Part 26

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Denis slowed his pace when he saw the twenty something man leaning on the wall by the door to his place. He was dressed in a freshly pressed business suit, his face was clean shaven with a light tan, his auburn hair was perfectly styled, and while he couldn’t see his hands, he was willing to bet they were manicured. The man straightened up when he saw Denis, even pulling down his jacket to remove the wrinkles.

Denis smelled the air, checking the scents, most where those if his neighbors, with a few scents he wasn’t familiar with. No scents jumped at him as being associated with Clyde, so he relaxed; a little.

As he got closer the man extended his hand, “Mister Hickory sent me.”

Denis looked at the hand, he’d been right, before taking it. Now that he was close enough he could pickup multiple smells from the man. He was wearing cologne, he couldn’t place it, but it smelled expensive, under it was the sent of the soap used to clean his clothed with leather mixed in, probably from the car seat. Permeating all of them was another mix of smells, plastic, paper, ink, carpets; they brought back the memory of his cubicle and if under that he could just notice George’s aftershave.

Denis didn’t take the hand, taking his keys out of his pocket instead. “How do you know you have the right person?”

“Mister Hickory gave me a very good description of who I was meeting,” the man said.

Denis looked at him as the door unlocked, was there a hint of excitement coming from the young man? He opened the door and gestured for him to enter and he closed it once he had followed him in. Kyle’s scent was a few hours old, so he they had the place to themselves.

George’s envoy was looking around the living rood and dinning area, while Denis hung his jacket on a peg, he seemed a little disappointed by it.

“Why did George send you here?” Denis asked studying the man again. The young mans head snapped to him in surprise at the name and his eyes went wide. Denis got the impression he had just gone up to the top of a list by using George’s first name.

Mis. . . Mister Hickory asked me to deliver this,” he took a white envelope out from a pocket inside his jacket and handed it to him.

The envelope was thick and heavy when Denis took it so it wasn’t a request for a meeting. He found that he had mixed feelings about that. He turned it over, there was nothing writing on it, no marks to give an indication of what might be inside. He placed it on the table by the door and looked at the young man; he still smelled excited. Was he excited at the cloak and dagger he was participating in, or at being here, with him? Denis decided to see if he could find out.

“So, why did George send you?” Denis asked as he stepped toward him, “are you his usual errand boy?”

“No, it’s the first time he asked me to do this.”

“Why you then?” Denis asked as he did a slow circuit around his guest, keeping his face neutral but making no secret of the fact that he was evaluating him. “Why specifically you?”

“I don’t know,” the young man answered stuttering, the situation was making him obviously nervous.

“Did George tell you anything about me?” Denis started another circuit as the man shook his head. While behind him Denis leaned in close to his ear, taking a deep breath. As nervous as the man was, his scent was saying that he was getting turned on by this. Denis lowered his voice to a whisper, “are you sure he didn’t say something like you should do what ever I tell you?”

“No,” the man said weakly and then swallowed hard.

“That’s too bad,” Denis replied in a disappointed tone as he walked to the kitchen table.

“But,” the man said almost as soon as the words were out of Denis’ mouth. Denis turned slowly and leaned against the table.

He looked him over, making him squirm slightly. He wondered if George had sent him as some sort of peace offering. Could it really be just coincidences that a young man chosen at random would be gay and get excited at the being with an unknown man? “What’s your name?”

“Anthon . . . ny,” he answered, stumbling over his own name in his nervousness.

Denis considered their situation for a moment. Anthony wasn’t one of his friends, or clients, he should probably end this right now, but he was obviously willing to be here, he couldn’t’ smell any fear coming from the young man. He was nervous and slightly worried, but not afraid, quite the contrary.

“I’m not sure you’re really an Anthony,” Denis said, having decided to continue. He crossed his arms over his chest.  “Take off your jacket; just put it over the back of the couch.” Anthony had a moment of hesitation as he looked in his direction, but didn’t protest. With the jacket removed Denis could see hints of muscles under the shirt. “Take the shirt off too.”

Again he hesitated, but then he was shirtless. There’s was a hint of shyness, but no shame at being told to expose himself.

“No, you’re definitely more of an Anton rather than Anthony.” Denis stated. He signed that Anton should turn around and he complied. “Very nice,” he didn’t have to exaggerate much; his body was definitely well formed. It was hairless so he could easily see the muscles move under the skin. “You exercise regularly?”

“Yes, I do.” Anton said with pride and then stuttered a little when Denis raised an eyebrow questioningly. He looked around as if what he was searching for was in the room and then looked at Denis again, “Sir?” he tried tentatively and smiled when Denis nodded. “Yes sir, I do.” He said with gusto.

Denis had to work at not smiling, or even laughing. “Flex your muscles,” he told him.

