Part 25

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Denis was washing the dishes when someone knocked at the door. Kyle was off taking a shower. They’d been busy with clients for the last few days and had let them pile up.

“I got it.” Denis yelled for Kyle. He dried his hand on the dish cloth and slung it over his shoulder as he crossed the room. He smiled as he caught the scent of the man on the other side. “Hi Brian,” he said as he opened the door.

“Hi Cub,” Brian answered as he entered, “Ya working this weekend?” he asked looking around the room.

Denis shrugged as he closed the door. “Not at this point, but it could change.”

“Nah, yar busy this weekend,” Brian stated, “hey, Kyle!” he yelled loud enough to go through the sound proofing and make Denis’ ears ring.

A moment later Kyle walked in the living room; naked and dripping water on the hardwood floor. “Hey Brian, didn’t realize you were back in town.” He used the towel he brought to dry his hair.

Brian and Denis looked over Kyle’s body and the scent of sexual excitement in the room increased.

“Ach, yar gonna want to hurry up getting dry and dressed, we gotta go.” Brian said and then turned to Denis, “get the thought outa yar mind, we don’t have time to lick him dry.”

Denis couldn’t stop from licking his lips. It didn’t matter how often he had sex with Kyle, seeing him naked made him want to do him again.

“What’s the emergency?” Kyle asked.

“Nah, no emergency, we’re just going camping this weekend.”

“What do you mean, camping? I have a client to see this weekend.”

“Camping, like out of the city and into the wild,” Brian said, walking to the kitchen, “you know, that thing you haven’t done in a decade or two?” He opened the fridge and rummaged through it. “You’re going to want to tell them you have to cancel ‘cause you’re coming even if I have to throw you over my shoulder, still naked.”

“Damn it, couldn’t you at least have given us some warning.” Kyle grumbled as he picked up the phone.

“Dinna know I was gonna do it till two hours ago.” Brian replied head buried in the fridge.

Denis looked at Kyle, “Wait, are you telling me you’re going to let him disrupt your weekend?”

“Nothing else to do,” Kyle answered as he started dialing, “Trying to fight him when he gets an idea in his head only leads to collateral damage. The asshole always gets his way.”

“I heard that.” Brian commented from the kitchen.

Kyle ignored him as he explained to the man on the other end of the line that he would have to reschedule the appointment due to a family emergency.

“How did your client take the news?”

“No too badly, Mister Yakamisha is a family man, so he understands that my family has to come first.”

Denis raised an eyebrow, “doesn’t that seem like hypocrisy, a family man who has a hustler on the side?”

Kyle shrugged, “how he deals with his conscience is his business, no mine.”

“’Least you didn’t lie. This is family business.” Brian said stepping out of the kitchen with an apple in hand.

Kyle rolled his eyes, “so what do we have to bring?”

“Just the clothes on your back, as soon as ya put some on, I have everything we’ll need in the truck. Leave all you electronic gadgetry here. This is a nature trip; I dinna want to hear beeps, clicks and whistles during it.”

Denis as he was told, turning his cell phone off and leaving it in his room with his electronic agenda, he was more curious about what Brian had planed then annoyed. Kyle grumbled the entire time he got dressed and for the ride down the elevator.

It wasn’t until they were outside in front of Brian’s brand new pickup that he started lighting up. “When did you buy this?” he asked with a trace of awe in his voice as he looked it over.

“Two hours ago.” Brian answered as he got in it. “Bought the rest of the stuff we’ll need right after. S’why I got here just now.”

Kyle got in on the other side, and then Denis. Brian barely waited for the seatbelts to be buckled before getting the pickup moving. During the entire drive through the city he kept his hands on the steering wheel and eyes on the road, but as soon as they were on the interstate he placed a hand on Kyle’s crotch.

“Like hell you get to touch me,” Kyle growled as he took the hand and shoved it back on Brian’s lap. “After this stunt you just keep busy playing with yourself. Me and Denis will entertain each other.” He reached over to Denis and slipped a hand down his pants.

