Part 18

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Denis sat at the back of the subway, watching the people move around. Over the last year that had become one of his favorite pastime. Not watching them specifically, but looking at the guys, evaluating which one of them he’d be interested in bedding. He didn’t necessarily go after them, but if they appealed to him he’d test the waters. He’d get close to them, bump into them by ‘accident’, and study their reaction.

He didn’t go by how they reacted, but by how they smelled. Everyone could control how they behaved, it only took a little practice, but he’d never met anyone who could control the scents coming off of their bodies. Someone could act all cool and composed and reek of desire. Most of the time they didn’t even realized that they wanted what Denis was offering them until they were in bed getting their ass pounded by him.

The guy he was waiting for was one of those. He’d met him at the start of the week, an actual accidental meeting, the subway had been crowded and they had been forced against each other. The man had been polite and distant, but Denis had smelled the excitement he felt as their bodies touched.

Denis had engaged him in conversation, and they passed the time until Steven’s stop talking. The next day he was back on the subway for more talk, and to get to know his new friend better. Every time the crowd would press them together and Denis made sure at some point his leg pressed against Steven’s groin. He’d apologize, of course, and blame being pushed, but he didn’t miss the small intake of breath and the way his scent would shift toward desire when it happened.

 “Hey Steven,” Denis greeted him; the tall black haired man had his usual five o’clock shadow over his chin. Denis thought he’d look much better with a full beard and suggested he should let it grow, but Steven had laughed it off and insisted he preferred being clean shaven.

Steven waves and took the seat next to him. “Hi Denis, this is getting to be a regular thing.”

“Yeah, well, I guess until they change one of your shifts at least I get to have some company on the way home.” Denis replied.

“Hell, I’m just happy I’ve got a seat today. Half an hour standing and being pushed around’s just too much for me.” For once the train wasn’t crowded, most workers having left early since it was the Friday of a long weekend.

“Then we’re both wining.”

 “You got any plans tonight?” Denis asked as they got off the train.

“Not really. I was thinking of nuking something to eat and then watching TV.”

“How about we grab a beer to celebrate the end of the week?”

Steven smiled, “best idea I’ve heard of.”

The bar they stopped at was only a block away from Steven’s place. They drank four beers each over two hours, talking about their day, week, years and their coworkers. Steven talked about his estranged wife for the first time. Denis had suspected it due to the discoloration on Steven’s ring finger but hadn’t wanted to bring the subject up himself. But he smiled to himself as Steven went on about how demanding and cold she could be sometime.

Denis smiled, knowing it had probably been a while since Steven had gotten laid. He made sure they didn’t drink too much; he wouldn’t be affected by alcohol, but he didn’t want Steven plastered, just drunk enough for his inhibition to be solidly lowered.

On the walk to Steven’s place he was singing loudly, and badly, about a woman of loose standards. Denis couldn’t help laughing at her exploits and what she had to do to extricate herself from the situation they created.

Steven only needed three tries to get the key in the lock. “Make yourself at home,” he said as he threw the keys on the table, “I got to take a piss.”

Denis smiled as he closed the door. “Oh, I plan to,” he said softly watching Steven’s ass. Once the door was locked he followed the man to the bathroom; he was so used to living alone at this point that he didn’t even bother closing the door.

When Steven was done with his piss, and before he could put his package back in, Denis slipped behind him, hugging him and licking his neck.

Steven moaned and pressed back against him, before tensing slightly. “What are you doing?” he asked, breathless.

“Why? You want me to stop?” Denis asked, before lightly nibbling.

“N, n, no, I’ve just never . . . No one’s done . . . This feels nice.”

Denis smiled and slipped a hand under Steven’s t-shirt to rub his well defined pecks. “I can show you a lot of things that feel much nicer than this,” he whispered to his him, “if you want me to.”

Steven could only reply with a “huh uh” as Denis licked his ear and caressed one of his nipples.

Denis pulled Steven’s Tee off and then took off his own shirt before hugging him again. “How long has it been since you’ve felt someone else pressing against you like this? Feels nice, doesn’t it?” He had both hands slowly roaming he other man’s chest now. He didn’t need to look down to see his erection; he could smell Steven’s arousal.

