Part 5

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Denis lay on the bed, his face in a pillow and moaning as Kyle fucked him hard. He was a bit surprised, Kyle had never been this rough with him before, but he found he was enjoying it. When it came to sex he’d discovered there was little he couldn’t find a way to enjoy.

This was his third monthly visit to Kyle’s condo, he had told Sarah he was going on a camping trip for the weekend with Kyle, to have a ‘guy’ weekend. She had smiled and said that was nice and wished him a good time.

Denis groaned and started panting as a second orgasm over took him, the sheets under him were wet with sweat and cum. Not long after that Kyle buried himself in his ass and came too. He stayed there for a minute, catching his breath and then pulled out, pulling on a bathrobe as he walked out of the bedroom.

Denis was still too lost in the afterglow to comment or even care. As it faded he thought about those last three months since his first change. He was proud of himself for still being with Sarah, regardless of what Kyle had said, he was making it work with her. It did mean pulling a lot of over time at the firm so he wouldn’t have sex with her, but he didn’t mind that. After hours the office was peaceful, the bosses were away and now that they knew about him, his gay coworkers regularly paid him visits.

His big worry had been his monthly change; could he disappear from work for up to sixteen hours? Or without Sarah realizing it? It had proven easier than he could imagine; with the amount of over time he was working his boss had no problem if he banked some of them for personal days, when he did that he told Sarah that he was having a guys’ night out with his friends. She hadn’t questioned it.

Working out the timing had also been easy. He could feel the moon rise coming hours ahead. So he always knew when it was time to head to Kyle’s. Which reminded him, where was he? His change was going to start soon, which was attested to by his cock still being hard.

He loved the change, as sexual as he was during the month it was nothing compared with the raw horniness that overcame him during the change, not to say how much of a turn on it was to see the fur grow on his body. He always came as he changed now.

Denis sat up, wondering again why Kyle hadn’t come back. He didn’t bother trying to listen for him, due to his acute hearing Kyle had had his condo completely sound proofed. You could have a rock concert on the other side of the door and he’d barely hear anything.

He stood and smiled, he’d have to track him down. He stepped out of the bedroom and sniffed the air. Kyle’s scent permeated everything, but he’d learn to identify the subtle differences between old and new smells. He sniffed again and found he had gone to the living room.

“Hey Kyle,” he called as he walked there, “what are you up to, it’s about to stra . . .” He stopped as he turned the corner and saw Sarah by the entrance. “S . . . Sarah? What are you doing here?” he asked and then turned to Kyle, “what is she doing here?”

“Hey, I told you to deal with this,” Kyle replied forcefully, “so don’t blame me.”

Denis was furious, “I was dealing with it, I didn’t need you to fuck things up!”

“I’m not fucking up anything, *she* came to see me because she thought you were cheating on her.”

“You son of a BITCH!” both man turned to look at Sarah, who had been stunned in silence up to this point. “You *fucking* lied to me.” She tried to slap him but he caught her hand and held it tight.

“No I didn’t,” Kyle replied with an amused look on his face.

Sarah was trying to free her hand. “You told me he wasn’t cheating on me!”

“I said he wasn’t seeing a woman behind your back.” He let her go and she stumbled back a step or two. “Why do you think I told you to come here tonight when we were suppose to leave for our ‘camping trip’? I figured the only way Denis was going to deal with this was if you were here when it happened and he didn’t have a choice.”

“You planed this? Are you insane?” Denis exclaimed, “I was making it work!”

Sarah spun in his direction, anger smoldering in her eyes. “Making *what* work? The ‘discreet’ calls when you think I’m not around? The ‘late nights’ at work? Did you think I was too dumb to notice that you’ve hardly touched me recently?” She almost growled as she walked toward him.

Denis’ eyes went wide in fear, her presence had put a damper on his horniness, but the change was still coming. He looked at Kyle “She can’t be here,” he pleaded.

“Deal with it,” Sarah replied, “cause I’m here and I’m not leaving until I get one hell of a good explanation.”

“Damnit Kyle, she can’t see this.” He put his hands behind his back, the transformation never happened exactly the same way, but it always started with his extremity, this time it was his hands. He knew he should run to the bedroom and lock the door, but he couldn’t get himself to move. Not with Sarah looking at him like that.

Kyle simply shrugged. “You’re insisting you’re going to stay with her so she’d better see it now, cause you won’t be able to keep something like that hidden for long.”

Denis closed his eyes. “Please honey, just go home. I’ll explain everything when I get back.” He told her trying to keep his tone soft.

“Like hell I’m going home,” she spat pushing him hard enough that he had to hold on to the corner to avoid falling. “oh my God, what’s happening to you.”

Denis looked in horror at his arm, the fur was now up to his elbow. “Leave now, Sarah,” he ordered her.

She took a few steps and backed into Kyle, who held her. “No Sarah, stay. You wanted to know what was going on with your husband, well, now you’re going to know.” Sarah was too stunned by what was happening to fight him.

Denis’ body still wouldn’t obey him and run to the bedroom he stood there feeling the bones in his legs change just as the fur started to grow on his feet, He didn’t look at the changes as they happen, like he normally would, all he could do was stare at his wife as her face became horrified.

Without the sexual urges, the change wasn’t a good feeling.

When Denis’ face started to change she screamed and fought out of Kyle’s hold. Without looking behind her she ran for the door. Without her in the room he started becoming horny again. He looked at Kyle with a mix of desire and anger.

The smirk on the man’s face was what tilted the balance and Denis rushed him. “You ruined my marriage,” he growled, the words barely intelligible. Kyle didn’t have time to respond, he was on his back, Denis straddling his hip and punching him in the face.

After only a few punch Denis became distracted by the sensation between his legs. Straddling Kyle like he was their cocks were rubbing together and now that he could no longer smell Sarah he was really horny. Now that he was fully transformed he had the strength advantage over Kyle so he was able to hold him down with a hand while he moved and lifted the man’s legs over his shoulders. Once he was in position he forced himself inside Kyle’s ass.

Kyle groaned in pain and Denis smiled in satisfaction as he continued fucking him. After a while Kyle’s face no longer showed pain, so Denis started digging his claws in the man’s legs to hurt him. He didn’t stop hurting him until he came.

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