“So that’s how it’s gonna be,” Brian said, undoing his pants, “You two will torture this old werewolf.”

Denis reached over and unbuttoned Kyle’s jeans. “Well, you did ask for it,” he told the blond man with a snicker, but he couldn’t help look at the glistening cock Brian pulled out of his zipper and stroked leisurely.

Denis jumped when Kyle squeezed his cock. “Don’t pay attention to him, that’s just what he wants.” He trusted in Denis’ hand, “play with mine instead, it’ll make him miserable.”

“I’m never miserable,” Brian said, leaning back in the seat and spreading his legs, a hand slowly pumping his cock, using the freely flowing precum as lubricant.

Denis tore away his gaze from Brian’s cock and focused on Kyle’s, moving his hand up and down on it at a lazy speed. What he really wanted to do was suck on it, but the truck was too cramped for him to bend down and reach it. He was drooling as he watched the precum flow out of it each time his hands moves up.

He undid his belt and then the button keeping his pants close to give Kyle’s hand more room to move. As a result the black haired man readjusted his hold on Denis’ shaft and forced him to close his eyes with a loud moan. He leaned back in the seat and simply focused on the hand jerking him off and the feel of Kyle’s cock in his hand.

Denis lost track of time, then he felt Kyle tense and then grunted. Denis felt his cock jerk in his hand and then the cum land on his hands. He opened his eyes and watched the last few jets of cum fly out of his cock and then licked his hand clean. Once it was free of cum he took Kyle’s cock back in hand and went back to stroking it again.

Not long after that Denis reached his own orgasm, but Kyle didn’t stop stroking, he kept going, making Denis moan and trash. He only stopped once there was no more cum flowing.

Once he’d caught his breath he looked at Brian, who now had both hands back on the wheel. His cock was still hard, but he had a large cum stain on his shirt. Denis smiled and rested his head against the back of the seat, simply relaxing as he stroked Kyle’s cock.

He didn’t get much time to relax, a few minutes later Brian exited the interstate and not long after that left the paved roads all together. For the next half hour they couldn’t do anything sexual as they were jostled and bounced all over the seat. Even the seat belts didn’t help much.

When the truck finally stopped moving they were in a small clearing surrounded by trees. Denis got out of the pickup and stretched. He winced as his ass hurt more than when he let Walter fuck him. “What’s this place?” he asked looking back at the way they came. He couldn’t even make out the truck’s tracks through the trees.

“It’s a spot I used to come to get away from it all,” Brian replied, getting out of the truck and then out of his clothes.

“How long ago was that?” Kyle asked following his example and undressing.

“Three or four decades ago,” Brian answered, his voice becoming a little rougher as his face elongated into a muzzle. “The path isn’t as easy to see as it used to be.”

Denis watched Kyle transform, his body becoming darker as black fur covered it. His face stretched and his teeth became slightly longer and more vicious looking. His body also bulked up a little so that even covered with fur he could see solid muscles. Kyle’s cock became hard again and increased in length while the tip tapered a little and hint of a knot appeared at the base.

Kyle indicated Brian with his head; he had their back to them, and rushed him. Denis smiled and changed as he ran after Kyle. Kyle tacked the blond werewolf to the ground and held him there with all his weight.

“What’r you doing?” Brian asked as he tried to gain the leverage to stand.

“Taking a bit of revenge,” Kyle answered.

Brian had managed to get his hands under himself and was slowly getting himself up on all four. “Ya really think a cub like you can take on a wolf my age? Ah think you need to be reminded of your place.”

“And I think you need to stop yakking and start sucking,” Denis said grabbing Brian’s head and shoving his cock in his muzzle.