The young man looked at him, momentarily at a loss as to what to do, and then tensed his chest and arms, curling them on each side of his body. He was doing it wrong, probably only imitating what he’s seen someone do at his gym. Denis had become familiar with body building poses from one of his clients whose thing was to have his muscles worshipped.

“Very nice indeed,” Denis said; it didn’t matter that he’d done it wrong. The game was that he’d done as he’d been told. “I want you to continue to exercise like you’re doing. It would be a shame to have a body like yours go to flab.”

“Yes sir.” Anton had no problem agreeing.

Denis motioned him closer and lifted his arms to his side as he approached. “Take off my shirt,” he told him.

The young man unbuttoned his shirt with trembling hands. Denis moved his arms as needed to help him and then had him place it on the back of a chair. Anton smelled heavily of excitement now.

Denis’ chest was hairy, and his muscles weren’t as defined as Anton, but that didn’t seem to matter to him. “Like what you see?” Denis asked, to which Anton could only nod. “You can touch it if you want.”

Anton looked at him for a moment as if he wasn’t sure he was serious. When Denis nodded he placed a hand on his chest and then ran it through the body hair. His other hand joined it and he was rubbing them up and down. The next thing he did was to press his chest against Denis’ and rub them together.

Denis leaned in and whispered, “do you want this to go further?” He could smell how excited Anton was by the scenario they were playing, but Denis had used that against too many men in the past to let himself continue without the young man’s approval. When he pulled back Anton’s eyes were full of hope.

Denis nodded and pushed him away gently. “Take off your pants,” he told him, “slowly,” he added when Anton whipped off his belt.

The man took a breath to calm himself and went back to undoing them, and then taking them off. He was wearing red bikini briefs under them. He folded the pants and put them on top of his jacket and shirt.

Denis smiled and admired how the briefs hugged Anton’s balls and hard cock, an inch of it poking out the top. He stepped away from the table and didn’t have to tell him what to do. Anton was on his knees in front of him and started undoing his pants. Denis watched him work, waiting for his reaction when he pulled them down; he wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Anton stopped pulling them down when the base of Denis’ shaft became visible, only then realizing what was missing. He started panting and he went back to pulling them down and gasped when the cock came free from the pant leg and jumped, almost slapping him. He paused, mouth open, staring at it.

“Close your mouth and finish undressing me,” Denis told him, “you’re not doing anything with it before that.” Anton pushed them down and Denis stepped out of them.

Denis had Anton stand and he moved against him, their cocks pressing against each other; Anton’s slightly longer. Denis put his hands on the young man’s ass, squeezing it slightly, before slipping them under the briefs. “These are cute,” he told him softly, “but if I ever see you wearing underwear again I’m going to just rip them off your back, is that understood?” Anton nodded. “Good, now take them off.”

The man did as he was told, but Denis didn’t let him move away to do so. As they went down their cocks came in direct contact and Anton moaned. Denis ground himself against the younger man, massaging his ass.

When Denis pushed him away a little Anton was panting heavily, a look of pure bliss on his face. He waited a moment to let him catch his breath and then pushed him down to his knees. “I’m naked now, so you do what you looked like you wanted to earlier.”

Anton looked at Denis’ cock again, before caressing it with a hand. It then wrapped itself around it and pulled it down until it was even with his mouth. He put his lips around it and suckled it for a while.

Denis moaned and ran a hand through Anton’s hair. “That’s good,” he said with a sigh, “take more of it in.” Anton did as he was told and then tried to take all of it in, but he started gagging. He looked up at Denis with worry, but Denis smiled at him. “It’s ok: you did the best you could.” Comforted Anton went back to sucking him off

Soon Denis was rubbing both his hands in the man’s hair and then he was holding it still as he slowly thrust in his mouth. Anton didn’t offer any protests; he placed his hands on Denis’ ass and massaged them as the cock moved in and out of his mouth. Denis was impressed that the young man hadn’t reached down to take care of his own erection.

Denis picked up the pace, pushing in only deep enough as he now knew Anton to be able to take it. He groaned as he felt his orgasm. “Get ready, I’m about to cum,” he told the young man, “make sure you don’t loose any of it.” And as soon as the words left his mouth and stopped moving and Anton tightened his lips around his cock just as started it jumping, firing jets of cum.

Denis held them both still past the moment he finished emptying himself. Panting he looked down in Anton’s eyes. “Swallow,” he told him.

For the first time since they had started this he felt the young man tense and his eyes showed genuine worry. Denis waited a moment to see what he would do, after a few moments without anything happening he was about to tell him he didn’t have to, but before he opened his mouth he felt him swallow around his cock.

