Part 23

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Denis rubbed his eyes, stifling a yawn. It was the second week in a row that he was sitting in front of this terminal, watching himself as he moved about the city. Walter had warned him that there was over four hundred hours of footage, but that hadn’t really meant anything to him.

It took looking at the monitor for two hours for the realization to sink in; that he was going to be doing this for quite a while. After two hours his eyes were burning and he was bored out of his mind. He didn’t want to run the footage at a faster speed since he didn’t know who he was looking for exactly. He was just hoping there would be something obvious about him when he saw him; maybe his body would be covered with fur or he’s have a muzzle with spit dripping from his fangs.

It was a good thing he was doing this in the middle of the night and that there was no one else on the floor because when Walter entered the room carrying a bag of Chinese food Denis jumped him. He barely gave him the time to put the bag aside that his pants were down and he was on all four getting fucked.

That evening set the tone for the following days and weeks. Denis would go through the footage for a couple of hours while Walter went about checking on what ever he had to check and then they’d have sex. They didn’t worry about anyone walking in on them; the guy who usually worked nights had to leave to take care of family business. Instead of hiring someone else Walter had taken the night shift, at least until Denis was done looking through the footage.

After two weeks of this Denis was starting to wonder if it was worth continuing, just to find who ever had done this to him. He had never realized how boring his life had used to be. Leave in the morning, go to work. Walk to the restaurant across the street for lunch, drive back home after work, sometime stopping for errands. The weekends would be busier as he as Sarah shopped or enjoyed walking through the city; it reminded him that he had to start shopping for a birthday present for her.

Over all it amazed him how much of his time was spent just going from one place to the other. And maybe it was his imagination, but he’d almost always look bored.

“Move over a bit,” Walter said.

Denis didn’t question him, Walter often had to check something on the board he was using, he hit pause and pushed his chair away from the console. Instead of looking at the board Walter went down on his knees between Denis’ legs and took his cock in his mouth.

Denis moaned in surprise as his cock became hard and he spread his legs wider. He never bothered getting dressed after their first session of sex; Walter had to put clothes on every time he had to walk to the cold server rooms. He leaned back in the chair and closed his eyes, letting the sensation of Walter’s mouth moving up and down on his shaft relax him.

After two weeks of regular sex Walter knew his triggers fairly well, unless Denis fought him he could have him cumming under fifteen minutes. It was barely past the ten minute mark that Denis started grunting. He grabbed Walter’s head and humped his mouth a few times before burying his cock as deep as it would go and emptying his balls.

Denis slumped back in the chair and Walter stood, making his back crack, but he has a satisfied smirk on his face. “I figured you could use a distraction.”

Denis didn’t open his eyes as he smiled, “yeah, I needed that. I think my eyes were starting to glaze over.” His smile widened when he heard the zipper of Walter’s jeans go down.

“Glad to hear it, then you won’t mind getting on all four for me, will you?”

Denis chuckled and looked at Walter’s naked body; the man was a few years older than he was, but he kept in shape, with more than just sex. His muscles had some definition to them under his lightly tanned skin. He got out of the chair and down on his knees, giving his friend’s cock a messy slurp before putting his hands on the floor and looking back at him expectedly.

Walter was behind him almost instantly, teasing his hole with his cock head. Denis moaned in anticipation, his cock hard and leaking again. He was amazed with Walter’s sex drive. Other then Kyle and Brian he’d never thought that he’d meet another man who could keep up with him, but Walter came really close, and even when he wasn’t hard he was more than happy to be on the receiving end of things.

Walter pushed his cock in smoothly; it was the third time tonight he’d been fucked so Denis was already quite slick. He moaned with Walter bottomed out. He tightened his ass around it, making the man shudder in response.

Walter draped himself over Denis wrapping his arms around his chest. He closed a hand around Denis’ cock. “Hard again, I see,” he whispered, no longer showing any surprise at Denis’ recharge speed.

Denis just grunted as Walter started fucking and stroking him slowly. He closed his eyes again and savored the feel of the cock moving in and out of his ass. It didn’t matter how often he had it, he never grew tired of sex. He tightened his ass rhythmically with the thrusting, making Walter groan. Denis’ knew his buttons as well as Walter knew his.

For the next thirty minutes the room was filled with the sound and smell of sex. Denis came twice under Walter’s expert ministration and the cock thrusting going on. Walter for his part was able to maintain some self control until the last five minutes, then he began fucking Denis madly until he came with a loud groan.

Walter didn’t have any strength left after that; fortunately Denis didn’t have a problem supporting his weight on his back. He didn’t even feel tired and after three orgasms his mind was clear and ready to get back to work. It took Walter a few minutes to regain enough breath to push himself off Denis and sit down.

Denis stood and stretched under Walter’s amazed gaze. “How can you even be able to stand?” he asked in a mildly annoyed tone.

Denis smiled at him. “Endurance training,” he replied, “from all the sex I’ve had.”

Walter rolled his eyes, “yeah, right. I didn’t realize being an escort was such cardio workout.”

“With some of the clients I have, you’d be surprised.” Denis sat back down and started the recording. Walter just shook his head in a mix of amusement and annoyance and put his pants on.

About half hour later Denis was watching himself walking downtown; five minutes before Sarah had gone off in her own direction. He didn’t particularly remember that weekend, but they had probably agreed to meet up at a restaurant once they were down with their respective shopping; that was their usual method.

The crowd was mild, and the camera angle he was looking at looked down on him, probably from a few hundred feet ahead, Denis had been wearing a short sleeved shirt that day. He noticed the man walking in his direct, but didn’t pay attention to him, not even as he walked by him, raise a hand and ran his fingers across Denis’ bare arm.

As he watched it Denis felt his arm tingle, and placed a hand on the spot, the same place the man had touched. Denis didn’t move for a moment after that, watching himself walk away without showing any indication he had felt that. How could he not have felt that, he thought to himself. And then the realization hit.

“It’s him!” He rewound the recording, trying to see the man’s feature, but all he could see was his back. He had jet black hair, looked to be a little shorter than him and on the skinnier side.

“Who?” Walter asked, moving closer to look at the screen.

“That’s the guy I’m looking for. Is there any way to see his face?”

Walter made a note of the code at the bottom right of the screen and sat down in front of another monitor. “I should be able to, it’s downtown, there are cameras all over he place.” He typed some commands and half a dozen screens lit up, each with a different view of the same location.

A few more commands and he had the man’s face on a monitor. Denis looked at it, it was an average face, he guessed. The nose looked a little large on it, but there were no distinctive features.

“How did you know it was him from the back?” Walter asked.

Denis had to stop himself from touching the tingling spot on his arm. “I just did.” Walter gave him a dubious look, but Denis didn’t give him a chance to talk. “Can you find out where he’s going?”

Walter kept watching him for a few seconds before going back to the console. Within fifteen minutes he had an image of the man entering the Imperial Hotel.

Denis couldn’t believe he had a starting point now. When he’d asked Walter for this favor he hadn’t really thought he’d find anything, after all what were the odd that the event, which he hadn’t even remembered until now, would have been caught let alone that he’d recognize it for what it was. But it had.

He kissed Walter passoniatly, “You’re a life saver, can I get a print out of his face?”

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