Part 14

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Denis grunted as he fucked one of the servants, both of them leaning against the wall in one of the corridors. He was aware of some of the other servants walking by, but they didn’t disturb him.

Denis had been staying at Brian’s house for two weeks now. The first few days he spent in his room, Gary and Steven kept him occupied when Kyle wasn’t there, but he quickly grew tired of looking at the same walls, and ceiling, all the time.

Standing up proved to be interesting, Gary helped as Denis figured out how to walk with differently shaped legs. His right leg was mostly human, the toes and half the foot were covered with fur, but not otherwise changed. His left leg was changed almost to his knee. Both legs were about the same length, but he had to stand on the tip toe of the right one to avoid being unbalanced.

Walking was a challenge; the differently proportioned legs meant he was more hobbling than walking. A lot of the time he had had to use the walls as support. Everyone was helpful when they came across him and within a day or so he could walk around fairly well unassisted.

At first he had also insisted on wearing pants, or at least shorts, but he stopped when he noticed he was getting more stares because of them. After that when someone approached him it was mostly to ask about his condition, or touch a patch of fur. Denis had been apprehensive at first, but once he realized no of them would press the issue if he said no, he grew more comfortable with it.

Charles gave him a tour of the house. Denis’ room was on the third floor, as were all the guest rooms. The servant’s quarters were on the fourth floor, and Brian’s room was on the fifth. The second floor was one large room, used for special occasions. It had only been used once while Charles lived here, a party for the city’s elite. It had been the one time everyone had been required to wear clothes.

The ground floor had a large kitchen, a dinning room, library, living room. Except for the kitchen none of the other rooms were used since the servants had their own living room on their floor. Charles left the basement for last. It was the one area where the hierarchy among the servants didn’t exist. It was Brian’s sex room, Charles called it the dungeon, but except for one corner of it, it looked more like a lounge.

The thought that people could enjoy being subjected to what he saw in that corer turned Denis’ stomach so he avoided looking there. It was easy to do, since he preferred looking at the three couples having sex instead. Charles explained that this was where they came to relax. All of Brian’s servants were highly sexual so this room saw a lot of use. Normally if two guys were having sex together they were to be left alone unless they invited you to join them, guys who were alone were fair game and groups of four or more were open to anyone who wanted to join.

While Charles had been talking, Denis found himself stroking his cock; the sight, sound and smell of sex were really affecting him. When he noticed Denis’ state he had him sit down on an unoccupied couch. The older man then kneeled between his legs and slowly sucked him off. Denis just leaned back and enjoyed it. Charles was quite talented.

When Charles was done Denis offered to return the favor. The man opted to be fucked by the still hard partially lupine shaft. Denis was happy to oblige. The carpet was soft enough they had sex on it.

The tour over Charles reiterated that Denis had the run of the house, he didn’t need permission to enter any room, but he asked that he be considerate and not barge in unannounced in the servant’s quarters. Denis assured him that he didn’t intend on doing that.

He spent the following days helping out where he could; Denis never was someone who could simply sit around while others did all the work. He also spent a lot of time in the sex room, where his cock never stayed soft long, and he never had trouble finding someone to take care of it.

In watching them come and go he estimated Brian had twenty servants, all of whom were in reasonable shape, but they were of all shapes and size. Most were well muscled, but two were overweight, one of them was perfectly happy with his weight. One was a dwarf and one was covered in scars. Denis caught that man’s eye at one point and the glint he saw in them unnerved him.

He was told he had the free run of the servants too. He couldn’t bring himself to force one of them in bed with him, but if he felt like having sex the few times he was outside the sex room he’d ask the first servant he came across and they normally said yes.

This is why he was pounding Walter’s ass now, pressed against the wall in a corridor while other servants walked by. The full moon was less than thirty six hours away, and his cock didn’t stay down for long. Walter had smiled at the sight of the hard cock so Denis had asked him if he was busy.

Once they were done Denis thanked him, and offered to help clean up the mess they had made. Walter assured him it wasn’t needed and Denis went back to the sex room.

* * * * *

Denis was nervous.

The full moon was only minutes away and he was worried about what would happen. Kyle had tried to reassure him that everything would be alright, but Denis had trouble believing him.

He, Kyle, Charles, Gary, Steven and Walter were lying on the floor of the sex room, caressing each others, keeping themselves excited for what would be coming. There had been some discussion as to how this would be done. Everyone wanted to participate; it had been some time since they had been able to have sex with a fully transformed werewolf, but Denis wouldn’t have it. He was nervous enough as it was, he didn’t want to have that many guys as witness in case his transformation didn’t go as expected.

