at Denis again and he could see on her face that she was trying to figure out what was going on. She turned around and walked quickly to the door, “I hope you don’t mind if I leave now, I have something I need to do, I just wanted to check in on Denis, make sure he was ok.”

Denis gulped with worry, during the three month he’s spent cheating on her he’d learned the value of keeping up appearances, of not doing anything that was out of place. Normally she would hug him before leaving.

If Isaac noticed, he didn’t react to it. “Of course, I understand. Feel free to come back anything you feel like it,” he opened the door and someone on the other side escorted her away.

Denis quietly sighed in relief.

“I think your wife’s getting use to the idea of being alone.” Isaac commented as he took Denis chin and lifted his head so he could look him in the eyes. Denis made sure to keep his gaze unfocused.

“You’re not going to be able to keep on fooling her forever,” Denis couldn’t stop himself from saying, “Sarah’s not stupid.”

“That woman’s desperate to have her husband back,” Isaac said with a snort, “she’ll happily believe anything I tell her that will keep her hoping. Once I’m done with you I’ll put a bullet through your brain and tell her how the beast took over and we had no choice to defend ourselves. She’ll mourn you and then I’ll turn her anger toward all werewolves and I’ll have another ally.” He released Denis’ chin.

Denis stayed quiet this time, inwardly cursing himself for his outburst. If Isaac even started suspecting he’d given Sarah some sort of message he would hurt her.

* * * * *

Denis counted the ‘days’ after Sarah’s visit. He didn’t have a choice; he had to hope she would realize something was wrong and that she would contact someone to come rescue him.

On the first day after her visit Isaac tortured him with fire again, simply dousing him in gasoline and lighting it. For a man who was supposed to study him he had days where he didn’t seem to care about the result, as long as Denis screamed.

On the second day Isaac injected him with something that felt like acid. It stared burning within a few minutes and just kept increasing, more than once Denis hoped he would lose consciousness, but he wasn’t granted that relief. Some time after his voice was too raw to scream Clyde walked in to take Isabelle’s place keeping an eye on him.

Denis hadn’t figured out if Isabelle knew what Clyde did with him, or how he kept convincing her to let him take her place, but she hadn’t offered any resistance after that first time the night of his transformation. As he locked the door behind her Clyde set the ventilation system to maximum. He then came to Denis and tied an old pair of underwear over his face.

Through the whimpers of pain Denis breathed in Clyde’s scents and as the ventilation system removed Isabelle’s smell his body responded. Clyde got to work immediately, there was no words exchanged, Clyde didn’t seem to care at all for Denis as a human being, he only approved of him when he was covered with fur.

Denis hadn’t bothered trying to convince him this wouldn’t work, he even goaded him on with promise of strength and virility to get him to do it more often. Clyde was using him to become powerful, Denis was using him to get his rocks off, and he had no second thought about lying to do so.

On the third day Isaac broke every bone in his body, twice; since they tended to heal before he’d done the whole body.

On the fourth day Isaac wasn’t there, instead a wirery man was the one poking him with all sorts of sharp instruments. There was no pretence of study with him; it was purely sadism that drove him.

On the fifth day Isaac received a call just as he was about to put Denis’ hand in liquid nitrogen. He heard Sarah’s name being mentioned before Isaac was out of the room. Denis’ heart started beating fast; if Sarah was here did it mean she’s brought help? His throat was dry with worry also, what if she hadn’t caught on to what he’d said, or worst, decided she believed Isaac over him. He found himself going back and forth form hopeful to worried while he strained to hear what might be going on the other side of the door.

Someone ran in the room to take out the Nitrogen and moments later Isaac guided Sarah inside, discussing the progress they were making. As she saw him she beamed, and crossed the room to hug him tightly. “How are you doing honey,” she said, “I’m so happy to see that you’re doing well.”

Denis was confused, why was she here if she’d brought the cavalry. Could it be that his fear was coming true, that she hadn’t told anyone he was here? He closed his eyes to stop himself from crying and rested his head on her shoulder. He’d been so sure that she would do what she could to get him out of here.

Isaac’s phone rang just as Denis caught a scent on Sarah’s jacket. Isaac started cursing as Denis’ body went limp with relief.

Kyle was here.

“You bitch!” Isaac yelled grabbing Sarah by the arm and throwing her against a wall. “How in God’s name could you bring that monster here?”

Sarah yelped in pain and fell to the floor.

“Sarah!” Denis yelled as he pulled on the chains. “You son of a bitch, if you touch her I’m going to rip your throat out!”

Isaac looked at him over his shoulder, “We’re going to see about that. Once I’ve dealt with your whore I’m going to put you down like the dog you are.”