“Yeah,” Steven answered softly.

Denis licked his neck again, and then had Steven turn as he licked the side of his face, then the jaw through the stubble before placing a soft kiss on his lips. Steven didn’t respond immediately, but when he did it was with a hunger that surprised even Denis. For a long moment they were locked in a passionate kiss, their hands roaming each others muscular back.

Then Denis decided it was time to move things forward. He took one of Steven’s hands as it caressed his chest and moved it down until it on top of his jeans covered groin. Denis pressed Steven’s hand against his hard cock and moaned.

Steven moved away in surprise at what he was touching, but Denis kept his hand in place. Once the surprise passed Steven started groping him and Denis let go of his hand, to cup Steven’s exposed hardon.

The man moaned and his entire body shivered as Denis ran his fingers over his hairy balls. And then he closed his hand around his cock and Steven let out a loud gasp. He felt about seven inches long and an inch across. That would have felt good sliding in and out of his ass, but that wasn’t what he was after tonight. Tonight he wanted inside Steven’s ass.

While he stroked him Denis unbuttoned his jeans and let them drop to the ground. Steven was so lost in his own hand job that he didn’t notice what had happened until Denis took his hand and placed it on his naked flesh.

Steven looked down at it as Denis’ cock as he wrapped his fingers around it. It was already slick with precum so Steven’s hand had no problem moving up and down it; much to Denis’ delight. Denis wasn’t sure if Steven even realized what he was doing; his eyes were slightly glazed over.

Denis grabbed his jean in one hand and without letting go of Steven’s cock he guided him to the bedroom. There he pushed him back on the bed and laid on top of him, kissing passionately and grinding against each others. In no time they were both covered with sweat.

“Do you want me to show you something else you’re going to love?” Denis asked sweetly.

Steven didn’t even hesitate before nodding so Denis moved down until he came face to tip with Steven’s cock. He didn’t wait; he swallowed it whole. Steven was cursing and calling out God’s name while Denis was bobbing up and down his shaft.

While he was sucking him off Denis took the bottle of lube out of his jean’s pocket and applied a generous amount n his fingers, which he then slipped them between Steven’s cheeks.

Steven gasped as a finger caressed his bud, but he didn’t offer any objection so Denis slowly pushed a finger in. Steven tensed a time or two, but eventually the finger was fully inserted. When Denis caressed Steven’s prostate his cursing increased in intensity and vulgarity.

Denis smiled at the reaction as he continued to suck him off and stimulate his love nut. He didn’t let himself get too carried away, he wanted to keep track of Steven’s reactions, so he knew when he was getting close to cumming. It took about five minutes of pleasuring for him to get there, at which point Denis released his cock.

“Why the fuck did you stop?” Steven asked, looking at Denis in complete disbelief.

Denis smiled at him, “so we can move on to better stuff.”

Steven let he his head fall back on a pillow, “there’s better than this?” he asked the ceiling incredulously.

Denis kept Steven twitching by running his fingers over his balls and the length of his shaft as he slowly removed his finger from the man’s ass. When that was done he kneeled between Steven’s legs and then lifted them over his shoulders.

Steven gulped as he watched Denis lube up his six inch cock. “Are you really going to put that in me?”

Denis nodded, “you felt how nice a finger was, imagine how much better my cock is going to feel.” When his free hand he slowly stroked Steven’s cock, “you can always tell me to stop if you want to.”

“No, no,” Steven managed to reply between moans, “it’s ok, keep going. Fuck this feels good.”

With a smile Denis positioned his cock at Steven’s entrance. He carefully and slowly pushed himself in. It wasn’t like Brian had said, he wasn’t looking to hurt straight guys. Hell, he wasn’t even going after those who really were straight, he only went after those from whom he could smell the attraction and arousal. And to those he showed them just how pleasurable being fucked could be.

It took him close to half an hour to get himself fully hilted inside Steven’s ass, during that time he kept stroking him, bringing him close to orgasm and then letting him cool down. Then he very slowly fucked him, giving him plenty of time to get used to the sensations a cock moving in his ass created. He was also keeping him at the edge of orgasm while he did that, so it wasn’t long before Steven was asking for more; which Denis was more than happy to give.

