Part 15

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Denis sat on the living room couch looking at his hand as it went from flesh to fur. Even after a month he still couldn’t get over how easy it was for him to change. At first he had only been able to do full body changes, but Kyle had shown him how to do partial ones.

Work had been easy to deal with; after not showing up for over a month they weren’t interested in having him work there anymore. He was surprised to realize he didn’t care; at some point while staying at Brian’s place he had come to the decision that he’d much prefer earning a living having sex than tabulating accounts. Kyle had already introduced him to a few of his clients and promised that once his name became known he wouldn’t have to worry about money anymore.

He smiled as he grew a claw from the tip of a finger; he could spend hours doing this. And tonight he was planning on doing just that. A knock on the door interrupted his thought, and the change. The claw was gone before he was standing.

He opened the door and his face lit up in pleased surprise, “Erik, how’ve you been?” He pulled the smaller man in a tight hug.

“I’ve been good,” Erik said returning the hug.

“It’s been a while, how’s the new job treating you?” Denis moved out of the way to let him in.

“It’s good, having a six figure salary really agrees with me, but the scene there really sucks.”

Denis took two beers out of the fridge and handed him one, “I’m sure you’ll be able to create your own scene in no time. What’s bringing you in town, and how long are you staying?”

“I’m here for the party.” Erik said before taking a long swallow.

“What party?” Denis asked as he searched through the cupboard. They didn’t keep chips since they really taste awful to them, but he was sure he remembered seeing an unopened bag somewhere.

“Your party,” Erik replied casually.

“Oh,” Denis paused as it sank in, and then turned toward Erik, “what do you mean, ‘my party’?”

“The one to celebrate your new life, or something,” Erik dug through his pockets and pulled out a rumpled piece of paper. “I got the email from a friend of yours,” he searched the paper, “Kyle.”

Denis pulled the paper out of Erik’s hand and read it. It was from Kyle email address, inviting Erik and other undisclosed recipients to a party in his honour tonight. “Tonight?” Denis asked to himself, was Kyle insane? Didn’t he remember what tonight was?

Before he could ask Erik if this was real there was another knock at the door. It wasn’t fully opened that the man behind it entered and hugged Denis.

“Denis, amigo,” he said with a distinctive Spanish accent, “it’s good to see you again,” and then kissed him. “Where’s the party?” he asked once their lips separated.

Denis had to take a few second to catch his breath, Lucas was quite the kisser. When he closed the door Lucas and Erik were shaking hands and introducing themselves, as well as sizing each other up. They were probably as close to the opposite end of the spectrum as anyone could be; the smaller white corporate shark versus the tall Mexican laborer.

Both of there were among Denis’ favorite lovers. With that thought he realized what Kyle had been doing a few weeks back when he’d turned the conversation to each of their lovers and how they rated. He was going to have a serious talk with the man as soon as he got home; which proved to be an hour later, in the mean time seven more of his lovers had showed up.

They were all sitting in the living room chatting while the TV was on a music channel. Denis was actually enjoying having his sex buddies over, it had been almost half a year since he’d seen some of them.

Denis was next to the door the moment it opened. Kyle smiled at him as he walked in carrying half a dozen large pizzas on top of a twenty four pack of beer. Denis grabbed the pizzas and dropped them on the counter. Once Kyle put the beers down he grabbed him by the collar and pulled him out of the room.

“We’ll be right back,” Denis said as they disappeared down the hall and in a bedroom. He let go of him and quietly closed the door. “Are you insane?” he asked, keeping his voice low.

Kyle rubbed his throat and gave Denis an overly innocent look, “not as far as I know.”

Denis glared at him, “no? Then what’s the big idea throwing a party tonight? You can’t have forgotten that in one hour forty six minutes the full moon if going to rise.”

“I don’t see why you’re making such a big deal of it,” Kyle replied nonchalantly, “you’re not a prisoner of the moon’s cycle anymore.”

