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Part 4

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“How’s your mother?” Denis yelled from the kitchen, taking the casserole out from the oven.

“She’s fine,” Sarah replied in as loud a voice from their bedroom, across the house, “Brian dropped by and told her that he was going to quit the law firm. He’s tired of representing criminals and helping them get away with their crimes.” She walked in the kitchen wearing only panties and one of Denis’ shirt. “So mom *had* to get me to help her talk him out of it.”

Denis put the food on plates and brought it to the table while Sarah took two bottle of beer from the fridge. “So what did you do?” Only after saying that did he realize he hadn’t given his wife and her apparel a second look.

“Well, first I had to stop Brian from strangling her.” She sat down and smiled at him. “You’d think that after raising him for eighteen years she’d have learned that he can’t stand having someone trying to run his life. Anyway, once I was able to send them to their respective corners I had a talk with him, and I agreed with him that if his job was giving him ulcers he should get a different one. So I spent the rest of the weekend trying to convince mom to let him live his own life. She relented just before I left.”

Denis smiled back at her, feeling his love for her, but his body didn’t react to the way the shirt she wore would sometime open and give him glimpses of her breasts. He had to work to prevent his smile from faltering. “You think she finally understood his position?” He then dug into his food to avoid having to maintain it.

She snorted. “You know my mother, eventually she says ‘yes’ just to get us out of her hair. I suggested to Brian that he wait ‘till Christmas to visit again.”

The rest of the dinner was spent with small talk. Denis was relieved that she didn’t prod when he just said he’d cleaned the house and relaxed over the weekend. When they were done eating Denis took the plate to the kitchen and put them in the sink. Sarah placed the beer bottles on the counter and then hugged him from behind.

He froze from a moment, the sensation feeling strange, there was a hint of what he used to feel, the familiar comfort provided by the woman he’d been with for the last five years, but at the same time it was like a stranger was invading his personal space. Once he’d regained control of himself he placed his hands on her arms and tightened her embrace. Then she kissed the back of his neck and let him go to head to her office.

Denis put his hand on the counter and rested his weight on them as what Kyle had told him fully sank in. He could feel the love he had for her, but her touch didn’t feel natural anymore. He sighed, wondering what he was supposed to do now; he’d already cheated on her, and couldn’t manage to feel guilty about it. He decided to deal with this later; he went to the living room and watched TV.

When he grew tired of the shows he headed to the bedroom, where she was already stretched out on the bed, not wearing anything. She smiled at him and gave him a wink. He forced a smile in return and crossed the room to the attached bathroom, quietly closing the door. He rested his head against it and wondered what he was supposed to do now.

He knew what he would have done only a few days ago, he could even remember how excited he’d been the last time they had made love, but that now paled compared to what he’d experienced with Kyle, and right now he couldn’t get excited at the prospect of sleeping with his wife. It wasn’t fair he thought hollowly. He should want to hit something, but he only felt defeated.

He thought things over while he took care of business and he was brushing his teeth when he decided that even if he couldn’t get hard he was at least going to pleasure her.

He left his shirt in the bathroom and then sat next to her. When she reached up to caress his chest he took her hand in his and kissed it. “Just lie there, you had a stressful weekend, let me do all the work.” He smiled at her and kissed her palm.

She smiled back and then closed her eyes and he slowly kissed his way up her arm, to the nook of her neck and then to her ear. He took her earlobe in his mouth and nibbled on it, making her squirm as he climbed on top of her. He nuzzled her neck as he moved to her other ear. When he let go of it she was panting lightly.

He kissed her lips lightly and then moved down kissing her throat again and then moving between her breasts. He stopped moving when he reached the valley where they met and proceeded to slowly lick, knowing she particularly enjoyed that; her moans confirmed it. After a minute of this he grew tired of it and licked sideways along her breast to the areola, his tongue caressing it.