Brian made a token effort to get out of his, but Denis held his head in place as he thrust in and out of the blond muzzle. Kyle moved back until he was on his knees instead of hanging off Brian’s back and then positioned his cock under the blond tail and pushed it in all the way. Brian’s eyes went wide and then glazed over as the black wolf didn’t wait and started fucking him.

The blond werewolf moaned around Denis’ cock and sprayed cum on the ground when Kyle shoved his inflated knot in his ass. The sound and smell made the brown werewolf pick up speed and face fuck Brian harder until with a groan he flooded his throat with his seed. A moment later Kyle started panting and then howled and he held still buried inside the blond ass to the hilt. Denis sat down to catch his breath and Brian let himself fall on his side, pulling Kyle down with him.

Denis’ ears perked up as he heard something in the distance. “What was that?”

Brian lifted his head, “it’s a wolf replying to horny boy’s call.”

“What do you mean?” Denis asked, standing.

“You know when you howl on a rooftop dog’s will pickup the call, this is the same thing, but more primal.” Denis gave the blond wolf a confused look. “You have howled, right?” Brian asked. Denis shook his head. Brian reached back and hit the black wolf on the side of the head. “Two years and you’ve never taken him howling? What’s wrong with you?”

“We’re in the city, I didn’t see the point.”

They grew silent when the distant howl came again. ‘Hello?’ it seemed to say to Denis. ‘I’m here, I’m here, are you there? I’m lonely.”

Denis shook his head; it couldn’t be saying that, it was just a wolf howling. He was anthropomorphizing it. But even as he thought that he took a deep breath, lifted his head to the sky and howled in reply. ‘I’m here’ he told the wolf, ‘you aren’t alone.’

Moments later the howl came back ‘happy, happy’

Another howl was heard, not quite as far, ‘I’m here too,” it said, ‘joy at hearing you.’

For a few minutes the three howled together; not saying anything, just celebrating their presence, and then a fourth one joined the song. No Denis realized, it wasn’t one howl that joined them; it was multiple voices singing in unison. For twenty minutes they all sang together, and then they tapered off, having to move on from the celebrating to ensuring their survival. Denis was the last one to stop singing, heart swelled with joy and tears in his eyes.

“The cub’s a natural,” Brian said softly, reminding Denis that he wasn’t alone.

“Why didn’t you join in?” he asked, wiping the tears away.

Kyle stood, at some point during the howling his knot had shrunk enough to slip out. “It was your time, we didn’t want to intrude.” He said giving Brian a look that told him not to say what ever he was about to.

“Why don’t we set up the tent?” Brian said after a few moment of silence under the black wolf’s gaze.

The three werewolves spent the next thirty minutes setting it up. Like the truck it was brand new, Brian didn’t even know how it was suppose to be assembled so they had to go by the instructions. Once they were done they had a tent that could house eight fully grown adult according to the box.

“Guys,” Denis said as he came back from putting the tent box back in the pickup, “what are we going to eat? I didn’t see any food in the pickup.”

“Wouldn’t worry about that,” Brian said, “weren’t going to be hunting our dinner.”

“You’re kidding, right?”

“He’s not,” Kyle answered with a smile.

Denis stared at the black werewolf, “you’re ok with that?”

“Yeah, it’s been years since I’ve hunted anything,” Kyle said dreamingly, “let alone ate wild game.”

“Ok,” Denis said with hesitation, “you two go have fun, I’ll stay here and look after the tent.”

“Nahh, you’re coming with us,” Brian said as he put an arm over Denis’ shoulders and forced him to walk with him in the forest. “You might know how to have sex and howl, but you got more things to learn about being a werewolf and hunting’s one of them. You can hang back and just watch if you want, but you’re going to be with us for the whole thing.”

Denis tried to get free from the blond werewolf’s hold, but it was just too tight. So he had to follow until they were deep in the woods. There Brian let him go and signaled for him to be quiet. Denis watched their back disappear between the trees trying to decide what to do; he could easily follow their scents back to the tent, but he had to admit he was morbidly curious about what the hunt was so he sniffed the air and went after them.

