Part 28

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Denis leaned back in his seat, his soft and comfortable seat; he stretched his legs fully and didn’t even come close to touching the seat in front of him. He let out a soft moan; this cinched it, first class was going to be the only way he’d travel from now on. This might not be one of the cabins he could have gotten, but it wasn’t like he was planning on doing anything that required privacy. He could control himself for the four hours or so the flight was going to take.

“First time in first class?” the male flight attendant asked him when he stopped the cart next to him.

Denis smiled as he looked up at him, “no, but I wasn’t in a state to enjoy it previously.” Denis made no secret of checking him out. His name tag said Jacob; he looked to be in his late twenties, a bit under six feet. He had short cropped blond hair and vivid blue eyes on an almost feminine face. His uniform, in the colours of the company, did a good job of hiding his frame, but Denis got the impression that he was on the thin side. He still smiled at what he saw, the full package being rather appealing. Maybe he should have gotten a cabin after all.

“There’s no better way to travel,” The man said with a smile, checking him out also, “can I offer you something to drink?”

Denis smiled at the question; yes the man could certainly let him drink something of his. The thought made his cock stiffen. “What do you have to offer?” he asked with a smile, his eyes on the man, but indicating the cart with his hand.

Jacob’s eyes went to Denis’ crotch before coming back up to his face. For a fraction of a second his face lost his professionalism and Denis smelled a whiff of desire come off him. “I have a selection of good wines and imported beers.” Jacob said, having regained control of himself.

“I’m not a big fan of wine. Do you have anything domestic? Maybe something local, very local?” he asked with a seductive smile.

Jacob smiled back. “I do happen to have something local, but it’s against policy to share my personal supplies with a passenger.”

“That’s too bad,” Denis said, disappointed, “I’ll have a Bud, or what ever else you have.”

Jacob pulled out a tall glass from within his cart and emptied a beer bottle, whose label Denis couldn’t see, in it. He handed the glass to Denis with a paper napkin under it.

Denis was disappointed when there wasn’t a message written on it, but he still enjoyed his beer while thinking over what he was going to do now. He’d already decided he wasn’t going to tell Kyle about Erik. For one thing Kyle hadn’t expressed any interest in knowing about why or how he’d been made into a werewolf. For another Denis couldn’t shake the feeling that Kyle wouldn’t take all that well to knowing it was someone who had done this to him.

That left Brian, who had been alive so long now that he probably didn’t care about it anymore. But if he knew, would Brian keep the information for himself or would he spread it around.

Denis had no trouble believing Erik when he’d said that not everyone who became a werewolf was happy about it. If too many of them learned about Erik the chances that he would be hurt again went way up.

Denis sighed and remembered a line from somewhere in his past, a movie maybe. The only way to keep a secret is to not tell anyone. So for the time being he was going to do just that.

He finished his beer and Jacob was taking it out of his hand before Denis could look for a place to put it down. “If you’re still interested in tapping my private reserve,” the attendant whispered as their hands touched, “use the forward bathroom at four thirty.”

Denis smiled as he watched Jacob walk away. A quick check of his watch told him he had twenty minutes to wait. It proved to be a long time as his anticipation built. It took all his will power to stop his hand from rubbing his crotch, if he started that he probably wouldn’t be able to stop himself from outright jerking off.

He headed for the bathroom a few minutes early. As he walked down the aisle he had to remind himself that those he passed by couldn’t smell his excitement, or the precum running down his leg. And that as long as he didn’t draw attention to his cock straining against his pant leg no one would pay attention to it.

The sign on the door indicated it was occupied, so Denis leaned against the wall opposite it. He kept an eye on his watch, hoping that who ever was in it wouldn’t stay there so long Denis would miss his opportunity. At this point he really didn’t want to have to continue the flight in this state. He wasn’t sure even jerking off would help.

A few second after four thirty the sign changed. Denis moved out of the way so the door could open, but it didn’t. He looked around to make sure no one was looking in his direction. He didn’t want any witness if he opened the door on an old fat woman who’d accidently switched the sign off.

He tentatively pulled the door and instead of a woman Jacob was waiting for him. Denis entered and quickly closed the door, latching it. There was barely enough room for the two of them and as a consequence they rubbed groin together just closing the door.

Jacob’s eyes grew wide and a reached between them to feel Denis’ hardon. “Fuck, you’re really horny, aren’t you?” He asked in a low voice.

Denis could barely muffle his moan. “Yeah,” he whispered when he’d caught his breath. “Look, I know I implied I was going to suck you off, but do you mind if I fuck you instead?” He pulled out a condom and a packet of lube.

Jacob continued rubbing the hardon while he considered it. “Do you have another condom?”

“Yeah, why?” Denis took another one out of his pocket.

“’Cause I don’t want to cum all over the toilet.” He took it out of Denis’ hand and managed to turn himself around. Jacob’s hips pushed Denis against the door and pressed in his groin.

Denis was seeing stars from the rubbing. When he could see clearly again he was looking at a white ass. His breath caught. Each globe was perfectly round. In a second his own pants dropped to his ankles and the next one he had the condom on; the one after that he was lubed up and rubbing his cock between Jacob’s cheeks.

“Don’t take too long,” Jacob whispered between pants.

As a reply Denis changed his angle and slowly pushed his cock inside Jacob’s ass. He kept his lips closed to quiet his moan, not trusting himself to breathe until he was completely hilted.