Sarah’s moan turned to a gasp and her breath caught in her throat, the motion pushing the breast against Denis’ mouth, he didn’t protest, instead gently sucking on it, knowing that she was particularly sensitive there, enough so that he had brought her to orgasm simply by playing with her breast before, and he was hoping to do it again. He used a hand to gently caress her other breast, lightly running his finger over her skin and teasing her areola.

After some time he alternated breast, keeping her moaning and writhing under him. At some point he felt like simply giving up, moving down to her vagina, but he forced himself to remember that this wasn’t about him or how little he was enjoying doing this. This was for the woman he loved, and she was worth this sacrifice.

Eventually Sarah’s moaning turned into short gasps and then her body convulsed. He lifted himself on his knees and now used both hands to lightly caress her breasts, knowing she enjoyed the sensations continuing through her orgasm. At the same time he looked at her; he could see the beauty in the curvature of her breast and the smooth skin of her face, but it no longer affected him; where her panting and shuddering under him would normally have revved him up for hours of love making, now it was just a body moving and making noises.

When she calmed down and opened her eyes to look at him he forced a smile. He put a finger to his lips, asking for her silence when she went to speak. She chuckled and complied. He went down on all four again and kissed her, putting passion he didn’t feel in it. She was panting again when he lifted his head and moved down.

He kissed the top of her belly, just under her breast. He didn’t go straight down, instead he kissed his way to her side and kissed down from there, along her hip and down her leg. He kissed her right foot, from heel to toe, he then moved to her left one and kissed it from toe to heel, and then started up her leg, continuing until he was back to his starting point. Sarah was a simple woman when it came to sex, like he was, or at least had been, but what increased her pleasure was the anticipation, that was why he took the circuitous route.

Then he kissed his way down, pausing a moment to pay special attention to her navel, she was an outie, and then continued to her vagina. For a moment he worried that the smell would force him to stop, but even with his more sensitive nose she didn’t smell any different, the smell simply didn’t turn him on like it used to do.

He parted her lips and slowly licked her clitoris; his best friend was the one who had instructed him on how to ‘eat out’ a woman, he had described it as writing the alphabet with his tongue. He had then proceeded to give a demonstration on his own sister. Denis had never gotten over how stranger that family was, but that had not stopped him from trying it with her.

That technique had served him well through out his life, and even with Sarah he usually came back to it, like he did now, and she was quick to respond to the stimulation. Unlike when he stimulated her breast, now she was very loud. He brought up the memory of sucking Kyle off, hoping to force himself to get into this even a little, but he’d been right, his sex drive was completely turned off. The memory of the emotions was there, but they didn’t connect with his body. He closed his eyes and slowly continued with the alphabet.

Even her cries didn’t evoke any kind of reaction, not even pride at being able to bring her to orgasm so quickly. This was work, and not even work he enjoyed a little. It took all of his will power to force himself through a second string of the alphabet.

When he was done Sarah was panting, her eyes slightly glazed over. He crawled in the bed next to her and lied on his side, propping himself up with his elbow. When she looked at him he forced a smile.

“That was wonderful,” she said, raising her hand languidly and caressing his lips. He was strangely proud of himself for not flinching at the touch. “I really needed it after this weekend,” her finger moved down his chin to his chest, “I should replay you in kind.”

He gently took her hand off his chest and brought it to his mouth to kiss. “Don’t worry about it, this was for you, and it’s not like I didn’t have any occasion to relax while you were gone.” Sarah smiled knowingly at him. She knew about his stash of porn, it was the same as he’d had before they met, and while it didn’t get quite as much use now, when she had to be away he went back to it. “There’ll be other days when you can replay me,” he nodded to the clock on the side table, “and we both have to be up early for work tomorrow.”

She turned to look at the time, and backed, spooning against him. “All right, but tomorrow night it’s your turn,” she said sleepily. He wrapped an arm around her and thought about how unfair life was. Here he was, holding the woman he loved, but he instead of desiring her he was disappointed he wasn’t holding Kyle instead

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