Part 3

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The sound of the phone ringing was almost covered up by Denis’ moaning, and he was leaning against the wall, right next to it.

He moaned again, in unison with the second ring. “St . . .stop. I need to take this.” He said between pant as he took the phone off the hook.

Kyle mumbled something around Denis’ cock and stopped moving.

“Hello? Hi Hon, how was your mother? That good huh? oh,” Kyle swallowed and Dennis baely had the time to move the phone away so his moan wouldn’t be too loud in it. “Sorry, yeah I’m ok, just a bit tired and I think I pulled a muscle,” he added throwing Kyle a dirty look. “yeah, that’s not a problem, I’ll have dinner ready by the time you get here. See you then. Love you.” He hung up. “Sarah just left her mom. She’s going to be here in a couple of hours.

Kyle didn’t bother answering and just sucked harder. It didn’t take long for Dennis to cum making his leg to go weak and slide down the wall. Kyle’s mouth never let go of his cock during the descent.

“How the fuck can you be so good at this?”

Kyle finally released his cock “years and years of experience.” He leaned against the wall next to him. “I guess it’s time for me to go then.”

“Lets grab a shower first.” He said standing. “Then you can help me get the place back together; that’s what we were supposed to do before you started sucking me off, again.”

“Stop complaining,” Kyle said with a smile, “you were enjoying it.”

Dennis didn’t bother replying; he stood and led him to the shower. It was nothing special, the original bathtub/shower combo that came with the house when he bought it.

With the water warmed he went in, Kyle right behind him.

Dennis let the water run down his back, relaxing under it. “Why aren’t my legs killing me?”

“You didn’t do anything that strenuous with them.”

“You’re kidding, right?” Dennis looked over his shoulder making sure to keep his face out of the jet.

“No, I’m not,” replied Kyle as he soaped his face, “Your body can already heal small stuff before you even notice it. Once you’re fully used to the changes you’ll probably be able to heal anything under a day.”

“This is so unreal,” said Dennis as he shook his head, and then noticed Kyle was still hard, “and so is this. Doesn’t it ever go down?” He reached back with a hand to stroke it.

Kyle moaned lightly. “Not while I have a guy to play with.”

“Hand me the soap.”

Kyle blindly extended his hand, soap resting in it. Dennis took it and lathered his own hand and applied the lather to Kyle’s cock.

“What are you doing?” asked Kyle with a gasp.

“There’s only one thing I haven’t tried yet,” Dennis said as he pulled him close, lodging Kyle’s cock between his ass cheeks.

Kyle started grinding “Are you sure about this?” He moaned as Dennis took his cock and positioned it better. “It’s your first time. We can’t rush this.”

“We have an hour, one and a half if we don’t spend too much time on the cleanup.” And he pushed back groaning when he felt the tip of Kyle cock stretch his anus.

Kyle took hold of his hips and stopped him and pulled out “Whoa, slow down. Do you want to give yourself a chance to enjoy this, or are you just trying to get it out of the way?”

Dennis didn’t answer immediately. “How is it for you?” he finally asked.

“I love it, but it’s not for everyone. I can fuck you quickly, but it’s going to hurt like hell, and you’ll probably never want to do it again.”

Dennis nodded, and then remembered that Kyle couldn’t see him. “Ok, I understand. Take it slow.”

Kyle nodded and pressed himself into Dennis. He positioned his cock and then wrapped his arms around Dennis “You need to relax and tell me when it’s too painful. Don’t try to tough it out; you don’t have anything to prove to me, or to yourself.”

“Ok,” and he gasped again as Kyle pressed his cock in and then stopped. Dennis took a deep breath and did the best he could to relax. Kyle thrust slightly so the head of his cock moved in and out of Dennis’ ass a little. Over the following minutes he slowly worked more of his cock head in, making Dennis moan and gasp every so often.

When the head slipped fully in Dennis let escape a yelp of pain and Kyle stopped moving, “take a deep breath,” he whispered to him, “relax, the pain’ll pass. It’ll hurt if I pull out.”

Dennis nodded and took deep breathes “You’ve done this before,” he was eventually able to say.

“I’ve br . . . . I’ve initiated a few guys before, yeah.” Kyle replied as he started thrusting lightly again. Dennis gasped. “It’s going hurt a bit more as you get stretched, but if we take our time it’ll pass quickly.”

Dennis nodded again and tried to relax some more. Every time the pain got to much he told Kyle, who stopped and let him catch his breath.

“How was that?” Kyle eventually whispered to him.

“wha?” was Dennis’ response, his head swimming. He couldn’t tell how much time had passed.

“I’m all in.”

Dennis tried to focus on what he felt, and what it had felt like. “That was different.”

Kyle let out a soft chuckle “I’d hope so.”

“What happens now?”

“Now I can stay like this until it’s time for us to leave the shower, or I can fuck you.”

“Fuck me,” was Dennis’ immediate answer.

“There’ll probably be some discomfort, but you shouldn’t feel too much pain, your body will have adjusted.”

“Do guys always get use to it this fast?”

“No. but you’re not a normal guy anymore.” And Kyle slowly pulled out making Dennis groan. He was right, there was hardly any pain, just a strange sensation of emptiness as the cock left him.