Kyle was able to convince him that everything would be ok enough that he agreed to let the others watch. Kyle insisted that Denis would be too busy with the guys pleasuring him, and his transformation to notice them.

The hands moved to his body, caressing him, teasing him. Someone kissed him, and by the taste he could tell it was Walter. A hand was pumping his cock while there was a mouth on each of his nipples and a finger was teasing his hole. He let himself melt in the sensation, for a moment forgetting what was coming.

Denis’ breath caught in his throat as he felt the moment arrive. At first nothing happened, everyone had stopped moving at his first reaction. And then he felt it start, the tingling started on the left toes and slowly climbed along the foot. Initially it felt the same as the previous times, but then he sat up with a scream of pain and grabbed for his foot. He felt bones snap and a searing fire shot through his leg.

Kyle held him close and tried to comfort him, but Denis couldn’t hear him through the deafening sound of his own heart. He screamed again when his right hand burst into pain and the fire climbed up his arms. The pain in his left leg reached his groin and his entire body tensed. Moment later the one from his arm reached his neck and he passed out.

* * * * *

Smells came to him first, pain, fear, worry. He was calm, and somehow that seemed strange to him. He opened his eyes and the first thing he noticed was the tip of his muzzle, right where it should be. Then he looked into Kyle’s eyes.

“You scared the shit out of me,” the man said.

Denis remembered the pain now, but it was a distant memory. “What happened?” he asked and then hesitated, “how do I look?”

“You changed completely, you look fine. How do you feel?”

“I feel fine,” he lifted a hand and turned it over. “How long was I out?” The fur was the same light brown as before, the claws were like they should be. He closed it and didn’t feel any pain.

“Not even a minute, just long enough for you to finish changing,” Kyle said as he took Denis’ hand and helped him sit.

Denis looked down at his body, the fur covered it evenly, his legs moved when he asked them too. His cock was at its full hard length of eight inch, more reddish then when he was human and the tip slightly tapered from the bottom. He was leaking precum.

The sight of it made him register the smell of sex surrounding him. He took a deep breath and his entire body vibrated with need. He didn’t give Kyle time to register what happened when he pushed him on his back and buried his cock inside him.

That was the signal the other four needed to join in. Hands roamed his back, a cock found its way deep under his tail, and one was presented at his muzzle; he accepted them all. He drank in the smells, tastes and emotions surging through him. This was a release from the fear that had hovered at the back of his mind that he’d be stuck in the mismatched form for the rest of his life.

He came in Kyle with a howl and pulled out once his breath came back to him. He went to the spectators and grabbed one of them, inviting the others to join them by the action and over twenty bodies became a writhing mass of sex.

Food and drinks was brought down regularly to keep everyone going, Some would nap to regain their strength, but Denis wouldn’t rest until the moon had set again. He didn’t want to risk waking up to what he had been.

Kyle changed and the next thirteen hours were spent fucking and getting fucked. Denis didn’t looked at who he did or who did him; the one time he had to pay attention to someone was when the scared man grabbed Denis’ hand and ran it down his chest, the claws pressing along the scars until small lines of blood followed the claws’ trail. The man moaned and his cock jumped around, sending strings of cum in the air.

Denis pushed the man out of his mind instead of thinking about what he’d just witnessed. He wanted this evening to be about getting pleasure and giving it.

When he felt the moon getting close to the point where it would no longer influence him he increased his thrusting, he didn’t want to risk changing in the middle of sex. The man under him groaned as he became a little rough, but didn’t otherwise complain. Denis came with just a grunt and then fell to the side, his strength leaving him with his fur.

He didn’t look at himself as he changed, he was steadying himself for the pain he’d felt earlier, he was afraid of what he’s see. The change to human was completely painless and he sighed in relief. He noticed his muzzle retreating until he no longer saw it and moments later the change was done.

The room was mostly quiet, Kyle had fallen asleep hours before, still in his werewolf form and a few of the guys had curled up around him. He could hear three guy still having sex, the others had gone back to their occupations.

Denis realized he was stalling. He took a few breath to calm himself and then lifted his right hand. It cam in to view, shaking a little, pink flesh, a little pale, he’d been promising himself to take Kyle up on his offer to go to the tanning salon, but hadn’t found the time yet.

Tears streamed down his cheeks as he brought the other up, it too was human. He sat up and looked down at himself. There was no fur to be seen, even his cock was human, and shriveled up from exhaustion. He grabbed the closest body and buried his face against his back, sobbing in relief as he fell asleep

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