He caught up to them with Kyle’s nose to the ground and Brian sniffing the air. The black wolf indicated forward and started moving, staying low to the ground. Brian followed him and after another moment of hesitation Denis did the same, trying to mimic them and stay low to the ground. Each time he stepped on a twig the blond werewolf turned and signaled him to be quiet. After the third time it happened Denis slowed down and made sure to step where Brian had stepped. Having to focus on where he stepped kept his mind off the sexy ass he was following

When they came to a stop some sort of deer was eating leaves about fifty feet in front of them. The wind brought its scent to him, but other than it was female he couldn’t figure out what they meant. Brian indicated for Kyle to go around and for Denis to stay right here. Denis nodded his understanding and watched them disappear in opposite directions.

A few moments later the deer lifted its head in the air and looked around, nostril flaring. Denis could now detect Kyle’s excited scent on the wind mixed with the deer. A faint noise came from the direction of Kyle’s scent and the deer started stepping in place. Another noise and it bolted, directly toward Denis.

Denis stood there stunned, unable to decide what to do. Brian hadn’t given him any indication he was to do anything. Before he could blink a flash of yellow exploded from the side and the deer was on the ground with the blond werewolf biting its neck and spraying blood. Kyle came running and jumped on the fallen animal biting one of its hindquarter and pulling.

The deer trashed for a few minutes, trying to kick the black wolf and then settled down into immobility. Kyle went for the stomach but Brian snapped at him. Kyle snapped back and they started tussling on top of the deer. Denis blinked and they had rolled off it. Brian was now holding Kyle face first in the ground and fucking him. He blinked again trying to understand how they’d gotten for fighting to fucking, and then remembered who they were and chuckled.

The sight and smell of blood wasn’t doing anything for him and since it seemed like the hunt was over he decided he should head back to the camp; as he turned his stomach gargled. He looked back at the kill the two sex fiends were ignoring and against his better judgment, and focusing on keeping from throwing up he walked to the deer and grabbed the hind leg Kyle had been pulling on. He used his claws to slice though the flesh and than had to pull hard to force the socket out of the join, but he ended up with a large hunch of meat. He smelled it and almost threw up. He was going to have to find a way to cook it.

He carried it to the camp, grabbing dry branches on the way so he could build a fire. His fire building skills from his time as a boy scout were mostly forgotten, but he figured with enough twigs and Kyle’s lighter he was going to manage a fire.

* * * * *

He was lying on the ground, relaxing next to the fire, content and his belly full when Brian and Kyle walked out of the trees carrying what was left of the carcass. Denis guessed that half of it was missing.

“You left us the best part,” Brian commented.

“And you were welcome to it,” Denis replied

“Are you telling me you cooked your meat?” The blond werewolf asked.

“Give the guy a break,” Kyle said before Denis could comment, “You can’t expect him to go wild on his first day in the woods. I’m impressed he was able to cut off a piece and prep it himself.”

“I was hungry and it didn’t look like either one of you was in a hurry to serve me.”

“How did you start the fire?”

“Kyle’s lighter.”

Kyle shrugged at the look Brian gave him. “You said no electronics. I didn’t even remember I had it on me.”

“Instead of arguing what do you say we go wash in the lake,” Brian said after he took a breath. “I still have the rest of the weekend to get you to unleash the wolf I know is hiding inside him.”

“You two go right ahead,” Denis said, “I’m much too comfortable to move. Anyway I’m not covered in blood and cum like the two of you.”

Kyle grabbed him by an arm and threw the brown wolf over his shoulder. “No, you’re coming along. Don’t worry, by the time we’re done with you you’ll be covered with cum too.” He said nonchalantly

Brian looked at them with an evil look, “Yes, I still owe you for earlier.”

Denis just rolled his eyes and let himself be carried to the lake and waited for what they were going to do to him. This promised to be a memorable weekend.

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