Part 12

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Denis was resting as comfortably as he could on the reclined passenger seat of Kyle’s sport car. He had someone’s jacket as a sheet, it wasn’t much, but Kyle had the heat turned on max so he wasn’t shivering anymore. He could tell something wasn’t right, Kyle reeked of worry even now that they were driving away from Isaac’s base.

Kyle took out his cell and dialed a number. “Hi Charles, it’s Kyle. Thanks, yeah, I’m ok. Look, can you have someone keep an eye out for my Jaguar and open the garage doors when they see it? I have a bit of an emergency here. Thanks.”

“Who’s Charles?” Denis asked. He was able to talk properly again, his muzzle had continued to change as Kyle carried him to the car so that now it was fully formed, even if about half his face was still without fur.

“He’s a friend,” Kyle replied casting a glance at Denis and the smell of worry increased in the car.

Denis didn’t want to think about what was happening to his body, how it was a patchwork of skin and fur, so he asked; “Why the full moon?”

Kyle’s brows furrowed, “what?”

“Why the full moon,” Denis repeated, “why not the new one, or the quarter moon?”

Kyle looked at him for a moment, “I don’t know, it’s just the way it is I guess. What brought that on?”

“I’ve been hanging from the ceiling for God knows how long,” Denis replied bitterly, “being tortured to exhaustion; I needed something to keep my mind busy.”

“Sorry,” Kyle said guiltily

“I think there’s more to it than that,” Denis continued as if he hadn’t had the outburst. “It can’t just be the moonlight ‘cause I change even if I’m in a room without any windows. I think it’s the gravity.”

“What makes you think that?”

“The full moon causes the highest tide, I think, so it’s got to have some sort of impact. I think we’re just more sensitive to the pull of the moon.”

Kyle though about it for a moment, “it would explain how we can feel the moon getting closer to full.”

Denis didn’t respond, instead he found himself drifting in and out of sleep. He woke up a little when the car came to a stop and then Kyle was picking him up and carrying him through a hallway. Denis had the feeling people were watching him, but he was too tired to pay attention to them. They entered a dimly lit room and then he was lying in a comfortable bed.

After that darkness claimed him.

* * * * *

Denis slowly woke up, yawned and stretched. What he’d gone through was still on his mind, but now that he was fully rested they didn’t seem so important.

“I checked with Brian,” someone said, “and he’s never heard of this happening.”

Denis lifted his head, Kyle was with an older man in the doorway. It took Denis a moment to realize that the man was naked. “Who’s Brian?” he asked.

Kyle hurried to his side and sat on the bed. “How are you feeling?” he asked.

“I’m ok,” Denis replied, “except for this,” he lifted his hands, the right one was human while the left was covered with light brown fur and was clawed. “Who’s Brian?” he asked again.

Kyle held Denis’ human hand, “He’s a friend, the oldest werewolf I know.”

Denis indicated the naked man who now stood at the foot of the bed with a nod, “and him?”

“That’s Charles; he’s one of Brian’s servants.”

“Servant, huh?” Denis looked the man over, he was graying at the temple so guessed him to be in his early fifties.  A little under six feet his body was hairless, showing his nicely define muscles. His cock was maybe six inches, soft. Denis found his mouth watering at the sight. “Are they all naked?”

“Yes,” Charles answered as if the question was normal, “the master doesn’t like to have to fuss with clothing when he’s in the mood so we don’t wear any.”

“And he’s often in the mood?” Denis asked.

Charles indicated the tent Denis’ cock was forming, “Werewolves usually are,” he said with a smile.

“Why are you wearing clothes then?” Denis asked Kyle.

“For one thing Brian isn’t home right now, so he won’t be able to complain, and I’m a guest, that comes with special privileges.”

“What about me?”

“You’re our guest, of course,” Charles said, “you’ll stay here until you are better.”

“What’ wrong with me?”

Kyle squeezed his hand, “I don’t know. Normally would should have gone back to looking human as soon as you’d calmed down.”

“So why haven’t I?” Denis asked, not so much worried as curious.

“I’m not sure,” Kyle replied, “Isaac tortured you, didn’t he?” Denis nodded. “Then it’s possible that what he did to you screwed things up so your body can’t become human.”

“Am I going to be stuck like this forever?” now Denis was starting to get worried.

“Brian doesn’t think so,” Charles reassured him, “what ever the cause is he believes that when the next full moon forces you to change it will undo what ever damage has been left over.”

“So I’m here for about two weeks then? What am I going to do during that time?”

“The master has indicated that you are to have full access to the house as well as all his servants. That means you can go where ever you want, but I’d recommend that you sleep some more first. You body has healed, but emotionally you have gone through a lot.”

Kyle nodded, “he’s right, you need to rest. Don’t try to force yourself to act as if everything’s normal.” Denis nodded. “I’m going to leave you to rest them.”

Denis tightened his hold on Kyle’s hand, “do you have to go?”

“You heard what Charles said, you need to rest.”

Denis looked at Charles and thought about Kyle being gone. He tightened his hand even more as fear gripped him. “I’m sorry,” he told Charles, “I know you don’t want to hurt me, but,” he turned to Kyle, “I need you here to make me feel safe.”

