Part 22

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Denis yawned; he looked at his watch and then the empty theater. The movie should be starting in five minutes and the guy still hadn’t showed up. Denis was hoping he hadn’t changed his mind; he’d been following him for most of the week, looking for the right opportunity.

The guy’s name was Martin, he was a stockbroker in his early twenties, but he looked young; if he dressed right he would probably pass for being a minor. He had strawberry blond hair that he kept short and he was clean shaven.

The day before he’d over heard him talk with friends about coming here to watch a movie. Denis looked around the room again and wondered why. The place only ran movies that were at least five years old. He supposed it looked quaint in that ‘the place needs to be renovated’ kind of way. He was alone in the theater, and based on what the usher had said no one else would be joining them.

This movie had been running for five weeks now, and the room was almost always empty. The owner couldn’t afford to buy another movie at the moment but the other two theaters in the building were getting reasonable attendance so that could change at anytime.

The door opened and Martin walked in, he didn’t bother looking around he just sat down in the middle row, half a dozen row in front of Denis. Denis didn’t move immediately, he waited until the light dimmed and the movie started before getting up and going to sit next to him.

Martin looked at him in surprise and then looked around, probably wondering why he’d chosen to sit here instead of anywhere else in the theater. Denis kept his eyes on the screen, listening to Martin’s breathing as calmed down and focused on the movie. Fifteen minutes into the movie, once he was sure Martin had forgotten about him, he placed a hand on the man’s thigh.

Martin tried to jump out of his seat but Denis held him down, leaning in close and tightening his grip on the thigh slightly. “Don’t try to get out of your seat,” he growled just loud enough to be heard over the movie.

“What . . . What do you want?” Martin managed to say. “If you want money I’ll give you everything I have, just don’t hurt me.”

Denis gave him a vicious grin. He could hear Martin’s heart beating extremely fast and smell his fear. “Don’t say anything either, got it?” he growled.

Martin nodded quickly, trying to move his face as far from Denis’ as he could.

Denis slid his hand from the man’s thigh to his crotch, making Martin gasp as he gave it a squeeze. Martin whimpered and pushed himself back in the seat as if he could get away that way when Denis rubbed his crotch through the fabric. “Please, don’t,” he said weakly, looking around fearfully.

Denis smelled his fear go up, but also the hint of excitement. “Since you’re going to insist on opening your mouth, I’m going to put it to better use.” With his free hand he undid his belt and opened up his pants, exposing his hard cock.

Martin stared at it for a moment and then tried to bolt out of his seat, but Denis had seen it coming and grabbed him by the back of the neck. He pulled him out of the seat and forced him to his knees between his legs. He grabbed his cock in a hand and rubbed it against Martin’s face. “You treat it nice and you’re going to enjoy the result. You treat it badly and you’re really not going to like what happens, understand?”

Martin looked at him, pleading with his eyes. When Denis’ expression didn’t change he lowered them and nodded. Denis continued rubbing his cock on the man’s face, spreading precum on it and then placed it on Martin’s lips.

Martin didn’t open his mouth immediately, he looked up at Denis in a moment of defiance, but as Denis pushed his cock against them harder his courage left him and he took the cock in.

Denis moaned, “That’s good,” he said. He placed a hand on the back of Martin’s head and forced him to bob up and down. He wasn’t worried about him trying to hurt him. While he enjoyed the man’s mouth he removed on of his shoe and went back to rubbing Martin’s crotch. He wasn’t very surprised to find that the man’s cock was hard in his pants

Martin didn’t offer anymore resistance as Denis had him suck him off for twenty minutes, checking his watch once in a while to make sure he didn’t stretch this on too long. As he got close he held the man’s head steady as he fucked it. “Here it comes,” he growled between pants, “you better swallow it all.” and with a groan he emptied himself in his mouth. Martin tried to pull off, but Denis held him in place as he came, so he had to swallow the cum, or drown in it.

Once his balls were empty Denis relaxed in his seat, but he didn’t allow martin to move, even though he was looking up at him and whimpering. He only let him go when his cock had softened up. “Stand up,” Denis told the man.

Martin hesitated a moment before standing; putting his hands in front of his crotch. Denis leaned forward and moved it away, smiling at the large wet spot on the man’s pants. He rubbed the crotch again, making Martin whine a little, and then undid the pants, pulling them, and his underwear, down

Martin’s cock was a little smaller than Denis’; it was hard and wet. Denis started by licking it clean, and Martin had to hold on to the seats behind him as he shuddered. When the cock was clean Denis swallowed it. He held it in his mouth for a moment, savoring the taste before sucking it slowly.

Martin barely lasted five minutes before exploding in Denis’ mouth. Denis didn’t have any reluctance swallowing the cum Martin was feeding him, even if it was slightly bitter.

When Martin was dry Denis leaned back in his seat, eyes closed, with a satisfied sigh. It only took Martin a few second for him to regain his breath and start to move away.

“Did it measure up to what you were expecting?” Denis asked before he’d moved too far. Denis didn’t want to have to yell too loud to be heard over the movie.

“What?” Martin said.

Denis opened his eyes; Martin was a few seats over, holding his pants up with a hand. “You wanted to be forced to have sex in a public place, that’s what you paid me for, right?”

Martin had to sit down as his knees buckled. “That was you?” Denis nodded. “But, the schedule, I thought . . .”

“That I’d get you during one of the events you emailed me? If I’d done that you would have known exactly what would have been happening. Where’s the thrill in that?”

Martin looked at him wide eyes, “what if someone had walked in on us?”

“Isn’t that part of the thrill of public sex?” Denis commented innocently.

“Are you insane?” Martin screamed, “do you have any idea what would happen to my carrier if I was arrested?”

Denis chuckled, “relax, no one was going to come in after you, I paid the usher a hundred bucks to put a sign saying this showing had been canceled.”

“How did you even know I was going to be here?”

“I over heard you mention it yesterday at the coffee shop. You going to be ok?”

Martin nodded, “yeah, I’m just . . . this wasn’t what I had expected.”

“You did say ‘anything goes’ when you called me.”

“I know, I guess I was thinking that it’d be like in the movies or something.”

Denis stopped himself from laughing. “Well, it was *at* the movies this time. But if you want something out of a Porno just let me know; you have my number and my fees. I even know someone with a studio we can use.” Martin looked at him surprised. Denis put his cock away and did up his pants before standing and walking by Martin. “Enjoy the rest of your movie,” he said patting him on the shoulder before exiting the theater.

He squinted against the bright afternoon light as he took out his Cell and turned it on. He always turned it off when he was working. The only message had been from Walter, letting him know he’d finished compiling all the footage.

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