Part 13

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Denis couldn’t feel Kyle next to him, so he reached across the bed to pull him closer. His arm landed on the bed and he pulled, his claws dug in the sheet and started pulling them. Fortunately he woke up fully before they ripped.

He sat up in a panic, where was he? Why wasn’t Kyle with him? Had his rescue been a dream? He looked at his hands and relief flowed over him when he confirmed they weren’t chained. He fell back down on the pillow and looked at the ceiling for a moment, letting his emotions settle down.

He reached over, grabbed the other pillow and pulled it over his face. He breathed in deeply Kyle’s scent; it was a few hours old. He held the pillow against his chest and looked at the side table, there was an antique clock on it showing it was a little past noon; some of the daylight came from behind the heavy curtains.

He was still debating getting out of bed when the door opened and a young man stepped in, carrying a tray. He looked to be in his early twenties and something about him was familiar. He had a light tan, without tan lines. He kept in shape, but his muscles weren’t really defined. His hair was light red, cut short and his pubs were a little darker. His cock was barely visible. He must be a grower, Denis thought, and his cock reacted at the thought of seeing just a big his visitor could get.

“Hi,” he said, giving the young man a wave and pulling himself in a sitting position. He could now see that he tray had two glasses, one with orange juice one with milk and a silver plate cover.

“Hi,” the man returned, moving closer and placing the tray on the side table. Denis could now smell bacon and eggs coming from it, and his mouth started salivating. “I’m Gary,” he said presenting his hand.

Denis went to take it with his fur covered hand by reflex, and then switched it for his human one. “I’m Denis. Where’s Kyle?”

Gary had a firm, confident handshake. “He had to leave for work earlier. He said he’d be back later today.” He took out a lap table from a cabinet and placed it on Denis’ lap. “I’m happy you’re awake, I wasn’t sure how easy you’d be to wake up, or how grumpy you’d be,” he said as he placed the plate on he table.

Denis’ stomach growled and he reached for the bacon, only stopping himself as he realized he was going to grab the dozen strips with his hand and shove it down his muzzle. He looked at Gary with embarrassment and reached for the fork instead. “Sorry,” he said softly.

Gary smiled, “Don’t worry about it, I’ve seen the Master rip in a whole pork with nothing but tooth and claws. We don’t really stand on ceremony here. If you’re still hungry I can get you some more.”

Denis still did his best to eat with decorum, forcing his hunger to behave. “Actually, I’d be able to eat a whole cow right now.”

“Alright, I’ll go get you a proper meal.” Gary headed for the door.

“Wait!” Denis exclaimed, and then looked down sheepishly when Gary stopped and turned, “Could you have someone bring it instead? I’d really like it if you could keep me company,” He admitted. Gary smelled nice, slightly familiar, and felt none threatening.

“Of course,” Gary answered and opened a small box next to the door, in it was a old style telephone. He picked up the ear piece and placed it to his ear. He waited a few second before speaking. “Yes, our guest could do with a proper meal, can you have the cook prepare a ten once steak, with all the trimming?” Gary turned to Denis while the other person spoke, “Actually, make that two, ten once steak, he’s really hungry. And have someone bring it up. Thanks.”

Denis looked down at his plate and was surprise to realize that he’d already cleaned it up. His stomach gave another light growl, but this time there was no urgency behind it.

Gary took the plate and the table off Denis’ lap and set it on the floor before sitting on the edge of the bed. “I didn’t know if you’d prefer Juice of milk. Charles didn’t think Coffee would be a good idea this morning.”

“I’ll start with the milk, but I’ll also have the orange juice.” Denis emptied the glass in one swoop and then looked at Gary again. “Were you around when I got here?”

Gary placed the glass on the side table and turned, bringing a leg on the bed, “No, I was still sleeping, Why?”

“You look familiar; I thought I might have caught a glimpse of you then.”

Gary smiled, “I look like my grand father, Charles.”

“Charles’ your grand father?” Denis looked at him again, and now he could see the resemblance in their faces. Gary did look like a younger version of Charles. “Does your family all work for,” he had to search his memory for a moment, “for Brian?”