Before he could really quantify it Kyle slowly pushed back in. This time, his cock pressed against something as it moved and his own cock jumped “Fuck, what was that?” he asked when his breath came back to him.

“That could be a sign you’re going to really enjoy this.” Without waiting for a response Kyle was thrusting in and out of his ass slowly. Every thrust was accompanied by Dennis moaning and grunting, as well as his cock jumping, sending strings of precum to mix with the water.

Dennis’ mind couldn’t quite wrap itself around what was happening, and when he started swearing even he was surprised “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fu . . .” and his entire body tensed as an orgasm assaulted him from nowhere. When he finally calmed down he realized that Kyle was holding him up, and that his cock was twitching inside him.

“Are you ok?” Kyle eventually asked him

 “I don’t know. My head is still spinning.” Kyle continues to hold him until Dennis could support his own weight. “How long did we go at it?” he reluctantly asked. He didn’t want Kyle to pull out just yet, but he had to keep Sarah in mind. If he was going to keep his marriage she couldn’t catch him like that.

“An hour, maybe a little more than that, but less then an hour and a half,” Kyle slowly pulled out of Dennis, leaving him with an empty feeling that went deeper than the physical.

He hung his head and let the water run down his body. Kyle had been right. He could tell he was going to enjoy being fucked from now on. He felt a hunger for it. Now he had to figure out how he felt about *that*.

He turned to tell Kyle they needed to get the place ordered, but he was already out, drying himself. He turned off the water and started drying himself too, trying to resolve what kind of man he was. While he didn’t consider his sex life with Sarah to be vanilla, it definitively couldn’t be called kinky either. The games they played occurred because the mood struck them, not because they needed them to enjoy sex.  Kyle had said that not all guys . . . werewolves, Dennis had trouble even thinking the word, enjoyed being fucked, did the hunger he felt mean he was destined to become one?

Dennis caught sight of the clock in the hallway “Shit, we have to hurry,” and his chain of thought was broken as he ran through the house putting furniture back where is should be, and throwing his clothes in the hamper.

Kyle told him to work on the food while he dealt with the cleanup. Quickly throwing clothes on he took food out of the fridge and quickly prepared a casserole dish so he wouldn’t have to be bent over the stove the whole time.

With the casserole in the oven he opened one of the plastic containers he’d taken out of the fridge. The meat in it was sickly grey, with a bit of fuzz on one edge. By reflex he took a sniff of it as he was about to throw the content in the trash, and stopped. He sniffed it again and his mouth started salivating.

“Ok, I know it’s gone bad,” he said turning to Kyle, “so why does it smell so good?”

 “Different body, different needs, different warning signals, meat only smells bad because you’ve been conditioned for it. It’s a signal that something isn’t good for you, but now you can eat meat that you’d consider to have gone slightly bad. Actually, you can eat meat that’s gone very bad; you just wouldn’t get much out of it. And it doesn’t taste any good”

“Is there a lot of stuff I’m going to have to get use to?” Dennis asked with a sigh.

Kyle chuckled “Definitely. You still look human, but you aren’t anymore. Most of the adaptations you’ll have to deal with are going to be because your body is adjusting itself to them. That’s why you can’t transform on your own right now.”

“How long till I can?”

“Probably no more than a year, could be as quick as six month, varies on the person.”

“How long did it take you?”

Kyle looked thoughtful, “my first few transformations are a blur, so I can’t be sure. But I’d say closer to one year than six month.”

“So am I going to change if I get angry? Or excited?”

“You didn’t change when you were sucking me off so that answers the excitement one. And no, you don’t have to worry about getting angry, except in the last month or so. As your brain finishes rewiring everything you might get a few misfire.”

Dennis though about it for a moment, “so the only thing I need to worry about until then is making sure I have sex with a guy regularly, without Sarah finding out.”

“I’d suggest at least once a day,” Kyle replied, eyeing the container, “Until you find yourself enough guys to accommodate you I’ll make sure you don’t get too pent-up.”

“How are you going to do that?” Denis asked as he heard the keys turn in the lock.

“If you’re going to throw that away mind if I take it?”

Distracted Dennis handed him the container.

He met his wife at the door as she put her purse down. Before she could say anything he had her in his arms and was kissing her passionately.

“Missed me that much?” she asked once he let her come up for air.

“You have no idea.” He answered with a smile.

Kyle cleared his throat, making them look in his direction. “Oh, Hello,” Sarah said.

“Hi, you must be Sarah, I’m Kyle.” He presented her his hand. She shook it, looking at Dennis questioningly. Before he could say anything Kyle added smoothly “Your husband ran into me during my walk and invited me in for coffee.”

“Oh, do you live in the area?”

Kyle smiled, “no, but I pick a different neighborhood to walk in every weekend, it’s my way of exploring the city, but I’d better leave the two of you to catch up.” Kyle put his coat on. “oh, I hope you don’t mind if I take this,” his showed her the container, “Dennis was throwing the meat away, but I have a dog that just loves slightly spoiled meat.”

Sarah looked at it. “Go ahead, better that than it going to waste.”

“Thanks,” said Kyle as he opened the door, “Dennis, I left my number on the table in case you want to have coffee one evening.” And with a wave he left.

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