“It’s only been a month, what if I change without realizing it?”

Kyle smiled at him, “then you’re going to have some explaining to do.” He grabbed him by the shoulders, “relax, you’re going to be fine. You’re going to feel the moon pulling at you, but you won’t change unless you want to. Now, let’s get back, we have a party to host and guests to enjoy.”

Denis looked at him doubtfully, but still followed him to the living room. There they found the others eating pizza and drinking beer. Someone had ripped off two of the boxes’ top and made improvised plates out of them.

“I have real plates you know,” Kyle commented as he took a beer out of the case.

Max shrugged, “I didn’t want to just rummage through your stuff.” He was a tall black man with large hands. He was a truck driver Denis had met at one of the bars.

“Are you sure only one case is going to be enough for all of us?” Damien asked; he was one of Denis’ coworker from his old company. He’d been the first one to clue in on the fact Denis was gay, back when he was trying to keep his marriage. Damien had followed him to the stock room and made advances on him there. Denis’ protests had only lasted until Damien’s hand went to his crotch. After that they had wild sex there, and regularly after that.

“I’m not trying to get anyone drunk; I figure I don’t need that to get you out of your clothes.”

“Wait, is this party just an excuse to have sex?” asked Lou, a Chinese American Denis met in a video store. He was a great conversationalist but extremely shy sexually. “I thought we were going to celebrate some sort for milestone for Denis.”

“Doesn’t everything Denis gets involve with end up in sex?” Erik commented.

Denis sat down next to Lou and hugged him while the man looked lost a slightly afraid. “Don’t worry about it, you don’t have to have sex with anyone. This is just one of Kyle half thought out idea. Just because we both breathe sex doesn’t mean everyone else does,” he said pointedly looking at Kyle.

“I’m pretty sure every guy in existence breathes the stuff,” Jonah said, lounging in the love seat. The pants he was wearing were tight enough everyone could see he had seven inch of hard cock. He was a semi professional dancer, and he was also a striper. He loved being on display.

Lou looked at Jonah as he talked and then away, blushing profusely. “I like sex too,” he said softly.

Harry stood and finished his beer. “ok, how about we go around an officially introduce ourselves? I know everyone’s name got thrown around while we waited, but I’ll be damned if I remember all of them.” everyone nodded. “I know it’s your Party Kyle, but how about we take it slow, out of respect for Lou here, I mean, if you’re interested in staying Lou.”

“Technically it’s Denis’ party,” Kyle said, “I just threw it together, but yeah, feel free to take it at your speed. Actually, if you feel I’m intruding I can leave.”

“You’re staying,” Denis told Kyle, “You’re not escaping the consequences of what you set up.”

“I’m staying too,” Lou said softly, but resolutely.

“a’right then, I’m going to get things started,” He unbuttoned his shirt and took it off, “My name’s Harry, I work at he GM plant, rumors there are that I’m going to be promoted off the floor and into the office pretty soon.” He threw the shirt on the floor and started taking off his pants. “I’m planning on fighting it ‘cause I have no intention on being one of the assholes who’s destroying my livelihood.” His pants and underwear joined his shirt. He stood arms crossed over his chest and eyed them all. he was only a little taller than Erik and probably weighted a hundred pound more, a good part of that looked to be muscles. His cock was thick, but soft, with his balls hanging low. “I’m older than the lot of you,” he said, which earned him a raised eyebrow from Kyle, “so I expect you lot to give me the respect I’m do.” And with that he sat down.

Erik stood, “I’m happy I don’t work for GM cause I’m one of those office guys you don’t seem to like.” He took off his shirt and pants and threw them with Harry’s; he wasn’t wearing underwear. “Got hired as VP a few months ago actually. I am one of those guys who breathes sex, which has been a bitch to deal with since I’m two hours from the closest sex joint, and single.” Erik’s body was well tones and didn’t quite qualify as skinny. His cock was at half mast, almost eight inch long and a bit thin.