Denis felt a twinge of guilt as he wondered if he’d pushed him past his comfort point, but he didn’t break character. He pulled him up. “That’s a good boy,” he told him, “that’s a very good boy.” He licked his lips and then kissed him passionately. Anton moaned and Denis had to hold him up as his knees buckled.

When the man was able to stand on his own again Denis took a step back and nodded between them. “Do you think you can take it?” he asked him. Anton looked in amazement at Denis’ still hard cock and then back up with a determined look on his face. “I want the truth,” he stated before the young man said anything.

His resolve broke a little and he looked down again. Denis wasn’t all that large, but he didn’t know what Anton was used to, if anything at all. “Yes, I can.” Anton said finally as he wrapped his hand around it and stroked it a little.

Denis moved him to the couch and had him kneel on it, his hands on the arms rest. He took a bottle of lube out of the side table and applied a liberal amount on his fingers. He spread the lube on the ring before pressing in slightly. Anton let his approval of the move known with a loud moan. Denis smiled and pressed deeper. He didn’t encounter much resistance before he had his index finger all the way in.

He moved it in and out a few times, to Anton’s loud delight, before inserting a second finger. That made the man wince a little, but the moaning continued, so Denis fingered him for a while, stroking him with his free hand at the same time. He did that until Anton almost came, at which point Denis stopped the stimulation completely.

“You’re not cumming yet,” he told him as he rested. Anton moaned as Denis removed his fingers and then went back to panting, his head hanging down. Denis slathered lube over his cock and climbed behind him on the couch positioning himself. “Are you ready?”

Anton looked over his shoulder and nodded; he had a goofy smile on his face and his eyes were slightly vacant.

Denis moved slowly, first rubbing the head of his cock against the man’s opening, and then lightly pressing until it started giving. Anton let out a deep moan as Denis entered him. Denis paused after the head was fully in even if Anton didn’t give any indication he’d felt pain. He then pushed in until he was fully inside the young man.

He didn’t wait there long; he started thrusting at a relaxed speed taking long slow strokes, sighing and moaning. He continued like that for a few minutes and then pushed himself back in completely. He wrapped an arm around Anton’s stomach and told him to hold on. Denis lifted him and then the both fell backwards on the couch.

Anton had a groan of pain/pleasure as the impact pushed Denis’ cock even deeper and then he was panting. Denis anchored his feet against the arm rest and started thrusting again, holding the man in position with his arm while his lube covered hand stroked his cock tenderly.

They were still like that ten minutes later when a key turned in the door, and it opened. Anton froze on top of Denis, but he simply spoke quietly to him, telling him everything was alright as he continued to fuck him. The young man still looked at Kyle with worry as he walked in.

Kyle smiled as he looked at them; from where he was he had a perfect view of Denis’ cock entering the man’s ass.

“Hi Kyle,” Denis said still thrusting, “this is Anton.”

Kyle walked next to the couch and leaned on the back, “Hi Anton.”

“Anton, this is Kyle, say hello to him.”

It took Anton a moment to respond, his worry and the sexual stimulation distracting him greatly, “Hello,” he eventually managed to say in a timid voice.

“Good boy,” Denis said, “If you’re really good, I might let him fuck you once I’m done. He’s much bigger than I am.”

Anton looked at Kyle with eyes wide and moaned with desire.

Kyle chuckled and rolled his eyes. “Maybe another time, I’m grabbing a shower and heading to bed, I’ve been done too much today.”

Denis returned the chuckle, as Kyle walked deeper in their home. He focused again on fucking the man on top of him, moving his feet higher so he could thrust deeper.

With the cock penetrating him and the hand stroking him Anton didn’t last much longer once Kyle was gone. Denis held him down as he trashed, and fucked him faster and harder, hurrying his orgasm along. Just as Anton calmed down Denis tensed up and a groan through clenched teeth and exploded inside the young man.

They stayed like that for a few minutes as Denis’ heart and breathing slowed, then he moved enough to let Anton move off of him. He took a towel out of a drawer on the coffee table and handed it to the young man so he could clean up.

“You can get dressed once you’re done,” he told him as he stood and headed to the kitchen. He poured himself a tall glass of water and slowly emptied it. He then filled another one and handed it to Anton, who had his pants up by that point.

“Will I see you again?” the young man asked after taking a swallow.

“Do you want to?” Denis asked.

“Yes sir,” he answered without hesitating.

Denis handed him a piece of paper and a pencil, “then write down your cell number, and when I want to see you I’ll give you a call.”

Once Anton gave him back the paper Denis went to his jacket, to put it with his wallet so he’d remember to add it to his address book. Looking down he was reminded of the envelope Anton had given him. He opened it and unfolded its content. His breath caught as he looked at them. Considering how he’d left George he hadn’t expected him to come through for him.

“Anton,” he said looking at him, “When you see George, tell him Denis says thank you.”

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