Part 6

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Denis groaned when the light hit his face and put a pillow over his face.

“Morning sunshine,” Kyle said, “How are you doing?”

“You’re an asshole,” was Denis’ response through the pillow.

“You’ll see, in the long run it’s for the best.”

Denis threw the pillow at him “You had no business ruining my marriage.”

“I think you managed that all by yourself, didn’t you listen to what Sarah said? She knew something was different. She just thought you were seeing another woman.”

“I could have worked it out with her.”

Kyle chuckled, “I would have liked to see that happen without her knowing the truth, at least now when you explain things she won’t have a choice but to believe you.”

Denis lifted his head to look at him while he was talking, “Fuck, you’re healed already,” he lamanted.

Kyle looked at his chest and arms where Denis has cut him up pretty badly during their all night session of angry sex. “Werewolf remember? I heal really fast.”

Denis sighed and let his head fall back, “I was hoping that since I was a werewolf too they’d stay longer.”

“That’s a Hollywood thing,” Kyle replied as he took out a jogging suit from his dresser.

“What am I suppose to do now?” Denis asked softly looking at the ceiling. He hadn’t expected an answer so he was a little surprised when Kyle replied.

“You can do anything you want, but I’d suggest you go see your wife and have that talk with her. The sooner the better before her imagination over rides reality.” Kyle put on the suit, “what ever you decide, you’re welcome to stay here, I’m going to be back in a few hours, I have to go see a client.”

Denis listened to Kyle walk down the hallway and tried to go back to sleep. Ten minutes later he gave up; the smell of sex in the room was making him too horny to sleep anymore. He though about just jerking off to take the edge off, but decided on something a little more fun; something he’d never been able to do before becoming a werewolf.

He sat up and hooked his arms under his knees and pulled; his back bend without offering any protest. He took his cock in his mouth and proceeded to deep throat himself. He almost let go if it as he moaned; he loves both sucking cocks and being sucked so when he did this his body would sometime jerk out of his control. This time he was able to stay in position and continued to bob up and down on his cock; it didn’t take long for him to cum.

Once the orgasm passed and he’d swallowed all his cum he let go of his legs and unrolled on the bed. He laid there for a minute savoring the taste still on his tongue and for a moment he thought he might actually be able to go back to sleep. But the orgasm hadn’t tired him; it had energized him so he got up and took a shower. As he toweled himself dry his cock became hard again. It was a side effect of his transformation, for a few hours after it he was constantly horny.

He turned to look at himself in the full length mirror, his body wasn’t showing any signs of what he was, it looked as normal as before, except for his cock growing hard at the faintest smell of a horny guy. He grabbed the bottle of lube Kyle kept in the medicine cabinet; Kyle kept lube in discreet places all over his condo, and jerked off. When he came he sprayed all over the mirror.

He cleaned it with a chuckled at the mess he made and went to the kitchen for some food. He put a cast iron skillet on the stove put some butter in it and once it was bubbling threw a couple of steaks in. Unlike Kyle he liked his meet well cooked. Raw meat wasn’t bad, but he liked the taste cooking it in butter added.

At he thought of Kyle his cock stiffened again. He did his best to ignore it as he made sure his meal didn’t burn. Normally Kyle would be here to help deal with his excess horniness; he’d fuck or suck him off every time he’d get hard. Denis’ eyes fell on the bananas hanging from a hook under the cabinets and contemplated taking one, but not to eat.

When he realized that he took the skillet off the heat, the meat was almost done anyway and he went back to the bed room to get a dildo. He chose one with a suction cup, lubed it and came back to the kitchen. He stuck the dildo on the chair, put his meal on a plate, placed it on the table and sat down, moaning as the dildo stretched him. He ate with one hand, not bothering to cut the steaks, while jerking himself off with the other and moving on the dildo. He tried to control himself so he would cum only once he was done eating, and was almost successful; the last bite was on its way to his mouth when he lost control.

After the meal he cleaned up and dressed quickly, if he stayed inside he would spend the day jerking off, and while the thought was appealing, he didn’t want to be here when Kyle came back.

He spent the rest of the morning walking around. Kyle lived within a few miles of what Denis had learned was the gay part of town, so it was no surprised that that’s where he was when noon hit. Without the constant smell of sex around him his sex drive had slowed a little and while he was mostly hard for the walk he didn’t have a burning need to cum anymore.

After his lunch he started walking again. He didn’t have a destination in mind, all he wanted was to stay away from Kyle’s place so he was a little surprised, three hours later, to realize his wandering hasn’t been as aimless as he thought. He stood in front of the office building where he worked. It was closed, and he his pass key was home, not that he was interested in going in.

Thinking of where the key was brought Sarah to his mind, and what Kyle had said. Should he really talk with her so soon? He didn’t know, but started walking in the direction of his house anyway. He would have plenty of time to make up his mind on the way there, since it wasn’t exactly close by.

