Part 18

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Denis sat huddled in a corner of his room. He’d spent the last two days liked that, knees bent to his chest, arms around them. He hadn’t eaten, slept only in fits; he’d even managed to ignore his horniness.

All he could do was relive those last moments at the diner. “I’m the only one who can make it stop,” Steven had said just as Denis looked over the side of the table.

The first thing he noticed was that Steven’s eyes were closed, then that he had a small smile; his face seemed to be relaxed, almost peaceful. Only when the shot fired did he realize that Steven had put the muzzle under his jaw. It was so sudden he didn’t blink at the flash of light.

It kept replaying itself in his mind. How the back of Steven’s head had exploded, sending his brain to splatter on the ceiling and then come back down on his body as it crumpled to the floor in slow drips. How the blood pooled around his head, almost like a halo.

His friends pulled him up and dragged him out of the diner and when the police arrived they tried to talk to him. He didn’t acknowledge them. One of the paramedic examined him and said he was in shock. He recommended sending him to the hospital, but instead one of his friends brought him home, to his room so he could sleep.

Except he didn’t, he couldn’t. Almost as soon as he tried to sleep he saw Steven’s death again, except this time he was the one holding the gun. He woke up as he pulled the trigger with the realization that while he hadn’t been holding the gun in the diner, he had been the one who killed Steven.

The door to his room opened and closed, but he ignored it like he had all the previous times Kyle had come in to try to talk to him.

“Kyle tells me you went and screwed up,” Brian said.

Denis did what he could to ignore him, but it was proving difficult. He could smell how horny Brian was and he was affecting him. “Go away,” he eventually said.

“Nat gonna happen,” Brian replied, “canna let you wallow in here. You’re gonna get so pent-up you’re gonna go and rape Kyle.”

Denis looked away, “I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to have sex again.”

Brian laughed, “You’re a fool if you think that’s gonna happen. You’re gonna have sex again, s’gonna happen today, in this room, with me.”

“What are you going to do,” Denis growled, “rape me?”

“Nat gonna have to, you’re a werewolf remember? So, one of the straight boy you slept with gone and kill himself.”

“His name was Steven, and I’m the one who killed him.”

Brian raised an eyebrow, “Pretty sure the paper said he killed himself.”

“It’s my fault he did it.”

“How’d you recon that? You think he’s the first guy to kill himself ‘cause he couldn’t deal with being gay?”

“He shouldn’t have had to deal with it. I forced it on him.”

“I didn’t force anything on him. You seduced him, he could have said no.”

“No he couldn’t, he was drunk. He didn’t realize what was happening. I knew more about him then he did.”

“Nah, he knew what you were doing and he was letting you do it. He might not have wanted to acknowledge it, but he knew he liked guys. You just gave him the excuse he needed to give in, and then he had to deal with it.”

“Stop making it out to be his fault,” Denis said anger seeping in his tone, “It’s my fault. I’m the one responsible for his death.”

Brian walked next to him and patted his shoulder. “You canna blame yourself, you had no way of knowing anything bad was gonna come from it.”

Denis slashed at Brian’s chest in anger, his claws leaving red lines. “I knew,” he said through gritted teeth, “I knew exactly what I was doing. I wanted to hurt those closet cases like he hurt me.”

Brian ignored the wounds. “Like who hurt you?”

Clyde,” Denis said with hate.

“Who’s Clyde?”

“He’s the closet case that worked with Isaac. He was as much a fag as we are but instead of helping me escaped he just sucked me off. Because of him I had to endure more pain than I should have had too. I couldn’t make him pay so I made the guys like him pay.”

Brian took a step back and nodded, “I was wondering if that was what was happening.”

“You knew?”

“No one comes out of torture intact.”

“You son of a bitch!” Denis threw himself at Brian, who easily side stepped him. “You knew and you let me continue?” Denis tried to punch him repetitively, but Brian kept dodging them, until he caught one of Denis’ wrist, pulled him off balance and before he knew what had happened he was on his back, being held to the floor by Brian kneeing on his chest.

“I followed you around for a while, I watched what you were doing, I even asked you about it. On the surface it looked innocent enough, plenty of gays troll the straights. I don’t think even you knew why you were doing it till now.”  Denis fought under him to get away, but he couldn’t find the leverage, so he shifted and just threw him off. Brian landed on the bed and rolled off it. “Alright, I’m gonna help you work off some of that anger, then we’re gonna talk.” He shifted and jumped the distance separating them.

They exchanged blows for a while, Denis’s superior strength being something of a match for Brian’s years of experience. The more Brian got into the more of his hits connected and less of Denis’ did, until Denis wasn’t even offering token resistance anymore.  When he noticed it Brian stopped and stepped away.

“Damn it! Don’t stop!” Denis yelled, “I deserve this.”

“I didn’t come here so you could beat yourself up. I came here to help.”

“Then help punish me!” Denis ran at him, but Brian simply caught his hand spun and threw him to the floor and straddled his chest, placing his groin near Denis’ face.

“You don’t need to be punished. You need to be reminded what we’re about.” He grabbed Denis’ head and pushed his muzzle against his jeans covered crotch. “Smell that? That’s what we’re about. We’re about getting off. We don’t care how or who the guy we do it is, as long as it happens.”

Brian didn’t have to hold Denis’ head for long; soon he was licking at the cloth and trying to rip it off with his teeth. He didn’t let him whine, he cut off the front of his jeans with a claw, and Denis swallowed the exposed cock in one swoop.

“That’s a good pup,” Brian said with a satisfied sigh, “drink me up, quell that hunger that’s been screaming inside you.”

Denis wasn’t hearing what Brian was saying anymore, as soon as his musk hit his nose all he could think about was sucking him off so he could eat his cum. When Brian went on all four and started fucking his muzzle he could only moan in delight. He kept his lips tight against it, not letting the knot pass. It didn’t take long for Brian to groan and feed him his hot juices.

Almost as soon as Brian was off him Denis went on all four and presented him his ass. It was all the invitation he needed and buried his cock inside that ass. Denis let out a satisfied moan as the large cock stretched him.

Denis smelled Kyle’s presence rather than heard it, he was too lost in the pounding he was receiving to be listening to anything. When he opened his eyes Kyle was standing in front of him.

“When I heard the moaning I figured it was safe to enter.”

Denis didn’t say anything. He grabbed Kyle’s pants at the belt with both and ripped them off him before taking his cock in his muzzle.

With an amused chuckle Kyle joined in the fun.

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