Gary chuckled, “no, me and Charles are the only ones related, I don’t think my dad could handle being in a house with gay men.”

“So you’re gay too?”

Gary nodded, “everyone who lives here is. The Master only wants men he can enjoy around him.”

“I hope I’m not being insensitive, but how did you end up in this situation?”

Gary seemed confused by the question for a moment and then smiled. He turned so he was facing Denis and sat cross legged. “I wasn’t forced to come here if that’s what you’re afraid of.”

“Then why are you here?”

“The Master is a good man, he’s paying for my education, and in exchange I work for him.”

“But you’re his slave, right?”

“No, I’m his servant, when the contract is over I can leave.”

“But he ‘enjoys’ you when ever he feels like it. Isn’t that a form of slavery?”

“Oh, he doesn’t force himself on us,” Gary paused for a moment and smiled, “well, he doesn’t force himself of those of us who don’t enjoy it. Yes, we’ll submit to him when he wants to have sex, but that’s because we agreed to that before we started working here. Even before we learned what the Master was, we knew that we would be his sexual playmates.”

Denis was silent for a moment, trying to ‘get’ what Gary was telling him, he couldn’t see himself letting someone else basically own him, but on some level it didn’t sound that different from what Kyle did, Gary simply had only one client.

“How did you meet Brian?”

“I met him through Charles,” Gary said, and Denis encouraged him to continue with a nod. “My dad’s a big time homophone, and he doesn’t hide it. When I fourteen I started feeling things for other guys, I knew what that meant in my father’s eyes so I didn’t bring it up to him, but with what I read online I couldn’t believe it was that bad. I knew he and his dad didn’t get along, and while he never told me why I had over heard him talk with my mom once about his dad being a fag. So I went to him with my questions.

“He’d been living here ever since my grandmother died, that was before I was born. He took me out and we talked. When I insisted I wanted to explore sex with other guys he brought me here and introduced me to Steven, he was sixteen back then, someone the Master that rescued from the streets. I saw Steven on and off for two years before my dad found out and kicked me out. So I moved in here. It was another six month before I met the Master for the first time. At first he let me stay, more as a favor to Charles then anything else, but then I got to know him and I liked him, so he offered me a place, and I took it.”

Denis reached for the glass of orange juice, but Gary got it for him. When Denis had emptied it Gary got off the bed to put it on the tray, which he then picked up and placed on the side table. He then bent down to pick up the lap table, which he put away. He turned and looked at Denis, “what?” he asked with a smile.

Denis had been watching him move, and while his cock had a reaction at that firm ass, he was stuck by something. “I just realized that you aren’t putting yourself on display.”

Gary sat back down on the bed, “what do you mean?”

“The guys I know, once you get them out of their pants, they don’t move the same way, it’s almost like they’re trying to only show their best features, posing. You, on the other hand, just move.”

“What about you?” Gary asked, “do you ‘pose’?” he make the quotation marks with his fingers.

Denis opened his mouth to reply and then closed it, having to think about it. “I guess I do it too, to some degree. Depends who I’m with. I don’t think I do it with Kyle.”

“We spend all our time here naked so I don’t even notice it anymore. Do you think I should?”

“No, no. I find it quite alluring.” Denis replied and asked the next thing that popped in his head to change the subject. “have you and Charles ever had sex together?” Maybe that wasn’t such a good question by the tent his cock was forming with the covers.

Gary’s face scrunched up, “ew, he’s my grand father, that’s be weird. And he’s much too old for me.”

Denis put his hand over his crotch trying to discretely undo the tent. “From what I understand Brian’s much older than him.”

Gary smiled as he saw what Denis was doing. “yes, but he doesn’t look any older then you, so all his age brings to sex is a lot of skill.” He pointed at Denis’ groin, “you don’t have to hid that here you know.” and to demonstrate he pointed at his own, with his cock growing.

Denis licked his chops and had to control the urge to lounge for it. “You’ll have to excuse me if I’m not exactly comfortable showing my excitement in public.”

Gary chuckled and leaned back, this time he was displaying himself. “We’re used to seeing the Master walk around with a constant hard on. If you don’t want it to show, you can always use it one someone to get it to go down.” He said with a mischievous smile.

