Part 24

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Denis walked up the steps to the hotel, this time it was the Regency; George always made sure their meetings were in very expensive hotels. That this time Denis had been the one to ask for the meeting didn’t make any difference.

Denis had tried to find the man he’d seen in the footage on his own, but not surprisingly he hadn’t had any luck. He’d shown up at the Imperial with the picture and date, but no one remembered him. He’s even shown the pictures to the businesses around the hotel, but no luck there either.

He’d gone back to Walter for advice, and in the hope he could find something more. All Walter had found was that the man had first showed up in the city a week before and left it only a few hours after Denis crossed his path. Both he did on foot, with only a bag over his shoulder. During his time in the city he had done nothing more than walk around and stop at a shop here and there.

Denis was surprised at how disappointed he felt in not being able to find the man, or even just a shred of information. It at been over two years since he’d become a werewolf, and other than the initial questions he asked Kyle about it he hadn’t spent any time agonizing over why it had happened to him. But now that the man who had done this to him had been revealed he had this need to find him, to ask him why.

The inability to do so had weighed on him; he hadn’t let it affect his work, but when he wasn’t busy having sex with someone he sat at home, hardly doing anything. Kyle had tried to get what was wrong out of him, but Denis didn’t tell him. Kyle had gone over a century without ever knowing why it had happened to him. Denis didn’t want to risk finding out his reaction to almost getting answers.

It was while sitting on the couch that he thought about George, he hadn’t seen the man in almost two month and wondered how he was doing. Then he found himself wondering how much influence a man like him had, after all he was a rich, successful business man, he was bound to know all kind of people. As he thought that he sat up, he might even know the right people.

He called George’s office; the closest to him he got was his secretary. He gave her his name and simply asked that she let George know that he’d call. All he had to do after that was wait, but now that he was doing something toward finding the man again Denis’ mood improved a lot. He celebrated by fucking Kyle on the kitchen table before they sat down for dinner.

Three days later Denis received a call from a man who sounded rather young and a little confused. The man gave Denis an address, a date and a time; and then asked if that made any sense to him. Denis couldn’t help smiling, every time it was the same, the person calling had no idea why they were calling, some of them even indicated to him they thought it was some sort of practical joke. Denis told the man on the line that he did know, and thanked him for the message before hanging up.

The Regency was a very high class hotel, As Denis walked through the lobby he could see signed pictures of movie starts, producers, singers and even a few presidents who had stayed here. The man behind the counter was all prim and proper, standing perfectly straight as he critically studied Denis before giving him a smile. Denis wasn’t worried that he might not be properly dressed. Unless a client requested a specific attire he always were a business suit when showing up for work.

“I’m here to see Walter Koenig,” he told the clerk, who then checked his system, before calling the room. Denis had been surprised to find out George was a Star Trek fan.

The clerk handed him a key, “use this in the middle elevator, it will grant you access to the floor with the presidential suite.”

Denis thanked him and went up to the top floor. The rooms on that floor didn’t have numbers, but descriptions, ‘royal suite’, ‘imperial suite’, The Presidential suite was the third one. He didn’t bother knocking he just entered. The size of the suite didn’t surprise him anymore; George liked to have a lot of room, this one was at least the size of Kyle’s condo. It had a fully equipped kitchen with a dinning room, a large living room, a bedroom that was twice the size of his, and an office, which is where he found George, looking over some papers.

“I’ll be with you in a moment,” George said without looking up. Denis leaned against the door frame and crossed his arms over his chest while he watched him make a few notes on the page he was reading with a silver fountain pen and then put the page down and the cap on the pen. He stood and looked in Denis’ direction, but Denis could tell he wasn’t seeing him yet. He was still in corporate mode; that was ok, Denis has seen that before, he knew how to deal with it.

In the few steps he’d crossed the distance separating them and before George realized what was happening Denis had grabbed his collar and pulled him in a hungry kiss. George resisted a little at first, but then melted in the kiss, finally wrapping his arms around Denis and returning the passion.

“I missed you,” George said once he’d caught his breath. “I have to say I was surprised when you called.”

“I’d like to ask a favor,” Denis said as he undid the man’s tie, “but we can talk about it after we’re taken cared of the important stuff.” He unbuttoned the top three buttons on his shirt and opened the collar, bending down to nibble on George’s neck.

