Part 17

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Denis was walking back from a client when he first felt like someone was watching him; he’d stopped by the farmer’s market to get ingredients for the dinner he was cooking for Sarah. They had dinner together once a month, sometime it was at a restaurant, but most of the time one of them cooked for the other, this time it was his turn.

While he shopped he glanced over his shoulder every so often. A few times he saw someone with blond hair duck out of sight just as he looked. And when the wind came from the right direction, he would catch a scent that, while he couldn’t place it, felt vaguely familiar. He wasn’t worried about being followed; he could take care of anyone who wanted to hurt him these days.

And there were some who did want to. Kyle had warned him that some people would try to get him to work for them, and that they would get forceful. In the year he’d been a hustler he had been attacked four times; always as a consequence of turning down such an offer. It was probably one of them looking for the right opportunity. If not for his date he’d be happy to confront who ever was after him and make it clear they were wasting their time.

It was a few days later the feeling came back. He was in a bar, prowling for someone to play with for the night. Unlike Kyle he didn’t work past five. He preferred keeping his evenings for his friends, or his own personal games. He left the bar, deciding to give his stalker the opportunity to make his move, and walked home. But his stalker didn’t do anything.

The next day, in the late afternoon, someone knocked at the door. Denis threw on a pair of boxers to go answer it. As he put a hand on the knob he caught a whiff of the man on the other side, it was him. He frowned, none of them had ever dared attack him at home at this point; Kyle was well known among them, and respected enough not to cause trouble.

He still wasn’t worried, but he was alert and ready for trouble when he opened the door. The man on the other side was around five feet tall, and stocky. His hair was almost yellow and he had a short cropped beard the same colour. He wore jeans and a flannel shirt.

This close to him Denis could tell it wasn’t just one of the scent coming from him that was familiar, it was two. One he still couldn’t place, but the other he knew very well, it was part of his own scent, and Kyle’s. The man was a werewolf.

While Denis had been watching him, the man had been watching him back. “Charles said t’was a new pup in town,” he finally said. His voice was deeper than Denis expected and had a trace of an Irish accent to it.

Charles’ name made the scent fall in place, “Brian.”

Brian smiled, “can I come in?”

Denis moved out of the way to let him through. “You’ve been following me,” he stated.

“Aye, wanted to see the kind of man you are. Wanna tell me what you were doing in a straight bar?”

“None of you business,” he replied flatly, closing the door. He hadn’t told Kyle about his prowling; he certainly wasn’t going to tell a stranger.

Brian watched him for a moment, “Fair enough.” He sat on the couch, putting his feet up on the coffee table. “How’re you liking being a werewolf?”

“I wouldn’t have chosen it if I’d been given a choice, but since I wasn’t, I’m liking it.”

“Good, not every pup takes to it quickly; some spend years fighting it.”

Denis got two beers from the fridge and offered Brian one as he sat on one of the seats opposite the couch. “Why are you here?”

Brian look a long swallow from the bottle “Wanna get to know you. See that you’re ok even with what’s been done to you.”

“That was a year ago, I’m fine.”

“Sure you’re fine,” Brian said with a smile, “s’why you’re prowling straight bars. You looking for someone to punish?”

“Are you a shrink?”

“Nah, just been around a while, so that’s what you’re doing?”

“No, I just like the places, and sometime I find a guy there too.”

“Huh uh, if you say so,” Brian said, his tone making it clear he didn’t believe him.

Denis didn’t care all that much. He wasn’t about to explain the thrill of a hunt to another werewolf. “You’re not what I expected,” he said to take the subject away from himself, “the guys at your house make you sound a lot more aristocratic.”

Brian chuckled, “I go there when I want to remind myself of home.”

“Were there a lot of naked guys always willing to have sex where you come from?” Denis said with a smile.

“Nah, servant’s what I had. Had them to help be bath or dress do my food for me. Had plenty to do myself, hadda train to lead the army.”

