Part 16

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Denis tried the fence gate with his shoulder, making sure the two large paper bags he was holding didn’t shift; it didn’t open. He could force it open, but Sarah would be pissed at him if he did, so he whistled loudly. “Sarah! Food’s here!”

A moment later she opened the gate. “You made good time,” she said smiling. She took one of the bags and he kissed her on the cheek. She looked behind him, “Kyle didn’t come?” she asked, disappointed.

Denis shook his head, “He still blames you for what Isaac put me through.” It had taken Denis over two month before he was able to call Sarah to arrange a meeting. It had taken her another one before she accepted. He’d wanted the meeting to be informal, but she insisted they bring their lawyers in. Denis had contacted Michael, a lawyer he slept with.

He readied himself for a fight with her when he’d sat down, but she surprised everyone, even her own lawyer when she gave him everything. Of course she wouldn’t explain anything to her lawyer when he told her she was making a mistake. When Denis refused to accept it Michael stared at him and then both lawyers started yelling at each other. It was fifteen minutes before Denis could get them out of the room.

Alone they talked things over; She’d been afraid he would be angry at her for what he she had put him through. He told her that he had, but he’d also realized he was at fault due to the way he’d handled their relationship once he changed. They talked for over an hour before letting the lawyers back in and splitting their possessions.

Kyle hadn’t been so forgiving. He saw what she’s done in endangering one of his kind and forcing Denis to go through hell. Denis had tried to explain that the blame didn’t rest only on her shoulders, but he wouldn’t hear of it.

He put the bag of burgers on the table next to the barbeque and looked at the people assembled in the yard, most were neighbors, and friends of them. He spotted two he was surprised to see here.

Before he could walk to the one he wanted to talk with, the other walked to him. “Denis, good to see you again, we’ve missed you at work.”

Denis took his hand, “Hi Andrew, I’m sure everyone’s managed to survive.” Andrew had been one of the guys he sucked off on a regular basis at the company, every few days or so. He didn’t particularly like him, but he had a nice cock, and back then he needed it.

“Well, surviving is one thing, enjoying the work environment is another, if you catch my drift.” A woman joined them, “Denis, this is my wife, Margaret, Mags, this is one of my old coworkers.”

Denis shook her hand, “it’s a pleasure to meet you.” He’d known about his wife, but Andrew had been the one to seek him out for the blow jobs so he didn’t feel any remorse.

“Thank you,” she replied.

“How did you learn about the party?” Denis asked Andrew.

“Someone at work must have mentioned it. I don’t remember who ‘tho.”

Denis nodded, knowing the man was lying. The only person from work he’d emailed about it was Damien, He had probably checked his email at work again. He’d have to tell him IT was reading his stuff.

He patted Andrew on the shoulder, “I hope you enjoy the party then, I’d better go see to the other guests.” He left them before Andrew could reply, but not before he caught Margaret looking from one to the other suspiciously.

He made a beeline to the other side of the yard where a tall lanky fellow was leaning against the fence. He smiled at him and they shook hands, before Denis pulling him in a hug.

“What the hell are you doing out of California? When you joined your wife there you said you were never leaving.” He hadn’t seen James in over six years; since his wedding.

“I arranged to have a business meeting here when I learned about the party; and I’d been promising Ishi I’d introduce her to my best friend for a while now.”

“Who’s Ishi?”

“My Girlfriend,” James said as he waved her over. A Japanese woman joined them, she was almost a foot and a half shorter than James, even a little shorter than Denis. She was wearing a light purple pleated skirt going down just below her knees, with a see through blouse of the same colour over a white babydoll t-shirt. Her black hair was braided in pigtails. “Ishi,” James said when she arrived, “this is the Denis I’ve been telling you about.”

She bowed from the waist to him and then said in perfect English, “it’s a pleasure to meet you.”

Denis could tell she was an adult from the way she smelled, but with the way she acted and looked he would have thought her to barely be out of school. “It’s a pleasure to meet you too,” he said, hesitating in offering his hand. “Just exactly what have you told her?” he asked James.

“Everything,” was the dead pan answer.

Denis rolled his eyes.

“Not to worry,” Ishi offered, “I won’t reveal any of it to anyone.”

“I really appreciate that.” Denis didn’t have many indiscretions in his past, and none that he hadn’t told Sarah before they got married, but the fact that James would tell someone about them bugged him a little.

“Would you mind helping Sarah with the barbeque?” James asked Ishi, seeing the look Denis was giving him. She smiled and kissed him on the cheek before heading away. “Before you fly off the handle, I didn’t tell her everything, not even most of it. just a few of the interesting points.”

Denis glared at him a little more before taking a deep breath, “ok, fine,” he said calming down, “now, why don’t you tell me what happened to Sarah?”