When he stood in front of his house he still didn’t know if he should be here. Sarah was probably going to be terrified of him, how could he even think of looking at her after what he had done to her. He turned to walk away, but immediately turned back and headed for the door. It was the thought that she might be afraid of him that moved him. He could deal with her hating him, but not fearing him.

He knocked instead of using his key.

He heard movement inside and recognized Sarah’s steps as she came to the door. The curtain on the side was pulled and she looked at him with a surprised expression. The curtain closed and he heard her unlock the door, but it was a few moments later that she opened it a little, tentatively.

“Hi,” he said to break the uneasy silence. He could tell that she’d been crying. The word seemed to surprise her and then she opened the door fully to pull him inside.

With the door closed she leaned back against it, studying him. “Are you alright?” she finally asked.

The question took Denis by surprise, “yes, I fine.”

“Thank God,” she said as she hugged him fiercely, “I was so scared for you.” Denis hugged her back after spending a few moments trying to understand why she’d been scared for him. “What did that man do to you?”

He pushed her away gently, holding her by the shoulders “Kyle didn’t do anything to me.”

She shrugged out of his hold, “don’t lie to me Denis, I was there last night remember? I saw what happened to you.”

“He didn’t do this; he’s helping me deal with it.”

“How,” she said with incredulity, “by fucking you? I know you Denis; you wouldn’t do those kinds of things unless someone had done something to you.”

Denis sighed and looked toward the kitchen. “Lets go sit down,” he didn’t wait for her to answer. He took two beers out of the fridge and sat at the table, placing the second bottle across from him. Sarah cautiously sat down but didn’t touch the bottle. “Kyle didn’t do this. I don’t know who did. For all I know it was just destined to happen.”

“I don’t believe that; that man’s done horrible things to you I just know it.”

“Stop it Sarah,” Denis’ voice wasn’t loud but it had an edge to it that he’d never used with her before. “Kyle isn’t the bad guy. You want to blame me, fine. You can blame God while you’re at it. But don’t blame Kyle; if it wasn’t for him things would have gotten really bad.”

Sarah snorted, “how much worse than this could they have gotten?”

“When I change I have to fuck guys,” he watched her wince at the word, he didn’t care, he didn’t feel like mincing words right now, “I don’t just love it; I need it. If he hadn’t been here that first night I would have gone out and raped someone. And how do you think I would have felt when I couldn’t have sex with you anymore and didn’t know why?” Denis sighed and drank a long swallow, “Look, I didn’t come here to explain things.”

“Why did you come here then?”

He looked at her for a moment, “I wanted to make sure you were ok, and to reassure you that you were safe, that I wasn’t going to hurt you.”

Sarah laughed out loud for a few second and then looked at him seriously. “Don’t you think it’s a little late for that?”

Denis looked down at the table, “I’m sorry for cheating on you,” he took as breath and looked up, “Kyle was right, I should have left you right then and there, it would have been easier in the end.”

She reached across the table and took hold of his hands, “don’t say that. we can find a way to make this work.”

Denis shook his head sadly. “We can’t make it work, what do you think I’ve been trying to do these last three months?” She held his hands tighter; if he’d still been human Denis might have been worried that she would hurt him.

“But now I know the truth, I can help.” She said with conviction.

“It won’t work, something about the way you smell turns my sex drive off.”

“Then I’ll wear perfume, I’ll do what ever I have to to keep you.”

“You can’t cover it up, not with my nose, but it’s not the only thing, I’ve thought about wearing scuba gear so I wouldn’t smell you, but as much as I love you I don’t desire you anymore.” He finished his beer and stood, “Look, I’ll just go get some clothes and leave.”

She stood quickly, making the chair fall back, “please don’t go, we can fight this together.”

Denis stopped as he was turning, and turned back to look at her. That was the crux of it, wasn’t it? That was the reason he wanted to leave. “I don’t want to fight it,” he said softly.

“What?” she exclaimed. “How can you say that?”

Denis shrugged, “I don’t know if it’s part of becoming a werewolf, or I’ve just gotten used to it, but I like who I’ve become. I don’t hate who I used to be, but that isn’t me anymore. I’m sorry Sarah, but I’m leaving.” He turned and headed for the bedroom. He would let her keep everything, this wasn’t her fault and he wouldn’t ask her to sacrifice anything more than she already had.

When he walked by the kitchen on his way out she was still standing in shock. She didn’t even look at him and he didn’t say anything, simply leaving the house and softly closing the door. His feelings about the situation were mixed, he was sad that he was leaving Sarah in such a way, but he was happy to have closed that part of his life. He would wait for her lawyers to contact him and then he would move on to what ever else his life was going to be.

As he walked away from the house he considered where he was going to spend the night. He wasn’t going back to Kyle’s; he was still pretty pissed at him, even if he had been right. He considered Thomas, but then remembered that his wife was home this weekend. He settled on Brian and Luke, those two were always happy to have him sleep at their place, as long as the night included hot and heavy sex, and that he could provide.

He took one last look at the house, before turning and walking away from his old life forever.

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