Denis pulled as hard as he could against the chains, screaming insults at Isaac. He was so focused on Isaac that he never noticed the fur growing on his right arm, and with that yank the ring holding the chain to the ceiling snapped. Unbalanced he dangled from the other chain, but he didn’t have time to think about that, Isaac was almost over Sarah. He swung his arm out, sending out the chain and it hit the older man on the shoulder.

Isaac cursed and turned, taking out his gun. Denis grabbed the other chain and pulled as hard as he could. The door exploded inward before anything more could happen and Kyle, covered in black fur, rushed the old man, making him drop his gun and sending him flying on the other side of the room.

“Denis!” Kyle said, the name a low growl of worry. Kyle held him and Denis couldn’t stop himself from crying; holding on to him broke the last of his self control. Kyle comforted him for a while and then growled, “Don’t” he said menacingly.

Denis pulled his head out of Kyle’s chest a looked at Isabelle bent down reaching for the gun. He could smell her fear filling the room.

“Touch that thing and I’m going to rip your hand out.” Kyle didn’t have to add anything, she ran out of the room. Kyle reached up and ripped the chain from the ceiling without effort. He lowered Denis slowly and then broke the chains near the manacles.

“Wha’ appening ‘o me?” Denis asked through a mouth half transformed into a muzzle.

“He turned you into a monster.” Isaac said pushing himself in a sitting position. “He did it to my son, now he’s doing it to you.”

“I didn’t do anything to Marc!” Kyle snapped as he broke a chain at Denis’ foot. “I only found him because I’d heard about young men being raped by someone in a costume, and I recognized the signs.” He looked up at the old man. “do you want to know what he was doing when I finally tracked him down? He was about to rape a fourteen year old kid. I had finally gotten him to the point where he wasn’t one hundred percent sure he was the devil’s creature when you had to come for a visit.”

“My son hadn’t written to me for two months, you’re damn right I came to find out what was going on. Then his wife tells me this story about him disappearing in the night, so I confronted him. I wasn’t going to have an unfaithful son make his wife miserable.”

“And of course you, the great reverend, knew what was best for him,” Kyle sneered in disgust. “You should have been trying to support him through his pain!”

“And let him give in to temptation?” Isaac growled, “Never!”

“Then you should have gone back to your congregation instead of poisoning Mark’s mind.” Kyle looked down at Denis, “you’re in your last month,” he said in a soft tone, moving an errand strand of hair from Denis’ face, “control’s tough to maintain under stressful conditions.”

“You take your pet,” Isaac said in disgust, “you enjoy him, because it won’t be long until I remove the stain you both represent upon God’s work.”

Kyle growled at Isaac, “You can keep your empty threats old man. I’m not impressed.”

“Empty? You think my threats are empty?” Isaac said in a much too calm voice, “you think I lack the conviction to carry through with my actions? Mark my words; I’ll remove your stain just like I removed that of my son.”

Kyle didn’t seem to pay attention to what Isaac had said at first as he broke the chain on Denis’ other foot, but then he frowned as it sank it, and then started growling. He stood and walked to Isaac. He grabbed him by the collar and lifted him, bringing them eye to eye. “You cleansed Marc’s stain?” Kyle asked in a low growl. “You son of a bitch, you killed your own son?”

“The thing he’d become wasn’t my son. He was the devil’s plaything. He was *your* plaything. By killing him I gave a chance to what ever was left of his soul to rejoin God. Now you have an idea of the kind of conviction you’re facing.”

With a scream of anguish Kyle bite deep into Isaac’s shoulder. The man screamed in pain as teeth ground against bone and then Kyle let go of the shoulder, without ripping it out. He spat the blood out and let Isaac crumble to the ground sobbing and holding his bleeding shoulder, trying to stop the blood from flowing out of it.

Kyle looked down at the man. “Tell me Isaac, what’s you conviction worth, now that you’re one of the things you despise?” Isaac’s face became a mask of horror as Kyle turned and walked back to Denis. Sarah was trying to help him stand. “Get away from him!” Kyle barked as he pulled Denis to him and picked him up, cradling him tenderly.

Sarah took a step back in surprise, and a bit of fear. “Don’t order me around,” she said once she’d regained her composure, “he’s my husband, I have as much of a right to help him as you do!”

“No you don’t! When will you get it in that thick skull of yours that you don’t have a husband anymore. Look around, that’s what happened because you wanted to pretend otherwise.”

Denis remained silent during the exchanged, not having any energy left anymore. He watched Sarah lean against the wall for support as what ever strength had carried her through this left; watched Isaac crawling toward the gun. After that he was out of the room and found he couldn’t get himself to care about what happened there anymore.

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