“You lead armies?”

“s’expected of the future king.”

“You were a king?”

Brian shook his head, “no, I became a werewolf ‘for I could. A prince who fancies lads over lasses isn’t a problem, but the king’s got to take a wife and have kids. Wasn’t gonna happen with me.”

“Did your family know you were a werewolf?”

“No, they just thought I’d been cursed by one of our enemies.”

Denis sat back, trying to figure out if Brian was making it all up. The casual way he talked about it made it sound like he knew it in depth, like someone who had really lived through it, or someone who had rehearsed it thoroughly. “Do you know how you became a werewolf?” he asked, deciding it didn’t matter.

“No, figured like my family, someone cursed me. But that be enough about me, I didn’t come here to spread my life on the table.”

“So you want me to spread my life instead?” Denis asked, raising an eyebrow.

“Nah, I want you to spread your legs,” Brian replied.

Denis chuckled, “so sex is why you’re here.”

“’Course, were werewolves, soon as you let me in t’was gonna happen.”

Denis smiled, not bothering to hide the tent forming in his shorts. Brian’s cock became more visible as it pressed against his jeans. They finished their beer and stood. Denis took off his boxer and let Brian look at the little he hadn’t been able to see at this point.

Brian followed suit, and was quickly just as naked. Denis let out a whistle of admiration, his muscles were very well defined; he was someone who worked out a lot. He had a trail of blond hair leading from his chest down to his groin, where a cock about the same length as Denis was standing at attention, but it was much thicker.

Brian walked around the coffee table and stopped before Denis. “What you wanna do?” he asked as he placed his hands on his chest and let them roam.

“You’re not going to try to order me around?”

Brian rubbed a thumb over Denis’ nipple, making him moan. “You aren’t one of my servants, but if that’s what you want I can.”

Denis reached down to massage Brian’s balls, “no. I prefer things on an even footing.”

Brian pushed the seat away with a foot and they lied down on the floor. “Can you do a partial shift yet?” the blond man ask; Denis nodded. “Change just your cock and balls then.”

Denis did as Brian asked and moaned lightly at the sensation of the change. Some times he thought he could bring himself to orgasm simply by changing his cock from human to wolf. He gasped as he felt Brian’s mouth close around his tapered tip and suckled on it.

Denis looked at Brian’s cock, it was changed too, almost ten inches in length and still very thick. Denis wasn’t gentle; he swallowed it to the knot in one swoop. It stretched his throat and once his nose was buried in the blond groin fur he couldn’t breathe, but it felt so good. He swallowed around the cock a few time and kept it there for as long as he could.

Once he’d caught his breath he started sucking it, enjoying how think it felt. Normally when he sucked Kyle’s werewolf cock he was also transformed, so the sensations were different. It didn’t take long that Brian was thrusting against his face. Denis didn’t mind, he was doing the same to him, having such a tight mouth against his sensitive wolf cock was very pleasurable.

Brian came first, feeding Denis a very large amount of cum. He swallowed it all as he was fucking the other man’s face. A few minutes later it was his turn to orgasm. When he was done the both rolled on their back, panting.

Brian went on his knees, golden fur growing over his body. “Change,” he growled as he pulled Denis’ legs apart and placed them over his shoulders.

As he changed Brian pushed his cock inside Denis’ ass, timing it to be hilted once the change was complete. Denis moaned as the pleasure of the change mixed in with the pain of the dry penetration. He was much thicker then Kyle.

Once he was fully transformed his cock was bobbing up and down, leaking copious amount of precum. “That was intense,” Denis whispered to no one in particular.

“It is, isn’t it?” Brian replied before fucking his ass mercilessly for an hour.

Once Brian came Denis didn’t give him the time to catch his breath. He jumped him, forced him on his stomach and then fucked him in return. They spent the night like that, switching over and over, at least until Kyle got home, at which point Denis and Brian teamed up against him. 

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