Damien had unbuttoned his shirt and pants while Erik had been talking. When he stood he just peeled them off and added them to the pile. “Name’s Damien, I work at the same place Denis used to till he decided we weren’t good enough for him,” he said with a smile. “I’m an accountant, and I’m damn good at it so if you make it worth my while I might do your taxes next year.” He was close to six feet tall with a little too much weight on him. His cock was hard and thick. He sat down next to Harry instead of going back to his previous seat.

Lou surprised Denis by standing and taking off his shirt, “hi, my name’s Lou. I think I might be the youngest here,” he turned beet red, “but don’t worry, I’m legal.” He took off his pants and after a moment of hesitation his underwear. His skin had the distinctive Chinese tone. His cock was smaller than those seen at this point, around five inch. “I work at the radio station, I’m doing the overnight show right now, but I’m hoping to get a spot in the daytime next year.” He sat back down next to Denis, who proceeded to kiss and grope him, stopping only when someone cleared his throat. Denis’ hand came away covered with precum, which he licked clean.

Lucas was already naked, and those still clothed were in the process of removing theirs. “I’m Lucas, I came to America three years ago with my sister. I work at the farms during the summer. In the winter I do what ever I can to get food on the table. I’m in the United States illegally, so don’t tell anyone.” He stood tall and proud at six three; there was no trace of shame at having to work mediocre job for barely enough money to feed his family. He had over come a lot of obstacles to come this far and his attitude challenged anyone to tell him he wasn’t as worthy as they were. His cock was a thick seven inch, throbbing and leaking.

Lou’s eyes were riveted on it so Denis stood to give his seat to Lucas. The Mexican sat and hugged Lou, who tentatively reached fro the man’s cock.

Since he was standing Denis took off his clothes, “Everyone here knows me so I’m not going to bother with my history. I will tell you that I went through a bad time recently. I’m not going to give details, but I am better now, as attested by my cock. I might want to smack Kyle for pulling this off without talking to me about it, but I want to thank you all for coming. I’m hoping you get to know and enjoy each other as much as I do.”

Max stood, his cock looked to be close to nine inch, and he was soft. “I’m Max, I’m a truck driver. It’s a bit of luck I was able to make this; my truck broke down at the yard around noon so they sent me home. Don’t really know what else to add.” His skin was dark chocolate brown his muscles had some definition to them, but they were covered by an obvious layer of fat. He sat next to Erik, placing a hand on his thigh.

Jonah stood, he was the only one of them still fully dressed, although he sported a clear wet spot on the front of his pants. “You guys suck,” he said, trying not to smile at the sight of Lou bend over Lucas’ legs licking his cock and Damien on his knees between Harry’s legs sucking his cock. “If you’re going to take off your clothes you should do it properly.” He pointed to Kyle’s expensive sound system, “does that thing have anything resembling sensual music?”

Kyle took a CD out of a case and placed it in the player. Jonah closed his eyes as the languid rhythm started and then moved to it, running his hands down his chest as he undid the buttons on his shirt. He teased those watching him by slowly peeling it off his back, letting them anticipate the sight of his ripped chest and arms. He didn’t drop the shirt, he rubbed it against himself as he moved it down to the ground and deposited there.

His hands caressed his legs as them moved up, undoing the snaps running up each sides. Hi gyrated his hips as he rubbed his crotch and then undid the belt. With a smooth motion he pulled them up the front of his body, revealing his muscular legs, tight balls and then hard six inch cock. What he was going to do with his pants after that was lost as he stumbled, surprised to find Kyle licking his cock.

Kyle offered him his hand from where he was kneeling. “Hi, I’m Kyle, professional hustler,” he said before deepthroating Jonah’s cock. Jonah didn’t bother taking the hand; he took hold of Kyle’s head and started face fucking him.

As Kyle had said, Denis did feel the pull of the moon, but he easily ignored it in favor of the passion he felt sharing sex with all his friends. 

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