When he stopped moving they were both panting heavily. Denis only waited a moment before he started thrusting in and out. He kept his weight on Jacob to prevent him from pushing back and making him bang against the door on the out thrust.

He wrapped his lubed up hand around the condom covered cock and jerked Jacob off as he fucked him. Denis used quick thrust, keeping Jacob angled so his cock would hit the man’s prostate every time. This way he didn’t last long.

Jacob tried to stifle a moan as his cock jumped in Denis’ hand. Denis kept jerking him while the condom filled, and then, still holding it in place picked up his thrusting. Now it was him who didn’t last long. He bit down on the other man’s shoulder to muffle his moan of ecstasy, remembering at he last moment not to bite down to hard. It wasn’t Kyle or Brian he was fucking, if he did some damage it would stay for some time.

He slowly pulled out of Jacob and took off the condom. He wrapped it in some toilet paper before throwing it in the garbage. He stopped Jacob as he was about to do the same, taking his condom and pouring the cum in his mouth, before throwing it out. The act elicited a slightly disgusted look from the other man.

Denis made himself as presentable as the small space allowed before going back to his seat, a smile on his face. This was certainly a good way to end a satisfying trip.




5 years later.

Denis rushed to Georges’ bedside. There had been no cloak and dagger with the call this time, just an urgent request for his presence. He stopped a few steps away when he saw that his friend’s chest, arms and half his face were bandaged.

“What happened?” Denis asked the doctor.

“He says that he was attacked by an animal.”

Denis looked at him. “You don’t sound like you believe him.”

The doctor looked at the man on the bed. “He had claw and bite marks, but,” the man shrugged, “it just doesn’t feel right.”

Denis didn’t know what the man meant, but instead of questioning him he went to Georges’ side. “What happened to you?” he asked him.

Georges didn’t say anything, instead looking at him out of his unbandaged eye.

Denis wasn’t comfortable with the way he was being looked at. He couldn’t shake the feeling that there was knowledge in that look, that Georges wasn’t just looking at him, but seeing into him. Seeing who and what he was.


10 years later.

There was a knock at the door.

Denis didn’t bother interrupting his shaving, Kyle was in the kitchen already; he’d answer the door.

“Denis, it’s for you,” Kyle yelled.

He quickly finished and then toweled his face dry.

He looked at the man fidgeting in the entryway, not immediately placing him. “Erik?” he finally asked.

Erik nodded. “I, I need your help”


20 years later.

Denis stretched as he got out of the car and took a deep breath of forest air. He could still smell the rain that had fallen hours before. It had been too long since he’d really gotten out of the city.

Kyle got out from the passenger side. “Are you really sure you want to do this?”

Denis looked at the man he’d shared a house with for over twenty years. For all that time and all the sex they’d had their relationship had never gained any more depth than a strong friendship. Maybe it was due to what they both were.

“Too many people have started noticing that I look much younger than my age. If I stick around any longer they are going to start asking some really dangerous questions.”

“Still, there are better ways to start a new live than walking off in the forest. Not to mention that you’re going to get pretty horny.”

“The cabin’s only a day and a half’s walk from here. Harker’s protégé will be waiting for me there with all my new papers.”

“I hope his ass’ been properly lubed up. He does know that you’re going to pound him till he forgets his name, right?”

“Harker assured me he’s up to speed with dealing with us, and that he can’t wait for it to happen. I’m his first werewolf.”

Kyle chuckled before becoming serious again. “What about your god daughter?”

Denis leaned against car, a sad smile on his face. “Maddy’s going to be ok. She has Sarah and her dad to look after her, and she’s your god daughter too. I’m going to do what Simon suggested and leave a pair of ripped and bloody jeans with my wallet in them about halfway, that way everyone will have some closure.”

“Sarah isn’t going to buy it.”

Denis nodded. “Probably not, but I think she’s going to understand. If she asks, use your better judgment.”


Denis hesitated before answering. “He already knows.”

Kyle’s eyes grew wide. “You told him?”

“No. he figured it out.”


Denis shook his head. “That isn’t important.”

“Does he know about me?” Kyle asked with worry.

Denis looked at him. “I don’t know. Your name hasn’t come up in years. I think he lost interest in you after that first time I fucked him.”

Kyle nodded, a small smile on his lips. “He did stop demanding my services after that”

Denis walked around the car and hugged his best friend tightly. “I’m going to miss you man. I owe you my life and probably my sanity.”

“Can you at least tell me where you’re going?”

Canada.” Denis had been tempted to give Kyle all the details, but Harker, as well as Simon had advised against it. It was safer for everyone concerned if werewolves who knew each other didn’t meet for a lifetime or two, at least until no one was left alive who could identify both of them. “What about you? When will you be moving on?”

“I think I still have a decade here, after that I’m thinking I’ll go to the west coast.”

Denis nodded and then looked into Kyle’s eyes. “If Erik contacts you because he’s in trouble. Try to help him ok. He isn’t a bad guy.”

Kyle didn’t say anything. Denis didn’t press, he knew him well enough to know that he would do his best, but that he also had a difficult time letting go of grudges.

Denis took his knapsack out of the car and then ran a hand along the hood. “Take good care of her. She should still be good for another ten years, even without me there to fix her up.”

Kyle grabbed him and pulled him in a tight hug. “Take care of yourself, ok? You mean the world to me.” When he let him go tears were falling down his face.

Denis smiled at him and took a step away. He didn’t trust his voice not to crack so he simply waved as he stepped into the forest.

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