“All right,” Kyle said, “I’m going to stay.” Denis smiled at him as Kyle unbuttoned his shirt with his free hand.

“I will leave you two alone then,” Charles said as he headed for the door, closing it once he was outside the room.

Denis had to let go of Kyle’s hand so he could remove his pants. Kyle then joined him under the covers. Denis pressed his shortened muzzle against Kyle’s chest and breathed in deeply. He then looked up at him, “Can, can you change, please?” He asked hesitatingly.

Kyle didn’t say anything, but Denis watched as the man’s face darkened with short fur, his ears becoming pointed and moving up. Kyle’s smile became a tight line as his mouth and nose were pushed forward, revealing vicious looking teeth. Kyle’s green eyes seemed to get darker as his face changed around them, there was no mistaking Kyle’s intelligence in them, but the also gained an animalistic cunning.

A face like this would scare anyone, but Denis felt comforted. He buried his nose in Kyle’s chest fur and inhaled. This was the scent of his savior. He wrapped his arms around him and held him tightly. His body shook as the memory of what Kyle had rescued him from washed over him again. Kyle held him close, letting Denis cry the fear out of his system.

When Denis was done crying Kyle bent down and licked the tears off his face, before kissing him. The kiss started tender, but became more urgent and hungry as Denis pressed himself against him. Denis reached between them and took hold of Kyle’s already hard cock. He stroked it and broke the kiss.

“Take me,” he told Kyle.

Kyle moaned at the touch but then forced himself to focus on Denis. “Are you sure?” he asked.

Denis tightened his grip on the black wolf’s malehood, he wasn’t going to accept no for an answer. “I need someone to do something to me that’s going to bring me pleasure instead of pain. I need you to take me because it brings you pleasure, not because of some agenda to get power.”

Kyle nodded and moved on top of him, forcing Denis on his back. He placed Denis’ legs over his shoulders and then looked down between the both of them. “You’re going to have to let go.” He commented with a smile at the hand still holding his shaft.

Denis was reluctant to let go of it, its warmth was comforting and its rigidity embodied Kyle’s power, the strength he used to save him. He opened his hand, forcing himself to remember that it was still there.

Kyle took the hand in his and licked the precum off. He then rubbed his muzzle against it, “I’m still here,” he reassured Denis, “I haven’t abandoned you.” He repositioned himself so the tip of his cock was resting against Denis’ hole, dripping copious amount of precum. “Are you ready?”

Denis nodded and shivered as Kyle pressed lightly against his bud. He didn’t force himself in, instead he slowly moved in and out, pushing only a little further in each time. Denis’ cock was hard and throbbing in response. He wanted to tell him to hurry things up, but he also wanted to be at his mercy.

The thought was taken out of his head when Kyle’s cock head finally slipped in, making Denis’ shaft jump and sent a string of precum across his chest. Denis was moaning loudly now, the cock head rubbing against his prostrate with every thrust. Kyle would pull out completely each time, and then push back in.

Denis was moaning, groaning and gasping, his head back in pleasure most of the time. When he was able to look at Kyle, he was looking right back at him, the hunger in his eyes under tight control. Denis had no idea how he was managing that since he could barely keep himself from crying out for more.

In and out Kyle’s cock moved in a slow and regular rhythm. Even when he was completely in he didn’t change his speed. Denis’ belly was covered in precum, the fur matted and his skin shiny from it. He moved his legs off Kyle’s shoulders and wrapped them around his hips, forcing him to go deep and stay there while Denis moaned.

“Stop torturing me,” Denis growled, only marginally realizing the word didn’t have any sting at the moment, “Fuck the living shit out of me.”

Kyle looked at him, muzzle open and tongue flopping out, panting. He didn’t say anything, just nodded and when he started moving again there was enough strength behind the thrust to force Denis to put his hands against the head board so he wouldn’t slide up to it.

Denis’ legs went back up on Kyle’s shoulders and it didn’t take long for the bed to start banging against the wall each time Kyle slammed his hips against Denis. Denis was grunting each time Kyle bottomed out, his cock constantly jumping about and sending strings of precum in the air.

How long this went on Denis couldn’t tell, he was lost in a world of raw pleasure, the little attention he could spare was used to keep his mounting orgasm at bay. He didn’t want this to end; he could easily stay here, on this bed, with Kyle fucking him forever.

His body had other ideas.

Kyle’s savage fucking had the effect of getting Denis closer to orgasm with each thrust. He fought it hard, but he could feel it coming, the tightening in his balls, the shortness of breath and the growl deep in his throat.

If Kyle could feel how close Denis was he didn’t give any sign, he continued to fuck him hard and fast, even when Denis screamed as his cock exploded he didn’t slow down. He thrust deep, making Denis’ cock jump, the cum flying on both their faces.

Denis didn’t have the chance to catch his breath, his orgasm barely ending and Kyle’s thrusting started to build it again. This time he couldn’t last long, he was gritting his teeth and moaning within five minutes. Kyle matched him moans for moans as he fucked him even harder; until he buried himself so deep that Denis actually gasped in surprised. Kyle exploded inside Denis and they both moaned. A few seconds later Denis’ cock was jumping again. This time the cum didn’t fly far, but it flowed freely.

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