James frowned, “she back home, handling the office.” His tone made it clear he didn’t understand why Denis had felt the need to ask.

“Damn it, don’t tell me you’re cheating on her,” Denis said with an edge to his voice. Maybe it was because of what he’d put Sarah through but the thought of his best friend cheating on his wife really didn’t sit well with him.

James smiled wide, “I’m not cheating on her.”

“No? What about her then?” Denis pointed to Ishi.

“Did you forget that Susan and I a polyamorous? She knows about her, and Laura and Diane; just like I know about her boyfriends.” Denis was stunned; he’d known, but never realized what it meant, but why was he even surprised, this was James after all. “Now it’s your turn, what happened?”

“What do you mean?” Denis asked.

“Don’t screw with me,” anger slipping in his tone, “I introduced her to you, remember, you two were the perfect couple. I knew you’d get married that day. So don’t even think of lying to me.”

“Look, people change; I changed.”

“I know you’ve changed; the guy I knew would never have left her. What I want are details.”

“You’re not going to get any,” Denis said with finality, “I’m sorry James, but this was between me and Sarah. We had a tough time of it but we worked it through and we’re fine with where we are now. If you’re not ok with it, well, that’s your problem. I don’t have any need or desire to provide explanations.”

There stared each other down for a moment and then Sarah called his name so he had an excuse to do and think about something else, mainly running in and out of the house getting people drinks. Sarah handled the barbeque, he’d never enjoyed being that close to open flames before, and after his time at Isaac’s he was even happier to stay away from it.

He went down to the basement to get the extra case of beers Sarah told him about before they ran out and wasn’t surprised to hear foots steps follow him down. “What do you want Andrew?” he asked with even turning.

“I thought you could give me a quick blowjob.” Andrew said casually.

“I don’t know if you noticed, but I have a party to attend to.” Denis replied piling up three twelve packs and lifting them, not even bothering to act like they were heavy.

Andrew grabbed his arm, “we both know you’re a cock sucker, you get off on the stuff”

Denis eyed the man, “you don’t know anything about me. Now let go.”

“Don’t play hard to get just cause we’re at your Ex’s place.” He unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. “Do you have any idea how tough it is to find a good cock sucker?”

Denis looked down at it. It was soft; he knew it could get to seven inches when hard. His body reacted at the sight, but he wasn’t its slave. “Get your wife to do it.”

Andrew snorted, “that bitch won’t even touch it with her hands. Now get down on you knees and suck it.”

Denis was about to yank his arm out of his grip when he heard someone enter the house and call for Andrew. The man couldn’t hear it from where they were. Denis smiled, “ok, why not,” and put the cases down.

He took Andrew’s balls out as he knelt and then sucked on the tip of his cock until he was hard and then he took it all in. He’d sucked him often enough to know his signals and triggers. He took his time; fortunately Andrew was a lazy dom, he didn’t feel any need to force things to go at his speed, as long as he got off he was happy.

While sucking him Denis kept an ear on the woman walking around the house, she’d gone up the stairs to check the first floor then back down and looked around the ground floor. Denis got Andrew close as he heard her approach the stairs leading to the basement, and as she started down he brought him over, making him grunt and curse in his orgasm.

“Andrew?” Margaret’s voice sounded, loud enough for him to hear this time.

Andrew cursed and tried to get Denis to stop sucking him, but Denis wasn’t going to have any of it. The man had insisted on doing this, Denis was going to get every last drop of cum he had to offer; and get him caught by his wife.

“What the hell is going on here?” Margaret asked in anger. Denis pulled off Andrew’s soft cock and stood, licking his lips. “You son of a bitch, so that’s why you wanted to come here, so you could get that fag to suck you?” She stepped to them and slapped Denis, “This is just a warning, if you ever do that again I’m going to do much worst, is that understood?”

Denis could have prevented the slap, but he was just the momentary target of her anger; he didn’t want to become the focus of it, “yes Mam,” he said quietly.

“As for you,” she said to her husband as he hurried to zip himself up. “I knew you were being unfaithful, but at least I thought you had the decency of cheating on me with a woman.”

“Yes?” Andrew countered in anger, “and which frigid bitch’s fault is it that I have to go elsewhere to get any kind of release?”

She slapped him, a hell of a lot harder than she had slapped Denis. “I stayed with you because that’s what a wife does, but now that I know you’re a Fag I’m going to dump you,” having said that she turned and stormed off.

Andrew was only a few steps behind here, cursing at here and telling her she had no right doing that.

Denis opened the top case with a smile and took a swig of beer, swishing it around; it was better that he get back up with his breath smelling of beer rather than cum.

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