George held on to Denis as his knees went weak from the sensation, and his cock became hard. He was panting hard when Denis finally stopped suckling on his neck. When George was able to stand on his own Denis went back to unbuttoning the shirt.

“You don’t have to do all the work you know,” George commented with a smile as he watched him.

“Just think of it as a bribe so you’ll say yes to my favor,” Denis replied and he unbuttoned the last button and pulled the shirt out of the man’s pants.

“A lot of people have realized that I can’t be bribed,” the businessman stated as Denis ran his hands on his side and lower back.

Denis smirked, “everyone can be bribed; you just have to know the right currency to use.”  He lowered his mouth on the man’s nipple, making him gasp and then moan. He tortured the nipple for a few moment and then switched to the other one, leaving George panting again, before standing and picking him up in his arms and carrying him to the bedroom.

He lay George down on the bed and removed his shirt, throwing it on a chair. He then removed the man’s shoes and socks. He climbed on the bed and undid his belt and pants before pulling them off, leaving him lying there in his underwear.

Still dressed Denis kneeled between George’s legs and ran his hands all over the man’s body, caressing his legs and thighs; running a hand over his cock which throbbed under the fabric. Letting his fingers dance on his stomach until he reached his chest, which he massaged for a moment before caressing his way back down to George’s hips.

He looked the man in the eyes as he hooked a thumb on each side of his underwear and then smiled as his pulled in opposite directions, ripping it off. George shuddered and he moaned lightly at the display. He reacted like this each time, no matter how often Denis did it.

Denis licked the pearl of precum at the tip of George’s cock before getting off the bed and standing at the foot to slowly remove his clothing; Jonah had shown him how to do a proper strip tease some time ago and this was the first time he actually had a chance to put it in practice, even if it was in silence.

George’s eyes were riveted on him the whole time he peeled off his clothing, slowly dancing to the music in his head. Denis took his time but didn’t stretch it out unnecessarily. Once he was naked he stood there to let George look at him in all his splendor, and hard cock before getting back on the bed.

He moved on all four until he was straddling the man’s hips. He sat down slowly, guiding George’s cock with a hand until it was entering him. He sighed happily when it was all in. George wrapped a hand around Denis’ shaft, and using the flowing precum as lube jerked him off as he slowly moved up and down on his cock.

Neither was in any hurry, unlike that marathon first time, now they preferred taking their time, simply enjoying the pleasure they could bring to each other. That didn’t mean they stopped after he first time, or that they didn’t spend entire nights having sex sometime, just that they were both happy with what ever happened.

Denis grunted and stopped moving as he came, sending cum flying over George’s chest and face. George collected the worst of it with his free hand, and then licked it clean, but didn’t stop jerking Denis off.

Denis couldn’t move other then shudder and groan at the sensation from his very sensitive cock. George was the only one who’d ever realized that Denis actually liked being tortured like this, not even Kyle had noticed it. Denis panted and jerked until the sensitivity went down again. When he was able to breathe again even while still being jerked off Denis started fucking himself on George’s staff with abandon, keeping his ass tight round it until the man bucked on his own and came inside him.

“That’s the closest a bribe’s ever come to working,” George admitted while they were both lying on the bed, resting.

“Then I have to try harder,” Denis replied, “maybe we can see what fucking you will do.”

George chuckled, “that’s not going to work as a bribe.”

Denis looked at he ceiling thoughtfully, “Maybe I can try blackmail then, withhold sex until you’ve agreed to my favor.”

“Withhold sex all you want, just don’t withhold the company,” George said, snuggling against him. They were silent for a few minutes, simply enjoying holding each other when George asked, “what’s the favor you need?”

“I need to find someone.”

“That shouldn’t be too tough, who?”

“I don’t know, I have a picture of him, I know when he was in the city and where he stayed, as well as some of the places he went to, but that’s it.”

George lifted himself on an elbow, “that’s not a lot to work with. Why do you want to find him?”

Denis didn’t look at him, “it’s personal,” he said softly.

“Are you looking for him to take your revenge because your wife cheated on you with him?”