Denis couldn’t help but growl seductively at the obvious invitation, but he didn’t move. “Are you doing this because you want to or because it’s part of your job description?”

Gary went on all four, which placed his head very close to Denis’. “Having sex is part of how I pay for living here. Being turned on, right now, isn’t being governed by a contract.” He rubbed his cheek against Denis’ muzzle

Denis couldn’t help his reaction, he licked Gary’s face and then they were kissing. Not long after that he had Gary on his back and they were sixty-ninening; taking his six inch cock in his muzzle and bobbing up and down with abandon. Gary turned out to be very good at sucking cock and took all of Denis’ half transformed cock in his mouth without gagging.

Denis caressed the young man’s ass with his human hand, making the cock in his muzzle jump each time he teased his hole. He released the cock, “where’s the lube?” Gary pointed to the side table and Denis took the bottle out of the drawer. He squeezed a large amount of it at the top of Gary’s crack and then spread it around with his finger. He took the cock back in his muzzle and went back to sucking it. He finger wasn’t simply teasing the ass hole anymore, it was pressing against it, making the man moan. Denis took that as encouragement and pushed a finger in.

Gary’s cock jumped twice at the invasion and then exploded. Denis swallowed everything he was being served and then moved off Gary, turning around and placing the man’s legs over his shoulders. He didn’t ask for permission, but he still had enough presence of mind not to just slam his cock inside the young man’s ass.

He took his time inserting his cock, savoring every moment of tightness he felt, it had been a long time since he’d had a hot ass around his cock. Gary moaned and gasped through all of it, if Denis’ shaft was too big for him he never gave any indication.

Once he was fully hilted he began a slow fucking, moving in and out and moaning in delight as he felt Gary’s ass trying to hold him in. Gary wrapped his arms around Denis’ neck and pulled him in for a passionate kiss. Denis’s thrusting picked up speed under that passion.

They kept going, kissing and fucking until Denis caught the smell of meat. He broke the kiss, but kept thrusting, and looked around. A man a few years older than Gary was putting a tray of food next to the other one on the side table. The man had a thick  eight inch cock standing at attention.

“Don’t bother with that,” Denis told him as he reached for the empty tray. The man looked at him. “Lube up and shove that cock up my ass.” He then focused back on Gary, fucking him harder while he waited.

He only stopped moving when he felt a hand on his ass, fingers moving from fur to skin. Then a cock slid in his crack a few times, looking for the point of entry. When it found it, in it went, fast.

Denis groaned and then panted. His own cock jumped inside Gary’s ass. “Fuck me fast and hard,” he said without turning, “don’t stop till you’ve cum.” The man replied by pulling out and then slamming his cock back in. Denis grunted and his cock moved out and in Gary in a similar fashion.

The man fucking Denis set the tempo at which he fucked Gary, Denis didn’t have to think about what he was doing, he simply let the sensation flow through him. As some point he came, and as instructed the man didn’t stop fucking him, forcing his cock inside Denis’ clenched ass. As a result Denis’ orgasm went up in intensity, making him grind his teeth and grunt each time the large cock invaded him.

His orgasm eventually passed and he relaxed, allowing the man easier entry. Denis only had enough strength to stop himself from crumbling over Gary. His cock was still hard moving in and out of the young man, whose face registered only bliss. Denis was getting close to orgasm again when the man pushed his cock as deep as it would go and tensed, emptying his ball.

The man pulled out and Denis let himself fall sideways, casting a glance at his still hard cock, but too tired to take care of it. He closed his eyes and enjoyed the smells of sex.

He didn’t have any intention of moving for a long time, but had to look down when he felt a mouth close around his cock. Gary’s head was moving up and down, his lips tight around Denis’ partially lupine cock. He laid his head back down and moaned in pleasure. Gary was definitely talented. It didn’t take him long to get Denis’ balls to tighten again and with a groan he exploded in Gary’s mouth. The young man swallowed it all, not a drop fell from his lips.

Denis lifted his head only long enough to watch Gary move to the other man’s cock and decided now was a good time for sleep.

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