In no time he was fucking Steven with wild abandon, making him moan, grown and pants and he stroked him off at the same time his cock pounded his ass. This time when he felt Steven tense up he didn’t stop jerking him, he let him go over the edge with a loud scream, his cock sending strings of cum in the air. Denis kept fucking him and a few moments after Steven’s cum stopped flowing he screamed in pleasure and filled his ass.

Denis panted as he came down from his high. He slowly pulled out of Steven and laid next to him with a satisfied smile on his face. Steven didn’t look at him, his ragged breathing becoming calmer, and then he was snoring. Denis wasn’t tired at all; in fact he was still horny. But he wasn’t going to bother Steven with it again. He quietly got dressed and left the man’s apartment to go find one of his regular playmates.

* * * * *

It was a few weeks later that Denis saw Steven again. He’d put him out of his mind almost as soon as he’d left his apartment; he had had his fun with him and that’s all that had mattered to him. He had moved on to another straight guy to initiate.

It was a Saturday morning, Denis and a group of his friends were having breakfast at their favorite diner. Plates of syrup covered pancakes and waffles, eggs; sunny side up, ham, sausages, toasts and grit covered the table. The conversation was good, if a little loud, and the groping discrete.

Denis saw Steven enter, but he didn’t recognize him. All he saw was a man badly in need of a shave dressed in rumpled clothes; he was a little distracted by the sausage someone was feeding him as well as the cock he was stroking.

Steven walked to the middle of the diner, looking at him, his eyes burning with anger. He took the gun out of his jacket pocket and with a shaking hand pointed it at Denis before pressing on the trigger.

The shot went wide but the reaction was instantaneous. Everyone behind Steven ran for the door, everyone who couldn’t reach it were on the ground cowering. Denis’ reaction had been as quick; as soon as the shot rang out he threw the table over so he and his friends could hide behind it. That the table had been bolted to the floor hadn’t even slowed him down.

“Who’s this fucker?” someone asked and everyone shrugged.

“What do you want?” Denis asked loudly. He still hadn’t recognized him, but he was familiar.

“You ruined my life.” Steven replied, his voice cracking with pain.

Denis recognized the voice. “What the fuck are you talking about?”

“You fucked me!”

“What?” Denis asked incredulous “What’s that got to do with anything?”

“I was straight!” Steven yelled, “I had a marriage I was trying to save.”

Denis chuckles softly and said to himself, “that’s not what you were saying that night.”

“I don’t think that’s going to help,” one of his friend said, “just what did you do to him?”

“We had a couple of beers,” he replied, keeping his voice low, “I became affectionate and we had sex. He could have told me to stop at any time.” He raised his voice. “Hey, you could have stopped me, but you didn’t. Hell, I remember you fucking enjoying it.”

 “I shouldn’t have!” the scream was underscored with another gunshot, which had everyone crouching down even lower. Denis’ friends were looking at him expectantly.

“What’d you want me to do?” he asked them, rolling his eyes. “What do you want from me?” He asked Steven.

“I want you to make it stop!”

“Make what stop?”

“These feelings I have! I shouldn’t, I can’t, I don’t . . .” Steven’s voice tone softened as he spoke, eventually trailing off. When he talked again it was so softly that Denis was the only one to catch it. “I shouldn’t want it again.”

Denis smiled in spite of himself, damn I’m good, he thought. “Look,” he said when he focused on the present situation again. “I’m sorry, but I can’t do anything about that. The fact you liked it so much should tell you something. There’s nothing wrong with the way you’re feeing, but you’re the one feeling that way. That isn’t my doing.”

“You’re right,” Steven said to himself again. “I shouldn’t have dragged you in this. I’m the one who has to deal with this. I’m the only one who can make it stop.”

Denis took what he was hearing for a good sign and peeked over the table. He was focusing so much on what Steven was saying he didn’t pay attention to the sound of the hammer being pulled. The explosion of the shot, he couldn’t ignore.

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