 “What?” Denis exclaimed in surprise, “or course not, I just want to talk with him.” He was caught in his indignation from the insinuation that he missed George starting to laugh. “Very funny.”

“Sorry, the setup was too good,” George said as he stood. He walked to his jacket and took a twenty from his wallet, which he handed to Denis.

“What is this for?” Denis asked as he took it.

“That’s for today,” George replied. Denis hadn’t been able to get George to accept that they could have sex for free, but he had managed to convince him to lower the amount to twenty, a token amount that kept them both happy.

Denis sighed and slumped back on the bed. “I guess that means you can’t help me then.”

George sat in a chair facing the bed. “I might be able to help with that, but instead of sex as a payment,” he smiled as he said that, “I’d rather agree to an exchange of favors; I help you with this and you help me with something of mine at a later time.”

Denis looked at him surprised, “you want a favor from me? That isn’t sexual? Why?”

George studied him for a moment, “Because there’s more to you than meets the eye,” he stated.

“Yeah, right,” Denis replied, turning on his back, “I’m just a guy earning a living having sex.” He was pretty proud of how well he’d covered up his surprise at George’s statement.

“True, that’s what you are now, but two years ago you were a happily married man for five years, and then you met Kyle, someone else who isn’t quite what he claims to be, and then everything about you changed.”

Denis sat up, not even bothering to hide the surprise this time. “What the fuck? Did you get people to investigate me?” George didn’t need to answer, the only way he’d known that was if people had asked some serious questions, neither he, Kyle or Sarah talked about that. “Fucking Christ, I thought we were friends,” He muttered as he got off the bed and grabbed his pants.

“We are,” George said in a neutral tone.

“Yeah? Well, where I’m from friends don’t spy on their friends,” Denis snapped as he pulled his pants on.

“I don’t have a choice,” George said, “you have to understand that I can’t trust anyone blindly, there’s too much at stakes for me.”

“You never even bothered asking me a fucking question.” Denis grabbed his shirt and put it on.

“I didn’t want to risk loosing your friendship by asking question you wouldn’t like.”

Denis glared at him, “yeah, cause going behind my back works so much better at protecting *that*.”

George sighed, “I’m sorry ok. I didn’t do it to hurt you, I just . . .” He looked at him with sadness in his eyes, “If it wasn’t for my position, I could have fallen in love with you; you have no idea how dangerous that is for me.”

Denis grabbed his shoes and jacket, not putting either one on. “Cut me a break will you. You’re a corporate exec with more money than he knows what to do with. If a problems comes up you just throw money at it until it goes away.”

George looked at him with a small smile, which unnerved him, “there are things about me you don’t know.”

Denis rolled his eyes and headed for the bedroom door. “No one’s got those kinds of secrets.”

“Not even you Denis?” George said and Denis’ hand froze on the handle. He looked at George over his shoulder. “You disappear for almost two months during which time no one really tries to find you. Kyle tried, but he never bothered telling the cops. Your ex wife went about her life as you two were still married. Then you reappear from nowhere the two of you settle your divorce and become best friends. Don’t tell me no one has those kinds of secrets.”

Denis turns and leaned against the door, arms crossed over his chest. “What do you want?”

“I don’t want anything,” George said, sounding more tired then when they finished having sex, “I didn’t start this to get anything from you except maybe your help at some point. I didn’t have to tell you any of this, I just want to . . .” He leaned back in the chair, “Why don’t we forget about this ok? I’ll help you find the man you’re looking for, no strings attached.”

Denis looked at the man sitting naked, the man with whom not fifteen minutes ago he was still having sex, and he didn’t recognize him. He remembered talking with a friend of his years ago about how finding out a new piece of information about someone shouldn’t affect how you felt about him, that person was still the same one you’d known before after all. He was now realizing how wrong he’d been. He thought he’d known George, but now he understood that all he knew was a small part of him, that there was a lot more beneath the surface and that made all the difference.

You could get close to him and smell if he was being honest or not, but right now he didn’t want to get any closer to him than he already was. He took the picture he’d brought and placed it on the dresser by the door. On the back was written all the information he had.

Denis took one more look at the man he’d considered a friend, and noticed for the first time that he might be older than he’d thought. He didn’t like seeing him looking so defeated but he stopped himself from going to him; instead he opened the door and left.

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